We came to know that Times of India (TOI), the leading newspaper of India, published a story against Agniveer where it denounced Agniveer as attempting to instigate violence after Sept 24. It allegedly linked Agniveer with RSS. RSS has denied any links with Agniveer. While we appreciate the zeal of Times of India to propagate the cause of Agniveer, we are appalled by the shamelessness in which TOI has attempted to use Agniveer to spread cheap sensationalism.They have referred to the article http://agniveer.com/2029/alert-ayodhya/ but also used other articles on the site to create their masala story through selective misquoting.

You can study the TOI story at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/RSS-denies-links-to-Facebook-page-set-up-in-its-name/articleshow/6596836.cms

Here is the Agniveer stand:

1. Agniveer severely condemns TOI for trying to spread hatred on eve of the Ayodhya verdict by spreading such baseless news demeaning a well-intentioned site for no reason.

2. Readers are requested to carefully review the article themselves and state what is instigating in the article. On contrary, we believe that we are only furthering the cause of all peace-loving people, regardless of difference in ideologies.

3. The article specifically instructs to cooperate with police and not take law in own hand. TOI finds this objectionable! It misquotes alleging that Agniveer asks “people to ensure full security by alerting the police and be prepared to take on rioters.” In reality, the first part of sentence is true but “and be prepared to take on rioters.” was cooked up by TOI. Another example is when it puts quotes around word ‘prepared’ to convey as if Agniveer is asking to be prepared to become lawless!

Also it quotes Agniveer mentioning RSS and VHP to be peace-loving nationalist organizations as if it was an act of treason. While we have removed RSS and VHP references in updated article to put a stop to any future mischievous journalism, we fail to understand that if RSS and VHP were anti-national or anti-peace, why are they being permitted to operate by government along with tax exemptions on donations?

4. TOI has used readers comments on Agniveer as well as on RSS facebook site to create this news story.

5. The news admits that the site states that its purpose is to spread non-violence, tolerance and peace, but still finds it difficult to digest how a critic of Babur can appeal for peace from all communities.

6. Agniveer has made it clear innumerable times that it believes only in Vedic religion of humanity which is defined in http://agniveer.com/1634/vedic-religion/.Non-violence, Peace, Unity and Compassion across ALL human beings regardless of their birth or beliefs, form the bedrock of this Vedic Dharma that is supposed to be unaffected by Time, Situation and Geography.

7. Agniveer has thus never ever appealed for use of violence nor can it ever do so in future. However it has been severely critical of those who support use of violence to force their viewpoints. Agniveer will continue to do so.

8. If Agniveer would have hatred against any person or group of persons, then the comments on the site would have been heavily moderated or disabled. We however believe in Freedom of Speech and respect all humans regardless of whether we agree or disagree to their views. In fact we respect all life forms because the core of the Agniveer ideology derived from Vedas is that each soul is equally capable of achieving the Ishwar.

9. We raise a concern against TOI and all such newspapers who are driven by commercial motives and not genuine quest for truth. They are driven by a corporate body having sole goal of wealth maximization. Sensationalism and biased reporting may benefit them for various reasons, but for Agniveer, the sole mission is to spread the Vedic Dharma as propounded in Yoga Darshan of Patanjali.

We finally, appeal to TOI team behind this news, to kindly review http://agniveer.com/1634/vedic-religion/ as well as all other articles in Vedas category plus Introduction to Vedas in Downloads section to understand the perspective of Agniveer as well as bring transformation in their own lives.

On Sept 24 issue, we want to summarize our stand very clearly once again here:

“Regardless of whether we agree to the judgment or not and our individual viewpoints, we should all cooperate to ensure peace. We should not be instigated by any force to get violent. We should cooperate with all peaceful and security forces and not take law in our own hands. We should not judge a person by his birth, name or community but only by his or her deeds and beliefs being nationalist. We should have unity across all peace-loving forces across all communities to thwart the designs of those who may try to create violence the way they did recently in front of Jama Masjid.”

We also now state that we should be very cautious in taking media reports by profit-driven newspapers like TOI with a pinch of salt and not allow their sensationalism sway away our rationality.

The split of Muslims and Hindus visiting this site is alomost 50-50. We thus appeal to them to not take this Babri issue as a religious issue. Let we debate and discuss on various topics and assert our viewpoints. But let there never be hatred  against any particular person or group of persons. Let not money-driven media houses be successful in creating unnecessary divides.

Finally, we put the same allegation on TOI that is has put on Agniveer. TOI has deliberately tried to malign both Agniveer and RSS and create panic among masses by publishing this baseless news reports by borrowing splinter comments from here and there. There are at least ten thousand blogs on this very topic on internet and thousands of groups and pages on facebook and orkut. The prominence that TOI has given to this very blog and that too on eve of a sensitive judgment hints at provocative journalism with ulterior motives. Specially when there are so many locations on internet who openly abuse and threaten and provoke.

We appeal to all people within TOI as well as with other agencies to explore the mystery behind such an instigating story that could break the delicate thread of brotherhood across communities. We recall that after the Godhra incident, these media houses, instead of condemning the terrorists, were trying to put blame on people who died by creating false stories. Their irresponsible journalism led to so much of violence. Let all of us proactively work to ensure that irresponsible journalism does not cause any violence or hatred against communities.

May truth and peace prevail!

PS: We recommend that instead of such misquoting, it should freely use the content of Vedas section of Agniveer.com for its newspapers. That may be much more useful and popular for their readers. We allow permission to TOI to use the content attributing it to Agniveer, but without selective misquoting.


We have little hopes that they would do so considering their past track record, but if they do so, they shall only be raising their own stature.

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • Champ Agniveer, We stand by you. Don’t worry about these English Media People. These media people are living in fool’s paradise of make-believe world. Even my comments have been flagged so many times by these people, though I write in a very restrained tone. I feel very sorry for the English audience of this nation, who are feed the so-called “SECULAR NEWS” by these Media-Moguls. These guys have allergy to anything “Hindu”, “RSS” or even “BJP”. English Media sucks. Even some hitherto “Neutral” English dailies have fallen victim to pseudo-secularism.
    THANK YOU AGNIVEER “SIR” (I know you are a Team; it’s my gratitude to all of your team’s combined Effort).

  • The peoples who r criticising zakir naik because zakir naik every time tell the truth and he also said about dargah.

    Muslims who r criticising zakir naik because they r fools and hindus also fools who support this type of acts.

    Zakir naik tell every time truth and the persons who r criticising zakir naik because Indian culture is mix with Muslims.

    And they cannot digest the truth that’s why they r criticising dr.zakir naik.

      • you need to show yourself to a phyciatrist.. you people are frustrated as ved is an extinct religion and i pity you people .. you are BICHAARA type of people..


      • it is not SANSSTHANA DHARMA IS but

  • Zakir naik is the best scholar who know about every religion.

    five years ago i don’t know about zakir naik but i believe in only one god.

    But after listen zakir naik speeches i want to appreciate that person.

