– A terror analytics infrastructure to identify terrorists and potential attacks.

– Immediately report anyone who is neutral to Pakistan, hates idol-worshippers, justifies Kashmiri separatism. He may be an intellectual hollow-drum. But better be vigilant than repent if our assessment was wrong.

– Create an environment of zero tolerance for anti-nationals. For example, when anti-nationals are thrashed (like Kanhaiya Kumar), it may be illegal. But it ensures that many plans of terror attacks get canceled even before they would become plans.

– If an incident like JNU happens, there must be a witch hunt to catch hold of each face in video, and interrogate them. Each mobile, each person in video must be tracked to capture the miscreants.

– When people riot for reservations, government and courts relent. If people start thrashing anti-nationals, probably government and court may think twice before being soft on anti-nationals.

Disclaimer – above points are for analysis, not for execution. Please do not do anything against law.

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Sanjeev Newar

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