Aisha Khatoon Marries Shivam Rajput Says I am Hindu

Aisha Khatoon becomes Asha Rajput. Agniveer's Agni reaching women across communities and liberating!

Beyond Flesh there lies a Human Being

Dispelling myths about Hinduism being anti-women! And establishing why Hinduism is lighthouse of women empowerment mission.


राष्ट्रभक्ति और धर्मरक्षा के लिए प्रेरित करती कविताओं का संग्रह

Dalits Of Hinduism – Book for Hindu Ekta

Book on Caste System now free. Clarifies all doubts on Varna, Jaati, Purush Sukta, Manu Smriti, Arya, Vedas for Shudra etc. Every Hindu must read for survival.

GoRakshak’s Treasure – A Hindu’s Fight For Mother Cow (English &...

Download these bestsellers for free that answer every allegation on Goraksha in Hinduism. The most comprehensive reply to every anti-Hindu propaganda.

1st Novel on Love Jihad – When Aamir Met Anushka

Agniveer is making its best-selling novel on Love Jihad free for circulation

‘मुग़ल – हवस के सुल्तान’ से उद्धृत

अग्निवीर की आने वाली पुस्तक ‘मुग़ल – हवस के सुल्तान’ से उद्धृत

Shri Ram Mandir alone WONT suffice anymore

One consolation bheekh of Ram Mandir will not suffice now. As time passes, our demands must increase.

Why Hinduism Must Re-imbibe Essence of Gita

All avatars came to teach this One single lesson. Entire 20000 verse-strong Vedas teach this one lesson.

Babri Masjid – Love, Sex Aur Dhokhe ki Nangi Tasveer [Video]

Real story of Babri Masjid that you were unaware of till date! Watch how pervert rascal destroyed Ram Mandir and built a place for secret meetings with his boyfriend Babri. Did you know Babri is not the Masjid named after Babur but a place named after the favorite boy partner of pedophile Babur? Find out what more happened with women and children who were in possession of one of the rapacious persons ever born.

Why Ram Mandir is Indispensable Part V

There is no such person with the name of Mir Baqi in the entire book of Babaunama leave alone him being the Governor of Oudh which was a very important province considering its very high revenues that it offered to the state treasury. This is now established that the Mir Baqi mentioned in the civil suit lingering in the Supreme Court is a mere figment of imagination. Now when there is no such person with this name, how can he be credited with creating a Masjid at Ayodhya leave alone demolishing it. So there was no Masjid at the site during the 16th century. The claims of the Muslims hence do not stand any merit. It is a pure figment of imagination that should be disregarded during the trials.

Why Ram Mandir Is Indispensable – Part IV

In the previous article we explained how it was established in the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court that how a temple predated a...


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Shat shat pranaam agniveer ji. You and your whole team are really devtas who come again in this last part of yugs and will be milestone to put the foundation of satyug. Main parmpita parmeswar se yeh prathana karatha ki aap sab sawathya prasanchit and dirayu ho taki ane wali important and next generation can follow the ture meaning of life and follow the path of vedic philosophy.

Dr V Kumar

I have never seen a website better than Agniveer. Please keep up the good work.


nice to see a revolution like agniveer.

Shambhu Upadhyaya

Agniveer – Brightest ray of hope in darkest of times

In this era of false history being promoted, tremendous confusion being infused since childhood in every Indian mind to hate everything about Bharat and Indians,

Agniveer, you are the reason why many Indians like myself realized the importance of Human values which form the core of our Hindu culture.

First and foremost of these Human values, as I have learnt thanks to you, Agniveer is that – “True Human is one who bows down to even weakest of nobles, and makes strongest of tyrants bow down.”

Agniveer, you have made realize why to always accept truth and reject false, each moment to best of one’s abilities, and then act accordingly.

This scientific method from Vedas is the best way to transform self and society. (Practice and expertise in this helps counter against false propaganda continuosly being promoted today through numerous media channels). Many thanks to Agniveer for teaching this approach.

Agniveer, you have made realize why its our duty to defend these ‘Manavata-vad’ against all the forces of hate, intolerance, slavery.

Dear Agniveers, you today are the only hope for fighting against and defeating the evils of prevalant social-injustice, Islamic-terrorism, birth-based caste-system, increasing crimes against women, lack of respect towards nation, apathy of political leaders towards promises, ignorance of masses about ‘right’ issues concerning Indian society.

Agniveer, all I can do is – justify the love received from Mother-set { Mothers, Vedas/ Education, Rivers, Nation, etc } through such actions that preserve and nurture this Mother-set.

And destroy all those forces and mindsets who are daring to caste an evil eye on this Mother-Set.

I Promise to do the best I can.
And since Sangathan is the only way for actions towards social transforamtions that require shakti, I hope all those with similar love towards Mother-set join us for a united journey towards common goals.

Vande Mataram

Geet Rana

I am a big fan of Agniveer


This article is really an eye-opener for those self-proclaimed vedic people who define a set of constraints for others to become vedic. I can say for sure that a vedic person will become more vedic after reading this article. Thanks a lot to Agniveer team for its great work

frankly i dont know what to say… i mean i dont know how to express myself. i am extremely impressed, and immensely appreciate the work you are doing.


agniveer is better than many so-called sanyasis. i consider him an ‘AAPT’=altruistic teacher of humanity. no doubt. vidvaan sarvatra poojit hota hai.

Basant Jharia

i want to join u in this noble enlightment cause as a voluteer for lifetime.

Vivek Upadhyaya

this one though has the power to liberate a thinking mind instantly!

Indian Agnostic

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