Zakir Naik is spreading Love Jihad in India. Watch this shocking video. Innumerable such cases are spread all across India. Thanks to Agniveer Jharkhand for timely intervention.

Before you accuse the girl, ask your leaders and heroes what they did to counter Zakir Naik’s propaganda against Hinduism? How many took initiative to answer Zakir Naik’s allegations that are used to convert innocent Hindus?

Agniveer created an entire series of rebuttals to Zakir Naik propaganda and it broke the conversion backbone. But it revived after 2014 because the rebuttals were silenced under chants of victory of political Hinduism.

There are only two ways to counter Jihad that is growing by leaps and bound in India – Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Kerala, MP, UP, Bengal, Gujarat, everywhere.

One, be trained to answer every accusation of Jihadis and be confident about being Hindu – with reasons.

Two, be trained to counter-attack and exploit loopholes in Jihadi narratives – both intellectually and on ground.

Agniveer has been doing this – and only this.

Be Agniveer, support Agniveer, equip Agniveer to fight back. Or face the reality that we face more Jihad – including Love Jihad – than ever since 1947. And its growing.
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