Ayodhya verdict

Babri Masjid’s history decided

The Allahabad High Court verdict on the disputed Babri Masjid at Ayodhya is out. Readers can download the gist of Judgments by all the three judges here. (At end of the article)

Readers can also relate judgment by each judge with his profile and background as given in http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/ayodhya-verdict-the-judges-who-delivered-todays-verdict-56068.

In summary, the verdict was a split one. While Justice Sharma who was announcing his last verdict came out most unambiguous, other judges were more ambivalent. But in any case, the stand taken by Agniveer has been vindicated:

a. All judges agreed that the alleged mosque was built on a site of earlier temple. Justice Khan said that there is no evidence that it was built on an existing temple. As per him, it was built on ruins of temple and hence material from the old ruins was used to construction.

b. They agreed that Sunni Wakf Board has no claim on the property.

c. They also agreed that the place beneath the central dome was main site for Ram temple.

Agniveer’s Stand on Babri Masjid

Agniveer was very clear on following points:

a. All Muslim rulers were actually terrorists and acted contrary to tenets of Islam. Even Justice Khan could not explain what made Babur convert ruins of this particular location in a mosque? It is unfortunate that perhaps he has not gone through autobiography of Babur and biographies of other invaders.

b. Agniveer is not trying to create a debate on merits and demerits on method of worship here. That is besides the point. The crux is that these terrorists like Babur, Aurangzeb specifically targeted most revered places of Hindus to humiliate and destroy them.

c. The 2 Judges except Justice Sharma could not give satisfactory answer to why one-third of land be allotted to mosque. Agniveer is fully with Justice Sharma that no such structure should be created at all in the area. The reason is solely one – let us stop associating innocent Muslims of today with misdeeds of terrorists like Babur and Aurengzeb.

Just consider if Muslims would love to publicly defend and pray in a mosque dedicated to Ajmal Kasab or Afzal Guru or Osama Bin Laden or take it as insult to their nationalism! And here we are talking of a terrorist Babur to whom these new-age terrorists are babies! Refer http://agniveer.com/1817/babri-masjid/

d. First Babur was claimed to be a hero. Then it was denied that any temple was demolished to create this structure of shame. Then after ASI reports, sickularists started claiming that it was history and we shall forget it all! But now after this very clear acceptance by court that a temple existed on site of this disgusting structure, it is very clear that the status of all other structures – Mathura, Kashi and thousands others is also the same. Those who destroy places of worships, perform sodomy with children, take pride in creating pillars of cut-heads and breed children in harem like a poultry farm can no way be given benefit of doubt. They are neither Muslims nor rulers. They are simply terrorists!

Lessons for Muslims from Ayodhya verdict

– Muslims should now lead the cause and start rejecting all associations with such pervert terrorists and refuse to offer Namaz in mosques created by them.They should rightfully offer to hand over these structures to their original owners. That will not only foster brotherhood among communities but also help wipe out question marks on their social dignity as a nationalist community.

– Muslims should also become alert of those forces who brainwash them with baseless notions against the majority Hindus and try to create a divide. Fools like BMAC and Wakf Board were trying to dissociate Muslims from a legend like Ram and aligning them with a criminal who would have been stoned to death as per Shariat laws of any time!

– Muslims should initiate the process to coming closer to non-Muslims, refuse to believe in their leaders who taught them that Babur was a saint, and stop sending all non-Muslims to permanent Hell as per the dogmas of blind leaders.

Lessons for Hindus from Ayodhya verdict

– Hindus should revisit the reasons what made them so weak against such terrorists that they kept getting butchered and raped for centuries. Instead of forcing the community into an illusion of spiritualism, they should convert these disputed structures into training and research centers.

– In general, Hindus should understand that there is some basic defect in their way of worship that Ishwar has been punishing them for centuries despite all their piousness. Hindus need to look back and discover the reasons that made Arya legends into weak Hindus of today who are forced to borrow even their identity from terrorist invaders.

