Argument 1: Two wrongs don’t make a right. If Babur destroyed a temple that does not mean you should destroy a mosque.

1. This argument started only in 2003, after Archaeological Survey of India provided definite proof of a temple under the Babri structure. Before this, the argument was that Babur never ever destroyed any temple! Babur was a saint before 2003.

2. This argument is normally given by those who have been ‘historically’ weak in aptitude – read ‘secular historians’ and ‘secular writers’ et al. Sometimes I feel that before arguing with such people, both sides should first give an aptitude test to assess minimum intellectual threshold. The reason is that this is one of the most flawed reason one can give to argue such points, and yet is persistently used by these ‘intellectuals’. Continue reading to know why.

3. This argument ASSUMES a-priori that destruction of a monument of a pedophile rapist mass-murderer is wrong. But that is what we are arguing! Unless one can prove why it is wrong, how can you ASSUME it to be wrong to begin with!

4. Any person who has studied maths even till elementary level without cheating, would know that why two wrongs, any number of wrongs will only make wrong and never make a right. If you add several negative numbers, it will always yield a larger negative number. So there is nothing unique about this argument unless these ‘intellectuals’ have always faltered to choose where to ‘add’ and where to ‘multiply’!

5. Those who have studied maths till Class 12 have definitely studied mathematical induction. Its a simple logical concept which we shall apply here:

This is argument of secular intellectuals:
Event 1: ‘Babur destroyed a temple’ was wrong.
Event 2: ‘Babri symbol of shame was destroyed’ is also wrong.

The logic is that ‘Event 1 + Event 2’ don’t make a Right event. So Event 2 should not happen simply because Event 1 has already happened.

This is its extension as per induction:
Now fact is that even Event 2: ‘Babri symbol of shame was destroyed’ has also ALREADY happened.

So Event 3: ‘Criticism of Event 2 or destruction of Rama Lala temple’ is ALSO wrong by same logic!

Even if Event 2 was wrong, secular intellectuals should not condemn it because then they would be doing another wrong ‘Event 3’.

To extend it further, come what may happen as future events, they should never complain or oppose because Two Wrongs don’t make a Right!

In essence, what this logic means is that whatever has happened is bygone. One should never condemn it or criticize it because condemnation or criticism will not make it right.

So if I loot belongings of a ‘secular intellectual’, he should not retort or even complain. After all two wrongs don’t make a right! I loot again and again he should not retort. I keep looting and then ask my future generations to keep looting his future generations and continue doing so for 1000 years and still he should never complain!

In summary, if at all these ‘secular intellectuals’ believe in principle of ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’, and believe certain events like destruction of Babri Masjid or demanding for destruction of other monuments built by dacoits to be wrong, they should simply always keep their mouths SHUT to honor their own argument! They flout their own logic by breaking their silence!


Argument 2: Babri monument had historical value because it was old. So destroying it was wrong.

1. If Babri monument had historical value because it was old, even the existing Ram Lala temple has at least some historical value. So even it should be preserved.

2. By this logic, every thing in past has an historical value. If I punch on face of such a historian, he should preserve the injury mark to maintain its historical value.

3. If the argument is that Babri Masjid being older has more historical value, then the temple beneath it has even more historical value. And hence from historical standpoint, Kar Sewaks did a great job!

4. By this logic monuments should also be built or those sites should also be declared heritage sites where Mumbai attacks happened (Taj, CST) and call them ‘Kasab Dhaam’. In fact all places where terrorist attacks have happened in history should be turned into heritage sites in name of those terrorists.

Argument 3: So many innocents were killed due to violence and riots after the destruction of Babri Masjid. How can one justify such an act then which caused death of so many innocents?

1. Another beauty of logical fallacy. Perhaps aptitude training should be compulsory from early childhood to prevent situations where responsible people lack this critical faculty. In this case, a deliberate cause-effect relationship is being created.

