Yet another bomb blasted in the otherwise peaceful Varanasi ghat. Yet another toddler lost its life. Many more injured. And yet once more a militant group claiming to defend ‘Islam’ proudly took responsibility of carrying out yet another terrorist attack. Indian Mujahideens announced that this was in response to recent Babri verdict.

Such attacks have become so rampant these days. And so used to have we become to proclaim that ‘Terrorism has no religion’ that we all tend to simply blank our minds on hearing such a news and switch the TV Channel to raunchy ‘Big Boss’ rather than feel the pain of those who were affected by the blast!

Regardless of it be a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or Atheist, anyone who kills a single innocent being is a criminal. Period. But what is distinguishably significant is that only terrorists allied to one particular religion actually take pride in this and conduct these acts as their spiritual duty!

No prizes for guessing. We are referring to Islam here.

Does it mean that Islam breeds terrorism? NO

Does it mean that all Muslims are terrorists? NO

Does it mean that terrorism has a religion? NO, Not at all.

It only means that Islam has been hijacked and captured by those perverts who stand for barbarism, terrorism and fanaticism. And hence, Muslims today, are the worst victims of this perversion by their religious rulers.

As Hassan Nisar – the most renowned columnist of Pakistan and expert of Islam and its history puts, Islam and Islamic history are two totally different things. Those who follow spirit of Islam would not be violent. After all Islam means Peace. Bulk of Muslims belong to this category. They do not bang their heads over taking each and every verse of Quran or Hadiths blindly and literally. Thus the ordinary Muslim tries to be as peaceful as rest of us. That is why world is still such a beautiful place to live!

But these majority are NOT the ruling class of Islam. The ruling elite of Islam actually follow history of Islam instead of ‘Islam’. Thus they deliberately try to keep ordinary Muslim ignorant and uneducated. They needlessly glorify and dramatize Islamic history and their own versions of Islam texts so as to create a useful guinea-pig battalion of blind followers to be used as military tools. The ordinary Muslim is thus forced to adjust to threats of this barbaric ruling class and manage a fine balance between his own conscience, compassion for non-Muslims and fatwas of these butcher rulers. He thus has to face extra challenges. He has to face the brunt of misdeeds of these ‘ruling elites’ and yet strive ahead. Thus while an ordinary Muslim may love a non-Muslim, he would not dare greet him “Assalam-ale-kum’, for example. This greeting is only for Muslims. And even if a non-Muslim greets him like this, he would not reply back ‘Walekum-Assalam’.

Now, one cannot expect rulers of Islam to become ‘humans’. They have inherited barbarism since generations. It is as if barbarism is in their genes. To fool innocent Muslims, they create a fictitious dramatized version of their history. They would shout on top of their voice that Islam spread by peace. But truth remains that Islam was spread only through most bloody episodes of history. Those who spread Islam had nothing to do with spirit of Islam and were merely trying to use Islam for their political gains. Refer How Islam conquered India.

These butchers have not even spared their own fathers, brothers and family members. How can non-Muslims expect to be pardoned by them? And how can ordinary Muslim expect to get out of their clutches? Let us see examples of the extent to which these butchers ‘ruling elite’ could go touting Islam as religion of ‘peace’. We will look at ONLY one aspect – how they murdered and tortured their own blood relations and closest ones to capture the flag of Islam!


And you can then imagine what would have been their barbarism on rest of the population. (We shall cite from Muslim historians themselves)

1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – founder of Islam – is alleged to be assassinated by his own wives – Aisha and Hafsa as per many scholars of Islam.

2. After Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Abu Bakr became the Caliph (leader of Islam) overruling the Caliphate of Ali controversially. This caused the Shia-Sunni split. Ali was son-in-law of Prophet and supposed to be most intelligent and closest to Prophet.

3. Abu Bakr is alleged to have been poisoned to death by a close associate.

4. Umar became the next Caliph but was murdered by a muslim slave for curious reasons.

5. Uthman was next Caliph. He had the Quran compiled for the first time but was butchered allegedly by son of Abu Bakr when he was reading Quran.

6. Finally Ali became the Caliph but even he was murdered by his fellow-men while in Namaz. Before this, Aisha – beloved wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and daughter of Abu Bakr who is supposed to have been divinely wed to Prophet by Allah – waged a war against Ali. Ali defeated her and made her captive in Medina. Even Aisha is supposed to have been murdered as per views of some scholars.

7. Hassan – son of Ali – was so scared by murder of so many leaders of Islam that he refused to become the Caliph. He was however murdered by his own wife as part of a conspiracy of Muwaiah – governor of Egypt who had become Caliph due to refusal of Hassan.

8. After Muwaiah, his son Yazeed became the Caliph. He is supposed to be the greatest butcher of all times. He had Hussain – another grandson of Prophet – murdered in battle of Karbala. That is why Muharram happens. Zakir Naik has high respect for Yazeed despite all other sects of Islam hating him. This caused many sects to issue Fatwa on Zakir Naik. Refer Zakir-Naik-and-His-Misguided-Teachings-regarding-Karbala-Battle.

With this murder, Caliphate became a hereditary privilege of Umayyad dynasty to which Muwaiah belonged. Now after eliminating all followers and kins of Prophet, they started murdering their brothers and relatives to be the next Caliph.



9. Hardly few years later, when Caliph Walid died, his brother Sulaiman became next Caliph and murdered all those who wanted to support Caliphate of Walid’s son.

10. Caliph Walid had sent Muhammad Bin Qasim to invade India. However Sulaiman ordered that Qasim be sewed in oxen-skin and brought to him. This was because he feared that Qasim had violated virginity of two women beforehand who were supposed to be Caliph’s virgin sex-slaves. Refer Chachnama –

11. Many more Caliphs continued to be killed ‘unnaturally’ – poison, murder, ‘unknown diseases’ under conspiracy to control the ‘Islamic rule’.


12. For 250 years, Muslim rulers did not dare to attack India due to the defeats that Qasim had to face when Hindus retaliated. Then came the time of Mahmud of Ghazni – the second butcher to loot India with meticulous plans. This great ‘Islam propagator’ had 9 wives and innumerable concubines. He ascended to throne by imprisoning his brother to death who was the actual king nominated by their father Subuktgeen.

13. After Mahmud died, his sons Masud and Muhammad had war for supremacy. Masud won and blinded his brother Muhammad. But Muhammad also conspired a revolt and got Masud captured. Muhammad murdered Masud and became the Sultan. But after some time, Madud, son of Masud, conspired and got Muhammad captured. Muhammad and his son were murdered.


14. After Ghazni, for another 140 years, these rulers did not dare to attack India again because Ghazni’s nephew was defeated summarily by Hindus when he tried to attack India again. Now, Muhammad Ghori was the third devil to invade India and break all records of treachery and humanity. He could not have any offspring and hence made his sex-slaves Qutubuddin Aibak and Bakhtiyar Khilji among others his successors.

15. Bakhtiyar Khilji was murdered by his relative Ali Mardan.

16. Qutubuddin Aibak was succeeded by his son Aram Shah. But Aibak’s sex-slave cum son-in-law Iltutmish murdered him and became the next Sultan.

17. ltutmish nominated his daughter Razia for Sultanate but his son Rukunuddin captured the throne. Razia got him and his mother murdered. Later Razia got into physical relation with a slave whom she then promoted as her Chief Adviser. Meanwhile Altunia, governer of Punjab rebelled and had Razia and her lover captured. The lover was murdered and Razia was offered to his bed. Meanwhile another brother of Razia – Bahram Shah – usurped the throne of Delhi. Altunia and Razia came to fight him but were miserably defeated. They were murdered while running for their lives.

18. Bahram Shah was murdered and Masud Shah (son of Rukunuddin) became new emperor. Now Masud Shah was overthrown by his brother Nasiruddin with support of his son-in-law Balban – the greatest rapist of his times. Balban was originally male sex-slave of Iltutmish.

19. Balban poisoned Nasiruddin and became the emperor. Then he murdered his cousin Sherkhan Sikar in 1270. In 1287, he appointed Kay Khusaro as his heir but after his death, Balban’s grandson Qaiqabad became the emperor.

20. Qaiqabad and his three year old son were murdered by general Jalaluddin Khilji. Thus slave dynasty ended and Khilji dynasty began.


21. The notorious Alauddin Khilji was nephew cum son-in-law of Jalaluddin Khilji. In 1296, he murdered Jalaluddin and entered Delhi with uncle’s head on his pike (Bhala). Meanwhile Malikjahan – wife of Jalaluddin – made her son the next Sultan. Alauddin imprisoned Malikjahan and had her sons and other relatives blinded. Many other supporters of Malik Jahan were murdered, blinded or imprisoned. Their properties were annexed and their women were forced to become part of royal haram. Khilji even had his own wife and son imprisoned and another son killed.

22. Alauddin had a favorite male sex-slave Malik Kafur (another Hindu converted to Islam) who became his general. Immediately after poisoning Alauddin to death, he got his children blinded and murdered. And then he married Alauddin’s wife. One son of Alauddin, Mubarak Shah, escaped Malik and got him murdered instead. He also had his 6 year old brother Shiabuddin blinded and murdered.

23. Mubarak Shah took title of Qutubuddin and became the most shameless sultan of entire human history. He used to keep completely nude slave girls all around in his palace and used to promote open vulgarity in public. He himself used to dress like a woman and get into most vulgar acts that can shame the most shameless pervert. He married Deval, the wife of his slain brother.He got all his relatives killed or blinded to prevent any rebellion. Mubarak was later murdered by his trusted general Khusro who was earlier his slave. Khusro again married Deval.

24. But soon Khusro was murdered by Giasuddin Tughlaq, yet another slave. The Tughlaq dynasty began.


25. And there was competition among sons of Giasuddin to murder the father as per long-running traditions of these so-called protectors of Islam. Muhammad bin Tughlaq emerged winner in this and he had his brothers and father murdered to become next Sultan.

26. Muhammad bin Tughlaq had many of his relatives murdered in most brutal manner to prevent any uprisings against him. He had the skin of of his nephew peeled off and forced his wives to eat it!

27. After impotent Muhammad died, the throne was annexed by the son of an illegitimate son of Giasuddin’s father called Firozshah. He then had all those brutally murdered whom he feared to give rise to any rebellion. Even the 80 year old Khwaja-Jahan was killed while he was offering Namaz. He spent most of his time in his haram and hence the empire weakened considerably.

28. Firozshah’s son Muhammad had his minister murdered but could not annex the throne. After Firozshah’s death, his grandson became the ruler for 5 months. But he was murdered by another son of Firozshah. But yet another son of Firozshah (Muhammad) defeated and murdered him and became the ruler.

29. After Muhammad died in 4 years, he was succeeded by his son Sikandar but murdered within a few days. Another son of Firozshah, Nusrat used to run a parallel government in another part of Delhi. The drama continued for 4 more years when the cannibal Timur Lang attacked India. This Timur was the forefather of another butcher Babur.

30. Timur himself had risen to power by brutally murdering his close relatives. He writes, by the way, in his memoirs that Jama Masjid existed in Delhi during his time itself and Hindus had assembled there. This proves that Jama Masjid is actually a Hindu temple forged in name of Shah Jahan, yet another butcher. When he attacked India, the two Sultans of Delhi ran away. Ad when Timur died, his children murdered each other as per old tradition starting from origin of Caliphate of Islam, and then one of his sons managed to be next ruler. Thus saga of murder continued generation by generation in Timurid dynasty of butchers to which Mughals belonged.

31. Once Timur went back after devastating India, the two Sultans came back. But one of them was murdered by another. By this time the Delhi rule was limited only to NCR (National Capital Region) of those times (hardly few km)! The powerless sultan finally died in 1413 and his minister continued to rule for an year. Then he was imprisoned by Khizr Khan who had collaborated with Timur Lang to plunder India. The terrorist Khizr started the Sayyid dynasty claiming to be descendant of Prophet Muhammad! His empire was limited to a small region and hence this dynasty was more like a band of pirates of Somalia.