Agniveer considers the following as the prime reasons:

a. A very stupid birth-based caste system that is against the Vedas that keeps Hindus divided. We should go all way to demolish it completely the way Kar Sewaks demolished the disgusting Babri Masjid and brought pride to Hindus and Muslims alike.

b. Delusion that dhoop-batti and aarti is sufficient to please Ishwar and have His blessings. Our devotion has to become much more action-oriented, result-oriented and strength-oriented. Just imagine, what the state would be if existing method of worship of Hanuman is replaced with dand-baithaks and squats and special workout sessions every Tuesday!

c. Refusal to embrace and integrate people from Muslim community back to our own fold. Likes of Zakir Naik openly claim to be Dawah agency and they do it fraudulently and shamelessly. But how many Hindu organizations attempt to embrace Muslims with full social and cultural dignity..and truthfully? This one way exodus from Hinduism to Islam has been greatest cause of our damage.

Its a pity that almost all Muslims of India were Hindus once, Jinnah’s grandfather was a Hindu, Iqbal’s grandfather was a Hindu and even Zakir Naik belongs to a not so ancient originally Hindu family. Agniveer is committed to take this cause of bringing our brothers and sisters back home, with full dignity and respect and honesty.

Lessons for everyone from Ayodhya verdict

The verdict, though it would be challenged soon in Supreme Court, has paved paths for future directions for all Indians:

a. Instead of living side by side with skeletons and decaying corpses (aka structures built by pervert butchers like Babur and Aurangzeb), we should set the history straight by refusing to associate terrorist invaders of past with any religion and rightfully restore them into centers of future excellence.

b. Let Indian Hindus and Indian Muslims both rise above their existing approach to this life and next life and examine things rationally. Muslims should reject belief in eternal Hell for non-Muslims that likes of Zakir Naik want to teach them, and instead teach such fanatics a lesson in tolerance and unity with all human beings regardless of religion. Hindus should get to the ways that made Ram and Krishna superheroes and turn themselves into a society that characterizes character and power both. Every moment of worship should make us stronger in mind, body and society.

c. Agniveer does not believe in radical surface changes but in an evolutionary revolution of thoughts and viewpoints. We don’t foresee that within few months or years itself, the entire world would become a replica of early Vedic period. But the process of change should begin. And while we continue with a myriad of beliefs and norms for a variety of reasons, we should use even them to set the right examples.

d. The above, in case of Ayodhya issue implies that:

– Alongwith Ram mandir, a Vedic research center and Kshatriya training center should also be built to produce patriots for future to tackle Baburs and Aurangzebs of tomorrow. Admission should be open to all nationalist Indians regardless of any other criteria.

– The ceremonies for Ram Temple should be performed by a team of Brahmins who hail from either so-called Dalit community and were ex-Muslims + ex-Christians earlier. This would send the best precedences in the society!

Lessons for Agniveer from Ayodhya verdict

– Agniveer shall now enter a new phase where it would focus on content that would enable us to create such merit based Brahmins and Kashatriyas from all human beings.

– Now we shall have lots of contents on true Vedic Dharma that made us superpowers once.

– Agniveer shall also provide snippets from our history so that we are inspired to take on as our own personal responsibility the task of achieving a true Vedic Ram Rajya. This Ram rajya would be the true Mandir dedicated to glory of Shri Ram.

Final note: Once again we request everyone to refuse to consider Ayodhya issue to do anything with religion (accept of course finding ways to strengthen tolerance, patriotism and harmony) and maintain peace and unity across all nationalist forces. After all our goal is Ram Rajya and not Taliban or Somalia!

Download the gist of judgments here:

DVSharma 1

DV Sharma 2



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  • Adimitting the evidence from ARCHEOLOGY

    Fact One: It is the Janmasthana

    There have been temples at the site since ancient times
    and continously since 1000 CE. There is no more
    a dispute on this fact, no matter how much Romilla Thapar
    and her Sahmatias (Muslims only follow the brief given to them by
    Mulayam and Marxists) may wish to deny this. The Court
    has also noted the poor quality of deposition made
    by Sahmatia parivar.

    This is enough evidence to uphold that there been worship
    at a sacred site called of Rama’s birth. There is no other site
    with such a Hindu claim in India. No stone inscription
    will ever emerge saying ‘Kaushalya gave birth to Rama, here.’
    Only non historians ask for such ‘proofs’.
    Ergo, this is the site.

    Fact Two: Willfull Plundering of Janmasthana

    Fanatic Muslims have been demolishing the sacred
    shrines on this site since 1000 CE to assert
    their conquest. Such temples do not auto
    destruct and the fanatic and non peace loving from the Islamic ranks,
    were doing this from Spain to Indonesia at
    that time and still do it. Ergo, there was no destroyer other
    than a jehadi Muslim plunderer.

