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1. Because the word Hindu represents the wisdom of centuries that is distilled into our various ways of living that is characteristic of my motherland.

2. Because we all identify with the name Hindu for generations. It becomes a symbol of our unity.

3. Because under threat of various obvious and not-so-obvious forces that are bent on destroying our culture through corrupt means, we need to unite under one flag.

4. Because while we agree that name Hindu is not an eternal representative of our culture, the time is not right to force any change. Because this will lead to confusion and we cannot afford that under current circumstances.

5. Because right now, we should focus on increasing our strength and potential so that we can be in a position where we can dictate the direction of politics and policies of our nation.

6. Because  once we are strong, we can always revert back to our original name in a planned manner. But currently, we are already weak due to backstabbing by those who promised to represent us. We have already suffered huge setbacks due to impotencies of those who were supposed to be brave defenders of truth. We are already debilitated from empty talks of our false leaders. Right now is the time to stand, unite and fight again..for truth and justice.

7. Because a name that is not characteristic of its meaning is also a joke. Let us first strive to be Arya by example, and then we would have gained all the power to revert to our original name. The truth is that while we may call ourselves Arya due to historical reasons, our lives do not exemplify this noble world.

8. Because right now the priority should be to make ourselves Arya – in thoughts, words and action. And once we have converted our population into a responsible army of humanity and justice , the need for change would come from within.

Thus I am Arya. I am a Hindu.






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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • See WEndy “dont know hiunduism” doniger is being quoted by hyder.
    Cmon hyder provide commnmetary on a few points:

    1) Why is shakti -strenghth in female form?
    2) Why is Karma yoga about selfless service without expectation of rewards?
    3) Lord Krishna states god resides in hearts of ALL berings, why Lord Krishna does not state any objections?

    You see tin pot translations by the likes of wendy ” i dont know hinduism/” doniger hold no water, as there is no reconciliation to main points quoted above and many others, you have no case.

  • Harjinder Singh Sir,

    Haan, ham sab Bhaaratvarsh ke hai. Ham svayam ko Bhaarateeya hi kehte hai. Arabic and Muslim asar ke kaaran hamne khud ko hindu / hindustaani kahaa. Satya toh yeh hai ki yeh bhumi aryavart ke naam se jaani jaati thi. Ham vaastav mein aryavart ke hai. Bhaarat naam to Bharata Raja ke baad hua. Yehaa Aryo kaa bolbaalaa shuru se thaa isiliye yeh bhumi aryavart ki hi kehi jaaye. Hamaare poorvaj jinme satya / nyaaya bataane waale Harishchandra hue hai; Maryaadaa samjhaane waale Raam hue hai; Bhakti kaa satya seenaa chirkar dikhaane waale Hanuman aadarsh hai; prem dwaara Vishwa jeetane waale Samraat Vikramaditya aadarsh hai; Ahimsa ke upaasak Buddha, Mahaaveer bhi hue hai; mahaan ganityagya Aryabhata, Pingalacharya, Brahmagupta, Bhaskara hue hai; vaigyaanik Kanad, Kashyap, Nagarjuna hue hai; chikitsak jaise Charak, Sushrut bhi hue hai toh murkh ko bhi vidvaan banaane waale Vishnu Sharma bhi isi desh se hai. Is list kaa koi anta nahi. yeh sabhi arya the – noble. Aryavart ke satya ko samajhne ke liye inse seekhnaa aavashyak hai – sabse nahi toh kisi ek se avashya hi seekhnaa hogaa. 😀

  • Sab ko Namashkar,Vandematram and Jai Bharat,

    Mere piyarey Deshwasio Jara dhiyan se Socho HUM HINDU NAHI HAIN.
    Hum ya to ARYAN Hain ya BHATI Hain. Bharti adhik upyukt hai.


  • Hindusim is filled with full of sex scandals and stories and you can find its evidences as if in a mirror in the walls of temples itself and the form of Gods and Goddesses of there.

  • “When the gods interrupted Siva and Parvati, two sons were born of drops of Siva’s seed. These sons were then posted at the door to prevent further interruptions while Siva made love to Parvati, having promised the gods that he would not spill his seed in her. One day Parvati came out of the bedroom in great dishabille, half naked, her breasts scored with teeth marks. The two sons chanced to see her like that, and they were upset, but Parvati became angry and said, ‘Why have you looked at me when I was not in a state to be seen by anyone but my husband? You should have closed your eyes. Since you have done this immoral thing, you will be reborn as mortal men with the faces of monkeys.’ Then they were miserable and protested that it was her fault for having come out so suddenly, and they cursed her to become a mortal queen (Taravati) and Siva to be her husband (Candrasekhara) so that they themselves might be born again as their sons, Vetala and Bhairava.”
    – Siva Purana 3:21:1-8; Kalika Purana 49:1-92, 50:1-64, 51:1-60, 52:1-155, 53:1-217.? [O’Flaherty, Wendy D.? Siva: The Erotic Ascetic.? Pub.: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-520250-3. pp.308-309].

    Before worshiping Shiva please go trough these stories too

  • From the Kurma Purana: In the Pine Forest , Shiva seduces the wives of the sages, so the sages curse him for this immoral behavior:
    “When the sages saw Siva naked and excited they beat him and they said, ‘Tear out your linga.’ The great yogi said to them, ‘I will do it, if you hate my linga’, and he tore it out and vanished.” — Kurma Purana 2:38:39-41; cf. Haracaritacintamani 10:74; Yagisvaramahatmya 26a. 14. [O’Flaherty, Wendy D. Siva: The Erotic Ascetic. Pub.: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-520250-3. p.132].

    From the Bhavisya Purana — In another version, Shiva (and the other two deities of the Trimurti) rape the sage Atri’s wife and are punished:

    “One day when the sage Atri was performing asceticism with his wife Anasuya, Brahma, Visnu and Siva came to him and offered him a boon. When Atri continued to meditate, the three gods went to Anasuya; Siva had his linga in his hand, Vishnu was full of erotic feeling, and Brahma, beside himself with desire, said, ‘Make love to me or I will die.’ When she heard this coarse speech, Anasuya made no reply, for, although she feared the anger of the gods, she was true to her husband. But the three gods were overcome by delusion, and they raped her by force. Then she became angry, and she cursed Siva to be worshipped as a linga, Brahma to be worshipped as a head, and Visnu to be worshipped as feet, in order to ridicule them all, and she cursed them all to be reborn as her sons. Because of this, Siva was born as Durvasas.” — Bhavisya Purana 3:4:17:67-78. [O’Flaherty, Wendy D. The Origins of Evil in Hindu Mythology.? Pub.: University of California Press. ISBN
    0-520-04098-8. pp.302-303].

    Incidentally, the behavior of Lord Shiva’s wife, the goddess Parvati, was not really any better than her husband’s behavior. In the Siva and Kalika Puranas, Parvati shamelessly walks out of the bedroom half-naked, revealing her breasts:

    • Recently, just came around this video.

      It contains some arguments which are one of the funniest arguments to prove anything. Never seen anything funnier than this. अपनी बात सिद्ध करने के लिए (फिर वह चाहे सम्पूर्ण असत्य ही क्यो न हो) – कोई कितनी मूर्खो वाली बात कर सकता है – यह तो मुझे यह देख कर ही पता चला
      । Please go through the link for your entertainment. Someone wrote this: Number of Surah in Quran (on moon) = 54. Number of seconds it takes for this video to put me (one who wrote such comment) to sleep = 54. These co – incidences they call scientific miracles. Those people are biggest jokers.

  • हिंदू शब्द भारतीय विद्दवानो के अनुसार कम से कम ४००० वर्ष पुराना है।

    शब्द कल्पद्रुम : जो कि लगभग दूसरी शताब्दी में रचित है ,में मन्त्र है………….

    “हीनं दुष्यति इतिहिंदू जाती विशेष:”

    अर्थात हीन कर्म का त्याग करने वाले को हिंदू कहते है।

    इसी प्रकार अदभुत कोष में मन्त्र आता है…………………….

    “हिंदू: हिन्दुश्च प्रसिद्धौ दुशतानाम च विघर्षने”।

    अर्थात हिंदू और हिंदु दोनों शब्द दुष्टों को नष्ट करने वाले अर्थ में प्रसिद्द है।

    वृद्ध स्म्रति (छठी शताब्दी)में मन्त्र है,………………………

    हिंसया दूयते यश्च सदाचरण तत्पर:।
    वेद्………हिंदु मुख शब्द भाक्। ”

    अर्थात जो सदाचारी वैदिक मार्ग पर चलने वाला, हिंसा से दुख मानने वाला है, वह हिंदु है।

    ब्रहस्पति आगम (समय ज्ञात नही) में श्लोक है,…………………………..

    “हिमालय समारभ्य यवाद इंदु सरोवं।
    तं देव निर्वितं देशम हिंदुस्थानम प्रच्क्षेत ।

    अर्थात हिमालय पर्वत से लेकर इंदु(हिंद) महासागर तक देव पुरुषों द्बारा निर्मित इस छेत्र को हिन्दुस्थान कहते है।

    पारसी समाज के एक अत्यन्त प्राचीन ग्रन्थ में लिखा है कि,
    “अक्नुम बिरह्मने व्यास नाम आज हिंद आमद बस दाना कि काल चुना नस्त”।

    अर्थात व्यास नमक एक ब्र्हामन हिंद से आया जिसके बराबर कोई अक्लमंद नही था।

    इस्लाम के पैगेम्बर मोहम्मद साहब से भी १७०० वर्ष पुर्व लबि बिन अख्ताब बिना तुर्फा नाम के एक कवि अरब में पैदा हुए। उन्होंने अपने एक ग्रन्थ में लिखा है,……………………….

    “अया मुबार्केल अरज यू शैये नोहा मिलन हिन्दे।
    व अरादाक्ल्लाह मन्योंज्जेल जिकर्तुं॥

    अर्थात हे हिंद कि पुन्य भूमि! तू धन्य है,क्योंकि ईश्वर ने अपने ज्ञान के लिए तुझे चुना है।

    १० वीं शताब्दी के महाकवि वेन …..अटल नगर अजमेर,अटल हिंदव अस्थानं ।
    महाकवि चन्द्र बरदाई………………..जब हिंदू दल जोर छुए छूती मेरे धार भ्रम ।

    जैसे हजारो तथ्य चीख-चीख कर कहते है की हिंदू शब्द हजारों-हजारों वर्ष पुराना है।
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    • Thank you Nitin Tyagi jee for this great information. Muslim today insult Hinduism but they fail to understand that their ancestors have respected Hinduism much more than anything. Obviously, India is never affected by such insults as

      आसमान पर थूंकने वाले – जरा यह तो विचार करो कि थूंक गिरेगी किस पर ?

      But it seems that all Muslim who insult Hinduism (whatever be the reason) are actually insulting the views / likes of their own ancestors and forefathers. The following link discusses some famous quotes on India / Hinduism by Various people.


      The author tries to indicate what were the views of Scholars worldwide about India / Hinduism. OK – Historians and philosophers discuss greatness of Hinduism. That seems obvious. But real astonishment comes when renowned scientists like Albert Einstein, Julius Robert Openheimer, Erwin Schroedinger, Werner Heisenberg and Jean Sylvian Belly do claim Hinduism’s greatness and humbly salute in front of this greatest land ever known to mankind. Before finishing my comment, I would just mention few motivating sentences by Swami Vivekananda.

      “Mark me, then and then alone you are a Hindu, when the very name sends through you a galvanic shock of strength.  Then and then alone you are a Hindu, when every man who bears the name, from any country, becomes at once the nearest and the dearest to you.  Then and then alone you are a Hindu, when the distress of anyone bearing that name comes to your heart and makes you feel as if your own son were in distress.”

      “The debt which the world owes to our motherland is immense.
      Civilizations have arisen in other parts of the world. In ancient and modern times, wonderful ideas have been carried forward from one race to another…But mark you, my friends, it has been always with the blast of war trumpets and the march , of embattled cohorts. Each idea had to be soaked in a deluge of blood…..
      Each word of power had to be followed by the groans of…

      • (Sorry that comment is half shown. Showing the other half)

        … millions, by the wails of orphans, by the tears of widows. This, many other nations have taught; but India for thousands of years peacefully existed. Here activity prevailed when even Greece did not exist…
        Even earlier, when history has no record, and tradition dares not peer into the gloom of that intense past, even from until now, ideas after ideas have marched out from her, but every word has been spoken with a blessing behind it and peace before it.
        We, of all nations of the world, have never been a conquering race, and that blessing is on our head, and therefore we live….!”

        As a conclusion, Let’s discuss Nostradamus (famous astronomer): The Religion of the name of the seas (Hindu) will win out Against the sect of the son of Adaluncatif: The stubborn, lamented sect will be afraid of the two wounded by Aleph and Aleph.


  • dear agniveer ji
    i have read so many articles on this website.It is full of intellectual concepts .Vedas is consisting of full science. But a site which is running by idiots known as http://www.truthofhinduism.com consisting cock and bull stories about hinduism, wht is your reaction on this web site? plz reply

    • @Prithvi:

      TOH and other of its spawns do not understand Hinduism. They rely on popular English translations of the Vedas available on the web. These translations have been widely debunked and no Hindu knowingly or unknowingly uses these as the basis of his/her spirituality. Used to straight injunctions like “Kill the polytheists” or “lash the adultress” which forms the basis of the Quran, the so-called rebuttal sites fail miserably in providing any meaningfulness to their critiques of Hinduism.

      • yes kalbhairav
        these muslims have started web jihad against Hinduism and its culture , but they will denied their criticisms.

    • Prithvi jee,

      When someone travels on path of truth, others who feel jealous (or probably are foolish enough not to understand his greatness) come up with some points going against. History is full of stories where truth seekers were punished for speaking truth. When Aryabhata claimed of Heliocentric model, he was accused & criticized by his own friends (forget of ohers – initially even Varahamihir was against him). Galilio was punished and Copernicus was executed in jail by Pope. Today, world knows that Heliocentric is true but what about its original founders? Many such examples exist.

      The false additions were done to various Hindu books (excluding Vedas of course) claiming them to be inaccurate. For example, Bhagwad Puran is 80% adulterated while original Shiv Puran and Skand Puran is not available now. Many other original books are destroyed and whatever is available is not accurate. Various sources contradict each other. With these errors possible, why blame only those sites? The loopholes in the system need to be corrected first. Originality of scriptures need to be established first. Then such rebuttal websites which you are talking about will automatically go on mute permanently.

  • @jannat
    Qua Allah ki memory kam hai jo use kitab ki jarurat padati hai. Jaise ki Muslim bhai kahate hai Allah apni kurshi ke niche Loha Mahfooj name ki kitab rakhata hai.

  • yaar ye samsung tab hindi font saport karta hai ki nahi?
    mere pas windows mobile hai aor mai nimbuzz with chatroom dhundh raha hoo.. kya aap meri sahayta kar sakte hai?

    • Haa avashya.

      Aap ko hindi font chaahiye toh Samsung sahi model nahi. Aapko wohee feature Motorola tathaa Nokia mein mil jaayenge. Nokia adhik mehengaa hai par uski Quality bahut achchhi hai.

      Rahee baat Nimbuzz with chatroom ki toh woh toh aapko aajkal kisi bhi phone mein mil jaayegaa. Micromax mein toh already installed hi aataa hai. Iphone mein bhi inbuilt app aatee hai. Baaki kisi bhi model ke liye Nimbuzz ki app aapko waise bhi mil jaayegee. Durbhaagyavash yehaa main adhik links nahi de saktaa anyathaa aapki avashya kuch vistaar poorvak sahaaytaa kar saktaa.

  • han jannat ji aap” badduaye “bhale de lijiyega apne khuda ji se bhi hamare liye mang lijiyega uska koi asar ham par nahi padne vala ! hamko is bat ka ehasas hai ki ham matr islam ke ek chote se vidyarthi matr hai ? hamko koi is bat ka bhram nahi hai 1 hindu bhi bahut log bante ai shayad apko jankari nahi hogi !apka prashn hai ki ved sansar me kaise aaya ? apka prashn vajib hai , iski jankari lijiye jab sansar ki utpatti hui kuch manushy bhi huye unme se kuch shreshth manushyo ne ishvar ke prati dhyan lagaya samadhi avstha me pahunche tab ishwar ne jagat ke hit ke liye [keval hindu ke liye nahi ] ved ka gyan un shreshth manushyo ko diya unka nam tha agni ,vayu, angira v aditya yah char shreshth manushyo ko ved ka gyan sidhe [dairect ] bagair kisi sahayata ke diya bad me un achhe manushyo ne apne shishyo ko diya , vaise hi sansar me faila aaj bhi sabse purani pustak “rigved” kahalati hai ! mahabharat ke yuddh ke dauran bahut se achhe manushy bhi us yuddh ka shikar ho gaye usse anek guru adi bhi mare gaye ! usse ved ka gyan kafi kamjor hua , fir manmane dhang se andh vishvas faile kuritiya bhi faili ? yah desh kai sau sal tak gulam bhi raha badi mushkil se muglo v angrejo gulami dhabba chut saka ! uska parinam hai ki bahutse andh vishvas is desh me faile murti puja bhi faili , muslim v isai bhi kai karod ban gaye jaise baba ramdev ji ne purani vidya sansar bhar me yog ko failaya , hindu samaj ke alava bhi any samaj ke log bhi us yog ke prati akarshit huye vaise hi agar kuch log tay kar le to ved ka gyan bhi fir se sare sansar me fail sakta hai ! ved ke gyan se kisi ko nafarat nahi hai jaise kisi ko yog se nahi hai bhale hi koi yog kare ya n kare ayurved ki chikitsa se bhi kisi ko nafarat nahi hai ! bhale hi koi ayurved ki chitsa kare ya n kare ! jab kuch log ved ke gyan ko sansr me pracharit karne ka bida uthayenge tab vah bhi sansar me fail sakta hai ! jannat ji koi chij me sachhai hai ya nahi vah kaise samjhenge ? uskke paksh v virodh ki jankari lekar hi to sachhai jan sakenge ya andh vishvas me dubakar…

    • maha mahim jannat ji hamari janm kundli to bani nahi , hamari mata ji ko hamari janm tithi pata nahi 1 fir umr me kya rakha hai? mukhya bat to vichar ki hoti hai ! umr chahe bachhe ki ho ya vriddh ki vichar kaise hai is bat honi chahiye !

