All prominent scholars and researchers agree on Vedas being the oldest texts known to humankind. Nonetheless Vedas remain the most meticulously preserved texts available today. The unique methods devised from very inception of Vedas have ensured that Vedas are available even today in same original form. One can refer to “Why Vedas cannot be changed” to have a glimpse of these methods. Many scholars have called this the greatest wonder of human civilization.

Someone like Abdullah Tariq, the mentor of Zakir Naik and celebrated Islamic scholar, also vociferously asserts that Vedas are the first divine texts. Even Zakir Naik does not refute it, even though he does not state it so clearly owing to his Wahabi foundation. However he does try to manipulate Vedic mantras to try to show Muhammad’s prediction in them. This very act of his proves that he regards Vedas as authoritative first divine texts.

This attempt of Zakir is not his original but directly copy-pasted – word to word – from works of the famous Qadiyani scholar Maulana Abdul Haque Vidyarthi. The whole Qadiyani movement is based on the assertion of Vedas being the first divine texts and Mirza Ghulam being the last Prophet. While we have refuted the wrong interpretations of Vedic mantras by likes of Zakir Naik and Maulana Vidyarthi, (refer ) one indeed must applaud their efforts to promote acceptability of Vedas as first divine texts among Muslims, with whatever little knowledge and huge constraints they had.

It has primarily been the atheist and communist circles that has refuted the idea of Vedas being divine, despite agreeing on Vedas being oldest. This is primarily driven from their founding assumption – that we all are chemical reactions and nothing more than that. The logical flaws and unexplained questions that arise from this assumption of these ‘atheist/communist chemical reactions’ is not the focus of this article.

What is interesting is that the baton of the atheists has now been taken by several Muslim apologetics who have come up with a series of articles refuting Vedas of divine status. They however forget in their enthusiasm that by doing this, they are digging their own graves. Because this would imply that claims of their own Islamic scholars are wrong and destroy the very foundation of Islam. We would request them to first issue fatwa against those Muslim scholars who use Vedas to prove Muhammad in them or admit them to be first holy texts. And next, they should demonstrate the same objectivity towards their own modern Quran.

What we would attempt in this article is to explain why Vedas cannot be considered as creation of Rishis as alleged first by atheists/ communists and now by neo-Muslim apologetics.

Now the question that would come next is – Who created or wrote the Vedas if not these Rishis? We believe this question to be on same pedestal as “Who created life? Who created the universe? Who is managing everything so immaculately? Who provided intelligence? Why humans are the only intelligent species? etc etc.”

These are serious questions for introspection and analysis. We have an opinion on these and quite a firm one. However, in spirit of Vedas, each of us has the liberty to explore and believe in whatever appears most reasonable to him or her after his or her most sincere understanding.

So even if someone refuses to agree to our viewpoints and arguments, that does not mean Vedas throw that person into some hellfire and would give us sweet grapes to eat in some Heaven. On contrary, as one proceeds ahead in pursuit of truth to best of his understanding, further path would be clearer and Ishwar would give him the best results he deserves.

This is the fundamental difference between Vedic ideology and other dogmatic ideologies. There is no blinded foundation, no compulsion – only commitment to a scientific and rational temper.

With this heavy introduction, let us start our analysis. We shall be providing various arguments and facts presented by those who claim that Vedas have been created by Rishis and then offer our explanations as well as counter-arguments.

Non-Vedic Claim:

So here we begin:

Vedas are not divine. Instead they are human creations like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Quran etc. The only difference is that Ramayan and Mahabharat were written by one author and Vedas, like Guru Granth Sahib, were written by several people over a period of time. So they are merely collection of works of a large number of people who were later called as Rishis. These Rishis were later claimed to be ‘seers’ (Drashta) to prove that Vedas are not human creation (Apaurusheya).  This is clear from various references in literature where Rishis have been called “Mantra Karta” or creator of the mantras.

For example:
Aitareya Brahman 6.1
Tandya Brahman 13.3.24
Tattiriya Aranyak 4.1.1
Katyayana Shraut Sutra 3.2.9
Grihya Sutra 2.1.13
Nirukta 3.11
Sarvanukramani Paribhasha Prakaran 2.4
Raghuvansh 5.4

Today, all mantras have a Rishi who is basically the person who wrote that mantra.

Thus believing Vedas to be not created by Rishis is merely a superstition.

Agniveer response:

The basic foundation of this claim of Rishis being authors of mantras is presence of word ‘Mantrakarta’ or its root in various forms. We shall analyze this later. However we shall begin with some logical as well as historical evidences that clearly imply that Rishis cannot be considered authors or creators of the Vedic mantras.

Let us start with scrutiny of the claim that “All mantras have a Rishi who is basically the person who wrote that mantra”.

(To understand this concept, please note that the original Veda Samhitas do not contain name of any Rishi etc. They simply comprise the mantras. However, traditionally each Vedic sukta (hymn) is associated with one or more Rishis who are supposed to be among the first persons to have introspected on those hymns. The book ‘Sarvaanukramanika’ or ‘Sarvanukramani’ by Katyayana is considered to be the prime basis of names of these Rishis (apart from a few other Anukramanis). Non-Vedics consider these Rishis to be authors instead of researchers of Vedic mantras.)

