Why I love Vedas! Part-1

Vedas Agniveer

1. Because Vedas clearly state that the first religion is “Loyalty towards motherland”.

Everything else – being Hindu, Muslim or Christian – comes next. Some religious cults teach to turn traitors when an enemy nation attacks motherland just because enemy follows my religion. Communists in India were supporting China during 1962 war simply because Karl Marx is dearer to them than Mother India. Vedas have no place for this treachery. In fact, the concept of Motherland or Matribhoomi or Bharat Mata or Maa Tujhe Salaam or Vande Mataram has its origin in Bhoomi Sukta of Atharva Veda.

2. Because Vedas encourage Apostasy.

Unlike later era cults where punishment for apostasy (rejecting prevailing faith privately or publicly) is death, Vedic culture hails those who question prevailing religious or social practices as Gods, Bhagwans, Avatars or Saints. Thus Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak, Sant Kabir, Swami Dayanand Saraswati – all are considered as icons of Dharma or spiritualism. The basic premise is simple and rational – unless society encourages people to think freely, out of the box, originally and question present conditions, how can there be improvements, progress and innovations? That is why we see that the societies where apostasy is punished are among the most uncivilized terror-prone hells on earth. Entire Europe was in lawless darkness till Pope held dominance. One clearly knows what is the situation in Africa, Middle East and even our next door neighbors of Western border.

3. Because Vedas are the first source of wisdom known to humankind.

No one has been able to reasonably date them. All we know is that whatever period we look back in documented past, there is no evidence that Vedas were not existing.

4. Because Vedas have been meticulously preserved in such a systematic manner that the original Vedas are still available to us in same pristine form.

Not just words but even pronunciation and intonations. Quite a wonderful human feat given that Vedas have more than 20,000 verses. A reason to congratulate ‘being human’!

5. Because Vedas are the only spiritual texts I am aware of that are devoid of stories, miracles, history or a founder we must blindly surrender to.

A rare advantage for being the truly pre-historic texts.

6. Because Vedas are comprehensive. They contain not just spiritual wisdom, but sufficient insights in practical life as well – science, technology, medicines, health, society, family, economics, mathematics, finance, research, education and so on.

I am yet to find a subject not covered in Vedas.

7. Because Vedas do not spoon-feed.

They instead encourage research and exploration. They give hint and demand humans to discover the rest through efforts.

8. Because Vedas do not demand blind-belief.

Vedas are the only religious texts I am aware of that have no punishment for blasphemy. All that Vedas demand is a sincerity to discover and embrace whatever one realizes as truth to best of his or her understanding. So even if you reject Vedas as bogus, Vedas encourage that, so far your intentions are honest. There is no punishment, no death sentence, no divine wrath, no threat for rejecting Vedas fully or partially unlike many religious cults.

9. Because Vedas do not demand belief in unseen and unverified.

They are based on premise that all source of wisdom lies within each of us. Through practice and will-power, one can unravel that source of knowledge. So instead of blind faith on anything, one should attempt to discover the wisdom within through efforts, contemplation, good deeds and knowledge-seeking.


10. Because Vedas are truly universal.

They belong to an era when there was no Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Communist blah blah. Vedas alone can be foundations of a truly universal religion that unite all human beings and destroy divisions on basis of later-era man-made religions.

11. Because Vedas have no place for superstitions.

Vedas encourage scientific thinking. They urge us to reject whatever is based merely on tall claims and does not stand the test of reason.

12. Because Vedas have no  concept of disbelievers.

Vedas urge us not to believe in some person, book or concept just because a lot many people follow them. Instead Vedas extol us to stand like brave warrior for whatever seems true to our own heart to best of our egoless intentions.

13. Because Vedas demand all humans to have equal social, political, spiritual, religious and educational rights irrespective of gender, birth, caste, region or religion.

14. Because Vedas recommend merit to be the only factor for differentiation. And be sensitive to protection of rights of differently-abled.

15. Because Vedas consider women as source of goodness on earth.

They urge us to see a mother in all women and respect them. Women is not a non-living thing, or an object of enjoyment, or something coming from rib of some fictional early-man called Adam like they are depicted in many religious cults.