  • han jannat ji lekin dekha ki muslim to ashikane rasool ka dam bhar kar bhin is achhai ko nahi apnate ! pata nahi kyo is par amal karte ! muhammad ji ne zaid ji ko ko ek gulam hote huye bhi usko apna putr banaya kyiki muhammad ji tab tak koi put paida karne me asmarth rahe allah ji se nikatta hone ka dava karne bavjud lekin bad badi muskil me kisi dasi se naukrani se avaidh sambandh jod kar [bagair nikah ke ] uuse anek bar sex bhi kiya chaliye ek put paida kar hi dala lekin afsos usko koi duaye bacha n saki muhammad ji ka allah se najdikiya bhi kuch kaam nahi aa pai ! fir aap logo ki kaise raksha kar sakenge ! lekin vah muhammad ji ka putr bahut choti umr me hi khuda ji ka pyra ho gaya allah ji bhi bade zalim nikle putr dekar bhi chin liya muhammad ji ro pade bade dukhi huye pata nahi allah ne apne pyare rasool ko dukh kyo diya ? han zaid ji ko apna putr jaisa pyra diya samaj me usko prtishtha bhi dilvai ! fir apni koshish bhar sabse khubsurat kanya se us zaid ka nikah bhi dabav dalkar karva diya ! akhir khubsurti bi ek qvality hai usse kaise inkar kiya ja sakta hai ? ab pata nahi kitne muslim anath bachho ko kitna god lete hai kitna usko pyar dete hai yah to ap batlayenge ! ek khuda ka prachar muslim samaj me jyada hai , “narebaji” bhi uski hai bahle hi kai karod muslim dargaho me kabron me shish jhukaye , fool chadhaye , chadar chadhaye agar batti bhi jalaye .mannate bhi usse mange [pata nahi murde kaise mannate unki puri karte hai ] lekin fir ek khuda hone ki bat muslim jarur karte hai aur asman ki disha me ek ungli jarur utha dete hai 1 vah chhe jahil muslim hi kyo n ho ? yah ek khuda ka prchar muslimo me jyada hai hindu samaj me “kan kan me bhagvan ” “jaisi karni vaisi bharni ” ka prchar jyada hai ,itna to fark hamne samjha hai ! han jannat ji aao hamare liye koi duaa allah ji se mat kariye hame apki v kisi i bhi duaon ki jarurat nahi hai ! ham apne ap ishwar se prathna karne ki kshamata rakhte hai jab isse “apang ‘ ho jayenge tab kisi se gujarish karne ke liye sochenge ! aap “baduuaye “bhale hi…

  • up raool shri jan nat ji ! apne bahut se doctar dekhe honge jo sigret bidi sharab adi bhi pite hai mareej ko rokte hai lekin khud pite hai vah jante bhi hai ki vah galat tab bhi pite hai , majbur ho jate hai 1 vaisa hi haal islam ka hai ! any majahab ka bhi hai ! is jagah par andh vishvas karte hai 1 padhe lihe hokarbhi ! darte hai jaisa apne parivar se mila vahhi apna liya yah ek tarah pka “parivar vad ” parampara vad ” islam bharat me bhi aya kai sau varsh hogaye aaj bhi muslimo se jyada murtipujak hai ap cha eto pakistan v bangla desh ko bhi jod lijiye jyada bachhe paida karne ke bavjud bhi muslim kam hi niklenge 1 spen me bhi islam ke manne cha gaye the ab haal dekh lijiye kitne bache hai ! any samuday ke log inbato par jyada dhyan nahi deta hai isliyeaap ki sankhya kuch desho me jyada hai fir 1400 sal ka samay bit jane par bhi sirf “25% ” abadi muslimo ki is sansar me hai yani 75% gair muslim “hi “hai ! us 25 % me3 bhi bahai, bohara, shiya , ahamdi adi n jane kitne karod usme shamil hai !jinko kuch log unko sachha iman vala bhi nahi kahte lekin jab sankha ki bat ati hai tabusko bhi jod lete hai yah unki “imandari ” ? nasha karne vale, sharab pine vale , bidi sigret- tambakhu ka istemal karne vale jhuth bolne vale , anpadh jahil andh vishvasi ADI IS SANSAR ME BAHUMAT ME HAI !v bahut jaldi jyada fail rahe hai har samuday isse achuta nahi hai , tab kya vah sab achha ho gaya ? isliye QVALITY par dhyan dijiye sankhya par nahi !ham to islam ke najdeek aye the lekin usme bhi buraiya mili hamne isliye sabke samne rakha buraiya dur kar dijiye 1 fir ham kuch nahi bolenge yah ap bhi kah rahe hai ki” sirf buraiyan”mat nikaliye ! arthat islam me buraiyah vah aap bhi tslim [svikar ]karne ko majbur hai ! isliye islam se buraiyo jo apko dikhi utni to nikal dijiye ya usko mat maniye, any muslikmo ko bhi kahiye ki ye buraiya usme shamil hai un se dura rakhiye ? kya aap aisa karenge ?hamne islam me achhaiya bhi dekhi jaise pahala “nikah” kisi vidhva se karna muhammad ji ne is par amal me bhi laye lekin dekha…

  • behatar hoga ki aap islam me sirf buraai mat nikaliye uski achhai ko dekhiye uski sachchai ko dekhiye..
    aap khud gumrah hai.. aoro ko gumrah banae ki koshish ma kariye.. kuchh to khaof kariye allah ka.. apane is nich kaam se taoba kar lijiye kahi aisa na ho ki aap k is karya se aap ke ya aap ke pariwar wali par allah ka koi azab ( parkop) na a jai.. waise mai ap k liye duwa karta hu ki allah aap ko hidayat de aor aap ko kisi musibat me na daal de ameen .. ap ka ek pyara dost jannat. mission..

  • pha ek baat aor dear gair muslim ji aap ka gyan kitna hai ye is baat se pata chalta hai ki aap ek bhi muslim ko santusht nahi kar pai.. alhamdullilah ham musalman jah bhi gaye waha ki kaya palat diya aap bharat ko hi dekh lijiye aaj kitane karor muslim hai ab aap ye mat kaiyega ki bharat me kahi aor se karodo muslaman a gaye.. islam jaha gya apna jhanda usne gaad diya jante hai kyu? kyu ki sachchai ki hamesha jeet hoti hai aor jhutthe ka hamesha muh kala hota hai .. log samjhdar hai koi bhi sada huwa badbudaar khana khana nahi chahta sabko acche bhojan pasand karta hai.. ab bat dijiye ki hinduwo ne kaha apane dharm ka jhanda kis desh me gada hai?
    sachchaai chhup nai sakti banawat k asulo se..
    ki khushboo aa nahi sakti hai kagaz k fulo se..
    sabko taje phool pasand hai kyu ki uski khushboo achhi hoti hai . kagaz ke phool kisi ko pasandnahi hota isi liye koi hindu nahi banna chahta hai.. waise aap ko bata du dear aggayni ji islam me aap se jiyada vidhwan gyani log islam ko kabul kar rahe hai aap unke pair ke dhowan k barabar bhi gyan nahi rakhte hai .. akhir islam me galat baat hoti to wo ya duniya ke bahut se log is dharm ko shwwikar nahi karte .. ab aap bhi isko shwikar kar lijiye to aap k liye behatar hoga..

  • dear gair muslim ji aap guh to samjhte hai na? guh matlab latring..
    ab aap bhed bhav apane dil se nikal k achhe dhang se islam ki sikchha ko padhe .. sayad aap duniya me sabse tez failne wale dharm aor sahi dharm me shamil ho jai.. ye islam ki visheshta hai ki jo isko sahi se padhta hai wo iska deewana ho jata hai..
    ab mai fir wo hi sawal karta hoo ki ved kaise is duniya me aya proof ke sath bata dijiye … ( aap ke abba bhi isko proof se sabit nahi kar sakte …

    • Chaliye maan lete hai jannat jee, Islam sachcha dharm hai. Jo isme vishvaas nahi karegaa woh avashya hell mein jaayegaa. isiliye sabko islam kaa paalan karnaa chaahiye. aapke aadhaar par yeh pakka dojakh mein honge: Albert Einstein (ek mahaan vaigyaanik hue hai); Napoleon Bonaparte (ek mahaan shaasak hue hai); Confucious (ek mahaan daarshanik hue hai); Chanakya (ek mahaan vidvaan hue hai); C. K. Prahlad (ek mahaan management Guru hue hai); Gautam Buddha (ek mahaan dharmatmaa hue hai); Shammi Kapoor (ek mahaan kalaakaar hue hai); Socrates (ek mahaan vichaarvaan hue hai); Aryabhata (ek mahaan khagolvid hue hai), Brahmagupta (ek mahaan ganityagya hue hai) ityaadi hell mein honge. Aapne duniyaa ke saare mahaatmaao ko hell mein bhej diyaa ab yeh bataaiye ki baaki saare jannat mein jaake karenge kyaa? Jahaa itne saare mahaatmaa hai wahaa hell bhi jannat hi kehlaayegaa. Kyun koi islam svikaare? Jo svikaare woh avashya murkha hai. akhir murkhataa ki koi seemaa nahi hotee.

      Jannat jee, kripayaa mere ek aasaan se prashna kaa uttar de. Quran ko maanne waale kitne vaigyaanik, daarshanik, dharmaatmaa, vidvaan, management guru hue hai?? Sabhi musalmaano ne Bhaartiyo ke athvaa isaaiyo ke athavaa Africans ke idea churaaye hai. Kaafi toh khud hi kehte hai ki woh original nahi. Main gair musalmaano se harek ke 100 example de saktaa hun aur yeh bhi bataa saktaa hun ki kyaa original thaa. aap kam se kam harek ke 25 toh boliye.

    • Aur nahi bataa sakte hai toh vaisaa bhi bataa dijiye. Phir yeh bhi bataaiye ki us pustak (so called Allah kaa bhaashan Quran) ko maanke ham karenge kyaa jisse koi valuable insaan paidaa nahi hua?????

      Jin Arab ke ganityagyo ne number system Europe ko diye, woh Quran ko nahi maante the. Bechaare maanenge kahaa se – unke samay mein Quran thi hi nahi. Muhammad ne khud hi Quran nahi padhi – ab woh pustak kaise padhee jaayegi joh tumhaare marne ke baad likhi jaaye. Muhammad ne khud Quran nahi padhi toh woh bhi nahi ginaa jaa saktaa. Ab aap ginti shuru kare – ham bhi dekhte hai aap kitne gin paate ho. 😀

      Islam hi sachchaa dharm hai. 😀 😀 badaa achchhaa majaak hai. 😀 😀 Islam kitnaa sachcha hai yeh toh tabhi maanaa jaayegaa jab aap mere prashno ke uttar doge. Rahi baat kisi gair muslim dvaaraa musalmano ko santushta karne ki toh satya yeh hai ki muslim kabhi santushta hote hi nahi – itne laalachi hote hai ki yaa to zabardasti sabko musalman banaayenge yaa maar hi daalenge. Jo paisaa us ladaai se miltaa hai usko Muhammad ke naam rakhoge. bhalaa aise insaan ko santushta kar bhi kaun saktaa hai. aapkaa Allah bhi ladaai ke paise pe apnaa haq jataataa hai – ab us allah ke bande usee kee tarah honge naa. – Khuni taanaashaah, atyaachaari, laalachi, murkh etc. teji se AIDS failti hai aur Islam bhi. Sabse jyaadaa murkho ki sankhyaa hai aur Musalmaano ki bhi. Khair yeh sab chodiye bas yeh padhiye aur uttar dijiye. http://agniveer.com/416/hindu/#comment-59311

  • be buniyad sawalat hai aap ke..
    agar mai is tarah ka prashn karunga to aap 100 janmo me uska uttar nahi de sakte hai..
    misal k taor pe…
    ye duniya kyu banaai gai..
    agar ishvar chahta to bina mehanat ke hamko khana khil sakta tha fir itani mehanat kyu?
    koi amir aor koi gareeb kyu bana?
    insaan hi ko sarv shreshtth kyu banaya gya?
    insaan kyu pap karta hai..?
    bina sambhog kiye bachcha kyu nahi pada ho sakta? kya ishvar bina sambhog ke bachcha nahi de sakta?
    pani kyu taral hai?
    hamko jine k liye sans yani hawa ki jarurat kyu hai ? ishvar chahta to bina hawa k bhi hamko jivit rakh sakta tha? kya uske pas ye power nahi hai?
    kyu ishvar ne insaano me kuchh gadaho ki tarah parshn karne wala banaya?
    kyu khana muh se khane ko kaha?
    kya ved k bina is sansaar ka kalyan nahi ho sakta hai?
    shree raam aor krishn ko kis liye bheja gya?
    kya bharat hi ishvar ka bhumi hai ? aor desh me hindu kyu nahi hai?
    agar sawal aisa hi karna pare to aap kya ap k pardada bhi in sab ka jawab dete dete parlok sidhar jainge magar sare sawal ka jawab nahi de sakte ..
    waise aap ko ek baat bata du aap ne jitane sawal kiye ha bina sir pair k kiye hai..
    kisi ne ek baat kahi thi wo mai aap ko bata du..
    kisi baag me kisi suwar (pig) ko chhor diya jai to wo jante ho kya talash karega? he he he usko fal aor phool se koi matlab nahi wo to sirf guh ko talash karega …
    plzz aap aisa na bane fal aor phool ko bhi dekhe..
    ab mi aap se ye kahunga ki aap ko aap ka dham mubarak ho aor mujhe mera dharam mubarak ho.. samay aane par allah (ishvar) hamare bich faisla kar dega ki kaon sahi raste pe hai aor kaon galat raste par hai..
    akhir kya baat hai ki puri duniya me isla fail gya hai aor hindu kuchh desh me? akhir islam me koi to wisheshta hogi ki aaj duniya me sab se tez islam hi fail raha hai.. is baat pe gaor kariyega aor islam ke fal aor phool ki taraf dhiyan dijiyega …
    jahilo se baat karna hi bewakufi hoti hai … aage ap khud samjhdaar hai .. bye bye…

  • vah jannat ji ! kahan gayab ho gaye ? kya sachhi me jannat jaise sthan me pahunch gaye ? jin sajjan ko jannat ji mile, unse nmr nivedan hai ki vah unko is manch me bheje vah 25 ghante se gayab hai ? agar vah n mile to ham samast muslimo se bhi nivedan karna chhenge ki hamare prashno ka uttar de nahi to islam ko turant chod de ? isi me muslim kahe jane valo ki samajhdari kahalayegi !

  • param adrniy shri jannat ji ! ham sabh muslimo ki tarah kisi ke gulam nahi hai ! ishvar ne hame v sabko dimag diya hai jo achha lagega vah kary kiye jayenge , jo jan hit me hoga vah kary kiye jayenge ! koi bat “man” kar kyo chala jaye ? vah chahe kuran ho ya ved aadi ! jara sochiye dharm kahalane valo ko jhuth ka sahara kyo lena padta vah vah andh vishvas ki icha kyo chahate hai ? apko bhi kahne ke liye majbur hona pada ki “dono hath ” v allah ji ka sinhasan vah “samjhane” ki bat hai ! jab allah ji koi “noor ” samjha sakte hi vah” dono hath ” samjhane ki cheshta kyo karte hai jhuth ko shamil kyo karna chahte hai ? batlaiye ab quran badi hai ya saty bada hai ? quran ne saty ka acharaan karne ka adesh kyo nahi diya ? muhammad ji ko manne ki jarurat hi kya hai ? ek jahil ko, anpadh ko, ayyash ko badmash ko ,dhan lootne vale ko, mahilaon ki nijjat lootne vale ko apna mukhiya kyo mane ? padhe likhe hone ka fir labh hi kya ?,agar fir bhi apka v any muslimo ka ashikane rasool kahalane ki ichha hai , to aap sabhi ko khuli chunauti hai ki vah bhi 50 sal ki umr me pahunch karke kisi 6-7 sal ki kanya se nikah karke dikhlye apni dasiyo se , naukraniyo se “avaidh bachha “paida karke dikhlaye ! are, kam se kam apna pahala nikah to kisi vidhava mahila se to kar lijiye yah to muhammad ji ek achha kary kiya tha mana ki vah rasool hone ke pahale kiya tha , bhale hi kisi mata SAMAN UMR Ki mahila se nikah na kariye ! kisi vidhva se to kar lijiye? hamko maloom hai 5 % prtishat muslim bhi kisi vidhava se apna pahala nikah nahi kar sakte ? han ashike rasool hone ki” narebaji ” jarur muslim kar sakte hai ! jqb ham kisi ki gulami nahi karte tab aapki bat ham kaise man sakte hai ki ” keval ” ek prashn quran se kare ? kya ap muslim log keval kuran ko mante hai ? puri fauj khuda ji farishte ,jinn adam ji se lekar ke khalifao tak, aur age mulla- maulanao tak ko manna padta hai ? apne mata- pita ., shikshak kaa to log kahana mante nahi hai jinhe ham sab dekhte hai unke kasht ko jante hai ! yaha par “andh vishvas ” bhi…

  • pyare jannat ji , itna bada sansar banane me allah ji ko keval 6 din lag gaye ? yah kun [ho ja ] kisse kaha ? kaun tha sunne vala ? jab nirnay kar liya ! tab kahane ki jarurat kyo padi ? kya kahe bagair sansar ki rachna nahi ho sakti thi ? kya hamara -aapka ya any kisi ka jab janm hota ha yah grbh me rahate hai tab allah ji kisse “ho ja” kahate hai ? kya iske bagair janm nahi hota ? kuch kaahane ke liye kya munh adi ki jarurat nahi padti ? kya yah sab “dono hatho ” ki tarah uska “munh “bhi hai ? [dekhye quran 2 /187 ] jisme kaha gaya hai muslimo se ki tum rat ko ramjan ke mah me aurto se milna “vaidh” kar diya gaya hai ? hamara prashn hai ki avaidh kab kiya gaya tha ?batlaye jannat ji quran kaunsi ayat hai jab ramzan ke mahine me apni mahilao se sambhog karna “avaidh” tha ? kya yah bhi muhammad ji ki kan me ya sidhe “dil ‘ me utarkar “avaidh ” kiya gaya tha ? [dekhye quran 2-185] jisme khuda ji kahate hai ki quran ramajzan ke maheene me utara gaya ? batlaiye quran kise kahate hai quran ki kuch ayto ko ya puri kitab ko jahan tak hamko maloom hai ki quran 23 sal me dhire -dhire utara gaya ? fir ramzan ki bat kyo ?kya sabhi kuran 23 sal me “sirf” ramzan ke maheene me “hi ” utara gaya ?yah is jagah bhi allah ji jhuth bole ?

  • up rasool jannat ji ,quran me ham bandar bana neka rasta dhudhte rahe hako to mil nahi paya ? ab ham “chuhe ” nikle? apki “chuhedani ” me fas gaye hai 1 ab aap is “shant chuhe “ko [hamko]” halal” karenge fir kha jayenge ya kisi billi adi ko khila denge ? ya hamko chod denge ? “raham “to aap karne se rahe ? kyoki shayad jab aapka janm hua hoga tab koi bakre ki hatya ya murge jarur kate honge, khatna bhi hua hoga ? yani jab apne takleef uthai uska sanskar mila ! janvaron ki hatya karne ka bhi sanskar mila ! tab aapke pas bhi raham kahan se aa sakega ! kitne janvaro ki abtak aap hatya kar chuke hai jara andaje batlaiye 1 fir yah bhi batlai8ye chote bachhe yah hatya kyo nahi karte ? apki muslim mahilaye yah hatyaye kyo nahi karti kya vah muslim nahi hai ? jahan tak ham mahasus karte hai jyadatar muslim purush jyada kharab hai vah atankvadi bhi jyada hai lekin ek to mahilaye hatya karti nahi v atankvadi banti nahi , aur agar hai to bahut kam hai aisa kyo ? muslim mahlayo me kya janvaro ki hatya karne ki bhavna kam kyo hai kya vah muslim nahi hai kya unko bakrid me janvaro ka khun kharaba karne se mana kiya gaya hai ? majburi me mans jarur paka deti hai kyoki ap sab “up rasool “jo thahare ? batlaiye vah bandar kaise bane? kya allah ji koi tareeka muhammad ji ke sidhe “dil ” me to nahi batla diya ? apko jarur iska gyan hoga ? [dekhiye quran 2 -117 ]isme allah ji kahate hai ki hamne dharti va akasho ko paida kiya …. ! ham uska nirnay karte hai aur [kun ] ho ja ? vah ho jati hai ? agar usne[khuda ji ne ] dharti ko “paida” kiya ya banaya ?agar paida kiya to allah ji ke gun [taseer ] dharti me kyo nahi aai ? dharti jad hai khuda ji shayad chetan honge ? jab allah ji kun[ho ja ] kaha to is kaynat ko banane me sirf 6 din kyo lag gaye aur jaldi bhi ban sakta tha ham dekhte hai ke muslimo ke bachhe v any kisi manushy ke bachhe ke nirman me [garbh me] 9 mah ka samay lag jata hai fir bhi vah adhura rahata hai 1 bol nahi pata chal nahi pata dusro ke sahare rahana padta hai 1 lekin usi allah ne itna bada…

