2 Feb 2013

Vision: Achieve Mukti within this life

What it takes:

If one were to achieve Mukti in one single life, it would be a really quick crash course. The sanskaars that take several births to destroy should be vanquished in few years. And then Yoga is for the strong and capable. So remove the last 25 years of life when body is weak and energies are lowered.

If I were to very roughly calculate the minimum time it would take by taking a few parameters from Yoga Darshan, it seems infeasible to achieve Mukti in this life for anyone who has not woken up bit early, even by most aggressive estimates. So whats the way out?

Not sure, but we can give one shortcut a shot. This shortcut is defined as “Surrender to God” in Yoga Darshan. When calculations and estimates seem to fail, surrender to God totally. Let Him pull off a time warp!

And jump ahead on the crash course with even more aggressive targets and even higher personal standards right now!

And that is exactly what I have decided.

And I know that any resolve that is towards rejection of temporary and pursuit of permanent is honored by Him. But I must finish the preparatory course very soon. I must cover coursework of months in days. And I must do it solidly and continuously.

So here is the syllabus I must be prepared for from this very moment:

Entrance Exam Syllabus

– Meditation of Ishwar should become a default behavior. If I am not thinking of anything else, I am thinking of Him. I must not require to make efforts to pull my mind towards Him. That should already be happening all the time by default.

– No insecurity from anything ever – even slightest

– No feeling of unpreparedness in worldly matters – even slightest

– No pursuit of worldly pleasures that do not directly and intuitively lead to ultimate vision – even slightest

– No anger/ frustration on self or others – even slightest

– No feeling of injustice being meted out by destiny on self or world

– No feeling of boredom ever – even slightest. After all He is always with me, within me. And He alone is source of enjoyments.

– Perfect physique, perfect health

– Very high levels of energy and actions

– No regrets – even slightest

– No artificial panic situations.

100% acceptance of situations. Nothing is unfair. Its all reflection of my own inner realties carved through my own actions. So now improve the actions.

– No reflection on past. Even slightest. Only future memories!

– Needless to say, Yam and Niyam must become natural behavioral patterns


  • Non-hatred
  • Pursuit of fundamental truth
  • No bypassing of His laws
  • No desire for anything that does not directly lead to Him
  • No Lust or lack of focus.


  • Constant cleansing of thoughts and world
  • 100% acceptance of His fruits of my actions
  • Truly vigorous actions for the Vision
  • Constant enhancement of knowledge and wisdom through study, introspection, analysis and practice
  • Total surrender to Supreme.

Some tenets to follow:

1. Any worldly pleasure or action that is not clearly and intuitively linked to the ultimate vision of Mukti is a source of troubles and miseries. Trash them out from life totally.

2. A simple life with constant focus on ultimate vision is most optimal way of living, Simply simplify. Everything else is a spider’s web.

3. Human mind has tremendous potentials. But it is no match for the Intelligence that powers human intelligence and rest of the world. Hence when things start going beyond limits of mind, best way is to simply surrender totally to Supreme Lord, follow the inner voice and act accordingly. Trying to manage complexities will only lead to getting trapped in spider’s web.

This will not only help leverage the Supreme-Intelligence for the goal, but also enhance our own mind to handle tougher assignments in future. After all company has its effects!

4. You are timeless. Judge yourself not by chronological age in this avatar, but by ‘Distance to Mukti’. 

5. Don’t care about any pressure from world – from peers, superiors, friends, enemies, love, threat, lust etc. Simply follow the inner voice even if it demands saying “Get Lost” to other pressures. Detach totally from all other strings in life except the undetachable string within Supreme Lord who is with us, within us. Always!

6. All other relations in world – with living or dead – should be linked to you via Supreme Lord. There should be no single direct linkage in your life. If there is one today, break it and relink it through Supreme Lord.

Immediate Goals:

1. Inculcate habit or surrendering to God every now and then, willfully and with full emotions. Force this till meditation on Lord becomes  default natural behavior occurring even in sleep.

2. Keep apologizing to Him for slightest of sins and asking Him to help you eradicate all vicious thought patterns. Beg Him to keep your thoughts only on Him. He alone should be enlighter of your mind.

He alone should be inspirer of your mind.

He alone should be desire of your mind.


Practice this till the very hint of getting into anything deviated even slightly from God is repealing to you and you are forced to get away from it.

This soap of repenting to God and begging Him for thoughts directed only to Him is the best way to master Shaucha or purity of Yoga Niyams.

3. No artificial secondary goals. More such goals, more your energies dissipate. Have only those goals that directly and naturally emerge from within when the mind vigorously attempts to connect with Him and Him alone. Don’t give any importance to those goals which are artificially imposed by society, people and environments. Seek the directions from within.

Conversations on Yoga

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  • @Agniveer Agni
    I got it but it is little bit out of sort due to tendency of mind to get detached from God in day to day life. I only spent 15 minutes morning & 15 minutes evening shift with God and that is also with lots of disturbances. What i understood that we have to meditate 24 hours, every work should be routed through God principle. Every aspect of life shoul be meant to achieve Godhood, like Meerabai, Tulshidas.