    It is pointless to justify the raising of the Babri masjid by
    Mir Baqi by arguing, and trying to gather evidence for the same, that
    there was no standing Hindu shrine at the time of raising
    the Babri masjid or that shrine had been destroyed centuries

    No credible story can be cooked to prove that the site
    had been long time back vacated of the Hindu shrines and hence
    raising a Masjid to celebrate the victory was legal and morally
    correct. Even if a great Hindu shrine was lying in ruins, the sacredness
    of the spot and a some shrine of worship must have been present all
    the time. Muslim conqererors sought the sacred Hindu places to
    raise masjids over them, as a rule in those ages.

    Fact Three: A story of Repeated Desecration and Reclaiming

    A contest has been going on between fanatic Muslims and
    devout Hindus on which the former has been plundering
    and the latter reclaiming whenever possible according
    to the political climate.
    The demolition of Babri in 1992 was only one event in the series
    of this agon.

    Fact Four: Not a regular title Suit

    Before one decides the issue of a title one has
    to settle the matter whether one should condone the
    desecration of a sacred site just because it was done
    long back in time.

    The Court has granted that cognizance of desecration
    should be taken and relief be given to the Hindus. It has not repeated
    what the British judge did in 1885, i.e. taken cognizance of
    plunder but denied relief because it was long ago.

    The Court may attempt to determine the possession as
    held by the Hindus or the Muslims in last thousand years
    but what is more important is the principle that should one
    just condone desecrations of history.

    If archeology has to be believed, the truth of the matter is
    that Muslims had no right to claim a space at the spot
    for a masjid at Janmasthana at any point of time, hence what
    the made was not in reality a masjid.

    Fact Five:Giving Muslims a portion is a concession
    for communal harmony.

    The Hon’ble Court has given a concession
    to the Muslims by according them a portion of the site
    not because they ever had a legal or moral right but because of their
    having occupied the spot and held possession
    for four centuries, they may be given a continuation of that status
    for communal harmony.

    The Muslims should realise this and make the mosque at
    a distance to further this spirit of harmony. They should
    give up totally the plea to restore the site to them exclusively
    as that only means legalising and repeating the plunder
    done by Babar.

    Islam has to come to terms with the fact that for bright
    future in a pluralistic world, it has to rethink on its earlier
    acts and choose a path of acceptance and diversity.

    Bharat Gupt
    Associate Professor, Delhi University,
    Founder member and Trustee
    International Forum for India’s Heritage.
    PO Box 8518, Ashok Vihar, Delhi 110052 INDIA.
    mobile: +91-98100 77914
    home phones: +91-11-2724-1490, +91-129-404-4590
    email: [email protected]
    homepage: http://www.bharatgupt.net

  • my says
    @mohammed abdul haleem
    why you send “Darood Shareef” at the end of namaz before salaam in sitting position ? can you stop your mind form thinking about Muhammad in prayer in this sitauation. Read maulana Asharaf ali Thanvi and Brailvi arguments over this issue.

  • hi all
    i think the number of muslims killed by hindus is not any where near to the number of hindus killde by muslims.muslims invaded india and killed thousands of hindus .we should take revenge for that .

    • @Raghunandan

      The people who are muslims today are our own blood .Their ancestors were those unfortunate people who had convert under the shade of the sword.

      i bet , it was just luck for some of the Hindus ancestors that they were not converted.

      Have compassion for our own brethren my friend ..they need to be made aware of OUR REAL history and our great heritage which is by any measure one lakh times much better then the dabka dancing arabs

      please don;t confuse a lost brother for an enemy ..if they converted and were never invited back ..who’s fault was it?

      i hope you take my response positively

  • @arya
    so first you want to know whether QURAN is GOD’s word or not?? you dint say this earlier…
    ok see the lecture on the same topic by Dr.Zakir Niak…

    am again saying there is no need to remember muhammed in islam, since this quran is revealed to messenger of islam, so we simply say : “there is no GOD but ALLAH, and MUHAMMED is only HIS messenger”

    Allah created us to do ONLY HIS WORSHIP, not any others even muhammed

    • @mohammed abdul haleem
      Please go through the articles on Islam on this site and specially on Zakir Naik. You will also know that Quran is not word of God.

