Eligibility Rules for debate

We firmly believe that debates and discussions conducted in a friendly environment with unbiased mindset does lead to better understanding of truth and larger appreciation of the alternate viewpoints. However it is technically impossible for us to have detailed discussions with everyone even if we want to do so. We have been receiving a large number of requests and challenges for a debate from various quarters.

Considering all this we have formulated the first draft of our eligibility rules for debates. We would be amending it from time to time.


1. The goal of debate should NOT be to achieve pseudo-victory. The goal should be a better realization of truth for both sides.

2. If you consider debate to be like a war and intend to view it as a win-lose battle, Agniveer is not the right party to conduct debate with. This is because while we have an ideological basis that is irrefutable, our goal is to enhance understanding rather than create enemies. We do not believe in fighting wars with anyone except our own internal tendencies and evils of society. Rest of us are our own family members and we don’t feel excited about defeating our own brothers and sisters.


Here are our set of criteria for anyone to fulfill to be eligible to debate with Agniveer. If you do not fulfill these criteria, you are free to use Forum and Comments section to share your views and interact with other visitors. We promote this freedom of speech and expression of counter-views. Further, internet offers amazing means to share your own thoughts and ideas and we urge you to explore them.

1. The person should share his qualifications and educational background. The minimum qualification should be a post-graduation from a recognized institute of repute or equivalent qualification in traditional educational system like madarsa or gurukul. We may consider graduates currently doing post-graduation if they can demonstrate high academic excellence in past.

2. For debates in English and on internet, we would require the person to qualify a competent aptitude test. If you have cleared CAT (Common Aptitude Test) or scored above 80% in GMAT, this criteria is waived off. Otherwise you shall have to either qualify these or another third-party reputed aptitude test. Please get in touch with us for assistance in this.

This is to ensure that both sides possess the minimum logical abilities regardless of their celebrity status or crowd-pull.

3. The person would need to assert that he does not consider that all who do not believe in his or her viewpoint are necessarily punishable by Supreme forces. For example if one believes that all non-believers, regardless of their noble deeds would ultimately burn in eternal Hell simply because they rejected a particular book or model of God, then we consider such a person as a fanatic. We debate only with tolerant minds.

4. In case the person is representing an established school of thought or cult, he would need to bring a consent from a reputed organization of their ideology that they consider the debater to be their official representative. This is to ensure that outcome of the debate impacts masses and also to optimize our efforts towards truth discovery. If you are unable to get official representation, then ask the organization to nominate someone else for debate.

5. In case you represent a unique ideology or a special fork of a more established ideology with not many believers currently, we would recommend that you utilize the potential of modern technology to establish your viewpoint among masses rather than debate us or anyone else. Please get in touch with us and we would be glad to help you with tips on promoting your self-expression. It would be technically impossible for us to consider such candidates for debate because of their overwhelming number. You can of course use our comments and forum section to share your views.

If you fulfill these criteria, please get in touch with us through Contact link so that we can take the process further.