Lets destroy Caste System! I am human. My caste is human. My race is human. My color is human. My religion is humanity. I am Agniveer! And I dont care about anything else!

Session with founder, Agniveer- Shri Sanjeev Newar in Delhi on Caste System and its eradication!

Date: Sunday, 27th January, 2013
Time: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Venue: Arya Samaj Patel Nagar (New Delhi)

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(Next to Dayanand Model School, walking distance from Patel Nagar Metro Station on Blue Line (5 stations from Rajiv Chowk). You need to walk ahead of Patel Nagar Metro Station towards Shadipur Station and take a right turn at red light. Walk straight till end of the road and Arya Samaj is right there. For assistance, call +91 8800958058)

Date and Time: 20 January 2012, 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM 

About Sri Sanjeev Newar:

Sri Sanjeev Newar is founder of Agniveer – the most popular spiritualism website in world – that been instrumental in transforming lives of millions. Professionally he is an IIT-IIM graduate with more than a decade of experience working with globally acclaimed organizations and top-notch researchers of world. He also teaches and indulges in finance, quantitative methods, artificial intelligence, yog, pranayam, meditation, martial arts etc as pastime. Agniveer is known to be the most vocal, logical and irrefutable critic of caste system in current era. Under his guidance, Agniveer has taken several programs to elevate so-called low caste into so-called high caste status so as to destroy the caste system from very roots.


All are invited!

Note: All patriots who can commit time, efforts and resources for operational success and want to contribute to the mission are invited for the meeting at 5:30 pm just after the session.

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • in fact caste is not in hinduism but selfish /cheat people forced same. shastra say tvam brahm ashi /aham brahm ashmi / sah brahm asti mean everybody is brahm/atma ansh of paramatma who is eternal never born /dies . whosoever is born/dies is not parmatma /parmeshvar /paramabrahm . as parasram ,rama , krishna stated to be 6th , 7th , 8th avtars of vishnu who himself is in continously worshiping PARMATMA /PARMESHVAR /PARAMBRAHM as shastra say akhar purush ek ped hai niranjan vaki dar tino deva (brahma ,vishnu ,shiva) shakha hai pat roop sansar . 3 DEGREE- ATMA ,MAHATMA ,PARAMATMA-.AKSHAR ,PARAKSHAR , PARAMAKSHAR-BRAHM ,PARBRAHM ,PARAMBRAHM -ISH , ISHVAR , PARMESHVAR . brahmma ,visnu , shiva r sons of prakarti/ maya/durga n sadashiv /kail /kal who too is shar anybody is known by his actions/deeds not by deeds or caste of his father . if ones father is criminal only foolish shall call the child criminal if father is brahmin n son is thief/blackmailer the foolish only shall him brahmin as many unscientific n irrevelant mentions r found in hindu pious books like manusmarti etc which were brunt by greatest indian dr. b r ambedkar since even half brahmin issue of brahmin woman n sudra man called chandal in whoose services once was raja harischander of satyug whoose 25th genration is rama of tretayug , if average 20years one genration that means rama said to be in last of tretayug is only 500years . rama was born when dashrath whoose rajprohit vashisth’s grandson parasar maybe around age of rama . parasar n satyawati fisherwoman met n biyash born whoose sons sukhdev took akshtriya janak as guru other son dhritrastra born blind 3rd son born impotent were ashtriyas while vidur 4th son was termed as sudra being born by maid while son of
    fisherwoman was called brahmin . arjun in agegroup of krishna 8th avtar n in last dwaparyug grandson of biyash n greatgrandson of parasar since in agegroup of rama so krishna like greatgrandson of rama thus not even 100years 3avetar


  • numerous people so the views .any wise person converts to good not to bad . if a frog loves to remain at his place no one likes to distrub . some one scared of reverse discrmination n so on this is sign of cowards only . there r some dumuhe also . gotra denotes origin let it be whatsoever as same one gotra is found in various communities ,religions , countries and part of name now days as well is not realy problem of hindusm . which shall get damaged further by caste/varna as such more than 80%do not heartly feel proud of calling themselves as privileged ones have stated on ur sight who even abused in some way to them not fitting to their views . the only remady practically intercaste /intervana marriges take place respect/regard/equalty to each other must be motto hindusm . if a brahmin is driver he driver only nothing beyond that .no baishakhi of caste qualificaion eastren u p deserving poor people suffering so called upper caste land lords eating away their facility benifis /assistance beside enjoying honour caste status and crying of reverse discrimation.

