Shahjahanpur.23 Dec 2011: Morning was approaching. It was an ordinary morning of 23rd of December, 2011. Sun was desperate to grow bright and spread its rays on entire humanity as a part of its daily ritual. It was rising in its forever august manner with a mission to remove the Darkness and fulfill the world with Brightness.

People were gathering around chai-waalas. Women were sweeping the floors. School children were getting ready to go to their schools. Some were going for a walk; some were still lazy in their beds. Shahjahanpur and Life in Shahjahanpur is not different from its other siblings in Uttar Pradesh with the exception that it is the Honored birthplace of a Legendary freedom fighter and martyr Pandit Ramprasad Bismil – true Son of Mother India. Bust of this patriot stood neglected in a small park, encroached by one of our desi chai-waalah.

But was this 23rd of December, 2011 an ordinary day in the history of Shahjahanpur? Or the Divine power had other plans in place for the day to come. Later we would discover through the Locals that on the fateful Morning of 23rd December there was something DIVINE happening in the surroundings of the city.

The air was cold but filled with unknown warmth. The night was dark but waiting for light to enlighten the city. The usual morning chaos were present everywhere but things were surprisingly in order. Sad faces were visible but eyes of those sad faces were gleaming for unknown reason.

Many people [regardless of their faith and way of life] had dreams of the previous night about some angels with white wings circling the city and their houses.

The atmosphere was charged up. The Sun was in hurry to spread its wings to welcome the angels with white wings.


As it turned out, this 23rd of December, 2011 was destined to witness glad tidings of change. Shahjahanpur had been chosen by the Merciful God to be a blessed city. Messengers of change were sent by HIM and those messengers had entered this blessed city the previous night.

The very first rays of sun with affection kissed the forehead of these messengers of change aka Agniveers as they stood in the Arya Samaj Temple ready to perform the divine task after their meditation. Within a matter of minutes the messengers of change from Agniveer had beautified the Arya Samaj Temple with Agniveer Peace Foundation Banner, which read- VISHAL SHUDDHI YAJNA.

The Shuddhi Yajna was a resolve to believe in nothing except rationalism and consider entire humanity to be one single family without any space for discriminations, superstitions or inequality.

Morning was cold. Some persons shivered while others dared the cold. Happily daring were more in number. It was a “festival mood” in Shahjahanpur. After a while the messengers from Agniveer could hear the chants of Gayatri Mantra coming from all directions at regular intervals. Soon those voices kept coming near and near. The messengers were pleased to see that these rejoiced voices were of those blessed souls who had come with a soul purpose of leaving the darkness behind and walk towards enlightenment. These blessed souls kept repeating “Tamso Ma Jyotrigamay”.

These blessed people were chosen to be the first among countless souls who would later on embrace Vedic Dharma and become Brahmins. Arya Samaj Temple was the place chosen  to perform this VEDIC SHUDDHI YAJNA.  Vehicles filled with people of all ages, Male, Female and children started to arrive. These 250 families had come for ‘SHUDDHI EVENT’ to embrace a life style which would transform their lives forever.  About 1200 persons had come to sow the seed of Humanity, brotherhood and Godly love in their hearts. These blessed souls had come to convey the message of Vedas “Peace Be Upon All and Hate None”.

The VISHAL SHUDDHI YAJNA started with seeking blessings of the God by reciting the most beautiful ‘Gayatri Mantra”. When these people started reciting Gayatri Mantra it could be heard by people in far places in the city.

Recitation of Gayatri Mantra by around 1,300 people had created such a magnetic impact which could be felt for days to come in the Arya Samaj Temple at Shahjehanpur. After then these blessed souls sat around holy fire [AGNI] on the altar and offered their prayers.

Captivating and charming sound of ‘Aum Swaha- Aum Swaha’ filled the atmosphere. These people were away from enlightenment for centuries and they did not know to recite the Vedic Mantra’s but the voice of “Aum Swaha” could be heard from miles away.

The messengers of change aka Agniveers also witnessed one more pleasant scene. These people had taken a vow to recite “Gayatri Mantra” in the morning an evening till they learn do proper “Sandhya” (a powerful meditation method for success).

Participants were so overwhelmed with the entire sequence of events that they formed small groups and started reciting “Gayatri Mantra” to each other so that they can keep this gift of God close to their hearts. It appeared that everything was happening with some kind of Divine Inspiration. We will never be able to forget those moments.

Messenger of change from Agniveer were treated by these participants like angels. Countless people had dreamt of  angels with white wings encircling the city and their houses previous night and the next morning they were meeting the Agniveers in white clothes. This was enough for the people to realize that everything that was happening was a Divine wish.  Whenever these small groups had difficulty is reciting the “Gayatri Mantra” or they had any other doubt they would call Agniveers.

It would be grossly unfair to the emotions of the participants if  this specific incident remained to be mentioned here. Out of 1,200 participants there were around 400-500 of our sisters and mothers.  When our sisters met the Messengers of Change and found that the angels with white wings were none other than Agniveers, the bond was immediately established between souls of brothers and sisters.

A small girl who told her name as Maimuna [ for life now “Manisha”] asked the Agniveers if she could tie Rakhi to Agniveers since she did not have brothers. Agniveers offered their hands but there was no Rakhi to tie. But these minor difficulties could not come in the way of relation of brothers and sisters which was established by God. The sacred thread [JANEU] was treated as Rakhi. All the eyes were wet with tears.

After seeing this some old ladies started to cry with happiness. “Rakshabandhan” was celebrated on 23rd December, 2011 in Shehjehanpur.

Afterwords, Manisha [formerly known as Maimuna] told that her mother had died while giving birth to 6th girl child. When Agniveers met Manisha’s father Shri Narsingh Thakur [formerly known as Noorjahan Teli] he told that his wife Khurshida was not in favor of another child but the local Maulvi had told him that children are gift of Allah and it was obligatory upon every Muslim to produce as many children as they can.  He informed us that Maulvi of his village had told him that Shri Narsingh Thakur will go to heaven since his three children had died while they had not attained puberty.

On being asked “why this Yajna”, another sister Vedika Singh Thakur [Formerly known as Nagma Sheikh] could not contain her emotions and shared her joy and happiness with everyone in these words –“This is not a ritual. This is my freedom from shackles of baseless tradition. Earlier I was always forced to hide myself behind Burqa. I was never considered equal to my male counterparts. Now I am free. I am equal to others. I feel liberated from “dakiyanoosi” dogmas.”

Another brother Gyan Swarup Sharma [formerly known as Mohammed Giyasusudin ] expressed his happiness in these words  “we have done away with our ignorance. We want to have true knowledge. Only this Vedic culture makes us rational and reasonable as it has its very foundation on reason. This is the most rational philosophy in the world”. Number of people, number of views but amazingly all were submerged in humanity and love.

People wore sacred threads and took pledge that they would live a pure and noble life with peace and harmony, hate ignorance as a devil and educate their children at any cost. They will worship the One True God.. They swore to not to tolerate any agent between them & their Almighty father.

All these blessed people promised in front of sacred fire [AGNI] that all those evil shameful practices of insulting woman- best creation of Supreme Lord, which were being observed by them due to their wrong belief, ignorance and social compulsion, i e.  Triple Talaq, Polygamy, Unequal rights of women in marriage, Nikah Halala, be immediately stopped and they will follow the message of Vedic God. They would respect women and won’t treat them as Half-Intelligent.

Another brother Yashpal Chauhan [ formerly known as Mohammed Yusuf khan] a resident of nearby village told the Agniveers that he had never before experienced such bliss in his life. He added “I was wandering in vain. Now I know my destination”.

Another brother Shivam Singh Chaudhary [ formerly knows as Mohammed Sadiq Ali] said “This is the religion of our ancestors who were converted by force. I have left that implied religion where I had no dignity. I am feeling like I have come to my home NOW”.

Shushil Kumar Dubey [formerly known as Suhail Khan] was too eager to speak to the messengers of change from Agniveer Peace Foundation. He said “I have returned to my home. Home coming is always best. It cannot be described in words. At home there is your Mother and your well-wishers. Agniveer is our well-wisher”.

It was clear that people have got a glimpse of ‘light of truth’ now. They were determined to shun darkness and ignorance at any cost. Rays of sun and holy fire [AGNI] had given them much needed inner power and strength. This was because of joy of their heart.

After the SHUDDHI YAJNA these blessed people shared their pains and sufferings with Agniveers. Everyone had few common things to share. Their previous faith had told them that easiest way to go to Jannat / Heaven was to produce more and more children irrespective of the fact that:

a] Females were physically incapable to produce more children,

b] Parents were not able to afford even basic education of the newborn childrens;

c] Family were not financially sound to give decent life to the newborn babies.

Now, since they were out of ignorance they had realized that no one can get Jannat / heaven by producing unlimited children but heaven could be achieved only by rightful actions and noble deeds.

Messengers of Change were moved by their conditions and Agniveers announced academic scholarships and medical aid to all the children in purified families up to senior secondary schooling. Agniveers made these promises inspite of knowing their financial constraints and large expenses required for this project.

But that’s where Agniveers stand apart from the crowd.

Agniveers believe that these people had come to Vedic Dharma by Divine inspiration. Agniveers will find in its mission of selfless service righteous people of Vedic Dharma who will feel the pain of our brothers and sisters in need and open their hearts and houses for these brothers and sisters.

This was a real home coming; Coming back to Vedas, Coming back to our roots. Coming to a place where all are equal in eyes of Almighty without Bias, where everybody strives to be Noble, to enjoy eternal bliss, to attain ‘Moksha’. This home never says “believe blindly” but always stresses on “know first and only then believe”. This was a tight slap on face of dividing Trinity / Oil powers trying to divide Bharat / India in the name of man-made religions and faiths forgetting that all humans belong to one and same religion of humanity.

It is apparent that Messengers of Change aka Agniveers will do a solid work on this front which is deliberately neglected by our policy makers. When we asked the event coordinator of Agniveers about this event they replied with a smile “This is just a beginning and nothing more than trailer of the movie and tip of the Iceberg. Agniveer team is going to organize 786 such events at various places across Bharat / India. Just wait and watch”.

Yeah, we shall watch and see the charisma of Agniveer. Hope is still breathing. Dream of Bharat is alive.

Vande Mataram. Lets Make the Whole World Noble. God is One.

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
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    It is our tapasya and a fulfilling job which can be done easily. One can have a pool of donations collected from peers and remited to Agniveer.


      • Thanks, it’s a great service to contribute to the Yajna, Team Agniveer has initiated. Let’s perform this yajna by pouring our Ahuti in the form of physical, intellectual or monetary, depending upon our situation.


  • There is lot of hue and cry about Quran. Without reading it minutely and the gentleman is asking me to read Quran which nothing but a filth of a cult called religion. All the junk is written but because I do not want to hurt my friends I do not want to exposed that all these Mullahas and other contracter of religions of the world are grinding their own axe and making money out of the pockets of simple people who have no time to go deep. Some of the people in India say burn this book and their will be peace on earth. Aurangzeb burnt Hindu libraries and killed his own elder brother Dara and even his son simply because Quran was his pet obsession as a result he could not tolerate. It is most imp[ortant to act wisely read only what does not corrupt your mind. Eat only that fills the need of your body. Think only what gives yuou peace or if you are not a brahmchari
    you cannot follow the principles of your religion then there is only one way that you work hard and whatever you earn for you family or for yourself earn it with honesty wihout harming others. Quran had many good words to direct a person on the right path but it create fear of Allah and entire book is based on the QAHAR OF ALLAH . Thinking that this is the only Path may person calling himself to Noor-Haq may be good for him who has to be humble, courteous, sincere, patriot to the land of his birth, donating, and many other quality of a saintly person. But I dont know if the gentleman know the meanings of Noor-Haq. I may guide him that it means Light of the Truth. You are yourself
    part and parcel of the Almighty and the effulgence, prosperity, affluence of Lord Krishna who came here on this earth as God-incarnate, A Yogeshwara, apostle of love and summarising the knowledge of the Veda in the form of Gita. To read Quran is difficult and so is the case with Vedas, I would suggest the genleman to read only 700 verses of Gita. He will merge with Allah and had not to wait in a Maqbara after death for the day of judgment as preached to him. Do Good Karma,…

  • @Mr. krisna, mr. ravinder has written that if muslim will read quran minutely they will find word HIND in quran, when i asked to show the word from quran then he is silent. you have written that i am giving wrong arguments and arya samaj should ignore them. you can read satyarth prakash and all my arguments are from satyarth prakash. i dont know what you mean by brahmchari but if brahmchari mean a student then question is moolshankar was brahmchari or not? you have to publish encyclopedia aryasamajica because you peoples always twist the meaning of word for your convenience.
    who can talk with you about veda because, i know that, you havnt read all veda with understanding. if i will say meat eating is allowed in veda and rama was hunting a spotted deer for food then you simply disagree with me. if i will show you aja mans from veda then you will say that no no it is not meat it is politeness which i have to give to my ancestors.
    so i want to talk about satyarth prakas because moolshankar has written filth about quran.

  • Everyone Read (Specifically Dharamic Brothers and Sisters),

    Have any of you noticed that there have been many fakes that come on this sight and preach a bunch of filth against Swami Dayanand Saraswati without even understanding what he said. And they really think they can convince us otherwise. Their tricks are very week, and they can’t really challenge the Vedas an authentic true translations. They have to make stuff up. These tricks might works with Hindus who are less educated about their religion, but Arya Samaj people are generally more educated about Vedas and more educated about other religions than many of the main stream Hindus. They use the same tricks that they use with uneducated Hindus. Once we are educated about our Dharmic faith they don’t know what to do, so they start making stuff up like typical fakes do. These foul mouthed fools will do anything to try and attack noble people.

    Just want to give appreciation to all my Dharmic people for not taking any nonsense and filth from these crazy and extreme sick people.


    • Namaskaar

      But Sir, mere appreciation won’t do. If we don’t educate, these terrorists will do their business. The problem with Islam / Muslims is that they never want to see others criticizing them. Swami Dayanand came to show the right path. Unfortunately, he isn’t alive now. Indian tradition teaches Learning by doing and hence Dharmic people must rewrite the history by being a second Dayanand. Agniveer is doing the same by so called Shuddhi movement. I know that terrorists would try to refute that / prove it false but if the population of knowledgeable is increased, terrorists might fail. All those who go against Vedas are terrorist and true Islam exists in Vedas. We are Indians and we just won’t tolerate traitors destroying our culture. We must do something before these barbarians convert us as they converted Sumerians to war loving Arabian Egypt, Yemen to idiot place, Persia to terrorist Iran & Mesopotamia to devilish Iraq.

      We need some proper strategic framework to save ourselves from these who just assume that they are true but in fact, are the biggest hypocrites – the evil Mohammedans.

      Truth of Mohammedanism:

      • Namaste “Human Being,”

        I agree with you that just appreciation isn’t enough. And in no way was that my implication. I just wanted to appreciation my fellow Dharamic brothers and sister in their fight to protect the Dharamic way of life. And I want them to continue doing this. It was just a single person’s appreciation for their hard work. Please keep it up!!!!!!!!!

        I also agree with you that we should keep doing what Swami Dayanand started. He brought back our Dharmic tradition of purva praksha. That is a very important Dharmic tradition that was lost or better way to put it not used among our Dharmic brothers and sisters in a big way. Basically it means to analyze and break down other people’s stances and arguments. For many centuries we haven’t been doing that in a big way and Swami Dayanand brought that great tradition back. And actually it is our religious duty to do it as Dharamic people. If we don’t do that as a people, we are going against Dharam. This is why many unDharamic religions are getting scared of the Dharmic religions because there is a come back of purva praksha in a big way. So I say to all my Dharamic brothers and sister, please continue purva praksha; it is you Dharamic duty.

      • Namaste hahaha,

        It is actually spelled with an r in paksha. It is purva paksha. It is the process of understanding the other’s stance on their terms and than breaking their arguments with reason and logic. And Purva Paksha a tool used in many debate forms like Tarka Sastra where there is questioning back and forth to try and reach some kind of conclusion. But Purva Paksha is used in many different forms in ancient times. The main thing Dharamic brothers and sisters need to do is bring it back.


      • Yes. Translated into english – “Purva Paksh” refers to the “prima facie view” or the “opponent’s view”.

        In any Hindu philosophical text, first the “purva Paksh” is stated to give the opponent a chance. This is then deconstructed and shown to be false to establish the “sidhantha” – or the defender’s view.

        Depending on the text in question, the Purva Paksha and the Sidhantha vary. Within the same Sidhantha text, the Purva Paksha can also vary. For instance, in the Brahmasutras, the Vedanta position is the sidhantha view. The opponent ranges from Nyaya, Mimamsa, Samkhya, Buddhist, Jain thought.

        In Atmatattvaviveka [a tour de force of the Nyaya position that effectively destroys the Buddhist POV], the sidhantha view is the Nyaya and the purvapaksha is the Buddhist.

      • Namaste KalBhairav,

        Your post is very well stated. I will also add, for some reason our Dharmic people stopped doing Purva Paksha or didn’t do it in a big way. Thanks to Dayananda Saraswati and others like him, Purva Paksha was brought back into light. Before it was done between Dharamic faiths and even between different Hindu groups. Because they were the people to debate with. Today the opponent isn’t the other Hindus or Buddhists or even any Dharmic people, it is the Abrahamic religions. It is time for many different Hindu schools and Dharmic people to utilize our practice of Purva Paksha and use it on the Abrahamic religions and the West. And after that we should do Sidhantha, deconstruct the opponents views using reason and logic within our frame of reference.


    • To provide extension to your thoughs about Swami Dayanand Saraswati I wish to add that Vedic religion(Dharma) is true religion (Dharma) because it is Ishvarya while other religious books are not Ishvarya (made by God) they explain about God. That is why the dipute has arisen because they think and assert that the books were sent by God where as they are about God. Hence all other religions are miniscules or simply speak about God. Mohammad says that Hind the (land of Bharat) sends him flavour of God. He remembers his visit from where he learnt many good things about God. 13 years were spent by Jesus in Himalyan region in India. Neither Muslims nor Christians will like to do any research to prove my statment false. The tolerance lacks in both. Buddha was a Hindu prince and has learnt all from more than 62 Dharmic Scholars most of them were Vedic. At his time more than 62 philosophies were in vogue in India. If Swami had done Khandan of Moorti Pooja he was right. Because every thing cuts into two ways. In reality his Khandan established Aryan Dharma or the Oldest Dharma. Both the Sanatan Dharma and Arya Samaj are from the same root. All the three prevalent religions Chritianity, Islam & Buddhism are are singularly based on Sin, Fear and Sufferings respectlively. While the basis of Vedic Dharma is self realization to understand Spirituality and achieve the superme consciousness state or Salvation through Adhyatma or Subh Karma in day to day life besides benefitting the Humaniity.
      Fundamentally it does not imposes or binds rather Vedic Dharma reveals and releases you from bondage. RAVINDER NATH WATTS CALIFORNIA

      • Great to see your views Sir,

        As far as Jesus is concerned, it is proven fact that he left his body in Kashmir, India and not on some cross, Jerusalem. He wanted to come again in India only. Swami Dayanand actually worked to eradicate superstitions. People were doing stupid / violent things and thought that GOD will appreciate. That is what Swami Dayanand did not like. Hence, he established Arya Samaj – meaning: Society of the noble.

        Vedas divide the world in 2 categories:: ARYA & ANARYA. Idiots wrongly consider that ARYA refers to hinduism. NO – it refers to nobility. Arya and Anarya means civilized and barbarians respectively. Another misunderstood word is Mlechchha which is wrongly attributed to Muslims / Christians. Hinduism is not a Biblical / Quranic doctrine to divide the world into followers and non followers. Mlechchha means Mal + ichchha which translates to evil minded. By modern standards, terrorists / extremists are Mlechchha.

        Similarly, Dharma refers to righteousness / law & order; not just a religion. The famous proverb: Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah speaks about righteousness and those who protect it shall be protected (in the long term).

        We need some champion who can show the true meaning of religious doctrines and clear the confusion that arises from mis – representation of the fact.