      Brother, why are you always replacing the word “prayers” by “Islam” or “Quran”? I asked about the very time when you worship Allah, why do you need to say “Muhammad” in addition to Allah?

      How could this wish of “to be worshipped” come to Allah’s knowledge? Is not wishing something a sign of incompleteness?

    • @mohammad

      We only listen to zakir naik’s lectures for a nice comic entertainment. Learning from Zakir about the Quran is like a learning the difference of natural numbers and whole numbers from a chicken. And we all know that chickens cannot count!!

      So, Allah created us so he needed someone to worship him, wow, for the first time I heard God needed the help of humans, please grow up and return to the logical religion of Vedic Dharma

  • @arya
    about prayers itself i’m saying my dear brother…this is from almighty not muhammed..
    if you say “there is no GOD but ALLAH” then in anyway you have to agree the other because the second statement is too from ALMIGHTY Allah,,,,if u dont say that, u r disobeying ALLAH,,and hence cant be a MUSLIM(the one who submits his will to GOD)…
    Almighty wants to obey his messenger, that’s it brother, you shold NOT worship, remember muhammed..

  • @arya
    if you do that you are absconding to some part of the Quran, which is revealed by almighty…this implies you r not obeying Allmighty’s quran brother..

  • Dear Md Ab Haleem ji,


    In replying to yours comment, it is very well known to a learned Hindu that Vedas authorized that the Ultimate Reality the Supreme Lord as Brahman. But, according to Avtarvad of Hinduism it also authorizes different manifestations of Supreme Lord Brahman as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesh, Lord Shri Ram, Shri Krishna and so on.

    Shri Mad Bhagawad Gita authorizes that ” What ever the form the devotee worships according to his faith it reaches me, only me and I am the sole authority to accept it and to reward it ” then why should a Hindu should worry on polytheism. He simply worship with pure devotion, logic is only for discriminator not for a devotee.

    No Hindu deny Brahman’s supreme authority and why are you doubting with. I think you are expecting that all Hindus should accept the Almighty in the form of Allah. No it is need not to be for an Hindu he also accept that you call him as Allah, Lord has infinite names among them may be Allah also one among them it is Hindu thought. But if you argue it is only Allah Hindu simply reject it.

    Why you expect monotony world has its own right to live in diversity, if you try to spoil the diversity it is certainly impossible, with this you will spoil your peace and tranquility. In reality Lord enjoys and accepts devotees praising him in different forms and names why you interfere it. Be happy and Good Luck.

  • @irfan
    Please visit http://agniveer.com/1713/innocent-humanity/ to know the reality of “Quran says Whome ever kills an innocent its as if he kills the whole human kind”

    Islam teaches hatred of non muslims as mentioned in Quran [98:6]- “Those who reject [Truth], among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein [for aye]. They are the worst of creatures”

    What do you have to say about us brother, we are worst of creatures! Hope you will read Quran some day and know its reality. Please visit http://agniveer.com/1634/vedic-religion/ to know Vedic Dharm.

    • @arya
      even ur vedas reject polytheism brother…then why not follow the truth…???
      “there is one GOD, not a second, not in least bit” _ vedas…
      seeing, reading this though if u are polytheists, then you are denying the almighty GOD..

      • @mohammed abdul haleem
        Brother, if you would see the top of this site, what is written there, you would have never come with this comment. Anyway, I am giving it for you so that you may know who we are and what we believe.

        He is One and only One, Sustains entire universe, Omnipresent, Formless, All-Powerful, Perfect, Omniscient, Unborn, Eternal and supports us always.

        He alone should be worshipped. (Yajurveda 40.8)

        Please go through other articles on Vedas and know what do we follow.

        Now one question for you brother, why do you remember Muhammad along with Allah during your prayers? Is this not Shirk? Why not follow Vedas where you dont need to remember anyone along with One Almighty Eeshvar?

      • who said u we remember muhammed with ALLAH, muhammed is only the prophet, messenger (surah noor) ……
        we obey him but dont remember him with ALLAH…we remember Allah how prophet remembered or worshipped….