    Who explains fully with satisfy result.

    Muslims and non-muslims must be listen his speeches.

    He is a great scholar of all religion.

    And inshallah

    Allah give us more people like zakir naik that people will understand the truth.

    • @Abdul
      Zakir Naik is the best mentor for terrorists

      Five years ago I too didn’t know about zakir naik but after that, I came to know that India got another joker.

      After listening to him i want to appreciate his comedies.

      Who explain jokes fully with great laughter results and claps from semi-literates.

      Muslims and Non-Muslims should enjoy his comedies(shouldn’t be taken seriously at all).

      He is a great joker of Islam ever produced.

      And insharajushrivastva

      RS will give us more clowns like joker nalayak so that people can understand the humor.

      • Roger Brother this Zakir Naik is bigger commedian than Raju Srivastav he should take part in Comedy Circus or Great Indian Laughter Challenge he will definitely win first prize.

      • Not zalir naik its your team a bunch of jokers.. defending Ved religion of which only handful of followers..
        I can understand our feelings this really hurt you people as no one is interested in following your religion and you created this site in frustration…
        and we are adding to your frustration …and we will keep doing this until you get hidaya from ALLAH..

  • India being a hindu dominated country is backward.India ranks most corrupted,populated,poverty,riots,
    discrimination , poor country.
    If you look at muslim country it is very peaceful and developed like UAE,Bahrain,Qatar .Saudi Arabia and all gulf countries…

    Why hindus do not follow vedas..??why hindus are more interested in reqading novels and film magazine and not vedas??
    Why hindus feel proud to speak English than sanskrit whereas Muslims are proud in learning Arabic and read Quran than novels.

    How come vedas so called book from EESHWAR is not read by any educated person and no one knows what is vedas..so sad ESHWAR is not respected and is within India and not widespread in the wolrd…

    • @Sabby : Gulf counties middle east countries are rich because of petro dollars and not because of Islam.. chek for countires like pakistan, afganistan,Mauritania,Bangaladesh,indonesia etc….

      what are you trying to prove by saying that hindus dont read veda and eshwar is not respected and not being widespread in the world, does it make veda less significant??
      or does it make Islam correct

      • India you consider land of EESHWAR?? and see whta happened to land of ESHWAR..Moghuls came and ruled ,Britishers came and ruled and now western cultures are ruling you idiot hindus…

        What a shame your EESHWAR cannot help your ved culture…

        What a shame..

      • @sabbyy

        since you are an indian muslim i sincerely request you to come back to your ancestral faith. Just think about the atrocities which are done on your forefathers by muslim barbarians. don’t justify their violence by praising islam here, renounce it brother. your forefathers were tortured, raped, looted. Don’t you think, what they have done to your ancestors was unhuman?

        If you have little bit of self-respect, please come back home.

      • The first man on the earth was ADAM(AS) and first woman was EVE(AS) and they were not vedist they were MUSLIMS as they believe in ONE ALLAH so it is you people must come home to ISLAM .All children born in any family they are MUSLIM it is their parents who convert them to vedist ,christianity,hinduism etc…

        You people forcefully convert them…

      • Major religion of the world ISLAM,christianity and Judaism has mentioned this fact..
        If its a fairy tale then you tell me as per your ved religion you claim to be oldest ; who was the first man and women on the earth..???

      • sabby
        Vedas dont tell us the history, they talk about laws which are relevant always. According to Vedas, its not one couple but many couples, who start the chain of humans. So no need for their names! BTW, you can call them Manu and Shatarupa because they started the human chain!

      • The same can be said of Palestine, the second most populous religious denomination can’t even face up to the might of one very miniscule jewish state. by the ways, indians were not defeated by the mughals or the english, they were defeated because of their internecine strife. forget not the jaichand’s, ambhi’s, etc. also to remind you the last most powerful kingdom was of the mauryans who defeated the formidable greeks, but alas, Ashok accepted buddhism and every fell apart from thereon. we forgot our rich martial traditions and were subject to numerous external aggressions.

    • @Sabby
      Why Muslims do not follow Quran? Why Muslims are more interested in worshipping graves, Kaba and pornography (you would remember that pornographic sites are visited by the devout Muslims of ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan the most!)?

      Reading Quran and reading novels have hardly any difference! The only difference is that in novel, you know at least what is happening there..

      Muslims of India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Bangladesh etc are proud in not only learning Arabic but also in calling the Arabs their ancestors/masters ignoring the fact that their ancestors were natives over whom Arabs invaded and raped. Arabs forcefully converted them to Islam. So Muslims are no benchmark for anyone that what should be learnt and what should be not as they feel proud to call the rapists of their mothers as their masters and any sane person would not want to learn that!

      Mechanics and Magnetism etc along with Vedas are few more things which are not read by educated (probably Madarsa educated) persons of your educated class, but it does not change the reality that world is progressing through Mechanics and Magnetism etc and not through Jihadi scholars! No matter science and maths are not respected in Muslim Ummah, they remain the driving force for human development not within India but in Muslim countries too!

      Now enjoy the video and know some facts about the great Muslim Ummat by great Islami scholar


      • What a joke???Muslims do not follow quran??? Muslims are not like hindus who give importance to English language then sanskrit??

        Hindus follow and are proud in following western culture.many educated hindus flew to USA,UK and Gulf countries and are ashamed of India…

        Countis like Pakistan,Bangladesh you mentioned do not follow Islam correctly thats the reason they are backward.

        I am proud to be a MUSLIM and not pakistani…I am an Indian not a pakistani.I can understand pakistani raped Bharat Ma thats the reason you do not like them I can understand your feelings…

      • //What a joke???Muslims do not follow quran??? Muslims are not like hindus who give importance to English language then sanskrit??//

        Hindus are intelligent human beings and global citizens…they learn all the languages including arabic if the time demands.

        most Muslims parrot the quran in arabic without understanding the meaning of the verses they are reciting.That’s why you find some fools reciting the verses with joy where Allah permits Muhammad to marry his own daughter-in-law !!

        //Hindus follow and are proud in following western culture.many educated hindus flew to USA,UK and Gulf countries and are ashamed of India…//

        Yes hindus have drifted away and so have the muslims ..not only in India but pakistan too!
        By the way , there is nothing bad in learning the right things from the west..for starters muslims must learn from the west that religion should not override humanity

        //Countis like Pakistan,Bangladesh you mentioned do not follow Islam correctly thats the reason they are backward.//
        All muslim nations are backward..the more stricly you follow Islam , the more backward you become. The Saudi money is dwindling and the crash of it’s economy last year is just the tip of the iceberg.

