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Over last few months of Agniveer movement, there has been a growing curiosity over ‘Who is Agniveer?’. The people wanting to discover this belong to several categories. Some ally with the Agniveer mission and hence want to know further details. Others want to track down the Kafir to perhaps earn the title of Gazi! There are also those who themselves claim that they are real Agniveer and are posting material against our ideology, to create confusion.

The reason we had to write this post is that we are getting names of a large number of people going round to be blamed as Agniveer. We keep getting mails where the sender informs us that ‘He knows that Mr X is Agniveer’. We have at least 15 names for Mr X. Several of these people have also been receiving threatening mails, calls from Middle East and SMS predicting death or harm or hell in near future.

Thus it would be pertinent that we provide more information on Agniveer so that innocent people are not forced to face the brunt of (mis)deeds that we have been doing.

a. Agniveer started as an individual effort but is no more so. It is a network of volunteers today working both in virtual and real world to promote Vedic Dharma and counter falsehood.

b. Majority of Agniveer leadership emerges from people with high qualifications. Thus we have experienced professionals, scholars/ faculty from IIT/IIM, Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Scientists etc. We also have as experts several Vedic scholars, Sanskrit experts, Arabic masters and researchers in comparative religions in our team.

c. The purpose of Agniveer movement was, is and will remain to rise above petty self and perform noble actions at a societal level. That is why we refrain from projecting any individual(s) and be ecstatic with short-term fame. This urge for petty individual fame, seen even in most knowledgeable and seemingly selfless people is one of the greatest bane hindering our collective progress. Thus we are inspired not by urge to have our photos in different poses and with different hero/heroines doing rounds all around, but by the conviction that we shall bring certain tangible ground level changes in near term.

d. Most of the people alleged by different groups to be Agniveer are not even connected in our network directly. Many of them are merely patrons who perhaps forwarded a couple of our articles that they liked. The last thing that we would like is to see them being victimized unnecessarily.


e. Thus we urge all our haters to stop witch-hunting and spare these innocent people. Please understand the mechanism of internet. The cat is out of the bag. The articles we have written are already widely circulated. Even if you get the site banned or inflict damage to some innocent guy thinking him to be Agniveer, that is not going to stop the movement. Even if you track and hunt down an active member of Agniveer, even that will not work. Because neither can you stop the already written articles from circulation, nor can you hunt each and every Agniveer. Because each supporter of this ideology becomes an Agniveer himself or herself.

f. The only way for our detractors to counter or defeat or destroy or kill Agniveer is to prepare and distribute equally logical and rational content opposing our stand. So far we found none. The voice of pen cannot be silenced by sword, especially in today’s information age.

Let us make our approach and goals very clear:

– This movement shall continue like wildfire as a collective non-individualistic movement

– Writing is a small step of this movement. The movement is and would continue more powerfully at ground level until power of Vedic Dharma is restored, at least at national level.

– Our goal is complete annihilation of birth-based caste system, gender bias and dominance over fanatic ideologies breeding hatred for non-believers and immorality. In brief, Vedic Dharma in practice.

– Character, non-violence, universal compassion and Satya are our key weapons and we believe that no other weapon is more powerful than these.

– We shall teach, through examples, how one can be both fearless and compassionate regarding the detractors at the same time. We shall love the people but hate the ideology of hate.

– We shall be flexible and dynamic in our approach but not in principles.

We request all truth-seekers to support the Agniveer movement in all possible ways and be yet another Agniveer.

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  • mahatman i knew that all teaching in vedic dharma can be interpreted in many ways.i have heard our concepts of 33 koti gods refers to population of world at vedic period and there by seeing every humans as gods.is this true?also multihands of bhagavan refers to his speedy actions.notonly this the the lotus setting pictures of lord symbolys his nirmalata.is my knowledge true?