  • in satyarth prakash moolshankar g has written that a brahmachari should not talk about sex and girls and being a brahmachari he explained how to have child and what position couples should take. he also ordered that mothers should not, feed their milk after 6th days of child birth she can take services of other woman and herself wax her tits so that milk should not come out??? he himself dont know that a lactating mother should not stop her milk otherwise she may face several medical problems. if he was a brahmchari then y he was talking too much about sexual intercourse? if talking about intercourse is prohibited for a brahmchari then y he was too eager to talk about it?? what kind of brahmchari he was? an arrogant foo writer….

    • Once again you have proven your ignorance well beyond a doubt. Do you even know what brahmachari means. I think you are confusing Brahmin with Brahmachari. A Brahamachari is a student getting educated. You talk a lot about Brahmachari but know nothing about it. Time for you to become a brahmachari and get some education. Clearly your comments here show otherwise.

  • @ravinder bhai, please tell me where the word hind in quran????/ i have read quran many times and i dont know what you mean by minutely. please help us and read minutely for us. here you can find whole quran http://www.quran.com.

  • in satyarth prakash moolshankar g has written that “kiya tum musalman aur bhangi ke hath ka undekha(unseen) khana khaloge?” he was so prejudiced and arrogant in his language, lived nude till the age of 49, dont know anything about quran but has written filth about quran. he has used word “bhangi” which is banned in india. bhangi words also shows that he believes in caste-ism. he has written that ” quran mein untni ke word se prateet hota hai ki yeh kisi arab ne likhi hai kyonki untni arab mein use hoti hai.”????? see the mental level and manner how he analyse the things and facts. i will show you examples from satyarth prakash with references.

    • Bhangi means a person who is addicted to bhang (cannabis). There are similar words like charasi (addicted to charas), nashedi (addicted to any intoxicant), etc. Dayanand Saraswati did not believe in caste system. So, correct yourself and do not try to mislead.

      • Namaskaar SDC Sir,
        I would like to say something in this regard.
        The problem is not with these people but with us. Our values are defined such that we are highly tolerant and generally forgive others beyond the limits. In Hindi, I would say::: आवश्यकता से अधिक अधिकार देते है तो लोग सर पर चढ़ कर बैठते है। They never deserve love & tolerance from us. They live in a nation which is secular and they work to go against integrity of same nation. When they saw that they don’t have funds, they told UK Muslims to do so (Shariah 4 hind). See the heights of treason.

        Muslims came as foreign invaders. Their job was just to kill innocents for apparently no reason. We are indeed fools to expect humanity from these evil minded werewolves. The secret is exposed: There were Muslims too in India’s fight against Britishers. You know the real reason behind that? Britishers were Christians. That is the only reason why they supported Indians. Muslim hatred towards Hindu is notable but their hatred towards Christians is even worse. They just followed — आवश्यकता पड़ने पर गधे को बाप बनाना पड़ता है। The only real patriot among so called Muslim freedom fighters was “Ashfaqulla Khan” but that does not matter really because he is kaafir as per Islamic scholars. He demanded rebirth from Allah not Jannat. Suppose tomoro IND invades ARAB, same Indian Muslims will die for ARAB. You can conduct anonymous survey & see yourself.

        Leave it, what I would say is that Muslims will use our values against us only. Whatever language Swami Dayanand used against them in Satyarth Prakash, Muslims deserve the same.

      • Well said SDC, Arya Samaj and the Vedas do not support caste system. There fools that come on here and try to talk about such nonsense, but it is not approved by either.

  • If any Muslim reads Quran minutely with an open mind he will find a word “HIND . In Arabic there are no meaning of this word except the Land of Hinustan which is Bharat or India. In this context Hazrat Mohammad had said that he feels good and flavour of God or Allah comes from this land of spiritual people. Hence Hindustan is a Tirath for persons who stick to Islam. Unfortunately Indian Muslims go to Haj . It is nothing but “DOOR KE DHOL SUHAVANE HOTEY HAIN” that is what Indian Muslims are all about. Every religion has some traditions and layman muslim does not go deep into the affairs or philophy or reasoning about Islam and learns whatever his fellowmen had intilled into his mind. Therefore usually he lives in a false world of a dream of 72 Hurs in the Bahisht or Heaven. Thinking that Allah is Meharbaan (Kind enough) therefore every Muslim is allowed by his religion to commit all sins .Allah will forgive because Allah is apostle of Forgiveness. So every Muslim is free to do all the evil actions.As an intelligent person one thinks intelligently he can conclude how the one BOOK is churning out terrorist with this type of faith on Quran.

    • @ravinder bhai, please tell me where the word hind in quran????/ i have read many times and i dont know what you mean by minutely. please help us and read minutely for us. here you can find hole quran http://www.quran.com.

      • I love those terrorist verse from Koran
        K.3:19 comes close to decalring Xtinas and Jews apostates from Islam.
        In 4:47 Allah threatens to curse and murder Jews and Xtians.
        5:51 tells Muslims not to take Jews and Xtians as friends. One reason given is that Jews and Xtians are “unjust folk”.
        In 9:30 Allah declares Jews and Xtians to be “perverted” and commands himself to fight them. (A really odd verse – even by Koran standards if you think about it btw).
        98:6 declares that the Jews and Xtians (here the “people of the scripture”) who refuse to convert to Islam “are the worst of created beings”.

  • Anyone who wantes to reconvert back to Hinduism, you are most welcome, do not forget that truth of Sanatan Dharma, is God resides in hearts of all beings, no caste system, just one caste: HUMAN.
    That is why Agniveer website gets attacked as speaks the facts on humanity within Sanantan Dharma, return back to the religion of your forefathers, when under duress conversions occured.

  • Look,this is a Sanatan Dharma site, let us not waste time talking about other faiths and defend learn more about Sanatan Dharma.
    Talking negatively of other faiths is against our own faith, kindly stop speaking negatively about others, and let us keep Agniveer focused on telling the full force of the beauty within our faith, leave others to themselves!

    • @dogra sir, you know from where this negatively is coming in aryasamajis? answer is satyarth prakas. you can read it and specially 13 and 14 samullas. gandhi ji has written that i havnt seen any book of any reformer more negative than satyarth(?) prakash.

      • No my friend, absolutely not. This negativity came from Muslim rulers. Babur / Tirmidhi / Ghori / Ghaznavi / Sikander etc. All came as terrorists. The peaceful reign of India was looted by barbarians and they did tremendous massacre. Indians replied them back which Muslims don’t like. They like ZN who reportedly says – Every Muslim should be a terrorist. Therefore, Muslims (either directly OR indirectly) supports terrorism. When Afzal was brought to APJ Abdul Kalam, he cancelled his “फाँसी की सजा”. That’s what Islam has given to the world. First you terrorize and then delay the punishment of the terrorist.
        Must read:

        The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.
        – Will Durant

        The Muslim conquests, were for the Hindus a pure struggle of life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and the populations massacred, with hundreds of thousands killed in every campaign, and similar numbers deported as slaves. Every new invader made his hills of Hindus skulls.
        – Koenraad Elst.

        So, if an Indian alleges Muslim doctrine, he is actually being patriotic and nothing else.

      • @real-noor-e-haque
        Brother you are absolutely correct. Satyarth Parkash should be banned or 13 and 14th chapter should be excluded from the the book. This book is poisoning to humanity. I am surprised why no one has filed petition in court against this book. I do not know much about laws in India but if anybody helps me I am ready to bear all cost and time if anybody files a petition on the ban of “Satyarth Parkash” in India. Without this it is going to be huge / impossible task for us to Islamization of “Hind”. This Arya Samaji Cult of India is in complete influence of Shaitan.

      • Mr Khan,

        The only book that should be banned is the quran. It has been poisoning peoples minds for over a thousand years. It is time for real peace, and the only way to do that is remove the quran from existence. The ideas are some of the worse and foul kind ever heard to mankind.

      • Well said Krishna Sir

        Muslims are always terrorists and symbolise Satan. Mohammed is prophet of Satan and Allah the father of Satan. I request all patriots, kill all Muslims before they kill you and burn Quran before it burns you. Hats off to Imraan Firasat, the lover of humanity. Expecting goodness from a Muslim is same as expecting humanity from a wolf. Indeed Muslims are worst in hypocrisy.

        Support this: http://www.hindujagruti.org/activities/campaigns/religious/communal-violence-bill/


      • @काफ्फिरो
        जहा पर कुरान का पाठ हो उससे मंदिर कहते है
        जहा पर कुरान का विरोध हो उसे जहनुम कहते है
        जहा पर केवल मुस्लिम ही मुस्लिम हो उसे स्वर्ग कहते है
        जहा पर अग्निवीर जैसे काफिरों का निवास हो उसे नरक कहते है
        जहा पर रोज सुबह हर व्यक्ति अल्लाह का कलमा पढ़े उसे मानवो का देश कहते है
        जहा पर अल्लाह और पैगम्बर का विरोध उसे उसे शैतान का राज्य कहते है
        सदा से रहा दुश्मन जमाना इस्लाम का
        हजारो राम, हजारो कृष्ण, हजारो दयानंद आये
        इस्लाम आज भी खड़ा है आपना झंडा गाड के !
        ऐ काफ्फिरो संभल जाओ, वरना जहनुम भुगतो !!
        लेखक: अजमल खान

      • Sorry, but you have ignored primal points in Hinduism in that here are many pathways to God. Using satyarth prakas, isnt a holy text, so please understand you are enttlied to your faith, fully respect and dont have any negative comments to say about your faith. I am entitled to my faith.

  • @Agniveer / Arya Musafir

    I don’t agree with you. I don’t think such thing will happen at all. I know that no rational being can agree with this.

    Firstly, there is no proof at all. There are websites like
    Faith Freedom Internation;
    etc where apostates of Islam describe Islam. None of them speaks about Agniveer. Do you think that 1200 people converted but none have given their testimonial? Where is the proof that they converted? This wasn’t expected from Agniveer. Either add the testimonials of those who converted to any of the above defined websites and give us the link OR stop fooling us.

    Secondly, what makes you think that Muslims will convert? For a Muslim, it takes guts and courage to convert and every Tom Dick Harry Muslim won’t convert. Anyways, you don’t have any valid proof. Where is the apostasy testimonials of at least 1 of those 1200???


    • @Indian Atheist:

      Ok. My first impression is that you are doing Taqaiya…But I will not go with my gut instinct and give you the benefit of doubt.

      (1)The folks who reverted back to Dharma dont need to prove it to anyone that they converted.
      (2)The folks who reverted back to Dharma may not be internet savvy.
      (3)There are videos of the event. Go to agniveer facebook page and you may find them.
      (4)The goal of reconversion is not a numbers game. It is not like “my d*ck is bigger than your d*ick” or my daddy is bigger than your daddy type of game. This is the type of game played on youtube where Xians fight with Momins as to who converted to what and who is a fake convertee, etc. Sanatana Dharma transcends all these stupid reassurance tactics.

      • Kalbhairav Sir,

        Sorry if you felt offended but please don’t read my comment from a Hindu / Muslim / Atheist attitude, rather read it from a human perspective. After all, we are humans first. The fact is that, like you — I don’t want Islamization to happen. I am not concerned with who converted to hinduism and why. That is none of my job. I am rather happy that people left Islam – that’s it but due to lack of proof, this happiness is temporary.

        I too support Agniveer but you have just mistaken my comment. This is why wiki Islam encourages apostasy testimonials

        If you have left Islam, submitting your testimony online may help someone else who is considering to do the same.

        If 2 people are facing similar problem, it is very likely that they would consult each other as to how to solve. Therefore, testimonials will serve direction to some truth seekers rather than being a simple number game. Even Wiki Islam does not approves number game. They have clearly mentioned in guidelines that testimonials will be reviewed many times BY HUMANS before approval & fake ones will be deleted. Therefore, once a testimonial is published there, it is proven authentic.

        While the points you mentioned are good in logic, the logic however, works only in short term and if you think from long term perspective, you will yourself refute your points. I will show you how.

        (1) I acknowledge that none needs to prove anything to anyone. But, in the long run, there will be many fanatics who claim to have refuted Agniveer. We know the truth but think of those who are too innocent to understand it. So, if Agniveer converts some, they will do the same with others. That’s what terrorist Mushafiq is doing. Either refute them OR request Agniveer to post the proof.

        (2) I agree that all need not be internet savvy but I am not demanding all 1200 testimonies. I only want some. Even if, one or two good testimonies are there, that will serve the purpose. The probability that none of 1200 are familiar with internet is…

      • 2) I agree that all need not be internet savvy but I am not demanding all 1200 testimonies. I only want some. Even if, one or two good testimonies are there, that will serve the purpose. The probability that none of 1200 are familiar with internet is negligible.

        (3) While videos are there, have you yourself seen them? That mostly speaks of the process and whether they like it OR not. I don’t know any video which speaks of the experience and hence that won’t help in the long run. If you know any video which speaks of experience of the convert, give me the link.

        (4) It isn’t a numbers game – true but what you have mentioned is just an ideal scenario. We cannot be ideal every-time but need to be practical too. Again, I repeat that the goal is not what is better than others but mutual interaction. If people don’t know what is happening worldwide, how will they change?
        See the testimony of Qadir Sheikh on Wiki Islam and FFI to understand how it works. Another Muslim Azim Sheikh considered his case and learnt a lot. Now, he calls himself Kaafir786 and is proud about the same. That is the true purpose of all testimonies.

        This is my motivation:

        I tried mailing Agniveer about the same but the reply did not come. So, I thought to post such a comment. Sorry if you felt offended.

    • @Indian Atheist

      Hey Sherlock Holmes, Agniveer is not entitled to prove you neither those guys who embraced Humanity. So better shut up and show your stupidities somewhere else.

      • Shravak Sir

        Firstly, I am not Sherlock Holmes, I don’t even know who is he. Secondly, I would just say something in Hindi – आपने प्राय देखा होगा कि लोहे से लोहे कटता है। आपने यह भी देखा होगा कि लोहा सोने को काटता है। जब लोहे को लोहा काटता है तो भयानक ध्वनि निकलती है। सोने के साथ ऐसा नही है। कारण लोहा लोहे का सम्बन्धी है पराया नही इसिलिए जब वह काटता है तो असह्य पीडा होती है।

        That’s what I want to say. Whenever a Muslim abuses, I don’t react because he is following his religion. Quran is a narrow minded book written by illiterates for illiterates only. Same is not true about Vedas OR any other book. So, please don’t change your standard.

        You pointed out my stupidity, that does not matter since your own dharma shashtra mentiones – पिण्डे पिण्डे मतिर्भिन्ना: And same is true scientifically. So, who is stupid and who isn’t; that’s not the point of discussion.

        I don’t know why commenters of Agniveer start judging book from its cover. That isn’t a good habit to start with. I agree that no one is mandated to prove anything. Who am I to demand a proof but there is some other way too.

        What you probably do not know is that there is some Mushafiq Sultan who is mass converting hindus. He has a post where he posts some ex – Shiv Sena activist Balbir Singh. Since, we know the truth of Islam, that is just joke – box for us. But what for those who are innocent persons? They can be trapped. We need some genuine scholars to combat such terrorists.

        Don’t forget to review this:

      • —Don’t forget to review this:—

        We know that, that’s why Mushfiq is so interested in refuting Agniveer then defending Islam. no?

      • @Indian Athiest

        Now to your previous comments.

        —–Secondly, what makes you think that Muslims will convert? For a Muslim, it takes guts and courage to convert and every Tom Dick Harry Muslim won’t convert. —

        Do you know Mahendar Pal Arya? He was a muslim, an Imam. After debating with an Arya Samaji he accepted vedic dharma. Now, how is that happened??????

      • Brother Shravak,

        //After debating with an Arya Samaji he accepted vedic dharma. Now, how is that happened??????//

        Just wanted to add some clarification so that tomorrow any fanatic like Musafiq should not blame that we are speaking lies and Pt. M.P Arya never debated with an arya samaji before he came to vaidic dharma.

        In his own biography he told that after reading satyarth prakash and thinking with his rational mind he prepared a list of few questions/doubts and sent to top 25 islamic institutions of that time and did not got proper answers from a single person.

        Please have a look on his own web site and autobiography:





      • Truth Seeker Sir

        That is actual pity. Sultan only wants to refute Agniveer / Satyagni because they are Hindus. Hindus were always liberal and don’t want to reply back. Muslims never deserve the rights given to them. You might not be knowing but Indian Muslims silently pray for PAK’s growth. Muslims are indeed tolerant when they are in minority. I won’t call it tolerance rather विवशता । Their true face is exposed the moment they become majority. For humanity to survive, Muslims must be either killed OR converted.

        Actually Agniveer is the motivation of the author of that website. You can read his website and visit the link 124000 prophets lie of islam. Therefore, Islamic terrorists think that refuting Agniveer will refute all Indians.

        You have mentioned on Shuddhi event updates link that you have also converted Muslim and ended arabian slavery. Why not you create some blogs and discuss your experience? That would be enlightening. Thanks


      • @Indian Atheist
        Namaskar Brother,
        Brother, I am 100% sure If Hinduism reforms itself and represent itself in the line of Veda you will see over a night lacs of people back in “Vedic Dharma” I will not say “Hinduism”. I wanted to end up slavery of Arabs by my Muslim friends. My friend Rahman, Toshib, etc I approached to them as curious of truth seeking who wants to learn about Islam & they started preaching Islam proudly before me and in between I used to throw many questions to them which I knew they cannot answer because they never introspected within their mind. They easily got entrap in their own stupidly while preaching Islam. I knew they are only parroting which is taught them in Madarsha or by fanatics and they do not understand what they are speaking. I just wanted to fill within them a feeling of judging the things logically and scientifically. If they get the feeling to judge things logically and scientifically they will give up Islam become atheist if they do not found any religion which is clean perfectly in itself. Why Atheist? Because Hinduism and other all religion also have many absurdity. I was an idol worshipper because I was taught to worship Idol. But when I started to introspect I rejected it & stopped to give bath to Hanuman and Shiva Idol. I was become an atheist because there was no religion where I could find answer of my question logically. But when I came in contact with Veda I found it the same what I was thinking & I realized I am not atheist rather I am follower of Veda (It is religion in itself). Maharishi Dayanand also would have preached his own religion / path like Kabirdas or Nanak if he would not come in contact of Veda.

      • Namaskaar Truth Seeker Sir

        See, reforming a religion (expecially when the religion is one of the largest religions of the world) is a complex process. It is not a one day activity. It will take some time.

        As far as Mushafiq is concerned, please see this:


        What you did with your friends, that is worth noting. I request you to make blog and show fallacy with demonic cult. I also request you to review Qadir Sheikh apostasy. That is must read for true humans.

        Regarding judging the things logically and scientifically, no Muslim can have the guts to do so. They speak of Quranic challenge to produce anything similar to it. Scientist of golden age debunks the same.

        I am not an atheist because I don’t think of GOD. I do believe in GOD but my GOD is rational GOD rather than what Abrahamics portray. I don’t believe in GOD of any religion. As far as Vedas are concerned, no they aren’t any religion. They are meant for whole humanity / cosmos which even scholars can’t deny with. There are many killers of criticizers of worldwide like the one below. Spread the word.


      • Namaskaar Truth Seeker Sir

        See, reforming a religion (expecially when the religion is one of the largest religions of the world) is a complex process. It is not a one day activity. It will take some time.

        As far as Mushafiq is concerned, please see this:


        What you did with your friends, that is worth noting. I request you to make blog and show fallacy with demonic cult. I also request you to review Qadir Sheikh apostasy. That is must read for true humans.

        Regarding judging the things logically and scientifically, no Muslim can have the guts to do so. They speak of Quranic challenge to produce anything similar to it. Scientist of golden age debunks the same.

        I am not an atheist because I don’t think of GOD. I do believe in GOD but my GOD is rational GOD rather than what Abrahamics portray. I don’t believe in GOD of any religion. As far as Vedas are concerned, no they aren’t any religion. They are meant for whole humanity / cosmos which even scholars can’t deny with. There are many criticizers of islam worldwide like the one below. Spread the word.


      • @Indian Atheist

        I apologise for being harsh on you. Most of the commentators come here to mock Agniveer/veda without knowing what agniveer stands for/mission and also without having proper subject knowledge. Hence the abuses.

        —I agree that all need not be internet savvy but I am not demanding all 1200 testimonies—–
        If you have followed agniveer closely, they have uploaded a video interview of a convert on you tube, months ago who came at shuddhi event. Its in Hindi, guy was a Hindu earlier, after listening Zakir naik he converted to Islam(use to go mosque) and then after reading Agniveer’s rebuttals he embraced vedic dharma. Its still there, you can watch now also. And i think its more than a written testimonial.