32. Khizr Khan was succeeded by Mubarak Shah who continued the terrorist activities but was then murdered. He was followed by Muhammad Shah. Muhammad Shah reigned for ten years and was murdered by Bahlol Lodhi, his general.

33. After Muhammad, his son Alauddin became the ruler. He, along with his relatives, was assassinated by Bahlol Lodhi again. Now the Lodhi dynasty began.


34. When Bahlol Lodhi died, bitter fight started among his sons and brother. Finally, his third son Nizam Khan defeated the rest and became ruler with title Sikandar Lodhi.

35. When Sikandar died of throat cancer, Ibrahim Lodhi succeeded him. He also had to defeat his brother Jalal Khan, uncle Azam Khan and cousin Fatah Khan. Jalal was murdered and the rest two were imprisoned. Another son of Azam named Islam Khan rebelled against it and there was an intense fight. Finally Azam and Islam were murdered.

36. Ibrahim Lodhi was finally beheaded by Babur and his head was sent to Multan. Babur was invited by relatives of Ibrahim to kill him. Thus began the Mughal dynasty.


37. Babur himself was one of the greatest rascals to be ever born. Refer Glimpses from Baburnama. This Babur, a descendant of Timur and Genghiz Khan, was one of the greatest perverts to be born exceeded only by Akbar in his brutality. Babur considered himself rightful ruler of India because his forefather Timur had installed Khizr Khan as emperor. Further, he was thrown away from Fergana by his maternal and paternal uncles. So he came and butchered Indians.

38. Babur nominated his brother-in-law Mahdi Khwaja as his successor. But one of his sons Humayun usurped the throne after his death. Humayun and his half-brother Kamran Mirza had bitter fights for the throne. Finally Humayun defeated Kamran and had his eyes gouged. Another son of Babur named Askari was imprisoned. Both were later murdered.

39. Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah Suri who became the next butcher to rule India for next 5 years. Sher Shah died in a bomb explosion and was succeeded by his second son Islam Shah Suri. The elder brother Adil Khan also attempted to capture the throne but was murdered by Islam Shah.

40. Islam Shah died of a ‘urinary‘ disease and was succeeded by 12 year old Firuz Shah. He was assassinated by his uncle Muhammad Adil Shah.

41. Muhamad Adil Shah had to fight with his brother-in-laws Ibrahim Khan and Ahmad Khan. His smart general Hemu took advantage of the situation and defeated all to establish rule over Delhi.

42. Humayun took advantage of the strife within Suri dynasty and conquered Delhi once more. But he died within a year due to falling in drunk state from stairs.

43. 13 year old Akbar, son of Humayun, was sworn next emperor under guidance of Bairam Khan, his general. Bairam had a lucky win over Hemu in battle of Panipat after which Akbar butchered an unconscious Hemu to celebrate his victory and being a Gazi.

44. But soon, Akbar forced Bairam Khan to run away to Mecca. He was murdered on the way. Akbar then married his auntie aka wife of Bairam Khan. He also had his cousins tortured and murdered. To know about Islamic Akbar more, read and

45. Akbar’s son Salim aka Jehangir tried to poison Akbar twice. This was perhaps due to confusion over who should sleep with Jodha. Because Akbar had already announced Jehangir as his successor and historians are confused over who actually married Jodha. Finally Akbar is suspected to die to poisoning. But before that Jehangir ran a parallel government from Allahabad and had his own coinage system. He came with a huge army to fight Akbar and had Akbar’s ‘Navaratna’ Abul Fazl murdered.

46. After Akbar died, Jehangir became the emperor but his eldest son Khusro rebelled against him. Khusro was captured and Jahangir had his eyes gouged. Jahangir also murdered Man Bai, his wife and sister of Man Singh – one of the greatest traitors to have taken birth in India. The great brave protector of Hindus, Guru Arjun Dev was murdered by Jahangir on pretext of supporting Khusro in most brutal and painful manner.

47. Jahangir killed Mirza Baig and forced his widow in his haram. This was Noorjahan. He then married Noorjahan’s niece to his son Khurram (or Shahjahan). Then Noorjahan’s daughter from first husband was married to Shahjahan’s brother Shahryar. This started another rivalry over next ruler. Noorjahan used to dominate Jahangir since he used to remain in addiction all the time. She first supported Shahjahan but then supported Shahryar. Thus Shahjahan rebelled and many in family were killed in 3 years. Finally Jahangir died in a state of intoxication.

48. After this battle began again. Shahjahan was out of Delhi. Noorjahan tried to kidnap her brother Asaf Khan for supporting Shahjahan. Meanwhile Shahjahan had the blind Khusro (his elder brother) already poisoned to death. His son was made the emperor by Asaf Khan. Noorjahan announced Shahryar to be the emperor. The battle began. Shahryar was captured and blinded. Meanwhile Shahjahan also returned. He had all the princes and ‘announced emperors’ along with their families killed. He then became the next emperor in 1628. Among the most vile humans to be born, some historians state that he did not spare even his daughter from his lust. He used to say that the gardener has first right to taste his fruit. Foolish historians claim that he built Taj Mahal when the reality is that Babur had stayed in Taj Mahal as per Baburnama. How can you expect such devil butchers to be architects of symbol of love!

49. When Shahjahan grew old, a battle began in his haram productions (aka children) over his succession. Finally Aurangzeb was victorious and he had his brothers Dara (eldest), Shujah and Murad murdered. He then imprisoned Shahjahan and gave him a taste of age-old tradition of Islamic justice! And foolish people call such perverts the glory of Islam!

50. Aurangzeb also had the same fate. His son Akbar rebelled against him and announced himself as ruler. But Aurangzeb defeated him and Akbar ran away to Iran. But once butcher Aurangzeb died in hands of Marathas leaving a very weak empire thanks to glory of Guru Gobind Singh, Banda Bairagi, Shivaji and Chhatrasal among others, his sons again had a fight over succession. This time, Bahadur Shah killed his brothers and became the emperor.


51. When Bahadur Shah died, his 4 sons against fought against each other. Three of them were murdered in a complex four-sided battle and Jahandar Shah became the ruler.

52. Meanwhile Farukh Siyar, nephew of Jahandar also announced his claim. With help of the powerful Sayid brothers who became virtual rulers, he defeated and killed Jahandar.

53. After becoming emperor, Farukh planned to get out of clutches of Sayid brothers. But they attacked Farukh and had him blinded and imprisoned. Later he was strangulated to death.

54. Then Jahandar’s son Muhammad Shah Rangila was made the emperor by Sayid brothers . He was smart enough to defeat them and then murder him.

55. During Rangila’s rule, Nadir Shah attacked India. This Nadir Shah had become emperor by murdering Abbas, the young son of Shah of Iran. In 1743, he had eyes of his own son gouged. He was enemy of both Shias and idol worshippers. Finally Nadir Shah was also murdered by his nephew Ali Kuli Khan along with his 13 sons and grandsons. One grandson managed to save his life and he ran away to Austria to serve the kings there.

56. After Nadir Shah, thus Ahmad Shah, his general, took the control of the empire who exceeded Nadir Shah in brutality. He invaded India several times making Mughals weaker and weaker. He was effectively checked by the Sikhs. He was succeeded by Timur  after which his sons again started a bloody battle. His 5th son Zaman took the throne but was blinded and imprisoned for next 40 years till he died. The other brothers and their children kept murdering each other for expansion of their split empires.

57. Coming back to affairs with Mughals, after Rangila died, his son Ahmad Shah became the namesake emperor. Eventually he was removed by Marathas and the second son of Jahandar took the throne in name of Alamgir II. This new Alamgir (earlier was the killing machine called Aurangzeb) had Ahmad Shah and his mother blinded within a week.

58. Alamgir II was murdered by his courtiers in 1759. By this time the Mughal rule had come to an end and for next 100 years they only lived on pension by British and a territory confined to Red Fort. He was followed by Shah Jahan III, another production of royal haram. But soon he was also deposed by Afghanis and his kingmakers ran away forever. What happened of him is not known.

59. After this, Shah Alam II, the son of Alamgir II became the namesake emperor in 1761. In 1788, Ghulam Qadir, son of his minister, brought emperor and his family to streets. He raped the royal women and asked an artist to paint the picture of the way he gouged the eyes of Shah Alam II, sitting on his chest. Ghulam Qadir said that he is doing so because Shah Alam II had done the same with his family earlier.

60. Eventually, Marathas captured this Ghulam Qadir and handed over to Mughals who then cut him into pieces over several days in most brutal manner and made the public display of the same. Finally they left him to be eaten by a dog. The blind Shah Alam II was restored as emperor of Red Fort as a mercy.


61. After Shah Alam II died in 1806, his son Akbar succeeded as a pensioner of British. He was followed by the 62 year old Bahadur Shah Zafar. This time there was no fight for succession because they were scared that British might kill them.


The summary is simple : When these false representatives of Islam could not be faithful to their own father, brothers, sisters and children, how can we expect them to be human enough to promote compassion among rest of Muslims and non-Muslims? And how can those who glorify such perverts conduct any other noble act apart from terrorism?

The lessons are clear:

a. Muslims should refuse to have any allegiance – emotional or historical – with their ruling elites and those who admire them. You can’t expect a worshipper of murderers to promote peace! A cockroach cannot give birth to an elephant!

b. Islam and Islamic history are two different things. Islamic history has nothing to do with peace and is only a saga of brutal bloodshed. We are being fooled to believe that Muslim rulers had anything to do with humanity, intellect, constructive activities etc. They were simply pythons eating even their own species.

c. We have only given examples of what they did with their family members. We have not delved into the other shameful aspects as glimpsed in deeds of Akbar, Babur and Tipu Sultan for example. Just imagine how disgusting their overall lives would have been!

d. Instead of taking pride in these butchers, Muslims should take pride in true heroes of the nation – Ram, Krishna, Hanuman, Shankaracharya, Pratap, the Sikh Gurus, Shivaji, Banda Bairagi, Ashfaqullah Khan, Abdul Hamid etc etc who ensured that our country remains the foundation of all good things in the world. Because of our heroes, despite the claims of Muslims ruling India, the fact is that they were never able to fully dominate India and were constantly in fight with brave natives. Finally the butchers were destroyed but their supporters have emerged today in a new avatar of Terrorists/Mullahs/Scholars etc trying to continue keeping Muslims uneducated and torturing non-Muslims.

e. Muslims MUST rise up to reject their present and past mullahs and rulers completely. And Hindus should proactively rise up to embrace all these innocent Muslims back into their original destination – before the lineage of butchers from Muhammad Bin Qasim started invading India. After all they are sons and daughters of this great land and not originating from where these butchers originated.

f. Muslims should also, accordingly, reject all those translations of Hadiths and  Qurans that teach hatred against non-Muslims and were preached by these ruling-elites to further their own shameless political agendas. The test is simple – if the mullah or scholar – like Zakir Naik or Bukhari or whosoever – refuses to openly condemn these butchers who used Islam for political mileage in very clear terms, then they are frauds. Simply refuse to even listen to them. Throw their books in dustbin and burn their videos. They are simply being agents of the ruling elites trying to fool innocent Muslims for their most selfish interests and most damaging slaughter of Islam.

This has been since death of Prophet Muhammad – messenger of Peace – and would continue unless Muslims rise up proactively to fight it. Till then, these ruling elites would put their entire might to keep Muslims illiterate, fanatic, ignorant, dumb, blinded and brainwashed in name of religion. This has become a war of minds now. And terrorist forces (who merely represent these ruling elites) would use this to further their own mission of bloodshed.

So lets all – Hindus and Muslims – unite together to embrace the truth and thwart the designs of these fraud representatives of Islam who have been fooling us for 1400 years or more. And unless that happens, yet another mosque in Pakistan would be blasted and yet another baby in Varanasi would continue to die!

