Since Gita is song of war,
one needs to live the war to understand philosophy of war.

Read to know journey of Agniveer founder Shri Sanjeev with Work Book of his life.

His confession on how inspiration from Bhagwan Krishna helped him in his Mission till now.
His message for those Gita lovers who intend to make the best of their jackpot heritage.
Greatest testimonial of Power of Shri Krishna today – which always helps all devotees.
Specially those who pledge to nurture Dharma,
and who are committed to destroy Adharma.

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Shri Sanjeev:
Gita is song of war.
You cannot understand Gita lazing in your air conditioned room.

Run hard,
do rigorous workout,
take yourself to a point where you pant instead of breath.

Now introspect.
Do not meditate unless you have stretched yourself to
physical and mental limits.

Else you would just laze off.
Stand boldly for things you believe.

Delete that stupid game on your phone that addicts you.
In war, there is no comfort zone.

Live the war to
understand philosophy of war.

Q: What took you so long to translate Gita? You had promised several years ago.

Shri Sanjeev Agniveer:
Translating Gita was no easy for me.
Language was the easiest part.

But I cannot write anything unless I truly realize it.
I write not for world, but for myself.

I must live and feel every shloka.
I must break bonds of Avidya.

I must experience what Abhyas and Vairagya mean.
I must reshape my physique. I cannot excuse myself citing the spinal injury.

Honestly, I could not see the Chaturbhuj Vishnu. I did not see Vishwaroop.
My myopic eyes were too weak for all this.
I had to work hard to see the essence through my mind instead.

Mind demanded a strong body.
Mind-body demanded a Yogic soul.

Thus, a grueling regime began.
Fat had to give way to muscles.
Punches and kicks must be lethal
since I cannot carry bow and arrows.

Every nut-bolt of mind must be tightened.
Food must be ascetic. Sleep must be in control.

Meditation must be deep enough to realize the wisdom within.
Actions must speak.

Challenges came.
Tripped, balanced, somehow I persisted.
All this took time.

Q: Why don’t you promote Vedas instead of Gita when Vedas are the source?

Shri Sanjeev Agniveer:
1. For same reason that you study history for IAS from NCERT books instead of original manuscripts at National Archives.

2. Who said I don’t promote Vedas? Almost every article on Agniveer refers to Vedas in some way or other. Agniveer has debunked almost every major misconception on Vedas.

3. Vedas are voluminous. The language is more ancient. And it demands much higher intellect to understand. Vedas are encyclopedia. Gita is shorter, simpler, and focused. 99% people will not be able to explain meaning of a single word in Gayatri Mantra. But most will be able to explain “Karmanyeva Adhikaaraste…” to some degree of accuracy.

4. Gita is essence of duty related wisdom of Vedas. It is elaboration of last chapter of Yajurveda. And designed to make sense to a scared, confused mind. Vedas are not for frustrated ones.

5. Many claim Gita to be adulterated or misleading. My experience is that translations are misleading or driven by cult-loyalties. But Sanskrit version is Vedas driven if you interpret the essence.

6. Translation of 10000 plus mantras of Vedas is a gigantic task. I am not satisfied in any available translation. And not in position to translate myself. Gita is 700 shlokas – short, sweet, relevant to challenges of today.

7. Of all the texts I have read in ocean of Sanatan Dharma, I find the following three most appealing – Gita, Yog Sutra, and Ishopanishad (Chapter 40 of Yajurveda). Gita is easiest to translate. Yog Sutra is an all new level but completely experiential. Difficult to write. There is a Vyasabhashya. Also one from Vijnanabhikshu. But not adequate. Ishopanishad is the grandmother of both. To share thoughts on these two texts is like teaching someone kungfu. And I don’t run an academy! Gita is most in sync with what I can do in limited time I have, and relevant to challenges of today.

8. If I live long enough, have opportunity, and someone finds value, will share my experiences with Yog Sutra, Ishopanishad, and translation of Vedas.

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