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1. Because the word Hindu represents the wisdom of centuries that is distilled into our various ways of living that is characteristic of my motherland.

2. Because we all identify with the name Hindu for generations. It becomes a symbol of our unity.

3. Because under threat of various obvious and not-so-obvious forces that are bent on destroying our culture through corrupt means, we need to unite under one flag.

4. Because while we agree that name Hindu is not an eternal representative of our culture, the time is not right to force any change. Because this will lead to confusion and we cannot afford that under current circumstances.

5. Because right now, we should focus on increasing our strength and potential so that we can be in a position where we can dictate the direction of politics and policies of our nation.

6. BecauseĀ  once we are strong, we can always revert back to our original name in a planned manner. But currently, we are already weak due to backstabbing by those who promised to represent us. We have already suffered huge setbacks due to impotencies of those who were supposed to be brave defenders of truth. We are already debilitated from empty talks of our false leaders. Right now is the time to stand, unite and fight again..for truth and justice.

7. Because a name that is not characteristic of its meaning is also a joke. Let us first strive to be Arya by example, and then we would have gained all the power to revert to our original name. The truth is that while we may call ourselves Arya due to historical reasons, our lives do not exemplify this noble world.

8. Because right now the priority should be to make ourselves Arya – in thoughts, words and action. And once we have converted our population into a responsible army of humanity and justice , the need for change would come from within.

Thus I am Arya. I am a Hindu.