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Q. What is religious fundamentalism?

A. When you believe that God has sent special instructions through some weird unverifiable way to some obscure untraceable person.

When you believe that these instructions threaten you with hell if you dont follow them

When you believe that those who refuse to believe in such instructions are worst of creatures

When you believe you have right to torture women, hate non-believers simply because you believe in these instructions.

In other words, you start taking these instructions so seriously that you lose your own capability to think,

this is called religious fundamentalism.

The way out is one: Reject any God that threatens to punish. Be tolerant of difference in views. But don’t tolerate anyone who believes in Hell for non-believers.

Secondly, any ideology that demeans women in name of religion is recipe of fundamentalism. A society that subjugates women – polygamy, restrictions, limited rights – can only breed fundamentalists. Because mother is best teacher. Don’t deprive her of her role and status to guide the society.

Foundations of Fundamentalist Terrorism – Agniveer

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