  • As we opened our eyes in this fabricated world, where our past is a story which is surely narrated by our enemy. and no one ever write true about glorify/dignified past of their enemy. But as India which is still fighting its freedom movement from cunning enemy who is well equipped with power and also large in number (so called minority), by whom the common mass fear to take any action or even hesitate to communicate their genius or real facts. Actually the Muslim and Britishers had divided all the Hindu very wisely, they destroyed our culture their glorifying past or even questioned about Shir Ram Chandra ji which is the basic key to unit Hindu from Kashmir to kannyakumari. Their policy is very simple destroy Hinduism, all Hindu will automatically get destroyed. They are taking the advantage of the little knowledge of common Hindu mass by saying them as superstitious. They generally say who has seen Shri Ram/ every thing is fantasy nothing truth in it and we accept it as actually no one has seen Ram. now I question who is seen their fore fathers? if no body has seen his /her forefather it mean every body here is Bastard. Has Present Muslim community has seen prophet Mohammad? Has Muslim community in India ever thought about their forefather who were tortured badly to accept Islam. Many of their Grand mother were raped to make their grand parent to accept Islam. In India no one dares to question about Islam or Prophat mohmmad but any one can deliver their views on Ram and Sita because the answer is very simple, The key power is still is in the hand of Muslim who rule / dictate India by the name of Hindu. Hindus are divided in SC ST OBC and other. Also the present ruling party made the country environment such that no common people get time to react on their policies. They grabbed common people times in court, un-employment, cast and many other thing. But because of internet revolution people can communicate with other and can share their views. Now the Hindu community is awaking and also very well knows that the other religion who claim to be minority in India is now becoming majority. by showing them-self as helpless and poor they are actually gaining sympathy and actually creating problems for other. in India anti Muslim is very common word, you can every now and then can listen on television that anti-muslim party or anti-Muslim leader, But have you ever heard anti Hindu Party or anti Hindu leader, why because right from media to politics every thing in India is directly or Indirectly owned by Muslim or Christian. And rest few Hindu who has sailed their religion and their soul to make their Master(Muslim or Christian) happy to get money and power in turn of it.
    If this situation continues for few year then soon we will find that China will capture India and again we Hindu will struggle for the honor of our Mother, Daughter and As soon as China influence begins in India most of our leader start teaching us the advantage of accepting Chines culture and present them as best friend of China.

    • Kapil donot be complacent that a saviour has come , everyone shud work together and promote to participate in shuddhi event and shud remove ego from mind in spreading vedas . Everyone shud start from their family to inspire our father mother brother and sister to leave according to dharma . As girls are main victims of conversion , they shud be informed about what is happening around ans a silent war is what going on which is backed by television media which move back from showing crimes against hindus in country.

  • I was worried that India will become Islamic or Chiristian country one day due to ignorance of Hindus. Now I m happy to see Scholars like Agniveer is here.
    Every Indian should join this site.
    Thanks to Agniveer.

    • Sandeep Ji,
      I think you should also follow the same and try helping Agniveer in whatever manner you can i.e. Tan/Mam/Dhan …..it does not matter how much you contribute but what what matters is your passion….


  • Thanks For giving us this website which shows us a path forward!!

    Please keep the good work going and let us know how we can contribute more!!!

  • namaste,
    1.there is no space devoid of ishwar. So he is soul itself,he is matter itself. Then why differentiate into 3?

    2.Soul is massless point in space?
    Salvation means soul merges to ishwar, that is, experiences oneness with god.
    The soul exists in the space where god exists.it is in union with ishwar itself at any instant. So how salvation occurs?


    • Namaste sarang

      1. Brother, space (Aakash/Avakash) is also omnipresent, does this become matter or soul then? No. I think if only one entity exists, nothing can happen because then no change can take place. In fact no one would be there to question whether we are one or many! When I say- “this is tree”, it alone proves the existence of two distinct entities, the one who sees the tree and another which is seen (tree). If we look closely, we will find that it is the existence of multiple entities which creates the difference. Just imagine if this world would be with just one color. In that case would you be able to distinguish anything? Would you be able to see even yourself? No! Because it is the different colors which create boundaries among different objects and then we are able to see them. Similarly, with one entity, no action or motion or emotion could be possible. It is proven fact that you have to have something else to bring in change in “X” which must be different from “X”. Water remains cold until and unless fire comes in its contact. So to create change in water, you have to bring something other than water.

      Moreover we not only find different actions and motions but also opposite nature among living beings. One is aggressor, another is protector, one lies, another is truthful and so on. So this proves the existence of at least two types of conscious entities with different traits. Thus Eeshvar and souls are to be different from each other.