2. Riots happened because there was section of anti-nationals who considered a criminal like Babur as their role model and not because a structure was demolished in far-flung Ayodhya. And then it only shows the following:

a. Our security forces are ill-equipped to handle notorious gangs. Or perhaps there are insiders involved to immobilize security forces.
b. Our media and communication channels are irresponsible enough to not ensure that people do not defend a self-confessed criminal like Babur.
c. Our education system and policies are misguided to nurture supporters of criminals.

3. By this logic India should gift Kashmir to Pakistan because of the killings happening in the valley. They should create Bodoland, Gorkhaland, ULFA Land, Mao Land and all other lands to ensure innocents are not killed!

4. In brief, this is the logic of spineless devoid of moral standing. Because if this not be so, then it simply means ‘Jiski Laathi Uski Bhains’ – My buffalo because I have the stick! If I threaten to create disruption, then everyone should listen to me. And if someone else becomes even more threatening then he should be listened. This is only a recipe of Jungle Raaj not civilized living which is based on principles and not whims of few fanatics.

5. In any case, we do not defend any violence. Given the grip of political-media-fanatics mafia that we know today, definitely we would not have supported the destruction to happen and hence cause suffering to many innocents due to foolish mindsets of many key persons who tend to relate unrelated things to justify their passiveness. But that does not mean that destruction in itself was a reason for violence. It was only a scapegoat for violence.

6. Further, bygones are bygones. If Babur’s loots, rapes and destruction still merit his place on cover of history text books, why victimize Kar Sewaks!

7. If you say that destruction of an anti-Islamic mosque was the cause, I can give better reason that refusal of sickulars to accept that Babri Masjid was not a mosque was the actual cause leading to violence. A symbol of mockery of Islam created by a blot in name of Islam was defended as icon of Islam causing all this hatred and violence. So those who defend Babri Masjid in any manner are the actual instigators of violence and guilty in eyes of Islam. (Babur built this mosque in name of Babri – his homosexual lover. He also admits to killing huge number of innocents in his autobiography. Homosexuality and killing of innocents are grave crimes as per Islam)

So instead of condemning an unrelated event, condemn the actual violence. Let us proclaim that regardless of whatever event happened in past, those who harm innocents in any manner are offenders and must be dealt with iron hands.


Argument 4: But then it was mosque. How can you hurt sentiments of millions of Muslims?

1. If I name myself as Rashtrapati, I do not become President of India. Babri Masjid was only a namesake mosque. Since Babur was not a Muslim in first place (refer and even if he was, he was only worse than Ajmal Kasab or Osama Bin Laden (Babur killed more innocents than these terrorists by his own admissions. Refer the previous link), so any structure created by him is nothing more than a structure of national shame. To call such a structure a mosque is in fact an insult to all the nationalist Muslims of India and humanist Muslims across the world who believe only in peace and brotherhood.

2. Some may say that Muslims used to worship there and hence it was a mosque. This is even more frivolous logic. The Muslims who support worshipping in Babri Masjid could belong to two categories: first are those who do know about Babur. This is government’s failure to not been able to educate them about reality of Babur. The good Muslims would definitely hate to be associated with Babur once they know his disgusting reality.

The other category is those of miscreants. They are anti-nationals and should be dealt with iron hand. Tomorrow they may support financing a mosque in name of Osama Bin Laden or Nadir Shah or Mahmud Ghazni! Such fanatic perverts are fit to be in Somalia or Afghanistan but not in India.

3. Sentiments of ALL the nationalist and humanist Muslims would be elevated when they are dissociated from such terrorists like Babur. Already Kasabs and Osamas have done a lot of damage to pride and image of these good Muslims. They should now be relieved of being made scapegoats by associating them with every historical criminal of the world.

Argument 5: By your logic, then all structures created by Muslim rulers should be destroyed. Eye for eye only makes you blind.

1. Another example of foolish logic. Who is taking eye for eye here? Who is killing innocent Muslims or destroying their places of worships or looting their homes?

