After 8 years of 2008 Malegaon blasts and wave of ‘Hindu terror’ and saffron intolerance, another shock wave hits the shores of Pigeral brain (Pigeral is the Jamat of fake liberals in India). That is, there is no Hindu terror wave in first place.

NIA in its latest investigation on Malegaon has found no role of Pragya Thakur. MCOCA has been dropped against her in this case. There are some serious questions that need answers from Pigeral brigade now

1. Rahul Gand** needs to tell how Hindu terror is more dangerous than Islamic one.

2. Pigvijay Singh needs to tell how 26/11 and Malegaon were RSS ki Sazish (conspiracy) that he claimed in a conference while sharing the dais with Mahesh Bhatt (father of Rahul Bhatt- friend and host of 26/11 mastermind David Headley).

3. P Ch*dambram and Sushila Kumari Shinde need to explain why were all ATS and govt machinery deployed to investigate and prove ‘Hindu terror’ when real Islamic terrorists were planning and executing attacks in Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Kashmir, Hyderabad and all over India?

4. Darkha Butt needs to add one more point to the following tweet of hers that why she kept harping on saffron terror but never talked about Islamic terror  


5. Samudrika Ghost needs to explain why she always dared Internet Hindus but couldn’t gather guts to coin the term Internet Muslims.

Sagarika Ghose

6. Rajdeep Pardesia needs to tell why he abused mothers of saffron terrorists but never dared same with Jihadis’ mothers.

Rajdeep abusing

7. Nishit Kumar aka Ishrat ke Abbu needs to explain why he kept protecting LeT terrorist Ishrat Jahan and attacking Pragya. Or is it that because former was with ISI marking and latter wasn’t?

8. Shri Manmohan Singh needs to answer how will this damage be undone on international forums where you have accepted the roles of imaginary Hindu terror in terror attacks in India thereby giving clean chit to Pakistan, ISI, Lashkar, IM and Jaish? Haven’t we lost the edge over Pakistan on terror front forever with your false confessions of Hindu terror just because you didn’t have necessary bladder-control to take real culprits- Jihadis head on?

9. Human rights champions that keep whining about Muslim persecution in India and innocent Muslims being jailed for no crime should explain why have they gone in Coma suddenly? Why no word on Pragya? What are they going to do to compensate for the tortures she faced and life she was forced to waste. What Prayashchit they have in mind?

Will they admit they were criminals of humanity of highest order and deserve to be put through even worse torture for rest of their lives?

Enough of nonsense. Time to payback the villains in same currency with interest.

PS : * in the post is just to keep people anonymous. There is no other purpose. If you find any other purpose/pattern, it is probably unintentional and coincidental. Clean your thoughts.

Vashi Sharma is a respected energy scientist with numerous international level publications. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. He teaches at NIT Jaipur. He is an expert in concentrator optics and works in domain of optimal utilization of solar energy.

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