  • batlaiye jannat ji , “quran 2/62 ko dekhye ” jisme kaha gaya hai ki jo koi allah aur antim din par iman laya v achhe karm kiye usko achha bdala diya jayega usko koi bhay nahi hoga vah koi shokakul bhi nahi honge, vah chahe iman vala ho [ muslim ] ya isai ho ya yahudi ho ya sabai ya anay dusra koi ?ham sab is ayat se sahamat hai akhir kyo? kyoki isme rasoolo ki , nabiyo ki, farishto adi ki laambi chaudi lisht nahi hai / batlaiye aapko bhi is ayat par kya etraj hai isme muhammad ji par iman lane ki bat bhi nahi hai ! pata kijiye kahi yah ayat mansukh [radd ] n ho gai ho ?kyoki muhammad ji ko aisi ayat se bair tha 1 vah apnna nam bhi chahte the tabhi baad ki ayto me unka bhi jikar aya aisa mat sochiyega ham keval kuran ki ninda karte hai jahan achhai hai vahan uski tareef bhi karte hai 1 isko bhi aap yad rakhiyega! aap batlaiye sidhe jyada se jyada allah ya ishvar par astha rakhne me kya takleef hai ?bichauliyo ‘ ko bich se kyo n hata diya jaye ? yah to dalali karte hai 1 apna pet bharte hai ! batlaiye muhammad ji rasool banne ke pahale to koi vyapar karte the lekin rasool kka nuskha apna ne ke bad kaise apna pet v betadad patniya v avaidh rakhailo v kuch bachho ko kaise palte the ? shayad ganimat [loot ke mal ]se yah sab kharche chalte the 1 ya fir aap batlaiye kaise unka jivan chalta tha ? quran 2/65dekhiye …. jisme kaha gaya hai ki tum dhikkare huye “bandar” ban jao ? batlaiye jannat ji , apke allah ji shayad aap unko bahut pyar karte honge . ya darte honge ? allah ji kaise kisi bhi manushy ko bandar banayenge ? usko markar dubara janm dekar banayenge ? ya any kisi tarah vah rasta jarur batlaiyega yah mat kahiyega ki “khuda kii bate khuda jane ” vah manushy bandar kaise banega uska tareeka kya hoga ? kyo n ham “punarjanm “ko man le ? hamto yahi dekhte hai hamare “parampita ji ” agar kisi ko bandar banate hai to kisi bandriya ke garbh me jab palvit ho jata hai tab bad me sansar me bandar ke rup me aata hai ? ab hamare muslim bandhuo ne ya unke allah ji ne koi dusra rsta bhi batlaya ho quran me…

  • han jannat ji , qurqn kq pahala pej nkholiye uski pahali ayat lijiye yani quran 1.1! allah ji kahate hai ” prashansha” [tareef] allah ji ke liye “hi ” hai ,”bhi” nahi kaha ? fir kyo aap log muhammad ji ki “bhi “tareef karte hai ? kya quran ke adesh ke viruddh aap sabhi muslimo ka acharan nahi hai ? allah ji ne aisa kyo kaha vah “bhi “ka bhi istemal kar sakte the ! agar aapke allah ji ko itna gyan [ilm] nahi tha to unse kahiye ki hamse shiksha le ? hamara pata yahi manch hai ! fir lijiye [quran1.2 ]allah bada kripashil hai , atyant dayavan hai ! dusre adhyay me masum janvaro ki hatya v nirdosh gaay ki hatya ka de3sh deta hai fir bhi allah ji dayavan ka dhindhora peette hai ? sharm nahi ati aise allah ji ko ? [quran1.3] badla diye jane ke din ka malik hai ! kya any roj ka malik nahi apke allah ji fir kyo uski ibadat karte hai kya uska nyay roj nahi hota kya karmo ka fal “sirf “ek din hi milta hai ” “jaisi karni vaisi bhari ” kya is sansar me nahi hoti hai ! fir kyo munafiko ki, kafiro ki, murtpujko ki ,hatya karne ki bat quran karta hai ! jo jaisa kare badla diye jane vale “din ” ko faisala kar de ? kya apke allah ji isme raji hai ? is ayat ki visheshta badla diye jane ke din ki hai ? “nyay “ki nahi ? badla lena dena bahut choti bat nyay karna bahut badi bat hai leki allah ji ko “nyay” shabd ka istemal karne me kafi “takleef ” hoti hai ! yah hai allah ji ki “mahanta” ? batlaye jannat ji is pahale adhyay ke arambh me hi ” bismillah” kaise aa gaya / yah “milavat “to kisi manushy ki “hi ” hai ! jab bismillah vali ayat 27 .30 quran me ayyi tab vah pahle hi pej me kaise aa gai ? kya kis manushy ki harkat nahi hai kya allah ne iska adesh diya tha batlaiye jannat ji ais bat par allah ji bade hai ya koi manushy yah karamat hazrat usman ji ke zamane me hui thi ? ya uske pahale ya bad me ? kyaap batlayenge ?

  • batlaiye jannat ji kahan se prashno ki shuruaat kare ! prashn karna ham par chodte hai ya aap koi rasta sujhayenge ! jab tak aap koi rasta nahi batlate tab tak ham apni marji se hi prashnn karte rahenge lijiye qurqn se prashn ?[ 2/115 quran ] jisme allah ji kahate hai ki prab pashchim sab allah hi ke hai -, jis or[disha] bhi rukh karo allah ka hi rukha hai …. ! fir kyo ek “hi “disha me namaz padhte hai kya viprit disha par namaz padhne par sabhi ki “pith “nahi ho jati ? kisi bhi disha me namaz kya allah ji svikar nahi karte? kyo nahi karte ? jab “tasbih” svikar ho sakti hai tab namaz kyo nahi ? agar tsbih svikar nahi hoti to usko karte kyo hai yah allah ji ka “doharapan” kyo hai ? fir dekhiye quran2/67 se 73 tak kisi ki hatya ho jati hai pata nahi chalta kisne hatya ki ? allah ji ek “azeeb” rasta nikalte hai ? ek gaay ki hatya karvate hai uske mans ke ek tukde se us mare huye manushy se chulvane ko kahate hai bad me vah jivit ho jata hai ! yah allah ji ka murdo ko jivit karne ka “azeeb ” rasta ? jannat ji ,batlaiye aaj islami atankvad ke nampar n jane kitne masum muslimo ko pulis giraftar kar leti hai , aap kahe to ek gaay kya kai lakh gaay katva lijiye unki hatya karva lijiye agar ek bhi manushy jivit ho jaye to ham islam kabool kar lenge nahi to aap is raddi qurqn ko “namshkar “kar lijiyega ? kya aap chunauti svikar karenge ? kya itna jajba rakhte hai batlaiye qurn jhuthi hai ya sachhi ! jo vyavstha pahale ho sakti hai vah aaj kyo nahi ho sakti 1 us masum gaay ka kya apradh tha jo svaym allah ne hatya karvai ya to uski ninda kijiye ya quran ka sath chod dijiye ! kya manjur karte hai aap ? dusro ko “chuha” kahana bahut asan hai yah to ajkal rikshevale sharabb pine vale aam taur par kah diya karte hai ! baki aap svaym samajhd honge aisi ham asha karte hai !

  • haan jannat ji , kya hazrat ali ji ka katl muslimo nahi kiya ? agar ham hazarat ali ki hatya ki bat uthate hai tab apko taklif kyo hoti hai ? kya ap ali ji ki ninda karenge ? kya khaleefa umar ji ka katl muslimo ne nahi iya kya usman ji ki hatya muslimo nahi ki ? jo muhammad ji damad the vah bhi apni jan muslimo se nahi bacha sake aur jo muhammad ji ke sasur the tab bhi muslimo se apni jan nahi bacha sake ? khaleefa hokar v muhammad ji nikattam v many rishtedar hokar bhi ! yash tha muslimo ka muhammad ji se “pyar” ? batlaiye jannat ji ? ye hatyaye kyo hui ? muhammad jike navase bhi apni jaan muslimo se bacha nahi paye ?muhammad ji ki god me khelna unke kaam nahi a saka karbala ka maidan unki jaan le baitha ! aysha ji bhi ali se ladne maidan mer ja pahunchi unki hatya karne ke liye ya unko chot pahunchane ke liye ? muhammad ji ka damad hona bhi us sanghrsh ko bachane ki “madad ” nahi kar saka ? yah tha islam ke pyare” rasool” ke rishtedaron ka hal ? jo ek dusre ke khun ke pyase” bhi “rahe !batlaiye, allah ke itne nikat me rahane valo ka jab yah hal raha ! tab auro ka kya haal hoga aj bhi islam ke nam par atankvad chal raha hai kai laakh hatyaye ho chuki hai n jane kitni hatyaye abhi aur hongi

  • Jawab no. 1
    Puran me kalki ke abba ka naam vishnuyash kaha gya hai jisko ham arabi me translet karte hai to dono ka matlab ek hota hai jaise vishnuyash means vishnu ( ishvar) ka param bhakt aor muhammad saw ke abba ka naam abdullah yani allah ka banda hai..
    Puran me kalki ki amma ka naam sumvati yani shanti priya hai aor muhammad saw ki amma ka naam amina yani shanti priya aman parast hai..
    Ek baat aor kah gya hai ki kalki sambhal gram me paida hoga
    Sambhal ka matlab hota hai shant karna yani sham dhatu se bana hai jisme ban prtayay laga huwa hai yani sambhal ka matlab hoga shanti ka ghar aor makka ko arabi bhasha me darul aman bhi kaha jata hai yaani shanti wala ghar…
    Note: ved aor puran me kahi bhi ye nahi kaha gya hai ki ye gaw ka naam hai agar ye naam hota to iski wisheshta jarur bataya jata aor agar bharat me kahi is naam ka koi jagah milta bhi hai to waha kisi avtar ke aane ka koi sabut nahi hai..
    Baat aap logo k samjh me a gyee ya kuchh aor bata du?

    sambhal garam kisi gao ka naam nahi hai agar hoti to uski wisheshta purano me jarur milta ..

    • Aapne Arabic artha sahi lagaayaa athvaa nahi yeh to main nahi jaantaa lekin aapkaa Sanskrit gyaan apoorna avashya hai. Aap paryaayvaachi jaante hi nahi. Kai saare naam bhi ho sakte hai. Example: param ko shreshtha bhi kahaa jataa hai aur mahaan bhi, Maan lijiye 3 manushya hai – ek kaa naam param, ek kaa naam mahaan aur teesre kaa naam shreshtha. Aapke logic se to teeno ek hi maane jaane chahiye.

      Keval naam kaa artha hi to ek hai aur kyaa samaantaa hai ??? Sarva pratham toh kalki avatar kaa concept kaalpanik hai. Par phir bhi maan lete hai ki Kalki avatar satya hai. Mohammed se inki samaantaa ke allaavaa antar bhi padhiye. http://agniveer.com/416/hindu/#comment-59442

      Rehi baat Kalki ki maataa pitaa ki toh suniye
      Vishnuyash = woh jiskaa yasha vishwa mein anu mein vyaapt hai. Arthaat Vishnu ke samaan yasha waalaa saadhak. Aapne artha lagaaya GOD kaa bhakta. Woh is uchcha Vishnuyash kaa keval ek bhaag hai sampoorna Vishnuyash nahi.
      Sumati = woh buddhi jo sahi dishaa mein hai. Yeh to mann mein uthane waale vichaar hai aur unkaa sahi / galat nirnay hai phir inme koi shaanti priya aurat kahaa se beech mein aayee? Shaanti priyataa Sumati ke liye keval ek factor hai poori Sumati nahi.
      Theek usee prakaar Sambhalgram arthaat woh shareer jahaa shaanti hai. Gita mein 13 chap mein shareer ko xetra kahaa hai. Ek gram kaa koi artha nahi yadi usme koi field naa ho. Shaanta shareer sambhalgram hai – jahaa man ke vichaar shaanta ho woh sambhalgram hai – koi pratyaksha aitihaasik sthaan nahi.

      • Kripayaa yeh bhi padhiye aur apne Guruji Q. S. Khan (jo kehtaa hai ki Kalki avatar aur Mohammed ek hai) tathaa Zakir Naik (jisne Mohammed ko Vedo mein bhi dhoond nikaalaa). Pundit Vedprakash Upadhyaay toh jaante hi nahi woh kyaa bakwaas kar gaye. Kalki avatar ko Parashuram, Kripacharya, etc. sanyaasi rup mein milenge. Kaun sanyaasi Mohammed ko mila thaa? Unhe 3 bade bhaai bhi honge. Kyaa ab bhi aapko woh Mohammed lagte hai? Kalki avatar Vedo ko samjhaayenge – QURAN NAHI aur princess se shaadi karenge. Mohammed ke toh kai saare biwiyaa thee naa? Princess kaun thee?


        Nostradamus bhi ek mahaan jyotishi hue hai. Unhone spashta kahaa ki Kalki avatar 3 water se aayenge. Arthaat Hind Mahasaagar, Arabic saagar aur Bay of Bengal. Yeh Kanyakumari ke nikat hai. Aapke dwaaraa kahaa gayaa shambhalgram bhi wahee pe hai. Uskaa diwas Thursday hogaa – Muslimo kaa diwas Friday hai aur Christian kaa diwas Sunday. Thursday kaa ullekh tak Quran mein nahi hai. Kalki avatar chamakdaar talwaar lekar aayenge aur France tak jaayenge. Woh Mohammed nahi hai.
        Toh aapne bebuniyaad baat kar dee ki Kalki Avatar Mohammed hai. Apne matlab ke shloka samjhaana band kar dijiye. Aapke bhale ke liye bataa rahaa hu.

  • itana sannata kyu hai bhai log ?????????
    kaha gaya aap ka ek hazar sawal ????
    jab chuha chuhedani me fas jata hai to bahut uchhal kud karta hai fir dhire dhire shant ho jata hai…
    aap logo ki halat bhi ab waisi hi ho chukib hai…
    he he he chuhe jaisi :d

  • itana sannata kyu hai bhai log ?????????
    kaha gaya aap ka ek hazar sawal ????
    jab chuha chuhedani me fas jata hai to bahut uchhal kud karta hai fir dhire dhire shant ho jata hai…
    aap logo ki haat bhi ab waisi hi ho chukib hai…

  • sorry dosto ab mujhe pata chal chuka hai ki aap logo me mujhse baat karne ki takat nahi hai.. raha sawal ki ali razi. ki katal musalmano ne kiya jo muhammad saw ko dekha tha.. to kya aap us jamane me the ki aap ne dekh liya ki kaon kata kar raha hai koi proof koi sabut ? aor ye jhhutth magt boliye ki ap ke paas sirf quran hi hai ha ha ha jhutthe ka muh kala .. agar aap ke paas quran hai to aap ko quran me kaon si ayat ya kaon si surat me aitraj hai please surat aor ayat ke sath likhiye .. agar ab aapn ne bina proof ke sawal kiya to ma samjhunga ki aap log nadan bewakuf aor logo k dil me islam ki bhawna se khel rahe hai ..
    jab medhak kuwe me rahata hai to usko hi duniya samjhta hai jab ki duniya kuwe ke bahar hai.. aap kuwe se bahar aap ke sawal kariye … aap logo ki watt lag chuki hai mai chalang karta hu agr maa ka dudh piya hai to proof k sath apane sawal kariye aor agr kisi aor ka piya hai to utpatang sawal bina proof ke kar sakte hai hi hi hi .. jo ved ko aor puran ko na mane aj mane ase bindu pahali baar dekha hai .. aap log pata nahi kisko mante hai aap ka ustad kaon hai ? i think aap log nashtikta ka jivan yapan kr rahe hai ….
    bura mat maniyega mera yai andaaz hai ta ki aap majbur ho ke koi sawal mujhse poochhe … aap ke parshno ki abhilasha me ap ka jannat.mission :d :))

  • param adarniy jannat ji , jab ap rat ke 10 .57 baje yah kah chuke the ki ham kal quran ki surat v ayat sabut me pesh karenge tab aapne vah n karke” kalki avtar ” par prash kar diye kya yah aapki “khuli beimani “nahi hai ? apne hi vichar ki avhelna nahi hai ?subah -subah uth karke pahala kaam beimani ka” hi “hua ? hamko pata nahi hai ki aap kiis jannat me rahate hai ?jahan shayad subah ki namaz ka samay hua ya nahi ? aapne yah beimani namaj padhne ke bad ki hai ya pahale ?

  • Sawal no 1
    prano me kalki avtar ke bare me aya hai ki
    Meaning: jab kalki avtar ke parkat hone ka avshar ayega us samay sambhal gram me vishnu yash naam ke ek brahmad honge unka dil bara udar aor bhakti yukt hoga unhi ke ghar kalki avtar grahd karenge.
    Ek dusri jagah yu aya hai ki
    Kalki vishnuyash ke dvara unki patni sumti ke garbh me pravisht ho kar janm lenge..
    Bhayya ji kya krishn ji ki amma ka naam somwati tha? Kya krishn ji ke abba ka naam vishnuyash tha? Kripya ved aor purano se hamko uttar dijiye.. Dhanyvad

    • “up[chote] rasool ” shri jannat ji , abhi apne to hamare prashno ka javab to diya nahi fir apko prashn karne ka adhikar kaise mil gaya ? chaliye , kuch prashn ap bhi kar lijiye lekin in prashno ka javab dene ka hamara adhikar nahi hai jo is kitab ke bhakt honge vah javab de lenge ? jab ham aapse pahale hi kah chuke hai ki ham jahan par baithe hai vaha par quran ke sivay any koi sahity hamare pas nah hai isliye ham apki bat ka javab bhi kaise de sakte hai ? fir bhi jab aap yah par bat rakh rahe hai ! usme ham kuch prati prashn rakhte hai ! jab aapko maloom hai ki shri krishn ji ki mata ji ka nam ” somwati ” nahi hai tab us kalki puran se muhammad ji ke liye ” bhavishyvani ” bhi kaise saty ho sakti hai ? fir to aapka prashn hi galat ho gaya ? jab ham puran ki “vishvasniyta ” par hi sandeh rakhte hai tan ved ke adhar par javab bhi kaise a sakega ? ved to bahut purane hai ! aur kuch puran adi to muglo ke samay me bhi bane hai jo sarkari lalach dekar banvaye gaye the ? har samuday me meer zafar v JAYCHAND , VIBHSHAN HUA KARTE HAI ! aaj kal ho lagbhag har gali me “ravan” jaise log bhi mil jayenge ? jab sambhal gram ka isme naam hai tab muhammad ji yah kaise a payenge ? kya muhammad ji ka janm sambhal gram me hua tha ?

  • quran me kaha gya hai ki 1′ muhammad saw khud apani marji se kuchh nahi kahate ”
    2 quram me allah ne quran ko bhi hadees kaha hai..
    mai kal aap ko bat dunga ki ye dono baat quran ki kis surah aor ayat me hai..

  • mere bhai aap to pareshaan ho gyee hahaha jab sawal nahi sujh raha to uttpatang baat kyu karte ho aor aap ruls tod rahe hai sirf ek sawal puchh sakte hai aor uska jawab aap ko mil jaiga.. ab aap logo ki pol khul rahi hai to aap ko dard ho raha hai..
    apne ne puchh ki sirf qurn se sawal karenge to aap ko bata du ki bina hadees ke quran mukammal yani complit nahi ho sakta .. kyu ki hadees bhi muhammad saw ne khud nahi banaya hai balki allah jo muhammad saw k dil me baat dalta tha wo hi wo bolte ya karte the is liye hadees aor quran dono ko manna parega .. ye sare muslim ka ittefaq yani sab muslim is baat pe raji hai .. ab aap apna pahla sawal proof ke saath puchh sakte hai..

    • mahamahim shri jannat ji , yah kaun si vyvstha hui ki “keval” aap niyam banaye ? fir dusre par todne ka arop lagaye !hamne kab apki puri bat se sahamati jatai ? jo aap ruls[niyam] todne ka arop lagana chahte hai ? yah manch apki bapauti nahi hai ? aur n aapka ghar [nivas] hai jahan par apke “hi ” niyam chalega ?aap “prshno ki jhadi ” se darte kyo hai ? hamne kaun sa prashn ” utpatang” puch liya jara yah bhi to batlaiye ! agar hamko islam ke vishay me prashn nahi sujh rahe hai to aap hamko keval “ek ” prashn par simit kyo karna chahate hai ?hamari kaun si pol aapne khol di jara yah bhi to batlaiye ? jab sab kuch muhammad ji allah ji ke ishare par karte the tab “bechare ” muhammad ji ka kya dosh ? muhammad ji ki “ayyashi v badmashi aur makka se jaan bachkar, chip kar bhagne” me bhi khuda ji “hi ” doshi kaahalayenge ! tab to muhammad ji v khuda ji “lagbhag ” ek jaise ho gaye ? jab muhammad ji ke dil me allah ji apni bat dalne ki kshamata rakhte the ! tab quran ki ayte bhejne ke liye farishto[ zibreel] ki “sahayta” kyo lete the ? is jagah par apni “kamjori ” kyo dikhlai ? jab sab kuch allah ji, ke hath me hai ,tab muhmmad ji ki jarurat hi kya thi ? hadees to muhammad ji ke marne kareeb 100 sal bad kitab ki shakl me ayi hai ! fir aap bhi khule aam svikar kar hi chuke hai ki kuch hadeese galat hai v kuch haddese sahi hai fir to sara islam hi galat v sahi ke jhagde me pad gaya ?aur sath me yah bhi batlaiye ki kau kaun se haddes sahi hai v kaun kaun se hadees galat hai ! fir kya garanti hai ki jisko aap galat kah rahe hai , vah dusra muslim bhi galat “hi” kahega ? kya haddes me hazrat ali ji ke vichar [haddes] bhi shamil rahenge ya nahi ? jara isko bhi spasht kijiyega ? ramzan ke “pavitr “maheene me “bhi ” muslimo ko khaleefa hote huye bhi hazarat ali ji ko masjid me namaz padhte huye bhi unki hatya karne ki jarurat kyo padi ? vah” bechare ” masjid me bhi namaz padhne ke dauran bhi apne muslimo se” hi ” muhammad ji ke damad hokar bhi apni jaan nahi bacha paye ? unki hatya un muslimo…

      • ….hazrat ali ji ki hatya un muslimo ne ki , jinhone apni “nangi ankho se ” muhammad ji ko dekha tha ? kitna “pyar” tha us samay ke mulimo ka, muhammad ji ke liye ?aaj bhi hazrat ali ji ke anuyayi ” sunni muslimo ” se apni jaan bachane ke liye pareshan rahte hai yani unki jaan sunni muslimo se kareeb1400 sal gujarne ke bad bhi “mahfooz “[surakshait ] nahi hai ! agar muslimo me islam ke vishay me hi ekmat hota to 73 se bh bahut jyada firke kyo bante ?kisi ka ” kalma ” chota aur kai karod muslimo ka bada “kalma ” kyo hota islam ka to pahala niyam kalma hi to hai agar islam ko svikar karna hai to sabse pahala kalma hi to svikar karvaya jayega ? jab itne prashn ham pahale hi kar chuke hai to uske uttar to de dijiye tabhi agle ka bhi nambar aa jayega ?

