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12. We have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to following viewpoints – denial of social, religious, political or spiritual rights on basis of birth, gender, caste or personal faith. Such comments will not be entertained on our site. A lot of ISIS sympathizers are trolling on our site recently. We prefer to deal with them exactly in the way security forces should deal with them, within ambit of law.

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Commenting Tips

To ensure that your comment is automatically approved, please follow the following tips:

a. Write short comments. Do not write long essays.
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e. To add youtube video, post the url of youtube in the comment. This may not work at times due to technical issues beyond our control. If that happens, simply post the url removing http:// so that keen visitors may directly copy and visit the video in youtube.
f. Do not write abuses in comments and do not post several comments one after another.
g. Comments section should be used for feedback on article and long discussions should be done on the FORUM.

We believe that these tips would help enable meaningful discussions on the site in a friendly manner.