India may be most dangerous place for women. This is only ‘secular’ nation where every neta, abhineta donates chaadars to an Ajmer Sharif Chisti who married a baby at age of 70 after killing her Hindu father, because Prophet ordered him to do so in dream.

As per official website of Ajmer Sharif, earlier Ajmer Sharif Chisti made his disciple murder a Hindu king and married his baby when he was 70.
Now after Agniveer exposed this pedophilia, the official site of Ajmer Sharif changed it to ‘disciple married his own sister to Ajmer Chisti’.

After Agniveer’s expose on pedophilia of an aged Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, the official site of Ajmer Sharif Dargah has now changed the story totally. The baby (young daughter) of a murdered Hindu Raja now becomes ‘sister’ of Khwaja’s disciple. Please circulate widely so that Hindus stop visiting this hub of Ajmer Sex Scandal (biggest sex scandal ever of India) run in glory of a spy of Muhammad Ghori.

Check twitter timeline embedded below for Agniveer drive that forced Ajmer Sharif to change its narrative.

Vedic Dharma is Aatma of the world. It has to stay. Forces of Ghazwa e Hind and Jihad that dream of victory over idolater Hindus are to be crushed. There are no ifs and buts. Sufi or Wahabi, anyone who says idolater will burn in hell is enemy.

Thanks everyone for supporting Agniveer drive that forced Ajmer Sharif to change its narrative, and hence expose the reality of Sufi tolerance. Please circulate and also tag the head of Ajmer Dargah committee.

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