  • ha ha ha maza a gya .. ma bas aap logo ke gyan ko parakh raha tha.. ab billi chuhe ka khel bahut ho chuka ab waqt aa gya hai ki jjhut ko jhutth sabit kiya jai.. mujhe pata chal chuka hai ki aap log kitane paani me hai.. ab maza aayega .. lets make ruls..
    ab koi bhi sawal karega wo ruls ke hisab se karega..
    1 jo sawal karega sirf quran aor hadees ya ved aor puran se karega..
    2 sawal karne wala proof ke saath sawal karega jase kya kaha se aya kis page pe kitane no. ki hadees ya ayat ya shlok ya mantra ..
    3 hindu ya muslim kya kahate hai ya kya karte hai is se koi matlab nahi hai..
    4 ek baar me ek sawal kiya jaiga jab uska santosjanak uttar mil jai uske baad dusra sawal karna hoga..
    5 quran ya hadees ya ved puran se hat kar kiya gya sawal ka jawab nahi diya jaiga…
    kya aap log is ruls ko maan ke mera chalang swikaar kar rahe hai..
    aap ke jawab ki asha me aap ka jannat.mission 🙂

    • vah jannat ji ! kya niyam banane ka theka aap hi lenge ? aura ap hi apni bahas rakhenge ? ham jahan par baithe hai vaha par quran ke alava koi sahiyty filhal “hamare pas nahi hai ? tab kaise ham apni bat rakhenge ham to filhal quran par hi prashn rakhna chahenge ! likinkya islam keval quran “hi ” hai ? batlaiye quran ki kun se ayata hai jisme khatna karvana kaha gaya ho ? batlaiye kalama kaun se quran ki ek ayat me hai ? teen talak ek hi svans me dene adhikar kaun si quran ki ayat deti hai ? sange asvad ko chumne ki bat quran ki kaun se ayat me hai ? 5 bar namaj ka jikar quran ki kaun si “ek”ayat me hai kya aap batla sakenge ? kya yah sab muslim nahi karte hai ? jannat ji hamare pas quran ke prati hajar se kuch kam prashn hai ?dekhe aap kiska javab dete hai ? abhi tak apne kitne javab de diye ? ham kuch samay ke liye pardesh me hai jab ham apne sahity ke pas honge tab aapse aur bhijyada bat kar sakenge ! yah sabto hame yad kiye huye kuch prashn hai karib hajar prashno ke pej sankhya ayat nambar adhyay yad rakhne me ham jarur kamjor hai ! baki nahi !aap idhar udhar ki bat mat kijjiye , jo hamne ab tak prashn rakhe hai uska silsile bar javab dene ka sahas kijiye nahi to islam chod dijiye ! jo quran jhuthi ho usko aap kya koi bhi javab de hi nahi sakta ? ham koi quran ke hafij nahi hai ! jo uski ayte v uski sankhya yad rakhe aur n ham islam ko achha samajh paye hai jo usko yad rakhne ke liye prerit ho ?

  • han ,jannat ji jab ham qurqn ki jhuthi bato ka parda fash kar rahe hai tab haddes ki bat ko to ap galat svikar hi chuke hai ?jannat ji jara yah batlaiye ki quran v islam kab se bhavishyvani ko sahi manne laga vah bhi kathit kafiro ki” bhavishyvani ” ? isi kalki avtar kon isai isa ki bat karte hi aap muhammad ki bat kate hai , aur puran vale shri krishn ji ki bat karte hai btlaiye kiski bat sahi mani jaye ? yah bhavishy vani kab se kuran se badi ho gai ? kyo qurqn ke falsafe ko badnam karte ho ? kyo kisi ki bat ko “jhuthan” ke roop me pesh karte hai ? ved prakash ji kabse apke naye rasool ho gaye, jo unki kitab ko padhne ki ray aap de rahe hai ? kya aab ved prkash ji muhammad ji ki raksha kar sakenge ? aapog sab bekar ho gaye ? quran kabse avtarvad manne laga ? jara yah bhi to batlaiye ?jannat ji aap batlaiye ki apka janm kyo hua ? kya aapne koi prarthna patr allah ji ko diya tha ? yah allah ji ki tanashahi ke shikar aap sab kyo huye ? kya allah ki ibadat farishte karte the vh kam thi ? fir allah ki tasir ap me ya any muslimo kafiro mee kyo nahi hai ! ham sab kamjor v allah sarvshaktiman yah majra kya hai ? jab allah ki shuruat nah hai tab us ruh ki shuruat kaise ho sakti hai ? us ruh me allah ke gun kyo nahi hai ? fir usne banaya kaise ? iska javab quran me kyo nahi hai ?

  • vah jannat ji, jab aap hamari bat ka javab nahi de paye to kuran ki bat karne lage jo ayat aap qurn ki baqtlq rqhe hai vqh mqnsukh [radd]ho chuki ! bqtlaye kitne muslim kaba me chad kar ajan dete hai vah kaun sa din hota hai? kya koi foto aap kaba me chadhe huye kisi muslim ka dikhla sakte hai ? ya dusro ki manghadant bate “jhuthan” ke roop me pesh kar rahe hai ! jo allah ji dono hath hone ko svikar kar rahe hai tab aap kyo jhuthlana chahate hai ?batlaiye kaun bada hai allah ya aap ? kuran ke hisab se aap kab se bade ho gaye ? jo apki bat manli jaye ! fir jara yah bhi to batlaiye vah “dono hath ” kis tarah ke hai kaun se janvar se milte hai ? kaun se farishte se milte hai ? agar insano ko samjhana tha to saty bolkar samjhane me kya takleef thi allah ji ko ab kaun si kitab saty samjhayegi kaha to yahi jata hai kuran ab “antim kitab ” hai ! abbkaun si kitab saty samjhane aygi ? kaun sa rasool ab sachhai ko pesh karne ayega ? isliye yah quran puri tarah se jhuthi hai ! ved ka aur quran ka koi mukabla hi nahi hai ! isliye ved ke gyan ko quran me hone ki bat hi mat kijiye kuch bate jarur ho sakti hai !lekin sab hargij nahi ! abhi to aap bahut badh chadh kar bol rahe the ! ab aap kahane lage ki “vaise to gyani mai bhi nahi hun ” quran me kai karod muslim yah bhi dava karte hai ki isme pahale 116 surat hoti thi , karib 18000 ayte hoti thi jo ab 6666 ayte hai v 114 surate hai ! kya har ayat me bismillah ayi thi ab kyo har ayat ke sath bismillah hai kya yah badlav nahi hai ? kya pahali surat fatiha hai ? kya 96vi surat pahale nahi ayi thi jisme kaha gaya hai ki padh ,allah ke nam se jisne kalm se gyan diya ? kya yah jhuth nahi hai ? kya allah ne kalam se gyan diya tha ya sunakar diya tha ab aap yaha par kaun si kalam ka istemal kar rahe hai ? yah “kee bord “ka jamana chal raha hai !jab hadeese jhuthi ho chuki hai to unko islam se kharij kyo nahi karvate ? kaha to yahi jata hai ki quran ko samajhne ke liye hadees ki jankari ki jarurat padti hai !”shane najul ” [ayat utarne kaa karan]kaise janege ?aap…

  • mujh me gyan ki kai hai magar mai aap ke sabhi sawalo ka jawab dunga kuchh ka to de chuka hoo magar kuchh ka nahi diya jiska nahi diya uska mai jarur dunga..
    waise ap log ne apane dharm ke liye kya kiya.. dharm kyu aya? insan kyu paida huwe ?

  • yaar jin logo ne ved ko paya kya aap ko unka naam pata hai.. mai janta hu ki aap ko nahi pata.. socho ki jo ved laya aap usko hi bhool gaye to aap logo ne ved ke sath kya kya kiya hoga..
    thoda sa gyaan aap ko mil gya to aap apne aap ko maha guru samjhne lage he he he kitane aggyan ki baat hai..

  • bhayya ji mujhe lagta hai ki aap logo ne apane ved ko sahi se nahi padha hai puraan aap ne kabhi nahi dekha hai..
    puran aor ved me muhammad sahab ki bhavishvaani jagah jagah hai .. agar aap ne padha hota to aap ye baate kabhi nahi kahate agar aap ko muhammad saw ki bhavishyvani dekhani ha to aap kalki avtar aor muhammad sahab book jo dr.ved parkash upadhyay ne likhi hai padh lijiye .. agar aap ko saty maar ki talash hai to agar ab bhi na jaage toh book bhi padh lijiye shayad aap ko aap ke prashno ka uttar mil jaiga .. dhanyvaad 🙂

  • bhai log ek baat mai aap ko bata du.. aap sirf upar yani jahiri baat ko dekh kar uska ulta matlab nikal lete ho.. jaise ki khana kaba ki pooja ko hi le lijiye is baat se pata chalta hai ki aap ke andar gyan ki kami hai.. waise gyani to mai bhi nahi hoo magar etna to mai janta hoo ki muslim khana kaaba ki pooja nahi karte aap kaaba ki photo dekh lijiye uspar chadar chdha huwa hai taaki log ye na samjhe ki ham bhi patthar ki pooja karte hai.. allah ke dono haath ka matlab ye nahi ki uske ham jaise haath pair hai.. aor wo arsh wali kurshi insaano ke samjhane ke liye kaha gya hai.. koi bhi hindu mandir k upar baitth kar uski pooja nahi karta jab ki muslim khana kaaba pe chadh kar ajan dete hai .. khana kaaba ko sirf ek disha banaya gya hai taaki sab muslim ek disha me khare ho kar ibadat yani pooja kar sakte.. aor aap ne quraan ko galat kaha hai to quran ki sikhchh aor ved ki sikhchha ek hi hai.. yani aap ved ko bhi bhala bura kah rahe hai.. quran me koi badlaaw nahi hai.. uske matlab me koi her fer nahi huwa hai .. aor jo hadees aap log baate hai to aap ko maloom hona chahiye ki hadees kai tarah ki hoti hai sahi bhi aor galat bhi .. aap sahi hadees me koi galti bata dijiye to mai janu..
    ek bahut achhi baat mai aap ko bata du ki quran me kaha gya hai ki kuchh kafir aise hai jinko kabhi samjhaya nahi ja sakta is liye unse sirf itana kah dijiye ki aap ka dharm aap ko mubarak ho aor mera dharm mujhe mubarak ho.. samay aane par allah khud hamare bich faisala kar dega..

  • he he he .. bhayya ji aap ko lagta hai ki muslim khana e kaba ki pooja karte hai ?
    behtar hoga ki aap dr. zakir naik ke ek book gair muslim ke 20 sawal ka jawab padh le.. aasha karta hoo ki aap ko aap ka jawab mil jaoga..
    ab aap bat dijiye with proof ki ved kaha se aya aor kaon le ke aya ( manghadat kisse kahani mat sunayega ) please?

    • vah jannat ji , zakir nayak ji ki aad me bhagiye mat ! itne prashn yahan par hai, uske javab ap chahe to dijiye ! hamko maloom hai ki koi bhi muslim javab nahi de payega ! koi n koi bahana lekar bhag jayega ! are sange asvad ko chumte kyo ho / chumne ke bad kaun si shanti mil jati hai ?kon sa fayda apka ho jata hai ? yah to ek pattahar ko jarurat se jyada samman dene ka tarika hai ,koi usko puje vah bhi kharab, koi pani dale vah bhi kharab , koi usko chume vah bhi kharab ! jab bahut log us patthar ko chume ge tab ek dusre ke kitanu [vaicteriya]fail sakte hai usse anek rog bhi manushyo me ho sakte hai agar vah achha hai to batlaye isme kya achhai hai ! kya muhammad ji ne shuruat me isko chuma tha ! kya khudeeja ji ne isko chuma ? pahale to khan e kaba ki taraf munh karke namaj bhi nahi padhte the ! itni “tauheen ” bhi kar lete the ! allah ne niyam me badlav la diya ? aapne man liya ! yah to bahut badi gulami hai allah ne yah kyo nahi batlaya ki is patthar ko chumne se dhan mil jayega , santan paida ho jayegi , santan jivit rahegi , yah khuda hi mil jayenge adi adi 1 ved ka gyan utrata nahi hai, koi ishwar “upar ” nahi hai vah to sarvvyapak hai ! jab vah manushyo ke dilo v dimag me bhi hai tab ” yah puchna ki vah kahan se aya iska kya matlab hai ! ved ka gyan atmsat kiya gaya ! jab sansar ke arambha me kuch achhe manushyo ne “samadhi” avastha me pahunch karke ved ke gyan ko “atmsat” kiya 1 fir apne shishyo ko kanthasth karvaya jisko “shruti” kaha jata hai !jaise kuran ki ayto ko kuch muslimo ne “hafs “kiya , vah bad me hafiz kahalaye! bahut bad me “betarteeb ” quran kitab ki shakl me muhammad ji ke marne ke kareeb 30 sal bad aai !


  • param adarniy jannat ji , banda hajir hai ! ap hamare prashno ka uttar to de nahi pate ! shiva ji shayad angreji bhasha par jyada adhikar rakhte honge ! ham aapse hindi me hi bat! karenge ! karreb hajar se kuch kam prashn aapse quran ,isalam se karenge dekhte hai ki aap kitne prashno ka uttar de sakte hai ? ash hai ki aap hamari chunauti jarur svikar karenge ? jo hamne prashn abhi tak kiye hai unka to javab dijiye ? yah manch ek khula darbar hai ! denkhe kitne muslim hamari bato ka javab de pate hai ! kaun age aata hai !

    • Namaste Raj Ji,

      yeh jawab jaante toh apko utna intezaar na qarwaate. Manghadhat baaton ke ilawa yeh kuch nahi kar sakte.

      • @ shravak
        mujhe pata hai. ek ek musalman ko smjhane main itna dimag kharab hota hai ki kya kahu……………

        ab shri jannat ji ko dekh ;ijiye bhagwan hi bachaye .inhine upar posts main croreon shia muslims ko bhi kafir ka darga de diya main kya inhe samjhaun phir agle post main cover upkarne ki koshish ki

        mere main itna patienece(dhairiya) nahi hai

  • areee kaha chal diye janab baat to abhi shuru huwa hai .. aage aage dekhte jaye kya kya hone wala hai..
    raha sawal jannat me jane ka to sirf wo hi ja sakega jo quran aor hadees ko manne wala hoga agar koi hindu ya shiya ya fir kabar wale quran aor hadees ko sahi se manenge unka anupalan karenge to sab k sab jannat me jainge.. magr afsos ye bechare quran ki aggya ka ulandhan karte hai hadis ka palan nahi karte kahi bhi nahi likha ki kabro ki pooja karo..( jaise bechare hindu murtiyo ki pooja karte hai ) agar aap bhi quran aor hadis ka anupalan karenge to aap bhi jannat me jainge..
    kisi insaan ko dekh kar uske dharm ko nahi samjha ja sakta.. aaj kal k musalman ko dekh kar agar aap islam k bare me koi faisla karenge to galat hoga..
    mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai aap se baat kr ke kirpya baato ka silsila yu hi chalate rahiye .. dhanywad thanku

    • @jannat

      —jaise bechare hindu murtiyo ki pooja karte hai—— usi tarah jaise musalman kaba, maqbaro ki puja karte hai? Toh fir quran ke muthabiq kisi ko bhi jannat naseeb nahi hogi. Aisi Ghatiya kitab jo kisi ka bhi bhala na kar sake, us kitab ko mann ne se kya faayada?

      Waise Islamic jannat kisi “वेश्यालय” se kam nahi hai. Yakeen na ho toh yeh padhe

      Quran-(78: 33-34)
      Hadith: Al hadiths, Vol. 4, Page-172, No.34
      TIRMZI, vol. 2 states on page 138
      TIRMZI, volume two (p 35-40)
      Ghilman (Young Boys): In sura: (52:24)— homosexual

      Dhikkar hai aisi ‘Hawas’ bhari jannat ko. Apki jannat apko mubaraq, hum gair-musalman aisi hi acche hai.

      • Bhai Jannat ma hurioyon ki haddiya dikhti hain. Yay kais jannat hai jahan chalta firta 3d aspinjaron kay sath jina padey ga. Mujha to lagtay ha ki bahut sara mussi ki to dar kay maray gand hi fat jayagi. Bolanagay yah kahan kabristan may fas gaya. Ak kabristan say dosray may. Pehla mey to chup chap padat hey isma to jinda haddiyon kay beeck may rehna pad raha hai. Bhai mujay to yeh bhi lagtay hai houri yon ki virginity may bhi cheating hai. Ya to unki hymen rubber ki bani hay ya wo koi self repair machine ki bani hay. Bhai jannat may to murgi bhi khano ko milti. kaval phal or shrab milti hay. Jo musalman yah hai hai kartay hay ki hindu dal khatay hai jannat may to meat murgi to taras jayangey.

  • areee kaha chal diye janab baat to abhi shuru huwa hai .. aage aage dekhte jaye kya kya hone wala hai..
    raha sawal jannat me jane ka to sirf wo hi ja sakega jo quran aor hadees ko manne wala hoga agar koi hindu ya shiya ya fir kabar wale quran aor hadees ko sahi se manenge unka anupalan karenge to sab k sab jannat me jainge.. magr afsos ye bechare quran ki aggya ka ulandhan karte hai hadis ka palan nahi karte kahi bhi nahi likha ki kabro ki pooja karo..( jaise bechare hindu murtiyo ki pooja karte hai ) agar aap bhi quran aor hadis ka anupalan karenge to aap bhi jannat me jainge..
    kisi insaan ko dekh kar uske dharm ko nahi samjha ja sakta.. aaj kal k musalman ko dekh kar agar aap islam k bare me koi faisla karenge to galat hoga..
    mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai aap se baat kr ke kirpya baato ka silsila yu hi chalate rahiye .. dhanywad :d

    • Aapko bolaa thaa ki Quran ko maanne waale kitne valuable insaan hue hai toh woh toh aap jaante nahi. Aapko koi bhi 25 naam bolne ke liye keh gaye the – aap toh 1 bhi nahi bataa paaye. Lagtaa hai aap ginti shuru nahi kar paaye. Theek hai – ab koi hai hi nahi toh ginaa kahaase jaayegaa??? 😀

      Koi baat nahi main abhi bhi islam ki mahaantaa svikaarnaa chaahungaa – aap bas meri is jigyaasaa kaa samaadhaan kare. http://agniveer.com/416/hindu/#comment-29520. Aur haa, science ke baare mein ham bhi jaante hai atah koi bakwaas mat kijiyegaa. :-D. Dhanyawaad. Yadi aap is prashna kaa uttar jaante ho toh avashya bataaiye – anyathaa islaam ko mahaan naa bataaye. Jo ek aasaan se savaal kaa jawaab nahi de saktaa us kitaab mein kaun see mahaantaa?

