Warning : Not for weak hearts. Not for chickens and goats. If your wrong places get burnt or wet quickly, leave it right here. Because continuing will increase the burn and wetness further.

ISIS mentor Zakir Naik has issued another Fatwa. That is, Islam is the fastest growing religion. Many dumbos inspired by him, who can’t otherwise spell religion correctly, can be seen fighting Non-Muslims on how Islam is the fastest growing ‘riligion’. Interestingly, on one hand, Mullahs in countries like India are assuring people of other faiths about trueness of Islam through this ‘fastest growing’ census records, on the other hand, in Muslim countries, holy warriors are killing their fellow Muslims for not being true Muslims!

Lets start the journey of applying Burnol to the burnt areas. Lets analyze the claims of Zakir Naik and his goats about Islam being the fastest growing religion.

Lets begin!

Islam is best and the only religion from God because

Claim 1: Islam has the following of over 1.5 billion and in few years, Islam will become no. 1 surpassing Christianity.

Slap 1. Still the majority is with Christians! If number is the criterion of being best, Christianity is better than Islam. Moreover, we can generalize this logic and say that, since non muslims are 5.5 billions (almost 4 times the muslims), non muslims are better and hence Islam is a false religion!

Slap 2. Zakir Naik, in one video on reincarnation (not available online right now as most of his content has been removed by Youtube and other forums after his nexus with ISIS and Al Qaeda was exposed), says sinners in the world are increasing.  This is evident from the deeds of people as well. Everyone can see the moral values going down. People have become more selfish and they are no longer ardent devotees of God, as they happened to be in the past.

People are not as truthful as the people of past era used to be. So, the number logic says that lies, selfishness, immorality, and atheism are from God as they are practiced the most! Also, sins and Islam both are increasing simultaneously as per Zakir Naik. So, if one is from God because it is increasing, other would also be from God by the same logic. Does Islam mean sins? Wise will conclude the rest!

Slap 3. What about the time when Muhammad started preaching his philosophy? His religion was neither in majority nor was its growth rate higher. On contrary, Muhammad had to flee from Mecca because he was in minority. Doesn’t then Islam automatically fail to qualify the majority/highest rate test at its inception itself? That too when it was being spearheaded by none other than Muhammad! Or is it that Islam was a false religion till Muhammad lived. And then became true when number of followers started increasing with Islamic invasions!

Slap 4. Just like Islam today is claimed to have high growth rate, idolatry (greatest sin as per Islam) was at boom some few thousand years ago. Isn’t then idolatry from God? And everything, which either was/is in majority or had/has highest growth rate should be from God by this logic!

Slap 5. Mosquitoes and AIDS are among fastest growing creatures/disease on earth. So they are best? Came directly from God?

Slap 6. Since number is so important for Muslims, then, is it not strange that they believe in just One God and one last prophet? Why are not polytheists better than Muslims since they believe in more Gods? Or is it that number logic works opposite here? Can anyone enlighten us, in which case this number logic works, in which, it gets reversed, and in which it does not work at all?

Slap 7. Islam will become number one for sure in terms of population if not confronted in a century. But the reason behind this is not the people converting to Islam but non-human tendencies prevalent in Islamic world viz-a-viz birth control and family planning. It is evident from the fact that muslim countries have highest growth rates, which is the result of high birth rates rather than any conversion, since whole population there is muslim and there is nobody to convert!

Claim 2: More and more people are coming to Islam.

Slap 8. Logic of majority/high growth rate has been examined above.

Slap 9. Since Islam promises 72 virgin women and innumerable blue-eyed boys (Ghilman) after death, it is the best destination for people fond of lust. Most perverts (both straight and homosexuals) find solace in its ambit as the life after death is as exiting as a brothel with best virgins waiting. People with uncontrollable urge for sex, stalking, molesting, rape, sodomy, pedophilia etc find Islam the best thing to die in and for. Thus it is no surprise that all terrorists and rapists who kill/rape in name of religion are all Muslims.

Slap 10. In addition, Islam provides complete package of 4 wives and innumerable concubines to Muslim males in this world itself. This makes Islam favorite for lowlifes who are in search of moral justification to have extra marital relationships!

Slap 11. It’s true that more and more people are accepting Islam but at the same time, many are leaving it too. If accepting Islam is seen as its truthfulness, rejecting it is sign of its falsehood?

Slap 12. Zakir Naik says- don’t judge a car by its driver and Islam by Muslims. Thus one should go to Islamic scriptures to know Islam and not what people say or do. One will be called as a muslim only when he does Fard (duty) as per Quran and Hadith.

Today, most of the muslims of Indian sub continent and worldwide worship graves. Nijamuddin Auliya in Delhi, Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer, Haji Ali in Mumbai, and many others like these are visited by crores of muslims thereby making these the largest gatherings of muslims anywhere in the world at par Hajj. But according to Quran and Zakir Naik, grave worship is Shirk and Shirk is the only unpardonable sin in eyes of Allah! Thus most of the people, who think they are muslims are actually non muslims and will rot in hell.

