I hear that we are facing the coldest winters in last 40 years. It seems temperatures and shamelessness have high statistical correlation. Each day brings news which make us hang our heads in more and more shame. And still we survive. Shamelessness and universe are indeed infinite, and I am not sure of the latter.

We started with the ghastly gang-rape in Delhi that exposed the naked reality of aam-aadmi, media, bollywood, politicians, government, police, society, culture and everything and how they form a grand drama company. And how Mohammad Afroz, 4 months less than 18 years, would be released within few days despite being the greatest monster of all rapists, who not only raped the victim several times, including when she was unconscious, but also tore her apart to take out her intestines by hand! I hear that one shameless lawyer even agreed to defend the rapists. Anything less than a brutal death sentence to all the monsters would be another rape of our sensibilities. But that seems to be unlikely. So more shamelessness awaits.

Then came the speech by a sitting MLA in Hyderabad where he openly abused and threatened to kill Hindus in 15 minutes if eunuch police is removed. Not only that, he went on to abuse India, Hindu gods and figures in most vulgar language. As reaction to this, the government and intelligentsia shamelessly shut their ears and started looking skywards putting blame on Hindu fundamentalists. He was arrested only after certain sections of society took serious exceptions to this insult of nation. But given the state of affairs, I don’t trust that any serious action would be taken against him. I doubt if he would be terminated from MLAship, put in trial for treason and inciting terrorism and be comprehensively probed for the terror links that emboldens him and his brother to openly promote hatred in this manner. And whether the ruling party would offer explanations and apologies for making such enemies of state their alliance partners. Lets await if current shamelessness was sufficient or more awaits our destiny.

And now comes the news of Pakistani soldiers encroaching upon the Indian territory and killing 2 jawans in an unprovoked attack. Not only that, they mutilated the bodies, cut the head of one jawan and took it back as a trophy. Reminiscent of pages from autobiography of Babur and biography of Akbar, where both these butchers would kill en-masse and make towers out of heads of dead men and women. Sometimes I feel we should all commit suicide than continue hanging our heads in such shame.

Our army is our greatest protector. Because a jawan is risking his life at the border, we are able to sleep in peace. And yet we are the greatest enemies of our brave jawans. We are more dangerous than the enemy across the border. As saints say – Enemy is within. Perhaps they were foretelling the fate of India!

Innumerable jawans have been sacrificed by us to cover up our impotency which we give a beautiful jargon – diplomacy. 

First we created an artificial monster called Pakistan by deliberately partitioning the India which has been our nation historically and geographically ever since the earth has been the way it is today. In process, we welcomed a mass carnage that is supposed to be among the largest carnages ever in world history. Only attacks of Akbar on Chittor, Ghazni in Delhi and a few more are comparable to this carnage of Hindus and Sikhs in name of religion. Then one leader among us took a fast unto death to gift these robbers 55 crore rupees. When there was attack from enemy, our own leadership made life of our jawans miserable.

The result was creation of Kashmir problem that has killed countless jawans since then to protect our impotency aka diplomacy. Several times the enemy has attempted to encroach our territory. Each time our army taught them a befitting lesson. Many an Abdul Hamids and Karam Singhs and Shekhawats happily gave their lives to protect the Bharat Mata. And each time we shamelessly lost the war that our army won for us! In each war, we eventually gave away the territory that was rightfully ours. We then went ahead to promote diplomatic ties.

He died, and we played cricket!
He died, and we played cricket!

The shamelessness reached a pinnacle during the Kargil war when the enemy once again infiltrated across the LOC. And we agreed to have hundreds of our jawans killed and injured to defend the weird diplomacy of not transgressing the LOC. We agreed to offer our jawans as guinea-pigs than simply surround the enemy from all sides without bothering about the Line of Control. After all, if we indeed take the LOC so seriously, even after the infiltration by the very enemy whom we are fighting, then why don’t we redraw the maps used in country to depict LOC rather than actual Kashmir border?

The fact is that LOC is a temporary arrangement on condition that no one will breach it to maintain peace. But once the enemy has breached it, there is no more any sanctity of the LOC left. One sided restraint at expense of lives of our own protectors is called cowardice. 

