Claiming Arab lineage,  Zakir Jihadi Naik shouts (like a complete clown), that if it wasn’t for the mercy of ‘saints’ like Ghori, Khilji, and Aurangzab; India would have become a 100% Islamic state. And the fact that Hindus are 80% of Indian population proves that Islam was not spread by sword!!

Zakir Naik says: “We” Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years, “we” Muslims- the Arabs are the lord of the Arab land for last 1400 years, but still 14 million Coptic Christians live in Arab, “we” Muslims ruled India for 1000 years, but still 80% population of India is Non Muslim. If we would want, we could have converted each and every Hindu at the point of the sword but we didn’t do it

Agniveer’s Response:

0. Did the readers notice “we Muslims”? Isn’t it quite interesting that a person with Hindu lineage ‘Naik’ is claiming co ruling with Arabs and Mughals over Spain, Arab, and India for thousand years? 🙂 Isn’t it funny if a neo converted tribal Christian in Orissa starts claiming that we Christians ruled India for 200 years, grew industries and railways for tribal and uneducated people of India!

1. So Zakir Naik believes that if Coptic Christians in Arab, Hindus in India and Christians in Spain managed to survive their culture during Islamic rule then this is the proof that Islam didn’t force non Muslims to Islam. Great! But is this a valid logic? What if we apply this logic on

a. Pagans of Arabia who were 100% before advent of Islam but today even their traces are not found in Arab

b. Zoroastrians of Iran who are not found in today’s Iran

c. Hindus and Buddhists of today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Kashmir who constitute less than 1% of the population today but used to constitute 100% some 1400 years ago

d. And all the Non Arab nations and their natives who were 100% Non Muslims before Islam came and are 100% Muslims today?

If Zakir’s logic has to be true, he will have to accept that Islam was spread by sword in Arab, Persia, Today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and all Muslim countries who used to be Non Muslims before Islamic invasions and are now almost 100% Islamic. Whom are you fooling Jihadi Zakir?

2. The reason of survival of Hindus in India was the presence of warriors like Durgadas Rathore, Rana Sanga, Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Guru Govind Singh, Banda Vairagi, Chhatrasaal, Krishnadev Rai and innumerable Hindu warriors of North-East who used to show the path of Jannah to Ghazi invaders in the battlefields. Muslim historian of Akbar, Badayuni, who also took part in famous Haldighati battle wrote- “There is not even a single race among Pathans and Mughals which can equal Hindus in valor and martial arts.” Islamic historians such as Ghulam Ali and Murtaza Hussain write- “Ten Maratha soldiers are sufficient for more than twenty well built Pathan warriors” [Ref: Hindu Itihas: Veeron ki daastaan by Rajesh Arya]

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