Counter-Argument 1: Several Rishis of same Sukta

a. There is no evidence in history of several people creating any piece of literature which is exactly same. Either the subject or language is bound to differ. However Vedas contain several Suktas (hymns) which are attributed to two or even hundred and thousand Rishis. No sane person can, thus, consider these Rishis to be authors of these mantras. For example refer the following from Sarvanukramanika (list of Vedic Rishis) which name more than one Rishis for Rigvedic mantras: 5.2, 7.101, 7.102, 8.29, 8.92, 8.94, 9.5, 5.27, 1.100, 8.67, 9.66, 9.16 (Aarshanukramani).

In fact Gayatri Mantra containing only 24 alphabets is supposed to have 100 Rishis! And Rigveda 8.34 has 1000 Rishis.

How 1000 people can together ‘create’ 3 small sentences is a mystery that only non-vedic pseudo-intellectuals can explain!

b. Some argue that Katyayana – the author of Sarvanukramanika – was unconfirmed about Rishis of some mantras because the historical tradition had broken by his times. Hence he attributed these mantras to more than one Rishi and used ‘Vaa’ or ‘Or’ to assert that one of these Rishis authored that particular mantra.

However this argument only shows escapism. If indeed Sarvanukramanika is unreliable, why to give references from this book in first place to justify that Vedas were authored by Rishis whose names are listed in book?

Let us give an additional example to counter this logic. The book Nirukta by Yaska described meanings and deeper insights of several mantras and is considered to be older than Sarvanukramanika. Acharya Shaunak who wrote Brihaddevata draws heavily from Nirukta. Now Brihaddevata was amply used by Katyayana to write his Sarvanukramanika.

Nirukta 4.6 states that Trit Rishi discovered meaning of Rigveda 1.175 Sukta. Brihaddevata 3.132 − 3.136 also states the same. However Katyayana lists several Rishis of the mantra and joins their names with ‘Vaa’ or ‘Or’. This means that use of multiple names of Rishis is not because of breakdown of historical tradition but deliberate to emphasize that several Rishis introspected on the mantra/ sukta.

Nirukta 1.4 clearly states that ‘Vaa’ can be used not only to list ‘exclusive alternatives’ but also ‘collection’. Same is also explained in Vaijayanti Kosh.

What more, ‘Vaa’ has been used in a different context by Katyayana himself in Sarvanukramanika. In Paribhasha Prakaran 12.2 he clearly writes that ‘Vaa’ implies that in addition of Rishi of previous verse, there is an additional Rishi for this new verse. To know more, refer Anukramani of Rigveda 3.23, 5.27, 8.2, 9.98. Interestingly, if we look into Aarshanukramani of Shaunak for Rigveda 9.98, he uses ‘Cha’ meaning ‘And’ for name of Rishi where Katyayana has used ‘Vaa’ in his Sarvanukramani.

Similarly if we see Sarvanukramanika 8.92 and Aarshanukramani 8.40, we see that wherever Katyayana has used ‘Vaa’, Shaunak has used ‘Cha’. Also check 1.105 of Sarvanukramanika.


c. Some argue even further that it may have happened that different verses(mantras) of same Sukta (Hymn) have been written by different Rishis and hence several Rishis have been mentioned for many Suktas. However this is only flimsy reasoning. There is no evidence to believe that a sage like Katyayana made such a blunder.

– Sarvanukramanika 9.66 states that ‘Pavasva’ sukta has 100 Vaikhanas Rishis. However the sukta has only 30 mantras. We have already given example of 1000 Rishis of 3 mantras.

What more, wherever different Rishis have introspected on different mantras of same sukta, Katyayana has mentioned it clearly. For example, Sarvanukramanika 9.106 states that of ‘Indramachha’ sukta comprising 14 mantras, Chakshusha introspected on 3 mantras, Manava Chakshu on 3, Apsava Chakshu on 3 and Agni on 5 mantras.

– In Sarvanukramanika 5.24, it is mentioned that 4 Rishis saw one mantra each of a Sukta that comprises 4 mantras.

– Similarly check Sarvanukramanika 10.179 and 10.181.

Hence, there is no way one can conclude that multiple Rishis manufactured different mantras of Suktas of Vedas.

The only plausible explanation is that Rishis were geniuses who introspected on different mantras of Vedas that already existed.

Counter-Argument 2: Several Rishis of a single Mantra

There are several mantras in Vedas that appear several times in several places in different contexts. If Rishis were authors or creators of mantras of Vedas, then the name of same Rishi should have come in all places. However we see that different Rishis are linked with the same mantra in different places.

