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In Defence of Andal

Rebutting Vairamuthu's Statements about Andal - The History and Hagiography of Goda Devi


अभ्यास : ~~~~~~~इदम् और अदस् सर्वनामों के रूप तीनों लिंगों में याद कीजिए ।इदम् ( यह, इस, इन आदि) अदस् (वह, उस, उन आदि)इदम् पुँल्लिंग :अयम्...


नमः संस्कृताय मित्रों ! संस्कृतभाषा की वाक्यरचना हिन्दी से बहुत भिन्न है, यह बात आपको सदैव याद रखनी चाहिए। हिन्दी में अपादान कारक को छोड़कर...


अभ्यास : ~~~~~~ तद् और एतद् के रूपों का वाक्यों में प्रयोग। दोनों सर्वनामों के रूप तीनों लिंगों में याद करिये।तद् = दूर स्थित व्यक्ति-वस्तु एतद् =...


नमः संस्कृताय ! आज आपको अस्मद् ( मैं ) और युष्मद् ( तुम ) सर्वनामों के रूप बताएँगे और इनका वाक्यों में अभ्यास भी करवायेंगे।...


नमः संस्कृताय !! कल आपने 'सर्वनाम विशेषण' के विषय में जाना और तद् , एतद्, यद् और किम् के रूप भी जान लिये। मुझे आभास...

Shri Ram Mandir alone WONT suffice anymore

One consolation bheekh of Ram Mandir will not suffice now. As time passes, our demands must increase.

Why Hinduism Must Re-imbibe Essence of Gita

All avatars came to teach this One single lesson. Entire 20000 verse-strong Vedas teach this one lesson.

Babri Masjid – Love, Sex Aur Dhokhe ki Nangi Tasveer [Video]

Real story of Babri Masjid that you were unaware of till date! Watch how pervert rascal destroyed Ram Mandir and built a place for secret meetings with his boyfriend Babri. Did you know Babri is not the Masjid named after Babur but a place named after the favorite boy partner of pedophile Babur? Find out what more happened with women and children who were in possession of one of the rapacious persons ever born.

Why Ram Mandir is Indispensable Part V

There is no such person with the name of Mir Baqi in the entire book of Babaunama leave alone him being the Governor of Oudh which was a very important province considering its very high revenues that it offered to the state treasury. This is now established that the Mir Baqi mentioned in the civil suit lingering in the Supreme Court is a mere figment of imagination. Now when there is no such person with this name, how can he be credited with creating a Masjid at Ayodhya leave alone demolishing it. So there was no Masjid at the site during the 16th century. The claims of the Muslims hence do not stand any merit. It is a pure figment of imagination that should be disregarded during the trials.

Why Ram Mandir Is Indispensable – Part IV

In the previous article we explained how it was established in the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court that how a temple predated a...

Why Ram Mandir is Indispensable – Part III

Over the last two articles we tried conveying to the Hindus about how BJP owes the constructions of a Ram Temple at Ayodhya by...


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Agniveer really opend the eyes that were closed, now any one can clearly look and think openly for many many years to come. Many many thanks for bringing the basic presentation so crisp and clear that clouded mind can also realize how it was distracted by distorted thinking.

Dr Been B Chandora

found everything on your site with easy to understand concepts.I am extremely impressed with your efforts and the methodology you have adopted for the renaissance of VEDIC Dharma. I am ready to do anything for Team AGNIVEER.

Manish Rohilla

May ishwar bless you with more power and wisdom ,you are gem in the crowd of dhongi babas.

Amit Sharma

Dear Agniveer, I am a viewer of your site for more than a year. You are really doing a fascinating and great job


I welcome this.

Dr Subramanian Swamy

I searched over the net to get the truth. Searched a lot of sites to understand the truth of Hinduism. Then I came across your site, that helped me a lot to understand my root.

I dont know if u r elder or younger in age but u r elder in wisdom(gnana vruddha). I just wanted to say GREAT WORK. It is highly appreciated.

Krishna Koundinya

I shall try to inculcate all these in my daily life for sure. But one thing I am afraid I won’t be able to follow is “indulgence” in Agniveer. I have become totally addicted to this site and every morning when I start my Comp, the 1st thing I do is log to

Everyday I would be eager to know if there is any update from agniveer team. They have shown me the right perspective of life.Thank u so much Agniveer ji. They have shown me the right perspective of life.I feel like some revolution is going to happen with the propagation of the vedic thoughts and the Ultimate truth.I actually started sharing all the information in this website with my family members. I am glad to say that i am able to see the change in my family after propagation of vedic thoughts. Agniveer ji, u always say that a person gets bliss only through sacred knowledge.I really agree this fact ,after reading each and every article of yours. I congratulate agniveer team in their efforts to create Heaven on earth using the great Vedic ideology !! Best Wishes!!


Aaderney Agniveer ji. vilakshan buddhi di hai aap ko Eeswar ne. Aap jaise 5-7 bhi or ho jaae to duniya kaa nakhsa hee balal jaae,


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