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Prominent Congress party leader Digvijay Singh promoted Zakir Naik as a ‘messenger of peace’ who can contribute to bridging gaps between Hindu-Muslims in India!

This is the same Zakir Naik who has been a mentor to several terrorists, according to whom Osama should be a role model to follow for Muslim youth, and who urges every Muslim to be a terrorist.

It’s now clear why Agniveer, who has been after Zakir Naik since 2008, and who had declared Zakir Naik as a mentor of terrorists in 2010, had to face one trouble after another during Digvijay Singh’s party’s regime.

Watch to know the story of how Agniveer nabbed the terrorists’ role model despite huge personal risk, and what message Agniveer founder – Terror-analytics expert – Sanjeev Newar has for nation-lovers and for GoI, in case they are committed to win against terror instead of getting reduced to by-standers.

(English transcript of the video follows)

How IIT-IIM genius exposed Zakir Naik’s terror connection

Transcript of above video by Agniveer Sanjeev Newar:

Vande Mataram friends,

Today I will talk about Zakir Naik who’s in headlines these days, and how he became an inspiration of Bangladesh attackers. There are a lot of discussions regarding. His links are coming out with Hafiz Saeed(26/11 mastermind), head of ISIS Hyderabad module has confessed to being inspired by Zakir Naik. Suddenly Zakir Naik is in headlines.

I would like to tell you this one thing that through the medium of Agniveer, I have been after Zakir Naik since 2008. And in 2010, I had openly announced Zakir Naik as a mentor of terrorists. And it was not mere announcement but had done so with evidence.

We had posted rebuttals by surgically analyzing each individual article of his. This posting of rebuttals consequently resulted in break-up of his entire conversion and radicalization nexus in India at one time.

And up until 2013, if one typed zakir naik in google search engine, even before his own official site, Agniveer.com’s links used to come up.

And the result was that at least thousands of youth started adopting mainstream path by rejecting the path of fundamentalism.

Many a lost and radicalized Muslims who were soft targets for Zakir Naik, or those individuals of other faiths who were not very aware about their own faith, he used to capture their frustrations and attract them towards his radical Islam.

We have thousands of case studies of people who had almost gotten into his trap, and had even became a part of his nexus. But then came back into mainstream lifestyle, only because of Agniveer articles.

At one time, the promotion efforts of Agniveer campaign ware so widespread, we wrote to embassies, govts of various countries. This resulted in cancelling of his programs in UK, Canada, even many programs in India were cancelled. Because no one was giving any space to him for his grand Peace TV conferences. Even in Mumbai perhaps, they had to change their location.

But it’s not the case that only a selected group on internet had this information. This was and still is such an impactful movement, that each and every article of ours used to go to all the politicians. Even MPs of today receive all the article of the exposes we do.

But the tragedy is that nobody took this seriously. We collaborated with Anti-Terror-Squad(ATS) and helped nab terrorists. But the sad part is that today, our intelligence agency is completely clueless, about what phenomenon is this terrorism and how to tackle it.

Recently when we talked to its chief, we clearly mentioned that Zakir Naik is a very serious threat and how we have completely exposed him. But this was not a very serious matter for them.

Now although it’s coming out that he even had links with mastermind of Mumbai attacks -Hafiz Saeed, apart from those Bangladeshi attackers, even Wajeed, who for ISIS went to clean toilets in Iraq, was also a Zakir Naik fan. Even more such cases are there. Why these cases exist, how he radicalizes people, and what’s the anti-dote?

All this we have already analyzed and put on Internet. And let me tell one more thing, that in present date, All radical ones from Indian subcontinent and even outside of it, or all those youth who are inclined towards path of fanaticism, or those who hate everyone other than their own sect in Islam, they visit Agniveer website. Agniveer is biggest demon for them.

Even today with various counterfeit names, they come and attack, abuse and engage in disputes etc. Because they know that in present date, Agniveer is that anti-dote, not for them though.. For them Agniveer , in their language, is that Satan who is leading people away from righteous path!

Because of whom many of the people from within their radical cult came out and went into mainstream living. Those who used to consider Zakir Naik as their hero, have now started considering APJ Kalam as their Hero!