16. Because Vedas do not ask us to believe in Heaven, Hell, Adam, Eve, Angels, Judgment Day, Prophets, Ghosts or Satan.

Heaven and Hell lie in this world itself. When we benefit from good deeds, it is Heaven. When we face troubles due to bad deeds, it is Hell. They do not refer to any villages in world atlas.

Adam and Eve refer to man and woman in general. All men and women should be monogamous and devoted to one spouse only.

Angels refer to noble people who work for society. All scientists, social workers, selfless freedom fighters, teachers, mother and father are angels. There are no angels who fly around in sky.

Judgment Day refers to every moment in life when we must decide between doing good deeds and bad deeds. This alone shapes our destiny in next moment. Judgment Day does not refer to any fictitious event in calendar of God when people will rise from graves and line up in a queue to be allotted some Heaven or Hell. God does not need to do such shows and employ some prophets as lawyers.

Prophet refers to our own soul. When we resolve to do good things alone, we make it certain that we would have success in life. Thus we can make prophecy of our bright future and hence we become Prophets. There is a Prophet in each of us. And there is no Prophet outside us. Ghosts refer to bitter memories of past that deter us from paying attention to duties of present. They should be thrashed away and we should only look ahead.

Satan is the villain in each of us. Let us kill the urge to conduct vices and hence win over Satan. Satan lies inside us, it does not come from outside.

To continue, read Part 2.

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  1. Arya veer says

    nice article Agniveer Agni !! i want to ask that ….will all four Vedas English version come with original Sanskrit verses ? it there any screenshot of the e-book version ?

    • says

      The Yajurveda is available in print as well. Checkout Agniveer Recommends section on Agnikart.com. Other Vedas will be printed in due course. The decision is with publishers.

  2. Sanjeev says

    Dear agniveer Ji

    I am from Malaysia.

    I bought the yajurveda English version in printed form this year. Thanks.

    Please propose to publisher to have the remaining of the 3 vedas in printed form too for the benefit of everyone.

    Appreciate for your consideration.

    Thank you,

    • says

      Namaste Sanjeev ji. Our entire life is dedicated solely to Vedic Dharma. We are working with publishers to get printed versions available as well. The publishers are also putting their best efforts to get necessary resources for the same.

  3. Satyen says

    This phenomena of English translation of the Vedas is a path breaking event and will go a long way in showing the path to humanity. It will affect the whole of the activities going on the mother earth. In fact it will change the way we perceive our inside and the surroundings.

    I cannot be more thankful to you.

  4. Srikanth says

    Namaste…i have opened your website and i am pleased by your explanation of the concepts but i have one thing in mind that… you are good at explaining the concepts it shows that your are genius.But please tell me , why you are selling the VEDAS online is it right…?
    By God’s grace you have the ability of knowing the spiritual science . so i think you are highly spiritual person so how can you justify your self..?

    • Krishnarao says

      I agree that we shouldn’t be selling the Vedas. But to Agniveers defense, they might go free after they rocoop their costs. I would have hoped they got that money from donations.

    • saurabh says

      How much are you donating to agniveer. For such great works large amount of money is required. Hindus don’t donate to such sacred organisations. Instead they donate to babas.

  5. Aditya says

    I am happy to know that you are back in action. Your articles have made me the person who I am now. You are my inspiration. In fact, I (With a group of like minded people) have planned to start an organization in our City to promote the Vedas.
    But there is one thing that bothers me. It is Lust(Kama) .Can you suggest me some practical solutions for overcoming Lust?


  6. Vinay Prakash says

    Agniveer Ji,
    Great work, great knowledge. especially for new generation. Thanks for bringing Maharshi Dayanand and Arya Samaj’s work for general public for their enlightenment. In the media and TV shows Hindus are greatly being misguided , misdirected for Guru-wad, sai-wad, swaminarayan-wad and idol worship, misrepresenting Ram and Krishan as a GOD. Jad-wad praying does not solve life’s problems.
    Those who are interested in free book, please make ample donation, so that an establish can carry on working. People who are working, needs food, shelter, livelihood, transportation and equipment; which are not free.
    Please keep it up, our best wishes with you.