For example:
Rigveda 1.23.16-18 and Atharvaveda 1.4.1-3
Rigveda 10.9.1-7 and Atharvaveda 1.5.1-4/ 1.6.1-3
Rigveda 10.152.1 and Atharvaveda 1.20.4
Rigveda 10.152.2-5 and Atharvaveda 1.21.1-4
Rigveda 10.163.1,2,4 and Atharvaveda 2.33.1,2,5
Atharvaveda 4.15.13 and Atharvaveda 7.103.1
Rigveda 1.115.1 and Yajurveda 13.46
Rigveda 1.22.19 and Yajurveda 13.33
Rigveda 1.13.19 and Rigveda 5.5.8
Rigveda 1.23.21-23 and Yajurveda 10.9.7-9
Rigveda 4.483 and Yajurveda 17.91

All these pairs have different Rishis.

This is just a very small sampler. One can find hundreds of such examples in Vedas. Apart from accepting that Rishis no way relate to authorship of Mantras, there is no other means to explain these.


Counter-Argument 3: Existence of mantra before birth of Rishi

If we assume that Rishis created the mantras, then there is no way that the mantra could have existed before the Rishi was born. But such examples exist amply.

For illustration:
a. The ‘Kasya Noonam’ verse of Rigveda 1.24 is attributed to Rishi Shunahshep as per Sarvanukramanika. It states that the Rishi of this Sukta of 15 mantras is Shunahshep who was son of Ajeergat. If we review Aitareya Brahman 33.3,4, it is mentioned that Shunahshep offered his devotion to Ishwar through ‘Kasya Noonam’ mantra. If we review Nirukta Samuchchaya of Vararuchi, it is mentioned that Ajeergat worshipped through this mantra. Thus both father and son worshipped through this mantra. Then how come only son is called Rishi of the mantra? If son was the author of the mantra, then father could not have been known this mantra!

Also, the events of the stories of Aitareya Brahman and Nirukta Samuchchaya preclude any possibility of father learning this mantra from son.

Hence the mantra existed in father’s times but son is called the Rishi of the mantra. This implies that Rishi is not author of the mantra but expert of mantra.

b. Rigveda 3.22 is attributed to Vishwamitra as per Taittriya Samhita (5.2.3) and Kathaksamhita. However Sarvanukramani 3.22 and Aarshanukramani 3.4 state that the mantra existed even during times of Gaathi – the father of Vishwamitra.

So even in this case, both son and father are Rishis of the mantra implying that they were not authors but experts of the mantra.

c. Nabhanedishtha is the Rishi of Rigveda 10.61 and 10.62 as per Sarvanukramani.

The western school of thought states that ‘Yadu’ and Turvashu’ whose names come in Rigveda 10.62.10 were historical kings. These two names mostly come together in Rigveda. (We believe that these do not refer to any historical persons but certain concepts)
Now Mahabharat Adiparva 95 states that Yadu and Turvashu were born in 7th generation from Manu (Manu – Ila – Pururava – Ayu – Nahush – Yayaati – Yadu, Turvasu). Also Mahabharat Adiparva 75. 15-16 states that Nabhanedishtha was son of Manu and brother of Ila.

Thus if Vedas gave history and Nabhanedishtha wrote Rigveda 10.62.10, how could he use the names of people born in 6th generation from him? So either Vedas contain no history or Nabhanedishtha is not author of the mantras!

Many argue that Nabhanedishtha lived for long and wrote the mantra during his last days. However even this cannot be true because Aitareya Brahman 5.14 states that he received these mantras’ knowledge from his father when he returned from gurukul after education.

By the way, Nirukta 2.3 provides meanings of Yadu and Tuvanshu, which do not mean any historical person(s) but humans.

d. Vishwamitra is considered Rishi of Rigveda 3.33 which contains phrase “Vipaat Shutudri”. Now if we refer to Nirukta 2.24 and Brihaddevata 4.105-106, it states the story of Vishwamitra who was priest of king Sudaas and came near the union of two rivers Vipaat and Shutudri. However Mahabharat Aadiparva 177.4-6 and Nirukta 9.26 explain that these rivers were named Vipaat and Shutudri by Vasishtha after killing of his sons by king Saudaas, the son of king Sudaas.  Thus how could Vishwamitra use Vipaat and Shutudri in the mantra when these names were created by Vasishtha much later.

The fact is that the mantra existed even before Vishwamitra. And Vipaat and Shutudri in the mantra are not names of any rivers. However, later, two rivers were named so borrowing these words from the Vedic mantra. Since vedas are oldest texts, it is not surprising to find names of places and people derived from Vedas. This is akin to people naming their children and places as Ram, Sita, Krishna, Shivaji Park etc inspired by already existing words.

e. Aitareya Brahman 5.14, Tattriya Samhita 3.1.3 and Bhagvat 9.4.1-14 narrate a story that Nabhanedistha was instructed by his father Manu to propagate Rigveda 10.61-62. Thus even though Nabhanedishtha is Rishi of the mantra, he was certainly not its author and the mantra was known even to his father.

f. Vamadeva is the Rishi of Rigveda 4.19,22,23 as per Sarvanukramani. However Gopath Brahman Uttarardha 6.1 and Aitareya Brahman 6.18 state that Vishwamitra was the seer of the mantra and Vamadeva popularized the mantra. Thus both were experts of the mantras and not authors.

g. Kavash Elush is the Rishi of Rigveda 10.30-32 as per Sarvanukramani. However Kaushitaki Brahman states that Kavash ‘ALSO’ understood the mantra. Thus it implies that other Rishis have also understood the mantras and hence Rishi is not the author.