What more can you expect from those who could not be loyal to their own fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters! And from those who glorify such rascals!


And when they could gouge eyes of their parents and children, imagine what they would have been doing with their people and especially whom they called Kafirs? And just imagine, what is the level of hatred that those people hide inside their hearts who glorify such monsters!

May peace and truth prevail! …….

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  • You can certainly see your enthusiasm in the paintings you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

  • Dear Friend, Please go through the website of agniveer and then you shall be able to defend yourself and your religion. If they ridicule Hinduism, the best religion in the world then ask them a few questions-
    1) Why did Prophet Muhammad married and had sex with a 9 year old girl?
    2) The hadiths say that one fine day , Prophet Muhammad was walking with his son when he saw his daughter-in-law and got an instant message from Allah (even faster than our smses!), and he ordered his son to leave him. and he married his daughter-in-law and slept with her. How far can your muslim friends justify it?
    3) A simple thing of logic-
    They say that there are 72 Virgins in the heaven which you shall get if you do Jihad against kafirs, kill them or convert them….etc etc….. And this is the sole reason that many Islamic youths kill people, plant bombs and kill themselves like dumbass.
    So , what is now left for the second muslim who goes to heaven? All 72 non-virgins.
    So, now you wont find any virgins in heaven. You can only find them in this world. So NO NEED TO DO JIHAD. So STOP killing people acting like a bullshit on a false belief and live in peace in this world only …

  • Dear Friend, Please go through the website of agniveer and then you shall be able to defend yourself and your religion. If they ridicule Hinduism, the best religion in the world then ask them a few questions-
    1) Why did Prophet Muhammad married and had sex with a 9 year old girl?
    2) The hadiths say that one fine day , Prophet Muhammad was walking with his son when he saw his daughter-in-law and got an instant message from Allah (even faster than our smses!), and he ordered his son to leave him. and he married his daughter-in-law and slept with her. How far can your muslim friends justify it?
    3) A simple thing of logic-
    They say that there are 72 Virgins in the heaven which you shall get if you do Jihad against kafirs, kill them or convert them….etc etc….. And this is the sole reason that many Islamic youths kill people, plant bombs and kill themselves like dumbass.
    So , what is now left for the second muslim who goes to heaven? All 72 non-virgins.
    So, now you wont find any virgins in heaven. You can only find them in this world. So NO NEED TO DO JIHAD. So STOP killing people acting like a bullshit on a false belief and live in peace in this world only …

  • A simple thing of logic-
    They say that there are 72 Virgins in the heaven which you shall get if you do Jihad against kafirs, kill them or convert them….etc etc….. And this is the sole reason that many Islamic youths kill people, plant bombs and kill themselves like dumbass.
    So , what is now left for the second muslim who goes to heaven? All 72 non-virgins.
    So, now you wont find any virgins in heaven. You can only find them in this world. So NO NEED TO DO JIHAD. So STOP killing people acting like a bullshit on a false belief and live in peace in this world only …

    Any of my muslim friends agree with me?

  • The pain given to Mother India by foreigners.

    The first foreigner who attacked India was Alexander in BC 326.

    In 712 AD Muhammed Bin Kasim with the help of Muhammed Harun attacked India and killed a lot of Hindus and Buddists. Millions had been converted to Islam trough sword. He killed men above 17 and make their women and children slaves. Thousands of temples destroyed and built mosques. He looted India. His army raped a lot of women and they give birth to many muslim children.

    In 712 AD June 20 – Muhammed bin Kasim killed 20000 Hindus and converted many who begged for life.

    From Period of 1000AD to 1030 AD Mohammed Gazni attacked India,Killed thousands of Hindus, Converted millions of Hindus.1025 AD Somanath temple is attacked by gazni. He broke Idol in to 3 pieces and send each piece to Gazni,Mecca and bagdadh.

    More and more incidents happened ……………….

  • The paapa karma and paapam are different, in Indian thoughts, from that explained in Semitic religion. The sin according to Bible/Quran is the actions against god and god’s will. For Hindus, the sin is your action. It is not at all connected with god. If you disobey god the god will curse you and you will have to suffer is Semitic religious philosophy. God does not have liking and disliking according to Hindu dharma. In Hinduism, god will never curse. Only human beings will curse and god will only bless. All these are giving direct information to us that sin and virtue are not related with god they are related with our good or bad actions. These actions are originated from the thoughts and thoughts, from the mind. Hence paapam and paapa karma are rooted at the mind. Thus, when the Judge gives a verdict for hanging a criminal, it will not be equal to a terrorist putting an individual in the hit (killing) list. Even though the actions remain the same, the mind behind that is different. Thus, the mind behind an ACTION carries more significance than the action itself in Indian philosophy and modern sociology.

  • Some of the info posted is incorrect Muhammad was poisoned by a Jewish women (Zainab) after Muhammad had murdered this poor girl’s husband, father, uncle all men in the family similarly all men in her tribe were brutally murdered by Muhammad and his army; all women and children were sold in sex slavery. Boys were examined if they had pubic hair; if they did were murdered, if not child slavery.

    Watch this careful examination with quotations from trusted hadiths:

    Muhammad was indeed a peaceful man while at Mecca. It is after he claimed prophet-hood problems occurred. In fact he was forced to leave due to Muhammad’s intolerance and constant abuse and harassment towards preIslamic Meccan peaceful people: Al-Tabari book VI page no. 101:
    They said: “We have never seen the like of what we have endured from this man. He has derided our traditional values, abused our forefathers, reviled our religion, caused division among us, and insulted our gods. We have endured a great deal from him.

    It is after his Hijra when Muhammad became strong military-wise in Medina his true colors were revealed. He later returned to Mecca and killed anyone who rejected him, which is also known as the final triumph. Thus Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam) and Dar al-Harb (land of sword) was established. Muslims are to follow the sunnah (imitating the life of Muhammad and following his teaching as he is the perfect Muslim). Muslims have to follow the Meccan Quran living in minority and appear peaceful as Muhammad did, and when they are strong (no longer a minority) they are to follow the Medinan Quran thus terrorism is a way of life in Islam. Quran by itself contains over 164 verses of violent Jihad and Muhammad himself admitted – Bukhari (52:220) – Allah’s Apostle said… ‘I have been made victorious with terror’.

    • Ex- Muslim
      Shame on u may i know how did you come up from this story, did you create your own one and no doubt you would have worked really hard and you don’t have to say that u r Xmuslim we know very well who u r….

      • @Hamid Ali:

        you don’t have to say that u r Xmuslim we know very well who u r….

        the implication being…?

        Why does every Mohammedan enter into denial mode when encountering an ex-Mohammedan? Cant your brain compute that there are “Muslims” who find Islam disgusting and simply quit the cult?

      • Learnt it from u guys when people like Rahul(Rahil)Barodiya Embraced Islam and spoke against Hindusim u people were unable to take it and came into denial mode saying “NO I don’t think so he was Hindu” what double standards guys…

      • @Hamid:

        First, relax. There is no need to get kneejerk in your reactions.

        Learnt it from u guys when people like Rahul(Rahil)Barodiya Embraced Islam and spoke against Hindusim u people were unable to take it and came into denial mode saying “NO I don’t think so he was Hindu” what double standards guys…

        I have no idea who Rahil Barodiya is. If some people convert out of Hinduism because it doesnt suit them, it is fine. I am not sitting in judgement here. There are problems with Hindu society and sometimes it takes an outsider to point out such errors so that Hinduism as a whole improves. I will never begrudge someone who converts out of Hinduism out of his own volition. That is basic human right. Many outsiders have pointed out issues with caste system and we are working to eradicate the ill effects due to it which accrue and trying to reinterpret our holy books to suit modernity.

        Now, does your religion provide ex-Muslims the same freedoms? Is Islam in touch with 21st century?

      • Brother Hamid who am I? I was a Muslim for 3 years. Before converting I had no idea who Muhammad was. At first I felt very welcomed the problems occurred when I started asking questions; for 1 whole year I was just lied upon. Reciting Al-Fatihah 5 times a day in Arabic without understanding was frustrating enough but the hate for Kafirs was too much for me. The mandatory Zakat and the salat al-jumah Jumah namaz friday prayers unnecessary rules just pushed me on the edge. Before converting i was told its optional after conversion mandatory? Then I was being forced by the Imam to join a Pakistani University I wont name it, its supposed to be 1 of the best. It is after the horrific accusations I heard on the internet about the beloved prophet I just couldn’t believe them and started researching and the truth was inevitable. Leaving Islam was not easy I was declared Maloon murtad wajib-ul-qatal my entire family was in danger death threats and getting out of the country was not easy. You know exactly what the Sunnah says instead of Tuqya why dont you admit the truth and stop fooling yourself. Islam is just evil cannot be from God.

      • Ex-Muslim..

        It is after the horrific accusations I heard on the internet about the beloved prophet I just couldn’t believe them and started researching and the truth was inevitable.
        Is it, May i have some references of your research please even i would want to see Inevitable truth. Ill let you know were did you find that on RSS website am a right which is Agniveer’s … u were never a Muslim and u r not worth to be a muslim.. A muslim will never speak bad about Prophet Mohammed(PBUH)… So plz use ur real name…

      • Brother Hamid you are right a good Muslim will never say anything bad about Muhammad even if it was the truth and try his best to cover his shame and evil acts, but an honest Ex-Muslim will say the absolute truth. I thought by this statement “you don’t have to say that u r Xmuslim we know very well who u r” By we you meant your fellow jihadis? I thought you knew who i was so why are you asking me my name? And nobody is worth to be a Muslim to call someone a Muslim is a curse by itself. I am going to go easy on you; just like any good Muslim you want to kill me for criticizing Muhammad and also for leaving Islam I know exactly what quality you are. I am going to go easy on you and you probably know it but I want you to research with me lets go step by step and dont run lets talk about Muhammad and my research why do you think people call Muhammad a child molester and what do you understand by “Mufakhazat Alzigaar”? I will get you the hadiths but lets hear your views dont you worry we will talk about Muhammad’s life pertaining to my research in full detail and I will jog your memory with the absolute correct (Sahih) hadiths.

        Answer dont run; again why do you think people call Muhammad a child molester and what do you understand by “Mufakhazat Alzigaar”? and we will proceed.

      • Yes but why do you think Bustards like me call it? what could be the possible reason? May be a 54 year old man old enough to be a grandfather with 6 year old baby wife (5 years old as per English calendar) could that be the reason or your prophet showing sexual interest in a CRAWLING BABY as per (Suhayli, ii. 79: In the riwaya of Yunus I.)? lets hear you reasoning…

      • that’s what u RSS people and your so called Agniveer is good at spreading terrorism u saffron Terrorist …..

    • Muslim will never say that it is only people like u will come up from these kind of stories…. u guys will repent for this.. may be its written in your Vedas from were u read it and post it here….

  • we may conclude here
    islam and quran are misleading a lot
    they dont have proper mindset
    but lots of ifs and buts
    everybody is claiming that this religion calls for peace and leads towards a peaceful world then i would just like to ask that why and why most of the terrorists are anyhow related to islam?????
    why there is most discomfort in muslim world
    why most muslims are misguided??/
    isnt quran enough to preach them in right direction???
    why most countries dont want to extend their relations with islamic countries???
    may you answer???
    is everybody except muslim insane so that they hate you??/
    no there are lots of reasons and a wide history laying itus foundations

  • His manifesto acknowledges that lives will be lost in the war, and calls for the organisation to “provide and subsidise a standard edition of the Justiciar Knight tombstone” for those who fell in battle.

    Since a “European tombstone carver, preferably specialised in traditional tombstone architecture, is likely to charge more than 5000-10000 Euro in order to create the stone,” Breivik suggested that “producers in low-cost countries should be contacted for the task of creating one or multiple stones in the future.”