        //I am proud to be a MUSLIM and not pakistani…I am an Indian not a pakistani.I can understand pakistani raped Bharat Ma thats the reason you do not like them I can understand your feelings…//

        A person who gleefully reports the rape of his mom cannot be an Indian nor a religious person…You are one of those porn surfers who landed at the wrong site.

        you forget that we kicked 90,000 pakistani asses..and who did this ..a woman leader of India…You are a paki and your statement proves that without doubt.

        and with drones hovering over your empty heads and your own muslim brothers blowing you off..you are soon to become an entry in the museum of time 🙂

      • Hindus are intelligent??? how many hindus scientist have invented any thing??? India is unclean and western people look at indians as ACHOOT …
        hindus learn all languages but not SANSKRIT.. what a shame….

        Muhammad did not married his daughter in law; there was a false custom in ARABS of adoption and issue of inheritance ;inorder to destroy this disbelief zaid who was adopted son and not real son was asked to divorce her wife and later was ordered by ALLAH to marry her so that it became clear on issue of adoption and inheritance..

        Hindus are learning everything from the west. from dressing to eating and fucking to…

        Moghuls and Brotishers kickedd ass f you idiot hindus and ruled over you.. but unfortunately they went away and India was again in backward class..
        porn moveis are legalised in HINDU countries like India and is banned in MUSLIM countries…

        Not Muslims Hindus will be an extinct species as Hindus are coming back to ISlam and ISLAM is the fastest growing religion in the world and not your so called Ved religion..

      • sabby
        I think you have not watched the video I gave in my last comment. See it and know the reality of brilliance Muslim Ummah! You are right, many Indians with the Arabic names are considered Achhoot because western people dont want to get blown off!

        No matter porn movies are legalized in Hindu countries, they are enjoyed by Muslims the most! Visit http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/07/12/data-shows-pakistan-googling-pornographic-material/

        And I request Allah that my comment reaches your daughter in law (if you have any!) and she gets aware of kind intentions of her father in law! And I would suggest your mother and sisters to be careful that if something happens with them like what happened with Jainab, this guy sabby will not help you. So take caution..

    • SABBYYA madrassa education has taken a toll on your intellect recently obama came to India to meet Indian industrialist to invest in American economy and acknowledged India as economic superpower. The Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar know their oil reserves are going to be finished in 10-15 years so their standing in line and begging to India to train them in IT sector Arabs are more interested in doing business with India than Beggar Pakistan.

      SABBYYA today PAKIS means the most filthy abuse you can give to somebody that is the state of your Pakistan. How Pakis cricketers come to India to sell themselves in India and Lol nobody buys them even for one rupee. You Pakis die for every Indian product and indian channels.


      • I being a muslim is ashamed of Pakistan as they did not implemented Islamic Law. no wonder they will be destroyed..

        Any muslim country not implementing Islam Law will be destroyed…

        Obama came to India to meet industrialists and not understand vedic culture..as no one is interested in your vedic culture..what a shame..and you are proud of it…??

      • SABBYY your ALLAH is non other than VATICAN POPE who gave his “divine verses” to Mohammad through Khadija it is Pope who is the creator of Islam that is why so called Allah never able to heal Mohammad from his epilepsy and unable to protect his black stone from invasion.

        ISLAM WAS BORN BECAUSE OF POLITICS OF VATICAN. KHADIJA IS VATICAN SPY AND PROPHET MOHAMMAD IS VATICAN FRANKENSTEIN this was exposed by a Ex Catholic Priest Alberto Rivera in his book “THE PROPHET” this exposure caused a stir in islamic and catholic countries and many of the islamic and catholic countries banned this book in their country and the writer of this book Alberto Rivera was finally MURDERED after many unsuccessful attempts. The author exposes that Vatican wanted holy city of Jerusalem from Jews very badly for that it needed the help of Arabs so Vatican used Khadija, who also was an ex-nun to trap an Arab and use him for their dirty works. Mohammad was chosen for this Khadija convinced Mohammad that AllahNimrodOisirisGod of New Testament are one god and they should unite and fight and eliminate Jews, but later on like Frankenstein Mohammad turned against his Masters the Vatican and Pope. VATICAN IS THE CREATOR OF ISLAM read this website for reference:




      • Nice story. you people must start writting for hollywood movies.. You will win OSCAR award for best fiction film.. What an imagination…

  • Tell me this; did Times of India ever wrote something on Zakir Naik for he suggested death for apostates? If not, why then?

    What he preached directly goes against our constitution, isn’t it?

    Money from Arab nations?


      The sickular media always lies in Hindu Majority areas of India that “INDIA IS A SECULAR STATE”, which is a complete nonsense because secularism means in any part of the country you can buy land, practice your religion, and no quotas based on religion, but this is not the case in India, Hindus cannot buy land in Muslim Majority Kashmir or Christian Majority areas like Nagaland or Mizoram in these areas Hindus quotas are never given but Hindu Majority areas Muslim quotas and Christian quotas are given. So sickular media lies when it’s says India is secular country it is only forced upon Hindus Majority areas for that they give the sick logic that India is secular country, which it is not..

      • @ sabby: it should have been satyam evae jayate, oh sorry in that case islam will vanish from the world..!!!
        so i understand your preference.


        it is not “MEVA” its Evae..

      • Islam is growing .It is your so called Ved religion has vanished ..Even Hindus are ashamed of following your religion.Majority of Hindus in India do not follow vedas why???Why your EESHAWR is neglected by your own people.
        Hindus in india follow western traditions and ashamed follow the culture of vedas???Why why why??

      • @Sabby : are you seriously demented or what?? What does what people do have to do with Eshwar..the Eshwar is independent of people’s karma..Eshwar never neglects people its people who neglect the truth and suffer and now nobody can help people with that.. i.e neglecting Eshwar its a choice they make (mostly out of ignorance of the truth) . its Islamic jokers like Zakir naik who are the beloved of all terrorist Muslims who spread lies by mistranslating the Veda. if Islam is so infallible then why does he or his likes compare it with other religions to prove its right, in the lands that are dar-ul-harb? is it like a product that needs to be sold by comparing with the competitors , even then Quran does not appeal to any intellectual and unbiased mind, after reading it there is no peace but just fear , no knowledge but only dogma.. so just leave this place and don’t annoy people with your ignorance. If you want to defend Islam then do it on logical grounds
        Other wise you are not required here.

      • @sabby
        Satyamevajayate menas “Truth alone triumphs”. By saying “Islam-meva-jayate”, u have confirmed that u want something other than truth to triumph. So, u admitted that Islam is not truth..

  • As salaamu alainkum,
    Agniveer, Can you tell me do you believe in hell and heaven .Will people go in Hell or heaven.
    Will hindus or muslim got heaven.
    Is it a must to folllow hinduism.
    If a person do not beleiev in Hinduism is it fine…

  • SICKULAR MEDIA the ENEMIES OF HINDUS like Times of India, NDTV and magazines like Outlook, Frontline, are spewing venom against the court verdict (which was fair) now they are saying that this Judgment was based on Faith, even when there is enough evidence that Babri Masjid was built on Temple that itself gives us right to built Temple. This same media kept quiet when in SHAH BANO CASE JUDGMENT was made based on FAITH. The MUSLIM LEAGUE OF INDIA (CONGRESS) HAPPILY BROKE THE BACK OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION AND GAVE THE VERDICT IN FAVOR OF MUSLIMS. IN RETURN MUSLIM LEAGUE OF INDIA (CONGRESS) DUPED HINDUS THAT RAM MANDIR WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE BUILT BY HINDUS BUT NOW RAHUL FEROZ GANDHI AND SONIA FEROZ GANDHI ARE IN NO MOOD IN FULFILLING THEIR FATHER AND HUSBAND PROMISE THAT ONLY SHOW THEIR SINCERITY TOWARDS INDIA AND HINDUS.