Counter-Argument 4: ‘Mantra Karta’ does not imply author of Mantra

Karta is obtained from Krit. Krit is derived from root Krinj in past tense as per Kvip Pratyaya (refer Ashtadhyayi 3.2.89)

So let us understand what Krinj means.

1. Rishi means ‘seer’ as per Nirukta 2.11. Again Nirukta 3.11 implies Rishi is Mantra Karta. Hence Karta implies ‘seer’ of mantra as per Nirukta of Yaska. In other words, Krinj root is used to mean ‘see’ also apart from ‘doer’.

The same meaning of Krinj root is vetted by Sayana in his commentary on Aitareya Brahman 6.1, Bhattabhaskar in his commentary of Taittriya Aranyak 4.1.1 and Karka in Katyayana Shrautsutra 3.2.9 explanation.

2. The story of Tandya Brahman 13.3.24 is explained by Manusmriti. Here Manu explains Mantra Karta to mean ‘teacher of mantra’. Thus ‘krinj’ root also implies ‘teaching’. Even Sayana considers Mantra Karta to mean Mantra-Seer in explanation of this verse from Tandya Brahman.

3. Patanjali Bhashya of Ashtadhyayi elaborates that Krinj also means ‘to establish’ or ‘to implement’. (refer 1.3.1)

4. Jaimini 4.2.6 implies Krinj to mean ‘acceptor’.

5. There is NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE EVIDENCE of ‘Mantra Karta’  or ‘Mantra Kaar’ or a related phrase being used to mean ‘Author of Mantra’ in any Vedic or post-Vedic literature.

6. Thus Sarvanukramani is clear that whosoever ‘saw’ or ‘realized’ meaning of the mantra is its Rishi. (Paribhasha 2.4)

Thus, ALL the references provided by non-Vedics to imply Rishi as Mantra-Karta actually mean Mantra-Seer.

Now some double counters.

We provide a list of references from ancient literature that refer Rishis as Mantra Drashta or Seer of Mantras:
Taittriya Samhita 1.5.4, 2.6.8, 5.2.1, Aitareya Brahman 3.19, Shatpath Brahman,, Kaushitaki Brahman 12.1, Tandya Brahman 4.7.3, Nirukta 2.11, 3.11
Sarvanukramani 2.1, 3.1, 3.36, 4.1, 6.1, 7.1, 7.102, 8.1, 8.10, 8.42, Brihaddevata 1.1, Arshanukramani 1.1, Anuvakanukramani 2, 39, 1.1

What is most startling is that the very texts from whom excerpts are provided by non-vedics to allege that Rishis were authors of the mantras are the very texts which clearly state that Rishis were the ‘seers’ or ‘experts’ of the mantras.


What about the names of historical people like Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Bharadwaja etc that appear in Vedas as well as Rishis of Vedic mantras?


These words denote some special attributes and not any historical person. For example,
Shatpath Brahman states that Prana mean Vasishtha, Mind means Bharadwaja, Auditory sense implies Vishwamitra etc. Same is asserted in Aitareya Brahman 2.2.1. Kanva in Rigveda 8.2.16 refers to any person with sublime wisdom as per Nighantu (Vedic vocabulary).


Why do many mantras have Rishis of same name that appear in the mantras?


Let us understand how one gets a name. One gets a name either by birth or choice or popularity or by deeds. In fact legendary persons are known more by deeds or choice than birth name. Thus Subhash Chandra Bose got the name ‘Netaji’. Moolshankar is known as Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Mohandas is more popular has Mahatma Gandhi. Hardly anyone would know what are the real names of people known as Agniveer. Thus Vedic Rishis came to be known by the names exemplifying their researches. Hence we see that Narayana is Rishi of Purusha Sukta, Bhishaq (meaning doctor) is Rishi of Rigveda 10.97 focusing on medicines, Rigveda 10.101 has Rishi Budha Saumya (intellectual and sober person) because the sukta deals with related themes. There are countless such examples.

The point is the Vedic Rishis were not working with agenda of marketing their birth names. They were Yogis who were devoted to discovering the nectar of Vedas and rise beyond the cycles of death and birth. Thus name is just a matter of social convenience for them. So, no wonder, names of most Vedic rishis are related to subject of their specializations regardless of their birth name and even gender.

I conclude with the words of legendary Swami Dayanand Saraswati: “Whosoever Rishi first introspected on a mantra and propagated its meaning is remembered along with that mantra. Whosoever claims that Rishis created the mantras is a fraud. Rishis were the propagator of the meaning of the mantras.”

The creator of the mantras is the very same Purusha who created this universe, this life, this intelligence, this curiosity and the ability to seek answers to the curiosity of “Who wrote the Vedas?” Even if someone disagrees with this, there exists no other plausible explanation to attribute authorship of Vedas till date.

References: Works of Pt Yudhishthir Meemansak, Pt Dharmadeva Vidyamartanda, Pt Bhagvadutta, Acharya Vaidyanath Shastri, Pt Shivshankar Sharma and many other Vedic luminaries.

