Casteism is a very recent phenomenon. Often exaggerated. Over years, due to trade and geographical reasons, we became a society divided in multiple groups and sub groups and sub sub groups and sub sub sub groups and so on. All these micro groups agreed that their group is unique and debarred entry of outsiders. Rarely deliberately, but mostly out of same reasons that even Bollywood has tough entry barriers for outsiders. Each group was happy within itself and discouraged looking outwards. And each considered itself very special. Over time, some groups became powerful and some weak. Like engineers were heroes 3 decades ago. And see their glamor rating today!

Untouchability emerged out of hygienic reasons in middle ages against certain professions because modern hygiene practices and technology were not available. And Arabic hygiene practices corrupted traditional hygiene approach. And because professions were correlated with family, untouchability became a social practice.

As time professed, as more and more attacks happened, as sword vs Quran choice began to kill and rape more and more, we became more and more inward looking groups. People started marrying within closed groups, living in silos, and interacting with other groups only in professional situations. This meek approach turned social practices into social evils.

Then someone started politicizing it. That further aggravated situation. Instead of fighting the root causes and external enemies, we became divided lot. Groups became castes. Stupid allegations were put on Hindu texts. Then some idiots actually created new texts to defend casteism. We forgot Vedas and Gita, and became jokers. Words like Dalit and Dravida were concocted from nowhere to mean things that they should not. And today, we are a bunch of silly morons who keep fighting each other in name of caste and reservations instead of uniting to fight those who have been raping and killing us all along. The professions of middle ages are dead now. There remains no reason to even debate merits and demerits of caste. Its a new world and new society. Except eternal principles of Vedas that claim entire humanity to be one family, nothing is relevant. We inherit only one thing from middle ages – kill and rape by Jihadis who hate us for not being one of them. Lets unite to solve this problem that continues uncontrolled. Else we continue to be a bunch of jumlebaaz morons.

Dalits of Hinduism

Series: Discover Hinduism, Book 2
Genres: Religion, Society

First ever book on the misconceptions of birth based caste system in Hinduism! This book will dispel all myths and establish the principles of social equality that form the foundations of Hinduism.

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हिन्दू धर्म के दलित

हिन्दू धर्म पर जातिगत भेदभाव के आरोपों का सटीक उत्तर देती एक मात्र पुस्तक!

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.