  • @jannat

    aap aish kijiye.

    kya aap ko lagta hai ki main aapki bbatein seriously le raha hun……….

    khair islam hi agar sabse accha rasta hain to arabs ko chood ke saare islamic countries ki itni durgatiii kyun……………………………..

    agar aap shia ko hata de ,kabra ko pujane wale (ajmer main lakhon muslims jaate hai) hatan de to aap osama bin laden ki rah pe chal diye hain

    kis kis ko aap jahanlum bhejoge…………..akele jannat ka maza uthana cahate hain

    apneeeee dilllllllllllllllll ko bada kijiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.aap apne croreon musalman baihyon ke bhi against bol rahe hain

    khair ho sake to kaffironnn ke saath manavta ka vyavahar kijiye…baaki toh sahi bataun to aapke baaton se mujhe hasin aa rahi hai aurrrrrrrr daya bhi

    daya isliye kyunki aab appko sacchai samjhane ki taqat mujh main nahi……….is site dusre posts main kafi detailed main vartalap hua hai

    ho sake toh padhiyeeeeeeeeeee aur bahut kuch english main hain toh kisiki saahyata lijiye


    • Jannat jee,

      Aapkaa Sense of Humour – hamne mehsoos kar liyaa hai. Jitne Chutkule aapne likhe utne toh poore jindagi mein nahi sune. Bas ab aur nahi – aapse kisi reply ki koi ummeed nahi hai. Maatra itna kehnaa chaahunga ki neeche likhi link dekh lijiye. Yeh angreji mein hai atah kisi ki madad le lijiye.


      Quran ne kuchh bhram utpanna kar rakhe hai. Allah kaa koi aakaar nahi – Right? Phir bhi usne shaadi karee tathaa biwike saath yaun sambandha banaaye (Jise aajkal ke vidvaan Sexual intercourse aisa kehte hai). Quran ke anusaar Allah ko aisaa karnaa paraa tabhi duniyaa aayee hai. Quran ki bhi koi maataa hai. Chaahe toh Quran ke Sura 13.39; 3.7; 6.92; 28.59; 42.7 padhiye. Surah 101.9 mein toh Dojakh / Jehannum ki bhi maataa bataa di gayee. atah un maataao ke saath avashya yaun sambandha rakhe honge. Ekmaatra banaane waalaa toh Allah hi hai naa? Upar ki link mein yehi Quran kaa yehi logic expose kiyaa gayaa hai. Kripayaa use poora padhiye aur POORA PADHE BINAA REPLY KARNE KI GALTI NAHI KARNAA.

  • saare dharm ek hai sabka ishvar allah ek hai .. bas thora dimag lagane ki jarurat hai aap ko sachchai pata chal jaiga .. kyu ki ham sab muslim yani sanatan dharmi hai.. magar ved ko ab fallow nahi kiya ja sakta duniya k kisi kitab ko bhi fallow nahi kiya ja sakta kyu ki sab me milawat ho chuka hai sirf quran hi ek kitab hai jisme milawat nahi huwa hai .. ye proof baat hai. aaj duniya me sab se tej rafta se badhne wala dharm islam hai.. aap jab islam ki sikhchha ko bina bhed bhav k padhoge to aap bhi maan loge ki ye hi sachcha dharm hai ( bina koshish k kuchh nahi milta hai jab aap nek dili se padhenge to ishvar allah aap ka sahi marg darshan karega ) duniya ka har 4th man muslim hai… ap pata kar sakte hai ki duniya me sab se jiyada kaon sa dharm log apna rahe hai.. akhir islam me koi to visheshta hogi akhir log aor dharm kyu nahi apna rahe hai.?. 🙂 mai aap ko samjha sakta hu magar aap ko hidayat nahi de sakta ye allah ka kaam hai jisko chahe sidhe rah pe lai jisko chahe sidhe rah se bhatka de..
    mujhe garv hai ki mai hindu ( indan ) hoo aor mujhe garv hai ki mai muslim hoo .. thanks bhai log mai aap sab k liye duwa karunga..

    • are ,param adarniy shri jannat ji , duniya me sabse jyada jhuth bolne vale, nasha karne vale , galat sex karne vale , suar ka mans khane vale ,apradhi , anpadh, jahil adi jyada hai tab kya vah achhe ho gaye? kya “visheshta” hai inme? apke hisab se to jarur “visheshta” hogi tabhi log us disha me jyada akarshit ho rahe hai ? boliye ? is desh me murtipujak sabse jyada hai tab kya murti puja achhi ho gai? kya aap bhi murtipuja karne lagegenge ? 1400 sal se jyada samay beet jane ke bad bhi “sirf “apke dave ke anusar 25 % muslim usme n jane kitne karod munafik , shiya ahamdi, bohara, bahai, dargaho me shish jhukane vale , jehadi, atankvadi fidayin , dev bandi barelvi ahale qurqn , ahale hadees adi bhi isme shamil hai islam ke 73 firko me se matr ek firka hi tatha kathit jannat me jayega usme bhi muslim mahilaye kam ! ab kaun safirka jannat me jayega yah bat bhi muhammad ji batlane ka sahas nahi kar paye? yah andhere me hai? achha, aap batla dijiye kaun sa firka muslim ka jannat me jayega ? jannat ji kis bat ka garv aap kar rahe hai ? kaun si visheshta islam me hai ? yah to batlaiye ? ek bhi “maulik”[buniyadi] visheshta islam ki aap batlaiye yad rakhiyega vah kisiki “jhuthan” n ho ? agar sabhi dharm ek se hai to quraan ki jarurat kyo padi ? is desh me murtipujak jyada hai aap bhi kisi murti ke samne shish jhuka lijiye ? kya aap kar sakenge ?

    duniya me jitane bhi dharm hai sab apane apane time me sahi the magar dhire dhire kuchh bure logo ne un dharmo me milawat kar diya..sare dharmo ki sikhcha ek hi thi kyu ki sab dharm ishvar ne banaya hai.. sab se pahale sanatan dharm aya jisko ek avtar k dvara ishvar ne is dharti par bheja (NOTE: agar ab bhi na jage toh book aap padh lijiye ya fir kalki avtar aor muhamad sahab book bhi aap padh liiye ) jab jab dharmo me milawat hota gya tab tab ishvar apne avtaro k dvara us dharm ko sudh yani saaf kr ke insaano k paas bhejta tha jaise aj hamre hindu bhai islam ko alag dharm batate hai jabki islam aor sanatan dharm ki sikhcha ek hai brahma sutra ek hai gayatri mantra ek hai magar bechare hindu aggyanta k karan vash islam ko gali dete hai jab aap apane kalki avtar ke jivani ko ved aor puran me padhenge aor muhammad sahab ke jivani ko padhenge to aap ko pata chal jaega aor jab aap quran aor ved ko padhenge to aap ko sachchai pata chal jaigi .. mai aap ko yaha sari baate nahi bata sakta magar dhire dhire mai aap ko saari baat jarur bataaunga … please read carefully …
    aap ne ab tak proof ke sath nahi bataya ki ved kaise aor kaon le ke aya ?

    • हाहा !! अजी जन्नत मिया जरा मदरसों से बाहर आकर भी एखिये दुनिया में और भी बहुत ज्ञान है !

      “sab se pahale sanatan dharm aya jisko ek avtar k dvara ishvar ne is dharti par bheja ”
      कौन सा अवतार था ये ? बताने की कृपा करें ?

      “jab jab dharmo me milawat hota gya tab tab ishvar apne avtaro k dvara us dharm ko sudh yani saaf kr …”
      अवतार का अर्थ है परमात्मा खुद आता है ! इसे न तो इस्लाम मानता है न वेद …. तो ये आप कोन सा इल्हाम पढ़े बेठे हैं ?

      “aap apane kalki avtar ke jivani ko ved aor puran me padhenge aor muhammad sahab ke jivani ko padhenge”
      अपना ज्ञान मदरसों के भर से पाइए …… वेद में न तो कल्कि की कोई बात है न ही मोहम्मद साहब की ! अच्छा मजाक कर लेते है !!

      अरे छोडिये मियां !! आपसे दो प्रशन पूछे आपने बताए नहीं … एक का तो बोले उत्तर ” ” है | और दूसरा बताया ही नहीं | पहले उन दो सवालों के उत्तर तो दीजिए |
      तीसरे आपकी प्रूफ कि बात पर मैंने कुछ इस्लामिक – विज्ञानिक चमत्कारों का प्रूफ माँगा वो भि आप गोल कर गए |

      “aap ne ab tak proof ke sath nahi bataya ki ved kaise aor kaon le ke aya ?”

      में ये ऊपर बता चूका हू …. आप अपनी अति उत्सुकता में एक हि सवाल बार बार बिना उत्तर पढ़े पूछते जा रहे हैं |

      “mai aap ko yaha sari baate nahi bata sakta magar dhire dhire mai aap ko saari baat jarur bataaunga ”

      अरे छोडिये मियां !! आपसे दो प्रशन पूछे आपने बताए नहीं … एक का तो बोले उत्तर ” hidden ” है | और दूसरा बताया ही नहीं | पहले उन दो सवालों के उत्तर तो दीजिए |
      तीसरे आपकी प्रूफ कि बात पर मैंने कुछ इस्लामिक – विज्ञानिक चमत्कारों का प्रूफ माँगा वो भि आप गोल कर गए |

      “aap ne ab tak proof ke sath nahi bataya ki ved kaise aor kaon le ke aya ?”
      में ये ऊपर बता चूका हू …. आप अपनी अति उत्सुकता में एक हि सवाल बार बार बिना उत्तर पढ़े पूछते जा रहे हैं |

    • HAHAHA!

      Jannat jee, aap kis kalki avatar ki baat karte hai? Aap kisi bhi hindu ko poochh lijiye. Kalki avatar toh abhi tak hue hi nahi hai. Woh jab bhi honge tab duniyaa mein paap nahi bachegaa. Woh ghode pe baithenge aur haath mein talvaar lekar aayenge. yadi kalki avatar sahi mein hoyegaa toh aisaa hoyegaa.

      Aapko is kalki avatar aur Mohammed mein kaunsi samaantaa dikhti hai? Mohammed ghode pe kahaa se baithenge jabki Arab mein ghode toh the hi nahi. Uunt aur gadhe avashya the. Agar Mohammed ko akhri prophet maan le toh phir unke marne ke baad paap kyu kam naa hue? Kyun Hitler jaise taanaashah paidaa hue? Kalki avatar bhaarat mein paidaa honge aur Mohammed Arab mein aakar mar bhi gaye. Mohammed ki maut jahar khaaker huyee. Dekhiye http://answering-islam.org/Silas/mo-death.htm. Waah! yeh kaisaa prophet hai jo jahar khaaker martaa hai? Saare musalmaan pray kar rahe the. Sab jor jor se chilla rahe the – Allah bechaaraa behraa hai. 😀 Allah ne hi Mohammed ko bhejaa naa? Phir kyun aise akaaran marne diya use?? Main bataataa hu – Allah ne isiliye Mohammed ko marne diyaa kyunki usne Allah ke khilaaf bhraantiyaa failaaker rakhi thi, Allah ne sochaa ki achchha hai yeh mar rahaa hai.

      Quran ko ham kyun maane kyunki woh tab likhi gayee jab Mohammed jinda nahi the. Unhe kyaa pataa ki unke marne ke baad kyaa anarth hoga. Agar aap ab bhi islam ko sachchaa dharma kehte hai (dekhe jaraa ki ab kaunsaa joke sunaate ho) toh ek gair muslim aapke liyee sirf prarthanaa hi kar saktaa hai.

  • thanks mere bhai aap ne achha sawal kiya hai…
    sab se pahle mai aap ko ye bata du ki shiya islam se bahar hai wo musalman nahi hai. unho ne kai manghadat kahani islam k virudh banaya hai .. jaise ki aap logo me bhi ka log hajaro ishvar ko mante hai aor ved k brahma shutra yani ishvar ek hai dosra nahi hai nahi hai jarra barabr bhi nahi hai.. is ka ullandhan karte hai aor apane aap ko hindu kahate hai ( NOTE: hindu koi dharm nahi hai ! aap is baat ko kabhi proof nahi kar sakte hai )
    2- jo log kabro ki pooja karte hai ya majar pe jate hai wo log shirk karte hai yani unka yakeen hai ki ishvar bhi hamari mushkil hal karta hai aor ye kabar wale bhi karte hai is ko shir kahae hai yani allah k alawa allah jaisa kisi aor ko maan lena ( jaise aolad dena kisi ki bigadi banana ye sab ishvar ka kaam hai ) quraan me aise logo ko jahannami kaha gya hai.. sanatan dhar m bhi pahale murti pooja nahi tha magar baad me kabar ko poojte poojte kabar walo ki murti bana k unki pooja karne lage hai..
    rahi aap ki tisari baat toh wo bhi jan lijiye
    3- islam ko na mnne wala kafir hai kafir ka matlab na manne wala jaise ki aap muhammad sahab ko allah ka avtar nahi mante hai aap quran ko allah ki kitab nahi mante hai to aap kafir hai..
    rahi baat ki islam hi kyu sachcha dharm hai toh mai aap ko bata deta hoo…ki islam hi sachcha dham kyu hai

    • अरे वाह ! ये तो बढ़िया बात हुई …. शिया कहते है हमारी कुरान सही , सुन्नी कहते है हमारी कुरान सही|
      और आपने तो शिया वालो को इस्लाम से ही बाहर कर दिया |

      चलिए फिर जरा शिया वालो को भी इस्लाम का ना माने और सूफियो को भी इस्लाम का न मानें … आइये फिर देखें इस्लाम सबसे बड़ा धर्मं है या नहीं ?
      जनसँख्या गिनते समय तो आप शिया भी गिनते है सूफी भी और शाश्त्रर्थ करते समय “शिया इस्लाम से बाहर है ???”

    • han jannat ji shiya islam se kab kharij kiye gaye jara yah bhi to batlaiye ? kisne kharij kiya ?, kab kiya ? kya shiya logon ka makka v madina me umra karna, hajj karna mana hai ? yah sab kab se mana hua ? kya dargaho me jane vale makka v madina me jane se koi rok pata hai ? jab vah bhi kafir hai aur kuran ko nmanne vale bhi kafir hai tab kya ham mkka adi ja sakte hai agar nahi ja sakte to yah kafiro ke sath bhed bhav kyo ? yani muripujne vala nahi jayega lekin kabro me ,dargaho meshish jhukane vala mannate mangne vala makka- madeena jarur jayega ? yah julm kyo? is julm ke khilf apki avaj kyo nahi ? kya aap is jagah napunsak jaisa vyavhar kar rahe hai ?

  • mai aap ko aaj kal ke ved dikha sakta hoo.. ek ved me kuchh aor likha hai aor dusare ved me kuchh aor .. is se pata chalta hai ki ved me chenging ho chuki hai ab us par bharosha karna aor uske bataye marg pe chalna goya shaitan ke batae marg pe chalne ke barabar hai maar kuchh sach baat aaj bhi usme hai jaise kalki avtar jo ki last avtar hai kalyug me aane wala .. aage aor bataunga pahale mere prashn ka uttar dijiye please :d

    • @jannat

      bhai tum mujhe bande mast lag rahe ho ………………….

      maine upar simple bhasha main yeh bataya hai ki shia aur sunni ke quran main itna antar hai…. shia aur sunni ki manyataon main bhi antar batlaya tha

      apne yeh bataya tha ki quran unchangebale hai to itna antar kyun

      apke khatir agar man le ki hinduism main kuch galti hoti hai yah koi dharam main kuch sahi kaha ho to hum adopt kar sakte hain

      par kya islam reforms ke liye open haiii

      dr zakir naik ke hisab se sare kabar, dargah jane wale hell jayenge(shia muslims included kyunki weh ali aur baki paigambar ke saathiyon ko divine mante hain aur sunni ke quran ko pura aur asli nahi mante. ajmer main lakhon muslims aate hain sub hell jayenge aur woh akela heaven jayega toh kya itna fundamentalist hona aur dusre dharam ki beizzati hazaron logon ke samne karna thik hai aapke hisab se)

      yehi kehna tha ki allah/ishwar ko pahuchne ke kai rastain hain……….. kisi dusre dharam ki burai nahi karna chahiye

  • ye jo baat aapne batay hai bara hi majedar hai.. magar ye baat aa ko kaha se pata chala? ved se? puran se? page no. kya hai? jara mai bhi to dekhu?
    kya aap ko vishvas hai ki jo ved rishi muni le kar aye wo ved aaj kal ke ved jaisa ya yahi ved hai?
    iska kya proof hai ki ved me koi milawat nahi huwa. aor aaj bhi ved original hai? please 🙂

    • मियां जन्नत ,

      ये पढ़िए और जानिए की क्यों वेद अब तक अपने उसी रूप में जैसे आरम्भ में थे |
      और ये भी जानिए की कैसी अद्भुत व्यवस्था की है वेदों को बचाने की |
      वेद मंत्रो को चाहे कन्याकुमारी में सुनिए .चाहे कश्मीरी पंडितो से …. एक मंत्र के अक्षर में भी अंतर नहीं है .||
      केवल मंत्रो के अर्थ समझने में अंतर हो सकता है , मूल मंत्र अर्थात संस्कृत के मंत्रो में कोई भेद नहीं है |

      • @irfan
        Vedo me mera bhi nam hai “Ved Parkash” Ved mai Agniveer ka bhi nam hai “agni” Vedo mai Vajra ka bhi nam hai, Ved me Raj ka bhi nam hai. Ved spirit brother ka bhi nam hai “aatma”


  • haan jannat ji , apka naam jannat hai ya aap” jannat” se bol rahe hai kripya isko spasht kijiye ! jaise ek mahila kisi ke liye mata kisi ke liye beti kisi ke liye patni adi hoti hai ! vaise hi jab sansar banaya tab ishvar brahmma kahalata hai , jab sansar sthir hota haichalayman rahata hai tab vahi ishvar vishnu kahalata hai , jab sansar vinah ki or jata hai tab vahi ishvar mahesh kahalata hai ! shiv ka arth hai kalyan karna , jo bhi kalyan kari marg par chalta hai tab vah shiv kahalata hai nahi to “shav ” ban jata hai yah kisi vishesh vyakti ki bapauti nahi hai jo apnayega vah ban jayega ! jaise aaj koi khoj hoti hai , jaise rail, motar, phon, mobail ,intarnet , t v adi ham-sab us khoj karta ko bhi nahi jante ! vaise hi ved ka arth hai gyan ! sansar ki utpatti ke samay kuch bahle logon ne apni buddhi ki shuddhi ki vajah se ishvar ka dhyan lagakar , samadhi avstha me baithkar tapasya karke ishvar se gyan “chhina ” ya liya ! us gyan ko “ved” ka bhi nam diya gaya ! kyoki ved karth gyan hota hai ! har manushy svabhavt: svabhavik gyan rakhta hai , vah chahe nyun matra me ho ya jyada matra me ho ! jaise hamare apke dimag me anek naye vichar bhi ate hai, vaise hi vishesh gyan ya koi khoj ka vishay kisi vishesh manushy me kyo nahi aa sakta ? yah bhi is bat ka ek sabut kaha ja sakta hai !