Slap 13. Praying 5 times a day and fasting in the month of Ramdan is also the duty of a muslim. Hardly 5% of Indian subcontinent Muslims pray 5 times in reality. So 95% of those so called muslims are actually non muslims.

Slap 14. Many hadith (sayings of prophet) say that a muslim should not dress like Kafirs. Many places, it is written that a man’s dress should not hang beneath the ankle. If it is, the man will not be entertained by Allah on the day of resurrection! Interestingly, modern day Wahabi prophet Zakir Naik himself dresses like Kafirs (suit and tie), which has been called Haram by Muhammad!

Slap 15. Muhammad ordered muslims to grow beard as Allah will not differentiate between the clean-shaven faces of muslims and non muslims on judgement night. But we hardly see any muslim except Madarsa bred Mullahs having beard!

In short, it can be concluded from the above points that a muslim is the one, who does not worship graves, offers prayers five times a day, fasts for whole month of Ramdan, does not wear cloths like Kafirs i.e. pants, shirts, suit, tie etc, does not wear garment which hangs beneath the ankle, has beard as per Islamic norms etc etc. And the one who fails to do any of the above won’t be entertained by Allah on judgement night.

Since there are hardly few million people who actually follow all of the above, Islam is actually the fastest declining religion today and has least number of followers among all religions!

Claim 3: Quran is the most read book of its time.

Slap 16. Harry Potter and Savita Bhabhi are read 10 times more than Quran.  By number logic, both are from God! No?

Slap 17. You can say that we are discussing religious scriptures and not the fantasy books or novels and hence Quran cannot be compared with fantasy/story books. So here is the answer. Quran is religious book- its your assumption. For me, anything that is against science is a non-serious fiction. I, most scientists, and all rational people refuse to accept Quran as a serious philosophical or intellectual or spiritual book as it is full of the stories of angels, Jinns, Satan, flying donkey, splitting of moon, birth of a baby without father, weeping of trees, stones talking to man, sky as roof supported by invisible pillars, seven skies, heaven, hell, pre-decided fates etc which are no different from the stories of Ali Baba Chalis Chor or Harry Potter!

Slap 18. Indeed, Quran is the most read book in the name of religion, but it is the most hated and ignored book of its time as well! With every attack from ISIS, rape of a Yezidi girl, beheading of a non muslim with chants of Quranic verses, it is being hated by more and more people. So, it cannot be from God since those who hate or ignore it are more than its lovers.

Claim 4: Quran is the only text on the face of the earth, which is free from any tampering

Slap 19. This article is also written by God as it has not been tampered.

Slap 20. Actually, this claim of muslims regarding perfectness of Quran is a hoax. There is a dispute among muslim scholars regarding the exact number of verses in Quran. Everyone knows that Shia muslims consider the current Quran to be incomplete and they believe in a Quran which is comprised of 17000 verses, but is not available today. In other sects of Islam, some people estimate about 6236 verses, some say 6349, some even claim 6666. Many even say that some verses were revealed from Satan instead of Allah! Just google Satanic verses in Quran and see what comes.

After all this, who except a fool can claim Quran to be free from any interpolation?

Slap 21. Current Quran was compiled much later after the death of Muhammad by his followers, who were fighting each other to spread the message of peace! Just google how 3 out of 4 Caliphs of Muslims died. And who killed them! In these circumstances, who can believe in the claims of Quran to be unchanged from its beginning?

Claim 5: Many Hindu Shankaracharyas like Shankaracharya of Banaras has openly announced Muhammad to be the last prophet and Quran to be the final word for whole humanity.

Slap 22. First of all, we would like to know, can a hindu Shankaracharya, who is a Kafir and believes in idol worship, become source of inspiration for muslims to believe in Islam? If that be so, why not idol worship be accepted by muslims as holy work since Shankaracharya does it?

Slap 23. Bringing a hindu preacher in an Islamic gathering is itself against the doctrines of Islam. So, the muslims including Zakir Naik should do Tauba for committing this sin. Since muslims are not to believe in the words of Kafir, Shankaracharya should not be taken seriously in the matters of Deen! Hence Islam is not from God.

Slap 24. There is no Shankar Math and hence no Shankaracharya in Banaras by the way!

Claim 6: Many famous scientists have embraced Islam. Hence Islam is from God.

Slap 25. 99.999999% scientists of past and present were/are non muslims. Thus, Islam is not from God!

Slap 26. The fame of those famous scientists is yet to reach non muslims and intellectuals! We tried contacting IRF regarding these famous (?) scientists and their whereabouts but got no response. We googled and found one of them who was awarded by Saudi government like Zakir Naik proved that earth is flat and sun goes round the earth!