This is not an exaggeration, but a fact that I am telling you. All of these people associated with terrorism, and all of these fanatic organizations constantly keep tracking and monitoring Agniveer. Because Agniveer has answer to all their designs.

Our site named- Satyagni.com was shut down by them through DDOS attacks. We tried connecting with Govt etc as well, when it was the previous govt of Sonia-Manmohan Singh. They never took it seriously.

And I can well understand that when a senior party leader like Digvijay Singh is an ally of Zakir, then sources of motivation behind shutting down our site were very high.

Before the previous elections in BJP, a person named Roshan Lal Arya has joined in His videos are available on how he considers ZakirNaik as his hero. How he considers radical Islam as the best religion in entire world!

It’s my request to BJP as well, to quickly rectify their mistake. And dont just kick out that terrorist’s pawn from the party, but probe against him. He is the same Roshan Lal Arya who recently spoke a lot of non sense against the Jaats.

And in the name of boycotting Jaats, he went to the extent of saying that let’s pledge to not even talk or buy stuff from Jaats’ shops. Such is the crazy casteist mind, or maybe he is doing it deliberately.

Similarly Mahesh Bhatt, a renowned Bollywood director sang long glories in support of Zakir Naik by coming to his program. Barkha Dutt, who once invited him to a TV show in NDTV should also be probed.
I dont day whether they have any direct links or not.
But for the sake of National Security, these people should be thoroughly probed and scanned for their alleged links.

Because these are the same Barkha Dutt, and Rajdeep Sardesai along with her, who during Mumbai attacks, were supplying live telecast to the terrorist within the building about what army and police is planning and doing outside! And which caused loss of so many lives.

If these 2 – Rajdeep and Barkha had not been there in nation and had instead been holidaying in Switzerland etc at the time, then a very small proportion of people would have died than the actual number of deaths that happened.

Agniveer has an extensive research analysis on not just Zakir Naik, on all the terror incident happening across the globe. All those people who are becoming terrorist by getting self-radicalized through reading the crap available on internet, whether those be the Florida attacker, whether the Mumbai attackers/ Bangladesh attackers; all of them.
– what they think, eat, write, … Agniveer is thoroughly aware of every vein in their structure.

All that I learned in IIT IIM, all my experience, all that talent has been used in fighting this terror, understand this terror and in finding solution to this terror.
And if Govt of India wants that this skill and talent be used, in tackling the biggest problem of this date, of this nation and the world; I am more than willing.

But yes, if someone thinks that, ‘hey, you go to some bureaucrat and give a presentation, and then try to prove, then you go through the hierarchy, etc’. Then neither do I have time for such things nor any faith, nor it is my profession.
And I am openly declaring this – to solve global terror, and to predict and track this terrorism; the skill-set, expertise, analytics available with Agniveer team today, is not available with any other in the entire world today.

As for the Zakir Naik threat, We wrote the article in 2010 – “Zakir Naik – Mentor of Terrorist”. We wrote with a huge personal risk. You can imagine this that if you are challenging the boss of terrorists, then what type of risks you will have to face.

Despite all that risk, we wrote, we presented all the proofs, evidences. But this terror attack in Bangladesh, we had the feelers for not exactly the Bangladesh attack, but that they are about to do something in this region.

In Ramzan month, these fanatics believe that Hazrat Mohammad also fought a war. And so , to fight violently is the biggest religious duty for them. So to do such attacks openly especially in the month of Ramzan, had been ingrained in the minds of these fanatics.

Unlike the mainstream Muslims who practice self control during the month of ramzan, who try to not even think of bad thoughts during this month.

A few weeks ago we started a campaign, which you can see on internet records, to ban Peace TV. We did this to attract attention to the fact that Peace TV is already banned in India!

Because in around 2012, Peace TV was already banned in India due to our efforts. But then it continued to be broadcasted illegally through cable. We complained to govt, our supporters filed a lot of FIRs but, nobody took any action and it went on being broadcasted.