      2. Salvation of soul does not mean merging of it in Eeshvar. It is rather state of bliss where soul is directly linked with Eeshvar with no Avidya/ignorance in between. Yes you rightly said that soul is anytime in contact with Eeshvar. But except salvation, soul has the layers of Avidya between him and Eeshvar and thus it fails to recognize Eeshvar in His true nature. It is just like if I look at some light with specs having different layers of colors on it and thinking the light to be of some color “Y” which is the mixture of actual color of light and all colors of different layers. I cant see the true color of light until and unless I remove the colorful specs from my eyes. So salvation is the state when you see the light with your naked eyes with no artificial color in between. Same way, we must remove all layers of Avidya/ignorance from our soul so that we can see the ultimate light (Eeshvar which is not physical of course) and achieve the state of ultimate bliss/knowledge.

      We remain as soul in salvation and enjoy the bliss. Merging into Eeshvar is nothing but an end to one’s existence, which nobody wants!


  • Dear KalBhairav,

    Well it is sad that I havent commited any wrong & you bring up imaginary stories of judge which is
    not even intellectual to this topic like you wanted. I will always prove my points from Holy Quran,
    not by creating my own imaginary stories

    Ans1. Well if something is created, it is basic concept to test. So Allah is testing the mankind,
    and problem here is humans are always opposed & chose wrong path, create pollution.
    Eg:- Burn deady body, throw ashes in water mere pollution.

    Ans2. Allah has already revealed the Quran, Its time for mankind to come forward to gain knowledge.
    Person who knows the truth @ Quran & then hides are called Kufrs.

    Ans3. Allah knows best.

    Problem with you is that you are still in shock mode, Allah forgives & also punishes too.

  • Agniveer just wants mercy.

    – Agniveer wants Ishwar to only be merciful & kind, even if he does wrong deeds he wants Ishwar to
    forgive him.

    Well my points

    Allah punishes, because you learn from your mistakes, Allah knows best.

    This punishment began only when Quran was revealed to mankind.

    Reasons of punishments began
    When prophets were sent with messages all were opposed by people.

    What do you learn from this verses?

    “The Prohibition of Insulting the False gods of the Disbelievers, So that they Do not Insult Allah ”

    Allah prohibits His Messenger and the believers from insulting the false deities of the idolators, although there is a clear benefit in doing so. Insulting their deities will lead to a bigger evil than its benefit, for the idolators might retaliate by insulting the God of the believers.

    “Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth has been made clear from error. Whoever rejects false worship and believes in God has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks. And God hears and knows all things.” (Quran 2:256)

    “If it had been your Lord’s will, all of the people on Earth would have believed. Would you then compel the people so to have them believe?” (Quran 10:99)

    “So if they dispute with you, say ‘I have submitted my whole self to God, and so have those who follow me.’ And say to the People of the Scripture and to the unlearned: ‘Do you also submit yourselves?’ If they do, then they are on right guidance. But if they turn away, your duty is only to convey the Message. And in God’s sight are all of His servants.” (Quran 3:20)

    “The Messenger’s duty is but to proclaim the Message.” (Quran 5:99)

    • @miracles quran:

      I see that you have chosen to respond with MORE Quran posts alone. You need to bring more intellectual stuff to the table for this to be meaningful. If a judge asks a defendant to prove his innocence and the ONLY response of the defendant is “I am innocent because I say so” then the verdict would be fairly quick and decisive, no? In any case ponder the following:

      (1)Why does Allah provide humans free will to believe in prophets other than Mohammed in the first place (or not believe in any prophet at all) and then punish humans yet again for in the afterlife for having exercised that free will by not believing in Mohammed? Seems a complete waste of time/effort/consciousness on the parts of all concerned, no?
      (2)How does Allah choose between humans he guides into Islam and those who stay Kufr in this earthly life? Is there a logic, or is it random or is there a possibility of Karma/past life deeds playing a role? Or does Allah know best and we should therefore abandon any efforts at second guessing his(?) intentions? Is the act of questioning Allah enough in itself to invite the wrath of everlasting eternal hellfire in the afterlife?
      (3)What if in my afterlife I meet Allah and I tell him(?) “I have been a good person all my life. I worked hard, provided for my family and helped my neighbours. Despite all this do you plan on punishing me for believing in a prophet other than Mohammed (or not believing in a prophet at all)?”. What would Allah do/say? How do you know?