  • bhai waha to sirf english hi english hai aor mujhe english nahi aati aa usko hindi me translet kar ke samjha dijiye.. etna mehant to aap ko apane dharm k liye karna parega .. sachchaai mujhe bhi janne ka haq hai .. kyu sahi kaha na mai ?? 🙂

  • aap ne bataya nahi ki ye vishnu brahma aor shiva kaon hai kya raam aor krishn ishwar hai?
    kya proof hai ki ved ishvar ne insaan k dil me utar diya ? aga utar deta hai to kya aap ke dil aor dimag me ved hai? mere dil aor dimag me to nahi hai bhai :d ha ha ha

  • saare jaha se achchha hindustan hamra..
    ham bulbule hai iski ye gul sita hamara..
    ha haha …
    azadi ka din mubarak ho aap sab ko.. 🙂

  • hummmmm kala achchhar bhais barabar… itani bhayanka english mujhe nahi aati bhai.. mai ek hindustani hoo aor hindi hi samjhta hu.. kripya hindi me samjhaa do bhai :d









  • Governing The Islamic State
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    The state is ruled by a Caliph (Khalifa) elected to his position of leadership from among the Muslim people. To be leader, a man must be sane, rightly guided and knowledgeable. He should be known for his piety and trustworthiness, and he should be capable of bearing such a responsibility. The caliph is nominated to his position Of leadership by those Muslims endowed with knowledge and experience. If he does not hold firm to his duty, and deviates from the directives of the Qur’an, then they may remove him from his position and strip him of all authority. Otherwise, he deserves the obedience and cooperation of every Muslim. The role of caliphate is, to the Sunnis, a great burden and responsibility, not a mere honor or opportunity for exploitations.
    Generally speaking, the right to govern according to Shi’ites, is hereditary, and restricted to ‘Ali, and his descendants by Fatimah (the daughter of the Prophet). There is, however, some slight difference among them on the point of the hereditary right as to whom it belongs to. Due to this view of theirs, the Shi’ites are never loyal to any ruler unless he is one of the descendants of ‘Ali bin Abi Taalib. When the practice of hereditary leadership vested in the descendants of ‘Ali and Fatimah could no longer be maintained, because the line had come to an end, the Shi’ites invented the doctrine of Ar-Raj’ah, according to which the last Imam was not dead, but “hidden”. He is expected to arise and return at the end of time, when he will slaughter all of his political opponents, and those of his ancestors, and will restore to the Shi’ites their rights which were “plundered” by the other sects over the centuries.

  • Taqiyyah (Calculated Deception)
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    It is defined as presenting an outer appearance that belies what one conceals inside, to protect oneself from harm. It is considered impermissible for a Muslim to deceive other Muslims, because of the Prophet’s saying: Whoever deceives is not of us.” Resorting to taqiyyah is permitted only in one situation: during war against the disbelievers who are the enemies of Islam. That is part of the etiquette of war. It is incumbent on the Muslim to be truthful and courageous in upholding the truth, and to be neither ostentatious, nor deceiving, nor treacherous. He should give sincere counsel, enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil.
    In spite of the differences among the various Shi’ite sects, they all agree that taqiyyah is a prescribed duty and a pillar of their faith. Their schools of thought could not stand without it. They learn its principles and methods and they practice it, especially if they are in dire circumstances. They exaggeratedly praise and flatter those whom they consider disbelievers, whom they consider deserving of slaughter and destruction. The verdict of kufr is passed on anyone who is not of their sectarian school, and for them “the end justifies the means.” Their ethics allow every manner of lying, cunning and deception.

  • Al-Walaa’ (Obedience And Devotion)
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    Al-walaa ‘ means “total adherence, obedience and devotion.” The Sunnis believe that it is due only to the Messenger of Allah, for Allah says in His Book “Whosoever obeys the Messenger, he has verily obeyed Allah.” No other person deserves our strict adherence or our obedience and devotion. Our responsibilities to others are defined by known legal principles, and there is no obedience due to any human being if that entails disobedience to the Creator.
    They view al-walaa’ as being one of the pillars of iman. They define it as the firm belief in the Twelve Imams including the “hidden” Imam). They consider one who does not have strict devotion to Aalul-Bait as one who has no faith. They will not pray behind such a person, nor will they give him zakaah although he be deserving of it. Such a person would be treated as a kaafr by them.

  • Islamic Jurisprudence
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    Ahlus-sunnah adhere strictly to the legal rulings and directives of the Noble Qur’an, as clarified by the sayings and practices of the Messenger We also depend upon the sayings of the Companions and the generation of trustworthy scholars who followed them. They were the nearest to the Prophet’s era and the most sincere in supporting his mission, throughout the tests and trials which had to be endured in the course of establishing Islam. Since this religion has been completed, no one has the right to formulate new legislation or directives; however, in order to properly understand the details of the revealed law, and to apply it according to new situations and circumstances while keeping in mind the general welfare of the people, one must refer to the qualified Muslim scholars who must work solely within the bounds established by Allah’s Book and the sunnah of the Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him).
    They depend only on the exclusive sources which they claim for their Imams: upon their farfetched interpretations of the Quran; and upon their contrary attitude which puts them at odds with the majority of the Muslim peoples. The Shi’ites consider their Imams to be infallible, and to have the right to create new rulings and directives .in contradiction to the revealed law. For example, they have altered:
    (a) The call to prayer and the prescribed times and postures of prayers.
    (b) The rites of Hajj (pilgrimage) and visitation to the sacred places.
    (c) The specified times for beginning and breaking the fast.
    (d) The rulings with regards to zakaah (alms-tax) and its distribution.
    (e) The inheritance laws. The Shi’ites are very particular to take positions in opposition to Ahlus-Sunnah, thus widening the gap between Sunnis and Shi’ites.

  • he Meaning Of Shari’ah (Islamic Law) And Haqeeqah (The Truth)
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    In the Sunnis’ view, the shariah (the divinely revealed law) is itself the haqeeqah (the essential knowledge, the reality). They hold that Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, did not conceal from his nation of believers any part of that knowledge, contained in the revealed law. There was no good thing that he did not guide us to, and no evil thing that he did not warn us about. Allah has said ‘On this day I have completed your religion. Therefore, ‘ the sources of the Islamic faith are Allah’s Book and the sunnah (practice) of the Prophet, and there is no need to add anything to that. The relationship of the believer with Allah, and the path to the achievement of 800d works and worship, are clear and direct. The only one to know the actual condition of the believers is Allah, so (i.e do not pass judgment on the praiseworthiness or purity of anyone, lest we overstep our bounds). The views and opinions of anyone may be accepted or rejected, except or those of the infallible Prophet of Allah, upon whom be Allah’s blessings and peace.
    The Shi’ites see the shari’ah as being merely the various rulings and directives set forth by the Prophet; they concern the common and superficial folk only. As for the haqeeqah, no one knows it except the Imams of AhlulBait These Imams acquire the sciences of haqeeqah through inheritance, one generation after another. It remains a secret possession among them. Furthermore, the Shi’ites consider their Imams infallible; their every work and practice is deemed incumbent upon their followers. They believe that one may communicate with God only through intermediaries, and it is for this reason that their religious leaders have such an inflated opinion of themselves, as evidenced by the exaggerated titles they take for themselves, e.g. Baabullah (the door to Allah), Waliyullah (the friend of Allah), Hujjatullah (Allah’s proof), Ayatullah (the sign of Allah), Al-Ma’soom (the infallible one), etc.

  • Aalur-Rasool (The Family Of The Messenger)
    (May Allah Be Pleased With Them All)
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    Aalur-Rasool, according to the Sunnis, has various meanings. The best single definition of this term is “the followers of the Prophet Muhammad in the faith of Islam.” It is also defined as “the pious and God-fearing people of the Prophet’s ummah (nation of believers).” It is also said that the term refers to the believing relatives of Muhammad, from the tribes of Haashim and ‘Abdul-Muttalib.
    According to the Shi’ites the term Aalur-Rasool refers only to ‘Ali bin Abi Taalib, to some of his sons, and to the descendants ‘of those sons.

  • The Unseen
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    Allah the Exalted has reserved knowledge of the unseen for Himself; however, He has revealed to His Prophets some of the affairs and conditions of the unseen, for particular reasons. The Qur’an says: “And they do not encompass anything of God’s knowledge except what He will to reveal thereof”
    They claim that knowledge of the unseen belongs solely to their Imams, and it is not for the Prophet to inform us about the unseen. Some Shi’ites have gone so far as to claim godhead for those Imams.

  • Seeing Allah
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    Sunnis believe that believers will be blessed with the sight of Allah in the Hereafter, as is mentioned in the Qur’an: “On that Day faces [of the believers] will be resplendent, looking towards their Lord.”
    The Shi’ites believe that to see Allah is not possible in this world nor in the Hereafter.

  • Belief In The Oneness Of Allah
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    Sunnis believe that Allah is the One, the Only, God, the Almighty Subduer. He has no partners or rivals, and He has no equal. There is no intermediary between Him and His worshippers. They believe in His attributes as they were revealed In the Qur’anic verses, and they do not obscure their obvious meanins with far-fetched Interpretations. They do not strike any comparison between the divine attributes and other things, for as Allah says in His Book “There is nothing like unto Him.” They believe that Allah sent the Prophets and commissioned them with conveying to mankind His Message and Guidance. They conveyed Allah’s Message and did not conceal any part of it They believe that knowledge Of the unseen belongs to Allah alone. Intercession is confined to the Hereafter, and none may intercede except by Allah’s permission. All supplication, vows, offerings of sacrifices and requests for needs are to be directed to God alone; they are not to be directed to any other besides Him. Allah alone controls good and evil. There is no one, living or dead in His authority or in His administration of affairs. All beings depend on Him, and need His favor and mercy. The knowledge of Allah is attained through knowledge of divinely revealed law, and this has precedence over the exercise of reason, which might never guide one to the truth, although it may provide reassurance to the believer, and help him to achieve tranquillity.
    The Shi’ites also believe in Allah the Exalted and His Oneness, except that they adulterate this belief with polytheistic rituals and observances. They implore and make supplication to Allah’s slaves and worshippers rather than to Him alone, saying “O Ali! and “O Husain!” and “O Zainab!” Similarly they make vows and sacrifice beasts in the name of others besides Allah. They request the dead to fulfil their needs as is shown by their prayers and poems. They consider their Imams to be infallible, to have knowledge of the unseen, and to partake In…

  • The Companions Of The Prophet
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    It is unanimously agreed that the noble Companions deserve our utmost respect, and are absolutely trustworthy. As for the discord which occurred among them, it is to be considered as the consequence of the sincere exercise of personal conviction and opinion. The discord was resolved and is a thing of the past. It is not permissible for us to hold, on the basis of past differences among the Companions, grudges and ill will which continue for generations. The Companions are those whom Allah has described in the best of terms; He has praised them upon many occasions. It is not lawful for anyone to make any accusation against them or cast suspicion upon them, and there is no benefit to be derived therefrom.
    They charge that all save a few of the Companions had turned apostate after the death of the Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). On the other hand, they grant the Companion ‘Ali bin Abi Taalib a very special status; some of them consider him vicegerent, and some view him as a prophet, while others take him for a god! Shi’ites pass judgment on Muslims in accordance with their position with regards to ‘Ali. Whoever was elected caliph before ‘Ali is held by them to be a tyrant, an apostate or a sinner. The same judgment is passed on every Muslim ruler who did not step down for any of the descendants of ‘Ali and his wife Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with them). The Shi’ites have thus created an atmosphere of animosity throughout the history of Islam, and the question of partisanship of Ahlul-Bait developed into a school of thought which preached and perpetuated such detrimental teachings down through the generations.

  • Shi’ites
    For the Sunnis, it is the second source of revealed law, complementary to the Noble Quran It is not permissible to contradict or reject the rulings and directives contained in those Hadeeths (ahaadeeth) which are reliably attributed to the Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him). The methodology applied in determining the authenticity of these traditions utilizes a set of stringent rules agreed upon by the scholars who specialize in this field, and involves detailed analysis of the chain of transmitters of any given tradition. No distinction is made between male and female narrators; judgment is made solely on the basis of individual trustworthiness and technical ability in relating traditions, and every narrator’s history is recorded. No tradition is accepted from a known liar, or from one whose morals or scholarly ability were not corroborated, or from anyone, merely on the basis of his family connection or lineage. The compilation of the Prophetic Traditions is taken to be a sacred Trust, the fulfillment of which overrides all other considerations.
    The Shi’ites reject all Prophetic Traditions which were not related by members of Ahlul-Bait, or their descendants. The only exception to this rule is their acceptance of a few Hadeeths (ahaadeeth) narrated by those who sided with ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) in his political wars. They do not attend to the authenticity and soundness of the chain of narrators, nor do they approach the study of the Prophetic Traditions with a scientific, critical attitude. Their narrations often appear in a form like that of the following example: “It has been reported regarding Muhammad bin Isma’eel by way of some of our friends through a man who transmitted it from him [‘Ali] that he said…” Their books are filled with hundreds of thousands of traditions whose authenticity cannot be confirmed. They have built their religion specifically upon these spurious texts while outright rejecting over three quarters of the authentic Prophetic…

  • The Glorious Qur’an
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    There is unanimous agreement among them regarding its authenticity, and its text being safeguarded from any additions or deletions. The Qur’an is to be understood in consonance with the rules and bases of the Arabic language. They believe in every single letter of it, it being the word of Allah the Exalted. The Qur’an is neither temporal nor newly created, but is eternal. Falsehood does not approach it from before it or behind it. It is the primary source of all the Muslims’ tenets of faith, their rites and rules of conduct.
    To some of them, the Qur’an’s authenticity is doubtful, and if it appears to contradict any of their sectarian beliefs or doctrines, then they give the Qur’anic text strange, far-fetched interpretations that agree with their sectarian views. For that reason they are called Al-Mutawwilah (those who give their own interpretations to the revealed texts). They love to draw attention to the discord that occurred at the time when the Qur’an was first compiled. The views and opinions of their Imams are the primary source of their jurisprudence.

    Hadeeths (The Prophetic Traditions)
    Sunnis Shi’ites
    For the Sunnis, it is the second source of revealed law, complementary to the Noble Quran It is not permissible to contradict or reject the rulings and directives contained in those Hadeeths (ahaadeeth) which are reliably attributed to the Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him). The methodology applied in determining the authenticity of these traditions utilizes a set of stringent rules agreed upon by the scholars who specialize in this field, and involves detailed analysis of the chain of transmitters of any given tradition. No distinction is made between male and female narrators; judgment is made solely on the basis of individual trustworthiness and technical ability in relating traditions, and every narrator’s history is recorded. No tradition is accepted from a known liar, or from one whose morals or scholarly ability were not…

  • mere bhai aziz dost gair muslim ji kya aap apne dharm se santusht hai? ye sab se badi chiz hai ya aap bhi kashmkash me fas kar nastikta ka jivan yapan kar rahe hai? kabhi aap ke andar ye jigyasha aya ki sanatn dharm hi abhi tak sahi aor real roop me sabhi manushyo ka marg darshan karne me sakchham hai? agar hamko khana khana hai ya koi bissunes karna hai ya sona hai ya shaadi karna ha to kis tarah karenge? ha ye baat kha se sikhenge? agar aap nahi bat sakte to mai aap ko bata deta hoo… atma aor brahmand ki sab chiz allah ne banaya hai aor samy samay par apane manushyo ke marg darshan ke liye avtar ( nabi ) bhejta raha hai ( jab ja prithvi pe pap badhta hai to avtar ate hai ) ap ved ko gar se padhiye aor fir quran ko bhi padhiye bahut si baat ap ko ek jasi milegi.. ab ham sanatan ya kisi or dharm ko nahi maan sakte hai kyu ki samay ke sath usme milavat ho chuka hai.. ab ha ko us dharm ko hi manna hai jo aaj sahi halat me hai aor wo dharm hai islam.. with proof no chenging .. 🙂

    • acha btaiye what is the proof of ?

      these miracles?
      चाँद को दो टुकडो में तोड़ देना , गधो को हवा में उड़ा देना , बिना बाप के औलाद पैदा करवा देना , लाठी का सांप बना देना , मनुष्यों को बन्दर बना देना ??

      let us see the proofs now!! 😀

      • did the donkey had to run at very fast for take off??????????what was the fuel for the donkey?????????.imagine how the donkey must have landed on the run way??you know what was the safety belt and safety issues concerned?? was the donkey in auto pilot mode or was he driving it.. and how the donkey managed the oxygen mask

        I think it was a half moon day so the arabs(brainless creatures with 100 wifes) thaught that the moon broke into two

        man islam is in its original form unchanged. veryy scientific i guess

    • param adarniy shri jannat ji , apko kisne batlaya ki ki ved me milavat ho chuki hai ? koi sabut dijiye ! kaun kaun se mantr ved me aur jode gaye ? uski sankhya v naam aur sthan batlaiye ! ab quran ki bat suniya kitni uthapatak quran me hui hai ! jinhe aap log sankhya jodne ke liye muslim mante hai ya jinko makka v madeena jane se rok nahi pate vah muslim kahate hai ki qurn me kareeb 18000 ayte thi , 116 surat thi ! chaliye unki bate jane dijiye ab aap svayam “nagi ankho” se quran ko dekhiye kya aaj ki quran “betarteeb” nahi hai ? kahi makki ayte kahi madeeni ayte ? kya jaisa quran muhammad ji paraya vaisa hi aj pesh kiya ja raha hai ? yah to khaleefa usman ji ke jamane me banaya hua pesh kiya ja raha hai ! kya quran me 112 bismillah aur nahi jode gaye ? kya surat fatha pahali surat hai ya 96 me batai gai “al alaq” yah fer badli kyo hui usko sabhi muslimo ne kyo svikar kiya kya usman ji muhammad ji v allah ji se bhi bade ho gaye? ya allah ji ne usman ji ko aisa hi quran pesh karne ka “sandesh “diya tha ? dekhiye qurqn 38/75 jisme allah ji svaym kahate hai ki hamne “dono hatho” se adam ji ko banaya ! jis allah ji ke “dono hath ” simit ho usko koi sarvshaktiman kaha ja sakta hai ? jo allah ji 8 farishte uthaye huye us singhasan par virajman ho yah quran me anek jagah aya hai kya usko koi allah kaha ja sakta hai ? jo quran me allah svyam apni ayte “matr 23 sal” me hi kya balki kuch din me hi nirast karta rahata ho usko 1400 sal bad uski bate sachhi ho iski kya garanti hai ? batlaiye quran ki kaun si ek ayat hai jisme khatna ho ? kalma ho ? teen talak ek bar[ek svans ] me dene ka adesh ho? fir kyo muslim isko mante hai ? agar khuda ji ne atma ko banaya hai to us khuda ki taseer atma me kyo nahi hai ? atma to jhuth bhi bolti hai kamjor bhi hoti hai kya khuda ji bhi jhuth bolte v kamjor hai ya sarvshaktiman ? kya kaha jayega batlaiye ? dharm kise kahate hai ? uske kya lakshan hai ? kis vyakti ko dharmik ya adharmik kaha jayega ? iska paimana kya hai ? kya aap batlayenge ? kya jo muhammad ji ko mane…

  • aor agar nahi bata sakte to ma aap ko bata dunga proof k sath ki islam dharm kya hai kaise aya aor quran kya hai kaise aya .. with proof.. :d
    bina proof ke aap ki koi baat nahi sunega..
    ek baat aor ye vishnu brahma aor shiv kaon hai? ram aor ikrishn kya ishvar hai? 🙂

    • “” आप खुद तो चाँद को दो टुकडो में तोड़ देते हैं , गधो को हवा में उड़ा देते हैं , बिना बाप के औलाद पैदा करवा देते है , लाठी का सांप बना देते है , मनुष्यों को बन्दर बना देते है “”

      chaliye laiy proof hum bhi dekhein science of quran!! 😀

    • nahi ram aur krishna ishvar nahi hai…. balki mahan vyakti hue hain!

      shiv, brahma ,vishnu are names of same go.. based on attributes..
      shiv means the giver of all things, vishnu(vishwa+ anu)– present in every atom of whole world, brahma-(the one with complete perfect knowledge)…

      so all three are among uncountable names of god!! anything else??


