When I started online campaign against Zakir Naik in early 2008-09, a very senior leader and noted expert of Hinduism picked up fight with me. He hailed from a family of eminent Brahmins who believed sharing Vedas with “Neech Jaatis” (low castes) is against Hinduism.

We had very long debates through emails on yahoogroups. His invincibility seemed to crack as I kept publishing one article after another trashing caste-system with Vedic evidences.

When left with no ammunition, he did exactly what Hindu Hriday Samrats from Man Singh to Jai Singh have done. He dug out my home address, published online, wrote to all Jihadi groups requesting action against me for insulting their beliefs.

He would inform, “The person behind Agniveer is Sanjeev Newar who resides at ADDRESS. He says A,B,C and accuses you of X,Y, Z. I am informing you for your kind notice and necessary action. I remain, yours truly. NAME.”

He perhaps assumed that I took Agniveer name because I was scared to use my real name. He did not know the real reasons.

The Agniveer site was banned in UAE and some countries. Many death threats followed.

In hindsight, I thank him for hating me so much as to side with Jihadis. Explained me why Bharat got overpowered by a gang of tribals from desert. But also helped promote Agniveer far and wide. (I had quit my job and was short of promotion budget).

I responded back by writing more aggressively, carrying some ground level events where Muslims, “Dalits”, Christians were made Vedic Brahmins and offered Janeu. (Check youtube videos of Agniveer). And put up an open challenge for anyone to show Mian Bhai ki Daring. That was when Agniveer coined the quote: “Thousand pigs can kill a lion. But cannot convert him into a pig.”

Friends, the reason I shared this experience is to let you know who the real enemies are, and who are real friends.

Every Dalit I made a Brahmin hugged me with wet eyes. Said, he was awaiting such love for generations. Would give his life in return of one genuine hug.

The Adhwaria Muslims are Muslims because Hindus exclude them. They are just awaiting some Agniveer to eat a Roti at their home and put Janeu (sacred thread) over their shoulders. And they will die for glory of that thread.

Countless Muslim girls want to escape the Muslim Personal law madness. Innumerable Muslim boys want to leave the illogical world of Sharia. We keep getting emotional messages from them.

But some stupid casteists become roadblocks. In name of preserving their watered-down “superior” blood, they are nurturing Pakistans.

Friends, I don’t know when a thousand pigs try to their doom to convert the lion in me. In case I do not live to share the experience, please work to destroy birth-based caste-system nonsense. Unite all for action against those whom Maharana and Chhatrapati died fighting. Be warned of enemy inside. Hug the real friends.

Vande Mataram

‘Dalit’ Yajna | Agniveer

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Dalits of Hinduism

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