      Please, if possible, bring more intellectual stuff to the table rather than mere Quran/Hadith stuff…Please?

    • @miracles quran:

      Based on the title of this video I was hoping you would compare and find fault with the Vedic concept of creation…alas that was not to be found. The video was more repetition of Quran/Hadith stuff only. I question the Quran/Hadith and have no reason to believe it is the (final) word of Allah at all. Finally, you asked Hindu brothers and sisters to return (?) back to Islam. I hereby ask you to reembrace your ancestral religion. Why is your request for Hindus to return (?) back to Islam more valid than my request for YOU to reembrace Sanatana Dharma? My request is more valid because your ancestors circa 700 AD could not possibly have had a clue about Mohammed.

      What do you find wrong with Vedas? Can you answer this in an ABSOLUTE SENSE without feeling the need to invoke the crutches of a notion derived from Quran/Hadith? If you cannot answer this it means that what is holding you back is not logic, but unprovable statements in the Quran/Hadith.

      I can disparage Islam/Quran/Hadith WITHOUT taking recourse to the Vedas thus:

      An Allah that punishes non-believers to everlasting eternal hellfire is not a God I would like to follow. This Allah also probably never entrusted his entire philosophy to one person (Mohammed). The word of Allah at any point in time is not likely to be FINAL.

  • This is the main problem what you speak the threats, and silencing of people. If you speak against their religion they will try to intimidate. Already we see large scale problems of Hindus most major religious institutes are control by the government control trust, which funds can go anywhere to fund other religions to building of roads, but certainly not for the propagating of Hindu Dharma. Examples like in Kerela is extreme up to 90% of funds are misused in this way.. Our religious values are not propagated and ignorance grows. We do not defend our selves as the others can propagate any allegation which neither possess no truth. India was first in the world when it was a Hindu nation. It was most liberal . You are like a Savarkar in your writings and should with determination help in propagation and dissemination of knowledge, without any fear or hesitation. Truth is more valued then is even our life, for truth is what gives people life and purpose, and by speaking without any fear or hesitation we know we are free.

    Thank you, Agniveer for your contribution for keeping the flame burning, as light is the best defeat for darkness. May this fire grow and and from its strength truth may emerge to give light to the world.

  • Dear Sir,
    u write the agniveers based on Maharshi Dayanand Saraswatis work, philosopy and contrubion of vedic dharma!

  • Agniveer is doing excellent job that is warranted to save India, to save humanity and to save everyone from the barbaric/deceptive hands of religious fanatics and cunning people under the disguise of religious scholars. Moreover, we need a movement to safeguard our young generations from the evils of European/American culture–i.e. porn, nudity, too-much sexual freedom, materialism, breaking families, pub/wine culture, boisterous-ear-paining western music, etc. Pls do not give up, sir. My full support is with Agniveer.

  • Happy and sad to hear that some people are receiving threatening emails/phonecalls. Sad, obviously, because there are Muslims out there who feel that killing the Kufr is the way to enjoy 72 virgins in a non-existent afterlife in “heaven”. Islam/Quran are no intellectual match to Sanatana Dharma.

    Happy that force Agniveer is frightening the Muslims. I used to think that Islam will leave the planet faster than shit through a goose once we discover an alternative to oil. But now I am seeing that internet and an open mind will do it. Muslims themselves are beginning to question/leave Islam simply because of being presented with an alternative/intellectual argument. Of course Muslims are new to this field of intellectual debate because they only know, “Convert or die, you dirty Kuffar!”

    Some ex-Muslim sites that I usually browse: http://www.councilofexmuslims.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/TXHalabi It is hilarious to see Muslims commenting on these sites and be bitch-slapped by ex-Muslims themselves!

    Hinduism is a vast ocean…Islam/Christianity are mere superficial temporary droplets on the surface.