  • :d majedar lekh hai padhne me bahut achha lagta hai magar ye sach nahi hai.. iska aap ke pas koi proof hai to bata dijiye.. mai aap ka bada abhari rahunga.. waise ek baat aor aap ka dharam kaon sa hai? aor aap ki jankari k liye bata du ki islam ya sanatan dharm ya aor koi dharm sab ek hi ishwar ki rachna hai.. sirf bhasha ka antar hai ki aap sanatan dharmi hai aor ham islam se jude hai.. dharm sada se ek hi raha hai aor sada rahega..sanatan dharm ka matlab sada se chala aya dharm aor islam jisko din e qayyam kahate hai iska bhi matlab ek hai.. jaise arabi me abdullah aor sanskrit me ramdas dono ek hai.. cat mean billi aor dog mean kutta.. both is same.. ab koi proof se samjha dijiye ki ved sabke sine me ishvar ki taraf se aya hai agar aya to kya aap ke dil me ya dimag me ved hai?? please bata dijiye :d

    • हाहा!! आश्चर्य मियाँ जन्नत , आप खुद तो चाँद को दो टुकडो में तोड़ देते हैं , गधो को हवा में उड़ा देते हैं , बिना बाप के औलाद पैदा करवा देते है , लाठी का सांप बना देते है , मनुष्यों को बन्दर बना देते है … और कोई प्रूफ नहीं देते ….. और मैंने एक आसन सी और साधारण से बात कही ..
      की खुदा यदि सभी के भीतर है तो वो हमसे खुद बात करेगा.. उसे फरिश्तो की क्या जरुरत ? सुचिये तो उसे चाहिए जो खुद बात कहने में असमर्थ हो ! आप खुदा को किस काम में असमर्थ मानते हो ? जो खुदा औरो की मदद ले वो कैसा खुदा ? सूचिया तो तब चाहिए की खुदा कहीं दूर हो और मुहम्मद कहीं दूर !!
      दिल में बता खुदा क्या प्राणियों को ज्ञान नहीं दे सकता ?
      उसके बाद ….
      जब मेरे ह्रदय में मेरी आत्मा में परमात्मा है , तो इस बात को समझने में आपको क्या दिक्कत है की हाँ वेद भी मेरे अन्दर पहले से है | जरूरत है केवल उसे पहचानने की ! कहते है न “की उस खुदा को जान लेने के बाद और कुछ जानना बाकि नहीं रहता ”
      हमे सिर्फ समाधी की उस अवस्था तक पहुंचना है जब परमात्मा की आवाज़ बहुत साफ़ सुने देने लगे … .. लेकिन जन्मो लगते है वहां पहुंचने में !

      में चाहता हु इस बात पे फिर ध्यान दिया जाये की हमारी बात चीत शुरू कैसे हुई!

      जन्नत :””mere samjh se duniya me quran k bare me aisa koi sawal nahi jiska jawab na ho. aap sawal kar sakte hai .. aap ko santosjanak uttar milega…””

      फिर मैंने पहला प्रशन किया :: http://agniveer (dot) com/416/hindu/#comment-29376

      आपने कहा इसका जवाब hidden है |

      फिर मैंने दूसरा प्रशन किया http://agniveer (dot) com/416/hindu/#comment-29420

      you never answered
      आपने उलटे मुझसे प्रशन शुरू किये है ,
      पर कोई बात नहीं में उत्तर दे रहा हु ….. आगे प्रशन करते रहे!

    • हाहा!! आश्चर्य मियाँ जन्नत , आप खुद तो चाँद को दो टुकडो में तोड़ देते हैं , गधो को हवा में उड़ा देते हैं , बिना बाप के औलाद पैदा करवा देते है , लाठी का सांप बना देते है , मनुष्यों को बन्दर बना देते है … और कोई प्रूफ नहीं देते ….. और मैंने एक आसन सी और साधारण से बात कही ..
      की खुदा यदि सभी के भीतर है तो वो हमसे खुद बात करेगा.. उसे फरिश्तो की क्या जरुरत ? सुचिये तो उसे चाहिए जो खुद बात कहने में असमर्थ हो ! आप खुदा को किस काम में असमर्थ मानते हो ? जो खुदा औरो की मदद ले वो कैसा खुदा ? सूचिया तो तब चाहिए की खुदा कहीं दूर हो और मुहम्मद कहीं दूर !!
      दिल में बता खुदा क्या प्राणियों को ज्ञान नहीं दे सकता ?
      उसके बाद ….
      जब मेरे ह्रदय में मेरी आत्मा में परमात्मा है , तो इस बात को समझने में आपको क्या दिक्कत है की हाँ वेद भी मेरे अन्दर पहले से है | जरूरत है केवल उसे पहचानने की ! कहते है न “की उस खुदा को जान लेने के बाद और कुछ जानना बाकि नहीं रहता ”
      हमे सिर्फ समाधी की उस अवस्था तक पहुंचना है जब परमात्मा की आवाज़ बहुत साफ़ सुने देने लगे … .. लेकिन जन्मो लगते है वहां पहुंचने में !

      में चाहता हु इस बात पे फिर ध्यान दिया जाये की हमारी बात चीत शुरू कैसे हुई!

      जन्नत :””mere samjh se duniya me quran k bare me aisa koi sawal nahi jiska jawab na ho. aap sawal kar sakte hai .. aap ko santosjanak uttar milega…””

      फिर मैंने पहला प्रशन किया :: agniveer(dot)com/416/hindu/#comment-29376

      आपने कहा इसका जवाब hidden है |

      फिर मैंने दूसरा प्रशन किया agniveer(dot)com/416/hindu/#comment-29420

      you never answered
      आपने उलटे मुझसे प्रशन शुरू किये है ,
      पर कोई बात नहीं में उत्तर दे रहा हु ….. आगे प्रशन करते रहे!

  • bhai maine bahut se blog padhe hai .. maine dekha hai ki sawal karne wala sawal karta chala jata hai aor jawab dene wala jawab deta chala jata hai.. iska end nahi hota hai… is liye maine ab sawal ka silsila aap se shuru kar diya hai.. aap bas jawab dete jaye.. bcz i know islm is a true religion..
    hams sab ek hai hai.. hamara allah ishwar ek hai..
    aor hamr dharm bhi ek hai..
    lekin aap ne ab tak nahi bataya ki ved kaha se aor kon le kar aya? please ??

    • hahaha!!! ye sun ke acha laga ki “ham sab ek hai hai.. hamara allah ishwar ek hai.”
      lekin atpta lagta hai jab aap phit kehte hain ” islm is a true religion” which says all other religons are false!
      meine swal isiliye puche, ki aap ne kha pucho…? anytha mein nahi puchta .. ab aapne kha hai ruko .. toh mein nahi puchuga. jab tak aap nahi kehte!

      “aap ne ab tak nahi bataya ki ved kaha se aor kon le kar aya? ”
      आपने पिछली दो पोस्ट में प्रशन पूछे सो मैंने एक के उत्तर दे दिए और एक के आपके दोबारा पूछने तक रुक गया . आशा है आप मेरे उस उत्तर से संतुष्ट हैं .

      अब रही बात वेद कहाँ से आये ?
      वेद परमात्मा ने दिए है , सृष्टि प्रारंभ में , मनुष्यों को | और हर बार सृष्टि प्रारंभ में देता है | वेद एक प्रकार से मनुष्यों के लिए दिशा निर्देश हैं की मनुष्यों को अपनी मानव देह को और इस सृष्टि को कैसे वर्तना/ इस्तेमाल चाहिए | क्या खाएं , क्या देखें, कहाँ जायें , क्या सोचें ,क्या करें ,क्या न करें , इत्यादि |

      देखिये मैंने स्पष्ट किया की वेद परमात्मा ने दिए है , परमात्मा हर स्थान पर विद्यमान है, और हमारे भीतर भी है , इसलिए उसे हमसे बात करने के लिए अथवा अपनी वाणी हमे सुनाने के लिए किसी डाकिये/सुचिये की /फ़रिश्ते की आवश्यकता नहीं है| परमात्मा को केवल साफ़ हृदयों की जरुरत है .. इसलिए आदि सृष्टि में चार ऋषियों को अग्नि, अंगीरा …आदि को प्रत्येक को एक-एक वेद का प्रकाश हुआ | अर्थात उनके ह्रदय में स्वयं परमात्मा ने उन्हें वेद का बोध करवाया | यह चार ऋषि इस से पूर्व की सृष्टि के सबसे शुद्ध आत्माओ वाले व्यक्ति थे |
      इस प्रकार से वेद संसार में आये और हर बार आतें हैं |

    • @jannat
      Ved kisi aadmi ne nahi likhe aur na hi wo unhe leker aaya. Har bar jab sristi(Duniya) arambh hoti hai to Ved Shrest manusyo ke harday(heart) me ishwar utpan karta hai. Ved ka arth hai Gyan (Knowledge). Ham sabhi Ishwar/allah ki praja hai aur Ishawar hamara Raja hai. Aesa koi bhi samay nahi tha jab Ishawar aur uski praja Nahi the. Ishwar aur aatma dono kabhi utpan nahi hote aur dono anadi hai. Ishwar kabhi bhi khali nahi baithata. Wo to hamesha kriyashil hai. Ishar Sristi ke armbh me bahut se manushyo ko sharirs pardan karta hai unke purv janmo ke anusar aur unhe vedo ka gyan bhi deta hai.
      Kripya ye article bhi padhiye.

  • aap ke anusar agar ishwar nirankaar hai to fir aap log uska akar yani murti ki pooja kyu karte ho?
    aap ke kitane ishwar hai?
    kirpya mujhe sahi uttar de ke meri jigyasha ko dur kare.. dhanyvaad 🙂

    • 😀
      it feels you have just visited satyagni! eh? maybe … you not yet went to agniveer.com even ! eh?

      no probs!

      “aap ke anusar agar ishwar nirankaar hai ”
      जी हाँ इश्वर निराकार है |

      “toh fir aap log uska akar yani murti ki pooja kyu karte ho?”
      वेदों में मूर्ति पूजन का स्पष्ट निषेध है |
      वेद कहते है “जो परमात्मा को छोड़कर जड़ प्रकृति को पूजता है , वो घोर अंधकार में गिरता है ”
      वेद कहते है “उस परमात्मा की कभी कोई तस्वीर / प्रतिमा नहीं हो सकती ”
      “न तस्य प्रतिमा अस्ति ”
      yes i accept many people do so , but they are doing wrong., a vedic dharmi never does so … in a similar manner as many muslims worship graves of dead.. though which is shirk as according to quran .

      “aap ke kitane ishwar hai?”
      इश्वर हमारा तुम्हारा तो होता नहीं , इश्वर तो केवल एक है |
      No other literature describes the existence of Only One God as beautifully as Veda does. Just see here.

      Na dvitityo Na triyaschthurtho naapyuchyate|
      N a panchamo Na shshtah sapthmo naapyuchyate|
      Nashtamo Na navamo dashamo naapyuchyate|
      Yagna yetham devamekavritham veda||
      Sa sarvassai vi pashyathi yachha praanathi yachhana|
      Tamidam nigatam sah sa yesha yeka yekavrideka yeva|
      Ya yetham devamekavritham veda||
      Atharva 13.4[2]19-20

      There is no second God, nor a third, nor is even a fourth spoken of
      There is no fifth God or a sixth nor is even a seventh mentioned.
      There is no eighth God, nor a ninth. Nothing is spoken about a tenth even This unique power is in itself. That Lord is only one, the only omnipresent. It is one and the only one.

      you have not yet answered my second question also but started asking me question instead!…. and you said “” aisa koi sawal nahi jiska jawab na ho.” i…

  • kabhi kahi bina soche samjhe.. aggyanta ke karan wash insaan apane maa baap ko bhi gaali de deta hai.. aur aap wahi kary kar rahe hai..

    • @jannat
      Tumhari Kitab ki aunsar ye pahali aur aakhri duniya hai aur Allah issse pahle khali baitha huya tha. allah ko tum Gali de rahe ho ham nahi. Ham to kahate hai ki Allah kabhi khali baitha hi nahi tha issse pahale bhi duniya thi. Vedo ke anusar Allah bar – bar Duniya banata hai, palan karata hai aur ant me vinas kar deta hai. allah kabhi bhi khali nahi baithata hai. Vedo ke anusar Allah nirakar hai parantu tum kahate ho uske do hath hai aur usne aadam aur Hava ko dono hatho se banaya hai. Tum Murkh ho jo kahte ho Allah iss duniya ko banane se pahale khali baitha tha. Vedo me Aaako har sawal ka jawab milega.

      • Truth Seeker Sir,
        नमस्कार आचार्य! आपने “शोले” चलचित्र देखा है? अमिताभ बच्चन धर्मेन्द्र के बारे में बताता है – वह बहुत अच्छा है बस दारु पीना छोड दे। दिलदार है बस जुआँ खेलना छोड दे। … मुझे लगता है कुरान ने अल्लाह के प्रति यही किया है। प्रत्यक्ष रुप में तो अल्लाह को दयावान, शक्तिसम्पन्न, सर्वज्ञ बताया परंतु …

        दुनिया के पहले अल्लाह निकम्मा बैठा था । दुनिया समाप्त होने के बाद पुन: निकम्मा हो जाएगा । अभी भी निकम्मा ही है – उसका कार्य तभी प्रारम्भ होता है जब निर्णायक दिवस (अर्थात the day of judgement) आएगा । बस बीच बीच में कुछ करने को मिल जाता है तो कर देता है वरना है तो निकम्मा ही। मुहम्मद को युद्ध द्वारा धन मिलता था। इसी कारण वह युद्धो को प्रोत्साहित करता था। अल्लाह कहता है कि युद्ध में लूटे धन का पंचम भाग उसके नाम रखना। वह निकम्मा ही नही बल्कि लालची भी है। उस अल्लाह ने उन्हे जन्नत बख्शी है जिन्हे उसमें विश्वास है अर्थात जो मुसलमान है। अल्लाह दम्भी भी है जो अपनी स्तुती सुनने के पीछे भूखा है। इस्लाम का आधार ईसा मसीह के नियम है अर्थात The Holy Bible. उसमें LORD GOD ने कुछ 10 commandments कहे थे – जिनका पालन न करने वाले को नरक में डाल देगा । तो कुरान ने उसी आधार पर अल्लाह को सनकी और मूर्ख तानाशाह भी बना दिया। अंतत: शैतान के उत्पत्तिकर्ता भी अल्लाह ही है और अल्लाह ही सबका भाग्य पूर्वनिर्धारित करके स्वतंत्रता का अधिकार छीनता है। यह हमारा प्रथम जन्म है और इसमें कोई विक्लांग पैदा हुआ और कोई स्वस्थ, कोई अमीर तो कोई गरीब, कोई बुद्धिमान तो कोई मूर्ख, कोई मनुष्य तो कोई पशु / पक्षी / कीट। अल्लाह पक्षपाती भी है। उसकी रचनाओ में त्रुतिया अवश्य है। तथाकथित काफिर तथा शैतान इसके साक्षात उदाहरण है। वह कौनसी भूल है जो कुरान के अनुसार अल्लाह नही करता ?

    • ok….!!! let that thing answer be hidden if you wish so!! :-p
      “kuchh baat aise hai jinka jawab insaano k liye labhdayak nahi hota is liye usko hidden hi rahne dya gya hai…”
      answer this!

      we all believe allah makes the soul and gives it birth on earth.
      now why do some people who are born on earth have a very beautiful and healthy body at birth… while others are disabled from hands legs etc. since birth ??

      why this partiality on what basis is this done??

  • bhayya ji shayad aap ko pata nahi ki is sansar ki rachna ek power ne ki hai.. aap bhi usi power ko mante ho aor ham bhi usi power ko mante hai.. kirpa galat shabd ka paryog na kare..
    yadi aap ishwar me ashtha rakhte hai to ye bata dijiye ki ishwar kaha se aya….?
    kuchh baat aise hai jinka jawab insaano k liye labhdayak nahi hota is liye usko hidden hi rahne dya gya hai…

  • The following books contain information about Christianity and reincarnation:
    Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity by Elizabeth Clare Prophet – published by Summit University Press, March 1997
    Reincarnation : A New Horizon in Science, Religion, and Society by Sylvia Cranston, Carey Williams – Published by Theosophical Univ. Press, December 1993
    Reincarnation in Christianity by Geddes MacGregor – published by Theosophical Publishing House, April 1989

    • ” aisa koi sawal nahi jiska jawab na ho.”
      first you said likr this and now you are taking a u-turn !!
      if quran cannot answer you why do you believe on such book!!

      “koi bhi dharm me un sawalo ka jawab nahi diya geya”
      ye aapi baat jhooti hai!!
      vedic philosophy gives a clean clear answer!! to it!

  • is sawal ka jawab siwa allah k aur koi nahi janta.. aur is sawal ka jawab janne se koi labh nahi hai.. kuchh baat aisi hai jo hidden hai. koi bhi dharm me un sawalo ka jawab nahi diya geya.. agar aap ke dharm me is sawal ka jawab hai to batane ki kirpa kare.. thabks

    • @jannat
      Aapne kaha tha ki aisa koi sawal nahi hai jiska jawab kuran me na ho aur ab aap kah rahe hai ki is brahamand (Duniya) ko banane se pahale Allah kaya kar raha tha iska answer kuran me nahi hai.
      Lekin me aapko batata hu
      Allah is Duniya ko banane se pahale nikamo(idly) ki tarah apni kurshi par khali baitha hua tha. Aap sahamat hai?Yes/No &Why.

  • kya aap ka sawal yehai ki.. jab insaan aor dharti nahi tha ( yani pura brahmand nahi tha us waqt allah kya kar raha tha) kya ye hi hai?

  • mere samjh se duniya me quran k bare me aisa koi sawal nahi jiska jawab na ho. aap sawal kar sakte hai .. aap ko santosjanak uttar milega…

    • jannat ji namaskar!!

      as you said ,”aap sawal kar sakte hai .. aap ko santosjanak uttar milega”…
      toh mere is sawal ka santoshjanak uttar dene ki kripa karein!!

      “as according to quran this is first creation.. means allah made earth and human beings… say 500 million years ago (let us say this be value just for sake of argument)” then what was allah doing before that time??
      sitting idle??

      • Krishna Arya jee,

        Respected Sir,

        I have a doubt. When you make some blog entries. (example: posts on blogspot.com etc.) – how you make it appear after your comments on this website? I mean which setting needs to be changed?


      • in the website field fill name of your website and then choose the option available after dalog box …

        “Select to choose latest post from your site

        it will be shown then..

  • raj bhayya … akal se kaam lo.. bina soche samjhe kisi k baare me gaat baat nahi bolna chahiye .. shayad aap k maa baap ne bhi yahi sikhaya hoga..

    • mujhe pata nahi hai ki aap “jannat” se bol rahe hai, ya jannat apka naam ho sakta hai ! ham koi arop zakir ji par nahi laga rahe hai hamne:”e-mail” ke madhyam se kuch prashn kuran ke sambandh me puche the jiska javab aaj tak nahi diya !unke karyalay me bhi unke shagirdo se bhi ham kuch batchit kar chuke hai ,[jo t.v. me ate rahate hai ] yahan par bhi santosh janak javab nahi mil saka , ham svayam zaakir ji se sarvjanik roop se bhi kuch prashn kar chuke hai ,vahan par bhi unhone sahi samadhan nahi kiya ! baki vah kuran ke vishay me kafi bat karte hi hai isme kya shak hai ? ab aap chahe to zakir ke vishay me sahi bat samajh sakte hai ! sath me ham aapse bhi kuch prashn rakh sakte hai uska javab aap zakir ji ya any kisi muslim vidvan se dilva dijiye ! kya ap ska sahas karenge ? javab ki asha me …?

  • hahaha kya khub kaha ha .. pitth pichhe kisi ko bhi adami gali de sakta hai.. mgr jab samne dene ki bari aati hai to …. aap khud sajhdaar ho..

  • zakir nayak islam k bahut bade vakil hai , yad rakhiye , vaakil apni bat ke samarthan me jhuth bhi bolta hai ,vahi kary zakir nayak kar rahe hai !

  • is web side per main hindu dhram se adhik Zakir naik k baare me likha hua dekh raha hu, Ye zakir hai kaun ? Bandey me kuch to baat hai jo uski ek hindu portal per itsni baatein ho rahi hai. Kya mujhe zakir naik ki offocial web side ka adress mil sakta hai ?

    • @Anil:

      Bandey me kuch to baat hai jo uski ek hindu portal per itsni baatein ho rahi hai. Kya mujhe zakir naik ki offocial web side ka adress mil sakta hai ?

      By that logic US has spent multi-billions hunting down OBL. Would you have liked to know and propagate what OBL represented?

      ZN or no ZN, message is the same. 😉

      • us n hinduism ki kuch fake kitabon ki study kar k au un m se matlab ki meanings nikal kar hidu aur dusron ko bhatka raha hai

    • Namaste Anil

      aap IRF.net pe jayein .Wahaan aapke jaise logon ka besabri se intezaar ho rahaa hai .

      ye site mature human beings ke liye hai.aap yahaan galti se aa bhatke hain


    no need to allow hinduz use of word hinduz anymore , the people who can’t leave invader given tag can never leave stupid castisem and craps made by own people
    if hinduz want to come out of the dustbin they are currently in by own karma they need to take first step by discarding this stupid word

    • Namaste Aarya

      Is changing name or mentality your first priority?

      Who will not allow Hindus use this word? You?

      How many of those who call themselves Aarya instead of Hindus marry by breaking barriers of caste? Are you sure in your own family, marriages take place based on pure merit as mentioned by Great Rishi Dayanand and not by foolish caste based matching?

