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Tiredness has become an epidemic. Most people feel exhausted every few hours. And thus the billion-dollar industry of stimulants runs to give us the fuel we feel deprived of. Be it tea, coffee, Red-bull, sports drinks, etc etc, they all are required not for taste or health, but to keep us charged.

Just think about the fact that tea or coffee is hardly a century or two old for most parts of the world. Humans had a much tougher life before that and yet never felt need of these stimulants. Please understand that these addictions are merely marketing gimmicks. The commercial mafia thrives and grows only if we are dumb, sick and addicted to them. The marketing frauds will want us to believe in all the rubbish that they produce and would use every moment of our attention to hoodwink us – TV, Newspaper, ads, billboards, music, radio etc etc.

However, here are some excellent tips for you to stay charged throughout the day without taking recourse to these stimulants which only make to addicted and race you faster to old age. They include both do’s and don’ts. Try them at least for 2 weeks and see the change. Use whatever tips you feel is feasible for you right now and share your feedback with us all.

If you find these effective, share the good word around and help others get rid of marketing trap as well.

Some of these tips may sound too simple or insignificant But proof of taste is in its eating. Test out yourself.


  1. Drink lots and lots of plain water (unless you have a medical condition that prohibits you from it). Make sure water is not chilled and near body temperature. Drink at least 2 liters of water in the day. Avoid water for an hour before and after meals.
  2. Do not drink water during meals. If you feel dry in throat, you can sip in not more than a quarter glass of water in total.
  3. Drink one liter of water the first thing in morning. This is separate from the 2 liters you should drink during the day. Drink it before doing for toilet. Resist the urge till you are done with a liter of water.For better results, you can make water slightly lukewarm. Add a pinch of lemon or honey if it suits you.
  4. Do not drink lots of water in the last hour of your going to bed.


  1. Just stop watching the idiot box. Its not only idiot but dangerous as well. The less TV you watch more energetic and smarter you would feel. Optimize accordingly.
  2. Make a rule not to watch TV for at least 2 hours before sleep and 4 hour after waking up. This is worst-case scenario. More you watch TV nearer to your time to bed, closer you approach your agedness. Go to sleep while watching TV only if you hate yourself!
  3. Even if you have to watch TV, avoid shifting channels. The flicker dumbs mind and increases tiredness.
  4. Ensure you take frequent breaks from gazing the screen. Do not be glued to the screen.


  1. Take sufficient sleep
  2. Do not change sleep timings frequently.
  3. Do not sleep under high-speed fan. Lower the fan speed
  4. Avoid sleeping in chilled environment. Fresh air is best. But in case you need to sleep in air-conditioner, set the temperature not below 27-28 degree Celsius.
  5. Meditate for 10 minutes before sleep. First sit in lotus position and take few deep breaths. Then give yourself positive vibes. Make positive resolutions. Thank God and meditate for a while. We shall discuss the art of meditation in a subsequent post. Then go to sleep.
  6. Do not sleep straight on back or stomach. Always sleep on one side.
  7. Do not fold your legs tightly while sleeping. Keep body relaxed and straight.
  8. Avoid sleeping in the daytime. If you are drowsy or tired, a 20-minute nap after an hour of lunch is sufficient.
  9. Make a habit of thanking God for another opportunity to make good efforts, the first thing when you wake up.


  1. Say no to spicy, oily, rotten, dirty food.
  2. Avoid meat and egg. They are not food for those who seek bliss in life.
  3. Do not drink cold drinks, packaged drinks, packaged food, bakery products, chocolates and any artificial food, unless its for prevention of death.
  4. Eat non-spicy, simple, natural nutritious food.
  5. Make habit of taking few grams of trifala powder daily once with water, either in night or morning
  6. Eat sprouts every morning in breakfast
  7. Try sucking a piece of ‘Baal Harad’ (Small Harad) after food. It is a great digestive and reverses ageing process
  8. Say no to tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, narcotics etc. Your body simply does not need it. In few days, you will realize how much more energetic you actually deserve to be, when you replace these unnecessary stuff with tips listed here and in subsequent postings.

Food is a deep subject. Would write more on it in subsequent posts.


  1. There is no parallel to Brahmacharya. Put simply, it means avoiding even the thought of lust or sex in any form –subtle or coarse. For the western society, it may seem that this would rob away all happiness from life.The truth is completely opposite. Only when you stop feeding yourself with junk, can nectar be served to you. The mere practice of trying to control the mind from various attacks of sensuality is an energizing process. There is a saying that its easy to show valour in one-off war. But one who controls his senses for 24 hours, 365 days relentlessly is the true warrior.