      • @mohammed abdul haleem
        Dont you recite his name while praying? Did Muhammad use to include his own name in the prayers along with Allah? If no, you are not following him!

      • we recite only Quran, which was revealed by almighty…
        muhammed’s word is by name 5times in whole quran, jesus’s 25 times, moses’s 125…
        if just name is mentioned while explaining things by Allah, that does not mean we remember him brother..
        even DEvil is mentioned in Quran as enemy, do u mean we remember devil too??!!!
        in even ur scriptures devil or ravan etc is mentioned does it mean u love ravan, devil ???
        this is enough proof to prove we dont remember him in prayers except ALMIGHTY…
        any more clarifications about islam brother, you r most welcome my dear brother,,,

      • @mohammed abdul haleem, my dear brother
        I am talking about the prayers! I repeat, can I pray Allah without including Muhammad’s name in it? I mean, what if I recite “Laa ilaaha illal Lah” but not “Mohammadur Rasool Ullah”?

      • @arya
        my dear brother, i’m talking about prayers itself..
        Praying Allah means you believe,obey,adore whatever He commanads…
        this kalima is from almighty Allah itself, if u say “there is no God but Allah” then in way u will have to agree the second statement which is also from Almighty Allah not from muhammed..
        Almighty wants us to obey the mesengers, but not to bow down to them…a muslim should NOT do remembrance(zikr) of muhammed….but worshipping GOD as muhammed(the chosen messenger by almighty)worshipped is must for a muslim, he should not innovate new things..

      • @mohammed abdul haleem
        Dear brother, If praying means believe, obey, and adore, then Muslims pray Muhammad too.
        My question was not that who made Kalma! I asked that why to include Muhammad with Allah in prayers? Is not Allah self sufficient and able to guide His followers without bringing in any man as messenger? You say its will of Allah! Can I say the same things for other idolaters who worship idols as per their divine books? I mean, you have assumed Quran to be word of God and I am questioning Quran itself. Should you not give your answer logically instead of giving your assumption as your argument?

        Will you be able to argue with me, if I say, I dont believe in Islam because some book “X” says Islam is bad and “X” is from God! How will you refute my claim?

        One more question brother, why did Allah create us?

      • @arya
        besides worshipping alone God, you should know how he should be worshipped, this is what muhammed(chosen prophet by almighty Allah) taught us.. that’s all my dear brother, we dont remember muhammed with the almighty, for ur kind information brother….


      • Dear brother mohammed abdul haleem
        So can I be a Muslim without including Muhammad’s name in my prayers to almighty?

      • @arya
        if u dont include Muhammed’s name, then u r absconding to some part of the Quran which almighty has revealed brother…then u r not obeying Almighty Allah, therefore you cannot be a muslim…

      • @arya
        leave about only muhammed,
        if you dont include moses, jesus or any single word in the quran, then u r not a muslim brother….
        because this will be FABRICATION of the GOD’s scripture, this muslims will not do my dear brother…
        many other religions did fabrication brother, but Quran is the only scripture that is in its original form as ALLAH the almighty wanted…
        thanks brother..

  • @naina its good to be united and having sanskar but does your sanskar n unity teaches you to demolish a sight which was under the scanner of high court this your sankar teaches you to not respect national law and judiciary , and teaches you to lie about your own gods the way they kept idols of gods(as per verdict), and mascre and rape women and take out the babies of pregnent women and kill it infront of their eyes, the way they did in 1993(more than 1000 its government the real much more than that as only in my city we buried 98 )

    I DONT EVEN HAVE A DOUGHT THAT HINDUISM OR ANY OF THE RELIGION TEACHES THE ABOVE TEACHINGS YOU PPL HARDLY READ YOUR OWN SCRIPTURE AND MORE ON HATRED RSS AND FELLOW WINGS- they use your emotions and respect for gods for their own gains. if they dont follow your own scripture then how can you follow them.

    Muslims and hindus need live peacefully even if its for his birth place.

    Quran says
    Whome ever kills an innocent its as if he kills the whole human kind

    Iqbal said
    Na samjho ge toh mit jaoge aye hindustan walo
    tumhari dastan bhi na hogi dastanoun mein

    I think both sides should stop listng to politician religious leaders should talk or every one should respect the judiciary process. Which tut
    a little more time.

    Sorry for spell mistake.

