Agniveer Sanskrit
Agniveer Sanskrit
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Thirteenth and Fourteenth installment of the course.

Routine reiteration:

a. Do not get too bogged down by grammar and usage while you learn Sanskrit. Often Sanskrit is considered to be all about mugging up lots of declensions and conjugations and this fears off most students. Instead take is as a natural language. Feel free to make the most blatant grammatical errors so far you are able to convey your message. Develop a feel for the language instead of thinking about grammar.

How did we learn Hindi or English or our mother tongue? Did we learn grammar first or language first? And do we speak these languages in a grammatically correct fashion even today? Why burden Sanskrit with overdose of grammar in very beginning then?

Simply start talking on every other thing in Sanskrit and enjoy the funny pronunciations you make or blatant errors you make in grammar. Have a laugh on that and simply continue. Soon you will develop a natural grip over the language and grammar will be automatically taken care of.

b. Try using Sanskrit words even in your mother language. After all Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. Let the children associate with their Mom and have their foundations strengthened! And in process, your road to mastery of Sanskrit will also be traversed faster.

c. Download a copy of Introduction to Vedas (Hindi) from if you know Hindi. This is an amazing text not only to understand Vedic concepts but learn Sanskrit naturally. Because most sections of the book are presented in very simple Sanskrit as well as Hindi. In some sections there are deviations in Sanskrit and Hindi message and it would be a good idea to explore those areas and form the right opinion!


Sanskrut Lesson 54 – Month 13

Sanskrut Lesson 55 to 58 – Month 14

For supplements, download from

Source of Lessons – Sri Chitrapur Math

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    • Namaskaar Sir,

      happy holi. The link is well working. There might be some problem with condition of traffic. So, try again later OR change the browser. I just checked it and it is working.

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    I pray for your clear, true and pure knowledge from ALLAH. Ameen.

    • Well, Rizwan brother, there is one thing we must understand. Agniveer at this stage is actually hated by many. One such hater might be a computer jerk. He hacked Agniveer’s account and made such senseless comments. This does not matches with the commenting style of Agniveer. Agniveer nowhere mentioned that abusive story and this proves that some deceiver conspired against Agniveer. Whomsoever he might be, ALLAH will punish him. If indeed Agniveer is wrong, Allah will punish him and if some hacker held a conspiracy against poor Agniveer, Allah will punish him too. Allah loves justice to the max.

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  • namaste agniveer ji
    i found some gud site which shows the link between indo-european languages sansrkit (vedic,classical), latin , greek , english. and aslo show link between their cultures. you may have been to these sites b4 but anyway here it is
    both are managed by same guy.
    i started learning your sanskrit lessons after going thru these sites although still an amateur. i’m sure many visitors coming here wud show some interest in sanskrit learning.
    as always keep up the gudwork