Agniveer Shakha – How to start an Agniveer Chapter in your Locality?

*Starting Agniveer Shakha In Your Locality*
How to start an Agniveer Chapter?

If you want to spread Agniveer’s fire, here is the chance.
You are encouraged to start Agniveer’s chapter in your area. If you have 2 or more friends to join you, write to us at [email protected] with any of your Photo ID card’s pic.

Scope of activities – Anything in lines with Agniveer’s ideology within the ambit of law of the land and Supreme

0. Don’t wait. Get started immediately. We are already late!

1. Write to us with a scan of your Photo ID and location of chapter along with your contact number. ( [email protected] )

2. Share names of at least 2 more people who will join the chapter

3. You can meet in home, park, coffee shop, anywhere. You can start your independent FB page or twitter account or whatsapp to share updates and communicate between members. Also any useful stuff you would love to share.

4. In first meeting, do the following
– Allocate responsibilities among members
– Chapter Coordinator, Events, Treasury, Member Management, PR and Media.

5. Send us any updates you would love to share with rest of the world. We would promote on Agniveer page.

6. You must have at least one meeting in a week.

7. Each meeting should have one or more of following components
– Discussions on an issue associated with Agniveer’s causes – local, national, international
– Plans for a larger event (at least one event in 2 months)
– Slogan of Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai (you can speak in low volume if you are in a place that does not permit shouting loud. But you must explicitly express your love for Bharat. If you are outside India, you must also express love for your nation.)
– Close eyes and chant Om (mandatory)
– Self defense practice (as per composition of team)
– A list of proposed chapter activities will be shared with you. But you are free to be creative and innovate.
– Feel free to record portions of meeting and share in public.
– Once in a while, have a Hawan or Pooja in Chapter.

8. Celebrate festivals and important events

9. Meet local leaders and ministers with relevant issues and submit memorandums.

10. Invite key people from government, political parties, bureaucracy, other organizations, scholars etc in your meetings.

11. Liaison with other organizations and encourage participation in each others’ activities.

12. Have at least one joint meeting every 3 months with other Agniveer chapters in your region.

13. Each Chapter must focus on 2 things
– More and more events and public activities
– More and more members

14. As members grow, you can split into sub-chapters and sub-chapters forming one unified chapter.

15. You must keep in mind that your proactivity in making your chapters active is having great impact on writing future of nation. Consider it a worship.

16. As we evolve and grow, we will enhance Chapter activities and
organization further. But we must make a start.

17. Do not worry about size of chapter in beginning. 3 people will suffice.

18. You can have multiple chapters in same locations. More is better. When chapters reach a critical size, we will integrate them together that they can work as one chapter and yet retain their smaller chapters, if need be.

19. Spread Agniveer Chapters in every mohalla/ locality and let us revive Hinduism. The real Hinduism of Gita.

Q: How is Agniveer shakha different than RSS shakha?
RSS’ Shakha does Vyakti Nirman. Agniveer Shakha sets goals to target after you have become Vyakti. The two are not in competition. They complement each other. In fact, you can extend your RSS Shakha to have Agniveer Shakha.

Email ID : [email protected]

Q – Does Agniveer have any political ambitions?