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So by that logic the Purusha wants his intellect to be inspired by meditating on the radiation of Savita Deva (ref. Gayatri Mantra).
Here’s what I have got from the Rigveda itself.

Suyash Patil

I am a Student of class 6 and I need who all wrote the hymns of rig Veda. So please post it un till tommorow please sir


I did not intend to offend or to prove you wrong. I just wished you to clear my doubts . If you don’t wish to clear my doubts……’s OK. I can’t force you to answer.

Agniveer Agni
Sister, Agniveer can never be offended by spiritual pursuits of noble souls. We have utmost respect for patrons like you. Due to extremely large number of questions and issues to respond to, we are at times unable to meet the expectations of our patrons. We sincerely apologise for the same… Read more »
Agniveer Agni Why you apologized? It was really not needed. I know you are multi-tasker, a busy-person . I really don’t know why you called me patron. I don’t deserve your praises. In fact you are role-model for Indian youth like many here. You have sacrificed fat salaried job only… Read more »



Well said..


Were Upanishads written by same Rishis who wrote Vedas ? Were Vedas and Upanishads written in Treta Yug and not in Sat Yug?

each hymn in vedas is associated with its seer. but i dont think the upanishads have the same,like before you see a hymn in veda samhitha, you find”so and so is the devatha,so and so is the meter,and so and so is the rishi”but i hav not seen(or perhaps i… Read more »

Thanks Adhyatmik Agniveer Agni.


Adhyatmik Agniveer
Kya Chetana hi Atma hain ?


Please tell me – Is consciousness( chaitany/chetana) soul( atma) or not? Awaiting your reply…..

Agniveer Agni

Consciousness is a property of soul. But soul exists even when there is no consciousness for a particular period of time.


I agree with your reply to Rozer.

evan picone tiered dress

You are actually a very good site owner. Your website running swiftness is wonderful. Apparently you are doing any kind of one of a kind technique. In addition, A articles tend to be masterwork. you have done an exquisite practice on this subject!

This is quite interesting subject, I have done research on this topic for about 8+ years by visiting several places, by meeting several people and books. The answer is in “EESHAVYASA UPANISHAD”, When the veda’s are written? Who is the author? What is the time line? The verse in the… Read more »

hi sanjeev. i know that rishis wrote vedas. but how they knew about the mantras. how they heard or find these mantras. parmatma spoke to them. and where are original vedas. plz explain.

Agniveer Agni
Rozer, How do you know you have to love your mother? How does mother know that her child is her most precious possession? It all comes from within. When mind is pure beyond a threshold, purest forms of inspiration comes from within. That is why it is called Akashwani –… Read more »

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Agniveer Agni
How many people are forced to live like Eskimos? And what is the health status of eskimos. They have serious longevity issues, suicidal tendencies, high cancer rate. And today, even veg food can be made easily available to them when fast food is made available. But yes, if an eskimo… Read more »

Great effort Agniveer ji. Through your article, it implies that the actual creator (Supreme Soul/God) speaks in poetic meters or chhandas which were ‘seen’ or ‘known’ to our rishis with the accurate ‘guru’ and ‘laghu’ positions of various syllables; isn’t this another Miracle?
Kindly elaborate.

Jay Arya

this agniveer’s response but i dont think they knew instead they got from god and it may have taken time to fullu understand and spread i wouldnt say that is a miracle

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Vimal Rathinasamy
I find this Swami Vivekananda’s Quote very appealing, regarding Vedas: “The Hindus have received their religion through revelation, the Vedas. They hold that the Vedas are without beginning and without end. It may sound ludicrous to this audience, how a book can be without beginning or end. But by the… Read more »
Thanks to Agniveer and Nikhil. It was really nice conversation on the current problems among hindus. I really enjoyed this. Caste problem is really the biggest problem in India. We should try our best to completely abolish it in whatever way we can. In India and outside, caste is actually… Read more »
Dogra jee, Namaste. You have pointed towards the goal of Sanatan Dharma i.e. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the whole world is our family). I am doing exactly the same thing. Trying to ameliorate the pain of the children is also the duty of every human being. It doesn’t matter if the children… Read more »

Satyne, can you not talk about other religions, this site should just be about Sanatan Dharma, let us not concern ourselves with other faiths, we need to spread message of clear humanity in Vedas, thats it!

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how to come back to veda agniveer
first i searched a lot for veda online and i wrote three time mail to you that i need all veda in original with sanskrit and in hindi also but not reply


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There are many things which we can refer to Vedas for modern corporate culture. There is one shanthi manthra; ! Ssahana bhavathu sahanau bhunakthu saha veeryam karavavahai thejaswi naamadheeth asthu madvishavahai ! This is a shanthi mathra from vedas asked to rendered by student and teacher before starting the discussion… Read more »
Sam John

Who wrote the Vedas?

Some Chutiya’s wrote it…


@Sam John
And, which rapist was repsonsible for the “virgin birth” of Jesus? Birth woithout copulation?? Only bacteria and other micro-organisms can acheive it!! So, was Jesus a microbe?

