Don’t postpone your war against wrong in outside world until you win the war against wrong inside you.

Instead, fight the war outside as a way to win war inside.
(essence of Gita)

Q. Until I am not pure from inside, how shall I confirm that I am on the RIGHT side of the war in the outside world.
If I am not pure, I’ll definite have EGO, PRIDE, ANGER. Then may be the war I am waging is not the true one !

A. Start the war. Dedicate yourself to war.

Fight war – not with blindness – but enlightenment. Enhance knowledge, strengthen the muscles of valor, to fight better war.

And war will purify you from EGO, PRIDE, ANGER. No purification is possible without brave vigorous tireless actions.

Q. While choosing the basic starting direction of the war , the direction I am going to enhance my knowledge about … Isn’t it pre-decided by the family n environment we are born into ?

A. Vraten Deeksham Aapnoti, Deekshaya Apnoti Dakshinam, Dakshina Shraddham Apnoti, Shraddhaya Satyam Aapyate.

When you start vigorous actions and resolve to destroy all distractions,
when you look at your actions as a worship of the supreme that enlightens you,

the next steps automatically becomes clear to you.
And irrespective of where you started from,
you progress towards the goal.

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