    • ❮irfan: its good to be united and having sanskar but does your sanskar n unity teaches you to demolish a sight which was under the scanner of high court this your sankar teaches you to not respect national law and judiciary ,❯

      1) I agree with you that a structure subjudice must not be destroyed and a CRIMINAL CASE has indeed been filed against the perpetrators and the proceedings are underway
      2) BUT just by breaking a structure, does this give any rights to Muslims or hindus to start rioting? that again is an equally criminal act ! but the law of the land has condoned all the muslims and hindus who rioted after that
      3) The fact that no Hindu started rioting after so many temples were destroyed by muslim fanatics in jammu and kashmir(it is happening even today) or in Deganga in bengal LAST MONTH shows the sanskars of the Hindus ..they don;t start rioting all over India ..have you ever thought why?
      4) A cruel invader like Babur destroyed a temple to build up a mosque , who has gleefully documented how he raised a head of hindu heads and converted temples at other places into mosques becomes your ROLE MODEL.is that your sanskar? ..That the hindus continued to worship in and around that structure since time immemorial often at the cost of being reprimanded and hurt under muslim rule always believing it to be their lords birth place makes it as much a historical issue as a contemporary one..do your sanskars allow you to trample other faiths like this?
      5) Just Think about the temple destruction , durga pandal destruction going on in goa and bengal and J&K …did the hindus reciprocate the favor? NO! ..because it’s in their sanskars to lodge their protest peacefully ..It’s just that in the case of RamaJanmabhoomi ..despite evident facts …the case was dragging for so many decades ..a political opportunity was sensed and an avoidable incident happened…and lo and behold ..whole India was in flames..did you contrast why it happened in one instance and not the other?
      6)You must thank the progenies of ghiasuddin ghazi who turn a blind eye to the everyday destruction of temples that is happening in India but are quick to brand the babri destruction as the biggest blot in history….The destruction of a hindu temple is GOOD GAME and the destruction of an illegal structure National Shame? …how can one chew that bro? ..one can only chew that IF ONE HAS HINDU SANSKARS that say that justice will be served and violence should be avoided..I Think education also contributes a lot to that sanskar of non violence

      ❮irfan:and teaches you to lie about your own gods the way they kept idols of gods(as per verdict),❯

      See how insensitive you are …you know now that the masjid was built after destroying the most revered structure of the hindus ..and here you are arguing against their passion to reclaim what is theirs!

      If somebody breaks the Mecca and creates a temple on top of it and does not allow a momin to pray or enter it ..what would your sanskar suggest?..you’ll yearn to reclaim what is essentially yours

      what kind of sanskar is that allows you not to get embarrassed but show affiliation to the Islamic rulers who presented an intolerant face of your faith ?

      ❮irfan: and mascre and rape women and take out the babies of pregnent women and kill it infront of their eyes, the way they did in 1993(more than 1000 its government the real much more than that as only in my city we buried 98 )❯

      You are spreading false information ..many hindus died in those riots too..and teesta javed seetalvad COOKED UP those accounts of pregnant women being cut open ..BUT NOBODY can deny the fact that many women and children died BOTH in the TRAIN BURNING and THE RIOTS

      But allow me to ask a disturbing question ,: Even if a man in far away USA decides to burn a quran or draws a cartoon ..the whole of india witnesses riots ..on affairs inida has nothing to do with

      i will ask you to introspect and answer the question ..i cannot blame persons ..but i am sure that there is some ideology that instigates such a behavior..please help me find an answer to the same

      ❮irfan:I DONT EVEN HAVE A DOUGHT THAT HINDUISM OR ANY OF THE RELIGION TEACHES THE ABOVE TEACHINGS YOU PPL HARDLY READ YOUR OWN SCRIPTURE AND MORE ON HATRED RSS AND FELLOW WINGS- they use your emotions and respect for gods for their own gains. if they dont follow your own scripture then how can you follow them.❯

      At least i don’t hate any person ..all humans are alike

      but i oppose religious dogmas that pitch one group of humans against others and condemn the other faiths to hell

      ❮irfan:Muslims and hindus need live peacefully even if its for his birth place.❯

      completely agree with the thought bro

      ❮irfan:Quran says
      Whome ever kills an innocent its as if he kills the whole human kind