Shankar N Kashyap

Once pure science and emotional attachment is left and logic is used, one would be allowed to conclude that Rigveda was written by the Harappans.
Comments please.


Harappan civilisation is an Urban civilisation whereas many hymns in Rigveda seem to refer a rural way of living Hence Harappans are not the authors of Rigveda. They must be much more ancient than the Harappans.


How ? Please explain.



bevkuf gadha


kripya achhe shabdon ka bhi pryog kiya ja sakta hai ? va jyada achha hota /

there are professers who say dat aliens are real creature much advancer than us! and may be all those scientific facts in the vedas which wer found only a few yrs ago, cud be writen dwn by aliens! what is your view point on this agniveer! pls dnt say there… Read more »

agniveer ji,
was curious to know when was the vedas penned down, what was the language or text in which it was written and where is it preserved currently?
please reply.


Agniveer i have read in your column that iswar do not create soul and prakrity. My question is than who create those? And Does it not limit the iswar’s power? Pls clear it to me.

@Arup Namaste Arup, I suggest you read Satyarth Prakash, and all of your questions will be answered. Anyways, I will answer your questions briefly, but for details I suggest you read Satyarth Prakash. As per Vedas, Ishwar, Souls, and Prakithi are ETERNAL, which means they have no end or beginning,… Read more »
dear brother think this way suppose God is creator of objects.and created prakrati………then question comes by which material he created this universe…”mass can neither be created nor be destroyed”..if god created prakrati then he must have to break the law of nature……but can you believe that GOD will break the… Read more »

Namaste Brother Vik

Great reply and beautiful analogy! Just want to add that souls should not be called as unconscious but unable to create universe and the bodies for themselves. They just act within limits of their capabilities.


Namaste Brother Vajra

thanks for the correction, please feel free to correct me each time if I say anything incomplete. Once again, thanks.


Brother Vik

Love your logical comments and analogies a lot and above all your modesty

May we all help each other in making the journey of Moksha unforgettable

Namaste Brother Vajra, all these analogies are simply spoken from the heart, nothing more. If they tend to help people I would be more than happy to help them like this. But many of my muslim brothers neglect simple logic and they do not realize that they are pushing themselves… Read more »
Brothers …. i am trying to known our mother religion in a better way … but i also wish to ask agniveer why have you taken taken refrences of Qadiyani scholar Maulana Abdul Haque Vidyarthi . his community the ahmedias are not awarded the status of muslims in apkistan… if… Read more »
Namaste dear maitreya Nowhere in the article it is said that we agree with the references of Abdul Haq Qadiyani. Article only tells that Zakir Naik (a popular preacher among Muslims today) has copied word to word from this Qadiyani’s book which believes Vedas to be divine. Belief of any… Read more »
Conclusion at the end of this article is very hard to accept. Claiming Vedas to be creation of ishwar/god (instead of Rishis) is like muslims claiming kuran being words of so called allah. Hence, as far as creation of vedas is concerned, Agniveer group appears as superstitious as muslims are… Read more »
teri maa ka bhosda!!!!!!!!!!…….tum madarchodo ko apne religion ki adce pata nahin hai……lun fakeer jo aata hai apni alag kahani sunata hai ……public ko loootne ke liye tum logo ne yeh religion banaya hai………andh vishwaso se bhara hai tumhaara religion isliye lauduou…..tumhaare religion se log convert hote hai doosre religion… Read more »

You seem to be a joker.

How about you laughing on yourself:

Now, laugh on yourself… 😀


Tumhari islami tarbiat dikh rahi hain hame. Madarso mein acchi talim mil rahi hogi, hain na.

All of Judaism, Christianity and Islam provide eternal hell to the infidels & heaven to the believers. See the fallacies – 1: A Christian would go to heaven if Christianity is considered but hell if Islam is considered. Similarly, Muslims would go to hell if Christianity is considered but to… Read more »

SDC sir,

This is for you, must read:

This will give knowledge to everyone. Please spread the word. 😀 😀


Thanx for that link, mate. It was really nice and informative.

Brother, You are free to reject or accept the conclusion. 1. However there is a sea of difference between Quran being called divine and Vedas being called divine. This is because if Quran be called divine, then what stops anyone else to consider any other text as divine. But Vedas… Read more »
Mr Agniveer Sir, Although I can’t consider Vedas being the creation of ishwar/god, I highly appreciate your rational reply on rest other points. If you and others, who believe in Vedas, are ready to welcome logical criticism and modify your stand if proven wrong, then this is the most scientific… Read more »
Dear Brother Thanks for the reply. I believe there is a great misconception regarding who is follower of vedas and who is not. Suppose you have a car in your garage but you never use it to travel. Someone told you that this car will make you more efficient in… Read more »

@Agniveer Brother
That example of CAR was extremely good.

