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In another thrilling event, Agniveer brings back 100 Dalit families in Meerut, UP who had decided to convert to Islam (reportedly converted as per some media reports) for not allowing Murti Sthaapana in village’s temple a week ago. All with blessings of Kali Maa!

All major news agencies reported how a Dalit Hindu named Rajkumar along with his and 100 other families in Meerut’s village Masuri in West UP had decided to convert to Islam after being stopped from Maa Kali’s Murti Sthapana by others in village. Check this video from CNN News where Rajkumar announces conversion to Islam.

It didn’t stop here. One after another media reports kept coming about the possible conversion of 100 Dalit families to Islam.

It was certain that Dharma was going to lose 100 families to Islam. This is how Islamisation of Indian subcontinent happened. One after another family, villages and cities kept converting while the rest kept waiting for their turn. All had lost hopes. People discussed it as another event. Islamists saw it as yet another set of Kafirs accepting right path! Communists saw it as Dalit revolt against centuries old ‘Brahminical’ oppression. Hindu Right was stunned. Some saw it as Breaking India forces at work. Some saw it as Bhim Army conspiracy. Some declared Dalits as Trojan Horse of Hinduism. Some abused Brahmins for caste oppression. Some invited suggestions on what should be done.

Then Agniveers visited the village. Satish Vaid and Vibhu Sharma met families.

And by next day, the matter was completely resolved. Instead of calling the local Maulvi to recite Kalma, a beautiful place had been chosen overnight for Kali Murti Sthapana. Administration that didn’t know how to handle the situation till now was informed that Mata’s Prabhat Feri (morning procession) is going to happen followed by Sthapana on Navami (2 days later, 18th Oct 2018). And then another miracle happened. Administration and villagers were stunned when they saw this:

Murti Sthapana has been completed successfully by Rajkumar Ji and all others with Divine’s blessings. Controversy is over. No Hindu converted or will convert to Islam.

How did it all happen?

Certain things are beyond limits of worldly logic. Things that tread beyond the boundaries of known laws of world.

Agniveer did many things to change the situation. But one thing that stands out in this case was miracle of Maa Kali.

While the case was catching limelight in media, far away from all this, a Yogi was in Sadhana for 48 hours in Kolkata. People were waiting for him. He didn’t come out. Many say he sees Maa Kali as we see each other. Those who knew this Yogi knew something big was going to happen. It was not normal.

And they were not wrong. Two days after the controversy, Agniveer’s mentor Dr Vashi Sharma received a call from the face of Meerut conversion controversy. Rajkumar – who was about to convert with 100 families – suddenly got a realisation last night.

He called Dr Vashi to tell him – ‘Please tell Bangaali Baba (Kolkata Guru Ji) that neither I nor my family and none from the village will ever convert come what may! We are Hindus. We were born as Hindus. We will die as Hindus. Please tell Baba Ji to not worry! Maa Kali came to us last night’. He couldn’t complete his sentence as he cried. He again said – ‘Please tell Guru Ji, nobody is converting to Islam. We can die but not convert. We will do what Guru Ji says. We are sorry for what we did.’

He was not alone. More people had visions of Kali Mata in the village. There is no way we can explain this. But eventually Maa Kali’s bhakti made everything happen.

Rajkumar keeps calling us with same promise again and again – that his life is dedicated to bhakti of Maa Kali as per guidance of his guru Bangaali Baba.

It is an inexplicable puzzle for atheists, a miracle of Maa Kali for bhakts, and a matter of pride for all Agniveers – that Agniveer was founded by that genius Kali Bhakt Bangaali Baba or Kolkata Babu whom world calls Sanjeev Newar. We are proud to be his disciples.

Enjoy some more clips/pics from the event. Message is clear. Till there is Agniveer in India, no Dalit/Hindu will convert to Islam.

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