So shameless was our cowardice that we forgot very soon how Saurabh Kalia was not merely killed by Pakistani butchers aka army, but slowly mutilated to death. The way they enjoyed cutting various organs of Saurabh Kalia was literally as per certain radical Islam books which describe in detail how idol-worshippers will be cut to pieces in Hell.

But we love our diplomacy. So we were soon back to our bus diplomacy. We started Aman ki Asha and cricket diplomacy as well. We invited their musicians and singers and actors to work illegally in India, as if India is devoid of all talents and only legends across the border can fill the vacancies.

We agreed that sports and music should be seen separate from politics. So suddenly murder of our jawans was politics. The Kargil attack was politics. 26/11 was politics. All these bomb blasts happening around the country and linked to ISI and terrorists across the border was politics. Even the fact that Osama bin Laden was resting near Islamabad when finally killed, was also politics. Dirty politics.

And as good citizens, we should not stop playing with our neighbours just because they throw bombs on us and kill our family members. Since childhood, all I knew was that we play music or sports or dance or sing only with friends. We share our emotions only with friends. But perhaps I was wrong. In fact, father of rape victim should go and sing songs and dance with her rapists for Aman ki Asha!  After all he would be doing ‘dirty politics’ if he refused to play or dance with the enemies!

So we resumed the one-way transfer of liabilities. Pakistan continued to kill and terrorise us. And we continued to feed their people and talents at expense of our own. And as if the 26/11 was not enough, the threatening speech of Pakistan Interior Minister was not enough, that we heartily gave visa to Javed Miandad – whose son is married to daughter of the Most Wanted Terrorist in India – Dawood Ibrahim! After all we were in midst of a cricket diplomacy! 

And though this is no more a surprise with our enemy neighbours  today they once again infiltrated Indian domain without any provocation, and brutally murdered our jawans. Once again they took divine enjoyment in torturing our soldiers to death. There is a strong similarity in the description of tortures for idol-worshippers in certain texts of radical Muslims, the way Captain Saurabh Kalia was mutilated, the way Mohammad Afroz took out intestines of gang-rape victim in Delhi and the way the two jawans – Lance Naik Hemraj and Sudhakar Singh – were tortured to death.

And all this coming in backdrop of the threatening speech of Akbaruddin Owaisi smells of rise of militant Islam in India that has been ruining entire world. Not long ago, our brothers from North East were threatened across India. Then they were murdered in their homeland by Bangladeshi infiltrators. And the elder brother of Akbaruddin Owaisi, Asauddin threatened in Parliament that radical Islam will rise again. And then within 3 days, Mumbai burned under riots by radical Islamic forces. During the same time at least 24 anti-India TV channels were being broadcasted in India and some continue to be telecasted despite a ban. Preachers like Zakir Naik became more direct in insulting religious beliefs of the majority.

It seems that Asauddin was correct. A very planned and organized form of radical Islam is on uprise targeting India from within and outside. All these events seem to indicate that India is gradually coming under siege. The same forces that form the complete list of Most Wanted Terrorists of all civilised countries of the world (including Pakistan) are now tightening noose around India like never before. And they are being nurtured not merely by a fake sense of insecurity and injustice, but by a systematic brainwashing against idol-worshippers as worst creatures of the world. They are being taught that religion means enjoying to torture the polytheists. Hence, the crimes are committed not out of momentary rage or fear, but in a cold-blooded calculated manner. The perpetrators seem to be enjoying the torture of their victim and gruesomeness as witnessed in all these cases. Thus it indicates a very deeply embedded nurture of hatred that may take generations to combat.

Let us not misconstrue this radical Islam to do anything with the Islam that is followed by majority. It is just that due to historical, political and geographical reasons, this radicalization finds a safe haven in Muslim world. The definition of polytheist changes from country to country and time to time. In India, Hindus are the worst of creatures for radicals. In Pakistan, even Sufis and Ahmadiyas are not to be spared. During Muharram, the same radicalization leads to riots between Shias and Sunnis. It leads Zakir Naik to announce that all who worship dargahs are Kafirs. It does not stop there. These radicals take pride in destroying even the grave of their Prophet.