      • Shravak Sir,

        /// that’s why Mushfiq is so interested in refuting Agniveer then defending Islam. no? ///

        That’s real pity, besides him, systemoflife, islamictreasure are also doing the same. As Ali Sina mentions::: Muslims only know mass criticism and don’t have any valid logic. That’s what the problem with those terrorists is. We need some champion who can clear out the dust and save innocent people from getting into their traps.

        /// Do you know Mahendar Pal Arya? He was a muslim, an Imam. After debating with an Arya Samaji he accepted vedic dharma. ///

        I know him but I wasn’t aware that he is an ex – Imaam. That’s great. When I said that every Muslim won’t convert, I meant that Islamic laws are stupid. Apostasy is worst punishment in that. The Arabic word is Murtad. From this root, Urdu word Murda comes which means dying. So, apostasy means death. I strongly request you to read Qadir Sheikh apostasy on Wiki Islam / FFI. He even ordered Ali Sina not to change his name. Only people with such determination will leave Satanic cult. Leaving Islam is not easy for others and only those who have practically experienced Satanism will leave that Satanic cult. Those are real champions and cannot be fooled.


      • /// I apologise for being harsh on you. ///
        That’s not my objective. See, we both have same goal – to save humanity. Eliminating Islam is the by – product of the same. Therefore, it is recommended to work collectively. We need to unite others and at the same time, save our human brothers from getting sacrificed by these. As terrorist Afzal has himself said – We only convert noble people. This proves how jealous Muslims are. They deliberately convert noble to decrease noble population. We need some solution to this.

        /// Most of the commentators come here to mock Agniveer/veda without ///
        I can’t even think of doing that. Atheists / Agnostics usually refer science and then try to answer general questions. Therefore, they are mostly critic of Abrahamic faiths since they are bogus in light of science. They criticize Bible – proof is evilbible.com and Quran. See theRationalizer youtube channel. I don’t know any atheist who criticizes Vedas.

        When world’s greatest scientist & Agnostic Albert Einstein was told about Indian scriptures, he bowed down. This is what he said about religions – BELIEF IN SOME GOD IS CHILDISH SUPERSTITIONS. When same person read Gita, he said – WHENEVER I READ BHAGVAD GITA AND REFLECT UPON HOW GOD CREATED THIS UNIVERSE, EVERYTHING ELSE SEEMS SUPERFLUOUS. So, no atheist ever can criticize Vedas.

        /// they have uploaded a video interview ///
        That is great. Can you just give the link? Thanks

      • @Indian Atheist

        —I can’t even think of doing that. —
        How would i/we know? The only thing we can do is judgeing your intention by your comments. You came here and without thoroughly investigating the matter termed Agniveer as deciever and a liar. What we suppose to do then?
        FYI…Agniveer has also uploaded few pics/videos from these shuddhi movements(wherever they have conducted the event) on FB.

        —Atheists / Agnostics usually refer science and then try to answer general questions.—
        Atheists rarely comments here. All we got here are the brainless madarssa chaps. People also came here with fake hindu names and start abusing Agniveer. Its tough to recognise the genuine users.

      • Sorry mate i can’t provide you the you tube link coz i can’t access it. my employer has blocked it. may be other users can.

      • @Indian Atheist

        haha…well done. Mushfiq is evidently frustrated, desperate that’s why he started abusing Rahul. Diverting topic by relating him to saffron terrorism, BJP, ABVP, politics. Don’t know what all these got to do with critically analyzation of Islam?

      • @अग्निवीर और अन्य बंधुओ को सादर प्रणाम
        हमें दुनिया को इस्लाम से तो बचाना है साथ में हमें वेदों का प्रचार भी करना है ! ऋषि दयानंद जी के जीवन से हमें शिक्षा लेनी चाहिए उन्होंने धर्म छेत्र में में आने से पहले अपने आप को वैदिक ज्ञान से पारगंत किया! उन्होंने समाज में व्याप्त अज्ञान को वैदिक ज्ञान द्वारा नाश करने के प्रयास प्रारम्भ किया ! हमारा बहुत सा समय तो इस्लाम के बारे में लिखते हुए ही बीत जाता है इसके साथ हमें अपने आप को वैदिक ज्ञान से भी औत- प्रोत करना होगा! जैसे की अग्निवीर ने गायत्री, इशोउप्निषद के कुछ मंत्रो द्वारा हमें वैदिक ज्ञान से परचित कराया! हमें और ऐसे मंत्रो को साईट पर डालने की जरुरत है जो हमारी अध्यात्मिक उनंती के लिए टोनिक का काम करे ! वैसे आपका इस वेबसाइट के विषय में क्या विचार है यहाँ वैदिक मंत्रो का कितना अच्छा व्याख्यान किया गया है अगर ये इंग्लिश भाषा में होता तो और भी अच्छा होता !

      • Namaskaar Shravak Sir,

        This is what the problem with society is. Everybody works towards changing others, no one changes himself. People judge others based on either prejudice OR just judging book based on 1 page. Whatever it is, such stupid judging practice is Muslim concept not ours.

        As said by scholar Ali Sina
        It is ironic that despite their claim of hating Islam, Hindu extremists are influenced by Muhammad’s evil spirit and are indeed Muslims. It is not their belief that makes them Islamists, but their conducts.
        I would say – let us not be that.

        One day, a child just said in his school – Allahu Akbar. When Hindus listened that, they called him terrorist. OK – years passed and there was a INDOPAK war. A brave soldier sacrificed himself for India. Interestingly, he was same Muslim known as CMQH Abdul Hamid. So, who knows what happens with whom & when. So, let’s not get into evil habit of judging. I judge Muslims because they generally love terrorism. Else, I don’t judge any body rather reply rationally.

        /// termed Agniveer as deciever and a liar ///

        I never called Agniveer a liar. I only told him to give the proof. Not having the proof does not make you liar. No one has proof that factorial of 0 is 1. That does not make everyone a liar. People only say that their Maths teacher taught them so and they defined 0 factorial so to simplify their permutation and combination problem. But, that is not a proof rather an explanation.

        As far as testimonial is concerned, I demanded that to support sharing of experience NOT as a criticism to Agniveer. Had I mentioned – Love you Agniveer. Please post their testimonies on Wiki Islam / FFI etc. Hindus would have appreciated. Well, I had already mailed that to him but NO REPLY CAME. I just thought to reframe my sentence that way. A failed experiment. Don’t forget to review Qadir Sheikh testimony on FFI.

        // i can’t provide you the you tube link //

        Don’t worry! I will check it…

      • // i can’t provide you the you tube link //

        Don’t worry! I will check it myself. Thanks

        See this too

        Muslim scholars have themselves said that Muslims are under some divine punishment. Allah punishes them by putting Earthquakes in Islamic nations. Muslims fight among each other. They are proven backward in thinking and in actions. 226 million illiterate Muslims worldwide. Our job is to prevent poor people from getting sacrificed to these people’s hands.

        Islam is similar to Judaism in many aspects. Israel faced one holocaust. Islam will face another. Israel survived because of intelligence. 22% scientists are Jews. Muslims don’t have intelligence and hence their survival chances are lesser. Let’s prevent India from coming in their cruel hands.

    • @Indian Atheist
      Correct brother if they (Agniveer & Co.) will convert 1 person we will convert 100 person in Islam from Hinduism. One day there will muslim-muslim-muslim and islam all around the world. I am working in mission of Islamization of India and we have converted many people in south India and we help the people how to convert in Islam by reciting Allah’ Shahada and acknowledging Mohammad as last prophet.

      O-Hindio accept the Islam make your life blissful after life. For this read Quran which is free available on internet and if anybody interested we can deliver hard copy to address. Please send your request here. Within 4-5 days pious Quran will be delivered to you free of cost.

      • @Afzal khan

        —Correct brother if they…—-
        Since when an Atheist and a Momin became brothers :-D.

        —One day there will muslim-muslim-muslim and islam all around the world. —
        And from that day there will be no peace in the world. Shia will fight Sunni, wahabi with Sufi etc. All of them will bomb each other and than there will be no one alive to follow Allah’s deen.

        —I am working in mission of Islamization of India—
        Don’t worry dude, there are many shivaji’s(Agniveer) out there to combat with likes of Afzal khan and they will fight this dharmayuddha till their last breath.

      • Well, I don’t feel like talking to a Muslim. As Revered scholar Mark Twain has mentioned, Muslims are always insane. So, it is stupidity to talk to them. I am only replying because you consider me your brother otherwise I am not concerned with your taqiyya.

        Let me be frank, Hindus are none of your enemies. Hindus only copy paste from here and there. You do not have guts to convert Christians bcoz you know that they will kill you in your trial to do the same. Mass critiques of Islam are either Christians OR Atheists. Can you convert an atheist?

        I challenge you to convert (NOTE::: Without using sword) an atheist. The best example is Ali Sina. He left Islam to become an atheist. Do you have guts to convert him back to Islam?

        Don’t tell me that you refuted him OR debunked him. If your rebuttal does not make him a Momin again, that is your hypocrisy and nothing else.

        As far as Islamization is concerned, answer this:
        “””Islam creates a living hell for people who follow it and the “Jannat” heaven that it describes where a jihadi goes after death sounds like a whorehouse. Allah is the eternal pimp who charges you the price of your life and the lives of innocent people as entry fee to this eternal whorehouse where you get 70 virgin houris, young boys as slaves and rivers flowing with wine.
        I have seen many burkha wearing Muslim women who are suffering from breathing disorders. The burkha hinders the free flow of fresh air around the face and is actually a portable prison, which rides on top of the women.
        Imagine a world full of only Muslims and all the world full of burkha wearing women, and then the world would be divided between shia’s and sunni’s. Do you think they will embrace each other? Do you think that there would be no crime? Do you think businesses would make more money and banks could be run using stupid Islamic banking laws? Do you think there will be no wars? In fact if we ex-Muslims do not bring these facts to the Muslims we will fail the humanity.”””
        Said by an ex – Muslim…

      • @Indian Atheist
        __________Muslims are always insane_________
        I thought there is something of Islamic teaching left within you in spite of you are an atheist that is why you were fighting here for Islam but you seem to be hypocrite in reality.
        ______I challenge you to convert (NOTE::: Without using sword) an atheist. The best example is Ali Sina. He left Islam to become an atheist. Do you have guts to convert him back to Islam__________
        We do not want Saitan in Islam we convert only noble people.
        ______As far as Islamization is concerned__________
        Before writing anything nonsense about Islam do some research of your own. Have you ever read Holy Quran? If not we are still ready to help and offer you book free of cost. We are doing service of Allah by bringing the people in Islam. You can send you request here for Quran hard copy, eminent Islamic scholars visit your address and will guide you properly.

      • Brother Afjal,

        I would strongly recommend you to read Chaudvin Ka Chand.. Rather than reading stupid comments on islamhinuism web site which is simply trying to divert main attention from analysis of islam to “when the book was written”……


        Please go through the excellent logic and philosophy which the writer has followed and come back with proper responses on topics being analyzed rather than again trying to divert from main topic i..e logical analysis of islam…


    • @All
      After coming of agniveer /satyagni Muslims have stopped preaching Islamic science before Hindus. Otherwise few years before when I was searching something I used to get across nonsense Islamic science. Muslims also have stopped to visit agniveer as they used to come here to preach and defend Islamic science/Islam. They have lost interest in Islam and somewhere in mind every true Muslims feeling guilt that he is connected to Islam some or other way. But it is just starting we still have to walk a long way. I think Prophet Zakir Naik also not preaching Islam in public as he used to preach earlier. Thank You agniveer ji to enlighten us and teach as way of life to think logically/scientifically everything.

      • Namaskaar Truth Seeker Sir,

        I don’t think that Muslims have stopped anything. It will take time. Every change takes some time and for a Mohammedan, this delay is infinite. You said that “They have lost interest in Islam and somewhere in mind every true Muslims feeling guilt that he is connected to Islam some or other way.” That is characteristics of a reformed religion. The concept of reform is un – Islamic. Therefore, Muslims can’t reform at all. ZN has fatwas issued under his name and hence he is banned. You think that he stopped due to Agniveer? He is laato kaa bhut . Agniveer’s peaceful criticism isnt sufficient for him.


        Therefore, Muslims might take infinite delay to learn. But, as the present conditions seem, you can see that in upcoming 10 years, a NON Muslim might consider a sin to even look the face of a Muslim and in next 20 years, Muslims would feel ashamed of being a Muslim. if at all he is a human. Otherwise, case dismissed.

        Anyways Sir, your sign on the petition says “Signature under moderation queue!” Aisaa kyaa daal diyaa?

  • Official Legal petition for the Prohibition of the Quran in Spain


    Imran Firasat

    A Pakistani settled in Spain asks formally for “the prohibition of Quran”

    “Imran Firasat” A Pakistani citizen with legal residence in Spain as a political refugee has presented an official petition to the numerous institutions of Spanish government for calling the prohibition of Quran.
    Imran has formally sent the petition to the President of Spain, Parliament of Spain, Ministry of exterior and also to the ministry of interior. A copy of the petition is attached at the end of this news.
    In the document presented to the government of Spain, Imran reveals 10 points which will support his petition for banning the Quran:

    (1) The Quran is not a sacred and religious book, but a violent book, full of hatred and discrimination.

    (2) The Quran is a horrible book which provokes a community calls Muslims to undertake Jihad, kill innocent people and destroy the peace of the world.

    (3) The Quran is responsible for all the terrorism we have seen in recent years in which thousands of people lost their lives.

    (4) The Quran is a book which contains evil teachings and forces its believers to capture the entire world and total power at any price.

    (5) The Quran is a book which legally permits and incites hatred and violence and for that reason it is not compatible with the modern world including Spain.

    (6) The Quran is a book which directly discriminates between human beings.

    (7) The Quran is a book which doesn´t allow the freedom of expression neither the religious freedom.

    (8) The Quran is a book which causes women to suffer and be tortured by means of its full of injustice and macho laws.

    (9) The Quran is a book which rather than teaching unity, teaches disunity and in this way it doesn´t allow it´s believers to form friendship with those who are not Muslims, because in the eyes of Quran they are infidels.

    (10) The Quran is a major threat to the free society of Spain. A…

    • NAMASKAAR!!!
      One thing I must say here
      Oh, Vivek Jyoti jee,

      That’s great. Hats off to humanity lover Imran Firasat who ranks humanity above than religion. I think we must do same thing for India too. Let’s file a petition and ban hate mongering book Quran in India. Muslims of India respect Babur, Ghori and Alexander; the worst terrorists ever known to mankind. They don’t even know about Ashfaqulla and Abdul Hamid. They hate them (those who know them) because these patriots supported Madr – e – watan and that is illegal as per Islam. Every Indian Muslim prays for long life of terrorists and that’s why Kasab / Afzal are still alive. Once Quran is banned, these traitors will learn a lesson.

      In Islam nations, NON Muslims are called second grade citizens and that proves that Islam can never reform. Hence Islam breeds terrorism alone. All those who have experienced Muslim terrorism are in billions (living / dead) worldwide and that proves my point. Quran must be banned with immediate effect.

  • “sikh is hindu buddhist is hindu???? ”

    NO, Sikh is a Sikh, Bhuddist is a Bhuddist. Hindu is a Hindu
    Many ways to worship God, each respected, is one of fundamentals of Sanatan Dharma(Hindu) faith.

    • Dogra, I totally agree. Well said. In the Dharmic group, “Sikh is a Sikh, Bhuddist is a Bhuddist. Hindu is a Hindu”
      but they are all Dharmic brothers and sisters.
      That is the most import thing we are all Dharmic brother sand sisters.
      Let us stand united against people who wish to cause divisions among our Dharmic brothers and sister, ie mr. noor the crazy maniac.


  • Noor e Haq,

    Idolatry is not against humanity but Muslims in general and Muslim rulers in particular have been. Idolaters don’t force anybody to change their way of worship, but the Muslims force others. Not only the history proves it but the contemporary incidents also prove it. As far as Bhavishya Puran is considered, it paints Muhammad as a demon. I am sure, you didn’t read the Bhavishya Puran completely and even if you read it, you didn’t show that part to your Hindu friend. What is Islam? Essentially it’s nothing but following a person and his teachings blindly without any argument. Wholly unscientific value system. It’s a desert of wisdom where only shrubs of ignorance or thorny terrorism can come up. Existence of love and wisdom that are visible are like mirage in desert. A few real oasis are there but few and far between and hence Muslims need the streams of love that can quench their thirst of millenniums.

    I am sorry for the above harsh words. Forgive me but I wanted to give you a taste of what others feel when you display inimical behavior against idolaters. Love all as long as they are not they are not against you even if they are idolaters. I love you all Muslims as long as you don’t attack others including fellow Muslims. How can you expect love from other communities by decimating them for a millennium and felling their thousands of temples. Denying the historical facts will not stand in the present day informed world. So better love all irrespective of their life style as long as they are not against humanity.

    Again, forgive me for hurting you (it was just meant to make you feel what others feel when you disparage them only because they differ from you). After all you are the same as I am because everybody is essentially same as per Hinduism.

  • @God is great, you have written ——-as well as the terrorism dogma book Quran; they don’t accept that fact.——- i think it is the strategy of agniver to make aryasamajis fool, just write nonsense like 1200 muslims converted to hinduism(hahahahah) and if any muslim try to correct false allegations then you people start abusing the holy book & prophet. it is a duty of muslim that if any insane person is abusing ALLAH and prophet then stop him if he can if not then go from there. so because i cant stop u abusing my ALLAH AND PROPHET SO I’LL leave this page. but point of consideration is show me a single line where i have abused ur god or veda or moolshankar? y u have started abusing? ans is you dont want to listen truth. you must know what happened with the writer of rangeela rasool. never abuse anyones GOD or prophet specially muslims. we love and respect prophet very much. you always challenge to ZN for debate. i challenge u mr. great debate with me on any topic(so that i may know who are u and agniveer who abuse our prophet) just come once on stage then we will teach u the lesson. I REQUEST HOME MINISTRY AND HRD THAT PLEASE BANN THIS WEBSITE OF HATE MONGERS.

    • Hi Noor!
      I would appreciate if you answer this first: http://www.islam-watch.org/LeavingIslam/Challenge-to-Muslims-Answer-These-Questions-or-I-Will-Apostatize.htm

      Read further only if you can rationally answer those questions.
      You wanted to create division in India. Since you seemed to be believer of British doctrine – DIVIDE AND RULE. I thought that you must be answered in your own language. My goal was not to offend you. I don’t have enmity with you but enmity with Quran. Many Quranic verses orders making friend solely on religious background. 9:23 is most pathetic verse I have ever seen. If a Muslim says – I have non muslim friends; that really confuses. 2 inferences can be drawn

      A – They are not muslims; since they don’t follow Quran
      B – They are using Taqiyya; Taqiyya means legal / lawful lie

      No person born on this planet can define which inference is most likely. Further 9:5; 9:29; 9:111 supports killing yourself OR others in the name of Allah. I respect Allah and know that Allah wanted to say something else. But Muslims blindly follow all such verses. That is the pity. If Agniveer is a hate mongering website, then Quran is a hate mongering book. Visit GOD OF REASON website to know that in detail.

      // you people start abusing the holy book & prophet //

      You justify prophet marrying 12 times if Allah ordered max 4. What was wrong with Aisha whom he married; when she was a mere child of 6 year old? Why innovation (Bida) is haraam? Why GOD wants dogs to die?

      // any insane person is abusing ALLAH //

      Who is abusing Allah? Quran itself because it calls Allah the best deciever. See 15:39 and 7:16 for details. Even if iblis is evil, it is illegal for Allah to mislead him.

      // show me a single line where i have abused ur god or veda or moolshankar? //

      You are dividing Hindus under 2 sects – Arya Samaj and idolators. Is that a lesser abuse? You are telling Arya Samajis to fight with idolators and you are telling others that Arya Samaj is fool. Why you don’t consider that as wrong; is…

      • You are dividing Hindus under 2 sects – Arya Samaj and idolators. Is that a lesser abuse? You are telling Arya Samajis to fight with idolators and you are telling others that Arya Samaj is fool. Why you don’t consider that as wrong; is due to Quranic belief which tells to divide the world in 2 sects – Muslims and Kaafirs. Allah is great and even Mohammed is noble. All mis interpretations about the 2 exist due to Quran / Sunna / Hadiths.