    He acknowledged that this “might sound hypocritical considering the fact that cultural conservatives in general oppose Indian or Chinese membership in [the] WTO and the fact that we generally prefer in-sourcing as many industries as possible. However, conserving our funds is a central part of our struggle.”

    Even though Breivik’s Knights would fight shoulder to shoulder with Hindu nationalists, his vision for their rights in a post-revolutionary Europe is limited. The manifesto envisages the creation of a “servant class,” made up of non-Muslim individuals from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

    “During their stay,” the manifesto envisages, “they will work 12 hours a day for the duration of their contracts (6 or 12 months) and are then flown back to their homelands.” “These individuals,” it goes on, “will live in segregated communities in pre-defined areas of each major city.”

    Taken from:

      • @truth seeker

        u ask me the evidence,i give to a resent valid evidence.

        how to behave moral way of critisizm,its baned like coward?,or challenging to clear my allegation like men?

      • @shabeer
        What are u saying I am not understanding at all? What you want to convey us? Why do not you talk specifically? You suddenly changed the topic or get disappeared from here. Again you comes here & starts your copy paste stuff again. What are the points on which u are disagree. Why not u response us specifically. Why not u debate instead of copy paste.

      • So Shabeer is a salafi and not a Muslim? Because if he is Muslim, then Bohras, Ismailis, Sufis, etc are not Muslims! Since he belongs to salafi, he will say that only he knows true Islam and all others are wrong. Look at his level of brainwashing.

      • some evidence need more proof,
        ok i debate with u
        i ask some questions to agniveer g can u answer it?
        not brainwashed,posting some truth about reality.

      • @Shabeer
        Why Allah stopped prophet’s sending for welfare of human Kind? Why? Why we can not see miracle of prophet with out own eyes?

    • It is very sad that some crazy person like him[Anders Behring Breivik ],use great nation of India and one of great religion – Hinduisms to advance his sick ideology.Every culture, religion & nation has its share of crazy persons like Anders Behring Breivik .

  • “It is essential that the European and Indian resistance movements learn from each other and cooperate as much as possible,” he concludes. “Our goals are more or less identical.”

    Lists websites
    Breivik lists the websites of the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the National Volunteers’ Organisation, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad as resources for further information.

    The manifesto pledges military support “to the nationalists in the Indian civil war and in the deportation of all Muslims from India.” This is part of a larger campaign to “overthrow of all western European multiculturalist governments” and evict “U.S. military personnel on European soil.”

    India is one of several countries — including Russia, the Philippines, China and Thailand — where Breivik hopes his successors will fight.

    He uses the work of historians K.S. Lal and Shrinandan Vyas to point to the threat posed by Islam to Europe, saying their work has established that millions of Hindus were killed in a genocide during 1000-1525 AD. N.S. Rajaram, another historian, is quoted as saying India’s “political class have been so debilitating that they continue to live in a state of constant fear.”

    Breivik’s manifesto envisages that this future organisation would hand out a “multi-cultural force medal,” which would be awarded for “military cooperation with nationalist Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and/or atheist forces (non-European) on Hindu, Buddhist or Jewish territory. These efforts must be directed against Jihadi or cultural Marxist forces, personnel or interests.”

    The medals would include a “Liberation of India Service Medal,” which would be awarded for “assisting Indian nationalist forces to drive out Islam from Indian territory.”

    Breivik’s Indian-made combat badges, revealed by The Hindu as having been contracted to a workshop in Varanasi, were the first in this series of battle decorations.

  • Jehadis transformed Ganesh festival into a festival of riots.

    So far…
    Riots in Adoni, Andhra Pradesh.
    Riots in Ujjain, MP.
    Riots in Nandurbar, Maha.
    Tension in saidabad area after Ganesh pandal was burnt down in a broad daylight, Hyderabad, AP.

  • There is no debate over it. Problem is that certain elements of so-called Muslim do not believe in this and instead plant bombs and kill innocents. So if you could make sure that your message reaches them, that would help the world.

    And please do not put conspiracy theory over everything. That makes you look as dumb as Zakir Naik. Fact is that almost all Muslim countries have either violence problems or human rights issue. Only exceptions are countries like Qatar and Dubai who are more liberal than west. This is also true that almost all terrorist groups who claim responsibility of these shameless acts of violence claim to be Muslims and also claim to do so for their religion. Hiroshima or World war 2 did not have any religious colors. So it can mean either of 2 things – either Islam teaches violence or that violent people like Bin Laden etc have hijacked Islam.

    To rest of the world it does not matter what is true because they do not believe in Islam in any case. They simply know that in name of Islam their lives have become hell. So instead of telling them that Islam teaches peace, if you could actually work to showcase Islam as a religion of peace by example, that would be what would make an impact.

    So Agniveer has no dispute with you on what Quran actually teaches. The problem is that Islam has had a long violent history. Ask Shias and they will tell you it started immediately after Muhammad Sahib’s murder. So it would be worthwhile if Muslims could come out more openly in condemning those who perform terrorist act than simply recite that Islam means peace and ‘I dont know if Osama is a terrorist”. Such statements only make matters worse. Please unite with liberal Muslims like Hassan Nisar and Parvez Hoodbhoy to more vocally condemn terrorism in name of Islam, as well as admit that something has terribly gone wrong to bring such bad name to Islam.

    Simply blaming on conspiracy of west only shows that Muslims are too dumb or that their religion is weaker. Why did they allow West to conspire? Why did not they follow Quran and overpowered west? Why they still rely on west for all their funding and livelihood.

    If Hindus are weak, we openly admit that we deviated from Vedas to cause such miseries. We admit that had we not ignored our foundations, how could have looters from Central and West Asia attacked us. We take full responsibility of our miseries and humbly want to rectify and improve.

    But if you always claim that Islam was always best since inception and yet you are being in such poor state and 99% of religious terrorists (religious terrorists form 80% or more of terrorism today) are also ‘proud’ Muslims, then you are fooling only yourself. See eye opening videos of Hasan Nisar in this post.

    And stop giving examples of WWII and Hiroshima etc. These events are 70 years old. Lets talk of today – last 20 years, last 10 years. Consider Agniveer to be your true friend. Work with him instead of fighting him who has no argument over you on what is actual Islam. Only point is that if Islam is indeed peace, make Muslim world example of it instead of asking others to become Muslim. Stop this stupid Dawah business and rectify Islam from core. If indeed it has value, you will have no need to ask anyone to be Muslim. If Islam can indeed become symbol of prosperity, peace and universal brotherhood, if Muslims can become the most educated and rick community of world, if Muslims become greatest inventors and discoverers, the greatest philosphers, social activists, then Agniveer and his entire community will also embrace Islam.

    Lets work together to expose and eliminate terrorist elements within Islam first, so that we all can enjoy Jannat (Paradise) even with our peaceful Kafir friends


    • @gniveer g

      i think u never read my post (islam,jihad & terrorism)
      i exaplained what the diffrence between islam,jihad,terrorism?
      islam condemed all act of terrorism from period of adam to yesteday delhi attak.ismal condemed the all people who behined the attak,whether it was islamic namers and others(we muslim never keep the diffrence between terrorist,they r muslim or non-muslim)
      muslim advice to govt that, they must c must found the terrorist,capture the terrorist,cut their head infront of the public,this is the moral adn ideal way,its stop more ‘fithna’ in future.

      1)”Fact is that almost all Muslim countries have either violence problems or human rights issue.”
      last post i ask to u can u prove u’r claim with evidence?
      u’r openion u says to u’r friends,as real critisizm,u must bring some a valid evidence for u’r claim.
      soudi & kuwaith govt promote the islamic system,there no terrorist attack there as much as india,us,and uk.

      1) they take strict rule against the terrorist.
      what our govt attitude towards the terrorist?
      parliment,mumbai,gujarath,delihi,etc govt not take moral way of invewstigation about the the terrorist,some people,co opreate,politicians controled our law and judiciary.
      ex)mubai attak :they found some pak terrorist,when the investigatio reaches the hedli &rana its stoped.
      why? who behined the tip of the root from parliment to yesteday delhi? is hidable truth.

      • 2)Hiroshima or World war 2 did not have any religious colors

        i don’t know how can u meaning the word ‘terrorism’?

        first u study what is terrorism?

        a)a politician killed a group of people.
        b)a muslim killed a group of people
        c)rss blast the dharga killed group of people
        d)a norvegian killed a group of people.

        my brother agniveeer,i told u that ,what r the above act as terrorism? is only b or all? u must answered my questions.

        islam the peace religion consider all the human being r creation of allah,we condemed all the above attack,beco’s all the victims r human,islam the natural religion stand for the peace for all the mankin in our world.
        don’t behave the partiality about human based on religion,politic,cast,etc

      • @shabeer
        ________Hiroshima or World war 2 did not have any religious color__________
        Bombing on HIROSHIMA was part of World war 2 which is fought for becoming super Power among countries. You have given above example of RSS & politician. There are terror happen all over world. & No one can stop them completely & forever. But 99% percent attack are done by Muslims because of religious differences. RSS is not world terrorist organization & RSS has no training camp. “Why most of terrorist attacke are done by Muslim all over the world?” This cause of concern. What wrong in Islam that Muslim plant Bomb all over the world. BTW What you expect from Indian people. We will do particularity I am, if your Muslim bomber will stop planting Bomb in my country & Rest world & I will persuade other also. Please put your list of demands my dear Shabber brother.

      • )The problem is that Islam has had a long violent history

        what r the violont history has islam? can u prove with quran and hadeeth is islam become a violent religion?.

        i challenge u bring any one ‘clear verses’ from quran as it promote the violence,can u do it?

        islam the peacefull religion,never bring the people to violence ane terrorism,it bring the human to peace,idela, and moral people and bring to them eternal salvation.
        read my post,no of verses i include there to promoting and making ideal people.

        4)Simply blaming on conspiracy of west only shows that Muslims are too dumb or that their religion is weaker.

        we salafi against the all types of terrorism from national,international level,there is no diffrence between whether it came from the mulslim or non-muslim.

        i challenge to all hindu group,christian group,muslim group(except salfis).
        the problem of people execept salafis’s r they acting against only the people other many salifi friends r got attack from both rss and simi,bec’s we never partiality between many thread u have in social network agaist terrorism? how amny book u have to stop the terrorism from our country?
        how many drop of swet u pay for stop the vilonce against the inocent people?
        how many person attak u got by stoping terrorism?

      • @truthseeker

        1)99% percent attack are done Muslims because of religious differences

        i already expalin the islamic concept of terrorism,and who attak by the people,what r their intention,etc

        2)RSS is not world terrorist organization & RSS has no training camp
        Goals of Indian Hindu nationalists were identical to Justiciar Knights, Anders Breivik claimed

        Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik hailed India’s Hindu nationalist movement as a key ally in a global struggle to bring down democratic regimes across the world.

        ‘2083: A European declaration of independence’ lays out a road map for a future organisation, the Justiciar Knights, to wage a campaign that will graduate from acts of terrorism to a global war involving weapons of mass destruction — aimed at bringing down what Breivik calls the “cultural Marxist” order.

        India figures in a remarkable 102 pages of the sprawling 1,518-page manifesto. Breivik’s manifesto says his Justiciar Knights “support the Sanatana Dharma movements and Indian nationalists in general.” In section 3.158 of the manifesto, he explains that Hindu nationalists “are suffering from the same persecution by the Indian cultural Marxists as their European cousins.”

        “Appeasing Muslims”
        The United Progressive Alliance government, he goes on, “relies on appeasing Muslims and, very sadly, proselytising Christian missionaries who illegally convert low caste Hindus with lies and fear, alongside Communists who want total destruction of the Hindu faith and culture.”

        Even though Hindus who are living abroad “get an eagle’s view of what’s happening in India, Indian Hindu residents don’t see it being in the scene.”

