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O Arjuna! Krishna asks you to perform relevant actions

Gita is for everyone who has an open mind, urge to live worthwhile life, and is committed to not be a lazy escapist.

Kashmiri Separatist vs Indian – 2 – The FGR

Kashmiri separatist put to peace forever!

2 Marvelous Hindu Concepts – True Nationalism, Fearless Liberalism

Hinduism has roots in most dynamic philosophy of Vedas which is ever flowing, not stagnant & provides one hints to guide self and society towards solutions.

Ajay Singh Rathod vs Pathan – The FGR

Aamir vs Irrfan fight. Who was wrong?

Proud to be Hindu! Ever relevant, Timeless Wisdom to Humanity

Hinduism is treasure of ever relevant wisdom, unbounded by geography/ time. We feel fortunate & beyond joy! All we can do is share our treasure with world.

4 Hidden secrets of Islam explain why Muslims can’t convert to...

Deep and dark. Facts you didn't know about fate of apostates in Islam.

Do you know the dark secrets of Islamic literature?

Dark secrets of most popular Islamic literature translations. Know what Zakir Naik's scriptures ask you to do when lights are dim and a woman is near you.

Islamic Woman – Torn Between Hungry Kid and Tharki Husband

The Islamic view towards women, the way ISIS leaders make sex-slaves out of captured women after war, and various associated inhuman practices can be traced down and understood by reading this.
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