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Agniveer reaffirmed its commitment to initiate a spiritual revolution in Bengal to destroy all forms of hatred and fanaticism to reinstate the Vedic vision of universal humanism, in a special program organised on 18 November 2012 in Vidya Mandir auditorium, Kolkata. The program saw active participation of large number of likeminded organisations. Art of Living International Director Sri Mahesh Giri was Chief Guest. Sri Tathagat Roy – ex President of BJP Bengal was the main speaker.

Dr Sameer Chatterjee – President of Bengal Agniveer conducted the event. The Founder of Agniveer – Sri Sanjeev Newar – presided over the event and elaborated about Agniveer activities across the globe. He also expressed anguish over minority oppression in Pakistan and Bangladesh and assured that Agniveer is working seriously to destroy the problem from its very root. All participants agreed that propagation of Vedic values of spiritualism and universal humanism across all sections of global society is the only way to bring peace and prosperity in world. They promised their full-fledged support to Agniveer in this noble mission.

For more details, view the press briefing and news clippings:

Agniveer revolution in Bengal

Agniveer revolution in Bengal 2

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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • Mr. Sanjeev Newar, Founder of Agniveer movement
    When will you visit Maharashtra ? All Maharashtrians are eagerly awaiting for you. Please visit as early as possible.

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  • Something must be done in west bengal as early as possible. Dumb leaders are encouraging islamization only for vote. They cant realize the future consequence.

  • A concrete step taken by you. Now it’s time for making a palatial building after having constructed a strong foundation of ideopogy and workforce. Great place/time (Desh, kaal) to start with. Go ahead and we are with you in this noble work.

  • i would like to congratulate the Agniveer Team for the job they are doing in establishing a Hindu Nation .
    But i would like to say that instead of using the word Hinduism they should use “SANATAN DHARMA” because there is no description of Hindu word in any scriptures whether it may be Upanishads , Vedas and Bhagavad Geeta.There is no such religion like “HINDU” . I would request the AGNIVEER team to stop using the word “HINDU” and start using the word “SANATAN DHARMA”. It would be a great step if the Agniveer team implements this.

  • In 1 article of agniveer.com,you have advised to read ‘the light of truth’ for better understanding of veda.there in 4th chapter it is written that if the husband went abroad for prolong period,then wife can have sexual relation with other man,and same is applicable to husband.so do you agree with that?

  • @abu masood…one more kind of personal question if u r comfortable please answer if not ignore …generally conversion from islam to hinduism is a big deal …how did u do that …how many odds u had to face from ur community and the reasons behind ur conversion and ur opinion in zakir naik …i have seen many of his videos ..where hindus post questions to him ..he is always able to counter them and convince them …he had even many ppl getting converted to islam …please share ur views …

  • i did skim through light of truth…i found one more thing it states that “homa” is compulsory and it has to be done every single day ….i agree with it …it is good ..fire obalation …it clears bad odour …but pratically speaking how is possible to perform homa daily …moreover it is stated that people who fail to perform “home” are very accountable to their bad deed..I FOUND THIS IS LIGHT OF TRUTH “””””Q. Is the omission of Homa a sin?
    A.~ Yes, the amount of suffering, a man inflicts on his fellow-beings by polluting the air, and water with the waste products of his system and consequently bringing on disease, becomes the measure of his sin, to atone for which it becomes incumbent on him to perform Homa and thereby purify air and water to an extent, equal to, or greater than the mischief he has done.
    As regards the internal use of these things, that are used in Homa, such as butter, that would benefit only the individual who takes them; but the same amount of material, used as directed above, benefits hundreds of people. If people were not to eat and drink such nutritious substances as butter and milk, they could never gain in strength, physical and mental. Therefore, it is only right, that they should do so, but more material should be used in Homa than as food and drink. It is, therefore, our bounden duty to perform Homa daily.

  • one more question …does my bad karma go away by me facing consequences and hard ship or the bad karma goes away due to my good deeds

  • @abu masood please forward my questions to appropriate ppl whom you feel can give a rational answer or discuss in arya samaj ….would expect to hear from you soon…

  • one more serious question ……a hypothetical situation ….for instance i have been good all my life ..unfortunately i get stranded in a island or some place ..i need to survive ..is it fair for me to hunt animal (cow .goat )and eat it for my survival or should i think eating non veg is against my faith and starve to death (please dont say why not eat plants and live ///iam telling giving a situation like in snow or desert where plants are not consumable)

  • @abu masood ..i have one more doubt …the karma law says that …what you sow is what you reap ..incase i do bad deeds while iam being a hindu or vedic follower or watsoever .. does bad karma lead me to be born in another family with different faith …is being born in another faith (religion) …is it a punishment or what is it called then …for instance iam a hindu this birth …in my next birth if iam born in a muslim family ..iam bound to obey its faith …me following that faith that is eating non veg and so all and all other rituals ,will it add to my bad karma ..what about people who are good by heart but are present in other religions excercising its faith ….

