Vedic Gaushala – Ashram

According to Divine Vedas, Cow is source of sustenance, prosperity, happiness, bliss and divinity. No Vedic Puja/ritual is complete without Gomata’s blessings. Even Moksha can’t be obtained without serving Gomata. Since inception, Vedic Dharmis have been offering Gograas (cow’s portion of Anna/food) from their food before every meal.

This initiative is aimed at giving ourselves opportunity to serve a cow on your behalf. We understand that in today’s lifestyle, it is difficult to keep/serve cows at your place. Many noble Gau-Bhakts have intent and resources to serve cow but they still can’t do it because surroundings don’t allow.

An Ashram with pure Desi cows has been started near New Delhi. All cows have been brought from villages. Some have been rescued from butchers too. Idea is to protect, rescue and nurture Desi cows with organic farming, and developing the place into self-sustainable/ revenue-generating center that can sustain even no-milk cows, calves and bulls.

Shri Krishna Gaushala-Ashram started in Noida with Eeshvar’s blessings

  • State of the art Gaushala
  • 30 cows + calves currently and growing
  • Capacity upto 400 cows
  • Zero energy (fully solar powered)
  • Self-sustained in few years with Panch Gavya + organic farming
  • In 3 months, became best Gaushala in region
  • YajnaShala for daily Yajna and occasional special Yajna
  • Small Mandir
  • Dhyan Kendra
  • Centre for study of Shastras, ancient Vedas, Upanishads, Darshan, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagvat Geeta & other texts – Vedic library

Coming up shortly

  • Organic products – vegetables, fruits, cereals
  • Ayurvedic products using Ghee, Gaumutra, and dung
  • Martial Arts training center – Ancient & modern methods


Yajnashala – For daily Yajna

Small temple – Shiva Linga

Dhyan Kendra – Meditation center

Solar Energy – 24×7 power without any grid connection

Gau-Krishi – Organic Farming

Purest Desi Ghee on earth!

This Amrit from our shri Krishna Goshala’s Gaumatas is best medicine in world. Primary ingredient of thousands of Ayurveda medicines. Ghee is currently for Gau-Sanrakshaks.

Be a Gau-Sanrakshak – Adopt Cows

Each sponsor of cow(s) is called Sanrakshak. Sanrakshak can visit Ashram any time, spend time with cow (and her calves), bring family and kids for bonding with Gomata. Each Sanrakshak gets first Ghee of Gomata as gift! Ashram requires 1.5 Lakh INR (USD 2200 approx) for bringing one cow to Goshala, arrangements for its food and health for a year. If you wish to be Gau-Sanrakshaks and do Dharma Seva, please contribute

Contribute for Gograas (fodder)

Celebrate your Special Occasions with Gaumatas!

If you wish to celebrate your/ kids’ Birthday/ your marriage anniversary or any occasion with Gomatas, write to us at [email protected] along with your contact number and little details. Agniveer will arrange special Sarva Sukh Kalyan Yajna at Aashram. Bring your kids & family for blessings of Mahadev & Gomata to lead happy, healthy & blissful life.

Monthly Sah-Bhoj (Langar) with poor kids and farmers

Sah-Bhoj is conducted every month for kids and poor farmers and labourers from nearby area. Social integration of downtrodden is our top priority. All kids from around visit Goshala and play whole day with Gomatas and Goshala kids. Langar continues from noon till late night.


(If you wish to be a Gau-Sanrakshak (adopt a cow), please send INR 1.5 Lakh (to Account 1 below) or USD 2200 (to Account 2 below) and write to us at [email protected] with transaction details.

If you wish to sponsor Gaugraas (fodder) for cows for a month, please transfer INR 75,000 or USD 1100 to following accounts and write to us at [email protected] with transaction details.

If you wish to support with any other amount for other Gaushala expenses, please contribute as per your convenience)

1. If you are using INR Indian account, please send your contribution through following payment link and get 80G tax benefits (this option is strictly for Indian transfers. To support using foreign accounts, please see option 2)

Pay through cards, paytm, Googlepay, others

2. If you are paying using foreign account/cards, please visit

Address of the Gaushala will be shared with the donors in email.