Thus, this evil radical Islam must not be associated with any civilized community or religion. It has no justification and is not even a reactionary force to any atrocity that ever happened. It is simply a sinister political supremacy game-plan that considers Arab as center of the world and legitimizes all means to achieve that dominance.

What is most ironical and shameful in case of India is that the political parties and leaders love their vote-bank more than they love their motherland. Thus they would soft-pedal on this issue of rise of radicalism. By linking any such act with some vague mythical Hindu fundamentalism, they are spreading this hatred among Muslim population at large. They are victimizing the peaceful Muslims who have to face the brunt of misdeeds of these radicals. And our jawans have to continue dying gruesome deaths to protect our impotency aka diplomacy.

If indeed some shame is left, India must stop being disrespectful to sacrifices of our brave jawans. Let us stop all this crap of Aman ki Asha and Cricket ties and Musical ties and cultural ties. India has enough talent within itself that it needs no import of talent from across the border. And you don’t make fun with enemies who continue to kill you and are not even remorseful of that. Let Pakistan first mend its ways and apologize for its crimes.

And since Pakistan is never in mood to do so, orders must be given to Indian army to avenge the death of its jawans. Now that the sanctity of LOC has been once again broken by enemy, we should do exactly the same thing that USA did upon Afghanistan after the 911.  Let us send a clear message, “Don’t mess with me.” India never attacks. But if attacked, it does not even spare.

Let us be responsible for all the jawans we recruit and even for the common man who fears a bomb blast every now and then. Let us start calling spade a spade. Let us admit the fact that almost all terrorists are hiding under name and banner of Islam. So let us work with liberal Muslim forces to ruthlessly weed out these terrorists from within India who are being nurtured by petro-dollars from Arab and Pakistan. Let people like Asauddin and Akbaruddin who threaten the majority be dealt with iron hand by throwing them in jail.

The politicians should start celebrating Abdul Hamids and Ashfaqs to gather votes of nationalist Muslims instead of tolerating terrorists.

And if our government and political parties refuse to show this potency, then the public must take things in their own hands. Just as it did not tolerate victimization of women in capital, it should not tolerate terrorization of politics and murder of our jawans.

If that does not happen, Agniveer’s shame would have no bounds. It would not even be able to gather courage to say Vande Mataram and Jai Hind when it knows that we, the people, are being the greatest culprits of our jawans who not merely say Vande Mataram and Jai Hind, but live and die for that.

But no, Agniveer will never shy away from Vande Mataram and Jai Hind. Agniveer undertakes a vow to do whatever it can to maintain the sanctity of these divine Mantras through worthwhile actions. We shall explore all means and methods that lead us to our goal – a proactive self-respecting Bharat that holds itself accountable for each drop of blood of its jawans. 

We hope we are joined with lots of Agniveers across all sections of society. But regardless of that, we are committed to redeem the sacrifices of Abdul Hamid, Saurabh Kalia, Lance Naik Hemraj, Sudhakar Singh and thousands others that is a debt over our existence.

This defines the only way that Agniveer can live without dying out of shame. 

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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Hindus of Pakistan ate suffering greatly. Agniveer please look into the plight of Hindus of Pakistan.
“A systematic ideological WARFARE against Hindus in Pak
Last updated on: January 14, 2013 23:29 IST”

rajendra Kanu
I am in total agreement with your views. What we need is to retaliate these brutal attacks and attack on Hindus. We must retaliate in defense of Hinduism, and motherland because present government is a traitor of the causes of the country. their motto is to promote all at the… Read more »

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dr vivek arya
आज फिर पटेल याद आ गए ओवैसी इस नाम से चंद दिनों पहले तक शायद ही कोई हैदराबाद अथवा आंध्र प्रदेश के बाहर परिचित था। परन्तु आज सबको मालूम हो गया हैं की ओवैसी के नाम से अकबरुद्दीन और असदुद्दीन वे दो भाई हैं जो मुस्लिम वोटों की खातिर इस… Read more »

How is it so that people of a country which has produced an atom bomb have to come to India for even a Liver Transplant???