    • no as i know being born into another family or another religion is not punishment after all there is no reason in the eyes of god only karma(cause and effect)and deeds is what matters you can change your karma even though your past bad karma that you have done is still there it will not be forgiven if you repent but you still have chances to change your karma by doing good deeds and moral action you have to have mixture of the spirtual world and physical world but i do think if your born into a rich or poor family it is based on your karma but that doesnt mean you cant change it and as for your next question i think in circumstances like in jungle or island you can eat meat for survival but only the small animals that are in large numbers so that they dont get extinct you shouldnt kill cow eg we aryas samaji are against aborton and homeosexuality but that doesnt mean we should kill thomeosexuals we believe it is wrong but not a sin and abortion is allowed when it is done for others or the survival of the mother and many of the world problems are caused by us life forms not god but for some reason we like to blame god i hope this answers your questions om shanti

      • thank u for patiently replying to my questions….due to bad deeds or watsoever lets take a situation where iam born as dim witted or ignorant person …basically a dim witted person cannot take good judgements or good choices due to poor understanding compared to higher intellect ….in this case with the free will given …how to take good decisions and make right choice if iam dim witted…TO ERR IS HUMAN is a common saying…so for a ignorant person more errors will occur for him …eventually this will lead to bad karma ..why i put this is question is because …we believe the consequences we face are of free will…when the free will is itself limited in a boundary …how do we say that people have free will…isnt it like our fate is pre -destined in that case and moreover what about mistake or harm done unintentionally ….like we kill a person in accident …bcos the other person walked in during a red signal …in this case the person who killed .for him .does it become bad karma ..or is it ignored …i did read the faq on KARMA ..since i couldnt find answer in them iam posting this here..eagerly awaiting for your reply

      • illl try to answer but i may be wrong but yes we got freewill if you are not able to you will get chance depending on circumstance you can change your fate as you wish and suffering and hardship is part of life you have to learn to overcome them and haven is not compulsory but it is good you do it as you are not doing it only for yourself but for all life forms and fellow humans i converted but so did my whole family they are open minded and were not radical muslims like the rest of muslims in this world and to me i have no respect for muslim preachers and apologists only islamic scholors most of them are just liars and fakes with main aim to convert others and most of the people who go to his conferences are ignorant hindus most hindus as i see it go to there to show respect and learn about other faiths thast how most hindus are they are secular really india should be a hindu country but it isnt that zakir naik is very clever in the way he answers questions and who he chooses and he lies,speaks out of context,sometimes does not even answer the question etc he takes alot of thought before answering the questions most of what zakir naik says about other faiths is biased and wrong

  • all agniveer followers iam a regular follower too..i have a great reverence for this site and its work .hopefully i get my answer about this ..

  • A question to agniveer,as per is recommendation i went through satyarth prakash light of truth ….”The minutest particle of matter that cannot be divided any further is called a Paramaanu (atom). 60 Paramaanus make one Anu (molecule)”.This is false right according to mordern science .atom can be further split ..those sub atomic particles are split further too…i can give the page number (174).i downloaded from agniveer.com

    • you have to give reference to that and page 174 doesnt say that i think it is different page and i have only been in arya samaj for the last 2 months from islam so im still learning and ill try answer but im sure other members and followers of agniveer can answer bettter swami dayanand saraswatis atom was different to what we now call atom sub atomic particles like protons,election cant be dividend as for science it doesnt yet know what is the smallest thing whatever that is is what swami dayanand saraswati is refering to but the translator has called it atom

      • thank u for your reply…but doesnt this interprating things gives unfair advantage to the meaning..i mean he says the paraamanuus is the smallest thing ..as time goes by with scientific advancement more particles might be found out ..everytime a newer particle is found out …is it fair to equate with the word “paraamaanu” with the newly found particle

      • you have to remember sathyarth prakash was written more than 125 years and scientists as of now say quarks are the smallest particles that could be what swami dayanand saraswati was refering to he also said told the arya samaji to accept truth and reject falsehood as one of the core of principles he was very rational,scientific and true being

