On 22nd December 2012, Agniveer Bengal and Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society arranged an array of social work and public  outreach programs in co-ordination with the Jagaran Seva Sangh in Howrah, West Bengal. The occasion was a massive Jagran which was organized by the Jagaran Seva Sangh. Agniveer and JSWS used this massive public gathering as a proper place to deliver service to the people. The people mostly belonged to the socially lower strata of the society.

1) In the morning, a medical Camp was organized led by Dr. D. K. Roy and his team with a range of essential health checkup services including Eye-tests, Blood Sugar and pressure test, Hepatitis test etc. All these tests were done free of cost.

2) In the evening a Blanket Distribution event was organized keeping in mind the condition of the poor people in these areas in chilling winter. The people received good quality blankets.

3) As the people gathered there for Jagran, keeping that in mind, we organized a whole night uninterrupted “Akhand-Kirtan” which they enjoyed every moment of. For the whole night this Kirtan glued them in unity and devotion. Shri Sourabh Jhunjhunwala from JSWS was the Hon’ble chief guest for the whole event. Speaking to the crowd after receiving Honor from the Jagaran Seva Sangh , Sourabh Ji explained them the goal and future steps of Agniveer and JSWS and assured them that Agniveer will always be beside them in their sorrows and joys and constantly strive for their wellbeing in every prospects of their lives. Shri. Sanjib Das from Agniveer was the lead coordinator whose hard work and dedication made the event successful. His ground-level expertise had once again resulted in successful and orderly execution of the programs.

Shri Soumya Deep Chatterjee from Agniveer also visited the event where he met the people and urged them to join Agniveer and be a part of the movement. He presented the idea of setting up of a free “Computer Literacy Program” (for the poor students who can’t afford the same) and “Virtual Teertha” which was accepted wholeheartedly by the

(As reported by Soumyadeep)

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  • Akhand-Kirtan, or as a matter of fact any such religious ceremonies and rituals which keeps devotees occupied are injurious to the Sanatana Dharma, Buddha Dharma and Jaina Dharma. By the time you all are busy in those rituals and ceremonies, some of your sisters and brothers have already been converted into an alien religion in some states of India. These brothers and sisters are ignorant of the richness of the ancient Indian philosophies. They are carried away by the glamour and incentives offered to them by alien religions. If that much money and time is spent in educating such brothers and sisters in the Indian philosophies and providing them with physical and spiritual comforts, they may not go astray and remain loyal to their religion. So please accumulate all the assets from your temples, monasteries and sansthas and engage sincere religious teachers to impart true religious knowledge to the people across the length and breath of India. If you do not do this today, in 50 years time you will become a minority in your own country. Pardon me if my assumption is wrong.