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Q. Is yoga acceptable for Muslims?

A. Yoga has nothing to do with religion. The exercise part is like any other fitness regime. The meditation part is about mind control. What Muslims do as Namaz is also a variant of some Yoga postures in Vajrasana. The anti-Muslim notions of Yoga are unfounded and without basis.

One problem is use of words like Namaskar in Surya Namaskar. Namaskar is synonym of Salaam. Namaaz itself has “Nama” which means to humbly acknowledge.

You don’t worship Sun God in Surya Namaskar. Instead you practice poses that activate energy sources in body. The sources that energize are called Surya. The sources that relax are called Chandra.

There are different routines to activate Surya and Chandra in body. Surya Namaskar is more popular because of its natural needs. Experts also practice Chandra routines for balance.

Yoga is not just acceptable for Muslims, but is very essential for every human being. Both physical and psychological aspects of Yoga bring benefits for mind and body. Why should Muslims be deprived of it?

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