2. Structures created by Muslim rulers (they were namesake Muslims and not really Muslims by the way) fall in two categories:

a. Structures like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Fatahpur Sikri, Jama Masjid etc which were actually old Indian structures that were captured by these terrorists from West Asia. These looters had nothing to do with art and architecture and they merely had Quranic verses inscribed on these structures to make them their own property and fool even fellow Muslims. All these structures should be rightfully proclaimed by their original names and any associations with criminals like Akbar, Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb should be lawfully removed.

b. Structures like mosques at Kashi Vishwanath, Mathura and thousand of other temples which were created only to denigrate Hindus and destroy existing culture. I disagree completely with VHP, RSS and BJP that only Ram Mandir should be given or only Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi should be restored. Because I believe that these structures are NOT Hindu-Muslim issue. There is nothing Hindu-Muslim about it. These are national issues and ALL these structures represent insult for our national sovereignty and independence.

More than Hindus, they are symbols of shame for Muslims because such structures club Muslims with misdeeds of these terrorist rulers who were political perverts and had little to do with seeking Ultimate.

Thus, in interest of national pride, ALL THESE STRUCTURES SHOULD BE DEMOLISHED. Agniveer is bound to put all efforts to reach that stage in future. And ideally it would have these structures peacefully destroyed by MUSLIMS to restore them the self-respect they deserve for being Indian and being Humans. There is no element of religion about it. And if your associate religion, it is the noble Muslims whose nationalism,peacefulness and dignity is offended by existence of such architectures of shame created by pervert anti-Islamic rulers that are wrongly hailed as having anything to do with Islam.

Argument 6: We should have a hospital built in Janmabhoomi area instead of temple or mosque.

1. I respect the sentiments but then hospitals can be built in a lot of other areas. Why only in Janmabhoomi. But yes, if hospital is best thing to be built here because it is more useful than a temple or mosque, then even mosques at Kashi Vishwanath, Mathura and other structures should also be destroyed and let us have hospitals everywhere.

2. I ask the naughty secularists who give this argument that how many of them would be willing to go into a rented place and convert their homes into a nursing home or a hospital? All people giving such free advice should first set such an example. Also would they justify replacement of all heritage places like Raj Ghat, Shanti Van, India Gate, Shakti Sthal etc also to be converted into hospitals so as to be more useful for society? Let them raise a national issue on these first and then discuss Janmabhoomi. After all these places are less ‘historical’ than site of Janmabhoomi as per oldness!

3. I personally believe the real Mandir or temple to be built at Janmabhoomi would be by converting this place into a center that would ensure that no Babur is able to cause such a destruction ever again in future. That would be the real Puja of the character of Ram. So:

a. A high-quality Vedic research center should be built there where scholars can research and bring out gems of Vedic wisdom in all fields of life for the world. This would go a long way to spread the religion of Shri Ram all across the world. And let us encourage participation of Muslims in this Vedic research center as students and researchers to showcase Muslims in proper light.

b. A high-quality Kshatriya training center to train our next generations in both Shaastra Vidya (Vedas) and Shastra Vidya (Self-defense) should be created to have a cadre of trained Kshatriyas to safeguard the nation, Dharma and society from present and future Baburs for ages to come. In short, let us ensure that true followers of Ram and Pujaks of Hanuman emerge from this Ram Mandir.

Argument 7: There is no way to prove that Ram was born here. Why then be fussy about a small piece of land?

1. Another red-herring. As I said, it is immaterial if Ram was born here or somewhere else. That would be impossible to prove because even archaeological evidences of that age is impossible to get. But the point is that there is no doubt that Babur was a terrorist much worse than Osama Bin Laden and that he created a structure in Ayodhya. Even if no temple would have been found below Babri Masjid erected in memory of Babur’s male sex-partner Babri, still the structure would have deserved being demolished.

2. It is no more a question of a piece of land. It is a question of self-respect for all Indians. Since Ayodhya is associated with Shri Ram, it would be greatest assertion of self-dignity if this structure by a sex-maniac terrorist is replaced by a monument dedicated to the greatest role-model for all Indians – Shri Ram – who was a symbol of compassion, bravery and character (the antithesis of Babur).