Agniveer Sir, I thoroughly read all your posts in responses to my comments. You appear very logical in saying that being action oriented as per Vedic teachings can eliminate many vices and problems of today’s Indian society. I highly appreciate your serious efforts in awakening the people against the wrong… Read more »
You have hit the bull’s eye. This caste system is the root cause of bulk of problems. We remain divided because of this. This stops us from inviting people from other faith to our fold. Someone like Stephen Knapp who has worked more for Hindu cause than all the pandas… Read more »
Namaste Agniveer Admin, I agree the caste system issue should be taken seriously and dealt with because sadly there are fanatic hindus out there who are defending this crap so we should find ways to counter them, and these same people give strength to muslims who can mock us later… Read more »
@Vik: I agree with the need to mock the caste system as practised in India publicly. Two places where caste becomes an absolute necessity seems to be “arranged” marriages and application forms for admission to colleges. One set of extremes would be having the government ban (a)matrimonial ads that ask… Read more »
@KalBhairav Namaste KalBhairav yes, this caste system has to be mocked, anything that is injurious to society should be mocked and insulted, the more we mock it, the more people will lose faith in it and realize that its a hoax, however, we might gain some unexpected fanatic hindu enemies,… Read more »
@Nikhil Namaste brother, sure, intercaste marriages will probably be the most suitable solutions in this manner. If you notice, even in india, alot of intercaste marriages are taking place. One thing we must admit that the caste system is decreasing. Compare the caste system today, and compare it 100 years… Read more »
Mr Vik & Mr Kal Bhairav, (1) By quoting the caste or other type of discrimination of islamic/christian societies, we can neither justify, nor ignore the menace and vice of caste system of Hindus. I strongly feel that if Hindus had been made caste-less–and hence united early before Gupta’s period,… Read more »
Agniveer Sir, Thanks so much for your clear stand on caste system. In my response to Mr Kal Bhairav’s response to my response/comment on this article, I have just posted above a possible solution as how to motivate caste-lover Hindus for inter-caste marriages. I urge you to please read that… Read more »
Nikhil Brother yes caste system is curse on Hinduism but BR AMBEDKAR has himself said that MUSLIM CASTE SYSTEM IS MUCH WORSE THAN HINDU CASTE SYSTEM and PAKISTAN IS MUCH MORE CASTEIST THAN INDIA and even Arundhati Rao has to admit that there is caste system in Christians also the… Read more »
@ Agniveer: Based on the last 4 paragrpahs, I can emphatically say that this initiative is making a lot of headway. I do have Muslim friends and while they were initially pissed off with you (and Ali Sina ofcourse), atleast one of them,privately told me recently that he could never… Read more »
@Nikhil: I am personally agnostic on the origin of the Vedas. One can neither prove nor disprove the divine origins of the Vedas (or for that matter The Bible, The Quran, etc.) What one can and should do is to interpret the “divine” books in a way that increases their… Read more »
Mr Kal Bhairav, Thanks for your rationalist approach regarding Vedas. Since I have never read any of the Vedas, I can’t quote anything from Veda. But, I have very high respect for Vedas with some doubts that I have pointed out in my comment given below (in response to Agniveer’s… Read more »
Pls check my reply. In summary, Hindus claim Vedas to be authority but do not follow it actually. Caste-system, gender-bias, superstitions, fatalistic attitude, etc etc are anti-vedic habits ruining our foundation. So merely being born Hindu does not make one Vedic. We rejected Vedas in practice and hence suffered misfortune.… Read more »
@Nikhil: (1)How to deal with Islam is not only Hinduism’s problem but every non-Muslim’s problem as well. There are a variety of responses that together can help modernize Islam – forcefully make a case for separation of mosque and state, help moderate Muslims (I personally think this term is an… Read more »
Mr Kal Bhairav, My concern and objections to your responses are as follows: (1) On your response to my points (4) & (5): I never said Vedic culture is anti-science. I simply said that people of Vedic origin must introspect and review why they have negligible contributions to Sc, Tech… Read more »
@Nikhil: Yes caste system is doing damage. Yes minority appeasement is a problem. Yes Muslim invaders did unspeakable crimes on Hindus. Yes history books are being authored by communists. I said earlier that the non-militant and long-lasting solution to these problems is better-informed and educated masses. It is unclear what… Read more »
Mr Kal Bhairav, I don’t suggest inhumane killing of innocents on the basis of religion, race, caste, etc. Pls read my post below in response to Agniveer admin’s response to my comment in which I explain briefly how caste system is eating up our system like termites eat up wood,… Read more »
@Nikhil: I agree that there ought to be more inter-caste marriages. Along the same lines I would also encourage removal of barriers that prevent people from one state moving to another. The main barrier along this line is school education. I remember during my 8-10th standard I had to move… Read more »

Read Dr Zakir Naik website articles.



Nah…this stupidity was enough for me.


Dear Kalbhairav,

Found this ultimate link – Show this to all NON Muslims to give them some laugh and also to all Muslims to give them some education.

All myths of so called Quran debunked. 😀

Bangladeshi Hindu

I am speechless.

