Everything you wanted to know about Life, Purpose, God and Karma but were confused!

Everything you wanted to know about Worship, Caste, Religion, Heaven, Hell, Science, Spiritualism but were afraid to ask!

Venue: Arya Samaj Patel Nagar (New Delhi)

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(Next to Dayanand Model School, walking distance from Patel Nagar Metro Station on Blue Line (5 stations from Rajiv Chowk). You need to walk ahead of Patel Nagar Metro Station towards Shadipur Station and take a right turn at red light. Walk straight till end of the road and Arya Samaj is right there. For assistance, call +91 8800958058)

Date and Time: 20 January 2012, 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM 

About Sri Sanjeev Newar:

Sri Sanjeev Newar is founder of Agniveer – the most popular spiritualism website in world – that been instrumental in transforming lives of millions. Professionally he is an IIT-IIM graduate with more than a decade of experience working with globally acclaimed organizations and top-notch researchers of world. He also teaches and indulges in finance, quantitative methods, artificial intelligence, yog, pranayam, meditation, martial arts etc as pastime.


All are invited!

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20 Comments on "Q&A session on Life, purpose, God and Karma with Agniveer in Delhi!"

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Sanatan Dharma
Sanatan Dharma= The Dharma (religion) which contains the eternal truth. The word “Sanatan” means eternal. Rigveda mantra 1/62/8 states (SANAAT) sanatan (DIVAM) light of sun (BHOOMA) is received on the earth. The idea of the mantra is that the sunlight is generated/created from sanatan i.e., eternal matter and then is… Read more »
To everyone who says you can only be born a follower of the Vedas, GIVE ME PROOF FROM THE VEDAS THAT SAY THAT. Don’t just repeat like a bird what someone else says without sources and proof. GIVE ME THE PROOF OF YOUR CLAIMS. It’s time to understand that the… Read more »

agreed unconditionally. 🙂

Dear Agniveer, When the group speaks about the Vedas, please let everyone know anyone can become a follower of the Vedas. And when I mean anyone, anyone can. That can be a white person, a black person from Africa, Chinese person, Mexican, men, women, and people from any background and… Read more »
Dear Friends, Some of heard of the great mahender pal arya and some have not. He used to be a muslim iman who converted to Vedic Hinduism. He now is a big time preacher for Arya Samaj. To learn more about this great man, please go to the link below.… Read more »
sai baba never said he is God He always said Allah malik, god is the sole owner. He alone is creator destroyer and preserver. Sai charitra is written by his devotee not by himself. Sri krishna ji always address himself as me , i etc in Gita. A yogi in… Read more »
@Rashmi Agreed, thats why i said he contradicted his teachings…in Sai Satcharitra… Sai Baba claims to be able to give “everlasting contentment” and to “free any person. Now only God can set us free, either he was claiming to be a God hence delusional too or he was lying. The… Read more »
Ashish, here again My name means name of God or alive yogi. I remember swami ramswarup ji telling us serving a alive self realised soul or meditating on him will enable you to achieve moksha, however I must mention a yogi who has achieved samadhi never blesses any body just… Read more »

Dat i wl do definatly just wantd agniveers view on it.may b im 2 naive n nt worth answerng


I want 2 knw vedic explanation for possesion by spirit /ghost we hav cn such person cn do unbeleivable thngs cn predict future tell past events

Agniveer Agni

These are nothing but diseases of mind. Spirit/ Ghost empowering people is a fiction.

Sanatan Dharma
Yes, I also think these are disease. My Aunti also had the illusion that Hanuman or Maa kali comes within her body and she starts beating the floor with her hands. You can go to Balaji (Rajasthan) where you will find many such people who suddenly start to behave differently… Read more »

@Nakul : Read the veda yourself and find out, that there is no such thing.


Plz hav a session in mumbai too

Dear brothers, I have no doubt now in life every thing is crystal clear after study, contempolation and practice of vedas in life. life is a stuggle, keep working hard and follow vedas. I still go to temple, its our identity as hindu, but have firmly understood God is formless… Read more »


–Great saint of Shirdi known as sai baba(his work sai charitra by his devotee), —

Sister, i found his teachings contradictory & delusional as he considered himself a God. Worshipping mazars are not only un-vedic but its also a sick idea!


@Ashish : Agreed with that too..


@Rashimi : Agreed “Gods voice is heard in immaculate silence” – beautiful


I am there for sure


Pls hold sessions in Mumbai ,,Too.