        Breivik’s manifesto applauds Hindu groups who “do not tolerate the current injustice and often riot and attack Muslims when things get out of control,” but says, “this behaviour is nonetheless counterproductive.”

        “Instead of attacking the Muslims, they should target the category A and B traitors in India and consolidate military cells and actively…

  • What has happened with Islam is a grave cause of concern. It will no more suffice to simply say “Islam means Peace” and close the eyes like an ostrich. Islam is indeed hijacked by terrorist mindset. Now some may say that there are even Hindu or Christian terrorists and criminals as well. But question is how many? And how many take pride in being so. How many cases you have heard that after a terror attack a Christian or Hindu group proudly took ownership of the attack? Why is that it is almost unilaterally the Muslim groups who take ownership of terror attacks? Why is it that Muslim countries are the most violent and human-rights abused places of the world? What makes Muslims so violent that they would throw bombs even in a Muslim country. Who is abusing Muslims in Pakistan or Somalia?

    Under such situations, it makes little sense to simply chant “Islam means Peace”and deny the facts. On contrary, to bring true peace and dignity to innocent Muslims, prevailing Islam has to change. A history based Islam will only bring terror attacks. The problem with Islam began right from murder of Muhammad Sahib under mysterious circumstances after which a brutal power struggle began. The peaceful sects of Islam gradually got eliminated right from era of Quran compilation when the Caliph cut off hands of those who differed from his version of Quran. As we see in this article, the greatest icons of Islam were all murdered. And thus what remained in Islam was cruel rulers (the hijackers of islam) and the silent common man who dare not raise his voice and accepts his fate as decision of Allah.

    The recent upsurge in education of Muslim youth – causing them to deviate from traditional notions of religion and integrating with rest of the Kafir world has brought all this violent reactions from the fanatics. Since they know the youth is gradually slipping away from their hands, they need to reestablish their terror as well as gather funds through such attacks.

    This is a transition phase for common Muslims. If they can face it boldly, start openly condemning all Muslim scholars and leaders who call non-muslims Kafir and believe that they will go to Hell, or cursing sympathizers of terrorists like Laden, they can overturn their destiny. Peaceful Muslims should join hands with erstwhile Kafirs, rise above narrow religious dogmas, do as much as they can to showcase themselves as global citizens than puppets of Arab desert, and condemn any terrorist attack by strong criticism and actions. Actions include allowing Hindus and Christians to also pray at their mosques and in return start praying in temples and churches as well. Celebrating Hindu and Christian festivals and inviting Hindus and Christians in Eid etc, adjusting their festival rituals as per majority community’s sensibilities. Like stopping cow slaughter in India on Eid and instead eat sweets. And of course publicly condemn fanatics like Zakir Naik who feed terrorist brains with hatred against Kafirs.

    A lot of homework has to be done. We appeal moderate Muslim organizations and indviduals to join hands with us in common mission against terrorism. Do write to us through comments or mail in Contact page. Do review this article as well.


  • Ten Obvious Reasons Why
    Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

    #1 17,000 deadly terror attacks committed explicitly in the name of Islam in just the last ten years. (Other religions combined for perhaps a dozen or so).

    #2 Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, had people killed for insulting him or for criticizing his religion. This included women. Muslims are told to emulate the example of Muhammad.

    Muhammad said in many places that he has been “ordered by Allah to fight men until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger.” In the last nine years of his life, he ordered no less than 65 military campaigns to do exactly that.

    Muhammad inspired his men to war with the basest of motives, using captured loot, sex and a gluttonous paradise as incentives. He beheaded captives, enslaved children and raped women captured in battle. Again, Muslims are told to emulate the example of Muhammad.

    After Muhammad died, the people who lived with him and knew his religion best immediately fell into war with each other.

    Fatima, Muhammad’s favorite daughter, survived the early years among the unbelievers at Mecca safe and sound, yet died of stress from the persecution of fellow Muslims only six months after her father died.

    Fatima’s husband Ali, who was the second convert to Islam and was raised like a son to Muhammad, fought a civil war against an army raised by Aisha, Muhammad’s favorite wife – and one whom he had said was a “perfect woman.” 10,000 Muslims were killed in a single battle waged less than 25 years after Muhammad’s death.

    Three of the first four Muslim rulers (caliphs) were murdered. All of them were among Muhammad’s closest companions. The third caliph was killed by allies of the son of the first (who was murdered by the fifth caliph a few years later, then wrapped in the skin of a dead donkey and burned). The fourth caliph (Ali) was stabbed to death after a bitter dispute with the fifth. The fifth caliph went on to poison one of…

  • True Islam “Hijacked”
    Many articles were written, especially in the aftermath of September 11, about how the religion of Islam has been hijacked by a small group of terrorists. This is absolutely correct. The Quran, the holy scripture of Muslims, contains no justification for terrorism and killing innocent people.
    We believe that this hijacking of the religion by terrorists will be a wake up call for the majority of silent Muslims who are decent, God-fearing people. We also believe that the true religion of Islam was actually hijacked many centuries ago, albeit slowly and subtly, by so-called Islamic scholars with only superficial or distorted knowledge of the teachings of the Quran. These scholars gradually abandoned the Quran in favor of unauthorized sources for social and political gain. They have been shaping a religion for the masses based on premises that have nothing to do with the true religion, and are divergent from what is clearly presented in the Quran.
    There is a famous experiment called “Boiling Frog Syndrome.” The idea is that if you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out. But if you place the frog into a pot of lukewarm water and slowly turn up the heat, it will boil to death! In other words, when people become accustomed to practices over a sufficient period of time, they come to accept these practices as normal.
    The Boiling Frog Syndrome explains how the “Muslim” masses have come to accept breaches of the Quranic teachings that would have provoked questioning and confrontation during the time of Prophet Muhammad. They have grown accustomed to distortions in the religion that are not sanctioned by the Quran.
    Why does this great religion that produced unmatched civilizations now produce corrupt nations of the third world? Why are once proud, educated and progressive Muslims now economically and socially dependent? The picture is clear.

  • Islam and Human Rights

    The Quran and Sunnah encourage Muslims to respect the life and property of all mankind.
    In an Islamic State these rights are considered sacred, whether a person is Muslim or not.
    Islam protects honor, forbids insulting others, and/or making fun of them.
    Islam rejects certain individuals or nations being favored because of their wealth, power, and/or race.
    All Muslims believe that Allah created all humans free and equal, only to be distinguished from each other on the basis of God-consciousness or piety and never on the basis of race, color or ethnicity.
    Islam is a practical religion that respects all human beings and it was revealed for all mankind. Its message is that of peace and submission to Allah. Muslims believe in all the Prophets mentioned in the Bible, and the Quran. The Quran shares many moral teachings of the Old Testament and the New Testament. These three religions (and their books) were founded upon the revelations by One True God, Allah. For more information on this topic please see the brochure Human Rights In Islam or ask for brochure #7 from the III&E, the publisher of this article.

    Jihad in the Bible

    Let us see what the Bible has to say about Jihad in the meaning of war and violence. The following verses are from the Bible, New International Version (NIV), 1984
    “Do not allow a sorceress to live. Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal must be put to death. Whoever sacrifices to any god other than the LORD must be destroyed.” [Exodus 22:18-20]
    “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: ‘each man strap a sword to his side. Go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor.’ The Levites did as Moses commanded and that day about three thousand of the people died.” [Exodus 32:27-28]
    “The LORD said to Moses, ‘Take vengeance on the Midianites for the Israelites. The Israelites captured the Midianite women and children and took all the Midianite herds, flocks and goods as plunder…

    • @shabeer,
      >>The Quran and Sunnah encourage Muslims to respect the life and property of all mankind.
      Is this why rehana and maria are accepted as war booty? The respect of muslims is like the respect of slaves by his master, nothing more.
      >>In an Islamic State these rights are considered sacred, whether a person is Muslim or not.
      The rights are sacred as long as they pay their taxes. In an islamic state any one who says I am truth will be put to death, see why alhallaj is killed.
      >>Islam protects honor, forbids insulting others, and/or making fun of them
      Is this why your muslim brothers are making fun of monkey god, but giving death sentence to some one for blasphemy of muhammad?
      >>Islam is a practical religion that respects all human beings and it was revealed for all mankind.
      when you cant even respect your wife and do polygamy what use is boasting of respecting mankind?
      >>Its message is that of peace and submission to Allah.
      Are you peacful? Who is Allah and how does he look like so that i can submit?

      >>These three religions (and their books) were founded upon the revelations by One True God, Allah
      if you call 7th heaven gaseous god is true god, can you explain who are false gods?

      • @shabeer,
        Lot of historic justification.
        If muhammad really want to abolish slavery he would have done without justifying it.

        Compare muhammad to raja ram mohan roy. Raja Ram Mohan Roy single handedly stopped sati which was present in hinduism from long time, but muhammad though powerfull was not able to aboish slaves, but enjoyed with maria and died in the hand of another captive girl.
        Indeed muhammad is the most worthy of all men(sarcasm).

  • Analysis: How to wipe out Islamic terror
    Subramanian Swamy

    In one sense, I do not blame the Muslim fanatics for targeting Hindus. I blame Hindus who have taken their individuality permitted in Sanatan Dharma to the extreme. Millions of Hindus can assemble without state patronage for the Kumbh Mela, completely self-organised, but they all leave for home oblivious of the targeting of Hindus in Kashmir, Mau, Melvisharam and Malappuram and do not lift their little finger to help organise Hindus. If half the Hindus voted together, rising above caste and language, a genuine Hindu party would have a two-thirds majority in Parliament and the assemblies.

    • @myth
      To condemn and commit the acts of terrorism/violence is inbuilt into islam from starting. It is similar to good cop and bad cop strategy.
      West hasnt yet understood the invasivness of islam completely. On the softer side islam uses sufism to lure people and on the harder side it uses jiziya and social exclusion. India is the best palce where original face of islam can be seen. Other places like iran have lost their culture altogether and have driven away their own people like parsis and bhayis.
      Islam proclaims if you kill a person you kill a humanity, but in actual practice it has killed and massacared many cultures, starting from jews of banu quarez (shamelessly muslims justify that act saying that we judged jews according to their own law)
      to turkish genocide of cyprus.

      The author hides behind the argument that “I reiterate my first point. There is something wrong with the basic premise of the idea that Muslims must condemn terrorism, ”
      At least this is not true in india, we hindus have least expected favourible treatment of our hindus brothers in pakistan and bangladesh and our secularists themselves declare that terror has no religion as if kasab or the person who hacked kerala lecturers hand does not belong to peacful islam.
      Muslims dont need to condemn terrorist, the world will be safe if muslims dont migrate to secular countries and become invasive species by overbreeding(this applies to hindus too though they do it for maintaining their strength against muslims) and later bring their class of lawlessness(demand of seperate state, seperate law….).

      • @adolf

        problem with you is you are typical stereotypical live with in India. Well people move forward
        and learn from mistakes. if one human get killed means you kill humanity it is true fact.
        it will remain the same and I am not surprised as pointing to them is easy. To eliminate the root cause is to come forward & condemn.
        Come forward to defend against those who create unjust violence in name of religion. This is answer for stonehearted people.

        Save the Iman, of Musl + iman. To keep Faith is the only hope of Muslims.

      • @myth

        ——problem with you is you are typical stereotypical live with in India.—-
        and you’re a typical pseudo-secularist who just want to blabber about so called humanism without considering the fact that Indians are the most affected people on earth from islamic terrorism.

        —Come forward to defend against those who create unjust violence in name of religion.—
        FYI…this site is all about anti-terrorism.

      • @shravak

        I come forward to blame on bad elements of so called wrong followers of Islam, Unjust Moghuls, Hindutva company, so called British India, French, Dutch or Portuguese. People who does that will always get punished or repent it is natural law.
        The one who lose the path because they tend to follow this when they are terrorize, they begin to create terror.

        Well my point was clear who initiate violence in name of religion are all losers. Whichever religion or creed
        they belong to. If any injustice is done it is wrong and its simple logic.

