Have you ever visited an old commercial building in Kolkata? There is a place where all electric wirings and meters are present. Over last 100 years they have become such a puzzle that no electrician understands it beyond knowing 1 or 2 wires that link to the shop that is paying him to manage it. Then someone does some misadventure, a short-circuit happens and whole marketplace blows apart in fire. All you have to sabotage a building is to connect two wrong wires of two rooms whose occupants are on a break. The moment both switch on their lights, boom.

Same is with Indian legal system. Such stupid laws right from constitution to thousands of other acts. If government has to torture someone, it can do anything. And wait. Do not blame antique laws of British that governments try to pass buck to. They are most sensible of the lot. Those drafted after independence are far more silly – right from Constitution to IT Act to GST etc etc.

Just think, despite Love Jihad being a legitimate threat identified for a decade now, there are no laws or steps to counter it. If someone tries to save a girl, law refuses to help person save himself from threat of Jihadis’ revenge. Then if someone acts in self-defense, he is termed gruesome murderer.

The Jihadi’s family (who were involved in his Jihad acts) are rewarded as per government’s laws. And now when volunteers want to help the family of accused victim, the accounts are frozen. They will cite some legal provision – in name of suspicious transactions – to block the account transfers.

Now if the poor family has to get the accounts restored, it will have to go through another long legal red-tape procedure. Write to manager, then ombudsman, then RBI, then court etc etc. As if dealing with case of one accused in family was not enough, as if poverty was not enough.

And suddenly Dalit card is forgotten that is always brought out had this was not case of Love Jihad.

It seems the only solution to this nonsense will come when people en-masse openly r*bel against entire political-judiciary-law machinery and decide to do what Bhagat Singh did to British. Else, continue to test how much more molestation you can suffer before you are finally dead.

Yes, I am feeling angry. They call it Manyu in Vedas.


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