Q. I am a 19-year-old Hindu girl from Kerala. I am studying in a Muslim dominant college (girls only) in the Malappuram district. Most of my friends persuade me to convert to Islam since they say it’s the only way to get eternal salvation. I am in a dilemma. What should I do?


What is the IQ level of your friends? Often those who shout the most with confidence about afterlife are those with poorest performance in maths and science.

If Islam is the best religion, why is that Islamic societies are among poorest in science, technology, human rights, or any other human development index? Why are Jews – the worst community in world – excel in all critical areas like finance and technology?

Overall, listening to them is like listening to back-benchers among 5 year old kids and taking them seriously. If your 5 year old friend says there is Superman and Spiderman in New York, what will you do? You will say : So cute! And laugh it off.

Any group that asks you to convert is a group of fools/ psychopaths/ low performers/ criminals. That is a basic rule of life. Because whether God loves you and will give you salvation is between you and God. Why should God appoint agents for this who are very poor in IQ themselves? Did you ever hear sharp brains like Einstein, Newton, asking anyone to convert?

Ask your friends to give you a book of Islam so that you can study and make a wise decision. Now evaluate it with following points:

Does it give equal rights to men and women? If men can have 4 wives, can wife have 4 husbands?

If husband can keep unlimited sex-slaves, can wife have unlimited lovers? If not, reject that book and its followers.

In ideal scenario, the community must forbid more than one husband or wife at same time, and ban extra-marital relations totally from both sides. Unfortunately, Muslim mullahs openly and shamelessly subjugates women today.

Check Muslim Personal Law.

If man can say Talaq 3 times and divorce, can wife also do so? Unfortunately, Indian Muslim Personal Law allows man to divorce even by sending SMS! Wife cannot do so.

If man will get 72 virgins in Paradise to have free unlimited se*, what will women get? And is se* the ultimate pleasure as per religion? Unfortunately, this is what every available translation of Quran and Hadiths claim.

Any religion that says non-believers will go Hell even if they do all other good deeds, is a wrong religion. I do not know what common Muslim believes. But all religious leaders of Islam claim that Hindu and Jew will go to Hell if they refuse to accept Islam as only true religion. This is the prime reason why all terorists are Muslims today. And those Muslims who do not believe so, are claimed to be non-Muslims. Like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

If religion is about superstitions, some prophet, some angel, some miracle – take it as a story book. Take good points from it, but consider it as a book for people with low IQ. Unfortunately, all English, Hindi, Malayali, Bengali translations of Quran and Hadiths are like this. I don’t know about Arabic original Quran. But neither do 100% percent Muslims of world who want you to convert.

Islam is a great religion, ONLY if you follow Islam of APJ Abdul Kalam. APJ used to read Gita before sleeping, and Upanishads after waking up. These are philosophical texts and not story books or miracle books. He had his own interpretation of Quran which encouraged him to go to temples, seek blessings of Hindu Gods, eat only vegetarian food, study science, and work to make India safer and better. His Quran is not available in market today. All you get in market today are translations that spread hatred and superstitions – against non-Muslims and women. So better read “Wings of Fire” by APJ Abdul Kalam to understand true religion. And laugh off all who want you to convert. If they get serious and threatening, change your school. Because many pervert Muslim fanatics believe that Allah has given them right to rape, torture and kill non-Muslim women? That is what ISIS and Al Qaeda do. And they are spreading fast in India as well.


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