To supercharge mind and body with Agniveer Yog based on Vedic Mantras. Kill all sort of weaknesses.


Why this project         

To bring authentic translation of Vedic Mantras which supercharge the Mind and Body. Along with that, teach Agniveer Yog which includes Rudra Sadhana, Powerful Pranayams, Chakra activation, Bodyweight exercises, Dhyana blended together.

Why it is called Agniveer Yog?

To differentiate from typical perception of Yog. This Yog is straight from Vedas, Upanishads, Gita and other ancient texts. And combines proven approaches and methods not documented or taught anywhere in a single place. This Yog makes you stronger, powerful, sharper like Krishna. I would say, this is real Yoga. It has multiple flavors depending on goal.

Six prerequisites to understand Vedic mantras and practice Agniveer Yog

  1. Mastery over senses and Yog Sadhana
  2. Sharp intellect and study of vast variety of subjects
  3. Extraordinary emotional quotient
  4. Valor to not succumb to own ego or external pressures
  5. Constant nurture of physical strength and hard-work
  6. Satvik diet- vegetarian, non-spicy, onion-free, garlic-free, non-fried, non-junk, simple food. Eaten less than hunger.

Is Agniveer Yog for all?

One part of Agniveer Yog will be created for general audience. But some special methods will be taught only to desiring and deserving Agniveers who dedicate their lives to the cause Agniveer stands for. Will never allow creation of Bhasmasurs who take benefits of our simple-heartedness.

Project Aim

To revive the gems of Dharma, establish the essence and essentials that are hidden from most in overload of complexities, contribute to bringing out of legends that all of you are, and use all that to destroy the 1300 year old problem.

Dharma is the source and destination.

Agniveer Yog – Just a demo

Practice Agniveer Yog. Feel the power. 



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