Practice Brahmacharya and get following benefits:

–       inexhaustible source of energy

–       warrior like attitude

–       long disease free life

–       sense of purpose and direction

–       ultimate happiness and bliss

Each of these claims can be tested within merely a month of disciplined practice in this direction. The marketing fraudsters may try to tell you that sex and wine is good. They are not wrong. Its good for them if you are dumb and diseased!

  1. Keep your spine straight throughout. A stooping posture makes you lose energy
  2. Do exercise regularly. There are various forms of exercise, and you can choose, mix and match most. We will discuss it in further details in subsequent articles.
  3. Avoid use of mobile phones, earphones and ipods to extent possible. They are worst drainers of energy these days.
  4. Avoid listening to noisy music. Spend time listening to music within. More on this later.
  5. Dream big, plan big and put big efforts. Seek knowledge of life, its purpose, mission, desperately. Nothing is more energizing.
  6. Smile a lot
  7. Understand that death is not the end. It’s the beginning. This life is an opportunity to prepare for that beginning.

Do provide feedback after you test these out. Will keep writing more on these aspects in subsequent posts.

Enjoy inexhaustible source of energy every moment of life!

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The 4 Vedas Complete (English)

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  1. Naveen Arora says

    Dear Agniveer Ji
    Thanks for the valuable information.
    One Q– Western Science/Modern Medical Science says that sex is best pain reliver and good for health.
    Brahamcharya has no meaning for them. Then how we should explain the importance of Brahamcharya to our childrens?
    Please advise your valuable comments.

    Naveen Arora

    • says

      This topic requires separate detailed attention. Am planning to cover it next. Must in brief, both are correct. It depends upon state of mind. Consider a situation where a dead rat is rotting in your bedroom and you just cannot stay for a moment due to bad smell. Perhaps having severe cold may be relieving from the smell, if you insist to stay with the rotten rat in the closed room. This is the Western Science approach. Vedic approach is as follows – Open the room and get the rat out.
      Now purposeless instincts are the rotting rat, and mind is the bedroom.

      So far one dwells in lustful thoughts, western approach is correct. If one watches pornography throughout, enjoys related activities and then avoids sex, he or she may turn mad out of the stench of rotten rats that he or she has collected.

      Vedic approach will be to refuse to collect rotten rats and be Brahmachari. That brings to fore those powers of life which are normally hidden from normal people. I shall cover this issue in detail subsequently. Dhanyavad

      • naveen arora says

        Please provide some information on sinus too. I have severe sinus infection with continuous flow of cough.


        • Aman Jha says

          Dear Naveen Ji ,
          For your sinus i would advice u to do sudarshan kriya. this is taught in art of living courses. Though Agniveer Ji himself is not very impressed with the ideologies of the Art Of Living . But here as far as health part is concerned Sudarshan Kriya would definitely help. Though the ultimate goal of both, Art Of Living and Arya Samaj is same – To make a divine society which essentially means vedic society.

      • Puneet Verma says

        Dear Agniveer Ji I am very much thankful to u for such a valuable information..U are doing a great job. God bless you. Keep it up…

      • Puneet Verma says

        Dear Agniveer Ji I am very much thankful to u for such a valuable information..U are doing a great job. God bless you. Keep it up…

      • Nilesh says

        Hari Om
        Dear Aatman –
        Your starting sentence ” Must in brief, both are correct. It depends upon state of mind. ” is PRETTY MUCH confusing. It is perfectly acceptable to NOT collect rotten rats.
        Once again a TERRIBLE sentence ” So far one dwells in lustful thoughts, western approach is correct. “. Lustful thoughts are common. Even a sadhak cal fall in lustful thoughts. But we should not follow our mind in this case. Sex can NOT be a pain reliever. It ALWAYS makes you lose vital energy.
        The answer is BIG NO to sexual activities. If you do NOT know the PERFECT answer, do NOT comment.
        Do NOT feel bad of my words. But some people may take your words as it is, just because many of them are correct.

  2. dr vivek arya says

    hai agniveer ji

    i am geettiing frequent tiredness.
    i will change my routine as you have advised and give you feedback about results.
    dr vivek

    • Doreen says

      I hear that A LOT of people are getting tiredness and also anxiety……. What is going on. Ten years ago == this was not so. Why now ?

  3. says

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  4. Harshavardhan Shinde says

    Namaskar AgniveerJi ,

    I am confused Bramhacharya concept. Plz tell me that what actually bramhacharya means ? does it means not to do Sex or related activities totally ?? as many of us thought . (If it means so then if all started following bramhacharya then there will not be next generation, also why there are different old books , yoga activities , etc. which are related to sex. ?? There are lot of Hindu kings , Warriors were married . )
    Or does the Bramhacharya means to do sex related activities in controlled manner ??
    Or anything else ??
    Please remove my this confusion .