  • I am really thankful of TOI which published your web address to enlighten me of such a site is there which care the feelings of crores of Hinds in core; otherwise i would have never known such a marvelous website. i am Arya Samaji in all my views and revere Swami Dayanandji Sarsvati since my childhood. I could not found such a rational platform which have such exponent scholars of the religion. I always advocate the religions should be reviewed in the light of modern science and technology, rationally so that selfish clerics should no more deceive common layman. I believe that religion do not have a regional culture but depends upon to suite individual nature to sustain with society in harmony of the nature. Also all the medieval religions have made the GOD in His present form and not accepted as an eternal entity; depending on their human perceptions only. Hence these so called GODs are described behaving like all human emotions and characteristics. The virtues of God is adjusted to suite their own expedience. The religion is considered depending on Janeu, Tilak, whiskers, Arabian long shirts, abayas, scull caps, crosses, crescent moon with star etc. confined in cathedrals, mosques, temples and monasteries. Prayers in certain attire only is accepted by the GOD, our wishes are conveyed to GOD through the clergy agents called Pujari, imams or priest. All it sounds irrational and ludicrous.

  • BROTHERS TIMES OF INDIA IS CERTAINLY AGAINST AGNIVEER AND HINDUS IF TOI REPORTERS have come to this site they must have also seen TRUTHOFHINDUISM.COM website also, which is thousands of times filled with vulgar and hatred against Hindus but TOI or others never complained about that site. If they really are for communally harmony they must have filed complaint or reported this website TRUTHOFHINDUISM.COM in their newspaper, which is 1000 times more filled with HATRED.

  • To Suryodaya,

    If you want to see the truth, all you have to do is learn it by yourself. Sacred text of Islam, Koran is available online. Try not to use the latest translations; instead read from old ones like Yusuf Ali and Pickthall or even Hilali.

    Make an effort for yourself so that you will have comfort of not getting cheated. When we talk about Islamic doctrines, it is Muslims who cheat and lie. It is the critics who are literally honest.

    Other thing is see what is Sharia law for yourself.Especially what it says about how Non muslims should be treated in Islamic law. Below is a link:


  • Any religion is better than cult of Islam. One set of ethics for Muslims and another set of ethics for Non Muslims. Islam can never integrate with the rest of the world. It hides behind many veils. It can not even accept freedom of expression lest people see the colorful and blood laced life of Mohammad and fake Allah.

    I am not a Christian nor a Hindu. I am a humanbeing. I will suggest another excellent site which calls the bluff of Islam and its prophet.


    • @sri: i was shocked to see the contents on the site.. particularly http://prophetofdoom.net/Feedback_Muslim_Threats.Islam it really really sounds like “My way or the Highway”

      i really have some questions in my mind that just haven’t found any answers to. i request my muslim brothers to help me seek answers:

      1. why do women donot have any say in muslim world ?
      2. why is formal education on subjects like maths science prohibitted in muslim world? in fact why is there a strong rule to be getting educated from nowhere but a madarssa ?? (this is particularly in context to Taliban where they choose to bomb a school full of their own faith people and kids, who are just getting schooling)
      3. why is there a prohibition on asking questions to things that your own mind doesnt seem to understand enough? in case of such event, why are things forced upon ? if this stands true, then i see that majority practice of islam happens out of sheer fear of elders for the young ones to follow without question
      4. why do muslims not believe in co-existance ? why do they straight denounce even the law of the land and seek for sharia law ?
      5. are the women REALLY happy with their existance under islam which considers 4 marriages as LEGAL ? if yes, then im afraid the root of problems is very deep indeed as the mother’s would themselves indoctrinate the child even before it can speak its first word.

      i am only truly making this humble request because i really want to make my own conscious efforts to understanding the roadblocks that my fellow muslim brothers face in their day-to-day lives in the Islamic world.

      I intend for everlasting peace and harmony.. nothing else..

      • @arya
        i already visisted those pages longer back…
        i have nothing to do, if you dont like naik..
        but what he says if is is true, i take it…
        brother suryodays asked some misconceptions, so instead mw writing all the thing, simply gave up the link..if the has word zakirnaik in it, what can i do..


      • @mohammed abir

        Dear brother, i really found among the first people from my muslim fraternity to really have an analytical mind.. can very much see the reason why.. you are studying for engineering and really do use logic and reasoning faar more than most of the others, who rather choose to use ‘denial to everything’ approach.. please remain sane in your thoughts like this for all times.. congratulations 🙂

        i think i can expect thoughtful responses from you.. i had read quite a few of your responses and really felt glad of your open mind..

        i would like you to please go through some threads at ‘http://agniveer.com/1615/muhammad-muslim/’

        i really want to have your thoughtful opinion as i see you really are a thinking man.. the very man that INDIA needs from now on… I feel religion is like clothes.. its the people and thoughts inside that really matter..

        having said that, i would really like you to concentrate on your last year engg exams.. you are always welcome to come back after your exams.. please dont divert your priorities as Arya mentioned in some post.. INDIA needs thinking people like you for its better future.. just like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Jayant Narlikar, Narayan Murthy and so on..

        all the best brother !!!!! waaay to go !!!!

        Cheers ! 🙂

      • Someone here commented what is very true; he said thank god its europeans who won the crusades instead of muslim maruaders, otherwise we all would have been riding donkies and mules instead of all the world has got.

      • brother abir.. you took it wrong..! its not about misconceptions about islam..its about misconceptions about zakir naik, who is acting as a traitor .. he who supports osama bin laden.. and says all muslims should be terririst.. do you know there were even alot of muslims who died in 9/11.. how can you support them.. because of him.. us killed so many muslims in countries near arab..the holy place.. where rishi mohammed(pbuh) died .. zakir naik gets his funds from the ones who use to fund osama.. he and osama are wahabis.. guru of zakir naik even hates zakir naik and call him kafir.. first think about mankind then about kafirs…be proud to be a muslims.. but stop promoting this kafir called zakir naik..

      • @suryodaya..
        1) women have their say in islam, ofcourse brother…
        2)muslims, yes they are backward in studies now, but acquiring maths, physics, technology is must for a muslim if he has means…that is why you see a no. of muslim colleges english medium in my city of hyderabad…and i’m engg. final year student in MJ college(osmania university)…
        3,4,5 refer the site i gave you brother
        i love the way you are..