        // you dont want to listen truth //

        What is your criteria to decide truth? Truth is that Allah created Iblis and lost Iblis’s challenge as per Quran. Justify the truth of this incident. Iblis succeeded in putting Adam out of paradise. Also, Satan is still alive. Allah is lazy enough not to kill him.

        // challenge u mr. great debate with me //

        I am not interested in debating with a bigot nor I advocate such debates. The debate must happen within not without. Ayesha Ahmed has declared how Muslims debate with a kaafir. You will find the same on islam – watch.com
        Google out “how to debate infidels – Ayesha Ahmed” and see yourself. All your tactics of debate are exposed there. I don’t see any point in debating. Debating with a Muslim is just the waste of time. Proof: http://satyagni.com/5083/islam-and-hinduism-debate/
        If you still insist of debating with Agniveer, check out eligibility criteria.

        // you must know what happened with the writer of rangeela rasool //

        HAHAHA. Muslims attacked him from his back. They don’t even have the guts to attack from front. Let me tell you, Muslims started it. Hindus only replied back which you did not like. Americans attacked Iraq/Iran in response to 9/11 attacks. A Christian scholar has once said – IF MUSLIMS QUIT WEAPONS, THERE WOULD BE NO TERRORISM AND IF JEWS QUIT WEAPONS, THERE WOULD BE NO ISRAEL. (Jews made Jesus die while Muslims rever Jesus, so Christians are supposed to hate Jews and love Muslims. Why is it the reverse? Because Islam is hatred imposer religion.) Palestinians want Israel to perish so jews are taking…

      • HAHAHA. Muslims attacked him from his back. They don’t even have the guts to attack from front. Let me tell you, Muslims started it. Hindus only replied back which you did not like. Americans attacked Iraq/Iran in response to 9/11 attacks. A Christian scholar has once said – IF MUSLIMS QUIT WEAPONS, THERE WOULD BE NO TERRORISM AND IF JEWS QUIT WEAPONS, THERE WOULD BE NO ISRAEL. (Jews made Jesus die while Muslims rever Jesus, so Christians are supposed to hate Jews and love Muslims. Why is it the reverse? Because Islam is hatred imposer religion.) Palestinians want Israel to perish so jews are taking revenge. Asimanand replied to MUM blasts. All Saffron terrorists are true patriots. What they did was just TIT FOR TAT. All hatred is started by Muslims alone. Babur daily killed many Hindus and Aurangjeb took food after seeing Hindus dead. That’s proven true by Ex – Muslims. Details are given here: http://inthenameofallah.org/Total%20War.html

        Abu Bakr Mohammed ibn Zakariya al Razi, the only genuine scientist which Islam gave to the world; reportedly says – If the people of Islam are asked about the proof for the soundness of their religion, they flare up, get angry and spill the blood of whoever confronts them with this question. They forbid rational speculation, and strive to kill their adversaries. This is why truth became thoroughly silenced and concealed. See the proof on ISBN 9780060097950. September 7, 2004 issue.

        Who hates truth now? Rational speculation is not known to Islam and a notable Persian Muslim scientist admits that Muslims support terrorism. Asimanand / Israel / America fought for humanity. There is nothing wrong with them. If they kill any innocent person (Probability is less than 10% though) then they are condemnable. I won’t discuss the war between Muslims and infidels but would like to know your opinion about Muslim – Muslim war Ex: Shia – Sunni war; Wahhabi – Ahmedi battle; Egyptian and Yemen riots etc.

        Reform in Christianity brought love towards multiculturalism while reform in…

      • What do you say on this:

        Reform in Christianity brought love towards multiculturalism while reform in Islam brought hatred towards secularism. That’s why Muslims never take criticism in positive fashion. No Muslim is ever taught how to do that. Osama is dead but threat of Islam moves on.
        Commandment by BIBLE GOD – Thou shall not kill
        Commandment by QURAN GOD – Slay the unbelievers where you find them

  • @all aryasamajis, please request baba ramdev/anna to raise voice against idol worship and idols. they should request hindus to break their idols.
    i have bhavishya purana of geeta press gorakhapur, once i have shown bhavishywani for prphet muhammad S.a.w in bhavishya puran to a hindu and asked his opinion for it, he replied that this purana is adulterated. i asked who adulterated? he said mughal. i was thinking that now hindus are free to throw adulterated part from their holy book then y they are not throwing that portion out. problem is this, from where you will get standard to check that book? you have n sdandard..
    an idol worshiper is hindu, an aryasamaji is hindu, sikh is hindu buddhist is hindu???? you are free to believe anything you will remain hindu.. so cheers

    • And I request you to request baba Zakir to raise his voice against grave worship of muslim pirs. He should also request muslims to stop this practice with immediate effect and also destroy the mazars.

    • Mr. Noor,

      The fact that you said to Arya Samajis, “they should request hindus to break their idols,” shows to me that you know nothing about Arya Samaj. Yes, Dayanand Saraswati didn’t believe in idol worship, and he did not condone it. But if you know anything about what he did, you would know he didn’t ask anyone to break idols. He knew it was important to respect other Dharmic people’s way of worship even if he didn’t agree with it.

      When a entire village did leave idol worship and followed the true new Dharmic way, he asked the followers to go and place the idols in the river because it isn’t right to break it. Because he knew that others outside the village would be offended by it. He stressed the importance of unity with the Dharmic idol worshipers while still not agreeing with everything they do. He made it clear that the Dharmic way allows us to do that unlike other religions. Which are violent when they disagree with someone else. Even those who are part of the same religious group as them.

      So I will state it again, stop trying to create divisions between Arya Samaj and other Dharmic people. Yes we have disagreements with each other and we know it. But the key difference between us and crazies like you is we handle the differences between our Dharmic people more civil than people like your crazy insane self.


    • @noor-e-haque
      ________please request baba ramdev/anna to raise voice against idol worship and idols. they should request hindus to break their idols._______________
      Will you Throw all photos/paintings/pictures of your ancestors in the dustbin or burn them. Whatever perceivable by sight are Idols. Gandhi Idol on Indian currency. Jinha Idol on Pakistan currency. Why do Muslims need Kaba Idol to worship Allah?

  • @mr. hahaha, hold hold hold, just dont write nonsense…. do u know usa attacked iraq saying that there are wmds but later no wmd found in iraq. they haye destroyed whole iraq and if you google out or search on youtube u can find that there is not single building which is uneffected/unbroken. you peoples are hate mongers and against humanity. mr. truth seeker is saying that if somebody is doing idol worshop then let them do and dont kill them…. brother no babri masjid was killing any idolater, it was insane peoples who have demolished that mosque and later riots took place. islam never allow any muslim to kill any person because of his idol worship, you can ask any muslim/madarsa and they will answer u same. bajrangi/abhinav bharati/shri ram sena peoples first hide their identity behind artificial beard then they blast in any mosque/train/temple and then peoples like u start shouting that muslim are terrorist. it has been proved in makka masjid blast and samjhauta express. all proofs are indicating towards fascist rss(rss bjp leaders love israel very much because israel is killing innocent muslims in palestine/ abhinav bharat requested israel to give them training and open their international headquarter in til abib). Mr. karkare who was unveiling the saffron terrorism has been killed in top level conspiracy.
    if any muslim is killing any IDOLATER because of his IDOL worship he is no more muslim. w
    e have problem with agniver because he is maligning islam.
    @MR. hahaha are you kid or something? go and play anywhere else. you are saying that mecca is in arab? are u indian or not? just search on net u can find mecca masjid in hyderabad and what Mr. asimanand has done.
    all aryasamajis should request baba ramdev that if he is true aryasamaji he should oppose idol worhip only once from his stage then you can see the results.

    • mrs noor ,
      i dont know your problem ,we hindu dont believe in fight we are peace lover ,and this could be a prove that even after you all got two homes in name of pakistan and bangladesh we allowed you all to live and breed and multiply in such a proportion that your population has increased from 7.8% to nearly 25% according to census of 2011,where as in pakistan hindu population has vanished and in bangladesh it has come down from 30% to 6%,this prove how pease loving are muslims when they are in majority leave other country see in india in the state of j&k ,hindu were killed and were driven out of state this show how peace loving are muslim more over all muslims of india eat on hindus money and with that they bully also its because hindus are some time coward and they are selfish also but now enough has been sacrificed ,now open debate should be done ,come on with your true identity if you are real muslim . DECISION SHOULD BE DONE OF PENDING WORK WHICH WAS LEFT UNFINISHED IN 1947 ,MUSLIMS HAVE GOT THEIR HOME LAND AND TO MORE LAND IN PROPORTION OF THEIR POPULATION ,HINDU SHOULD GET TRUE JUSTICE THE REMAINING MUSLIMS SHOULD BE SENT TO THERE RESPECTIVE COUNTRY THEY ARE GUEST AND EVERY GUEST HAS TO GO!!!THEIR TIME HAS COME ,AND ITS TIME OF JUSTICE AND THAT TO LEGAL!!!


        Yes Rishi Kumar bro, you are right. Just reading the news. There, I got the fact that Shekhs from Arabs come and marry with Indian girls. This is quite frequent in south India. A Sheikh of age 52 years came and married a girl of 10 years of age. Even Mohammed did the same with Aisha. Therefore, Muslims support this evil act in the name of Allah. Mrs. Noor has said that Muslims don’t kill idolators, she should read Quran 9:5 which orders to kill pagans. There was a treaty which was broken by pagans, this is what Muslims say. OK – If some pagans broke it, kill them. Why kill every pagan as the ayah says?

        Some similar rule is about 5:51. It says to make friend based on religions alone. If few Jews / Christians were hating Muslim attitude, that is OK but why generalization to the level that Jews / Christians are your enemies. Quranic GOD totally ignores the case that some good people might come from Judeo – Christian OR pagan belief. He directly instructs Muslims not to make them friends. If a Muslim considers them his friend, he is kaafir as per Quranic doctrine. Generalization is an error committed by humans. First time, GOD is making the error of generalization. Why?

        Anyways! Leave them. Yes, we should fight for our rights and save our nation from these butchers. Please give some guidance what to do and how. Hindus need unity and they should all sign petition against Islam.

    • You have problem with Agniveer not because he is maligning Islam but because he is exposing your Majaqhab( not religion). Arya samajis never oppose idol worship , they have no reason to do it, i believe. Instead, they educate everyone , including your breed, about the true message of Vedas. Once grasped , idol worship is automatically relegated to background and true nature of Ishwar comes to the fore. You muslims , as per tenets of islam , have not only destroyed countless idols in India but also killed idol worshippers. Cite me one single example where an arya samaji has even advocated breaking of idols.Imagine for a second what would have happened if Hindu gods and Goddess had , unlike Allah ,asked us to kill all non-idol worshippers from Bharat. I enjoy absolute freedom and wisdom to disown your allah and rasool.

  • @Mr. krishna and Mr. shravak, why are you so much ignorant? can u not see heaps of idols waiting to be installed in rama mandir? what will peoples do in ram mandir after its completion? will they worship idols or eikam brahmam? you peoples can be easily deceived by agniveer. can u believe that 1200 peopleshav been converted to hinduism in shahjahanpur and one of the participants name was NOORJAHAN teli and he was male? you can ask any fellow muslim that noorjahan must be what? “male or female”? one intelligent person is increasing our knowledge by informing that agniveer.com is more popular than http://www.irf.net . brother if you want to become famous just start defaming islam. you must know salman rushdie but not pandit ved prakash upadhyaya(HOD sanskrit department of PU). ved prakash sb has written so many good books but no body knows him. @ MR. HEHEHe, you must know that 80 muslim boys have been released who were previously charged for makka masjid blast in hyderabad , later Mr. asimanand sadhu was found guilty and all muslim boys(who were propagated as terrorit ) were released(their future has been spoiled) and government simply said ‘SORRY’.. so check your information regarding fatwa etc before educating us.

    • @noor-e-haque
      If I worship idols what harm I am doing of you. Why do your prophet (Mohammed) and you want to kill me. I am not hurting anybody.

    • Your reply gave me new idea of jokes. I must appreciate your sense of humour. Let there be idols. If you don’t worship idols, you don’t worship. Who is telling you to? Those who do worship idol, let them live peacefully. If Hindus are worshippng idols, you also worship Kaaba. You have even idolated Mohammed. This was Mohammed. http://answering-islam.org/Silas/terrorist.htm
      If you seriously don’t want to be idolator, Quit Islam and convert to atheism.

      If you can’t believe that people converted to hinduism, that’s your problem. And if Agniveer is indeed wrong, Let GOD decide that. Who are you? Are you some delegate sent by GOD? Get out of childish mentality of criticizing NON Islamic faiths. You are speaking of terrorism, first consult a dictionary to know the meaning of terrorism. Since Muslim doctrine believes in falsehood (Taqiyya and kitman); Muslims are NOT trustworthy. Firstly, Mecca is in Arab not in Hyderabad. Hyderabad only contains a mosque similar to mecca. This does not make Hyderabad makka masjid and just like every other Muslim construction, even this would have been made after destroying already made buildings. I guess every Muslim building should be destroyed. You only know Asimanand; You don’t know terrorists who came to India – Mahmud Ghazni, Ghori, Babur, Al Tirmidhi, Akbar, Aurangzeb, OH GOD! Numerous terrorists are given by you. Your role model ZN says that every Muslim should be a terrorist. All NON terrorists are kaafir as per ZN.

      Egypt was a rich and vast place before islamization and now, daily some riots take place there. You butchers converted rich culture of Yemen into war mongering nation. You destroyed civilization of Mesopotamia converting it to barbarian Iraq and also destroyed purity of Persia; making it land of terrorism Iran. Where there is a Muslim, humanity can’t exist there. Same is accepted by scholars like Sam Shamoun, David Wood, Ali Sina etc. I don’t want to discuss with you further bcoz I talk to only humans. I am only replying bcoz Muslims are in wrong…

      • Egypt was a rich and vast place before islamization and now, daily some riots take place there. You butchers converted rich culture of Yemen into war mongering nation. You destroyed civilization of Mesopotamia converting it to barbarian Iraq and also destroyed purity of Persia; making it land of terrorism Iran. Where there is a Muslim, humanity can’t exist there. Same is accepted by scholars like Sam Shamoun, David Wood, Ali Sina etc. I don’t want to discuss with you further bcoz I talk to only humans. I am only replying bcoz Muslims are in wrong notion that if someone does not reply then he has lost. When Mark Twain has declared that Muslims are insane in religious matter, then it is stupidity to doubt insanity of a Muslim.

        If defaming Islam makes you famous, why not actors kill Muslims for publicity? That would also reduce the instances of terrorism. World knows Salman Rushdie due to his knowledge and qualifications not due to him defaming Islam. You will find his numerous awards. Ved Prakash Upadhyay may have written good books but one of his disaster is where he equates Mohammed to be Kalnki Avatar. His other books may be right but this a pathetic one. Anyways, something wrong would have happened with him.

        Fatwa and 80 Muslim boys. How are the 2 linked? Are you just putting some jokes in between? As far as terrorism is concerned, tell the same to those who lost their family members to terrorism. They will guide you true face of Islam. Recently, there was news that 5 Christians were killed in Nigeria, Also there was news that 18 Shias were killed by Sunnis in PAK; there were riots in Egypt where 74 were dead; Also in Yemen, 30 civilians and 14 militants were killed. Ask their family members to know the definition of terrorism. No matter wherever a Muslim is, he will be a terrorist. 🙁

    • Mr. Noor,

      Sorry buddy, but idols worship was there before, when the place was a mosque. So if your argument is based on idol worship alone, you are not helping your cause. If you understand, you would know Arya Samaj believes islam is an idol worshiping religion as well. Arya Samaj believes islam is the biggest idol lovers. You might not think that, but Arya Samaj and I do. Sorry, but you can’t convenience us otherwise because it is pretty clear to use islam is a idol loving religion.

      Next we would rather have a group of Hindus who are idol worshipers have that land than muslims because at least they are friendly to Arya Samaj. Unlike islam which hates non-muslims. Next we will also point out that Arya Samaj people can have a place in the temple for their form of worship as well. This my friend is called unity. Even though idol worshiping Hindus and non-idol worshiping Hindus have their differences, we still can work together and be united. We both express our differences with each other, but still be able to work together as brothers and sisters.


      • Krishna brother!

        The blunder with terrorism supporters is that they assume that all idolators are doomed. While these have themselves idolated rapist Muftis and pedophile prophet as well as the terrorism dogma book Quran; they don’t accept that fact.

        Have you noticed the irony? The commenter has named herself as noor – e – haque which is Satyarth Prakash in Urdu. She is deliberately defaming Satyarth Prakash and also wrongly assumes that Arya Samajis are fool. Anyways, why she speaks of babri masjid demolition is that she knows that Babur was worst terrorist ever known to mankind. Newly appointed Prophet Dr. Zakir Naik says that every Muslim should be a terrorist. Therefore, being a devout believer, she has to support a terrorist. This is what Islam has contributed to mankind.

        There are many Hindu temples demolished, many Christian Churches destroyed and many other religious buildings distorted. Why they don’t talk about the same? Why only a Muslim speaks about Mosque demolition? The answer is simple – they support terrorism. Mosques were built after destroying other buildings only. Every terrorist is known as Ghazi to the Muslim community. Ghazi means brave. Muslim definition of bravery matches with Dictionary definition of terrorism. Yet, they expect NON Muslims to behave peacefully with them. Do they really deserve that?

  • the new results of different states is a tight slap on babri masjid demolishers. baba ramdev who is arya samaji (arya samaji claims to be against idol worship) but he supports BJP(a party who want to establish idols and presently actively busy in establishing idolworship and idols).
    @krishna, you can see in UP who have voted for congress but we are not against madarsas. i think whole aryasamaj must be happy with the present election results.

    • Mr. Noor, hold on there assumption making big boy. You made a lot of claims that were loosely connected.

      The temple is supported by many different Hindu groups, including Arya Samaj, because of unity. Not because of idol worship. Different Hindu groups are uniting and people like you are pissed off by it and now are trying to disunite them. You are the enemy who wishes to cause families to break.

  • Mr. HAHAHA

    The only taqiya I know is the pillow which I sleep with in the night. And for the lies in todays world show me one normal person who speaks complete truth across all religions or no religions. I and my friends are as patriots are as the other Hindus are i.e. all of us including Hindus the patriotism is limited to singing Jana Gana Mana on 15 Aug and 26 Jan.
    As far as terrorist is concerned my or anybodys fatwa will not end the problem. The Indian govt and Army is full of Hindus, why does not your Baba or Swami or Pandit ask the govt to attack the terrorists. The genuine doubt which you had I am not aware of that website. The people who created it would be able to answer your doubt, so contact them. Also I have lots of work and I dont visit this site daily, so I may take few days to reply.

    • Mr. Believe!

      // The only taqiya I know is the pillow which I sleep //

      Good joke. This is the truth of Taqiyya: http://1000mistakes.com/1000mistakes/index.php?Page=009_004_001_001

      // speaks complete truth across all religions or no religions //

      Point is NOT who speaks truth OR who does not. Point is to understand who punishes a liar. Speaking a lie is wrong as per Bible / Vedas / Buddhism etc. But it is legal as per Islam. That’s the issue. See the above mentioned link.

      // the patriotism is limited to singing Jana Gana Mana on 15 Aug and 26 Jan. //

      Is this your definition of patriotism? Are you serious? I agree that today patriotism is made a joke by people but that does not make patriotism be misunderstood. We need to collectively work and solve the problem.

      // why does not your Baba or Swami or Pandit ask the govt to attack the terrorists //

      They had done but govt itself is terrorist Congress. Swami Ramdev was the one who wanted to stop evil practices but nothing happened. Besides him, there were others too who joined but nothing happened. The solution must be designed step wise and then implemented. That’s the problem. Why I spoke about fatwa bcoz if terrorists realize that they won’t get support from Muslims, the incidents of terrorism would be reduced.