Argument 8: One should respect the judgment of the Court and not take law in hands.

1. While I agree that Courts should be complied with to maintain discipline in society, that does not mean that anything that court utters has to be RESPECTED. Respect cannot be enforced. One can FOLLOW what court says, but emotions like RESPECT and LOVE are simply beyond any coercion. So all one can do to earn RESPECT is to set right personal examples and systems. The efficiency, transparency and efficacy of judicial system alone can be determinants of RESPECT.

2. Courts are run by humans and there is no way to prove that only the most brilliant brains go into the legal profession. In fact if one sees the status of legal system in India, there are hardly other systems one can think of which has more inefficiencies. Further, going by the education system of India, it is unlikely that only the best brains have been choosing the legal profession. The reverse may be perhaps true. So to claim that judgment of court is the final word of human wisdom would be extremely naive. And that is exactly why there are so many levels of courts to minimize errors.

3. So for example stupid decisions like trying to unnecessarily push homosexuality down our throats for frivolous reasons, or justifying vulgar photos in newspapers because there is also a ‘children section’ just below the ‘Adult section’ to provide ‘Wholesome’ entertainment only provides glimpses of the thought-process of many of our judges. Shanti Bhushan just gave a list of 8 corrupt judges and no one dared to book him! All these suffice to show lacunae in our judicial legal system.

4. Courts keep overruling their own judgments. So while one should comply with court as a matter of discipline in larger society, that does not mean Court can be considered a right authority to teach us what is right and wrong. In fact, to my view, existing Court setup is not the right authority to deal with such sensitive and holistic issues.

5. And if Court be indeed the right authority, I fail to understand what prompted these ‘law-abiding’ forces to overrule Supreme Court in Shah Bano case?

6. The only right point in this argument is perhaps that one should not get into violence and harming innocent people in any situation. Beyond that, only Ishwar is the greatest judge and these human judges stand nowhere close to that Supreme Judge. Our lives should be governed by the inspiration of that Supreme Judge alone and no other human.

To summarize, sickular arguments on this issue are completely baseless. One also has to admit that even the supporters of Ayodhya Movement – VHP, RSS, BJP – failed to rightly convey the true character of Babur among masses and unnecessarily led it to become a Hindu-Muslim issue. In reality, there is nothing Hindu-Muslim about this issue. Its a national issue for everyone alike. In fact a Babri masjid or a mosque at Mathura/ Kashi is much more demeaning to Muslims than Hindus because it brackets them with terrorists.

I do not know what the Court’s judgment would be on this issue. If it is in favor of destruction of Babri Masjid and construction of a center dedicated to Shri Ram, I welcome it. If it is not, all right-minded nationalist forces should unite together, bring all sections of population together, move forth towards consolidation of our votes, not be distracted by forces with ulterior motives, enter the parliament with thumping majority and then pave the way for destruction of all symbols of national shame by including nationalists from all religions and replacing them with centers of tolerance and humanism in a constitutional manner.

Krinvanto Vishwamaryam

(Lets make the world noble)

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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babri masjid demolition is national pride since babri masjid was symbol of slavery.the people who call it national shame are those who are non indian who put fatwa on vande mataram who supports kashmir sepretists or support maoists who are real threats to national secularism.Rama is the culture of india… Read more »


the suffix -et in Swedish just signifies the word ‘berg’ in definitive form.

Berg (a mountain; hill or rock)

Berget (the mountain; hill or rock)


Oh dear, how did Sri Ram reach little Sweden?

Berg in Swedish translates to mountain; hill or rock.



Babri Lovers, read this too.

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SICKULAR MEDIA the ENEMIES OF HINDUS like Times of India, NDTV and magazines like Outlook, Frontline, are spewing venom against the court verdict (which was fair) now they are saying that this Judgment was based on Faith, even when there is enough evidence that Babri Masjid was built on Temple… Read more »
Indian Agnostic
Brother Sameer If you rationally analyze the overnight changed stand of the sickular media , you’ll find that this renewed effort from their side was but inevitable The sickulars are tied together – sickular historians, sickular media persons and sickular politicians..The court verdict based on authenticated nad reauthenticated ASI findings… Read more »

Here are many proofs that ayodhya was always the birth place of Lord Shri Ram.