    But where to generate emotion for God? I can not cry for God. Mechanical praying will be of no good. Let God give the emotion for getting Him / Her.

    • Krishna says in Geeta: “Yes Arjun, mind is very fickle. But through constant practice (Abhyas) and detachment from irrelevant (Vairagya), it can be achieved.”

      Emotion does not mean crying. It means feeling of oneness. Do you always cry when you see your mother? You are simply emotional and can do anything for her. This emotion takes various forms from time to time but what is important is the essence.

      To get emotional bond with God, first realize what God is? What God is doing for you? What is your relation with God? If you do so, you need not force yourself to think of God. Just as a melodious flute from far away also pulls your attention towards it, you start enjoying God despite all noise around.

      Read all articles in Vedas section of the site, especially those on God and soul. And start thinking about them. Its human nature that even with a villain, if you spend some time, you start developing association. So if you start relationship with God and spend time with Him, the bond will be million times stronger. There is no other way!

      • Thanks. But one thing i would like to mention that article has heading achieving Mukti.

        By God’s blessing achieve Mukti but Please come back. There are numerous people like us who need light. Please be there to help. Do not leave us or leave along with us.

  • Splendid !
    I need some clarification.
    ‘No feeling of unpreparedness in worldly matters – even slightest’ ~ how this is related to mukti? If we have to remember God every second, then is it possible to be prepared for all worldly matters?

    No artificial secondary goals. ~ We have to keep goal in our job. There are targets, projects. Is it possible to think my job as spirituality when i know that company is doing profit by recruiting us. Boss, colleague etc in office quite different from spirituality, there is corporate politics. We have to become alert every time.

    Please show some light.

    • Brother.

      1. No feeling of Unpreparedness – This means that never delay your plans because you feel you are not ready. Start with whatever you have and God will make available all resources as and when necessary. Often we wait for the right time in illusion that we are still unprepared. And successful minds grab the present moment and prepare along the way.

      This however does not mean that you rush up things. It does not mean that you exaggerate your preparedness. It simply means that you make a start, howsomuch small, towards noble pursuits with whatever you have and let forces of nature help you.

      2. Remembering God every second – God is not in a separate place. You achieve God through noble actions. This means that whenever you are fully engaged in doing something noble, you are discovering godliness in that activity. This is worship of God. Do not run away from worldly matters. Instead know the purpose of worldly matters, ensure the purpose is to strengthen your sanskars to be closer to God, and reject all matters that are purposeless. For example, intoxication, frustration etc. If you do all worldly actions with full enthu and surrender to God, with aim of enhancing your senskars, you are in meditation of divine. Of course, do spare time to create that direct connect with God as well, that is beyond the world, beyond sensory perceptions, beyond mundane issues of today and tomorrow. This meditation strengthens the core bond and ensures everything else falls in place.

      3. No artificial secondary goals – Targets and projects are not goals. They are milestones to achieve the goal. By all means have them in life. But you should be intuitively able to relate each target and goal ultimate goal. For example, if you are in sales job. You have monthly targets. Do follow them. But make sure you know why you want sales. Perhaps you may think – “If I make sales, I will retain my job and ensure financial stability. If I have financial stability and growth, I can invest in noble activities. I can finance good books to enhance my wisdom. I can take care of my family that is my responsibility. So, O Supreme Lord, I surrender all my energies to you. I will follow my sales targets because I want to achieve you. Given the situations that I am in, this is the best choice that I can think of. If I am wrong, please inspire me to change track. But till that happens, I am going to achieve my sales targets with full enthusiasm. But I will not use this as a reason to not meditate on you or not study or not get involved in other selfless pursuits. ”

      This is just an example. You may have a different line. It need not be very logical, but it must be honest, humble and full of emotions with God.

      And when you feel that job is not the right thing – you are better off doing something else – follow that if that is an inspiration from within. But always look holistically. No activity will be completely ideal. But you make your inner drive more and more ideal, regardless of work you do.

      In Geeta, Krishna says ” Yoga karmasu Kaushalam”

      4. If there is corporate politics, you cannot deny it. But you can always ensure that your goal is to increase your nearness to God, which depends on how noble your sanskars are. So refuse to get into anything that lowers your sanskars and degrades you. Stay away from vulgarity, alcohol, judging people, having revengeful attitude and simply follow the example of Sri Krishna. For sure, the politics would not be as bad as during Mahabharat era!

      • To relate this article in the true sense and engage in right pursuits, one has to see this article in the light of the Veda. A uneducated mind would be confused as to how to achieve what is being mentioned and there will be lot of conflicts within. May be that’s what happened , when people did not get first Hand initiation/understanding of the Veda, they got confused and multiple convoluted and intertwined paths originated.

      • The article is very straight forward. Each and every one can imply this principle with or without knowledge of any subject, scriptures. One needs to have the zeal to get out of this entanglement. Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Parsee all can follow this article because ultimately everyone wants to be free.