        Muslims who come forward & condemn this terrible acts are true ones to preserve faith. The real meaning of Jihad is the ones who come forward to protect the people till death against this bad elements who create terror.

        :: Save the Iman, of Musl + iman. To keep Faith is the only hope of Muslims::

      • @myth

        —The real meaning of Jihad is the ones who come forward to protect the people till death against this bad elements who create terror.—–
        oh really, give a glance at the chapter on Jihad (Vol.IV, pp. 34-199) in Bukhari. they do not talk of metaphorical battles, or allegorical, spiritual struggles, but bloody war.
        can you bust this myth? and don’t forget to back your statements with Islamic scriptures.

  • >> ” that had been polluted by the 360 man-made idols ” …shabeer, you are at best an expert at ctrl C ctrl V. Tell me, how come the mere presence of some idols are there, it becomes polluted. Give me a logical reason why God would be irked.

    and you ran away last time when people here started asking questions after posting some hogwash articles from somewhere else. You could reply to none satisfactorily.

  • “Islam” is closely related to the word “salam or silm” which means peace”. how is it? please explain it briefly.

  • “Upon seeing the corpse of a woman in a battlefield, Prophet Muhammad asked his companions why she had been killed, and condemned it”
    >> yeah, sure. He missed out on screwing her too. 1 more sex slave lost.sigh, what a noble gesture.

  • Any ways nice article.i appreciate u brother. . . .one thing i wanna clearyfy is that the incidents u mentioned above about muslim rulers were not based on islamic ideology. . .these were personal conflicts. . .as they were in kingdoms . .even u hv heard of mahabharta. . .a saga about killing human beings. . . .. . .loss of human life is always to be condemned. . .irrespective of the ideology. Thanks for so informative article.

    • We agree brother. That is the essence of the article – if people would try to find Islam through deeds of villains in history, then terrorism would be the only result. So Islam and so-called islamic history have to be distinguished as stated by Hassan Nisar.

  • Where Hinduism there is freedom
    Semitic religions are often pretty constrictive. Pray here, sing this, praise him, anoint that, pay money, don’t believie this/that- a person’s worship is really never done here but things are achieved by brain-wahsing people’s mind and consistent forced injection of middle eastern theology into human brain.
    Hindusim is really a breath of fresh air always. Don’t feel like worshipping Brahman? Fine, pick one of his three main forms. Don’t like Shiva, Brahma or Vishnu? Fine, worship one of the other Devas. Still can’t find one you like? Pick one of the Avatars then. You really can’t complain; there’s something for everyone. You can even change your mind down the road, because guess what? You’ll still be worshipping Brahman at some form.

    No scripture in Hinduism forcing you to pay certain percentage of your earnings to temple, but allowed to offer your own to temple and for poors or charity. You can pray God anywhere, you can invent your own method of praising or praying God. Lot more freedom in Hinduism given to their followers and allowing free human mind to develop for the fullfilment of the consciouness evolution.

  • The so-called Kargil war of Kashmir in June 99 has triggered two very positive phenomenons for India. For the first time in a long stretch, it gave the country a bit of nationalism, it made many Indians proud of the heroism and selflessness of their soldiers. Whatever jingoism, or chauvinism there also was, one could feel, from Tamil Nadu to Punjab, that for a time there grew a feeling of togetherness in the nation, the knowledge of one’s soldiers fighting it out there, in the harshest and most dangerous conditions and defending Mother India’s sacred land. And that was very positive, for unless a nation possesses a bit of nationalism, it cannot keep on growing. And the second very positive aspect is that it has revived in India a notion which has been extinct for a long time : that of the kshatriya spirit. A nation needs warriors, it needs soldiers to defend itself and protect its women, children, and its borders from hostile and asuric elements, which throughout history have negated the Good and the Holy. It is fine to be Gandhian and non-violent, but in the tough and rough world of today, one cannot be too naive : you need a strong and well-equipped army to be able to defend one’s dharma. But a well equipped army is not enough – we have seen how today the United States’ army, the most modern and high-tech of the world, is only capable of fighting from a distance, either bombarding from the sky, or shooting from boats off-shore, a coward’s war, as its soldiers have lost the sense of kshatriya, of honour, of dying for one’s country. In Kargil, India saw the selflessness of its soldiers, with all the officers in front, climbing in the cold under enemy fire and wrestling peaks in impossible conditions, with little more than blood and tears.
    Francois Gautier, born in Paris in 1950, is a French journalist and writer

  • Hinduism is a peaceful and tolerant religion. Because it is a composite religion, it has no issues with dogmatic religions which are based on the teachings of a founder or prophet. Its broader religious and philosophical base allows it to find parallels within other religions and coexist with them without feeling threatened or the compulsion to establish its superiority. Hindus are perhaps the only people in the world who have never launched an aggression on other nations on religious grounds. And Hinduism is perhaps the only religion in the world that survived over 700 years of Islamic oppression and 400 years of Christian propaganda.

  • @ritesh swami
    the way you leading this argument it shows that you believe that these partiest like bjp,arya samaj are terrorising more than islamic terrorist and importantly these parties are not responsible for taking 1000 of innocent life throughout the world everyday but islamic terrorist groups are responsible ..
    What conclusion a man can draw from your videos = nothing …

    It also seems that you have registered yourself with hiding your correct name , this shows how you guys know to cheat or are masters of cheating ..

  • Namaste.

    This is not relevant to the article by the way.

    I’d like to know why Agniveer is not analysing christianity? The inhumane conversion practices of christian missionaries is a severe threat not only in Bharat but the world over. Behind the mask of christian missionaries are people who would do anything and everything it takes to convert someone including forcing people to convert (by exploiting the poor, uneducated,.etc). For example:

    I truly appreciate everything Agniveer is doing and for bringing myself along with countless others to the True Path of Vedic Dharma, but it would be great if you guys can put up some articles analysing christianity as well, to show people just how illogical and inhumane it is.

    Thanks. 🙂

      • Namaste brother.

        Thanks a lot. I’ll check it out. 🙂

        Btw, I think that the Satyagni site isn’t receiving as much exposure as the Agniveer site, and since it’s the Satyagni site that analyses christianity, many people may not get to learn about the truth about christianity.

        Maybe promote the site more? Just a suggestion. 🙂

  • I defer with Agniveer in this point. why he wants to be political correct in addressing ISlam. it is well-known fact that the founder of islam, Muhhamad, was the chief of his barbaric followers.
    Muhhamad had sex with 9 year old innocent baby while he was over 50 with 10 wives already.
    He sent a henchman to assassinate a 92 year old weak poet while poet was sleeping, reason behind was that old poet wrote a few bad lines against Muhhamad.
    Muhhamad ordered to decapitate, butcher, 900 people in the middle of market after war. 900 people.
    Muhhamad, after killing, butchering all the family members, raped a chieftain’s daughter .
    Muhhamad also tricked her wife sent her out of house to have sex with a servant.
    that is not at all a good wxample of human being.
    in muhhamad’s whole life, he murdered, butchered, looted, raped, had multiple limitless sex, had sex with small baby, had sex with wife’s servant, and list goes on.

    • The Muhammad we know is through Hadiths, modern Quran and his biographies. All of these were written at least 20 years after Muhammad’s death by brutal monsters as explained in this article. Muhammad himself is suspected to have poisoned to death. Under such situations, it would be unreasonable to take allegations on Muhammad at face value. At best we can say that we do not know who the real Muhammad was and what he believed in. If we go by liberal verses of Quran, we can say that real Muhamamd was a well-intentioned person. And the Muhammad which is projected in front of world is a work of fiction concocted by his followers who were killing each other and continue to do so even today. They even killed Muhammad. So while fanatic Islam should be condemned, there is no valid reason to blame all this to Muhammad who was not even living when the modern Quran was being written.

      • that means Muhhamad’s real character is lost. whole islam is running on bunch of Plane Lies.
        than the real islam is Lost forever. there is no possible way to bring it back.
        islam must be reformed. quran must be banned until its thoroughly corrected.
        in any of the case, islam has no solid ground base to walk on this earth.
        SO there are no Good muslims and extremists. what i have concluded is there are Wishy-washy muslims who rejects brutal,barbaric concepts of islam and there are PURE Muslims=extremists who believe 100% in islamic scriptures and are ready to decapitate apostates and cut off thieve’s hands.

      • No Brother,

        There are good Muslims as well. Those who were born as Muslims, find gates closed for them to be Hindu because of caste system, find Christianity too superstitious and yet want to live honestly. Depending upon the society they live in, they will speak about prevailing islam openly. For example Dr parvez Hoodbhoy of pakistan would refuse to accept views on apostasy, kafirs etc. Shahin Hussain of Delhi would claim that a large number of verses of Quran have no relevance today and were applicable only during Muhammad’s era. Today if one has to accept Quran, it should be only to extent it complies with logic.

        How would you term these people who are trying to be as honest as they can. As per Vedic Dharma, they need not convert into any religion and are still human beings – qualified enough to be Vedic which they are.

        It is true that it is impossible to discover about real Muhammad except that he was poisoned to death and that his followers and alleged wives were killing each other immediately after his death. And that all those who differed from view of Caliph Uthman in matters of Quranic verses were killed en masse to ensure only one version of Quran remains. Further even in that Quran, many verses are considered abrogated. So there is no way to find original Quran and original Muhammad. The only clue is that Quran says that it is supposed to present orginal message of Allah in Arabic language. Thus whatever in Quran is as per Vedas should be accepted as real Quran.

        And there should be no hesitation in accepting that original Muhammad wanted to propagate Vedas. Today vedas are available and Swami Dayanand even made commentary on it. So true Muslims should embrace the Vedic Dharma to be true Muslims.

        Just as Vedas are supposed to predict Muhammad, the Bismillah Rahimanurrahimi of Islam predicts Swami dayanand. Because Rahimanurrahimi means Dayanand. So all Muslims start noble work reciting “Dayanand ki Jai”! They should do that more openly now to pay homage to great Muhammad.


      • character of Muhhamad is very cruel, barbaric, rapist, schizophrenic.
        believing in flying donkeys, talking ants will not conclude islam is truth.
        muslims are of 2 types –
        (a) wishy-washy muslims like Hoodboy who rejects part of islam and still remains muslim.
        (b) pure type of muslim = extremists like Anjem Chuodhry who believes 100 % what quran tells. they are terrorists and want to rule dominate the world as islam says there will be only one deen=religion.

        islam is lost and so is quran and muhhamad. whole religion is fake and lost.

        saying “Dayanand ki Jai” is shirk in islam and is dealt with death on earth and Forever BURniNG HELL in afterlife in Islam.
        islam is utterly intolerant, cruel, brutal and nonsense religion where Man can do prostitution by having 4 wives but when it comes to women, they are declared prostitue.
        islam is male oriented religion only to please men by giving them 4 wives, 72 virgins in allah’s brothel

  • @Salviablue:
    You look to be very much confused bcoz you haven’t found the real truth yet. Don’t mistake me, I am not trying to convert you to another religion other than yours but you need to study, analyze religions and ask the real God/Eshwar/Allah (take what ever name u want), to show you the right path. Verily, He will show you the right path. Again, I am not promoting one religion, here is one such incidence I came across recently. This man was also in a similar situation as any of us are. If you go through his talk, you will agree that this man is realistic, practical, logical and brave to have accepted the truth and chosen what his mind and heart agreed upon (anyway this is his individual choice). Hope you we do the same too, and accept what we feel is the truth, regardless of what religion we choose. May the Almighty show us the right path and all of us to follow what the divinity is. Here is the website I want u to watch from 1-6 without being biased:

  • A simple explanation in form of “DAY~NIGHT”..
    Lets say:
    -DAY represents Truth, Good, Peace.. n everything positive like Hinduism.
    -NIGHT represents False, Bad, Chaos.. n everything negative like Islam.