      // contact them //

      I am not contacting them. If I contact them and tell you their reply, you would convert to atheism. Those are the people who lost their family members to terrorism. You can understand their condition. They hate Islam much more than a Hindu does. For them, entire world is peaceful EXCEPT Muslims. They showed that Quran 5:51; 5:80; 3:28; 3:118; 9:23 prohibit a Muslim from taking NON Muslims as friends. So, I just asked you whether those verses really mean the same OR not. I don’t tell you to visit that website but only to visit Quran and clear my doubt. That’s all…

    • Hello Believe,

      The Indian government was voted in my muslims as well. If you want to stop terrorism and madrasses and double standard system like sharia for muslims kick out the congress. why do you or any of your family vote for those corrupt bastards.

  • just showing one rubbish claim is not a rebuttal your madrassas fatwas on one side and and islamic terrorism on other carrying its death toll , you muslims just denies your faults

    • Brother!

      The biggest problem is Islam itself is self contradicting religion. On one side, it says: Islam encourages truth speaking but on other side, it legalizes total lie (known as Taqiyya) and partly lie (known as Kitman). Whatever fights Muslims won, those were by deception only. Trusting a Muslim is the biggest stupidity ever known to mankind.

      Though there are fatwas by Mohammed Tahir – ul – Qadri but I don’t know which sect he belongs to OR whether any Muslims considers him authentic. Muslims worship Zakir Naik admiring him and he wants every Muslim to be a terrorist. Anyways, the fatwa deals with Al – Qaeda / Taliban and suicide bombing. If a terrorist doesn’t belong to the 2 organizations and not a suicide bomber, then the fatwa is not applicable. See the irony. Nevertheless, it seems that he has failed to communicate / market his fatwa.

      With 1.25 billion Muslims worldwide (and >> 33.33 % terrorists out of these), a one OR two fatwas are not significant at all. In UK, a Christian murdered a Sikh / Muslim out of racism and he was hanged as punishment. This proves that even UK is human. We have yet to find a significant Muslim community which believes in humanly.

  • News. Just in a span of three years from its inception, Agniveer has forged ahead of IRF.NET run by Zakir Bhai in terms of popularity in the whole world. See the following data:
    Agniveer Irf.Net
    World ranking 1,97,212 2,03,698
    Ranking in India 33,547 64,822

    Anybody can cheque it at http://www.alexa.com. Though the ranking changes frequently, it’s probably the first time, irf.net is lagging behind Agniveer.

    Satyamev Jayate, Nanritam.


    • Thanks for the news Sir,

      Soon Agniveer will grow defeating all Idiots attacking truth. The oldest and yet thriving way of life is Sanaatan Dharma. Despite the attacks by terrorists coming from Greeks, Portuguese, Muslims, British, Persians, Mongolians, Turks; India has survived. Rarely any nation could have managed so many attacks as India did. At a place where oldest civilizations – Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Persian, Babylonian civilizations are taken over by barbarians (Muslims). Roman and Incas civilization taken over by war loving (Christians) and Mayan civilization / Easter Islands are not known today; there Indian civilization still survives with many followers worldwide.

      This proves what our scriptures predicted. धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित: ||
      Islam was spread by force and Christianity was spread by telling lies. Justice lover GOD will manage their nuisances. Our job is to follow Dharma.

      तस्मात्सर्वेषु कालेषु मामनुस्मरि युध्य च ।
      श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता 8:7

  • @GOD is great: you have written “1: Muslims say that Islam means peace but never dare to issue fatwa against terrorist Muslims” only one answer is enough to refute ur lies. just go to any website of big madarsa like darul uloom deoband, just search on google ifta darul uloom then u can ask this question and inform us the answer. you can find previously asked questions their category wise. fatwa regarding ur question already have been issued many times. if u are so ignorant then its ur problem.

  • Believe
    If a Muslim does not follow violent verses of Quran, I support him as a human. I disagree that he is a Muslim. Islam does not leave a room for half-hearted follow.

    /// brainwashed by VHP ///
    I don’t even know who is this VHP. I am instead brainwashed by Quran itself. See 3:151 where Muslims terrorize non muslims. 4:74 legalizes religious terrorism. 8:12 says Allah supports a terrorist. 9:23 orders Muslims not to take NON Muslim family members as friends. 47:4 is mother of terrorism. 3:54 calls Allah as best cheater. 7:99 tells doomers to trust Allah’s deceit. 4:116 declares Allah a jealous tyrant. Answer this: islamreview.com/articles/whyallah.shtml

    /// old days of muslims are terrorist ///
    Old days? You must be joking. See this: thereligionofpeace.com
    Islam always breeds terrorism. Scholars like Sam Shamoun, Ali Sina, David Wood agree with this. Non Muslims quote Quranic verses out of context but Muslims follow them out of context. 9/11 is nothing but how Muslims percieve 9:111. Proof: islam-watch.org/Larry/9-11-Enactment-of-Quran-9-111.htm

    /// dont develop any virus ///
    That’s great. But it violates Quranic tenets which puts a Muslim against a NON Muslim.

    /// They have lots of Hindu colleagues ///
    Then, they are good humans. Not good Muslims. What you said violates 5:80, 3:28 and 9:5. It is against 3:118 and hence those people have done kufr as per Islamic scholars.

    /// he too is a devout believer ///
    He even did Arti as well. That is Shirk as per Islamic scholars. He is a sinner as per Quran 4:116. This proves that he is a good human being (I salute him) but not a good Muslim. Muslims follow Quran 9:111.


  • It is totally false article. aryam-USA-fir thinks that all aryasamajis are fool. how could any normal person believe that all muslim women are forced to wear burqa? a woman taking shudhi in shahjahanpur (hope u remember who is shahjahan haha) is saying that now she is free from discrimination? madam have u ever seen any female dayanand or shradhanand? In the shudhi update fool writer has written that ” we don’t know how. to thank him (god) for his continued guidance” obviously sir u don’t know and u can’t teach any body because it is islam the true religion who can guide u how to thank God so embrace islam.

    • The truth of islam is explained here:


      People say that British ruined India. I agree with this but the fact is that when that is compared to Muslims ruining India the ruins by Britisher is negligible. They converted India’s monarchy to democracy and brought the scope of innovations and development. I agree that they destroyed education system but Muslims destroyed culture, belief and people which is the worse. No one speaks of Britishers destroying any temple but everyone says Muslims destroyed temples. The reason is that while reform in Christianity brought multiculturalism, reform in Islam brought hatred towards secularism. So, Every Muslim hates a NON Muslim by default. Those who don’t, are declared kaafirs as per Islamic scholars.

      You said Arya Samajis are fools. Being a fool does not matter as humans have different levels of intellect. However, all scholars (Sam Shamoun, David Wood, Ali Sina, Ayesha Ahmed) agree that Islam breeds terrorism. Muslims are not fools, this implies that they are purposefully terrorists.

      There are Christian terrorists also but they don’t say – we learnt Terrorism from Bible. Jews never said – we became terrorist after visiting Torah. Hindus don’t say that Vedas made them terrorist. But, Muslims say that Quran tells to fight in the name of Allah. Terrorism was started by Judeo Christian nations like Israel / America but now they have corrected their mistake and are stopping terrorism. When will you stop? After the day of judgement?

      In India, we have Zakir Naik who says – If Osama is a terrorist, I am with him. You all should be with him. Every Muslim shall be a terrorist. Muslims hail him as if Zakir Naik is their new prophet. Every Muslim today supports a terrorist. If someone converts a Muslim, that is biggest service given to him.

  • You people are nothing but idiots brainwashed by VHP and other fanatics who still live in those old days of muslims are terrorist attitude. My friend are honest IT workers and dont develop any virus against company. They are namak halals not fanatics like you. Also something that will burn your [email protected]%. They have lots of Hindu colleagues and they get along with them very well, they dont abuse them like terrorists and all those stuff that you racists are using. They respect our religion, party and picnic with us, even eat biryani from us during our festivals. We also eat their food, your antics will not work with us. Someone said something about Kalam as well. Read his book Wings of Fire to know the he too is a devout believer and a great patriot.

    • See, my friend Mr. Believe

      Muslim doctrine believes in Taqiyya. It translates to lawful lie. Therefore it becomes tough for a NON Muslim to trust a Muslim. How can you trust that who legalizes a lie?

      If indeed what you said is true & NOT a Taqiyya, then those peoples are patriots. I support them. But, one thing I must tell you that still terrorists survive. May NOT be there in India but definitely are in PAK / BAN / IRAN / IRAQ / UK. World insults whole of Islam because of terrorists. In India, we have Zakir Naik who insists that EVERY MUSLIM SHOULD BE A TERRORIST. Terrorism violates Quran 41:34, isn’t it? Yet, Muslim terrorists survive and that is the biggest pity.

      If a Muslim behaves peacefully with a NON Muslim, I salute him. The only thing which remains is that they must take it to next level and issue fatwa against those who fight in the name of ALLAH. If fatwa is issued against every such terrorist, VHP and other fanatics which you are talking about; will disappear the same day. You can test the same.

      By the way, I had a genuine doubt. The website “the religion of peace .com” said that Muslims make friend based on religions alone as per Quran 5:51; 5:80; 3:28; 3:118; 9:23. Now, it contradicts what you said. So, what does those verses actually mean?

  • Again you are talking lies. Come to Mumbai or Delhi. My friends are working in IT and software firms and lots of them are highly educated. Try this crap with them and they will answer you in your language. They are very much devoted to the religion and will never buy your argument.

    • Mr. Believe, do you know father of computers? He is named as Sir Charles Babbage. He was a Kaafir. Pentium chips were made by Vinod Dham – another Kaafir. Binary number system is discovered by Pingalacharya and first commercialized by Claude Elwood Shannon. Sorry, they both were Kaafirs. IT and Software industry is headed by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Even these are Kaafirs. It is clear that so called IT industry is headed by Kaafirs. 🙁

      You said that your friends are devoted to the religion. Now, A Muslim never accepts domination by a Kaafir as per Shariah. Many Surah / Ayahs of Quran indicate that Muslims are supposed to kill Kaafirs. The proof is obvious: Indeed they are best scientists, inventors and have excellent R&D facilities with them. They use it to develop Atom Bombs & Missiles. Many Muslims were caught in USA who were planning to destroy its few cities. Similarly, Muslims are found in India too who support terrorism. So, Muslims are like “Aasteen kaa saanp” who destroy their own land. Osama, Kasab, Afzal are clear examples and Islam is very proud of these people. (Ref: Zakir Naik).

      Same can be applied to IT industry as well. Since IT industry is headed by all Kaafirs, Muslims want to kill them. The best way is to develop VIRUS and destroy the entire server. This is a service to Allah as per Islamic tenets and so called devotion to religion. Since, they are interested in developing VIRUS, their education is of no use to anybody.

      NOTE: If they are NOT developing any virus, I respect them but then there is a question on their devotion to religion. Anyways, innovation is banned as per Hadiths.

    • You are talking about India where Delhi and Mumbai are the places. You must be knowing that in India, majority of humans are Hindu believers and most famous Hindu epic is Ramayana. There is a story of Ravana who was born to a demonic lady. Though Ravana was highly educated and a great scholar, his knowledge and education only increased his evilness. That was of no benefit to anybody. Education is a driver, if you are a terrorist, it worsens your terrorism while if you support humanity, it aids value that way.

      Same logic is applied to Islam. All those who believe in religiousness of Islam are actually terrorists. Example – Osama Bin Laden, Kasab, Afzal Khan, Zakir Naik (who praises these), Yajeed etc. Their education has only worsen thier terrorism. There are many Muslims who are educated but NOT that religious which you are talking about. Those bred – APJ Abdul Kalam, Abdul Kalam, Ali Sina etc. These are true humans. Just as someone pointed out, working for IT firms does not matter, even a Virus developer is an IT engineer.

      There is nothing called as a good religious Muslim. Proof: http://godofreason.com/p1.htm

      Therefore, education of a religious Muslim is a totally irrelevant argument.

      ________Mr. Believe, do you know father of computers? He is named as Sir Charles Babbage. He was a Kaafir. Pentium chips were made by Vinod Dham – another Kaafir. Binary number system is discovered by Pingalacharya and first commercialized by Claude Elwood Shannon. Sorry, they both were Kaafirs. IT and Software industry is headed by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Even these are Kaafirs. It is clear that so called IT industry is headed by Kaafirs______________
      If someone is great scholar and having great intellect that does not meant he is Muslim if he is not living accordance of Quran. You can see example of Agniveer / Satyagni. They greatest monstrous and Kaffirs of today’s era.

      • @ A Terrorist.

        //If someone is great scholar and having great intellect that does not meant he is Muslim if he is not living accordance of Quran.//

        The true meaning of Quran is given here: http://godofreason.com/new-page-97.htm

        If someone does not follows the Quran, he is biggest supporter of humanity. For humanity to survive, Quran must be destroyed. I agree with the author when he says – DESTROY QURAN BEFORE IT DESTROYS YOU.

        //You can see example of Agniveer / Satyagni.//

        This example only proves that you hate a supporter of humanity. I won’t blame you since Mohammed / Allah taught you to hate a NON Muslim no matter how good they are. It’s not your fault but the fault of entire Muslim Umma. It is indeed stupidity to expect humanity from a Muslim.

        //They greatest monstrous and Kaffirs of today’s era.//

        This is hierarchy of monsters. Headed by ALLAH (the ANTI – GOD), the creator of evilish Satan. Then comes Allah’s (i.e., Satan’s) Apostle Mohammed. Then comes every single follower of these 2 terrorists. World knows them as Muslim Umma. Followers of humanity calls them criminals and I call them werewolves.

        Indeed Agniveer / Satyagni criticizes Islam. But same is methodology adopted by every single lover of humanity. Christians / Jews / Hindus / Buddhists / Jains / Sikhs / Athiests and even Ex – Muslims; all those who want humanity to survive, raise voices against Islam. Only a terrorist supports Islam / Shariah.

        Visit godofreason.net to know that Muslims are born terrorists and Quran legalizes terrorism for ANTI – GOD Allah wants NON Muslims to die. I can just pray to the true GOD to kill that hypocrite ANTI – GOD Allah and his JV with Satan; known as Islam. I also request NON Muslims to take revenge for your ancestors whom you lost to these terrorists.

      • @A human being (Note: it is Actually fake name of this hypocrite original name is “Shaitan’s agent”)
        __________Visit godofreason.net to know that Muslims are born terrorists and Quran _____________
        You can not throw dust of Agniveer/ Satyagni articles in the eyes of Muslims. You are including your masters agniveer / satyagni are agents of shatain in mask of “A Human being”. We have refuted the all nonsense claims of agniveer / satyagni here

      • @ Hypocrite terrorist.

        ____ it is Actually fake name of this hypocrite original ___
        William Shakespeare said that there is nothing worthwhile in a name. So, it does not matter what is my name.

        _____ original name is “Shaitan’s agent” ______
        No. Someone has really misguided you. Shaitan is this.

        __ You can not throw dust of Agniveer/ Satyagni articles in the eyes of Muslims ___
        Good Muslims support Agniveer and Agniveer supports good Muslims. Since you are brainwashed by terrorists and are yourself a terrorist, you don’t like Agniveer.

        _______ You are including your masters agniveer / satyagni are agents of shatain in mask of “A Human being” _______
        Dear terrorist, I told you truth of Islam and you felt bad. You will respect an Islamic terrorist just like every other Muslim but would hate a NON Muslim humanity supporter. Anyways, you are NOT my target audience. I wanted to make you human but leave it. Muslims cannot be human. My motivations are Athiests of prophetofdoom.net and Christians of godofreason.net

        I was not even knowing of Agniveer untill few months back. I told you what is my motivation, refute them if you have guts.

        ______ We have refuted the all nonsense claims of agniveer / satyagni here _______

        Good! There are 180+ other humanity supporters who hate Islam. You should gag and muzzle all of them also.

        Anyways, my aim is NOT to alleviate the greatness of Agniveer but to show that Muslims are biggest threat on humanity. Both Prophet of doom and GOD of reason websites agree with this established fact. So, it is logical to conclude that Allah is NOT GOD but a terrorist.

  • Great job Agniveer. Much appreciated.

    As everybody is aware that we are on the way to a Muslim majority India. If you will visit any online forum of Indian Muslims you will only find the sympathies for Islamic radical and extremism and the cheer and joy upon every conversion across the world. The fact is at present Islam is the fastest growing religion of the world. In India, it’s not Christianity, Islam is the biggest fear. We all are aware that when any country becomes Islamic majority it becomes tough for the minorities (Non-Muslims). Plenty of examples are available – from Bangladesh-Pakistan to far middle-east (Except few moderate countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Turkey).

    In India, we already have 02 lost to states to Muslims – Jammu & Kashmir and Lakshadweep. Muslim population are hugely increasing in other 05 states- Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam and Kerala, around 30- 40% Muslims in each state. West Bengal and Assam is suffering from huge flow of illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants. Our greedy politicians are not taking any action against Muslims for the sake of their ‘vote bank’. We need help.

    Please Please work in these states to save Hindus and their future generation.

    • Namaste Akash,

      The countries you have mentioned being moderate (Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, and Turkey) are not moderate at all. They are pretty bad as well. The only reason why they may appear to be moderate is because the other countries with muslim populations are worse. They are just the better of the evils.

      And you next point about islam becoming a majority, well I don’t think it is happening as rapidly as you state it is happening. I do agree it is an issue. And the number one reason why is muslims have more kids than most other major religious groups. Most conversions taking place are not that many at all. Numbers change due to birth rates.

      Thanks to Agniveer and the Shuddi movement we can hope to change the trend in India and hopefully we can get a good government in power in the next election and make many muslims aware of the true Dharam instead the fake information spread by some extremists and corp congress party demons. India has only one hope and it is bringing back Dharam. Actually the world has only one hope and it is bringing back Dharam.

      • sir,
        these days lot of so called leading news papers, and channel are celebrating anniversary of godhra riots ,in all cook up stories are shown and victims are shown as only muslims and perpetrator hindu ,they have forget hindu who were burn alive i,or killed in riots and police firing,we have raise voice against such propaganda its offense under section 153a under ipc,to spread hatred ,its duty of every hindu who is posting on this site to lodge protest and make them aware that they are legally wrong !!

  • @Believe

    Thank God! You Said Educated Muslima”.

    I thought muslims were not-educated because they were taught only in Madarsas. You should thank for the Indian Government for giving a condusive environment to let Muslimas educated. Think of Afganistani Muslimas who are uneducated and uncivilized because of Barbaric-way-of thinkings as per some books they learn…..

  • You may have fooled gullible and poor Muslims. But this strategy will doom in urban areas and with educated Muslims. Stop this non sense at once.

    • @Believe:

      Welcome to Agniveer. Are you suggesting that in urban areas where there indeed are educated Muslims, these Muslims do NOT believe Allah was sitting idle before creation, Mohammed [PBUH] did not ascend to heaven in Buraq the flying donkey or that Allah doesnt care whether you sneeze or yawn?

      MashaAllah, if that is true, then yes, it would indeed be difficult to fool these well-educated Muslims.

      • Educated Muslims ??? HAHAHA. What a wonderful joke! It is impossible to control laughter on reading it. Education and Islam are mutually contradicting concepts.

        Quran 5 101 imposes ban on asking certain questions. Al – Hadith Sahih Muslim says: Wa sharrul Umoori Muhdathaatuhaa, Wa kulla Bid’atin dhaialah, wa kulla dhalatin fin-naar which concludes every innovation as a misguidance. Muslim always emulate Prophet Mohammed and they very well know that Mohammed was illiterate. This proves that every Muslim shall be illiterate and all educated Muslims are NOT Muslims in first place. In Islamic nations, science isn’t taught because it often contradicts Quran. This proves that there is nothing called as educated Muslim. Since Muslims are uneducated and uncivilized, it is logical to conclude: Arabia === Barbaria.

        See this video for more details:

      • @GOD IS GREAT
        Muslims are illiterate because of not having Muslim universities and Madarsas in India in proportion of population of Muslims and nothing else the reason. It is hypocrisy of Indian Hindu people / Government not funding Muslims educational institutes properly. We are treated in India as second class citizen. Shame on India and Hindus population of India. We are just fighting here for our existence. All political parties are playing with emotions of Muslims because we are in minority. We are not allowed to maintain Shariya in India. Government does not support us by funding money for “Huzz”. Shame on Hindus and India for suppressing the truth that is Islam religion of Allah.