Then we ran a campaign and appealed to govt, am talking about just a last few weeks, to – Ban Peace Tv! Ban Peace TV! Ban Peace TV!
Unfortunately, nobody took us seriously.
Unfortunately, even facebook started penalizing us and reported our page. Our page was unpublished and warning was given to us not to speak out such things.
And somehow even in Google’s search engine, our ranking was dropped. Even though the traffic has reached several times.

And I dont know the reasons or the methods they are using to sideline this issue. Even today, thousands of Jihadi terrorists from all over the globe, are doing spam linking with Agniveer website through their computers. They are linking Agniveer with bad links so that Agniveer goes down in search engine rankings.

Just recently a few days back we faced a DDOS attack on our site after we ran this Ban Peace TV campaign.
We had to migrate our system to a new very expensive and secure server.

And unfortunately, the tragedy of this country is this. That some one who actually wants to genuienly work for them and save their lives, they ignore those persons.

If I say now that I am going to do a program for Ram-Navmi, I will easily receive crores for that. If I say that I will facilitate some Netas by doing a program, I will receive crores of Rupees. Or that I want to make a movie and make a fan following, I will receive crores again.

But nobody supports in this crucial mission. And the consequences are that innocents like Tarishi Jain are murdered…

We foresaw this threat. We were, are doing all we can at our end with our whole-hearted efforts to stop this. And to de-radicalize fanatically inclined and influenced. But unfortunately our voice and pleas for support fell on ears of deaf who did not take it seriously.

The way any vulnerable fanatically inclined youth is brainwashed by showing dreams of heaven, the way all this evil-formation is made by, how to successfully break away this chakravyuh, we have solution to this as well.

Even today, Zakir Naik’s all Jihadi articles’ rebuttals is given only by Agniveer alone. You may read our site testimonials, you may search on Internet.
And I can speak with an open challenge that there wont be any other organization in the world you can find, there wont be another individual (I take pride in this) who has done such a transformation fighting against terrorism!

The terrorism which you are observing, you are worries so much just about this Bangladesh attack. I am worried much more than this about the future which is nearing. For which we are hopelessly unprepared!

Because, okay, say you captured Zakir Naik now. And even placed security around his office. You will be tracking all his movements as well. But what about those books which are already in circulation? What about those videos which are already in circulation?
Which have already been translated in numerous languages.

And by watching these videos, someone is doing Florida attack, someone is doing Dhaka attack, Somewhere Paris attacks, and innumerable more.

Even today if you visit Agniveer site, we have to ban 20-50 visitors on a daily basis. Because these Jihadis visit and say such fanatic statements that it blows your mind off!

Then from among these hate-mongers one who becomes bit more desperate for paradise, then starts performing Dhaka like attacks.
ISIS supported them in Dhaka. Situations also happen where such fanatically inclined and influenced commit lone-wolf attack. Because they will feel that ‘if I kill this guy passing by, I might get paradise’.

And there’s only one way to solve this which is de-radicalization. To counter the ideology which they are promoting. To this counter at their own level and in their own ways of thinking. And then to circulate this countering and promote it to reach them.

Without performing these necessary actions, you will get reduced merely post-morteming each individual incident after it has occurred. If you dont take this seriously now, you will have to take this seriously some time in near future, when water level will be way above our head.

When in 2010 we announced Zakir Naik as mentor of terrorists, then people mocked us. And the ones who actually knew that he is a real terrorist, they tried to subdue us and deviate people.
6 years went by, in these 6 years had the govt supported us, we could have prevented numerous attacks.

The way myself alone, my small team, will keep doing whatever we can do through videos, writings, etc.

This I tell you that, Zakir Naik is just a pawn. Roots of this terrorism are very deep. A lot many people are getting radicalized. And Zakir Naik is just a individual. The hate literature through which he spread this hatred are still in public domain.

And even now people are nurturing hatred within themselves by looking at these. To solve those, to counter those, to promote and circulate these rebuttals to them, to make them understand in their own lingo, and to track those among them who are beyond any hope of transformation – like were the Dhaka attackers; to track and capture them before the next attack, is need of the hour.

In this, Agniveer is fully committed to help.

Vande Mataram.

“Know the ground realities.
Love All, Hate None.”

– Agniveer

Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit site.

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