Save Injured Cows

We bring Gaumata/Gau-Vansh in this state

We treat them, serve them and make them this with Eeshvar’s grace

Welcome to Gau-Seva Agniveer. We

Rescue cows from slaughter, accidents and brutal acid attacks – daily 15-20
– Treat injured cows
– Bring them to our cow-shelter (2 shelters in Delhi-NCR)
– Run 24X7 helpline for injured cows in Delhi-NCR, Loni, Ghaziabad, Surat, Baroda, Godhra, Dang (Delhi, West UP, Gujarat)
– Distribute free medical kits for local Gau-Sevaks for emergency situations
– Distribute radium belts for cows so that accidents involving cows on roads/highways can be thwarted
– Run two Gaushalas – one dedicated to giving shelter to all injured cows we rescue and treat
– Perform Antim Sanskar (last rites) for dead Gaumata/Gauvansh

Treating injured cows

While there are crores of people who worship cow in India, there are butchers too whose sole aim is to kill cows and cut them into pieces. When they fail to do so, they simply vent their anger by pouring acid on helpless creatures. Our GauSeva teams treating cows/bulls with acid-burns

Helpless cow was mercilessly beaten, horn damaged. Rescued by our team

Helpless cows hit by 4-wheelers on highways/roads. Rescued by our team

Cows rescued from butchers, brought to our shelter

Cow attacked by butchers with sharp weapons, rescued by our Gorakshaks

Our failures

Out of around 20 information we get in a day, we manage to reach 13-14 only due to lack of resources and ambulances. Even out of 13-14, we only manage to save around 10-12. 2-3 cows/calves are such we are not able to save despite our best efforts. And such are most heartbreaking moments. When we are only able to give water to Gomata or her kid for last time. O Eeshvar! Have Daya Drishti mercy on the voiceless!

Antim Sanskar (last rites) of departed Gau-Vansh

Radium collars for cows to thwart accidents

Team has started an initiative to protect all stray Gauvansh to protect from accident by tying radium collars to all stray cows. 1000+ cows wandering near most accident-prone areas/highways covered in one month. Collars are being tied to 40-50 cows every day.

Distribution of Medical kits

Rescue of Gaumata from a 30ft Barren Well. Our Gaurakshaks put life at stake to save lives!

Currently we are running with an expense of Rs 15-20 thousands per day. It includes transportation, medical expenses, doctors’ fee, medicines, fodder and cow-shelter-Gaushala’s miscellaneous expenses.

Our requirements

Per month – INR 4-6 Lac (around 10,000 USD) for ambulance expenses, excavator, transportation, medical expenses, doctors’ fee, medical kits, radium belts, fodder, shelter’s rent, Gaushala staff salary.

One time – INR 21 Lac (around 40,000 USD) for 3 hydraulic ambulances for smooth transportation of injured cows (one required in Delhi-NCR, 2 required in Gujarat. Cost of each is around 7 Lac INR (13,000 USD)).


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Agniveer Gauseva Ghaziabad Team

We are a team of 50+ dedicated Gausevaks alert and ready to go to any extent under law of the land to protect and rescue any cow/Gau-Vansh in danger.

Support Call For Resources

We are currently running with our full capacity in a rented place. Considering the number of calls we are getting to shelter for injured and abandoned cows we need support for a Land. If you wish to donate land (1 Acre or more) in Ghaziabad or nearby areas, kindly write to us at [email protected]