Q – Why clay from prostitutes is used in Durga Puja?

A – This is custom only in Bengal. Probably Kumartoli. But a good custom. The concept behind it is derived from Balivaishwadeva Yajna – a daily Yajna dedicated specifically to even sinners and neecha Yonis.

The idea is that even a sinner or Neech Yoni is suffering the present circumstances out of Karma Phal. But the soul is pure. And even we can face such situations tomorrow.
Most women in prostitution do not take the profession as a choice but a compulsion. As a society, we must respect the soul inside and not sideline our family members because they are trapped today. We must proactively pray for well-being of all and respect the soul within all, that is driven by Eeshwar.

Prostitution was another ugly side of invasions of middle ages where women were prime target. Our myopic wrong interpretation of Dharma sidelined lots of innocent women as prostitutes. Someone wise started this custom to remind us of our stupidity and failure to protect our women. And tell us that tomorrow even our families can face the same if we do not mend our ways.

This is supposed to be a reminder that we need to make Durgas out of brothels of today – by taking steps to bring out women from such traps and give them a life of dignity. Over years, like with all Hindu customs, we forgot the essence, and carried on with ritual.

Yes, this ritual is a reminder that we need to destroy the prostitution racket that can suck in even our own daughters tomorrow. (Daughter is called Maa in Bengal).
This also comes straight from Manu Smriti that recommends society to adopt women without creating ruckus over their chastity like we do today. It says, “Even a polluted woman gets pure if accepted by a pure husband.”

Its a clear indication that every eye that casts a dirty glance on woman like Mahishasur must be gouged out. Every one involved – directly or indirectly – in forcing women in flesh trade must be hung upside and thrashed till his mortal body needs no more thrashing (Yajurveda 23).

Jai Ma Durga
Sanjeev Newar

Addendum 1 : As someone pointed out, the clay is used to make idols of Mahishasur. If this be true, it further emphasizes that Hinduism considers the prostitute as victim, but prostitution racket as Rakshas.

2. Read my comment on origin of Sonagachi* – the largest prostitution racket of India. How it started, who it is named after to understand this post better. If someone translates in English, will update the post with that detail.

Q: Is this your personal perspective or is it from the scriptures or from someone’s commentary?
A: All three.

भाई, आपने जो लिखा वो सत्य है। किंतु भाव यह है कि वेश्या से मिट्टी ली जाती है। उस से भले ही महशसुर बनता हो, क्योंकि वेश्यावृत्ति राक्षसी कार्य है। किंतु वेश्या के प्रति संवेदना का भाव होता है। संसार जानता है सोनगाछि कैसे बना। वहाँ ज़बरदस्ती महिलाओं को लाकर बैठाया गया। समाज डरपोक था, ग्लानि में जीता रहा। कुछ दल्ले बन गए। सोना ग़ाज़ी नाम के हिंदुओं के हत्यारे के नाम पर सोनगाछि का नाम है। ब्रिटिश सैनिकों और गाजियों के हवस को शांत करने के लिए कुछ ग़द्दार हिंदुओं ने यह पाप शुरू किया था। बाक़ी समाज मूक हो के देखता रहा। संभवत इसीलिए किसिने यह प्रथा बनाई ताकि इन महिलाओं से हवस छोड़ कर भी कोई तार समाज से जुड़ा रहे और कोई इस पाप को दूर करने के लिए आगे आए। लेकिन हमने तो इसे दुनिया के टॉप हवस के अड्डों में अंकित करवा दिया। मेरा बचपन माला पाड़ा में गुज़रा है, बचपन से दुर्गा पूजा, सरस्वती पूजा के पंडाल, मूर्ति लगाता आया हूँ। हमको मालूम है जन्नत की हक़ीक़त लेकिन ….

जो कोलकाता से परिचित नहीं हैं, उन्हें बता दूँ – सोनगाछि मालापाड़ा से उतना ही दूर होगा जितना कसाई का हाथ शिवाजी की तलवार से।

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  • I read somewhere that when a man enters the house of a Prostitute ,he leaves all good qualities of a human , at the door of the brothel ,thus the soil at door of brothel is holy.This may be another version of explanation !!!!!!!

  • sir,when i debate with my friends that caste system was brought in or made rigid by britishers and we had varna system which was not decided by birth,,,they question me howcome casteism is practice in remote areas like my own village where britishers hardly had any influence???i havnt read ur book which i will definitely read in future..id would be helpful if u could explain briefly

    • Rahul, Namaskar. I do not have answer to your question but you might want to listen to Rajiv Malhotraji on Youtube. I is like Sanjeev Newar – operating in a different way – but addressing similiar issues