I just wanted to know if Hindu’s staying in Pakistan & Bangladesh have similar rights or not? Can they go to the court of law and demand as a right to rebuild temples that were destroyed in the respective countries? Even if they can, would they be allowed to live?… Read more »

Shall we also bring back the immolation of wives when their husbands die?

Indian Agnostic
why wait sir ..let me start with a historical example Kaushalya , the mother of Rama never committed Sati and much later even Kunti , the mother of Pandavas did not commit sati. may be we have to move a bit more forward ..maybe the time when devout ghazis invaded… Read more »

I thought Hindus would be a little bit careful about spreading falsehoods about Muhammad. How many times do your religious texts mention having sex or gangraping mothers and sisters?

Indian Agnostic


are you talking about Adam & Eve OR the prophet and his daughter-in-law Zainab

you silly ..they were not Hindus 😉

Raja Bhoja organized his armies to attack Mahmud Ghaznavi who had invaded Somnath. Ghaznavi fearing the powerful army of Bhoja retreated via the desert of Sindh to avoid a clash (reported by Turkic author Gardizi as Hindu padishaw Parmar Dev) with the Hindu king and lost many of his men.… Read more »


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Jai Sri Ram. Muhammad ka ho gaya kaam tamaam

anyone interested in knowing about the complete / real mohamMAD, please indicate your emails. He was affested by TLE (temporal lobe epilepsy) or mirgi, having fantacies. he was a highway robber, he was a mass murderer, he was a rapist, he was a sex maniac having sex with most of… Read more »

well said..


to mr 3x
well said about muhaaMAD


Wow – I thought Hindus would be a little bit careful about spreading falsehoods about Muhammad. How many times do your religious texts mention having sex or gangraping mothers and sisters?


Well Tony you our nay of us can not change the fact..
How do you expect peace & brotherhood from a religion which is base dis on violence & hatred???

Based on the archaeological evidence presented before it, a team of historian comprising R.S.Sharma, M. Athar Ali, D.N. Jha and Suraj Bhan reached the following conclusions: · There is no evidence to suggest that prior to the 16th century was there any veneration attached to Ayodhya as the birthplace of… Read more »
Advani And there is no proof that Muhammad ever lived! There are no proofs of his flying donkey and journey to Allah’s seventh heaven, no proof of splitting of moon, no proof of Adam and Eve, no proof of Quran to be word of God etc etc. There is no… Read more »
yeah me

wat about your soma juice, can u prove it coward, IM AGAIN CHALLENGING U FOR A DEBATE, accept it or admit the defeat , see how your hindus make fool of themselves

yeah me I questioned the existence of Muhammad and not your last prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani. Did you read the comment of Advani just above my comment? My comment was in response to him and not for Qadiyanis. Regarding debate, I have already started it by asking you, why… Read more »
yeah me

lol, i know all ur tricks, i ve observed all ur tricks after i defeated u, u cannot defend anything and then u start abusing and insulting other religions. be a man and debate me.
i ll wait for ur comments

yeah me Another question for you! Why is it necessary to believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani as your last prophet in addition to Allah in order to get Jannat? If you want to clear your stand on Muslim/Qadiyani again, please do it. Lets decide who you are, Qadiyani or… Read more »
yeah me
i ll definately answer ur questions, but in coz u cannot delete the comments there and they ll not delete the comments let everyone see your foolishness and u dont even know that qadiyanis does not reject hadiths, and just calling truthofhinduism team the qadiyanis, even if they are… Read more »

Please see the truth brother, Muhammad was a pedophile and he used to have sex with 6 year old kids. Is this what you want? To sell your 6 year old child to a pedophile. See if you want to do this then its okay, but not us. sorry.