    Also i want to ask you that check out the effects of reciting AUM and include this in the topic . (I am doing this every morning and getting very good results.)
    Also check out for PRANAYAAM .

    Please also post more for students , for handling tension , for staying focused , maintaining coolness in exam hall , etc..

    You are doing very good work , we all are very thankful to you.


    • truth seeker says

      @Harshavardhan Shinde

      I think when one do sex only and only for wish of child not for wish of enjoyment. Even then one will be considered Brahmchari.

      • truth seeker says

        @Harshavardhan Shinde

        And one who though or do sex for enjoyment is called lustful not Brahmchari.

  5. raghuveer says

    This knowledge does not necessarily reside in mystical realms, as it can be very practical. Ayurveda for instance, the oldest medical science still in practise, but which is unfortunately now being neglected. As a result, American companies are patenting medicines using the properties of neem or haldi, which were known 4000 years ago by India’s forefathers. As in the case of Sanskrit, the Indian Government should put its energies and resources towards the reviving of Ayurveda, so that India is not totally swamped by allopathic medicine, which is controlled by multinationals. Or pranayama, the science of breathing. It is a very practical, down to earth knowledge and its effects have been studied for thousands of years. Indian teachers know exactly what results will this type – or that type – of exercise have on you and what kind of routine you should do to improve that particular problem, or develop this certain faculty in you. Pranayama is probably the best suited Indian yogic discipline for the West, because it is so down to earth, so scientific – there are no miracles, no levitation, no smoky mysticism and everything can be explained in a rational way. And again, the U.S.A., always prompt to experience new techniques, is using this knowledge : quite a few American companies have included exercises of pranayama in the peps sessions of their executives; sportsmen too are experimenting with it to improve their performances, as the film ” the Great Blue “, has shown when the hero does a series of breathing exercises known in India as ” Viloma “, to store as much air as possible in his lungs, before breaking a world record in underwater diving without oxygen. Then you have meditation, the queen all of yogic disciplines, which is being practised more and more in the West, as there have been numerous scientific studies, which have shown the positive effect of meditation on heart problems, psychological stress or blood circulation.
    Francois Gautier, born in Paris in 1950, is a French journalist and writer

  6. sum1 says

    Namaste Agniveer ji,

    Your tips benefited me a lot. I have been following them since last one year.
    Thanks a lot for such valuable tips. Plz give some tips to improve memory, if it is really possible to improve it.


  7. Bagyaraj says

    Benefits of listening Veda mantras
    While chanting/ listening Vedas two types of benefits have been scientifically proved. The neuro linguistic effect even if the mantras are chanted without knowing the meaning due to the melodious vibrations of mantras as in music therapy. If the meaning of each hymn is known , then he will get neuro linguistic effect + psycho linguistic effects. Hence chanting / listening Veda mantra should be done with as much concentration as possible to get the expected benefits, which is more than the spiritual effect in mind and body..

  8. HARSH ARYA says

    Nameste/Dear ARYA & NON ARYA…
    This is among the best tips of life which a person should apply in their life span..i am very thankful for the respected agniveer for posting such a valuable things in front of us all…
    Harsh Arya

  9. Rajendra Kumar Dewan says

    I had read a book at the age of about ten yrs. “BRAHMCHARYA HI JIWAN HAI” by sri shivananda. The thoughts were developed in me to bring the priciples in practice. I am very thankful to the auther of the book. H0wever ur. stated instructions are equally valuable.

  10. Text says

    “God has given us this body”, so where is the manual for this body? Where God has told that what should be the exact pattern of sleeping etc.?

    • says


      —–where is the manual for this body? —–

      God sowed seeds of sophisticated knowledge in the souls of first generation humans that differentiated them from animals. This seed of knowledge has now grown to Science and Morality based on which we decide good and bad for us. Many believe this seed to be Vedas.

    • Text says

      By the quotes in ‘ “God has given us this body” ‘ , I was quoting what I think the Vedas says. I was feeling guilty because I myself dislike being wrongly quoted, I am sorry. Reader, this quote is neither from this website nor from the author.

      Yes even I believe Vedas to be authoritative. What do Vedas say about maintaining this body? I’ve wondered what’s the perfect sleeping pattern, like the perfect time to go to bed and the perfect time to wake up?

