Many people are asking, if Sanskrit is taught in IITs, why shouldn’t Urdu or Arabic be taught alongside? After all India is a secular state and not Hindu Rashtra.

I will tell you why Sanskrit and why not Urdu/Arabic.

1. Sanskrit is Indian. Arabic/Urdu are not.

2. Sanskrit is symbol of Indian glory. Arabic/Urdu are symbols of invasions and forced conversions in India. Sanskrit’s Prayaag was changed to Arabic Allahabad, Sanskrit’s Amravati was changed to Arabic Ahemadabad and so on. Sanskrit’s Ramesh was converted to Arabic Abdullah. And know that invaders are never welcome anywhere.

3. Sanskrit is known for its classic philosophical, educational, spiritual and informative nature, specially in Indian context. Arabic/Urdu have no such relevance in India or world.

4. On contrary, as per facts, major chunk of hate literature terrorists use and spread in this world (and India) belongs to Arabic/Urdu. ISIS, Al Qaeda, LeT, JeM, IM etc either use Arabic or Urdu.

5. India was divided in 1947 by Urdu lovers. Technically, those who wanted Urdu more than India went to Pakistan. It was implied then that Hindi, Sanskrit and other Indian regional languages will be promoted in India.

6. That is why father of our constitution Dr B R Ambedkar wanted Sanskrit as our language not Urdu/Arabic.

7. There are 50 nations to promote Arabic. There are 2 nations to promote Urdu. There is just one nation that will promote Sanskrit. That is India. Period.

8. Do Arabs promote Sanskrit in Saudi? Does Pakistan promote Sanskrit in Pakistan? (now don’t say India is secular and blah blah. Being secular doesn’t mean you should commit suicide)

9. Every nation protects its language, history and culture. You can’t ask same status for Sanskrit or Arabic in US or Europe as English or other European languages enjoy. So Arabic/Urdu should not compete with Sanskrit in India.

10. If someone finds Hindu-Muslim in this post, know that all Indians are children of Sanskrit, not Arabic. Even in Pakistani Punjab which constitutes 62% of Pakistan, people use the word- Kakh (कख) for literacy and not Alif Be. Even the word Punjab has Panj from Sanskrit in it.

So every son of soil be it Hindu or Muslim will love Sanskrit and support it. Those with slavery in their minds will keep crying for Arabic/Urdu. Now its you who has to decide, whether to be the child of Motherland or slave of invaders.

Dr Vashi Sharma

Learn Sanskrit in simple manner –
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