To protect Muslim women from exploitation. Justice to all religions.


Why Uniform Civil Code?

Know that with every passing minute without UCC, a woman somewhere in Muzaffarnagar is separated from her child after being kicked out of marriage and home because Biryani last night wasn’t tasty enough. More than 90 million Muslim women live in fear of getting divorced or becoming 2nd/3rd/4th wife of husband. That fear and feeling of oppression in mother’s mind are being transmitted to the next generations with genes.

And it is this fear and insecurity in mother’s mind that reflects in poor health, educational, economic, social and law & order issues in Muslim youth.

Any delay in implementation of Uniform Civil Code is suicidal for India. Anyone who is opposing Uniform Civil Code for Sharia laws is a potential ISIS recruit. Let us understand what will happen to Hindustan and Hindustani if UCC is not implemented.

Condition of non-believers without UCC

  1. Non-believers will have lesser rights than believers.
  2. Non-believers, when in minority, should submit to Sharia Laws or else face wrath. That you see in Saudi or Pakistan.
  3. Non-believers will not have right to propagate their religions.
  4. Non-believers must be killed or attacked or harmed or taxed or curbed or fooled depending upon whether they are in majority or minority.
  5. Women can be made sex-slaves.

Condition of Muslim women without UCC

  1. Women can be married in multiple numbers- 2, 3 and 4.
  2. Girl of any age- 6 years or 9 years is fit to marry a 20/30/55 years old pervert.
  3. Women should cover themselves from top to toe.
  4. Women can be divorced by husband unilaterally by simply saying “Talaq Talaq Talaq”.
  5. A divorced woman can be reunited with husband only after marrying another man, consummating marriage with him and then getting divorced by him if he wishes to. This is called Halala.
  6. After divorce, child(ren) will go to father. They will be with mother only if they need breastfeeding. The day they can survive without mother’s milk, they will have to relocate to father.
  7. Husband can beat wife.
  8. Woman’s testimony is half of that of a man.

Future of the nation without UCC

  1. Religion will be above nation.
  2. Vande Mataram will be Haram.
  3. Roads will be blocked for prayers.
  4. Airports and other public places will have special worship places for Muslims.
  5. Temples, churches will be demolished.

Consequences if UCC not implemented

If UCC is not implemented firmly right now, we will not be able to stop another 1947. Because Mantra of 1947 partition was ‘we are different from you’. And Mantra of Sharia/Personal law is again same- ‘we are different from you’. We will be fools to believe that we will get different results this time despite using same Mantra.

Our demand to government 

  1. Uniform Civil Code across
  2. Complete ban on Polygamy
  3. With UCC Two kids policy is must
  4. Muslims must follow the land of law
  5. Establish fast track courts to punish whoever violates UCC

You were given mandate for UCC. So there is no need for public referendum/opinion again. Implement UCC and deploy forces in 86 ‘sensitive’ districts. Get fast track courts established for violators for setting examples.

This is the only way to kill the terrorism form the root.



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