      I am not defending at all usage of the word Hindu but only reminding you of priorities. Hope you take in positive sense

      • Quite frankly , i did marriage based on merits alone . if you want to become proactive society you should not post like crabs which pull each others legs .
        first priority ? for many ages we are going to whine only about first priorities ?
        i think we need to change the strategy now . this people think themselves as supreme coz noone shakes their chairs yet. when buddisem came how this people whined and mingled buddha as incarnation ? before that when buddha was telling them about sanatan dharma noone listened to him .
        enough is enough with this adharmik people . stop loving them more than needed

      • Arya Sir,

        OK. Let the word Hindu be changed. We will have some better word – say आर्य / सिन्ध / भारतर्षभ / सनातन धर्मी etc. What I think is that caste system needs to be eliminated totally. Merely marrying based on merit and not following caste is OK but just 1 aspect. What if we marry without caste consideration but follow caste system otherwise ? The pro – active approach needs to be taken. I appreciate your spirit. I guess that main culprit is mind. मनो ही हेतुनां सर्वेषां इन्द्रियाणां प्रवर्तते। शुभाशुभवस्थासु तच्छ मे सुव्यवस्थितं । Mind needs to be transformed. Strategy needs to be changed – Agree ! but changing name? How will that help? No one is saying to support any hypocrite. Find him and execute at once. I support your spirit to put the world out of slavery. But merely changing the name won’t help. We need to change thinking and develop right attitude.

    • Who is a hindu?
      “Aa sindho: sinduparyantham yasya bhaaratha bhoomikaa maathru bhoo: pithru bhoo (punya) schaiva sa vai Hindu iti smruthaa” – Whomsoever, is considering the land between the sapta sindu ( Indus valley river) up to Indian ocean as the motherland/ fatherland and holy land, is known as Hindu.
      Then what it a problem to call as a Hindu.

  • brothers, is this true?.
    Rama: ”Are you a
    Brahman, or an
    irrepressible Ksatriya
    or the third caste
    Vaisya or a Sudra?
    Speak the truth and
    you shall be crowned
    with auspiciousness.’
    Hearing the words of
    Rama, the ascetic,
    whose face was
    downwards, gave out
    his degraded birth and
    communicated unto
    him for what he was
    performing ascetic
    observances. Hearing
    the words of Rama of
    unwearied actions, the
    ascetic, with his face
    downwards, said, ‘O
    highly illustrious Rama, I
    am born in the race of
    Sudras; and with a view
    to reach the region of
    the celestials with my
    body I am going through
    these austere
    penances. O Kakutstha
    (Rama), I shall never
    utter a falsehood since
    I am willing to conquer
    the region of gods. I am
    a Sudra and my name is
    Sambuka.’ The Sudra
    ascetic having said this,
    Rama took out of
    scabbard a beautiful
    sharp sword and
    chopped off his head
    therewith. And that
    Sudra being slain, Indra,
    Agni and other
    celestials praised him
    again and again and
    showered flowers.” —
    Ramayana 7:88-89.

    • Namaste Sarang

      This entry is discarded as a later day addition to the Ramayan. As is known to all , Valmiki himself belonged to the Chandala Varna before becoming a saint.

      Also this runs directly in contradiction with the other incidents of Ramayan..if Ram had no problem eating Shabari’s leftover berries..how could he kill someone doing penance.

      and the most interesting thing is that it was a shudra on whose objection Ram abandoned Sita.Wouldn’t he have chopped off this guys head instead?

      this charge doesnt stand in my opinion

      • Historically and literally, the story of Shambuk’s death is illegal and invalid. However, as per my talk with few Yogis, that story has some spiritual connection.

        Ram was not even knowing that Shambuk was busy doing tapasyaa. One day, a Brahmin came and said – my baby died suddenly. Ram should do the justice. Ram was shocked to hear sudden death of a Brahmin’s baby. ब्रह्मजानेति ब्राह्मणं – If you know that almighty completely, you become a Brahmin (regardless of caste and conduct by birth). Life starts from a baby. Baby of a Brahmin means beginning of a Brahma avastha meaning: supreme state of spirituality. But instead of progress, it suddenly finishes. Very beautifully narrated as death of a Brahmin baby. Ram’s teacher Vashishtha meditates and finds that a tapasya of a Shudra is dangerous for Ram’s kingdom. वशिष्ठ = वश् + इष्ट । जहा इष्ट प्रवृत्तियो का वास हो – उस परम सत्य को रामायणकार वशिष्ठ कहते है जो आनन्दावस्था अर्थात राम के गुरु दिखाए है। As per orders of his teacher, Ram decides to investigate. Then he meets Shambuk who was doing tapasyaa. But that killed a Brahmin baby? This means something was wrong in intentions. The body was inverted – head down and feet up. Normally, in hierarchy, the leader is on top. Inferior beings follow what the leader commands. Science declares brain to be leader and hence puts it on top. But Shambuk is opposite. His brain seems dominated by his feet. अम्बुक्रिया अर्थात अंतिम संस्कार। श् संस्कृत धातु है जिसका अर्थ है – कल्याण। इसी श् से (भगवान) शिव बने है । जो कल्याण का अंतिम संस्कार कर दे उस निकृष्ट प्रवृत्ति को रामाय़णकार “शुद्र भाव शम्बुक” एसा कहते है। Ram kills that is true but he kills that ill thinking (which is declared Shudra here) not a Shudra man. Yogis have declared that Sanskrit should be never taken simply literally. It needs to be analyzed and discussed with spiritual experiences.

      • Shambuk is not a man. It is any thinking that deviates any one from welfare. The thoughts of mind against universal welfare. Ram kills that ill thinking – The deities (energy directed for benefit of society) elevate. Ram requests them to give life to dead Brahmin baby.

        वह ब्रह्मावस्था जो निकृष्ट विचारो के कारण नष्ट हो गई थी – उन विचारो के हनन के बाद पुन: सजीव हो उठती है। फिर वह उन्नति के मार्ग पर अग्रसर कराती है। वह मृत ब्राह्मण शिशु, क्षुद्रभाव शम्बुक वध पश्चात जीवित हो गया।

        This is the true hidden meaning of the Shambuk’s incident. I don’t think there is anything unusual with it. This is clear common sense. Any meaning other than this is a disaster and needs to be discarded. Please don’t get trapped by those who know nothing about Sanskrit OR believe in wrong meanings.

        Remember Hitopadesha teaching – अनेक संशयोच्छेदी परोक्षार्थस्य दर्शकम् । सर्वस्यां लोचनं शास्त्रं यस्य नास्ति अन्धैव स: ॥ Cuts many doubts and shows the hidden truth – That science is true eye for everyone. You are blind if you don’t have it. THAT’S ALL.

  • “When I read the Bhagavad
    Gita and reflect about how
    God created this universe
    everything else seems so
    – Albert Einstein

    i wonder what he would say if he had a good english translation of vedas which form the basis of all philosophies of east from which even gita has borrowed wisdom.

  • Time and again GOD has sent Hrishees( messengers) and mahahrishees( prophets) into this world to spread the word of GOD and to show the path of righteousness to mankind. And Prophet Mohammad was one of them whom God chose to enlighten the people of a region were tyranny and atrocities and barberism had reached untolerable and unbearable limits.

    The teachings in all holy scriptures and sacred books must be respected. Just because you do not like a person you should not say bad things about his or her mother or father similarly because a lot of muslims are terrorists it does not mean we should HATE or DISLIKE or DETEST other muslims. ALL FIVE FINGERS ARE NOT EQUAL. They think that the world should follow their path and accept Islam as their faith. If only they would consider to understand the UPANISHADS and vedas AND COMPARE THAT THE TEACHINGS IN QURAN are no different than them.

  • There is a difference between RELIGION and SPIRITUALISM. There is only ONE GOD. And God is PARAM ATMA(supreme soul). NIRA AKAAR(formless). God is in everything and every one and nobody is in GOD. It is purely based on the natural recourses available in different geographical regions of the earth which designed the ways of living our lives in the ways we do. The dirrent devis and devatas in HINDUISM are not GODs but ancient recognised energies emitted by various planets and stars that reached the earth and affected lives there on. And the different rituals were to attract or repell those energies to either benefit from them or safe guard oneself or a community from them. But even these rituals were directed to the supreme God a request for fulfillment.

    Due to illetracy in the common communities these rituals which were performed to please or attract the named energies, planets and stars got engraved in minds and understanding of the common man to be GOD(S). And these understandings and beliefs got carried and depositted or passed on to the future generations leading them away from SPIRITUALISM and understanding of the NIR AKAAR, PARAM ATMA THE ONE TRUE DIVINE GOD. These rituals were not possible in the desert areas and many other parts of the world as the samagri for these rituals were not available and some places even not affordable by the common man hence the need for different approach and form of worship.

    The confusion about hindus having many Gods needs to be removed by replacing them with the original understandings of God through the VEDAS and UPANISHADS. GOD IS ONE. There are not too many Gods. GOD does not take birth. God does not die. WHEN THERE WAS NOTHING THERE WAS GOD and WHEN THERE WILL BE NOTHING THERE WILL BE GOD. India when it was not even BHARATH it’s territories were not limited to what it is today. It was named as BHARATH much later. Prior to that it was a land with several small and large KINGDOMS. The separation went on shrinking this to become BHARATH at first and then TODAY’S INDIA. The different communities and languages that prevail in mordern India came to be much later in time. India has been invaded several times and one of such invasion closer to the mordern times brought ISLAM to India. INDIA is not a HINDU nation. We are a democratic republic.

    If only we can respect the rights one another to practice our faith the way we understand our approach to GOD we can all live in harmony and peace. But the truth is that MUSLIMS just cannot accept to respect the beliefs of Hindus because their understanding tells them that HINDUS are KAAFIRS. And this is not correct. KAAFIR is he who does not believe in the existence of GOD. One who detests others that others dont believe in what they believe. AND THIS IS THE PROBLEM. This is why ONLY MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS.

  • Sayana, a fourteenth century Indian scholar,in his commentary on a hymn in the Rig Veda, the oldest and perhaps most mystical text ever , Sayana has this to say: “With deep respect, I bow to the sun, who travels 2,202 yojanas in half a nimesha.”A yojana is about 9 American miles; a nimesha is 16/75 of a second.get out your calculators! (2,202 yojanas x 9 miles x 75 )/8 nimeshas = 185,794 m.p.s. Sayana is saying that sunlight travels at 186,000 miles per second=2.995 x 10 raise to 8 m/s! (1 mile=1.61 km.u can convert to m/s).How could a Vedic scholar who died in 1387 A.D. have known the correct figure for the speed of light? If this was just a wild guess, it’s the most amazing coincidence in the history of science!
    I humbly bow to the greatest tradition which has produced the most brilliant minds ever! Spread this msg far and wide.

    • HINDU is a culture with most advance skill in all aspects of life including astrophysics,if a great schollar in 14th century can predict exect speed of light.It was during the begining of the eras as per our last yuga called dwapar yuga almost 5000yrs ago,the war faught between pandawas & kauravas was highly based on technology of todays time.Difference we finds we dont have an evidence in written form or if available in sanskrit of olden age no schollar to translate the same.

      • Sarang and UTTAM jee,
        Just saying something to be known. In Q&A form
        Q: Who discovered gravitation principles?
        Ans: Brahmagupta. Predating Newton by 1000 years.

        Q: Which book taught the origin of Universe to Albert Einstein?
        Ans: Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

        Q: Which is best electromagnetic healer known to man?
        Ans: Rudraksha beads

        Q: Which was oldest astronomy system?
        Ans: That of Jyotisha Vedanga about 6,000 to 13,000 years old. Vary by 35 seconds only compared to modern systems.

        Q: From which resource did Erwin Schrodinger find basics of Quantum metaphysics?
        Ans: Vedanta

        Q: After referring to which text, Julius Robert Openheimer discovered ancient nuclear war?
        Ans: Mahabharata

        Q: Which was first mass destruction weapon known to mankind?
        Ans: Brahmastra

        Q: Which single sentence had both ethics and metaphysics encorporated?
        Ans: Tat twam asi (Chandogya Upanishad)

        Q: Which was biggest number ever used?
        Ans: Refer Valmiki Ramayana Yuddha Kanda 28 chapter – It is Maha Ougha – 10^62

        Q: Where is Pythagorus Theorem first stated and proved?
        Ans: Shulabh Sutra by Baudhayana – 3 centuries before Pythagorus

        Q: Where is Archimedes principle first discussed?
        Ans: Vaisheshik Sutra – 2 centuries before birth of Archimedes

        Q: Which is textbook of embryology?
        Ans: Garbha Upanishad

        Q: According to CERN, energy performs a continuous dance of creation, preservation, destruction within each atom. Which dance is it?
        Ans: Tandava of lord Nataraja. CERN itself has 2.5m tall Nataraj statue

        Q: Which language is declared most perfect by scholars worldwide?
        Ans: Sanskrit

        Q: Who is father of heliocentric model?
        Ans: Literature evidence is Rig Veda while man was Aryabhata

        Q: Who discovered binary number system?
        Ans: Pingala Acharya

        Q: Which is the fastest and simplest form of calculations ever known to mankind?
        Ans: Vedic Mathematics (now termed as Mental Maths)

        Q: Spacecraft construction discussed in which book?
        Ans: Vaimaanik Shashtra by Acharya Bharadwaj

        Q: Any literature…

      • Q: Any literature evidence on electric cell working?
        Ans: Agastya Samhita

        Q: Numbers (positive, negative and the 0) and infinity owes origin to ?
        Ans: Ancient Indian mathematicians

        Q: First 100 terms of Fibonacci series are in which book?
        Ans: Maatraamer

        Q: The oldest inhabitant city?
        Ans: Varanasi

        Q: Who discovered Taylor series, Newton power series, Gregory Leibnitz series etc.?
        Ans: Madhwacharya

        Q: The best strategist and economist known till date?
        Ans: Chanakya / Kautilya / Vishnugupta

        Q: Most classic fables ever known.
        Ans: Panchtantra. 2nd best selling book – translated to >> 500 languages. Arabian Nights and Aesop fable plagiarized ideas from it.

        Q: World Engineer Day is whose birth day?
        Ans: Sir Mokshagundam Vishveshvaraiyya

        Q: Who is actual father of wireless telephony?
        Ans: Jagadish Chandra Bose (Not Guglielmo Marconi – IEEE proved it)

        Q: Who was the legendary person to state and prove 3542 theorems?
        Ans: Shrinivasa Ramanujam

        Q: In which text was robotics used?
        Ans: Samarangam Sutradhara in 1050 AD

        Q: Where was Infra Red Band defined?
        Ans: Sulohita in 12 century BCE

        Q: Existence of fission and fusion reactions is where mentioned?
        Ans: Atharva Veda

        Q: The first rust resistant iron pillar exists where?
        Ans: New Delhi; established around 900 BCE.

        Q: Who is father of plastic surgery?
        Ans: Acharya Sushruta.

        Some extra points:
        Govindaswami discovered Newton Gauss Interpolation formula about 1800 years before Newton.
        Vateswaracharya discovered Newton Gauss Backward Interpolation formula about 1000 years before Newton.
        Parameswaracharya discovered Lhuiler’s formula about 400 years before Lhuiler.
        Nilakantha discovered Newton’s Infinite Geometric Progression convergent series.
        Puthumana Somayaji discovered Demovier’s infinite series in 1140 AD i.e., more than 200 years before Demovier.

        Notable quotes:
        The Hindu systems of astronomy are by far the oldest and that from which the Egyptians, Greek, Romans and – even the Jews derived from the…

      • Notable quotes:
        The Hindu systems of astronomy are by far the oldest and that from which the Egyptians, Greek, Romans and – even the Jews derived from the Hindus their knowledge – Jean Sylvian Belly: French astronomer

        After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world,
        I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophical and none so spiritual than the great religion known by the name of Hinduism – Annie Wood Besant: British theosophical society

        “The Vedas are noble documents, documents not only of value and pride to India but to the entire humanity, because in them we see man attempting to lift himself above the earthly existence.” – Prot. Pall Thema

        “Many of the advances in the sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago.” – British Historians

        “The Hindus were so advance in surgery that their instruments could cut human hair longitudinally.” – MRS Plunket

        “Our present knowledge of the nervous system fits in so accurately with the internal description of the human body given in the Vedas. Then the question arises whether the Vedas are really religious books or books on anatomy of the nervous system and medicine.” – Rele (Jewish writer)

        “Gravitation was known to the Hindus (Indians) much before the birth of Newton. The system of blood circulation was discovered by them centuries before Harvey was heard of.” – P. Johnstone

  • thinking about it , agniveer don’t have any moral right to oppose idol worshiping . at least idol worshiping was started by some of our people only not by invaders . if invaders tag is ok why not idol worshiping ?
    and whats with point 2 ? unity in hinduz? where you saw that exactly ? with hinduz comes cast , ignorance, sheep behavior without self-study, your just doing the same mistake vivekanada did when he spoke against word hindu but later had to keep quite . if not us then who ?
    without “Aarya” there is no true unity , there is no hope .
    we just need to make people understand who feel proud in stupid word hindu, i talked with many and many understood . “proud to be hindu” is now past thing ….. “Be AARYA” is whats need of time .
    sanatan Dharma can never be associated with birth until person follows it nor sacred veda can be called as “religious scriptures” when we don’t have religion at all. we have only Dharma and there is great difference between Dharma and narrow minded concept of religion..

    • it is very good.. that you are upholding the ancient name arya…
      but by start critisizing hindus,,, would just make arya another sect , another religion…

      which would be very opposite to what dayananda saaswati wished!
      reason to this.. even swami dayananda did not so harshly opposed the word “hindu” !!

      yes we need to rename ourselves as arya… but same time we shall not do this by telling hindus that you are nothing… but just saying that you are arya actually!! not saying you are hindu i am arya.. become arya!! but saying you are arya actually…. so get back to your roots… and this does not need hatred but compassion.. bro!

      had agniveer used a language as you are using.. i would have never—– stopped here, read agniveer and become an arya from a puranic.
      i would have at first left this site tagging agniveer as muslim in guise of a hindu!

      • There is 2 sects in world which nothing can vanish , the Dharma followers and Adharma followers . we are just Aarya , no need for this hinduz stuff .
        it should be opposed harshly only else it will remain in society like this dumb cast system. many of our people who knew truth made the same mistake of keeping quite over it .
        if they want to be saved they should realize the truth and follow it , they are not doing favor on Dharma . why should they love word hindu other than what our scriptures and sages told ? let them think whatever they want . just delete this article which supports that birth associated crap. its equally dumb like cast-system , if we oppose it why not word Hinduz?

  • i m disappointed
    i felt so happy that finally someone is working to take away hindus from mental slavery of invaders when i saw “why i m not hindu ” but alas you backed down .
    this article just represents typical hindu mentality to make lies and live believing them only .

    • @Aarya:

      I’m disappointed. I was hoping you would work towards taking Muslims away from terrorism but alas you backed down. Any passage from the Quran/Hadith just represents hatred for anyone non-Muslim (Jew/Christian/Hindu/Buddhist). Hope you do not follow Quran/Hadith blindly but work towards providing a free marketplace for ideas (all other religions/atheism, etc.) in Momin-infested land.

      Hope you join the civilization of humans by junking Quran/Hadith completely.

      In anticipation.

      • Hope you join the civilization of humans by junking Quran/Hadith completely.
        are you blind with brain dude ? what the hell made you think i m muslim ?
        read my post three more times and understand what i m saying .


      • @Aarya:

        Aah well…folks come here with multiple motives…Some try to push Aryan invasion theory, some try to push Advaita/Visishtadvaita/Dvaita debate, some Muslims try to act and convince us that Mohammed was the greatest man to ever walk the planet.

        In any case, if you think Mohammed was a false prophet (as your post would seem to indicate?) I dont have any problems with your position. My bad.

      • 🙂
        i can understand bro . its ok then
        sorry for using harsh words
        only thing is i hate this hindu word , it about the time when we all should throw away this slavery and weaknesses from us
        its the time when should adopt Aaryatwa in every aspect of life to eradicate all adharma from society .
        that is the mission our ancestors given to us , that is why i m an Aarya

  • Dear Agniveer Ji,
    Well Said.
    We all are with you. You are doing excellent job for coming generations.

    May Ishwar give you material and spiritual strength for this great noble cause.