    Sarvam etad Brahman. Ayam atma Brahman.

  • I think BJP, RSS, HJS etc must read this site and use it as weapon to defend, to establish Sanatan Dharma. They have good, strong organization. It will not be easy to kill all of them.

  • KEEP IT UP !! The only website I have seen in my lifetime who has come forward fearlessly about speaking the truth; the vedic philosophy after “Maharshi Dayanandji and Swami Shradhhanandji”. Dear Agniveer team, we salute you and thanks you indefinite times. We will support you. All followers, please donate generously to keep alive the truth. No religion in the world can stand in front of the “GOD’s VEDAS”.

  • agniveer jee your work is great. bhagwan apko badi lambi umar de. taki ap aise hi samaj me vedas concept ko batae. ap bhi hindusm ko tv channnels astha aur sanskar ke dwara kyo nahi batate hai.

    special thanks because you DESTROYED IRF AND ZAKIR NAIK GANG.

  • Brilliant effort. Much appreciated. And further an attempt should be made to compile and weed out the imperialist anti-Hindu propaganda from Hindu Histories, so that it is accessible to Hindus. The worst thing that happened to India was that Nehru’s book of fantasy(Mockery Of India) written in the Jail full of Imperialist propaganda of Aryan Invasion theory, Caste System, Sati pratha, Brahminism and other anti-Hindu BS became the textbook of Indian education imposed with the help of Congress on Hindus. All this BS is copy-pasted by the braindead historians later. It was only foreigners who refuted all these lies of imperialist strategy, not Indians. Hindus are planted with these embarrassing lies about their ancestors that they find it difficult to realize the fact that why the world has always been driven towards India only.

  • I knew there was a original Agniveer, glad to hear it. I don’t know why fear anything as I am certainly fearless, but first time meeting such a good writer, who reminds me of Savakar. Please keep up the good work, and start a magazine etc. You writing is good. One secret your age? If you can give?

  • Nameste Agniveer.

    I truly salute your venture. This is the time to educate the people especially poor and downtown Hindu people about the dangers which are emerged from Islam. From the time the islam originated, the terrorism also was started along with it. But it is because of the poor Hindu people who do not know anything about the dangers of Islam,continuously giving the breeding ground for lslamic frauds like Naik to spread the false and idotic versions of islam. We, the readers of Agni Veer understand the fraudulent ways of islam but just think about poor and ignorant Hindus. So I request you please bring out the other Indian Language Versions of AgniVeer ( Kannada,Tamil,Malayalam, western India languages etc).Think about the starting of TV channel at a later stage. I pray the God to give all the necessary resources to achieve this goal.

  • Dear Sir, thank you very much for all your efforts. This site has emerged as the ray of hope, the hope for the Vedic Dharma. This effort proves the fact that single ray of truth has the strength to destroy the darkest night of lies, deceit and unethical claptrap. From Guru Vishvamitra to Shri Rama, Guru Drona and Guru Bhishma to Pandavas & Kauravas, Guru Chanakya to Chandragupta, Guru Tantiatope to Rani Lakshmi Bai, up to Sikh Gurus to the Brave patriot Sikh clan of our country – Spirituality has guided the politics and administration through wisdom. The country which was cradle of immense wealth, deepest and most profound philosophies of the world is suffering inherent evils of corruption, social-character-perversion and separatism.Visit any country around the world – no matter how flowery the words be – nobody wants you to bee a part of their country for free. You gain an edge by being a Christian in the west and by being a Muslim in the middle east. With Hinduism, the story is entirely different. We had been practicing secularism and acceptance for centuries and suffering in the hands of inherently discriminative parasite cultures. Hindu faith encompasses the definitions of religion/region/race with its philosophy of Vasudheva Kutumbhkam(The universe is my big family).

    One day the Humanity will thank you for your effort to save the eternal wisdom of truth, acceptance and divine knowledge.

  • Pranam Agniveer,
    To say the least. its quite shocking and disappointing..but what can be done? its in their blood u know.. to harass, oppress, in the name of Allah (Subah ana abhi Taala hai) whoever exposes them!!!.. They are Cancerous cells.. and metastasis is taking place really really fast.. Vedic medicine is the only solution..