  • hi,

    i read through some links, I have two questions:

    Why you don’t accept Idol worshipping?
    Do you think Cult like Iskon is farce? Do u think Bhaki yaga is wrong way to reach to God.
    When Krishna himslef recited Gita why are you saying Krishna is not God or form of God but just very good immaculate human being?

    thanks, please do reply. I am Isckon Follower and they also teach me to follow veda and they say vedas give description of God as blue skinned person.

    they did tell me verse number but as of now I dont remember. yes they call all other avatars and forms of god we pray as idols as demi Gods. again that is something I cant understand.


    • @henna
      Sister, Eeshvar has no physical form. So He must be recognized and worshipped without using physical symbols like idols. Bhakti, Gyaan, and Karm Maarg are no different from each other. A true Bhakt can never remain ignorant and lazy. Same holds for other two permutations as well. No Mantra of Vedas talks about physical form of Eeshvar. On contrary, it says

      स पर्यगात् शुक्रं अकायं अव्रणं अस्नाविरं शुद्धं पापविद्धं। कविर्मनीषी परिभू स्वयम्भूर्याथातथ्यतो अर्थान् व्यदधात् शाश्वतीभ्यः समाभ्यः।

      That Supreme Being overspreads all. He is Omnipresent, All-powerful, Pure, Perfect, Omniscient, Inward Controller of all, Ruler of All, Eternal and Self-existent. He is never embodied, is never born, is never liable to division and is free from nervous or arterial systems, never commits a sin , is never subject to pain, grief and ignorance and the like. He has from all eternity been teaching uncreated immortal human souls, the true knowledge of things through the revelation of the Veda – His eternal knowledge. [Yajurved 40:8]

      Hope it helps..

      • I understand your point of view and Veda reference, but then when Gita was narrated by Lord Krishna himself and Gita is like subset of veda. why you are hesitant in accepting lord krishna as god, form of God. whatever you want to address as.

        I just cant understand why God cant take forms and come on earth to spread the truth in human form.

        that is similar to when Krishna talks of adharam and his taking avatar.

        by Veda’s reference are you implying that avatar is not to be worshiped? I have met people who have had very spirutual experiences just by praying to Krishna keeping his personal form in mind. are u negating that.

        personally I am not ardent ISCKON follower but I feel Bhakti is most natural and closer to my soul.

        again i have many doubts about them because the impersonal form whom u call brahm they call krishna and with personal form.

        rest all deities they call demi gods that again unsettles me because I am very much influenced by Shaivism Philosphy and devi worshipping and ultimately I believe all deities are real forms of God and get merged to braham itself. that is my belief and dont have any knowledge which can back it.
        But as I hold these beliefs I believe praying deity also can invoke braham as all is part of same ultimate truth. so i cant understand need for banning deity/idol worship.

    • @Agniveer,

      I am also not in favour of discontinuing idol worship. I don’t understand why this idol worship is raising so much hue and cry. By doing Idol worship, we are not spreading any violence. Nor we are interfering in other’s belief. Its just one’s belief. Once upon a time , King of Jaipur asked the same question to Swami Vivekananda. He asked Swamiji if he believes in Idol worship. SwamiJi replied in Yes. King of jaipur was very scientific in thinking. He conterattacked Swami Ji saying that idol worship is something which is unbecoming of his knowledgeable. Swami Ji saw many photos hanging on the wall of King’s Palace. He asked the king who are the persons in the Photo. King proudly replied that they were his forefathers. SwamiJi asked him if he can spit on them. The king became angry and said ” How can you ask me to spit on my forefathers”? Swami Ji politely replied saying that the person in the photo is not your father, but his picture only. Its only your belief that you see your father and grandfather in the Picture.
      I think this is the best example to explain the importance of belief. If you look into our Epics like ramayan and mahabharat, you can find many incidences of idol worship. Lord Rama himself established the Shiva Linga at Rameshwaram. I know that you would say that only reliable scripture is vedas and we should consider this only the authentic. But, everyone is in agreement with the fact that Rama and Krishna were historical figure (and not mythological). So even if I believe that some portion written in Ramayan is not correct (which I don’t believe) as it were editted many a times by many people, then also the probability of Rama doing Idol worship is 50%. 50% chance he did idol worship, and 50% chance he didn’t.
      This method of idol worship had been in practise for million years. I know that God is formless and Omnipresent. But I think Idol worship is very important for self -realisation (which is the concept of Hinduism). It is one of the way to concentrate ( during meditation) for undeleloped minds like us. I feel that its not possible to concentrate for a single minute if you don’t have a picture in your mind ( some imagination of the form of God). I am talking of the undeveloped minds like us. An Idol of God helps us doing that. There may be people who have reached some stage in meditation and they may not need all this as there mind have developed enough.

      Brother, I think we should not say that discontinue idol worship. Even Vedas say that don’t accept everything written there at its face value. Think over it, do some research , practise that and then if you think its true accept that, otherwise reject that.

      Looking forward to your reponse. I also like Agniveer Ji to put his views.

      Tamso ma Jyotirgamaya


      • @ Rajeev Ji,

        I absolutely agree with you that Idol worship does not preach violence. However there are certain fallacies with this.

        1. Meditation means moving mind away from subjects not the other way round.

        2. In Geets when Arjun says –

        Chanchalam manah krshna pramadhi balavadrudam,
        tasyaham nigrahm manye vayoriva sudhushkam

        i.e. The mind is fickle, agitated and strong. I find it is as difficult as to control the air.

        to which Krishna replied –

        Asamshayam mahabaho mano durvigraham chalam
        Abhyasena tu kaunteya vairagyena cha gruhyate

        i.e. Arjun! It is not doubted that the mind is very fickle and obdurate. But it is controlled by regular practice and detachment.

        Now, Arjun was seeing Krishn day in and day out and in spite of his mind was still restless, how the imaginary images of Krishna could instill steadiness of mind?

      • @Proud to be Kafir,

        Dear Brother ,

        I fully agree with you that mind is very fickle and its too difficult to concentrate. But Krishna (in Geeta) advises Arjuna to practise. Two things are required to control the mind:
        1. Practice – Krishna advises Arjuna to keep practising. Mind will deviate, Bring it back to your goal; It will again deviate, and again bring it back. Doing so regularly, Mind comes under control and once it comes under control it becomes easy to achieve the ultimate goal.
        An idol helps practising meditation. For a meditation starter, mind will deviate from that subject (idol) , but through parctice it is brought back to the subject (Idol). I don’t find any harm in doing this. I know that Zakir Naik will never understand this because his mind is not developed and educated enough to understand this spiritual philosophy.

        2. Vairagya : Krishna advises Arjuna to develop the state of Vairagya. Even if Mind is under control but Vairagya is not there, its not possible to acheive the ultimate goal ( Moksha). Because, if there is no Vairagya, then the contolled mind will bring you all the materialistic happiness but not the ultimate bliss. I think an Idol also helps in practising Vairagya. Meera is the best example of this. She had an Idol of Krishna always with her. All the materialistic things were meaningless for her. The biggest property she possessed was the Idol of Krishna. Brother, I think its belief only which makes a stone God.