  11. hari krishna says

    Brahmachrya is the supreme tapas, supreme knowledge and supreme strength, mind control will become easy to one who practices brahmacharya, it is the foremost of all sacred observances, nothing is unattainable by a man of absolute continence, Owing to the power of Brahmacharya crores of sages have attained brahmalokha, no misery in the world can afflict a man who practices Brahmacharya for life, brahmacharya can keep you away from all diseases and also from extreme weathers,practice brahmacharya for 1 month , u can get the results,
    That fool outwardly controlling the organs of action keeps dwelling on sense objects with mind is a hypocrite(Bhagavat gita), so practice it sincerely and I guarantee u the excellent results, Hare Krishna……

  12. rishika says

    Thanks Agniveer for this wonderful article.
    There are very good tips on Brahmacharya. Looking forward a full fledged article on Brahmacharya on your site. Brahmacharya is a great source of power. Swami Dayanand, Swami Ramtirth, Swami Vivekanand and so many great saints used its power. Anyone who is married or unmarried boy or girl can practice Brahmacharya and achieve benefits. You just need to inculcate good habits and it will give you enormous self-confidence. You will always feel proud of yourself. You will have a strong character and integrity and above all, a sense to make right decisions in your life. Your body, mind and spirit will be ever glowing and you will always feel like to do something great in this life. You will be a leader on your own and rather getting influenced by peer pressure or any other means, you will make a great impact on world around you. May every youth of India practice Brahmacharya and use the power in best possible constructive way. Thanks once again. Rishika

  13. Rajendra Kumar Dewan says

    Brahmcharya life is achieved by living in the field or domain of the Brahma and not in worldly sensual pleasures which cannot be satisfied. This is a divine energy from divinity. All our thoughts and acts. are rendered pure and perfect.

  14. ajamk says

    Your tips for drinking lots of water to clean the system are wrong. According to Ayurveda excessive drinking of water is bad as it disturbs digestion and puts a strain on your kidneys. Ayurveda says one must drink water while taking food(if one gets the urge). One mustn’t drink too much water before or after food.

    One must drink water only when one is thirsty or slightly above the level of thirst.

    • Ankur says

      @ajamk : Could you tell me the source of this information of yours, rather than just claiming that “Ayurveda” says…

    • says

      1. We have mentioned that you should not drink if you have a medical condition that prohibits it.
      2. We have also mentioned that we better avoid water before and after meal.
      3. We have mentioned in site disclaimer that “Remedies or health solutions provided must be followed only after approval from a competent physician. We do not intend to replace established medical practices.”


  15. Surprise says

    Respected sir, i am a guy preparing for iit at kota. I had a good academic life till class 10th, but my life changed thereafter. I know don’t feel myself energetic, the tiring life of kota’s coaching has exhausted me. Feeling heavily depressed that even though after studying hard i am unable to get results back. I don’t feel energetic anymore nor happiness in life….i am going to try your advises about food and lifestyle but my mind is certainly out of my control…..I don’t get a sense of youth anymore even only at the age of 20. Please help me sir….

  16. Nemo says

    Please write soon about what kind of food we should eat. Also, please tell us from where we can get Trifala, and be sure that it is not adulterated or anything. Is it possible to make it at home?

  17. Johnc978 says

    My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different internet address and thought I might check items out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Appear forward to checking out your web page again.

  18. Truthseeker says

    I am a 21 year old student and seeking a health advice. I take patanjali ashwagandha capsules (a product of patanjali ayurved ltd.) in order to reduce fatigue. I take 2 capsules daily. Is it safe to consume it continuously for long duration like 1 year or more? I don’t know from what material the outer covering of the capsule is made of and doubt whether it is natural or not. Please advise whether it is okay to consume it or not.. Can it help in gaining weight ( I am very thin)?

  19. Sandeep Sharma says

    Dear Agniveerji,

    Thanks for excellent article. It serves good purpose to me.

    I am looking for a blueprint – how to live the life fully. Right from you are born (responsibility lies with
    the parents) till you die. What are Do’s and Dont’s.

    Besides this, looking for blueprint on parenting also. I like to protect my 5-year old from western influences.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sandeep Sharma.

  20. says

    These tips are wonderful, no doubt 10 out of 10 for this amazing article. Thanks for sharing Agniveer.
    There are plenty of reasons for the low level every and tiredness is the symptom of that. Keep writing.

  21. Siddharth says

    Hello sanjeev sir I’m preparing for iit jee 2016 and as a former iit aspirant you might now the pressure and hard work that goes into the preparation of the exam .I start to feel tired and sleepy during studying is there any way to increase my energy and concentration while studying(like what should I eat , or any change in my routine . Also, you mentioned in your post to meditate prior to sleeping,but it is said that doing this makes the mind mix meditation with Sleep and both are different types of relaxation .so is it Okay to meditate prior sleeping .thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions.


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