It is a myth that Sanskrit is a dead language like Latin.

1. Latin is studied only by linguists. Sanskrit is recited by every practicing Hindu. Given the Hindu emphasis on chanting and stutis, Sanskrit may well be the most emotionally spoken language of India (and world). Whether one speaks Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali – they all speak Sanskrit when they remember God.

2. Every Indian language (in fact every language) originates from Sanskrit. Yes, people may claim Tamil has different origin because of sentimental reasons. But even Tamils use Sanskrit for worship big time. Everyone in India is speaking Sanskrit in one of its variants when they speak Hindi or Marathi or Gujarati or Bengali or Odiya or Malayalam or … or … . Includes those who speak Urdu.

3. The problem is that we Indians deny the role of Sanskrit in our lives. We are in habit of disowning mother to please invaders. That is why every Tom, Dick, and Harry (read Jihadi, Evangelist, Commie) can come and become our Nehru Chacha.

4. When India proactively admits its roots, hugs Mother, and embrace what forms its cultural and spiritual foundation, we will have achieved true freedom. Freedom from corruption, poverty, terrorism, violence will come automatically when we remove the source of corruption from our minds that make us cheat our own mother without feeling a touch of guilt. This is trait of mental disorder. Mental cases are bound to suffer from some problem or other.

5. Sanskrit is one of the most alive language in world today. A language that people use to get spiritual strength, and connect to roots. A language that forms our foundation. A language that will remain our roots till last of us does not convert into Islam or Christianity. The only problem is that like a Naalaayak Santaan, we disown her. And destiny is punishing the Naalaayak.

– Shri Sanjeev Newar

Learn Sanskrit in simple┬ámanner –
1. Video Tutorial – Youtube Playlist
2. Lessons in Hindi, English

Spend few minutes daily on one of these and you will be able to learn basics of conversational Sanskrit in simple manner.

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