  7. Arun says

    To the Agniveer team,
    As you are dedicated to the correct translations of the Vedas, there is a book that everyone on your team must read, and if you think good for your followers to also read please share the link for free download of book on the social media you are a part of (website, twitter, facebook, etc). You need to be aware of the incorrect translations and inappropriate projection of pseudo-Freudian analysis on Hindu texts by Hinduphobic Western academics and their unhealthy control over dialogue of Hinduism in the Western world. They are no better than the colonial imperialists of yesteryear. The book is “Invading the Sacred” and is now available for free as a pdf download http://rajivmalhotra.com/books/invading-sacred/
    At the very least, Agniveer team you read this book.

  8. Truth tller says

    O ignorant fools, loving one country is racism. Don’t behave like idiots. Vedas says each countrymen should love his own Rashtra, it does not says Bharat mata ki Jai. It says krinvanto Vishwam Aryan not Krinvanto Bharat Aryam.
    Stop racism fools. Vedas is not Indian culture you fools. Vedic religion is equal for all countries irrespective of races. Because of you dharm ke gaddars, it took the shape it as Indian culture. Vedas was revealed in Tibet, but the Vedas does not say worship Tibet. And prithvi sukta is not about India, you Indian bigots, its about the whole world. Pauranas and Tantras are man made Indian culture but Vedas is World dharma and of divine revelation.

    Don’t try to do Indianism of Vedas. I would rather say those who do not love India can also love Vedas.

    Allah says in Quran that he created many country basis religions.Is Vedas is that kind of religion ? No. Look no European will say ” Bharat mata ki Jai” but he will accept Vedic religion as god is for all.what do you mean? A person who cannot say Bharat mata ki jai , cannot be an Arya? Who give you the authority to limit Vedas by boundaries? That’s why in other countries , people are accepting Christianity and Islam, because you are doing Bharat mata ki Jai. No rishis are racists, they do not seen themselves limited boundaries. They respected every nations because the culture of every nations were same.
    The world reciting namaz and Vedic religion is trapped in the boundaries of India because of you agniveers.Your work is up to Surat to Delhi, noida to Rajasthan, a little Bharat mata ki Jai etc. India need Vedic religion , so the rest of the world need Islam?

    Islam and Christianity are not foreign religions. The religion of every country is Vedas. It is not on country basis my friend.
    We don’t want Bharat mata ki Jai or Rashtra-bhagats, its the work of politicians. Every country is good We want KRINVANTO VISHWAM ARYAM with non violence.

  9. Gagan says

    Where exactly in the Vedas does it say such things listed in the ‘i love vedas’ article as i want to clarify this for myself and when having done so then will worship such beauty that has been missing in my life?

  10. says

    u will have all the answers about ISLAM..

    Islam is the religion that is not named after a person or a tribe or a group..

    Islam is an Arabic term that means submission and surrender to the will of Allah. Islam also means inner peace..

    The word ‘Allah’ is the proper name of God in Arabic. It is a unique term because it has no plural.

  11. says

    Islam is the same message and guidance which Allah revealed to all Prophets Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ismael, David, Moses and Jesus. And the message which was revealed to Prophet Mohammed is Islam in its comprehensive, complete and final form.

  12. says

    The guidance was Islam which means submission to the One True God (as Uniquely One, Eternal, in No need of anyone or thing, he is not a man nor a woman, he has no son nor a wife, he knows, hears and sees all things, he never eats, nor sleeps nor drinks, whom all creation need while he needs nothing of anyone of whatever, all merciful and all loving)

  13. says

    The major difference between the Hindu and the Muslim perception of God is the common Hindus’ belief in the philosophy of Pantheism.
    Pantheism considers everything, living and non-living, to be Divine and Sacred.
    The common Hindu, therefore, considers everything as God. He considers the trees as God, the sun as God, the moon as God, the monkey as God, the snake as God and even human beings as manifestations of God!