      Iqbal said
      Na samjho ge toh mit jaoge aye hindustan walo
      tumhari dastan bhi na hogi dastanoun mein❯

      Brother, this verse has been abroagted(substituted) in favor of

      Quran sura 9 verse 5
      “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”


      Iqbal sahab knew his quran well and hence moved over to pakistan [But i would say i love his : lab pe aati hai dua banke tammana meri 🙂 ]

      ❮irfan:I think both sides should stop listng to politician religious leaders should talk or every one should respect the judiciary process. Which a little more time.❯

      This i agree with you wholeheartedly

      best regards

  • I cannot accept your above comment and the verdict much unfair to one section of society.Is Ayodhya verdict is really a verdict If yes why nobody has been sentenced for the act of the 1992 due to which India has seen one of the biggest riot?? I think the judges have not given any type of verdict ??
    How can the judge determine what was in Ayodhya 500 year back .The Government should have taken the intiative of taking the charge of disputed land and should have build one of the biggest charity hospital or college or university, instead of investing unneceesary fund in CWG.

    I will rate the Ayodhya verdit totally bias for the people who have loss there lives in 1992. The above verdict give once again give a clear picture to the politician that whatever you do you are free in india .The peole who have put the above comment in you blog should go through history before placing in any type of comment against any section of society.

    • @Ravindra Kamath

      1) You are a confused soul ..The criminal case is DIFFERENT from the title suit..it’s you who needs to study before posting comments.The criminal case is being heard right now ..this judgment has nothing to do with that one! GOT IT?

      2) The Archeological Survey of India had done the investigation in the PRESENCE sunni waqf board and other parties to establish that there was a temple.The Judges always rely on experts do deliver their judgments ..it’s not a kangaroo court like sharia. And you are so naive ..The Judges give rulings on murder and rape cases ..do you believe the judges are Forensic experts??? NOPS ! ..they again rely on experts to deliver judgment..you are highly irrational

      3)If you go into the history of India it is full of tales of invaders destroying our temples to build mosques.Go even today to the quwaat ul Islam mosque in mehrauli to see the gleeful inscription which boasts that 27 temples were destroyed to build that mosque.

      start respecting the courts ..their 60 years of analysis and 10000 page verdict should not be taken lightly just because it’s ruled in the favor of the hindu claim to the land

      grow up!

  • Well I’m partially Happy and hence unsatisfied.
    Because the moment Judges Agreed that the land owner is Lord Ram Lalla, then There should not be shares of land in two other parties, Today Times of India gives heading with dicremination that HIndus got two parts of land and Muslims got one part?
    I dont’t understand a Leading News paper like TOI why did they write there own comment in such a sensual judgement?? Are they Challenging the Judgement is deep silence mode and trying to propell feelings of unsatisfied groups?

    On Agniveer ji’s article.
    ‘Lessons for Hindus from Ayodhya verdict’
    Every thing is right. The reference and evidences from vedas are also accepted but the Question of concern is How many Hindus (Hindus culture mass) know this even many eg you will get that knowingly masses are just bingly following wroungs as per this artice which they suppose to do not.
    Lackink of Realisation of Self Esteemed Culture.

    The only way could be a Learning of Sanskrut in schools will solve all such problems in priciple and not restricted to any one or two allied subjects. All Ved and many Shlok praising to god or on Spiritual are in Sanskrit.. Translated meaning in vernacular language and in English doesn’t give that impact which is expected to make feel Arya.

    • है अँधेरी रात मगर एक दिया जलाना कब मना है!
      है मंजिल बहुत दूर, मगर एक कदम बढ़ाना कब मना है!

      हो सकता है हम में से कोई उस वैदिक राम राज्य की स्थापना देखने के लिए जीवित न हो, मगर इतना तो कर ही सकते हैं कि अगली पीढ़ी उस सपने को साकार कर सके|

      प्रबंधक, अग्निवीर

  • Hey mr.true indian, please say thanks to the mercy of the judge that muslim gets a share of the land. If the case happens in muslim dominated country like UAE, Pak etc, the Hindu petitioners must be killed long back and it will be dream that Hindus will get any share in the place of masjid. See the Bharat’s magnanimity.

  • “Alongwith Ram mandir, a Vedic research center and Kshatriya training center should also be built to produce patriots for future to tackle Baburs and Aurangzebs of tomorrow”.

