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Thrashing Frauds

Art of crushing frauds, traitors, pigs, pigerals, enemies of nation and humanity. Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Beef-lovers, Kejriwal are a few characters.

20 Questions for Kanhaiya lovers

20 Questions for Kanhaiya lovers. Can they answer?

IIT-IIMian asks 20 Questions for Kanhaiya lovers

20 Questions for Kanhaiya lovers. May not guarantee spring in Paradise. But can spare from regular thrashings. Please read and circulate.

Why Ram Mandir Is Indispensable – Part II

The Indian intelligentsia is such that it believes that the belief of the Hindus is mutually exclusive with historical facts. If viewed from the...

“Ram left Sita, is this women empowerment?” – read Dr Vashi...

Q. Vashi Sir, someone has asked me that Ram left Sita. Is this women empowerment? How to respond to him?A. Depends upon who he...

भारत में अभिव्यक्ति की आजादी का भ्रम निवारण

'ऑल इण्डिया बक**द' , तन्मय भट और 'पिगरल्स' को ताड़ते हुए अग्निवीर | प्रचार करें |

IIT-IIMian’s Response to Kanhaiya Kumar’s JNU Speech

Agniveer rips apart anti national goons. Kanhaiya and his JNU comrades taken on by IITians for the first time. Must watch video that will make every Indian proud!

Christianity or Krishnaniti?

Clues to Vedic origin of Christianity!

IIT-IIMian on Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech hating Bharat Mata and Army (Full...

This is transcript of full version video response of IIT-IIMian (Sanjeev) cutting down Kanhaiya Kumar's hate speech to the size it deserves.

Secret REVEALED! 5 step guide to prove Hinduism is a bad...

Step-by-step guide for Hindu haters. Foolproof method (Unless you come across Agniveer. Because then you will be beaten black and blue)

Cow Is Soul Of Nation. Imaginary Intolerance Can Go To Hell

Cow is soul of our nation. Don't teach us what to do when someone attacks our mother - Gomata.

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