  14. says

    Muslims believe that everything is God’s i.e. the word ‘God’ with an apostrophe ‘s’. In other words the Muslims believe that everything belongs to God.
    The trees belong to God, the sun belongs to God, the moon belongs to God, the monkey belongs to God, the snake belongs to God, the human beings belong to God and everything in this universe belongs to God.
    its not allowed in islam to worship idols, images or any other objects

  15. says

    Concept of Messengers or Prophets in Islam:
    Allah chooses Messengers:
    Allah need not come down personally for giving the instruction manual. He chooses a man amongst men to deliver the message and communicates with him at a higher level through the medium of revelations. Such chosen men are called messengers and prophets of God.
    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the last and final messenger of Allah to all humanity and all the worlds. And Quran is the last and final message of Allah…

    • raj.hyd says

      jaise ishvar anadi hai ananat hai vaise hi uske gun bhi anadi aur ananat hote hai isliye antim rasul koi nahi ho sakta aur n prattham bhi koi sakta hai kya ishvar ke ke rul niyukt karn eke gun samapt ho gaye tab to ishvar apang bhi kahalaya jayega
      isliye islam” mul ki bhul” hai !
      yah kaynaat bahut bani hai aur age bhi bahut baar banegi 1
      qurani allah to kalpit hai ? kyoki vah vishesh singhasan me baitha hua us singhasan ko kuch farishte uthaye huye hai aisa quran daava karti hai!

      • Afridi says

        Mul ki bhul @ raj ji..jab Wo Rab aapko ek raqt se duniya me nikaal sakta hain aur aapke daato ko chiyaar ke duniya se utha sakta hain to wo kuch bhi kar sakta hain..aur ise tum nhi samjohoge kyu ki yahi to farq hain na tumhare aur humare me …Kyunki ..Kuch log aise bhi hoge jo saari nishaniya dekhne ke baad bhi sach ko kabool nhi karenge …According to Qurane Paak ANdhe hain bahre hain gunge hain wo aur unke dilo par gard jamah ho chuki hain..rahi baat tumhari to tum kya jano ki Imaan kya hai

        • raj.hyd says

          ati andhvishvasi afridi ji , jo “quraan napak” ke gulaam hote hai unme aur hamame fark avashy hai
          jo kalpit allah sab kuch karne ka dava karta hai vah sidhe gyan muhammad ko kyo nahi de paya usko farishto ki sahayta kyo leni padi ?
          jaise musa j ko gyan sidhe diya tha tab farishto ki sayahyta kyo nahi li thi !apna bachpana to vapas karvo lijie apne kalpit allah se ?
          agar gair muslim gunge va bahare hote hai to unme se kuch muslim baneke baad kaise bolne aur sunn e lagte hai

    • raj.hyd says

      kya ishvar ham sabko mastishk me sidhe bagair kisi ke madhaym se naye vichaar nahi deta ? kya apko kabhi koi nyi prerna vichaaro ke madhyam se nahi mili ? fir aap sandesh vahak kyo nahi kahe jayenge ? ishvar kyo kisi ko niyukt karega ? qurani allah sirf ek kahaan hai uske saath kalit 124000 nabi rasulo ki fauj ko bhi manana anivary hai kalpit asankhy farishto ko bhi manana anivaary hai kalpit jahannum- jannat ko bhi manana aanivary hai
      [sirf ishvar koi hi kyo n mana jaye ]

      • Afridi says

        Mul ki bhul @ raj…Fir whi kahani Muh khola aur bhak se bola sahi hain ya galat bilkul na Taula…Mul ki bhul raj ji..aapki baato se lagta hain ki aap bhagwaan ya ishwer Us Raqt ko Mante hain Jisse aap nikle hain ….Bhai aap kya likh rahe hain aur kya puchna char kam se kam use to sahi puchho.aage dekhe…kounaponi chamach mpmbckokplka knalco mntimhh kna LUHB ik LUM jar ….Kuch samjh me aaya…Ha haa haa haa ha zra dimag lagaye aur bichar aur perna kare.Kuch aya samjh me nhi ha ha ha …

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