Because healthcare is very expensive abroad, and the cost is cheaper in Asia, and India has facilities that can provide good healthcare.


Yaar, you didn’t get the point.
Q1. Why is it so that they think Atom-Bomb is more important than healthcare?
Q2. Islam will not allow body parts transplant. If Islamic Republic of Pakistan cannot have life saving practices held in Pakistan; then why do they support manufacture of atom-bombs?


Also check out “Photochor: The Truth About Pakistan’s Nuclear Program”


I though you were talking about the US.

Why the bomb? This article may shed some light “Pakistan’s Islamic Bomb” http://www.freeman.org/m_online/jul98/bodansky.htm


By the way, AGLI INDO-PAK SERIES KAB HAI??? (sic.)

“Hum doosronko chedna nai, agar chedetho chodanaa nie” is the Hindi saying of Swami Dayanand. These words are most effective when said in Hindi than read the English translation. But since my Hindi is poor I have translated into English. Discerning readers should post the exact words in Hindi.
” We should not provoke others. When provoked, we should not leave them” so said Swami Dayanand, the Nation-Saint of Bharath. Had this wholesome policy been followed, Pakistan would have existed in pages of history only by this time. But our leaders not known for their courage or patriotism are… Read more »
“We hope we are joined with lots of Agniveers across all sections of society”. How can you become technically Agniveer? I am sure thousands of people might share similar opinion as given on this forum but they are not organized. Is there any way to organize these people and lead… Read more »
I guess it depends on what people are interested in doing. I can’t speak for Agniveer. Maybe get together with people who read Agniveer articles and discuss them. Another simple thing to do if you follow different newspapers online is comment on articles you find are biased. Remember to respond… Read more »
Agniveer we must ask why this incursion now. There are several terrorist organizations operating out of Pakistan, and with the double game Pakistan is playing against Americans (pretending to be their ally while protecting the Taliban and others that the Americans are fighting), this may be about the Americans as… Read more »
Very unfortunately, the days of BM Kaul’s and “Yes, minister” officers have returned. The army is now being used to snoop on ex-army officers and the political opposition of the ruling disposition. The govt. would do well to redeploy the SIGINT corp to the NCR and state capital regions.
dr vivek arya
the best message is Chop 200 heads of paki soldiers after crossing LOC and decorate them as trophy in front of parliament of delhi to give strong message to pakistan. so that they will never mess up with us and even than they are not understanding our message than attack… Read more »
Arijit Nag

Vivek,Exactly 200 heads..
this no. of 200 was going through my head since last nite….
The ratio should be 1:100…If they kill 1 Indian ,We will kill 100 paki bastards


A great article some points are misleading and incorrect but overall view is very clear and i salute agniveer for their contribution to the country

yoginder Kwatra

Unku Subak Do 2 shhido k badly 20 do Nahi to sarkar s istifa do.


Blaming politicians only goes so far. Who elects them? The people do. If we want politicians who are better than we have to elect better people. And while they are in office the people need to voice their concerns to the politicians about steps that they take that seem wrong.


To hell with DEMOCRACY !!!!

It is the best form of government there is though not without issues. All others forms are worse. “Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said… Read more »

I request not to quote Churchill.He is directly responsible for the 1943 Bengal famine which killed more than 4 million Indians.For him a brown man’s life isn’t worth to live.He’s equal to Hitler.


I disagree.Would you take sermons from Hitler.I don’t.

I understand your sentiment. When I quoted Churchill it was not because I think he was a good man. He was a racist and a bigot and as imperialistic as any of his generation. But sometimes he said things that are true and said them well or better than others… Read more »
Mr.sufi In ancient India though a ruler or king ruled,democracy was practiced.Ruler implemented the policies that were made by the likes of Chanakya.For them people came first.In present situation an average Indian is worried about his next meal not about next government.Who ever gives him next meal gets his vote.But… Read more »
Aww. Come on !!!!! Today the whole world is shouting DEMOCRACY ! it has demon in it u know ! people dont vote for the deserving one, they vote for the one who is popular or the one with whom they are scared ! take an example, if an able… Read more »
It is the best form of government there is though without issues. All others forms are worse. “Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that… Read more »