Claim 7: Islam is being accepted by many people in west. Number of women converting to Islam is higher than men. This is the biggest proof that Islam gives highest respect to women.

Slap 27. People of west practice many more things like drinking, open sex, multiple partners, homosexuality, dance clubs etc. Do muslims accept these deeds as symbols of divinity? If no, Islam is not from God!

Slap 28. People of west are really coming to Islamic ideology! That is why Zakir Naik has been banned from even entering in Canada, UK and 14 other countries! May be, westerns have become so much Islamic that they don’t require outside preachers anymore!

Slap 29. Muhammad said [Sahih Bukhari- 1/28]- Women are half intelligent than men. How wise is it to base your arguments of Islam being best on the testimonies of half intelligent creatures (I am not asking why Islam insults women in this manner)? Does that make you double intelligent?

Claim 8: Miracle of Kaba being center of the earth has been proven scientifically. Hence Islam is best. 

Slap 30. If Kaba is at the center, how does it prove trueness of Islam? Kaba was built by Ibrahim, who was the father of Jewish people. So doesn’t this miracle of Kaba being center of earth prove truthfulness of Judaism and Jews- arch enemies of Islam- instead of Islam?

Slap 31. Anyway, this is the most foolish thing one can claim! Earth is almost spherical and its center lies inside it. How can Kaba be at the center? Can the center of a sphere lie on its surface? Even if one talks about the surface, every point on the surface of a sphere is geometrically same. Then what is so special about Kaba?

Slap 32. The scientists, who claimed it, must be Madarsa alumni because science has not become advanced enough to shift the center of gravity of earth from its center to its surface! Of course, Madarsas have the technology of “Kun Fayakun” (Just say and miracle happens!), which is unique solution to every problem and above all, Allah knows the best!

Read full how Zakir Naik was caught with his pants down on Kaba Worship.

Claim 9: Miracles of Allah are seen even in animals and birds. For example many goats, cows have been found to have name of Allah and Muhammad written on their backs. Many crows, dogs, and donkeys have been seen to call “Allah Allah”. One can type “miracles of Islam” in youtube and find hundreds of such videos. This proves Islam is true religion.

Slap 33. It seems the testimonies of famous (?) scientists, Moulvis, and Shankaracharya were not enough to prove Islam best. Hence the morons have started giving testimonies of animals!

Slap 34. Wise choose the path which wiser people have chosen. But Zakir Naik and his goats think otherwise. They argue that we should accept Islam because animals say “Allah Allah”! Again the question arises, can deeds of animals be the bench mark for humans? If that be so, why do you wear cloths, go to schools/Madarsas, accept the marriage bond, work in offices, wash hands, take bath….? Moreover not all animals say Allah! So again, by number logic, Islam is not from God! Anyway, we give advice to Zakir and his followers, not to follow animals, follow intelligent.

Slap 35. In reality, the videos of such miracles of Allah are nothing more than the laughter shows! Readers can themselves see those videos and get a heavy dose of laughter. Those videos are even more entertaining than those of stage performer Zakir Naik. All I can say, it is the biggest mockery of Islam and Allah by muslims themselves in the name of miracles.

Claim 10: People are leaving other religions to accept Islam but no muslim leaves Islam.

Slap 36. This is obvious as Islam orders to kill apostates – someone who leaves Islam. This is the reason why Islam is a one way trap, in which one can enter but cannot escape. And then claiming that no one leaves Islam is like putting gun to one’s head, making him chant Islam is peace and then saying- hence proved!

Slap 37. Moreover, all muslim countries are so coward that no non muslim is allowed to preach their religion there. One can see heights of fanaticism of Muslims that they want freedom of speech in every country and they enjoy converting others. But they don’t have guts to let others preach their religion among muslims. And then they cry- look look, no one converts to other religion!

Slap 38. This claim is false though! There have been great scholars within Islam, who openly criticized many doctrines of it. For example, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the biggest Islamic educationist of India, founder of Aligarh Muslim University, openly denied the existence of Satan and Jinns. He criticized many other beliefs as well and as a result, fatwa was issued that he is a Kafir! Anwar Shaikh, another eminent scholar of Islam from Pakistan, calls Islam, “The Arab Imperialism”!

He was cremated instead of burying as per his wish to die as Hindu. He was very proud of his Vedic culture and ancestors. Another notable scholar from Pakistan is Ghulam Jelani Barq, who completely rejected the hadith! He was also listed as Kafir by the mullahs. Today, Ali Sina, Parvin Darabi, Wafa Sultan, Parvez Hoodbhoy, Tariq Ali, Mehboob Ali, and many more are criticizing Islam more than any non muslim. They all were born in Islamic families. So according to this logic, Islam is false because many scholars have left it!

Conclusion : Don’t mess with Agniveer. Don’t insult Hindu Dharma. Or else, prepare to get perished.

Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit site.

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