        I am still not convinced that Idol worship should be discontinued. It strengthens the belief in God.

        Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya.


      • @ Rajeev Ji,

        As you yourself admit that umpteen practice is required to control the fickled mind, then why not practice for the ultimate than to stick to the intermediate level.

        I am not sure, infact haven’t properly read about Meera but one thing am sure that Arjun wasn’t able to concentrate even in Shri Krishna’s presence, forget about his Idol.

        Don’t you think that making an Idol of Ishwar and concentrating on it is belittling Ishwar ? When one of his property is his omnipresence, we are limiting him in 4/5/..ft idol !

        BTW, Shri Krishna (our inspiration) himself used to Sandhya and meditate.

        Lastly, pls don’t think that in any way I abhor idol-worshippers. My family and friends still continue with that. And I feel its just a level of Ignorance one has to overcome.

  • BROTHERS HALF MUSLIMS SONIA FEROZ GANDHI AND RAHUL FEROZ GANDHI WILL DEFINITELY GIVE BABRI VERDICT IN FAVOR OF MUSLIMS. These foreigners who have no respect for Ram Sethu how will they respect RAM TEMPLE in Ayodhya, they will definitely rig the verdict and give in favor of Muslims. Newspaper like Times of India and many other newspaper ranting secularism to Hindus is proof of this they have started giving examples that how Hindus in Karnataka are building Masjids they are subtly telling Hindus to leave Ayodhya issue. I am definitely against violence but we should not accept the verdict if it is against us and appeal in higher court against it. JAI SHRI RAM

    • Brother Sameer

      make no mistakes ..Sonia,Rahul et al are Christian Missionaries and not Islamic ghazis

      they would group together with any force that can bring down hinduism

      Have you ever wondered why sonia is so soft on Naxals? ..bcoz Missionaries are in cahoots with the naxals in converting them to christianity

      have you looked at the close aides of sonia in the party ..it’s filled with crypto christians and christians

      the Jai Ram Rameshs’, the Chidambarams and Manmohan Singhs have to bow down to this Christian government every now and then

      Chidambaram wanted to be hard on Naxlas ..The crypto Christian Digvijay Singh vehemently opposed it and finally Sonia made him roll back and dilute his stand

      The Kadhamal Violence report was not disclosed ..because it clearly showed the illegal conversion of tribals of the area and the missionaries instigating the christian maoists to kill the hindu social worker and swami Lakshmananad Saraswati

      Muslims are just being used as pawns to supress and downplay the hindus to win the ultimate game..their plan is to first destroy hinduism and then Islam

      thats what i make out of the current mess

    • For your info please;

      JL Nehru was not the bioligocal son of motilal aka giasuddin ghazi (a pimp in allahabad, later an advocate), but of a muslim from Prayag.
      Indira was not biological daughter of JN Nehru but of a muslim in Nehru household.
      Sanjeev /Sanjay Khan (Gandhi) was not son of Firoz Khan but of Mo. Yunus.

      The all above were muslims.

      Antonia (aka sonia) is not the biological daughter of stephano maino. stephano was a fascist in Musolini’s army and was in Russian jail during & after sonia’s birth.
      Rahul & Priyanka (actually Raul & Bianka) are catholic xians like antonia. Rajeev was orignally muslim but converted to xianity before marrying antonia.

      So all the above makes the family a ” BHANUMATI KA KUNBA”

      • Bingo! @3x

        Indians and specially Hindus are unaware of the fact that this Ghiasuddin, the grandfather of Jawahar Lal was a Sunni Muslim who prided in his moghul lineage ..it’s out of fear of the British onslaught that he rechristened himself as Ganga Dhar

        Jawahar Lal’s words:
        “By education I am an Englishman, by views an internationalist, by culture a Muslim, and I am a Hindu only by accident of birth.”

        This accidental Hindu gave away the kashmir issue to the UN on the request of Lady Mountbatten…his extramarital interest

  • They do not leave a stone unturned to tarnish secular Hindu Babas like Ramdev/SSRS either. Leave behind the Vedantists like Agniveer. Even Yoga scares the hell out of their asses so they call it Hindu Evangelism so find ways to ban it in their countries and abuse it in your country India in front of you itself. Un-organized,dis-united and vote-bank-politics-vulnerable masses called Hindus are really placid piece of punching bag for so called secular media.


  • Mughalistan (or Mughalstan) is the name of an independent homeland proposed for the Muslims of India. This Mughal-Muslim state in the Indian subcontinent will include all of North India and Eastern India, and will be formed by merging Pakistan and Bangladesh through a large corridor of land running across the Indo-Gangetic plain, the heartland of India. This Mughalistan corridor will comprise Muslim-majority areas of Northern India and eastern India that will be partitioned for the second time in history.
    The comprehensive plan for a second partition of India was first developed by the Mughalstan Research Institute (MRI) of Jahangir Nagar University (Bangladesh) under the patronage of the two intelligence agencies, Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Bangladesh’s Director General of Forces Intelligence, DGFI. The “Mughalistan Reaserch Institute of Bangladesh” has released a map where a Muslim corridor named “Mughalistan” connects Pakistan and Bangladesh via India.
    The Pakistani Punjabi-dominated ISI’s influence on MRI is evident even in the Punjabi-centric pronunciation of the word ‘Mughalstan’ (without the “i”), instead of the typical Urdu pronunciation (Mughalistan). Islamic Jihadis in India have been well-armed and well-funded by the neighbouring Islamic regimes, as part of Operation Topac – the late Pakistani President Zia-ul-Haq’s grandiose plot to balkanize India.

    Not surprisingly, Osama Bin Laden has thrown his support behind the concept and creation of this Greater Pakistan to “liberate” the Muslims of India from the Hindus. The Mumbai underworld (led by Karachi-based don Dawood Ibrahim who executed the gruesome 1993 Mumbai bombings), Jamaat-e-Islami, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen have declared their unified support for creating this undivided Islamic nation in the Indian subcontinent. The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and Indian Mujahideen are working in tandem with the aforementioned organizations to waged Jihad against the Hindus of India.

    It is important to note that in its “holy war” against India, the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba has openly declared Hindus to be the “enemies of Islam” who should all be converted or killed. The Lashkar-e-Tayyaba group has repeatedly claimed through its journals and websites that its main aim is to destroy the Indian republic and to annihilate Hinduism. Jaish-e-Mohammed has vowed to “liberate” not just Kashmir, but also to hoist the Islamic flag atop the historic Red Fort after capturing New Delhi and the rest of India.