    Now as in nature Day-Night cycles(Day -> Night -> Day -> Night -> Day….. forever)
    Similarly this struggle will continue for ever n ever..

    So, whats the solution??
    Now think of this, will you like it to be all Day for ever ?? or will you like it to be all Night for ever ??

    So the best solution is “Enjoy the Ride!! Do your Dharma!!”

    Shri Krishna ne kaha Arjun se, “na pyar dikha dusman se, Yudh Kar” 🙂

    Om Namah Shivaya

  • The thing hat strikes me most from reading through all this, is that most people are convinced that their religion is the only ‘true path’ and that all others are at least inferior in someday, or just down right ‘evil’ breeding.
    Any religion which advocates that any human is any different to any other based upon how they have been indoctrinated through their live by their environmental teachers is clearly inferior.

    Most don’t ever seem to even consider that, if they where born elsewhere, or to different parents, their religion may very well be one of those they now view to be inferior. The fact remains that if religions where taught equally, not as part of a tradition, or indoctrination (such as by parents, school or local views/fanatics – and I personally view any one whom preaches or tries to convert another to their religion as a fanatic) , so that once an individual becomes of an intelligently self determining age, with the ability to truly choose for them selves, with out bias or pressure, a religion, the chances are, they wouldn’t choose any single existing one. And even if they did, it would be from a logical or personal view point, not from a propagandised or indoctrination one, and it most likely wouldn’t be any of the major popular ones.

    My self am a forced christian, I.e. indoctrination by birth and not by informed choice, thus, once at an intelligent age of self determination, I chose to reject it.

    The only people I have negative feelings for, in the way as is being spread amongst this forum, are those whom blindly follow any ‘authority’, blindly ignore contrawise sentiments to their indoctrination, act violently/detrimentally against others whom are not instigating nor returning said aggression.

    And as hasc been said here, and in the matintained article, is those whom are truly evil (if such a concept exists) are those whom choose to use religion as an excuse or a lever to instigate or action gain for them selves or inflict pawing and suffering on others.

    Although I have no official religion, I am not religionless per se, I just have not found yet the a true path, and I have looked far and wide.

    Peace to you all.

    • @salviablue : maybe you are looking for the wrong thing i.e religion.look for the source of your own consciousness ;meditate, you will know for yourself what the truth path is..once that is achieved, then look out for guides that fall in line with your view of the true path, the inner voice never lies, one just need to learn how to hear it..

      om tat sat brahman arpnam astu

    • @salviablue:

      At a practical/political level I agree. I hold that religion is a completely private affair. Mostly (there are exceptions but they are few in number incapable of influencing public policy in any meaningful fashion) Hindus do NOT wear their religion on their sleeve unlike Muslims/fundamentalist Christians. Many do not even see the duality of Hindus and non-Hindus. India has bore the brunt of Islamic nonsense for centuries and we are working to reverse the ill-effects due to that.

    • असुर्य्या नाम ते लोकाऽअन्धेन तमसावृताः I
      ताँस्ते प्रेत्यापि गच्छन्ति ये के चात्महनो जनाः II (यजुर्वेद ४०.३)

      Those people who are indulged in or support sinful selfish activities and who refuse to pay heed to their inner voice/ conscience continue to remain in utter darkness devoid of knowledge and happiness even after death.

      • @ आर्यव्रतस्थ and his supporters

        Your vedas are telling 100% correct thing. Please listen to your inner voice/ conscience and do not indulge in your sinful activities (spreading hate against Muslims) and do not support selfish activities (trying to usurp power at Delhi by misguiding hindus and dividing Indians in the name of relegion, using all type of falsehood and crooked means, one of which is this website, agniveer) , else you and your supporters will continue to remain in utter darkness, devoid of knowledge and happiness even after death (this is what we told you, the eternal hell fire).

        If you really believe in your Vedas, you will change after reading this mail, else it will be proven that you are utilizing Vedas only to accomplish your ulterior motives and trying to to make Ishwar (of Vedas) fool, however it is you and your supporters who will be made fool by Ishwar (of Vedas).

      • @Mohammed

        “sinful activities spreading hate against Muslims”

        i remember what Indian Agnostic bro once said

        as far as hatred is considered ..”HATING HATRED IS A MORAL OBLIGATION”

      • @Mohammed
        your comment reminds me of one more sutra (dont know the exact location)
        which means “the ruchis/sutras of the veda are useless for the people who are devoid of intellect”

        talking about inner voice to an individual who believes to his core that the one and only purpose of his existence is to worship some overlord sitting in heaven,
        hah thats my bad, but cant help people from interpreting things their own way.
        Ishwar of veda (what is that?)
        make him fool (again what is that ?)
        why would ishwar make an effort to make a fool out of someone.?

      • @आर्यव्रतस्थ,

        Your vedas are 100% true again. You quote your vedas to others yet the same are useless to you as you never practice them. Please READ VEDAS MORE BUT DO PRACTICE THEM AS WELL; so that slowly your intellectual level increases and you could appreciate their usefulness to your life as well as to others life.

        You want to start a dicussion on your purpose of your existance??? Is it not correct if I say that “currently” your purpose of existance is to spread hatred against muslims. But there are many better purposes in life. If you devote the same time and efforts for any constructive purpose, you will surely be doing something some good to the society. For the start, I suggest why don’t you start supporting Anna for his anti corruption protests. Start writing how and what you are planning to do for cleaning Indian Politics???? (but please write only if you really intend to practice that, not the same way as you quote your vedas but do not practice).

        Ishwar of Vedas, I said so that you can understand clearly, otherwise you might misinterpreted that I am talking about Allah.

      • What to do when there are armies of evangelists out there defaming our faith and questioning our beliefs? Should we then convert to the faith/faiths that they claim to be better than ours or stand up to their assault on our faith. We may have diametrically opposite viewpoints on faith, but that need not necessarily mean we should be at loggerheads with one another.

        In as far supporting Anna Hazare is concerned, I definitely wholeheartedly supported/support his singular mission of rooting our corruption.

      • @Mohammed : i know what the veda is 100% correct and passes all the litmus tests of logic and cirtique , and who told you that we are discussing muslims, we are talking about quran. and hadidth.. thats it.. i think you have misunderstood … the purpose of this website..

    • @Salviablue:
      You look to be very much confused bcoz you haven’t found the real truth yet. Don’t mistake me, I am not trying to convert you to another religion other than yours but you need to study, analyze religions and ask the real God/Eshwar/Allah (take what ever name u want), to show you the right path. Verily, He will show you the right path. Again, I am not promoting one religion, here is one such incidence I came across recently. This man was also in a similar situation as any of us are. If you go through his talk, you will agree that this man is realistic, practical, logical and brave to have accepted the truth and chosen what his mind and heart agreed upon (anyway this is his individual choice). Hope you we do the same too, and accept what we feel is the truth, regardless of what religion we choose. May the Almighty show us the right path and all of us to follow what the divinity is. Here is the website I want u to watch from 1-6 without being biased: – in ENGLISH & – in URDU.

  • Fastest growing relegions are also be collaps fastely.because dinasoures are very fastest growth and it was eating each others, what happen? Fastest ending of dinasours,islam fastest ending like dinasoures ? Come on to revert back your original hindu relegion, he did not fastest and very peaceful.

  • Only one relegion are see in worlds that was a hindu. Others are bi-produts of hindu relegion.islam not a relegion,because he spreads only fear and swords. He forcefully spreads all over world that means dadagiri.present no.1 dadagiri an AMERICA,to revenge of muslims.iraq,taliban,libiya,are collaps,because america was a powerful. Islam was spreads at that time he was powerful and crual.nonviolance peoples are surrenders because he peaceful, saving a life,and accept islam under presure.All indian muslims vain hindu because his names words are did not matching arabs words.ex.peer means hindu veer,surname BUT means hindu pandit bhat,shekh means sikh or shishya.indian muslims are divided to cast system its a proof of hinduisum.

  • Allah means a fear, any muslims are fear of allah why? Feared mans mind was disturbed and his brain was corrupt. muslims are corrupted minded people. Because all time he watches fear of allah. Any muslims commonly talked his friend,wife or any others use word line by line insha-allah.why? Because he fear of allah. Muslims fear started childhood his first fear name khatna. Second fear is any family of muslims are eat beef and beef eatan man are going to jahannum in present life,its mind was not pure.third fear is book of kuran,because kuran was old and present time was scientific.scientific vision troubled of kuran .so fear was created any muslims why kuran stands of the future? The secretes of kuran between muhammad and allah.muhammad was last messanger but why? Because ego of muhhammad. Any man’s are imagine his work was great and absolute, non others are created. Kuran was best because muhammad say via allah.

  • Quote:
    “adolf says:
    April 19, 2011 at 5:59 PM
    Not all people of india worship krishna, nor are the 16k your are talking are wives of krishna, they are captives of kamsa/jarasandha who are given status of wives after their release. Atleast krishna is not godly as muhammad to rape a captive women and have some sex slaves.”

    Adolf you have reworded the old saying of U.P. : “Krishna karen to raas leela, ham karen to laundiya bazi”

    Shahid, leave Krishna alone for Adolf. Why don’t you ask Adolf to tell us how much sex power his god, Shiva has that he loves that his pen** (shivling) be worshipped by hindu women?

    • @mohammed
      dont worry muslim women worship my pen**. And I have more power than false prophet mohammed. But I havent tried one form of kinky sex practised by mohammed bin abdullah, banging a woman on a camel 🙁 Must try it sometime, whatever mahound can do, I can do better :))

      • @ dharmayoddha

        kisi ne sahi kaha hai “””suvar gu khane se baaz nahi aayega”””

        ye aagaya apani avqat pe….. aur iasane sabit bhi kiya ke ye kitana bada suvar hai

        dear gali dena badi baat nahi…… chahe to hum bhi tumhari ma bhahen ek kar sakte hai… chahe to aajmalo….. par hum tum jaise suvar ke moo nahi lagana chahate…….

        ye site un logo ke liye hai jo apane dharm ko achese janate hai….. tum pahale apane vedas ko acche se jano aur phir khud ko dharmayoddha kaho….. faltu baate aur gali galoch karke tum baki sab logo disturb mat karo……. i hope tum apane dharm ke prati bahot serioes ho, tum apani dalil pesh karo lekin kuch ref do…… khali pilli bakvas karana hai to tumhare liye ye site nahi hai

  • All worlds muslim are get together but he don’t one,because only allah was one.But All worlds are get together he was one because he also be one. That is the altimate power of vedanta. Allah’s fear of all muslims,because he don’t understand allah.any childs are fear in childhood, but he mature his fear was end. Only mansoor was mature others muslims are childhood and fear allah.

  • Mr.Abu, did I ever deny the verse from Yajur Veda? I can add more verses from Vedas that talk about God being formless. But Vedas do not ask any symbol to be brought down, which is what the desert marauders specialize in. So repeating ZN’s one quote from Yajur Veda repeatedly is redundant.

    • @shivaji

      “I can add more verses from Vedas that talk about God being formless”

      when you belive that there is no image for god then why you don`t try to explain this thing to your hindu brother ???? you don`t want to educate them ?????

      why you are not stop your brothers to go to temples???? doing idol workship which is haram according to vedas????

      so are u supporting to built ram temple in ayodha then??????( answer this if you are true follower of vedas, & you actually practice the teching of vedas & not just using vedas for argument)

      • I support the ram temple in ayodhya not because I consider Ram as a god, but as a national icon whose ideals are worth emulating, and hence a monument dedicated in his name. Besides, the babri masjid is a sign of foreign subjugation and epitomizes the hardships the local populace had face under the tyrannical rule of the ghazis, and hence its destruction is justified.

