AHMEDABAD, SEP 07 (UNI) Muslim people with hindu devotees offering Arti of Ganesh idol for Ganesh festival in Ahmedabad on Wednesday.UNI PHOTO-101U

I know it is risky.
But good Muslims must come out in open and announce that they reject all people and books as fraudulent that claim non-believers are Kafirs who will burn in Hell.

This is the only way to isolate the terrorists
and establish that Islam means Peace.

Q: Good Muslim? Do they exist?
Remember APJ and Ashfaqullah and many many more. Whoever told u otherwise never studied Hinduism of Gita.

Q: I would like to believe you, but Dr Kalam and Shaheed Ashfaaq were denounced by Muslims. Mullas say they weren’t Muslims , moreover I will quote Taslima she says if a Muslim is good its not because He is Muslim he is good because he is good. This was the case with kalam and ashfaq they were great because they were great not because they were Muslims, so conclusion no practicing Muslim can be good for humanity.

Exactly. So we agree it is time to denounce these mullahs as non Muslims instead. And encourage every Muslim who stands up to do so.

Q: Never gonna happen!

Agniveer will make this and much more happen. Has already made a lot happen.

Q: Asking for the moon?

Man did make it possible to land on moon. Overwhelming majority of Muslims in India want to integrate with mainstream culture. But right environment is missing.

I agree but these majority dont have the courage to stand against their religion.

So goal is to increase their courage and reduce influence of gundas who act as custodians of Islam

Q: Impractical initiative. Give it up Agniveer

This is exactly what Hindutva leaders advised me in 2009 when I took up against Zakir Naik and Beef.

Q: All the talk about good muslims. I agree. Isolating terrorists. I agree.
But what is point of establishing this so called fact that “islam means peace”?
You will establish a lie eventually. Every single day, you say that very fundamentals of this religion is wrong. Violence, lust, playing victim card when darul something and killing non muslims when darul islam, double standards it’s best…
And now you speak like every other politically correct person/organization.

I speak what is true and what needs to be done. I don’t know Arabic so do not know what Islam actually teaches. It is upon good Muslims to stand up and denounce Kafirism if they want to establish Islam means Peace.

Q: The meaning of your sentences are “Islamic Reforms” ! Now, who is coming ahead and going to do that ???

A: Agniveers

Q: But it isn’t possible till the madrasas and mosques are being financed by Saudi money.

Then get ways to fund Agniveer more. At one time even Zakir being driven out was considered impossible

Agniveer Brother Khaja R:
Bhayya, we can make it happen by strengthening voice of good muslims. Many of them live their lives like normal Hindus or live in fear of Jihadis. With right efforts we can make more APJs and Asfaqullahs. At the same contain those bunch of Rascals with Jihadi Mindset both in words and actions, who Radicalise vulnerable normal Muslims. And few of our Hindu Brothers always generalize good muslims with jihadis, instead they must spread awareness about our common Ancestry and Past. After all they are our Lost Brothers and Sisters. Ram and Krishna belong to both Hindus and Muslims. Your part in making me more Vedic/Human/Sanathan is immense. Can’t we make more? Wouldn’t it happen, Bhayya?

A: It will happen. Its happening. More Khajas will emerge

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Author: Vashi Sharma

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