Mughalistan (or Mughalstan) is the name of an independent homeland proposed for the Muslims of India. This Mughal-Muslim state in the Indian subcontinent will include all of North India and Eastern India, and will be formed by merging Pakistan and Bangladesh through a large corridor of land running across the… Read more »

Superb piece of Article….very well written…

Amit Chopde

Good Job,
It is a great reaserch.
We all should educate the people by spreading such a articles.
Long live AYODHYA.


Well done! Please visit and read the posts by Koenraad Elst and others on the same subject. The BMAC provided pitiable “evidence” and backed out when the logic and evidence provided was overwhelming and inescapable. The all-pervasive, vindictive, spiteful and biased ELM backed by our Marxist “eminent historians” have… Read more »

Very wel defined.. very good job..

Abdul Raheem
Agni Veerji, Very nice story narrated, you should come up with some more fairy tales like this for the Kids, keep up the work. & also have a suggestion, you should use all your creativity and talent for the development of the Poor people and uneduacted, i am sure you… Read more »

What i knew about the reaction of a typical dumb muslim that follows kuran rather than logic is proved by wht u just misused the internet for.

Why not stay out of intelligent articles and pray 20 times in a mosque?

Originally Babur himself belongs / born to a non-Islamic tribe called Barlas in Uzbekistan which was of Mongol origin, had embraced Turkish culture after converting to Islam. Babur a Mongol (Mughal in Persian) was thrown away from his dynasty by his own blood related uncles. Then he crossed Hindu Kush… Read more »
“A tower of infidels” skulls was erected on the hill on the northwest side of Chanderi” These are some of the gems from Baburnama. He despised everything in Hindustan except its abundant wealth which he looted, killed the infidels. His Commander/General destroyed the Grand temple of Lord Rama and built… Read more »
Raja Krsnan

And That Happens ONLY in Semetic Religions – mainly Islam & Christianity.

Indian Agnostic

@Abdul Raheem bro,

Thank you for acknowledging that you have nothing substantial or logical to say against this article.

not that this is the first time you are doing so 😉


@Abdul Raheem
Where is the story?


BRILLIANT.It’s after a long time that i have read someone who has put up a defense of the Hindu society in such a logical,rational manner.
Thank You very much!


Archaeological excavations by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1970, 1992 and 2003 in and around the disputed site have indicated a large Hindu complex existed prior to the Babri structure.

Raja Krsnan

islamic records themselves confirm that most of the mosques were built on the same foundations on which previously temples were there. In spite of all these hard truth staring at them, they still continue to deny these. a typical islamic habit.



Raja Krsnan
its true that it is shaped like a boobs, but islam is not the one to originate it. rather there cannot be any origination from islam. they are more concerned with other worldly matters which have no significance for a religious life – murder, loot, rape etc. one need not… Read more »
Seshadri Rajagoplan

Thanks is a small word for your services to the Hindu cause. Your articles is essentially a balm to the wounds inflicted by Islam from 1400 years to this day.

I want to pray at the Ram Sannidhi in the Ayodhya Temple in the nearest future to my heart’s content


Yupp…For now,these efforts shall be useful…We are immensely hurt by these islamists and secularists…But soon,we would really need to awake from our state of passivity and enter the battle grounds with these abhramic demons.

Sanjeev Verma
No problem with Babri demolition but there is no need for temple there. Instead money collected should be used for the improvement of our tribal brothers/sisters living in the tribal belt. Ram is our national hero and we need to follow into his footsteps instead of building temple on his… Read more »
Raja Krsnan
1000s of crores of rupees have been set aside in the budget by the central government. in the last 6-7 years so much thrust was on tribal development. what happened to those – the initiate taken and the money allotted? all that i can say is initiative was taken to… Read more »

Excellent Agniveerji,

Indian Agnostic

Agniveer Ji,

Superbly articulated!

Hope this helps the fallacious sickularists reclaim their sanity


Excellent hbr,thanks for putting this.


I would also like to bring in this case where the court ruled saying that it can’t interfere in the matter of religion and faith…
always its not just that only the minorities get to practice their religion…

Indian Agnostic

You hit it on the head bro!