  • I agree with madhug that he is proud to belong to his caste…I dont see anything wrong in taking pride in ones race,ethnicity,nationality,tribe,caste,gender etc but I absolutely HATE any form of oppression and discrimination… My surname is Shukla and I am a Brahmin..is it wrong to take pride in that? I love being a Indian Hindu and I am proud of my Brahmin ancestry…and I love my ancestors who gave me such a wonderful religion…

  • agniveer ji
    I wnt to very simply state the following. The cast system as envisiaged is was perfect for society. Varun as we all understand is to choose e.g The varmala by the girl is her right to choose. As such born in a certain cast did not necessarily mean you automatically became what you were born in. This was the reason of decay of the cast system which in later stages the Brahmins etc used to dominate thesociety when the real teachers had long gone and the scriptures were interlopated.
    Coming to cast all Castes are equal and cant do without the other. Take the case of a person who is well read and a professor but is of weak health he would be of no use. So also a strong man, brainy but without legs is of no use. That is why symboliclly The three casts The brahmins-the Scholars,,The Protectors of Society Country even the Cosmos..The Kshatrias.. The businessmen who looked after the wealth of the country etc all were supported on Shoodras which has been called SPAD feet or Chakra as an anology . That is the entire cast systes mentioned cannot move further without the shoodras. Here comes the unfortunate part The word Shoodra “it is a derivative of root SHUCHIR POOTEEBHAYE THAT ISWHAT PURIFIES. Etymologically SHOCHATI ITI SHOODRA That what purifies is Shoodra. Kidneyies in a humanbeing is a Shoodra without which a person dies.. The large business houses involved as Drycleaners are also Shoodras and well respected.. Hence my submission each cast is equally important and one cannot exist without the other and none is to be looked down upon. Therefore one could choose what one wanted to do in life without hesitation as there was no such thing as looking down upon on any caste in the original Aryan concept of Society.

    Daksha Bharadwaj

  • The caste system again. The caste system is already destroyed. What are you all going on and on about? A Brahmin who should have learned his religion and taught it to others is now a doctor or an engineer. A Sudra is a marine engineer. A kshatriya is now a politician. And a tailor is now selling aeroplanes. What is wrong with you people. Caste was based on your profession. You already destroyed it. I am proud to belong to my caste. We are vaishyas and our profession was tailoring which most of the family is still following without fighting about caste. We have maintained our generation old profession.

    This is nonsense and nothing else and I am not in Delhi or I would have come and spoken my bit about the caste system. It was working so well if only foolish people, the muslims and british would have interfered. Shame on all of you to misrepresent it and take the whole subject off track.

    • There is some truth in what you wrote. Varna and Jati are not “caste.” If you read the comments you will understand what I am referring to. If anything your comment shows that inherited status is less of an issue than it is made out to be. And that today people are defacto following the real non -hereditary Varna that Hinduism teaches. What we should be is careful is not to destroy communities, Jatis. So what we should be ending is class discrimination, and any residual inherited class status (neither of which is unique to India)and not non-hereditary Varna or Jatis/communities.

    • No one is asking you to give up your profession or community. No one is coming to your home to put you on gunpoint to accept what we say. We are doing whatever we feel strongly in a lawful and non-interfering manner. Yes, we feel caste-system that deprives certain people from their social and religious rights is a disgusting practice. And if it was working so well, as you have claimed, before “foolish people” interfered, does it not prove that those who got affected were more foolish than these foolish people. Are you not representing the same lowest level of foolishness by abusing on this forum? You did not even bother to read the Comment Policy, and are interfering in someone else’s house like a terrorist?

      • Agniveer for people like Madhug we should reach out to them and clear up any misunderstanding. Many people reading the article maybe confused, so Madhug actually is giving us an opportunity to address this confusion and concerns at what is it they feel they are losing.

    • If I were to rewrite what you wrote without using the word caste I think the many concepts that have been fused into one word and thus muddled it would be clearer. I do this exercise with sincere respect to you. I just find it to be a good example for a written exercise.

      The inherited position system has been destroyed….non-hereditary Varna is based on your profession….I am proud to belong to my Jati. We fall under the Vaisya Varna as our profession is tailoring which most of my family is still following without fight about inherited class status. We maintained our generation old profession.

      I think when we all make an effort to use other words in replace of the Portuguese derived word Caste, the different concepts become more clear, and what needs to improve also becomes more clear. This is not directed to you Madhug but in general to everyone.

  • Not sure what people really understand to mean when they say “caste” is part and parcel of either India or Hinduism. The Portuguese Casta is one concept. Jati aka community another concept. Non-hereditary Varna another concept. And inherited class status yet another.

    The Portuguese concept of Casta does not apply to India or Hinduism. Look it up.
    Communities aka Jati is a healthy part of South Asia. And if you look around you see every part of the world filled with distinct communities. Even in America there the Jewish, the Irish community, the Polish community, the Amish community, Italian community chinese community, korean, etc… Each offering something beautiful and unique to their country the United States. Non-hereditary Varna is part of Hinduism. It is pretty interesting that the ancients categorized jobs into four categories. Social class status exists every where there are human beings in the world. A janitor will not run in the same circles as the President of the United states. A person who works as a janitor can change jobs to something else and better or his children could. Inherited social class status is not and never was unique to South Asia. Just this week in the newspapers they announce the abdication of the throne by the Dutch Queen so her son the Prince could reign. India at least long ago got rid of royalty.

    So whenever something speaks of caste one should ask the person whatever does he think he means when he speaks of caste.

