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Thrashing Frauds

Art of crushing frauds, traitors, pigs, pigerals, enemies of nation and humanity. Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Beef-lovers, Kejriwal are a few characters.

Conversation with Pigerals on Hanumanji

Jai Shri Ram. Jai Bajrang Bali

“Ram left Sita, is this women empowerment?” – read Dr Vashi...

Q. Vashi Sir, someone has asked me that Ram left Sita. Is this women empowerment? How to respond to him?A. Depends upon who he...

Why Ram Mandir is Indispensable – Part III

Over the last two articles we tried conveying to the Hindus about how BJP owes the constructions of a Ram Temple at Ayodhya by...

हिन्दुओं के अपमान पर बरखा दत्त को अग्निवीर का पलटवार

सापों को आज ही कुचला जाना चाहिए और उन्हें पालनेवालों को अभी ही।

TO HELL with Freedom of Media to KILL Innocents! [NDTV Ban]

Its time to save India from next big terror attack. [NDTV Ban] We stand vindicated with 1-day NDTV Ban. We assert that this is not sufficient.

Secret REVEALED! 5 step guide to prove Hinduism is a bad...

Step-by-step guide for Hindu haters. Foolproof method (Unless you come across Agniveer. Because then you will be beaten black and blue)

The Ugly Truth of Politics Over Jawans [Anti-Indians EXPOSED]

The same set of netas who are shedding crocodile tears now were accusing Indian army of attacking innocents in Kashmir, and were making hero of a rascal who called army rapist.

20 Questions for Kanhaiya lovers

20 Questions for Kanhaiya lovers. Can they answer?

Barkha Dutt Insults Kashmiri Hindus, IITian Retaliates

When Barkha Dutt messed with an IITian over Kashmir issue and got a lesson of lifetime.

Sanjeev blasts Arvind Kejriwal for his Tughlaqi mood swings

Sanjeev exposes anti-national hypocrisy of Kejriwal and slaps him for his madness. Delhi is happy when he is in Bangalore. IITian vs IIT-ian

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