  • Actually why Iam mentioning about ‘Bhagabath Gita’, because iam from Assam,and here yearly ‘Bhagabath Path’ is done.I have no objection for that.But people after learning,did not accept the good things.there in ‘Bhagabath Gita’, it is said that in kalyuga ‘women will be lustful,there will be fight between brothers,men will kill each other,in short the world will be a chaotic place to live in; and there will appear ‘Kalki’, another avatar of vishnu who will protect the pious and religious people and will kill all bad people.It has been seen that instead of people becoming reformed,they are no more good person and no body help each other in the hope that ‘kalki’ will come and punish them.so they only do the various rituals which will make Almighty happy,and just forget about well-being of the people.but according to veda,kalyuga is just another period of days,just like satyuga.simply if man just accept instruction of veda and apply in day today life,then this yuga can also be a satyuga.so i simply request Agniveer ji to spread veda in all parts of the nation.

    • @dipshika: ithink bhagvat path is done for bhagvat puran and not bhagvat geeta.
      Bhagvatam(bhagvat puran) and bhagvat geeta are two seperate texts.But nevertheless veda is the ultimate authority as you rightly affirm

  • thank you for your reply.but i could not understand why other spiritual book such as Bhagvath Gita is being preached everywhere but not Veda,although we know that this book not a true spiritual book.coz many people say that if it is read by people without pious and religious, it can lead to a bad consequences.but in my opinion a true spiritual book cannot lead man to bad results,instead,it should uplift and make one’s mind liberal. So if a Book which is not religious at all can be preach everywhere, why not Veda which is the teacher of mankind. So i opine that you should spread the teachings of veda outside rather than only in website.because in India many of ordinary people do not search net,but since Bhagvath Path is done outside rather than in net,so they opt for Bhagvath Path instead of ved path.

  • thank you Ashish ji for understanding my opinion. Actually earlier i too didn’t have interest in spiritual books.i used to think that they should be read by elders who get retired from job to wash their sins. Then i got married to the family where Bhagavath Gita was considered Supreme.so i read the Book and found various mistake i.e the knowledge didn’t satisfy me. So i make vigourous search on the net about spiritual books and make a comparative study,and there i found your(agniveer.com) article, Manusmriti and women. I really appreciate that. Then my curosity increase and after that i used to read more of your article, and there i get interest in Veda,and its importance. Now i used to open your article 100 times a day to solve my problem.now my question is, if i can get interest in Veda,why others cannot!

    • I very surprisingly did not see you opposing Mac’s views supporting creationism as an alternative to evolution. Probably, you have a soft corner for creationism no matter how absurd that idea may be, and this explains that tacit approval of his views.

  • Some event like Agni veer is essitional for all human being, how to protect , & save our culture. Good activity. keep it up.

  • great!and keep it up. Sir i have a request.sir please can you establish a school where veda is compulsory,so that students can learn the treasures of veda.coz today’s upcoming students really need it.

    • The moment one speaks of veda bible and quran in the same breath; they show nothing but ignorance.One has to read them to make out the difference. Veda makes men grounded and principled and the other two are mythologies creating and feeding on the storngest weakness of uneducated men i.e fear of the unknown eternal afterlife.

      • Every one can read and understand you dont have to stand on a podium and start preaching “all hindus note..” it would be great if you just put across your view point.
        Coming to you point, as usual, i am not talking about mullah and christian groups or any one else. I am talking about YOU and always have been which you dont seem to get or dont want to get. I have been telling you to do a comparitive critical analysis of all 3 or at least 2 of these steams for your own sake, only and only then your views will be taken seriously as you would be able to talk in context, this you have been shying away from the very onset.you cannot expect people to fall prey to your baseless acquisitions

      • Filthy leftist Pseudo-Intellectual,
        People over here seem to be so much jealous of watching how Hinduism is rebuilding with all potential of the world not only in south Asia, but in entire world. The christian dummy intellectual or sophisticated evangelist should look into his own book & filthy rapist culture before talking about education.
        Was Jesus of Nazareth educated person himself? Jesus is said to have hold copy of Jewish Torah between his two hands. It looks like that Jesus revised only few errors that he gave in his last message like ,”There shall be not tooth for tooth from now onwards etc.”. It is obviously understandable that Jesus was nothing more than an Palestinian Jew (If he existed) & was not knowing anything more than carpentry & few magic tricks. That is why he was not knowing basic value of Pi=3.14
        Pi= Circumference of circle/diameter .
        But looks like that Jesus was not knowing basic mathematics,
        1 Kings 7:23 And he made a great metal water-vessel ten cubits across from edge to edge, five cubits high and thirty cubits round.
        Here professor Jesus took 10 cubits as diameter & 30 cubits as circumference . Guess what he was correct as 30/ 10 = Pi according to educated Jesus of Nazareth.
        First try to improve literacy level of your scriptures & Lord who were nothing more than ignorant & illiterate savages from middle east & Europe , then come here to preach importance of scientific education among we Hindus who have been most civilized & literate persons throughout human history be it scientific, literature, war or art field.