      • I am not discussing how illiterate are Muslims in India. The number of illiterates in Islam nations are 181 millions. In India, the number is much lesser. You said that illiteracy exists due to NO Muslim Universities. This cannot be the case with Islam dominated nations. Why are they illiterate?

        Why are you frustrated with Indian treatment of Muslims? Isn’t PAK / BAN supposed to be your nation? In India, we have people friendly laws – even a Muslim President was allowed. Can you guarantee a NON Muslim leader of Islamic nation? India has a special Muslim civil code. Even Hindus have to follow the law of land but Muslims have a special civil code for them. They can follow their laws for marriage, divorce, property etc. Bollywood Actor Dharmendra converted to Islam to enjoy polygamy. This proves that Islamic laws are well recognized by India/ Hindus. Do you have respect for NON Muslims that way?

        I don’t understand why Muslims want Sharia in India. But, now I got it – Shariah gives the license to terrorism. That’s why, you desperately need it. Sorry, we don’t support terrorism. If you are fighting here for existence, then what will you call Shia – Sunni wars worldwide?

        Terrorists like Kasab and Afzal are still surviving. This proves that India supports Shariah lover Muslims. Every Hindu knows that Islam came by forced conversion. Yet, you people are surviving. That’s mercy of Hindus upon Islam. What is proof that Islam is religion of Allah if it is proven that Islam was spread everywhere with sword alone?

      • @GOD IS GREAT
        ______This proves that Islamic laws are well recognized by India/ Hindus. Do you have respect for NON Muslims that way_________
        We are follower of truth and prophet Mohammed (PBUH) that is why we succeed to bring Shariya in Indian law at least for Muslims customs / rituals related to marriage, property, divorce etc. But how can we see someone of other communities like Hindu not following the Shriya and acting against our faith. I feel irritate one someone half minded like Agniveer / http://satyagni.com/ criticize Islam. If there would have Shriya in law for whole country they would not have dare to criticize Islam “religion of Allah. “

      • @A Terrorist (I mean a Muslim)

        I appreciate your stupidity. Islam teaches every Muslim to be stupid. By the way, all those who criticize Islam (even if they do so out of racism and hate) are true supporters of humanity. My humble salutations to them. Other than Ahmediya sect of Islam, ALL MUSLIMS ARE BORN TERRORISTS. They survive only because creator of Satan (ALLAH) and the prophet of doom (MOHAMMED – piss be upon him) sanctions terrorism. These 2 are the biggest terrorists ever known on this planet. Mohammed is dead and now, Allah / Satan needs to be killed. Almost every Muslim is a born terrorist and this is the proof. http://godofreason.com/muhammad–allah—the-anti—god.htm

        My Dear NON Muslim brothers, what has Islam given to you? – It has given Osama, Kasab, Afzal, Taliban, Laskar e Taiyyeba, Al Qaeda. All so called good Muslims are these – Qadir Sheikh, Ali Sina, APJ Abdul Kalam, Abdul Hamid, Ashfaq – all apostates and declared kaafir by Umma.

        Islam doctrine is Taqiyya which translates to lawful lie. How can you trust a religion which legalizes falsehood? Can you make Sun shower ice on others? NO. Can you tell the moon to use its own light instead of using reflected light? NO. Can you make a Snake quit poison? NO. Because these are their inbuilt nature. Similarly, it is inbuilt nature of a Muslim to be a terrorist. Those 1.346% minority Muslims worldwide who aren’t terrorists are OK but I am talking to other Muslims, the 98.654%.

        Islam is religion of Satan. Allah created Satan and hence Islam is religion of Allah too. The day every non Ahmediyya Muslim is dead, humanity will survive. Otherwise, the population of terrorists will keep on increasing.

        Those who say that Muslims are loyal towards friends; are hypocrites. Quran 5:51 and 5:80 indicates that Muslim shall make friends based on religion alone. This proves that a Muslim, even as a friend is NOT trustworthy at all.

        All NON Muslims shall stop the Muslim population before a Muslim kills you mercilessly for no reason. Either unite…

      • All NON Muslims shall stop the Muslim population before a Muslim kills you mercilessly for no reason. Either unite against Umma OR face extinction from a Muslim’s evil hands. Founder of Islam (Mohammed) as well as GOD of Islam (Allah / Satan) were pure terrorists and hence don’t expect them to punish a terrorists. So, getup now before you sleep in a grave permanently. Hindus shall quit “AHINSA PARAMO DHARMA” and Follow Gita doctrine of “TASMAT SARVESHU KAALESHU MAAMNUSMARI YUDHYA CHA.” OR Chanakya Niti “KHADGA HASTEN DURJANA:”. Repeat the history of Maharana Pratap / Shivaji Maharaj. Christians get out of 10 commandments which say – “THOU SHALL NOT KILL.” Follow Ephensians 6:12 instead, “OUR FIGHT IS AGAINST THE RULERS OF THE DARKNESS AROUND US.” Repeat the history of battle of Lepanto. This time NOT limited to Turks alone but against All global Muslims. Muslims deserve that. Similarly, Sikhs must remember the great deeds of Guru Gobind Singh and take revenge for martyrdom of his sons. Even Buddhists shall take revenge.
        जागो रे जिन जागना अब जागन की बारी। फिर क्या जागे नानका जब सोया पाव पसारी ॥
        Zionists / Jews, you shall fight with Muslims as they are themselves terrorists but call your land (Israel) as terrorism. Every NON Muslim should fight with a Muslim if humanity has to survive. ISLAM IS BIGGEST CURSE UPON HUMANITY.

        Wars against evil followers of Mohammed & Anti – GOD Allah is mandatory if humanity is to survive. Muslim Umma is the biggest criminal gang ever known on this planet – Dr. R. Brahmachari. Expecting a Muslim to be peace lover is worse than expecting a wolf to be a human. Even wolves kill when that is required and killing by a wolf is often out of obligation but killing by a Muslim is always unnecessary act. So, Muslims are worse than wolves.

  • @ Insaan,
    Bhai Saheb, aapke khayal nek hain. Main keval ek do baiten rakhana chahata hun. Mere vichaar se Kans aur Raavan aadi sanatani nahi the kyonke unka unka aacharan sanatan dharma ko nashta karane ke liye tha. Aatah ve Sanaatan Dharmi Parivar mein janme the par ve vidharmi ho gaye the. Atah unka vadh sabki bhalai mein thaa. Shayaad Aap bhi manenge ki Dharma keval vahi hai jo kisike uske aacharan ke aadhar par sahi ya galat kahe. Aur sankshep me sahi vahi hai jo Sabki bhalai ke liye ho na ki keval Apne ya apne logo ke liye ho. Yahi Sanatan dharma hai. Jo koi iske viruddh sikhaye use dharam nahi adharam kahna theek rahega.

    Yadi aap meri baton se sahamat hain to is kasauti par kaskar logon ko dharmi ya vidharmi kaha jaa sakata hai. Ismen ek bahut hi sawadhani ki jarurat hai. kuchh chalak logoin ke bahari vyavhaar to achhe hote hain par piichhe mein ve vishva ka satyanaash kar rahe hain. Saath hee ve aapko galat tark deker logon ko adharma par bhi la rahe hai. Inhe aap adharmi hi kah sakte hain kyonki hamane jo uper mein dharm ki kasoti rakhi hai ve uspar khare nahi utarate. Par hame unse sahanubhuti hai kyoiki ve bechare agyani hain aur bad mein apne bure karmo ke karan dukh bhogenge. Atah hamein unko is dharma adharma ki kasauti bataani chahiye jise sabkoi samajh sake.

    Antim baat hai ki jo sahi logon ko galat kahe use kya kahenge aap? Abdul kalaam ji ko ya Abdul Hamid ji ya phir Ashfakullah ji ko jo kaum sweekar nahi karta, use kya karna chahiye? Hamein lagata hai use samjhana chahie ki apni drishti badalo taki sahi dekh sahi sako aur galat ko galat. Yadi iske vipreet dekhne ki jo salah deta hai use dharam ya majhab nahi kahna chahiye. Maine Abdul Kalaam Saheb ko aarti karte hue dekha hai. Kitne Musalmaan unki is baat ko pasand karte hain? Hamari ladai Kalam saheb jaise Musalmano se nahi hai balki unse hai jo inke jaise logon ko chhota aur Zakir Nayak ko Mahaan batate hain. Ye do kheme hain – ek or to Kalaam Saheb aur dusri aur Zakir. Ab nirnay aapko karna hai. Ham keval Shuddhi ke dwara Zakir…

  • @ Satyen,
    mere pyare bhai satyen ji, hum aap ki bat se puri tarah se sahmat hai, rahi bat haivano ki to unke sath baat karne ke vajaya hum unka sir kuchal dene me yakin rakhte hai. lekin aap shayad humari is baat se sahmat honge ki saitan ya haivan kisi jati ya dharm vises hi nahi hote, inki sankhya hr jagah hoti hai. humare is mahan desh me jaha “SRI RAM” aur “SRI KRISHN” jaise log hue to inhi ke samay me raavad aur kans jaise log bhi paida hue the. jo aryo ke hi khun hokar bhi mahaan sanatan dharm ko nuksaan pahuchate the, vo kis dharm se prerit the?? mere pyare bandhu aise log kisi deen ya dharm se nahi sirf galat maanshikta se prerit hote hai. aaj agar jihaad ke nam pe kattarpanthi karne vale aur aatankvaad failane vale log humare desh me hue hai, mandiro ko todne vale aur jabarjasti dharm badalne vale baabar, aurangjeb jaise log yaha aaye to vahi dusri taraf mahaan “VEER ABBDUL HAMEED” aur “DR.A.P.J ABBDUL KALAAM” jaise log bhi humare desh me paida huye, jinhone humare desh ke liye apna pura jivan samarpit kr diya. ye log kis dharm se prerit the? agar hum apne mahan vaidik sabbhyata ki or dhyan de to payenge ,ki duniya me insaano ki keval do hi srediya hoti hai ek “AARYA” aur dusra anarya. arthat ek sabbhya aur dusre asabbhya.. jin logo ne bhi accha ya bura kaam kiya is duniya me, hume unka mullyankan keval apne isi “VAIDIK” adhar (“ARYA” , unarya) pe karna chahiye, naki kisi majahabi dristikod se….. aasa hai aapko humara javaab pasand aya hoga, aur agar humare kisi bhi baat se aapko koi dukh pahucha ho to uske liye hum chamaa chahte hai.

  • @ Insaan,

    Bhai jee, aapki baat samajhdaron ke liye to uchit hai pur haivano ke sath kya saluk karenge? Yadi koi rashtra kee akhandata ke mulya pur apne tathakathit majhab ka prasar kare ya vah hamari bhavnaon ko ahat ker apne majhab ka prasar kare to hame kya karna chahiye? Aap apne itihaas ke dekh lijiye, desh kitni bar khandit hua hai. Atah Shatham Shaathyam samacharet. Mahabharat ke Yudhishthir nahi balki Krishna banane ki seekh deejia.

    Aapka bandhu


  • aap sub ki bahas ko padhne ke bad maine mahsus kiya kiya ki mujhe bhi kuch kahna chahiye.. dekhiye agar hum ‘AGNIVEER JI” ko aaj ka “SWAMI DAYANUND” kahe to kuch galat nahi hoga.. humari bhatki huyi mahan “ARYA SABBHYATA” ko vapas apne raste par lane ke liye unke prayas saharayaniya hai. aur nisandeh isse unke anuyayio ko bahut seekh mil rahi hai. par hume yaha dhyan dena hoga ki hum jis mahan desh me rah rahe hai vo ek dharm nirpekch aur loktantrik des hai, jaha pe hr kisi ko apne dharmik karya apne dhang se karne ki aajadi hai, aur aise desh me hume kisi bhi vyakti ki dharmik bhavna ke sath koi ched chaad nahi karni chahiye. hume aisa koi bhi kaam nahi karna chahiye jisse kisi ki bhavnaye aahat ho…. hum bhi agniveer ji ke prasansak hai, aur hum apne bhaiyo se yahi nivedan karna chahenge ki,”hum vaidik sabbhyata ka prachar prasar kare lekin apne raastra ke akhandataa aur ekta ke mullyo pr nahi”…. aur agar aapko humari koi v bat galat lagi ho to uske liye hume chamaa kijiyega.

  • Why this divide……….Agniveer is boldly supporting the right cause–lets support them with whatever we can……..No Indian hates Muslims in this Divine Country……Hell We Worship Aamir Khan, Shah rukh Khan, A.R. Rahman……………..
    Hindustanis fought alongside Muslims to get rid of the Britishers…..If India and Pakistan were one and the same today….every Western country as well as China would have kept their tails firmly between their legs…………
    The whole idea is of Sanatana Dharma (Universal Religion) which is boldly dispelling the wrong ideas prevalent today may they be of The Quran or Hindutva………
    Sanatana Dharma is the oldest and the Highest Dharma (Religion) a Man has……..

    So to sum up:
    ‘Be Manly, Be Strong’

    //Shri Krishna//

  • Great Job, Agnveer….

    A Great pressures is in my head to understand this…
    Some times we say dharm 4 padome hain…? what are 4 paths?
    Vedic time pe bhi 7 day week use kiya gaya tha… Can you explain importanace.. The 7 horses of chariot just meant colors or Dharmas that we can;t even notice today….

    Reply need sooner something is eating my brain…..

    Thanks advance anyone who enlightens me….

  • aaj mp arya ka chalenge search kar raha tha islam hinduism par uska jawab padha,jawab to na tha ulta ved par ungali uthayi gayi thi.

  • Great work by Agnieer….
    I request all muslim bros n sis to learn Indian vedic culture n religion. Why did our ansectors become muslims? Many of us tells that due to God is One. But if vedas have already written it, what is need to follow islam? And when i studied bhavisya purana as zakir naik said, i found quite contradiction that proph. Muhammad (saw) is stated as Demon and not as prophet. Even though he was a scholler, it is stated that following his thoughts will create threat for humanity.
    Mein ab to yahin keh saqta hoon ke
    is reigistani jahannum ke liye hum junnat-e-benazeer chor aaye….
    I request all hindustani muslims to understand hinduism n try to revert to it.

  • @All
    They are fool who believe Allah can’t send prophet again. Allah can do whatever he likes. Agniveer is prophet send by Allah.

  • Namaskar thanx bro 4 replying.i want 2 giv up tobacco but failed many times.cn any1 help n giv sum valuable advice?i knw dis may nt be relevent just want 2 knw is there any vedic technique?modern medicine is of no hope.i knw sum 1 wil help.dont guide me 2 medical centre im an m.b.b.s doctor.1 more request, is there any1 4m mumbai who cn help me in spiritual initiation?

    • Namaste Nakul,

      I believe there is an event held by Sri Ravi Shankar that helps with that. I think it is called yes plus. I know it is for the youth, but they might have similar programs for adults.


  • Namaskar,hav u ppl read ved or swami dayanand by dharampal aka gazi mehmood?filthy language used by d bastard i doubt was he ever an arya samaji.also read satishchandgupta.blogspot justifying meat eating based on vedas.plz refute those verses or guide me to correct translation plz.i knw they r wrong n they knw they r wrong.their only motto is ham to dube hai sanam tumhe bhi le dubenge

    • Nakul Sir,

      There are many such jokers. As per saint Kabirdas: गज चलत निज मस्त गत मो, कुतर भोकत वाको भुकवा दे। तु तो राम सुमिर जग लडवा दे॥ When someone travels on right path, jokers try to attack him just like dogs barking on an elephant. Now, how many such dogs to be debunked? Moreover, here is interesting finding: Dharmpal refuted:


      See the above link – Dharmpal being Arya to Muslim refuted. Rather, Gazi Mahmood is someone else. Dharmapal is a Muslim (Munshi Abdul Gaffur) who converted to Arya. He converting back to Islam is a hoax – Gazi Mahmood as an ex – Arya is a proven Taqiyya.

      Firstly, those jokers don’t need us to refute them. They refer to Vedas by western scholars. After reading Satish Chand Gupta crap, I realized that he is interested in insulting Dayanand and glorifying Islam – must be a Muslim with name changed.

      कई पूर्व मुसलमान विख्यात विद्वानो ने क़ुरान को गालिया दी है फिर ये दो गधे किस गिनती में है?

      Soon I will refute those books, actually to do that, I need to know Swami Dayanand in deep. Correct translation of Vedas at aryasamajjamnagar.org. But before that, download Rig Ved Aadi Bhasya Bhumika by Maharishi Dayanand.

    • See the level of stupidity Satish Chand Gupta makes,

      He says Buddha propagated Ahimsa after Mahaveera. What a joke!!


      Stephen Knapp proved that Buddha came in 1800 BCE. Mahaveera came in 600 BCE. Who is oldest now? In his comparison of Dayanand & Shankaracharya; he said that Shankaracharya came before 2200 years before Dayanand. (= 350 BCE) and 300 years after him was birth of Vikramaditya – there he assumes that Vikramaditya came in 4th century thus creating confusion of Shankaracharya’s birth. (Wrong! Vikramaditya came in 102 BCE. The tile is assumed by many).

      So, Satish Chand Gupta is confused in history. He assumes that scientists support non veg food and also concludes Vedas do so. He does not even know scientific and accepted fact.

      What to deal with such a confused person??

  • COULD SOME ONE PLEASE DO IT IN ANDHRA PRADESH ALSO…..because CHRISTIANITY GREW UP within no time after the reign of chief minister Y S RAJA SEKHAR REDDY. From then onwards, the state was at its worst stage..where he not only looted people but also started looting THE VALUABLES AT TIRUMALA(TIRUPATHI) SUCH AS LANDS,MONEY,VERY PRECIOUS JEWELLERY WHICH WERE PRESENTED BY KINGS SUCH AS SRI KRISHNA DEVA RAYA…..he almost did every sin..we were all very disappointed at his reign but even in 2009, he won…because village people doesn ‘t know it..they were controlled by money and liquor and some senseless programs as congress always does……But on 2nd september,2009….we heard this news that he was missing….a ray of hope for common people and opposition leaders…and the next morning he was dead..at RUDRAkonda(pavurala gutta) NALLAMALLA FORESTS(aathma koor, SRI SAILAM) IN A HELICOPTER CRASH.THERE WERE 2 PASTORS ALONG WITH HIM .
    “Tamso Ma Jyotrigamay”.

  • This news is absolutely great !
    I had always felt that there is deep routed frustration in the minds of blind followers of Islam. Because they are forbidden from imagining anything while worshiping god. But alas, that goes opposite to the very nature of a living mind which rests only on ideas and images. So this effectively forces muslims to worship vacuum. This vacuum worship and the frustration associated with it is what really makes muslims violent and disconnected with this world. Yet they do not dare to think and understand that. In Gita, 12th chapter, Bhagavan himself clarifies to Arjuna “Though there are Saguna and Nirguan worships, Nirguna worship is difficult (and need not have to be followed)”. So a particular path of worship is chosen according to the comfort level of the individual. Not according to any other criterion. There is nothing like one cap which fits all heads. The spiritual practice can be anything as long as it lifts the follower towards god. And there is no hurry. Again in Gita, Bhagavan categorically says, those who fail to achieve his goal in this life itself, will not loose the results of his work. He will get a next life which will be like a continuation of the present one, where he will have traits which will automatically pull him towards spiritual path and progress. This is science and logic. Not blind belief.

    • @Krishna:


      I had always felt that there is deep routed frustration in the minds of blind followers of Islam. Because they are forbidden from imagining anything while worshiping god.

      This may be true of most Muslims today, but to be fair, Islam had its philosophers who were open to more liberal interpretation. The Mutazilites [philosophers/rationalists] up until the 12th century led by many great philosophers did not give up the fight that easily against the more radical and fundamental Asharites.

      There WAS room for rational theology/philosophy within Islam, especially when it came into contact [via conquests] with Greek philosophy. Unfortunately, the radical Mohammedans slaughtered the rational philosophers and the world is paying the price for it today. Had the Mutazilities won that battle, the world may have seen a much more benign Islam today.

