There is not one single historical evidence of Vedas being composed. There is not one evidence of Vedas being evolved or grown in size. There is not one evidence of Atharva Veda being written later or Rig Veda being written first.

As per historical records, all we know is that Vedas are old as available history. And exist till today in same form as earlier.

The way they date Vedas is a big fraud. They make assumptions that if certain geographical words or names come in Vedas, they must be about some historical place or person.

Stand Up Comedians use this technique to prove that Rajiv Gandhi is Gautam Buddha because his son is called Rahul. And Lord Krishna was born in same era as Buddha because there is a politician called Lal Krishna Advani.

The Hindu view is that Vedas are Apaurusheya (unchanging, unwritten, eternal wisdom from Supreme). Yes, skeptics may claim this is unreasonable because this demands believing in a Supreme. And history must be an atheist subject.

But then origin of life and humans is more unacceptable because they too have no reasonable explanations.

Yes, existence of Vedas are in themselves a clue to theism. But even if you are skeptic, the best you can argue is that we have no evidence currently to reasonably date Vedas. Admit with humility your inability.

Instead, entire history gang wants to take revenge on Vedas because Bible and Quran are found to contain superstitions. And 2000 years of invasion in name of religion must be justified by calling the oldest civilization of world a creation of tribals called Aryans who invaded India!

Sacred Hindu texts – Introduction to technicalities

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