    SIMI has championed the “liberation of India through Islam” and aim to restore the supremacy of Islam through the resurrection of the Khilafat (Islamic Caliphate), emphasis on the Muslim Ummah (Islamic) and the waging of Jihad on the Indian state, secularism, democracy and nationalism – the basic keystones of the Indian Constitution – as these concepts are antithetical to Islam. The Indian Mujahideen have sent several emails claiming responsibility for several bombings in Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad (in Uttar Pradesh), Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and New Delhi in 2007 and 2008. The emails refer to notorious Islamic conquerors of India (Mohammed bin Qasim, Mohammad Ghauri and Mahmud Ghaznawi) as their role-models, refer to Hindu blood as “blood to be the cheapest of all mankind” and taunt Hindus that their “[Hindu] history is full of subjugation, humiliation, and insult [at the hands of Islamic conquerors]“.

    The Indian Mujahideen’s emails warn the Hindus to “Accept Islam and save yourselves” and or else face a horrible fate: – “Hindus! O disbelieving faithless Indians! Haven’t you still realized that the falsehood of your 33 crore dirty mud idols and the blasphemy of your deaf, dumb, mute and naked idols of ram, krishna and hanuman are not at all going to save your necks, Insha-Allah, from being slaughtered by our [Muslim] hands?”

    • And what wud happen after creating Mughalstan? Our indian muslim brother will believe these guys stories and prefer to live life like hell in mughalistan… Same happened with Pakistan in 1947… just imagine a situation if we were not partitioned… probably people living in Pakistan today would have better life style… Awam ko samajhana chahiye what is right and what is wrong….

      One example – sometime in 1800 United States bought land from Mexico (by hook or crook) which is today’s California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and some more… but the fact which we cannot refuse to accept is – under the system of US people of these states, are living far better life than that of people in Mexico….

      It is the system which makes difference, not the majhab…. had majhab been major factor, Pakistan, Afghan and Bangladesh wud have been super power…

  • I posted my comment below on the article :

    Dear TOI editor,
    I could see your stomach burning. Do you have any match to the intellectual levels of the Author of Agniveer. You are funded by Bennets and Colemans, but Agniveer is a totally Indian website. You want to malign agniveer for what. Read the high end logical view point of Agniveer and try to match your toilet paper with that and then you will understand why your stomach is burning. I will now campaign within all my known circles to boycott your toilet paper. Only those belong to Congress will read your paper anymore and you have to increase their numbers only using the EVM machines.

  • We need to expose Enemies of Indian people. But Seriously i do not Wish to see Any form Of Violence ANYWHERE. So, Agniveer your work is enlightening. I read your previous Article , I did not find that anyway that cause to steer Violence. If some one becomes violent reading that Article He is a …..

  • “Agar koi aapki burai karta hai tho samaj lo ki aap tarakee kar rahe ho”

    TOI will write because they know if this site continue then they will be exposed by the agni of truth…

    I am with u.

  • Once a HINDU GUY saved a little boy from ferocious Mad Dog by killing it. One Media Guy who saw this praised him and said if your are a Muslim Guy tomorrow’s newspaper I will write a Kind Muslim saved a Boy from a mad dog, he said he is not a Muslim then media person asked if your are not a Muslim then you must be a christian then I will write a Brave Christian saved a little Boy from Mad dog but the Guy then said to the Media Person that he is neither Muslim or Christian but a HINDU. The media person said nothing and went away and next day’s newspaper he wrote Hindu Fanatic Kills a poor little dog. THIS IS THE REAL ATTITUDE OF OUR SICKULAR MEDIA

  • Dear Agniveer and friends

    BEWARE of Jihadis in disguise.

    I am a regular visitor to your site and read most of your articles and readers comments. Reading some of the comments in this site gives me the impression that there are Jihadis disguised as Hindus/Aryasamajis trying to divert your effort from exposing enemies of Hindus. They highlight weaknesses of Hindu society and call for focus fighting these weakness instead of fighting Anti-Hindus. They comment like concern Hindus, criticize Hindu society but cleverly silence on Jihadis, or indirectly (by blaming Hindu weaknesses) justify jihadis.

    Fanatics have failed to silence you by open/rational discussion. Now a covert attempt to silence your voice by steering you in wrong direction. Please don’t be mislead by their advices.

    God bless you all

  • I wrote a letter to TOI…and told them i m their regular reader and they have hurt my sentiment very much..and if u dont give APOLOGIZE to all readers…i will boycott toi from today itself..


  • Hopefully, Ishwar will show us a way to deal with this situation. Agniveer’s name being published in news is a big sign that Agniveer’s works on this site have impacted many people.

    Lets hope that we all help this mission succeed

    • No point writing to TOI…

      TOI and mostly other meda houses too, are actually owned by Xian missionaries which wants to destroy Indian /Hindu culture by all means, therefore these kind of articles.

      TOI sympathises with the terrorists human(?) concerns, but has only lip service for people affected by terrorism. It has been in the forefront with its Aman Ki Asha ie. peace with Pakistan, but its just the ploy that India doesnt think about the war with two faced terrorist state of Pakistan.

  • one truth…

    india is not independent still SUFFERING..

    if you indian just think about past u heard and present u see.. and then compare..

  • What we can aepect from this corrupted indian Media and Poliicians.They deserve not only apologise they deserve Death Panality:Because if they live Humanity has to die.

    • The hindus who do not toe your line(remember they are in majority and it is because of them our beloved country has not become like pakistan where there is total chaos)become seudo_secularist.Democratically elected government you abuse day in and day out,Midia against you,judiciary against you,police against you . just give a thought why it is like this??

      • I never understand the goal this website is trying to achieve. If the idea of this website is to prevent conversion to Islam or Christianity then I do not think that it is serving its purpose–educated people are not converting to other religions–dalit, low caste people are converting– and they do not read these articles.

        There are some good articles in this site regarding Vedic Dharma and my feeling is that Agniveerji should concentrate on those topics only–I do not think that Arya Samaj should be even interested in Ram Temple movement–for us Ramis a national hero and we believe in charitra puja ( emulating character of Ram) rather than chitra puja (idol worship).


      • Namaste Sanjeev Ji,

        I agree with you that a temple/mosque is the last thing an arya samaji would worry about BUT why on earth are you viewing Agniveer jis article from that perspective at all!

        as far as i understand , he is asking us to view such structures in the light of who built them and with what motives..the motive rather than being religious was more from the view of subjugating and insulting the natives whom these barbarians conquered

        I think he has a point there ..don’t you?

        and Arya perseveres NOT ONLY for spreading the Truth BUT ALSO for dispelling and denouncing falsities

        are we in agreement sir?

      • Yes, I am in agreement with you. However, the Babri Structure was pulled down in 1992 and it is unlikely that a Mosque will be ever built on that site. It is a dead issue–except for politicians.

        On the other hand, we have lot of pressing issues at the moment–like Kashmir, Naxalite Problems in Tribal belt , rampant corruption in our Society (CWG) etc. For some islamization can be an issue but my feeling is that this issue can only be addressed by solving the issue of discrimination against dalit people and educating people against birth-based caste system. Islamization is happening in US also–mainly among blacks. We need to look inside instead of looking outside to address the issue of conversion. We have weaknesses in our society and others are exploiting it. It is as simple as that.