Great article Agniveerji.
No doubt these rabid dogs owaisi, putting behind bars or sern to pakistan, like 1948 when nizam was kicked out, job incomplete as they should have finished and expelled all razakars.
A new resurgence againstg the new ‘aurangzebs’ is required, there may be trouble, but better it is done.

mei ye kahan chati hu ke hamari sarkar itni nikami hai ke chahe andruni masla ho ya ye ab pakistan nne kiya ho soft bane hue hai ek sakht kadam uthane ke jagah polite bane hai int ka jawab pathar hona chahiye. aaj mene suna mr.Bharat verma ne kaha ke… Read more »
Read today’s “The Hindu” & you will feel as if its edited by a Jehadi but not by S Vardarajan(as they say a commie is equal to a Jehadi, may be worse that that). They defended the rioters of Dhule & Akbaruddin in various articles of todays edition & very… Read more »

They write such idiotic articles because they think no one will say anything. So instead challenge them and speak up in the comment section.

@Arun Well, there is no gurantee if they going to publish my comments or the author will reply to my comments then, there action will be taken. They’re not honest. But you might also know that fooling & misinforming people by MSM now is not that easy as it use… Read more »
There is no guarantee, but first most of the time if one uses civil language to express dissent it gets through. Secondly it matters that people be active and respond whether or not there is a guarantee of their response getting through. Regarding that article that cunningly blames only Hindus,… Read more »

If there is a comment section, then let them know about how absurd his article is.


Further division is not going to serve any purpose…..no not at all

Pakistan is a failed state, and failed idea. It cannot even create a land for Indian Muslims that treats them all as one and is harmonious among all Muslim groups. There are ethnic tensions among Muslims there (Sindhis versus Punjabis, versus Pashtuns, versus mohajirs, etc…) and Muslim religious sectarian violent… Read more »

yes true…there is no unity ! it is a failed state, undoubtedly . I have interacted with pakis and they least care abt that….most of them are not even loyal to their own religion forget being loyal to their country.


It will weaken Muslims. Peace can happen only when Islam cease to exist.

I think u r going on the lines of Humanity and religion haters such as varun gandhi and akbaruddin….period..! pity on ur thinking…! talk abt nation, talk about their problems….not abt religion …pakistan is not the only islamic country in the world , so dont talk abt islam talk abt… Read more »
As some one said on twitter “Kashmir is NOT the issue,existence of Pakistan is..” I agree with him.Its high time to split Pakistan into 4 pieces.We already have the plan only political will is needed which the whole country is searching for decades.We don’t have to worry about the West… Read more »
After reading this article, I question myself being Indian….I agree with these thoughts. Absolutely, I am also muslim and I hate those people who fight and causes harm to vulnerable people in the name of religion be it hindu, Muslim or any group. Haters are to be hated …thats it.… Read more »

very persuasive


Thank you for being united with your fellow Indians.


Meditate and I will meet you in your mind.Just think about me,and contact me.Contact first person who comes in your mind irrespective of location on Globe.We are on blood.No one is born Arya,we are same blood.


When will we learn from the Americans and the Israelis? It is plain demoralizing not only for the forces but also for the population in general.


Learn what exactly? After fight the Taliban for eleven years the US is looking to make the Taliban peace partners and allow them to run for elections. Israel in the hopes of peace completely exited Gaza, but instead Gaza became the land from which radical Hamas launches missiles.

Learning to fight back, what else. They have their own compulsions in doing what they are doing. They always keep their national interests at the back of their mind when formulating policies. Forget not, the Israelis always respond with preponderant force to acts of violent transgressions. And we all know… Read more »
They fight sometimes but they also are appeasing too and making nice to the very people trying to kill them. Israelis strike when they can’t take any more thousands of rockets reigning down on them. But they put up with lots of rockets first. One should look towards them with… Read more »
The simple point is they respond with ferocity and make their enemies pay for their misdeeds. They never let the perpetrators go unpunished. And that is the bottom line of the story. Why can’t we emulate their example and go for hot pursuit? This is not the first time that… Read more »