  • Caste has been adopted by most of Hindus irrespective of whatever the jobs carried by individual.
    Varna as explained in Vedas/Manu Smriti is on the basis of qualities of individuals.
    I do feel that caste/Jati/gotra should go as the same is irrelevent.
    I remember about decision taken earlier by ARYA SAMAJ to do away with caste but not much effective. New Generation/young aryas should lead and take steps for removing caste system in our society.
    Our Slogan—–one human

      • We are not opposed to community – hereditary or interest group wise or any other means. That is individual personal choice. We are opposed to distribution of rights and duties based on birth. So if you say a Chandal cannot wear sacred thread, or perform yajna, or study Vedas, or go to school, or be a priest, we are opposed to this. If someone wants to become Hindu, he or she needs no permission from anyone. That is between her and God and no agents are required. No public wealth or public goods should have any criteria or birth for its distribution. Only criteria should be merit.

      • Such clarity on what is opposed is excellent. Such clarity is often lacking in too many public discourse on how to end what people loosely speak of as caste as it is a Portuguese word that mixes too many very different concepts. Without such clarity as you wrote here, it could lead people to get rid of good things in the name of getting rid of “caste” discrimination.

  • Cast system is not from another planet,it is part parcel of Hinduism,you can turn and twist but you will never get rid of it it is so deeply rooted in every Hindus blood,the only way out has to be the exit from this evil cult called Hinduism.

    • @aki : can you tell me the etymology of the word caste; you are welcome to exit,its your choice, and when you say hindoos blood, i am sure your would know only two generations at most 3 , that means how may years 300 (max) so please stop generalizing the attitude of 3 generations that you know as “HINDU”

    • Who are you Mr.aki? I guess you are not Hindu and only evil Saitans can talk like this about Hinduism. I wish you should get out of the discussion board. You are a faceless and nameless person.

      • Do you have anything to say about cast system? or are you one of those who has to believe in it to be a Hindu!

      • We don’t accept caste system as part of Hinduism. Hinduism doesn’t demand belief in any social evil. We also oppose even greater evils like racism, polygamy, slavery, hatred for non-believers.

      • Castes are created by powerful groups from their own selfish purposes, like African Slaves. I want Hinduism without castes and everyone has to do their part in this cause. Swami Vivekanand said Hinduism is like a great banyan tree but it is infested with many diseases. He said this does’nt mean we have to chop and kill the tree. Like ISKON any member can become a devotee and eventually a guru.

      • Like I wrote below the problem when people speak of “caste” is that the Portuguese derived word mixes several different concepts and it is unclear when individual people talk about getting rid of caste if they mean Varna, Jati, inherited class status, or is a critique on the existence of even non hereditary social classes.

      • You all dont understand till now?
        Mr. Aki is not Hindu…………but a imposter Mleccha who trying to take us away from the path of Ishwar.
        A Hindu will also be GOOD HINDU even he has no Varna ….
        We Hindus are equal , you Mleccha cant seperate us…………………
        Got It Dirty Mleccha !
        Better mind it for the next time.

    • Caste System is part and parcel of South Asian culture. It is indeed a social evil. It affects Hindus, Muslims and Christians. But Hinduism must be admired for not defending even worse beastly practices like slavery and racism that has been halmark of Arab and Western culture for major part of history. Even today, Arabs refuse to honor Indian Muslims because they feel Arabs alone are true Muslims. There is still discrimination on basis of color in west. So this is the evil cult from which people should exit. We don’t know what your religion is. But whatever it is, your religion must be ashamed of you. You invade on someone’s personal page, and abuse their religious sentiments without any provocation. We define this behavior as terrorism.

  • There is a difference between Caste (inherited class status), Varna, and Jati. Varna of Hinduism is in ideal and non hereditary. Jati or community is healthy and an asset to the diversity of a land. Unique communities are a strength to a country. We should appreciate the positive aspects of community. Neither of the two (Varna and Jati) are issues. The only problem is hereditary class status and negative discrimination based on class status, “caste”. Caste though associated with India and Hindus is not from either – it is from Portuguese “Casta” and was meant to describe the class stratification based on racial composition of Portuguese conquered parts of South America http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casta

    What Indians should do is understand the true non hereditary meaning of Vedic Varna, see how Jati is separate from both Varna and inherited class status, and work to eradicate inherited class status, without indulging in reverse discrimation which is still discrimination though it is done to people in the past (like Brahmins) who were on top before. We must go to a state of no discrimination either against current Dalits or Brahmins. The goal should be the harmony among all Varnas and Jatis without class status and discrimination.

  • Agniveer ji,

    Please arrange to put the content of this matter on open forum.

    It is not possible for us who are outside of Delhi to attain such valuable seminars.


    Shardul Vyas

    • Mr. Aki knows little about Hinduism………..
      We all know this proverb,” LITTLE LEARNING IS DANGEROUS THING.”
      We all try to make attempt to throw out these Aki type peoples from our society.