The reason many dedicated people quit learning Sanskrit

I hope the course I bring will provide this compressed capsule without getting into complexities or trying to preserve fictional purity of language.

संस्कृतशिक्षण – 34

Learn Sanskrit in simple manner

संस्कृतशिक्षण – 33

Learn Sanskrit in simple manner

संस्कृतशिक्षण – 32

Learn Sanskrit in simple manner

संस्कृतशिक्षण – 31

Learn Sanskrit in simple manner

संस्कृतशिक्षण – 30

Learn Sanskrit in simple manner


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I have no words to praise your work!

Srinivas Rao

nice to see a revolution like agniveer.

Shambhu Upadhyaya

To express my love for Agniveer in words seems to be impossible. I was looking for such people to come forward in saving our eternal dharma. Just this to say. We all are with you on this noble mission. Let’s revive our culture together. Thank you.

Vishnu teja sunnapu

Excellent article. I cannot imagine someone debating this article.

Krithika Ramachandran

I really amazed to see such a wonderful knowledge has been provide by Agniveer.

Pawan Kumar

Yes people,the same thing happens with me also.Everyday I would be eager to know if there is any update from agniveer team. They have shown me the right perspective of life.Thank u so much Agniveer ji. They have shown me the right perspective of life.I feel like some revolution is going to happen with the propagation of the vedic thoughts and the Ultimate truth.I actually started sharing all the information in this website with my family members.As it is said ,’Charity begins at home’,I feel that everyone should start educating their own family members in removing their ignorance towards God and Hinduism.Then one fine day ,our nation and perhaps the whole world would turn glorious.I am glad to say that i am able to see the change in my family after propagation of vedic thoughts. Agniveer ji, u always say that a person gets bliss only through sacred knowledge.I really agree this fact ,after reading each and every article of yours. I congratulate agniveer team in their efforts to create Heaven on earth using the great Vedic ideology !! Best Wishes!!

I am really inspired by your work.


I was confused by some people and now I got it all cleared. I thank all Agniveers out there.


Want to join Agniveer Movement

Amit Raj

Many congratulations for your enlightened thinking and approach, our nation needs you.

Zaen Durrani

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