Despite all this,Muslims will claim that the Vedas are corrupted but their Quran is not. Everyone should read the book Unmasking Muhammad; The Malignant Narcissist and His Grand Delusion Allah by Sujit Das. Please google it and you can download the same.The corruption of the Quran is dealt in great… Read more »
Hamid Ali

It would have taken atleast a month for you and for your sujit das to make this story right….. u guys are Unbelievable.. how do you make up this kind of styory yaar… it’s a good talent what you have.. keep it up…


@Hamid Ali

Ah no brother, when it comes to story making we are nothing in front of our Muslim brothers. They are best in business. We just show the absurdity in your fairytale(Quran). That’s all we do here.

Furthermore , those who condemn Vedas being in the religion of Vedas , he is regarded as DASYU, Either Mr. Bonehead Sachin be a Mleccha or a Dasyu ( worst than a Mleccha)………!!! Rigveda 1.33.5 Those Dasyu who are themselves devoid of noble resolutions and clash with noble people, flee… Read more »
Hamid Ali
@Shravak okay if that’s the case do you have guts to give some evidence on the topic above which Agniveer and people like you are spreading.. give me the evidence if you are so confident.. as i said you guys are really good to defame other religions without any proof…… Read more »

@Hamid Ali

Why should ‘we’ give evidence? You came here, you should show the fallacies in the articles to us. So, stop wasting ours and yours time. Post something concrete, otherwise stay outta this blog.

Mritunjay Pandey

Awesome article Agniveer ji….. Kudo to your effort!


so what agniveer vedas written by whom


Agniveerji great article with excellent insights

Indian Agnostic

Agniveer Ji

absolutely brilliant and timely article 🙂


Interesting to see the great exploration of Vedic mantras by the respected Rishis. No doubt, rishis contributed a sincere effort in showing their expertise in the mantras of Vedas.

thank you for the impressive work!

Agniveer, Good one. I think this needs to be combined with the eternal nature of the Vedic knowledge to get the point across. The Vedic seers,in their deepest of panances, while contemplating the Supreme God, simply “discovered” the body of knowledge that the Almighty had already created & left to… Read more »
namaskar Agniveer, This article is somewhat confusing, but I understand what you mean. In ancient time many things and thougts were orally transmitted to the next generation, because the art of writing was not yet invented. How does this apply to the Vedas? Were the Vedical mantras orally transmitted to… Read more »
Namaste Yes, for a long time Vedas were preserved and transmitted orally because people had truly sharp memories. Refer first para of article and reference given to have a glimpse of how Vedas were preserved in oral transmission. Not only the mantras but even the way of pronunciation. emphasis was… Read more »

@agniveer:if the original vedas are still present and not destroyed ..where are they? can i hav a copy?

krishna arya
vedas are same all over india.. by same we and unchanged mean verses! the mantras are still unchanged and same throughout india. where people differ is in infering the translations of mantras! so sanskrit verses are still same and unchanged! you can find a authorised translation of vedic verses here…… Read more »

if the original vedas are still present and not destroyed ..where are they? can i hav a copy?

Jay Arya

yes you can get online through arya samaj jannagar website



Jay Arya

gayatri pariwar their translation is not good they have made errors


if the original vedas are still present ..where are they? can i hav a copy?


how did rishis get vedas when god cannot be heard and is unseen pls answer Mr Agniveer?

Dear scientific oriented brother,,,,You said that “how did rishis get vedas when god cannot be heard and is unseen?””” First thing is that when you say god cannot be heard and seen is just like minimizing the omnipotency of the lord…bcoz if god cannot be heard,,, the conclusion drawn is… Read more »

Teach Science to the islamic Mullah and Mr. bonehead Zakir Naik who say Quran, the word of God. Who believe in angel , heaven and hell being a Doctor.


Dear brother sachin ! You Mleccha………………….If you didnot believe in Vedas then go to hell of your Allah………..becoz i know you are a muslim using a name of Hindu……………. MLECCHA !

In almost similar manner as you feel an inspiration to do something worthwhile in life though no one is dictating you what to do. In a manner that a small child has the urge to try to walk despite falling and hurting again and again. In a manner that Netaji… Read more »
@god_unssen_unheard_how_to_get_vedas : I fully agree with you! The explanation to prove Vedas being godly is ridiculous….and definitely not scientific at all, (while Vedas itself are claimed to orient you towards scientific knowledge!) and really whats the need to prove them as godly…definitely when someone wastes his lifetime in search of… Read more »
Reply to @Agniveer your thoughts seems like person may have Schizophrenia Schizophrenia (pronounced /ˌskɪtsɵˈfrɛniə/ or /ˌskɪtsɵˈfriːniə/) is a mental disorder characterized by a disintegration of thought processes and of emotional responsiveness.[1] It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking, and it is… Read more »
@ god_unseen_unheard_how_to_get_vedas: If you look at Rishis in the smae light as messengers that were sent down to Planet Earth, you are not going too far with what the Vedic body of knowledge says about realizing the ONE immutable truth. Given you have brought in Schizophrenia, I am sure you… Read more »
1. The definition of Schizophrenia is irrelevant here. It seems your study of medicines is minimal. You are terming all social workers, freedom fighters, noble people as Schizophrenic! And your definition itself refutes any possibilities of rishis being schizophrenic. However the way you bring this irrelevant point in discussion brings… Read more »