        In fact I like lot of articles by Agneeverji especially on Vedic Dharma. My feeling has always been that others ( orthodox Hinduism) have used Arya Samaj to meet their own slefish goals. For instance, for sudhhikaran, they use the services of Arya Samaj. We “Arya Samajis” should be bold–Maharishi Dayanandji openly challenged these crooks in Kashi and sacrificed his life–why do not we do it now–we have Internet, TV etc.. However, it appears to me that many ( there are exceptions like Baba Ramdev, Swami Agnivesh) Arya Samajis have become apologetic and not ready to debate with orthodox Hindus on these issues–it is painful to see that some of us are supporting them on non issues like construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. My own feeling is that lot of Muslims in India will come back to Vedas once we eliminate Idol worship and birth based caste system from our society. Sudhikaran is a good step provided we are able to provide them a respectable position in our society–it should not become a tool of appeasement ( to orthodox Hindus).

      • Sanjeev Ji,

        I can empathize with your concern for birth-based caste system, discrimination against our Dalit Brothers/Sisters,idol worship etc.

        But whatever your grievances with these Idol worshippers be, the fact is that their basis of peace and tolerance is Vedas.

        FYI, Maharishi Dayanand could take stand against these crooks/evils only because he was in a tolerant country which had its cultural foundation based on vedas.
        Had he been there in an Islamic country, he would have been killed on the very 1st day of his journey to Truth.

        Problem with Islam and Christiuanity is their methodology – My Way or The Highway , which should be vehemently opposed..

        As we see in all competitive exams – we start with elimination round and then proceed gradually from prelims to mains to interview…. So this is just the elimation(Prelims) round we have started with. We shall definitely move on to Mains (eradicating birth based caste system etc) and then the establishment of vedic society based on humanity and tolerance.
        And this is what Agniveer Ji is doing at the moment.

        Hope you are with Him in this Sankalp !

      • I am with you on everything–but I have my own doubts regarding the tolerant nature of Hindu society.

        I am looking forward to see an article ( just one) against idol worship in this website–and reaction of my Hindu brothers to that..

        Also, abuses and stones were hurled at Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. He did not have a natural death–he was poisoned to death ( in fact there were several attempts on his life)–this speaks volume about the tolerant Hindu society.

      • “So this is just the elimation(Prelims) round we have started with. We shall definitely move on to Mains (eradicating birth based caste system etc) and then the establishment of vedic society based on humanity and tolerance.”

        IMHO the order should be as follows:

        Elimination Round (Prelims): Elimination of birth-based caste system & exploitation of dalit and tribal people; elimination of idol worship; establish a Vedic society based on universal brotherhood and tolerance.

        Final round: bring back converted Muslims and Christians into Vedic Dharma.

        I think that Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati also wanted us to follow the aforementioned order.

        If my fort is strong then only I can fight external enemies. We need to do self-analysis and put our house in order before initiating any discussions with other religions.

      • @Sanjeev Verma
        Brother, Agniveer has taken up the task to fight the external enemies. You along with other like minded can start the reformation from inner. Your efforts in this regard will be highly appreciated. We would like to see some “Sanjeev Verma” blog, which has the articles on Vedas and material on Hindu reformation. But it is sad that without understanding the purpose of this site, you have criticized the approach of the author. When you are alone, can you open all the fronts at same time? Maharishi Dayanand is our role model and he was the one who did that. But today is the time to split the work among us to get better results. It is the responsibility of all his followers to choose some task, which will help the cause of Dharma ultimately.

        Agniveer has already discussed about the material of 1 to 10th, 13, 14 chapter of Satyarth Prakash. You are requested to put your energy to work on 11th chapter so that mission of Satyarth Prakash can be accomplished! However if you do it just now, it will just help Muslims and Christians to convert ignorant Hindus to their cults. Right now we dont want to do anything which helps those Mullahs to cause further damage to our Dharm. Let Hindus learn how to fight first, then will come how to worship! Brother, hope you will understand the long term objective of Agniveer, which is ultimately “Krinvanto Vishvamaaryam”.

      • Dear Sanjeev

        One may not agree on everything with someone. Agniveer may have a different priority for things than you, Swami Agnivesh or Swami Ramdev. He may be thinking that it would be too late to wait for caste-system to be eradicated, then eliminate idol worship, then establish Vedic society and only then start defending against conversion propaganda. Even you would agree that the steps you have mentioned would take at least a few decades if not more.

        So why not let Agniveer work as per his own priorities and you start another movement as per your priorities. Agniveer is into a thankless job where rarely any one including likes of Agnivesh would dare to enter. Because is would take guts to take on fanatics like this but its a fashion today to condemn only Hindus. But you may get support of Agnivesh and so many others who would easily condemn Hindu practices.

        We cannot expect one person to do everything at same time. Perhaps instead of questioning mission of Agniveer, you could set your own example by creating awareness on issues that Agniveer is not focussing upon.

        In any case, I don’t think Agniveer claims to be Arya Samaji. He is inspired by Swami Dayanand, no doubt, but he has been critical of current Arya Samaj as well.

        By the way, I see a whole series of articles against Caste system on the site.

      • Condemning Idol worship without even examining all its aspects will only get people turn away from a cause as noble, pure and thankless that Agniveer is doing, while it maybe your stand that Idol worshiping should not be done, billions of Hindus have a different view on it and by following this line of thought you drive away a Hindu who so much wants to be part of an effort aimed at reviving Ancient Hindu thought in whatever form possible, I support the efforts of all the organizations and individuals who be it Idol worshippers or otherwise are sriving to stop erosion of our ancient cultural and religious base, unless we present a united front against these abhramic religions, our ability to meet their challenge gets severely restricted, for centuries we have been making this mistake, please let history be our guide and lets together strive for the glory of the Sanatan eternal way of life

  • A request to all – Kindly visit the times of India page on facebook – click like. and then post your protest there on their comments section of every post.Also paste the link of this page with it. Let other readers get alerted to TOI’s coersive tricks. Actually they had never imagined hindus and muslims to react in such a matured manner as they are doing to the Ayodhya verdict. They had anticipated some riots which would have raked them moolahs. This is the way they survive !!

    Don’t paste it on its wall. That would be filtered. Paste your protest in comments section !

    I am a muslim and have been following this site since last couple of months. I do have ideological diifferences with him, but I don’t see him creating hatred. All that he does is analyse scriptures in a very rational manner. I have even seen him criticizing Purans, which eventually is hindu scriptures. TOI doesn’t have objection to that !!. I believe these media houses and Pseudosecularists have only one goal – to marginalise the muslim community and garner votes and moolah from that!!

    • I couldnt agree more Irfan. These pseudo secularists wants to have a great fight between religions.. If we dont fight What will they write in there newspapers. They commercialize our fights and griefs. In one of the bond movies(TND) The quote from a media mogul Goes like this.. Elliot Carver “There is no news, like bad news”.