      Our job, IMHO, is to point out the problems with Islamic philosophy and hopefully set the hearts and minds soaring of our Muslim brothers. They are caught in this self-perpetuating destructive cycle of literalist theology. Let them, ON THEIR OWN, reembrace the rationalist philosophies of their own philosophical forefathers [the Mutazilities]

      Literal Quran and Hadith interpretation under which our Indian Muslim brothers are suffering today, should be gradually replaced by a more refined interpretation of the Mutazilites. The human mind is free and infinite and I am certain that our Muslim brothers will soar in the direction of rationality. We should provide them all help in this regard by continuing to point out the inadequacies of the current interpretation.

      Om Tat Sat.

      • Namaste Kal,

        I have heard from some muslim about the more liberal views of islam. I even heard of some gay and lesbian organizations in America that a muslim who talk of this. My major problem is after reading the quran myself, I find even with the so called liberal interpretations are not “liberal” or open enough. Because “liberal” itself is relative. How people choose to interpret something and give it a label has a much different interpretation in their mind verse my mind. I know your intentions are good with this comment, but I will have to totally disagree. I believe the so called liberal interpretations of the muslims is even to radical and extreme for me.


      • Namaste Kal,

        I would further add, an area of many areas that disturb me is the fact they support the belief in the devil. I think to have a belief in something like that is destructive to the soul and society. It is a tool to brainwash people. I can’t respect concepts so far out there like that, it is just dangerous to humankind.


  • I love you guys for the great work …>!!! … I will be really happy to see hinduism grow with its power to create peace on earth…. I always heard people getting converted to other religions just because the campaigns did not give correct meaning of our scriptures coz they dont know sanskrit… Its good to know people are coming back to the truth which was the only truth that prevailed for long time … I just wish and hope for all the people converted to other religions by other people including those who were converted due to the stupid congress govt people campaigns to promote christiantity to come back to the mother of all religions(Sanathan dharma) ….Dharmo rakshathi rakshithaha …. Protect dharma and it shall protect you …Protect dharma and teach the right path and it shall protect you from all the sins you commit through ignorance …

  • Muzafar Akram

    U r against islam and u abuses islam(peace) which religion u related i respect, bcoz i am muslim and i thank Allah for giving me Islam and i think u r not knowing what ur religion says about other religion’s please see in ur holy book, if ur a christian then see Bible,if Hindu se e Vedas.
    Tenzin Lundhup
    January 9
    Tenzin Lundhup

    vedas also say good about islam i have no problems with islam brother but with people like zakir naik who fills hatrate in every body’s mind except islam i respect u as a human but not as muslim i m sorry anyways if i hurt u
    Muzafar Akram
    January 9
    Muzafar Akram

    U know bro…… Y zakir naik say about all religions bcoz he read the books of all religions i.e he is trying to ask all of us to walk on the right path and bro…u know there is (in vedas)that God has no idol, no script,no pic then y r u doing idol worship.do u not think u r doing against ur holy book ‘vedas.’why?
    Tenzin Lundhup
    January 12
    Tenzin Lundhup

    Vedas never say no to idol worship it just says that u wont be benefited from it and Vedas, while not recommending idol worship, are also not intolerant to those who perform idol worship.but as per Islam, is greatest sin. And if someone worships an idol, despite he or she being how-so-much noble, gentle, saintly or good hearted, there is no way he or she can go to Heaven and will have to burn in Hell forever. so y r u following a religion which is so rigid and give u no independence
    Tenzin Lundhup
    January 12
    Tenzin Lundhup

    and zakir naik knows shit about all religions and then he is one who even don’t know about islam what about others
    Muzafar Akram
    January 15
    Muzafar Akram

    zakir naik says no wrong about ur religion he give similarities about Islam and other religions and u know those similarities the most important similarity is that there is no God but Allah he has no idol,no script,no pic etc(in Quran,in Bible as well…

    • And everything you said about the Vedas has been addressed and refuted on this sight. Instead of telling people here to do research on the Vedas, which they have done, why don’t you read up on all the articles here that refute your petty claims. Seriously, what I have noticed with people like you who post on here hate to do research. If you are gonna post on here don’t be a lazy bum. Read all the articles before you walk with your nose stuck up to the sky. Then maybe you get some dignity back.

  • @Agniveer Ji,
    I am following your website since last 3 years. I have seen a lot of debate here & I learned a lot from this. Agniveer Ji after coming here I have converted back to myself & family to the religion of my ancestors (Hinduism, Vedic Religion). I have stopped meat eating too. Now I look everything with a scientific point of view. I feel guilty sometime that I was following a wrong path in ignorance. But Agniveer Ji there are lacs of people who are not aware or I would say no one to make them aware about the true religion of man. Hindu spiritual leaders are involved in their God incarnations & miracles stories of Ramayan, Purans and Good Muslims are living in fear to speak anything against any wrong if it is correct according to book (Koran). What will one Agniveer do? WE all need to be agniveer.

    • Yes Bro Jahid..

      I fully agree with you…we all need to put deep effort to save the humanity…

      God bless ALL….


      • @Ganesh
        Thank You. If Agniveer can enlighten the hundreds of people like me, why we hundred can not enlighten thousands of people.
        मै तो अकेला ही चला था जानिबे मंजिल की तरफ,
        लोग आते गए और करवा बनता गया

      • jahid bhai
        congratulations for returning to mother religion ,i hope our lost lands pakistan,bangladesh and afghannistan will return to sanatan dharma.plz send your testimony on wikiislam.net’s page “people who left islam” it’s my request.

      • @Prithvi
        Brother, I do not know what is this wikislam.net and haven’t got higher level education. I belong to very common middle class Muslim family in North Delhi Jahangir Puri. There were many questions which were troubling me since last 10 years & am not finding answer of these in Islam. But after coming here my all doubts have been clarified by Agniveer articles and great commentator of here. Once again I whole heatedly salute great Agniveer Sir.

      • jahid bhai
        here i makes your work easy see this
        you click on it ,you will several ex-muslims who have given their testimonies for leaving islam, many have converted to christianity,hinduism or living as a free minded.
        so brother, by clicking on this link , you will get an hyperlink of “add your testimony” , it is very easy , you have to fulfill the documents and can give your testimony , i hope you can get it.

  • >I just wonder,which caste are these people being taken into.After all these were “malechhas”
    considered by high-class hindus as lower than sudras.Just curious !!!

    Oh dear there is no birth based caste system in Holy scriptures, Lord resides in hearts of all beings, there is no low nor high in human terms.
    Of course there will be different pay packets, but each function in society has dignity of labour, so toilet cleaner is equal to Priest in humane terms as fucntion of each is a necessity, so answer to your question all equal.

  • Great Work Agniveer and Arya.

    PS Can people stop posting negative posts about other faiths, this detracts from primal message of Agniveer
    Let us learn the truth of our faith and focus on defending and telling the truth of Sanatan Dharma

    • @ALL:

      I agree with user dogra when he says:

      Can people stop posting negative posts about other faiths, this detracts from primal message of Agniveer Let us learn the truth of our faith and focus on defending and telling the truth of Sanatan Dharma

      I personally am somewhat tired of debating the same old points with Mohammedans who come here. It has been sufficiently established that their religion simply doesnt have any meaningful answers to metaphysical, philosophical and soteriological questions. Mohammedans will not agree but I am sure regular readers/posters here know the drill.

      I suggest we explore deeper aspects of Sanatana Dharma. These would be issues such as

      (1)What is a soul/self?
      (2)Is it vibhu [pervasive] as held by Nyaya or anu [atomic] as held by Vedantins?
      (3)Is consciousness an attribute of the soul [as held by Nyaya] or is it its very essence [as held by Advaitins]?
      (4)Does an objective external world exist [as held by Dvaitins, Nyaya, Visishtadvaitins] or is subjective idealism true [as held by Advaita and Buddhist idealists]?
      (5)Related to point (4), does consciousness take the form of an external object itself or is consciousness formless?
      (6)What exactly is the nature of the liberated soul? Is it absence of pain [as held by Nyaya] or is it a positive experience of bliss [as held by Dvaitins]?

      The idea here is to help visitors, many of whom are fellow-Hindus who may not know how various Hindu schools of thoughts differ from each other and how the philosophies developed. The purpose is not to divide Hindu philosophy but to embrace the beautiful philosophy which our ancestors contemplated. Many of these issues quite simply blow apart anything that Western philosophy has achieved even now.

      It is a matter of pride for us that Hindu philosophy is infinitely superior to philosophies of West-Asian cults. Let us actually learn about the issues discussed by our forefathers, so that we may carry forward the torch of Hindu philosophy onward.

      • There is something mentioned by scholars. If you can’t win by power, you must win by deception. Mohammed followers are born with that quote. See their evil intentions:


        Just put it at Google Translator and see what it means. This proves that Mohammed followers are better deceivers compared to even Allah. Allah should learn coaching from a Muslim as to how to deceive. Muslims can write anything in the name of … (guess who!)

        It is easy to convert a donkey into a horse but never to convert a Muslim into a human being. Sun and rise during night but a Mohammedan will learn? – NOT possible at all.

      • There is something mentioned by scholars. If you can’t win by power, you must win by deception. Mohammed followers are born with that quote. See their evil intentions:


        Just put it at Google Translator and see what it means. This proves that Mohammed followers are better deceivers compared to even Allah. Allah should learn coaching from a Muslim as to how to deceive. Muslims can write anything in the name of … (guess who!)

        It is easy to convert a donkey into a horse but never to convert a Muslim into a human being. Sun can rise during night & moon during days but a Mohammedan will learn truth? – NOT possible at all.

      • Namaste Kal,

        The best way to make that happen is by having the Mod getting involved. Anytime one of those weirdios posts, the Mod should either delete their post, or just reply with a standardized message. Maybe better delete their message and have the mod send a standard message via email. It would make things a lot easier.


      • @Krishna:

        The best way to make that happen is by having the Mod getting involved. Anytime one of those weirdios posts, the Mod should either delete their post, or just reply with a standardized message. Maybe better delete their message and have the mod send a standard message via email. It would make things a lot easier.

        I dont mind volunteering for this, if it takes up the Mod’s time away from main activities. I check Agniveer atleast once a day and I can remove the “weirdo” irrelevant comments at that time.

        Aryamusafir knows how to get in touch with me, if needed. 🙂


  • I just wonder,which caste are these people being taken into.After all these were “malechhas”
    considered by high-class hindus as lower than sudras.Just curious !!!

    • Hi Charanjeet,

      Agniveer does not support caste system. So they are taken into to caste and people here don’t support the system.


    • Well, why not you tell those Wahhabi Werewolves to come here & challenge Agniveer directly? Why are they hiding from some third party source and then claiming anything?

      See, Islam means peace (Hope you agree) but Muslims today support terrorism. Therefore, many Muslim pray for long life of terrorists. They have no objection in killing the entire world in the name of some Allah. In Islam nations, Apostates are mercilessly killed. Hindus don’t kill any apostate, nor do Buddhists neither Jains nor Sikhs practice such things. You won’t even find any Jew killing an appostate now. If you tell even a Christian fanatic Sam Shamoun and David Wood that you don’t like Christianity and converting to Islam. He won’t kill you for sure. But, if you tell a Muslim fanatic that you are leaving Islam, he would ensure that you are dead. That is the reason that many are leaving Islam & secretly putting their testimonies hiding their true identity. Now, I ask you – Why are you so f***ed up (Sorry to use that language but this is how I treat terrorism) NOT to tolerate that there are people who don’t believe with you?

      So, Agniveer is true Islam lover for he believes in universal peace and Muslims are terrorists because they don’t want peace. Refuting Agniveer does not imply that you have proven Mohammedanism true. It only implies that you have removed the bitter part from it. The evil Mohammedanism is debunked here: http://godofreason.com/user/image/islamevilinthenameofgodebook.pdf

      Tell those Wahhabi Werewolves to attack this too. Hope you grow up.

      • @A human being,
        Why are you so irritated when articles are refuted and thus proved Agniveer is spreading lies? Only truth will prevail and these refutations shows that. Now you or your agniveer have noting to say. Please remember that you cannot go so long by spreading such lies.
        If Agniveer is correct then answer the refutation. Agniveer is creating a hatred mindset towards Muslims by his articles and you are victim. So when your lies are exposed you want to escape by saying something. I feel pity towards you and your Agniveer.

      • @mohammed
        ________Why are you so irritated when articles are refuted___________
        Why do you irritate when we say Mohamad was pedophilia & even Muslim scripture & scholar says this.
        __________Only truth will prevail and these refutations shows that._________
        What’s your criteria judging truth? How Will you judge Mohamad was saluted by stones?
        _________Now you or your agniveer have noting to say.__________
        What do you say about What was Allah doing before this universe creation?
        How does Allah allocate the souls to newborns? What’s the criteria?
        _______If Agniveer is correct then answer the refutation_________
        What’s your refutation on this
        Who is God of Allah?
        _________Agniveer is creating a hatred mindset towards Muslims______
        If Agniveer is against pedophilia & daughter-fucker (Mohamad) what’s the hatred you find in it? Will you support it?
        _______So when your lies are exposed__________
        Agniveer exposed the Allah is Shatain because he is creator of Shatain.
        _________I feel pity towards you and your Agniveer._______
        I also feel pity Muslim are follower of pedophilia & daughter fucker.

      • Brother!

        Excellent analysis. These idiot fanatics are victims of “Reading 1 page and judging entire book”. That’s why they conclude that Agniveer and all of its followers are anti Islam because few articles and comments criticize Islam; without actually knowing anything about who this Agniveer is.

        Let’s expose them and thwart their evil intentions by applying their logic on them only.

        1>> Some Muslims (Osama Bin Laden and his fellow members) were mass murderer terrorists and hence we conclude – ALL MUSLIMS ARE BORN MASS MURDERERS AND TERRORISTS.

        2>> Muslims (Zakir Naik and his evil followers) are Taqiya lovers i.e., liars and hence ALL MUSLIMS ARE BORN LIARS

        3>> In Islamic nations, apostates are killed => ALL MUSLIMS ARE BORN ENEMIES OF SECULARISM

        4>> A Muslim (Mushafiq Sultan and his fellow mates) hates every other religion of the world => ALL MUSLIMS HATE A NON MUSLIM FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER.

        5>> A Muslim (Mohammed) was a pedophile and hence it is logical to conclude that ALL MUSLIMS ARE BORN FUCKERS OF 6 – 9 YEAR OLD GIRLS.

        6>> Many Muslims beat their wife after following a book (Quran) and hence we conclude that ISLAM TEACHES TO TERRORIZE WOMEN.

        7>> 2 major sects of Islam (Shia – Sunni) often fight with each other => ISLAM MEANS TO FIGHT AMONG YOURSELVES


        Just add to the list and show these werewolves that true religion is humanity.

      • lol @ werewolves

        Perhaps, this Muhammed fellow doesn’t even know that the arguments in those articles(ToH, IHI etc) were already tear aparted by the commentators here.

        And moreover, i don’t understand this, why they are so adamant on refuting Agniveer or a kafir per se??? How about refuting ALI SINA???? I don’t see ANY article refuting him.

        They shit their pants why they listen sina’s name.

      • Brother Shravak!

        You are right. All the so called arguments are tore apart and only truth lover scholars can do the same.

        Ali Sina: These jokers claim that they have refuted him on a website known as answering – christianity

        What happened to stupid “Answering Christianity” website authors???

        Those are already refuted here: http://www.answering-islam.org/Responses/Osama/index.htm

        Each and every article is refuted by Sam Shamoun and David Wood. The authors of answering Christianity are no longer Muslims. Rather, they are either Atheists OR Christians. So, even that claim of Muslim falls flat without doubt.

        Actually I never intended to use werewolf for a Muslim. Just like every other, even I thought that Islam means peace and terrorists hijacked it. But after reading excellent source at “GOD OF REASON 980 page ebook”, I decided to say that. (Google out that book – worth reading).

      • @brother a human being

        The fact is that they can’t defend Islam without using force. So they are in damage control mode by proving that Islam is least corrupt among other cults/religion. Hence, embrace the best among them. That’s all their ambition, otherwise they could have spended more energy and their taqiya skills in refuting Ali Sina(ex-muslim) instead debunking Agniveer/kafir. Apostates do more damage than the kafirs, they also know that. But they know they can’t refute him, so they changed their strategy.

      • @mohammed
        You have no right to write against prophet Agniveer (PBUH). You are hurting my feeling by saying you have refuted the prophet Agniveer (PBUH). I single handedly can refute all terrorists like Jakir & Mushfique. Agniveer (PBUH) is greatest influential personality or spiritual leader in last 5000 years or After Maharishi Vyas.

  • @Sanjay Rai

    The author of the website given above has been declared insane by christians. Her views are heretical and she claims to be receiving revelations from the so called “”christian god””. So we dont wanna use her materials to expose islam.

    • aryasamajis are u so fool? any one can easily deceive u? you must know that no muslim male is named as NOORJAHAN teli(as written by aram-USA-fir in this article) because it is females name. this website is run by intelligent persns and they are deceiving aryasamajis very intelligently i.e if hazrat abu bakr (R.A) died naturally they say that he has been poisoned?? hazrat aisha— poisoned?? i dont know from where you belong but in the shahjahanpur which i know you cant convert any tom dick harry to sharma, thakur and chaudhry because sharmas(from the head of brahma) will never accept any body else afterall you have kundali system and for your kind information shudras have their own pandits because any real joshi or sharma(ie pandit) never conduct the rituals of their marriage or death. your pandits even cant conduct the marriage of sc how could they accept anybody as sharma??? every XYZ who write against islam is islamic SCHOLAR for u?? lastly i want to thank you for shudhi tehrik again and i wish that you live i fools paradise happily. no muslim ca ever accept ur false argument NOORJAHAN teli aka NARSINGH bhaIJAN. BYEEEEEEEE

  • Even a savage considers his daughter-in-law, sacred. How unjust it is that the prophet did not fell the least compunction in obeying a wild and sinful impulse. If the prophet was father to no body, who was hen the father of Zaid (the slave). One might ask that if the prophet could not keep himself from a connection even with his own daughter-in-law, how could he restrain his passions where other women were concerned?

    Even sophistical reasoning cannot mitigate the enormity of an offence like this. Would it have been right if some other married woman had of here own free will desired to lead the prophet to the hymeneal altar? How cruel that the prophet was at liberty to divorce a wife whenever he chose to do so, while his wife was deprived of the right of obtaining a divorce even if he wad guilty of misconduct! If it was necessary that no body should enter the house of the prophet with adulterous intent, it was likewise necessary that the latter should also not do an act like this.

    How could it be right for the prophet to act as if he had a license in this matter and still to exact admiration? He would indeed be a perfect idiot who would believe the Qoran to be revealed, Mohammad to be a prophet and Mohammedan God to be an Omnipotent Lord. It is passing strange that the Arabs believed in such idiotic and unrighteous statements.

    • Either you people didn’t know this incident of the marriage of the prophet or you know & manipulate the history. Let make me clear your doubt.
      1. Prophet was not the father of the Zaid. He had just called him son by affection.
      2. It was a bad practice among the Arabs that they believe that when someone call anybody son by affection he gets his real son.
      3. Now due to some reasons Zaid give divorce to his wife , after that by the will of Allah Prophet married to her.
      4. By this the Prophet wanted to remove this social evil.
      Your words ” father in law lusting with his own daughter in law” shows your cheap mentality.
      5. Right of divorce is not given to prophet by allah.

      • @Sameer Hasan,

        //Either you people didn’t know this incident of the marriage of the prophet or you know & manipulate the history. Let make me clear your doubt. 1. Prophet was not the father of the Zaid. He had just called him son by affection.//

        How does it makes a difference when it comes to moral relations? when somebody calls a person his son, it implies that he least behaves to him as a father in general life. So if somebody tells that Mu Ham Mad did not gave him (Zaid) any share in his property, it was absolutely acceptable!!!

        But leave alone behaving like a father he MARRIED his wife!!!

        Even by calling somebody your son by affection implies morally that you treat him as YOUR SON and his family members as yours at least through your behavior….this implies that Ziads wife became Mu Ham Mad’s daughter in law by this AFFECTION. In all good civilizations the daughter in law is as good as YOUR OWN DAUGHTER.

        //2. It was a bad practice among the Arabs that they believe that when someone call anybody son by affection he gets his real son.//

        This is same everywhere….nothing special in arabs…at most somebody can adopt a son and make him complete nominee for his property etc…but in any case the wife of the son by AFFECTION will be like your daughter only!!