    All this while you were claiming you were against idol worship, now you are advocating the construction of Ram mandir. This shows your double standards. Like the saying goes, “Truth cannot be hidden forever”. The truth of your hypocrisy is exposed now also.
    And what do you want a Kshatriya training centre for. Nothing but to create mayhem & sacrilege in society.
    The Allahabad High Court had given a verdict to split the disputed land because it believes that different communities would practice their faiths in peace & harmony, side by side. But your statements reveal mischief mongers like you wouldn’t appreciate this & are looking out to create hatred amongst peace loving Indians.
    Your wile efforts, God Almighty willing will never succeed. We Indians are mature enough to look through your evil designs.
    May God Almighty relieve you of your hatred for fellow citizens & guide you to enlightment.

  • Agniveerji,

    I understand that your goals are good and I hope that everyone learns something from this. I hope that Hindus would learn something from the life of King Ram and worship him in true sense–Charitra puja-not Chitra Puja. I hope that VHP will use the money collected for the betterment of downtrodden people.


    • Friend Sanjeev,
      I have been following your posts for some time now & I find that you are sincere & truthful in your efforts, unlike Team Agniveer. I appreciate that. It is because of people like you that India is the great country that it is today. Keep up your good work. Like you always suggest, the root cause of social evils have to be eradicated. Time will take care of the rest.

      • Thanks True Indian for your comments on my postings. I hope that more and more people will understand the true meaning of Dharma. I have resisted from commenting on the scriptures since I am not a scholar–neither an Islamic scholar nor a Vedic scholar. My guess is that most of the people on this forum are also in similar situation but get enjoyment out of criticizing someone else’s book. The real debate can only be between true scholars–nothing can be achieved through message board discussions. I have a basic understanding of Dharma and my most of postings are based on that basic understanding.

  • the sudden awareness about this ayodhya issue has made me realise that hindus were not simple people and casual about everything . They were dynamic, action oriented, real fighters who knew to fight for the truth and fight against any falsehood. the example reflected in the unity movement in the case of ram mandir. Hindus were united katar about there principles, morals, social responsibility but due to sudden disappoint from some elected leaders have taken them to a long sleep of depression. wake up all! We have got the power -hamare sanskar jeevit hain, parantu unka upyog karna aapke hathon mein hai. .

    • My sincere thanks for sharing the link with all your Hindu brothers. Brother Abdullah, all these things should not disturb your inner peace. We still don’t know what were the social situations during the time when Babur demolished the temple and built a mosque above it. It is clear that only his large military force could be acting at that time. Secondly, 95% of Indian “Muslims” are NATIVE INDIANS. Implies – your fore-fathers were forced to convert under inhuman and barbaric tribal rule of the dark ages. The is very much comparable to what happened in Europe and North America when the Christianity was being spread. It all boils down to “Oppression and slavery”. Now that the history is clear to us all, it is up to you as how you take it further.

    • Originally Babur’s ancestors themselves belong to a non-Islamic tribe called Barlas in Uzbekistan which was of Mongol origin, has embraced Turkish culture after converting to Islam.
      Babur a Mongol (Mughal in Persian) was thrown away from his dynasty by his own blood related uncles. Then he crossed Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan, captured Kabul and established his new kingdom. Unable to re-capture his own / original dynasty in Uzbekistan, he attacked on North India to spread his Mongol (Mughal) empire.
      He never went back to his native / birth place Uzbekistan. As per his wishes, Babur was buried at Kabul, Afghanistan.
      Surprisingly many cultural slaves in India feel proud to defend this foreign invaders blood stained glory and fight with their own nationals to protect the illegal monuments built by him, by brutally crushing the in house people’s culture and heritage.
      It is a shameless act for any Indian nationals to take the side of Babur and I feel pity on such Indians, who feel justified in defending this barbaric foreign invader, who attacked and destroyed our own / original culture by force / sword.

  • Jai Sri RAM,

    I am too much Happy from the
    decision of Honorable High Court, once proved again Truth always wins. Muslim should understand the indian culture, it is the same culture who provide them SHELTER even after dividation, but what they are doing in Kashmir!!!!!! . They must improve their thinking & should be good citizen.

    I hope they will be connected in the main stream of India should contribute in Welfare of India.

    Ravi Bansal