      • Mr. Vicjagz,
        this is to inform you that , atleast others have a decency to speak truth which they are seeing around them , nobody is saying here that Veda is the only Supreme text , what we are saying is understand the true history and religion and then make your understanding. I like the suggestion by Deepshika , India is a Democratic Secular nation , it doesn’t mean we have lost our right to practice and preach our Religion. I think what Deepshika want to say is try for Veda Classes as an alternative . Many Parents send there children to alternate classes and Summer Camps because they do not have the option of sending them to learn Veda, we are talking about just giving them the option ( that is only what you can give ). Another thing What Agniveer is doing would have seen impossible few years ago , however it is showing results because few people have the guts to change the situation instead of talking and forgetting.
        I think we should not lose hopes in people instead just present the true picture with valid reasons and let them decide.
        I conclude with “May this bring Peace to everyone everywhere and May truth Prevail”
        Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

      • are you admiting you are a fundamentalist? we dont make absurd claims like you abrahamic faiths do we just speak the truth and let people decide

    • Actually that’s possible. Vedic pathshala is an accepted form of school in education ministry, you can teach modern subjects in Vedic School. That is also explicityly allowed.
      I’ve done good amount of research because i’m in the process of starting one…
      Infact the students of such ‘Vedic’ school can get tested by NIOS from time to time for complying with mainstream education requirements….so that they can land up in “Engineering/Medical” 😉 eventually.

  • This creation from वीरेन्द्र खरे ‘अकेला’ well suit to Agniveer

    अगणित तलवारों पर अकेला ही भारी हूँ
    भाषा का योद्धा मैं क़लम-शस्त्रधारी हूँ

    ये मत समझे कोई शब्दों का छल हूँ मैं
    जीवन के कड़वे अध्यायों का हल हूँ मैं
    निर्बल-असहायों का गहराता बल हूँ मैं
    मानस को निर्मल करने वाला जल हूँ मैं
    सूर और तुलसी हैं मेरे संबंधीजन
    वाल्मीकि-वंशज, कबिरा का अवतारी हूँ
    अगणित तलवारों पर…

    दिग्भ्रमित समाजों के सारे भ्रम तोड़ूँगा
    एक भी विसंगति को जीवित कब छोड़ूँगा
    न्यायों के छिन्न-भिन्न सूत्रों को जोड़ूँगा
    शोषण का बूँद-बूँद रक्त मैं निचोड़ूँगा
    शुभ कृत्यों पर हावी होते दुष्कृत्यों को
    शब्दों से रोकूँगा, करता तैयारी हूँ
    अगणित तलवारों पर…

    ज़हरीले आकर्षण नयनों में पलते हैं
    देखूँगा ये कैसे मानव को छलते हैं
    सूर्य सभ्यताओं के उगते और ढलते हैं
    मेरे संकेतों पर युग रूकते-चलते हैं
    मानवता की रक्षा-हित निर्मित दुर्गों का
    मैं भी इस छोटा-सा कर्मठ प्रतिहारी हूँ
    अगणित तलवारों पर…

    लक्ष्य तो कठिन है पर जैसे हो पाना है
    भटकी इस जगती को रस्ते पर लाना है
    रावणों के मानस को राममय बनाना है
    एक नई रामायण फिर मुझको गाना है
    माँ सरस्वती मुझ पर भी कृपा किए रहना
    आपकी चरण-रज का मैं भी अधिकारी हूँ
    अगणित तलवारों पर…

    दुख के अँधियारों में मैंने काटा जीवन
    लगता है मुट्ठी, दो मुट्ठी आटा जीवन
    देने का तत्पर है प्रतिपल घाटा जीवन
    जैसा है सबकी सेवा हित बाँटा जीवन
    संघर्षों की दुर्गम घाटियाँ नियति में हैं
    हार नहीं मानूँगा, धैर्य का पुजारी हूँ
    अगणित तलवारों पर…

    • A meaningful poem in good Hindi, a rare literary activity.
      Thank you so much and request you to continues with this activity.

  • Great work Agniveer
    Let the truth of the beautiful faith Sanatan Dharma spread it s wing and soar with full force of clear humanity within it

  • Good to see that the minds behind this movement are fearlessly revealing their identities now. Its a good sign and will help the movement to gain momentum.

    Best wishes
    om shanti