        //3. Now due to some reasons Zaid give divorce to his wife , after that by the will of Allah Prophet married to her.//

        —due to some reason?????? The reason came after Mu Ham Mad visited Zaid’s house….any reason for this??

        I have not gone through the tafseers yet but its evident that Zaid divorced his wife knowing the willingness of Mu Ham Mad.

        Even if we give benefit of doubt for Zaid’s reason to divorce his wife…what was the reason of Mu Ham Mad’s marrying him??

        Is it a will of allah or lust of Mu ham Mad?? The Koranic allah whom muslims claim to be most merciful sets this example??

        Could not Mu Ham Mad adopt his (Zaid’s) wife also as daughter?? if it was the compulsion of keeping only the…

      • Cont….

        Could not Mu Ham Mad adopt his (Zaid’s) wife also as daughter?? if it was the compulsion of keeping only the relation of marriage with other woman as per law of arab…were there no other suitable men for Zaid’s wife??? Better option was he could selected good option from his ummah and married her with him!

        //4. By this the Prophet wanted to remove this social evil.//

        WHAT social evil he removed?? or instead he himself started a NEW social evil i..e. father in law marrying his daughter in law??

        //Your words ” father in law lusting with his own daughter in law” shows your cheap mentality. //

        Compare these two statements and answer what is cheap mentality:

        a). A man marrying a lady who is almost age of his daughter and that too he has called her husband as SON (let it be by AFFECTION only).

        b). Consider this statement as social evil and discriminate anybody who justifies such act by rejecting any such illicit act.

        //5. Right of divorce is not given to prophet by allah.//

        Any reasons for such injustice or favoritism by Koranic allah??

        Although the character of Mr. Mu Ham Mad should have been such that each act he did must have reflected the true way of life and an ideal for entire humanity. Consider these two scenarios:

        a). Mr. Mu Ham Mad would have chosen to re marry Zaid’s wife to a noble person of correct age who would have suitable match for her. This would have set an excellent example for entire humanity really a new good social pattern could have been developed.

        b). Unfortunately (or FORTUNATELY), he did the reverse..so instead of following above statement (which comes in to the very very simple and just a normal human being like me) he managed to populate his own HARAM (or I should say HARAAM for HUMANITY).

        Best Regards,

      • That’s really great analysis brother.

        Welcome to Agniveer website. It is nice to see that the number of humanity supporters are slowly growing. Most importantly, they are criticizing evil in the name of GOD and bringing that to the light. Quran 9:97 says that Arabs (Muslims) are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy. Let’s analyze the possible causes

        1: Muslims say that Islam means peace but never dare to issue fatwa against terrorist Muslims
        2: Still believe in doctrine of Taqiyya which means legal lie. This puts a ? on credibility of Islam
        3: They tell non muslims to be peaceful and tell a muslim to be a terrorist. That’s the reason why muslim terrorists still survive worldwide
        4: They say that NON Muslims quote Quran out of context but themselves follow it out of context. Quran 9:111 as percieved by a Muslim is same as 9/11
        5: Preach Quran 41:34 to non Muslims but themselves never followed it
        6: Call others as idolators but have themselves idolated Mohammed
        7: Muslims emulate Mohammed but Mohammed is known as illiterate. This puts ban on education.
        8: Muslims Claim of Muslim scientists and inventors though they know that innovation (Bidah) is haraam as per Hadith
        9: Last but not the least, they say islam is fastest growing but kill apostates. If apostasy is legal, Islam won’t be the fastest growing at all.

        More hypocrisies are here (with sense of sarcasm): http://www.islam-watch.org/AyeshaAhmed/debate-frustrate-infidels.htm
        What do you say brother?

      • @Sameer Hasan/GOD IS GREAT/GOD IS GREAT
        It is matter of extreme shame that a father – in – law involves in sex with his daughter. I am 40 years old & whenever I said someone daughter I never thought anything wrong about the girl. There was no weight in Mohammad words. He was a hypocrite and fickle minded person. Many says Mohammed never treated Zaid as his daughter but here again this shows up hypocrisy of Mohammad because he had wrong intentions for his adopted son’s wife that is why he was not treating his son’s wife as daughter.

      • what about AISHA 6 year old minor girl. Rapist Mohamed- rape the minor girl.This shows up hypocrisy of Mohammad because he has only intentions to sex the minor girl.He was a dog, even dogs better than rapist MOHAMED

      • @Rahul
        Madam Aisha was 9 years old when our holy prophet consumed the marriage and she was matured enough to have sexual relations. That is why she is considered greatest lady. In Those times girls in Arbia land used to get puberty in very early age. & Allah also allowed the prophet to consume her.

      • So this proves she didn’t have a choice. How does a six year old a child have a choice of who she wants to marry. I’m sorry, but kids have no idea who they will marry, nor should they be set with someone to marry at the age of six. This proves that your religion does not respect women’s rights at all. If it did, it would waited until aisha was an adult to even get her married off.

      • manniy shri afzal ji,saval is bat ka bhi hai 50varshiy muhammad ji ne anek patniya hote huye bhi 6 sal ki ayesha ji se nikah[sex] ki “mansikta ” kyo banayi ? kya ap kisi 6 varshi kanya se sex ki mansikata banayenge ? yah dushit mansikta banane waale muhammad ji ko kaise achha manushy kaha jaye ?

  • @Human Being
    Does Allah ride a camel?
    “And thy Lord shall come and the angels rank on rank.
    And hell on that day shall be brought there.” 89: 23, 24.)
    C. Does the God of these people, like a police inspector or a commander, parade his forces? Is hell like an earthen pitcher that it can be carried somewhere? If it is so small, how will it be able to contain countless prisoners?

    157. “And said the apostle of God to them – “Look after the camel of God and let her drink water.
    But they treated him as an impostor and hamstrung her. So their Lord destroyed them for their crime, and visited all alike.” (101:15; 15, 18.)

    C. ~ Does God also go out for a ride on the camel? If not, why does He keep that animal, and why did He break His own law by afflicting these people with plague before the day of judgment? If He afflicted them with this disease, He must have done it by way of punishment, then the day of Judgment and the judging of people on that day cannot but be false. This verse about the camel leads to infer that in Arabia there were but few animals other than the came for people to ride on. This also proves that he Qoran was written by a native of Arabia.

    158. ” Nay, verily if he desist not, we shall seize him by the forelock, the sinful, lying forelock!
    We too will summon the guards of hell. (126: 15, 16, 18.)

    C. ~ God did not escape performing the duties of a menial servant – that of dragging a person. Can the forelock be ever guilty and lying? It is only the soul that can be so. Can He be God Who summons the guards of Hell just as the governor )of a jail) sends for his warders?

    • Brother!

      One thing I must make – don’t go with that joker and anti human practice who calls himself Human Being. He fails to realizes this eternal established fact: Islam is very suited for every creature except a human. The moment a human decides to embrace islam, he becomes anti human and sooner OR later, converts to a werewolf. Agniveer has done good job by converting peoples back to humanity and eliminating evil from the society.

      Btw, just found an excellent link. Must see: http://godofreason.com/user/image/islamevilinthenameofgodebook.pdf

      A series of tight slaps on almost every Mohammed supporter’s face. Some key points:
      World’s 1st terrorist is Mohammed.
      Destroy the Quran OR be destroyed by it
      Islam is the most racist ideology ever concieved by man
      Quran is nothing more than a manual of murder
      Jihad is biggest treason and all Jihadis are born terrorists
      A tribute to 270 Million Kaafirs murdered by Jihad: Biggest Holocaust in history
      Osama Bin Laden is dead but threat of Islam is alive
      All Radical Muslims are murdered as per Shariah Law.
      Violence with innocent woman will be reality if Shariah not banned
      9/11 is nothing but Quran 9.111
      Only GOD of moral perfection can be GOD, Allah isn’t a GOD.
      Many other truthful points… Must see.

  • namaste agniveer,
    there is a rapid growth in christian population in andhra pradesh for the past 8 years , ever since YS Rajashekar(christian, congress goon ,now dead) became chief minister. even after his death missionary activities have not decreased and is supported/controlled by YSR’s family and relatives. these missionaries convert gullible hindus , tribal masses , low castes , poor people.they scoop social communities , villages .they do it on a grand scale. mainly in rayalaseema and costal andhra parts of AP missionary activities are rampant.
    plz agniveer ji , we need events like shuddhi in AP to bring ex-hindus back to hindu fold. i dont want my state to become another kerala.

    • Abhi Brother,

      I agree with you on that. I am also Telugu, but live in the U.S. and I hear the same thing. My Grandmother in India tells me how Christian missionaries in Andhra Pradesh are harassing her when she leaves her house. What kind of religion produces these freaks. Only a Christian missionary would be okay with harassing an 80 year old woman. The missionaries are developing a very bad reputation when they do such things and if Christians want to protect their reputation, they should stop these crazy missionaries.


  • Dear Sirs,
    Namaskar. India’s future will be bright if out brothers and sisters lost to Christianity and Islam are brought back to Sanatana Dharma, popularly known as Hinduism. I respectfully bow my head respecting the noble efforts of Agneeveers. This also brings a responsibility to existing Hindus to warmly welcome the new entrants.
    SC Panda, Bhubaneswar

  • All,
    Agniveerji doing great job always.
    Now the next thing is, instead of keep saying great job agniveerji, we are with you agniveerji etc, we MUST make our individual effort to spread sanatan dharma. And that will be TRUE support to Mission Agniveer. Which will make mission more successful and powerful.

  • Why are people fighting. Just tell them that nothing is going to change by arguments. Power decides everything. Invaders converted people based on power. Similarly the fate of world will be decided by power alone. The way the perception of the world about islamism is radically changing as the bunch of terrorists so one day all muslims will be butchered by people of all other religion to live peacefully. Let see when this time comes of true realizations of people.

    • Brother Hindu,

      I guess the foundations of all religions is based on NON Violence only. That’s why Buddha taught – अहिंसा परमो धर्म: । Mahaveera taught – क्षमा वीरस्य भूषणं । Vedas taught – मा हिंसाद् सर्व भूतेषु । Sikh Guru said – मानस की जात सबै एकै पहिचानबो।
      Jesus said – Love thy neighbors as thyself. Teshuvah in Mishneh Torah said that “Forgiveness is the seed to Israel.” Even Sumerian and Mesopotamian culture speaks about Universal brotherhood. In short, the foundation of all philosophies is based on NON Violence.

      If Muslim nations are removed from geography, entire world is a secular region. The countries where Muslims are minority, they enjoy all the rights. Where Muslims are in majority, they kill others mercilessly. Those barbarians looted Egyptians and massacred their civilians. That’s why, there is rarely any trace of great Sumerian civilization now. They looted Yemen and Peru destroying its rich culture. They tried that in India too. Thanks Shivaaji and Maharaana Pratap along with Sikh Gurus who saved India. Now, Muslims are doing that in Europe.

      The problem is that Europeans and Indians are humans and hence not attacking these werewolves. We have blood of patriotism in our veins. If they can kill our 1, we can kill their 100. Only because we are humans, we don’t do that. So, the only time when they can be wiped out is: when the limits are exhausted. So, let’s unite humans and save humanity.

  • Today world need writers who can write and make people see what kind of world we are creating. Muslim want all as muslims. Lets us Imagine before we make all muslim” How the world will look like under ISlam”.
    I hope all muslim should visit africa and Saudi arebia , Now Libia ,Afgansitan and see after 1000 yrs what is there life , no education, no science, no music , no TV and no freedom to read other books. All wear one dress and all eat one way. One man four wives, women in parda
    God created the varieties and islam want to destroy all and make all one . Misguided culture.

  • dear agniveer, after reading your web site and swami dayanand i got tru knowledge about truth.truth in vedas the excellent work.stop simple and honest hindus to be converted in muslim.

  • those who were coward and liar,and hungry of lust and money converted to islam it started with akbar ,jhodha bai,later his son jhangir,shahjhan,all were half hindu, then in present time sharmila tagoe ,shaif ali khan, salman ,amir knan nephew imran khan his father was bengali hindu ,there is lot more name all characterless and criminals are are followers of islam because its religion of peace? its use less to get rational answer from any of its follower because they can only go fo excessive of violence and adultery they are like animal with only basic instinct and no brain!! treat them as they are in modi style!!!

  • Nice article from Agniveer
    Let’s see the real population of Hindus as per 2011
    India – 67% Hindus
    Kerala – 37% Hindus
    If you go for a census you will not find this figure because most of the lower caste people who converted did not change religion officially for getting the benefits from government.
    I request Agniveer to extend your work to south India.Christian Missionaries are doing wide conversion through hooks and crooks. Dr.Gopalakrishnan and a few others are doing a great work in spreading our heritage and culture.He also exposes the christian missionaries but we south Indians need Agniveer team also in South India in full swing to bring back the converted people officially to their mother religion.

    • No – you need your own team – make a team and see what you can do for it. Agniveer is stretched thin in north – if anything see what you can do for it.

  • I’m sorry to all people of all the races mentioned above that might of felt hurt or angry, I didn’t read it all I read some of the examples and it was shocking, sorry I would like you to remember do not respond to I’ll words that make you angry but only those that bring you joy this is in you books just like ours and plz remember the one main thing, the purpose of these books – wisdom aka Buddhi aka ilm that’s what It’s all about.
    These books say spread the word yes but to those that want to learn don’t force it down their throat. Present it like question this brings across interest to the listener / reader and finally stop the bickering everyone how many more people should die before there is a generation that understands the word peace which is the only way forward.

    Aum Tat Sat

  • Guys plz let’s not talk rudely about someone else’s choices and beliefs as it not nice or the right thing to do ask yourself if it is and listen to that pure inner soul speak and say It’s wrong to hurt another soul physically or mentally It’s in the ved/purans so plz let’s be good about this speak your mind but not abusive it not only makes you look bad but all of us and the teachings of our books. Thank-you

    Aum Tat Sat

  • To All Heaven desiring & Hell fearing (i.e Semitic Religious People) this is for you..

    Nainam Chindanthi Shastrani
    Nainam Dahathi Pavakaha
    Na Chainam Kledayanthyapo
    Na Shoshayathi Maruthaha

    Soul not cannot be hurt by weapons, fire cannot burn it, liquids can’t wet it and nor air can dry it..
    So NO-FEAR of Horrific HELL (fire, hot oil etc…)

    Soul is gender less, soul is beyond 5 basic senses that this body has..
    So NO-DESIRE of Exotic HEAVEN (Sex, Wine, Food and Fruits etc)

    So all that I ask is raise levels of your understanding GOD and start thinking, I know you feel its a Sin to think, reason and judge.. Then ask your preachers why does god gave brain.

  • Namo Namaha!
    I am very happy to see, you people marching ahead like fearless lions..

    Let may come tsunamis
    Let may come hurricanes
    March ahead like lions with spreading light like a raising Sun.

    — God Speed Agniveer

    – We (a small group at Niveditha Nilayam, Paunar) are also working in project of Gurukul + socioeconomic villages, tribal areas with combination of modern and our Ancient Science.. Includes Ayurveda too..

    – Planning to take project from papers to fields for tests and to know how people cope to it, I may meet you people soon..

    Some of credit for our attempt is your inspiration… Keep on inspiring us…

  • @Slim Shaikh

    I”ll let you fantasize as much as u like, just as the whole islamic faith is base on a fantasy. There’s no difference between Snow white and the seven dwarfs and islam. 2012 onwards will show a total destruction of the islamic faith alongside christianity. The events since Sept 11 is a testament. Followers of Vedanta worldwide regardless of race have rise up and the truth of christianity and islam has been revealed. I suggest u start facing the wall 5 times a day and pray for in a matter of years that “”black box”” will cease to exist.

    HARI OM!!!

    • @Bhai RK, aap se ek binti hai ki aap Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta aur charo vedo ko samajhkar adhyan karein aur uske baad Quran ko bhi samajhkar padhein to pata chalega ke hum sab ek hi mata-pita ke santan hain. aur hum sabka Malik PARMESHWAR ek hai jiski koi pratima nahi hai (yajur ved-32:3, Bhagwat Geeta-7:24, 10:3, 17:23 aur bhi bahot se shloks hain jinke padhne ke baad aur samajhne ke baad gyan hota hai ki humein ved, upanishads, puranas se dur rakhkar galat marg par chalaya gaya hai. jiska laksh andh vishwas phailana, daulat kamana, aur hamare hindu bhaiyo-behno ke dilo par raaj karna hai. aur jisko aapne “BLACK BOX” kaha hai woh PARMESHWAR ka prachin Mandir hai Jisko “K’AABA” kehte hain.

  • @Agniveer/Its petrons
    Every starting must have to face its end. Agniveer prophecy started in 2008 now this year 2012 will be end of Shatanic prophecy of Agniveer. This hurdle (Agniveer) in the way of Islamization of India will be ended up by June 2012. Agniveer Good luck for the rest life of yours.
    कुछ तो बात है हस्ती मिटती नहीं इस्लाम की I
    सदियों से रहा है दुश्मन दौर -ए- ज़माना इस्लाम का II

    • “Every starting must have to face its end. …”
      😀 😀
      that means islam also has an end. just live in ur dreams until islam dies all over the world.

    • BAHUT JALAD MITNE WALA H HASTI ISLAM KA , KAGAG KE PHOOL KHUSBOO NAHI DETE. Muhamed jaise rapist ko manane walo ko mitna hi hoga

  • Nice Job and keep up the good work. There are many brothers and sisters in India and around the world that want to follow Dharam, and I believe this is a start. I hope this will turn into a worldwide movement, not just in India. I would like to see this in America and Europe. Also in China, Korea, South America, Africa, middle east, and South East Asia. Keep it up brothers and sisters.

  • During the time of Lord Rama & Lord Krishna all the warriors were Angels who came to the aid of our Lord. They fought alongside to restore Dharma and on this day they came once more and aided in re-converting many to their original roots which is Vedic Dharma.

    Truly this is a miracle, as Lord Krishna stated that 0 000 yrs of a golden age will come but it doesn’t mean that we must do nothing instead as individuals its our duty to dispel nonsense created by enemies of Dharma and educate ourselves, by doing so we would truly usher in a Golden Age. Just as ISKCON (Hare Krishna’s) fought back and won in Russian courts to keep the Bhagvad-Gita, similarly I salute all Vedic organisations who protect and uphold Dharma. Keep up the good work Agniveer-Ji!!

    Hari OM!!

  • namaste agniveer ji
    you are doing a fantastic work ,we need spiritual leaders like you to combat the hateful abrahamic ideology , i appreciate your work for propagation of vedic philosophy ,may ishwar gives you more and more power and wisdom

    • @ Amit Sharma ji: kripya kar ke aap bhi inki sahayta mein jut jaaiye sirf aashirvaad dene se baat nahi banegi. Hum sab ko aage aana padega.

      Saadar Pranam

  • This was really a fantastic to hear these story and lets welcome them to the world of freedom.
    Many thanks to those volunteers who make it successful and a great job done by Agniveer.


      • Mr. Nayeem, who gave you authority to decide what is true & what isn’t? Were you present at Shahjahanpur? It clearly mentions that response was in mail so, did the mail came to your inbox? Even if this is not true, Isn’t it job of GOD to decide that? Why are you coming as a delegate?

      • Dear all,

        Unless otherwise we are united irrespective of our Cast, language and state, a day will come where we will be in a situation like Hindus in Pakistan. People like Nayeem always are sure that only they are correct. In fact all these people lie are are so used to it that they can not make difference between truth and lie. The real situation of minorities in Pakistan, Bangaladesh is miserable. Only in India the minorities are pampered. The rise of muslim population is alarming and with just 100 years from today we Hindus will have to be ready for another Pakistan and same situation like partision.

  • @Aryamusafir:

    Great article/report!

    Glad to know that these people no longer have to fear eternal hellfire. They may previously have been confused at their polytheistic tendencies [for instance, belief in the trinity of Allah, Mohammed and Quran, thereby ascribing partners to Allah, followed by worry whether they would be punished by Allah for believing that Imam Ali should have been the first caliph instead of Abu Bakr, followed by belief whether the Mahdi has arrived/not arrived, followed by worries about whether they belonged to the one sect promised Jannat by Mohammed out of 73, 72 others of whom are committing shirk].

    Let sanity and truth prevail instead of hatred and fear.

    Om Tat Sat.