Going to an Islamic country? Avoid 4 things that can get...

Got a job in gulf? Remember these 5 things that you can never afford to do if you love yourself.

Shah Jahan – the bastard who slept with his daughter

Who was Shah Jahan's actual father and mother? Why Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb lusted Jahan Ara? Tale of Mughal incest that historians are scared to tell. For mature audience only.

Why Akbar raped babies and his daughter-in-law?

Read the religious arguments in favor of raping babies and daughter-in-law. How rascals defame Prophet to fulfill their own lust.

Holy Book! Rapists forgiven, Disbelievers NOT!

Allah of Quran translations behaves so insecure that he has announced eternal hellfire for disbelievers, though if you rape (and repent by fasting etc) you will be forgiven by the most Merciful!

Ban books that allege Prophet married daughter-in-law

Sex with daughter-in-law! Akbar to Ali Mohammad continue to rape Jodha to Imrana in name of Prophet. Ban the sources that insult the great Prophet. For mature audience only.

8 Shocking Reasons in Islamic World You Can Get Killed for!

Planning to visit an Islamic country? Know do's and don'ts. Your life is precious.

Reclaim Temples

Vishnupada Temple turned into Himayun’s Tomb – Saga of Islamic Aggression

Know how Humayun’s tomb in Delhi is actually a Vishnupada (Feet of Lord Vishnu) Temple. Read barbarism of Islamists.

Vijayapura – The Lost City of Victory – Saga of Islamic...

Hindu place destroyed and converted to Islamic one. Where are seculars hiding?

How Christian Fanatics Destroyed Hindu Temples in Goa

Painful saga of destruction of Hindu temples in their own land. This time by Christian fanatics in Goa.

“Bhadrakali Temple” turned into “Jama Masjid” in Gujarat

Read why "Jama Masjid" in Gujarat is a majestic Hindu temple called "Bhadrakali temple."

“Vijay” Pur Sikri turned into “Fateh” Pur Sikri

Know how Fatehpur Sikri that belonged to the Great Hindu Rajput kings of Mewar now has a Islamic Name.

ताजमहल एक ज्योतिर्लिंग मन्दिर – सौ प्रमाण (भाग दस)

ताजमहल एक ज्योतिर्लिंग मंदिर है, न कि किसी आतंकवादी के प्यार का कोई रोमांटिक प्रतीक। हिंदुओं को ताजमहल पुनः प्राप्त करना होगा । 100 प्रमाणों की श्रृंखला का भाग-10


बाबरी मस्जिद – अल्लाह की इबादत या हुस्न-हवस की हवेली?

राम मंदिर और बाबरी मस्जिद मुद्दे पर सबसे ज्यादा पढ़ा जाने वाला लेख! जानिए बाबरी मस्जिद के कुछ अनखुले पन्नों को जो खुद बाबर ने लिखे थे! रात, अफीम, रंगीनी, बाल-शोषण, समलैंगिक ग़ुलाम, और बाबरी।



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