      • Abu, you still dont get it, do you? Vedas are about freewill and not about suppression of freedom or about dogmas. Vedas,like I stated above, do not explicitly prevent anyone from worshipping a personal, form based deity. So we don’t prevent temples. If Islam is the highest point of formless worship, like I said earlier, why do you need mosques that have nothing but cubic volume of air? And based on your mental condioning, you can never moved beyond haram and halal and look at what freewill is in the Vedas, objectively.

      • @shivaji

        “Vedas,like I stated above, do not explicitly prevent anyone from worshipping a personal, form based deity”

        It is mentioned in the Svetasvatara Upanishad, Adhyaya(Chapter) 6, Shloka(Verse) 9, “Na casya kascij janita na cadhipah” “Of him there is neither parents nor lord”.

        “na tasya kascit patir asti loke, na cesita naiva ca tasya lingam, na karanam karanadhipadhipo na casya kascij janita na cadhipah”.
        “Of him there is no master in the world, no ruler, nor is there any mark of him. He is the cause, the lord of the lords of the sense organs; of him there is neither progenitor nor lord”.

        It is mentioned in Svetasvatara Upanishad, Adhyaya(Chapter) 4, Shloka(Verse) 20,
        “na samdrse tishati rupam asya, na caksusa pasyati kas canainam” “his form cannot be seen, no one sees him with the eye”

        so you are denying the the basic concept of vedas……. then dear no need to discuess or argue with you……. i pray god that he will guide you to the right path..

      • Abu Ibrahim , how do you explain this? Man worship ??

        Abu Dawud
        Book 9, Number 1665:
        Narrated Buhaysah al-Fazariyyah:

        My father sought permission from the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him). (When permission was granted and he came near him) he lifted his shirt, and began to kiss him and embrace him (out of love for him). He asked: Apostle of Allah, what is the thing which it is unlawful to refuse? He replied: Water. He again asked: Prophet of Allah, what is the thing which it is unlawful to refuse? He replied: Salt. He again asked: Prophet of Allah, what is the thing which it is unlawful to refuse? He said: To do good is better for you.


        when people can kiss and lick Muhammad chest out of love , what’s your point against the idolaters?

      • @ Indian Agnostic

        dear this is very poor attempt to claim that we Muslims are doing Man worship….. try some anthoer thing

        best of luck….

      • Namaste @Abu Ibrahim

        I don’t know what your criteria for “poor” are. For me , bowing down to a stone is far hygenic and less idolatrous than licking a mans chest 🙁

  • When higher thinking was touches lower thinking,lower thinking was immideatly changed in higher thinking.that is the reason of all thinkers are visited in india. Islam was higher because he touches veda. All muslim thinker are higher in india because he touches the philosophy of vedanta. Vedanta is a Pure philosophy of world.nobody compare that. Islamic philosophy was not pure because all bariars are coming, first language, kuran in arebic language.translated in our own language but translators own thoughts are also be coming.second place worshipness, all musalman goes kaaba and hajj. That is a only reason of satisfaction. goes kaaba one time it is true musalman.truth not depends on place worshipness.third belief in kuran and hadith, but why? It was not asking,Bliendly Belief.truth say any beliefs are bliend. Vedanta beliefs self,self is a unbeliefable.that is the real truth.but muslims does not understand he completly blind and goes only immotionally worship of allah. He does not dare, what is the exact meaning of allah?.why prayer of 5 times nammaj ? What is the duality and nonduality? what is the Oneess? What is the supreem joy? Where sited allah? Allah was omnipresent but what is the form of omnipresent?

  • My dear friend, i am not hated to islam and muhammad i am say only truth. Truth are very dangerous. You needed of others rumi,al-gazali,nawawi,saadi,hafez but not dare to you.Allah can depends upon other thinkers? And you say leo tolstoy a great thinkers he believed in islam. What is the great leo or islam?

  • And Abu, given you guys are always intent on breaking idols and temples, let me say this. While the Vedas do not explicitly talk about idol worship, Vedas do not also consider worshipping via symbols / forms to be shirk, like the Quran.

    If Hindus believed and equated an idol to be God, Hinduism would have ceased the day the barbarians sacked the Somnath temple or for that matter when the barbarians laid seige to the city of Kashi. But the average Hindu knows that while an idol is a symbol of divinity, the Almighty pervades the entire universe.

    If we contrast this with the symbol of kaba and the grand mosque @ mecca, things will be so different. Assume that a natural disaster strikes and that Mecca is destroyed, the first reaction of many Muslims across the globe will be go on a rampage. And then many die hard Muslims will commit suicide,as the fidelity of allah / muhammad will stand compromised (to them) based on the destruction of kaba and the grand mosque. You may deny it but deep down, you know that I am stating the fact.

    While you may jump up and down against symbols, structures and idols, it is you guys that attach more importance to the same structures than Hindus. By the same token, temples have idols. But the mosques only have cubic volume of air. So why not you guys take the lead in destroying these empty structures. All you need is the Sun to know which direction mecca is to offer prayers. You can do it from anywhere you want on earth. Why, in a mosque??

  • Abu Ibrahim,Why worry about Radha and Rukmini? Infact, upon dissolution, every living being rushes back to Krishna, the Purusha (the MAN with Shakti pinciple embedded in HIM), like Krishna being OUR husband. Compared to HIM, at the end of the day, it does not matter whether you have testosterone in you or progestorne in you, they are all the same. Krishna or Brahman or Ishwar or Rudra or Vishnu are all the same Godhead towards whom all life forms dissolve into. You need to raise yourself beyond the symbolisms of Radha or Rukmini or Meera. And even the fable of 16K women & Krshna is a reiteration of this principle. Many Hindus themselves do not understand this concept. How can someone expect you to understand this?

    • @ShivajiMaharaj

      DEAR u guys are saying that krisna & rama is your role model & you are not considering them as god then why u maks temple & statues for them ; if not treating as god why u insist the rama temple in ayodha; this not against the teching of vedas if so then you should oppose to built the rama temple there

      just saying that There is no such thing as god incarnates in Vedas because as per Vedas, Ishwar is unborn and omnipresent. is not enough so should first act on that

      • Abu, so you have now left Krishna and Rada to talk about the unborn nature of the Lord.Who are we to know to understand the ways of the Almighty?

        The answer to your question of unborn God of the Vedas is found in chapter 9 of the Bhagavad Gita. Abu, you would do well to read all verses from 1 – 10 of that chapter and like an icing on the cake, Krishan states this in Bhagavad Gita 9:11 – 12:



      • @ Roger

        answer this simple question “r u agniveer follower ????”

        Did u claim that u are true follower of your vedas???

      • @abu ibrahim

        I dont support the building of ram temple at ayodhya, but I DO support the destruction of babri masjid, dedicated to jealous false god allah. :))

  • I urge the haters here to read about Rumi,Al-Ghazali,Nawawi,Saadi,Hafez……If at all you want to know about Islam……if you want to hate and spread hatred against Islam(as the intent of this article is) then read what Muslim Kings did…….Muslim history is the history of its great Ulema,poets,philosophers and not of some land and power hungry Kings…….As for the first 4 Caliphs,they were martyrs………I see here people take a lot of pleasure in badmouthing Islam and its figures……what kind of Hindu tolerance is it……..Interne par to koi bhi likhe………dam hai to bill se bahar niklo aur jo bakna hai bako(JHOOT)……….You people (RSS Chaddhis) feel very insecure about the good that Islam teaches,thats why you spread misinformation about it…………Shameless Hypocrites…………There is a lot to be laughed at in your own scriptures………..Doosre religion ka mazaak uda kar apna Dhandha chalaane waalon,apne girehbaan me jhaank ke dekho………Daliton ko 4000 saal tak chain se jeene nahi diya(completely sanctioned by Vedas,Manusmriti)…….ab aaye hai mu uthaake apne so-called victimhood(at the hands of Muslim kings) ka bahana leke………HYPOCRITES……………..Read what Leo tolstoy had to say about Islam……….who should be believed about Islam? the greatest thinker in recent times like Leo Tolstoy OR a radical,Hindutvadi Chaddhiwaala militant nextdoor ?

    • Namaste Shahid

      apart from Rumi all others are not worth their salt.and the irony is that Rumi is not your shahid-like muslim .He was a born muslim not a practicing muslim.

      The more philoshophical and human one becomes, the more one moves away from Quran and Kaaba.

      and quoting famous persoanlities in favor of Islam is useless.There are other famous personalities who hated Islam for its violent teachings.Winstaon Churchil for example.

      most importantly, this site is for mature discussion on comparative religion.If you dont have a point against the article, your post adds little value to the dicussion

      • Who is stopping you from laughing? Laugh as much as you want to, we understand where you come from.

      • @Shahid Laugh as much as you can ..he was a practising Hindu’s rumi for you a beliver of re-inacrantion:

        I died as a mineral and became a plant,
        I died as plant and rose to animal,
        I died as animal and I was Man.
        Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
        Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar
        With angels bless’d; but even from angelhood
        I must pass on: all except God doth perish.
        When I have sacrificed my angel-soul,
        I shall become what no mind e’er conceived.
        Oh, let me not exist! for Non-existence
        Proclaims in organ tones,
        To Him we shall return.

        still laughing?

      • ‘he was a practising Hindu’—–What should i say……..there is a limit to stupidity man……one can tolerate the bullshit coming from other side to a certain extent….but after that he concludes that the person writing that bullshit is INSANE …….. mystics and especially Islamic mystics are famous for writing such poems with deep meanings……..for every saying you quote i will quote 10 ….take it 🙂

        ‘The thousand spears of Pharaoh, Moses knew,
        With just one rod how to split them in two;
        Medical sciences once Galen taught
        But next to Jesus’s breath they’re worth naught;
        The finest poetry was put to shame
        The day illiterate Muhammad came’ ———Rumi

        ‘I am the servant of the Qur’an as long as I live.
        And I am the soil where the foot of Muhammad stepped.’——–Rumi

        ‘The light of Muhammad has become distributed in millions of pieces and has encompassed the whole world.
        The Prophet was like the lightening of that light.
        When it strikes, all veils of unbelief are torn, and thousands of monks are influenced by Muhammad and run toward him.’————Rumi

        Do you want more son?
        Atleast now stop crying 😀

      • I m sure that after knowing that Hitler was a vegetarian,you will say he was a HINDU 🙂 afterall you interpret things very correctly

      • @Shahid

        that “hindu” rumi was just to rub salt 🙂 How can a poet with homosexual inclinations be termed a hindu 😉 , He’s all yours for Islam

        Read the Forbidden Rumi to know about the other Islamic rituals he followed 🙂

      • Allegations of Homosexuality against Rumi are utterly baseless and laughable…….those who don’t understand the meanings of his works are bound to reach perverted and twisted conclusions………If people can’t think beyond things like Homosexuality when it comes to friendship between 2 men ,then they have certain chemicals wrong in their heads 🙂 (including you)……… apart from that even if i assume for argument’s sake thet Rumi had a homosexual relation with Shams Tabrizi then why would he offer his daughter in Marriage to Shams Tabrizi 🙂

        ‘if you are living in ghetto son’ —– you seem to be very proud of your wealth that you can mock those whom you percieve to be poor……gives a great insight into the teachings(sanskars 😉 ) you got !

      • ‘all others are not worth their salt’—- 😀 …….only Shankaracharyas,Modis,Togadia,Agniveers,Bab Bajrangis,Thackerays are worth their salt 😀 ………. rest are worthless becoz they don’t worship Mother India,don’t admire Great Indian Culture,come from shitholes,God is present only in India,etc,etc……….any more bullshit you want to write?

      • Namaste Shahid

        Did i ever say that only India is the hub of nationalism? Britain is realizing it, Germany is enforcing it, france etc have realized that Nationalism is a must for cultures and nations to survive.

        You cant have dabka dancing arab ghettos run riot in the whole world.The civilized must outnumber the barbarians 😉

      • @Sahid

        God(if any) is present everywhere according to Indians and mystics everywhere have stated the same.Only Islam’s Allah has a house in Arabia – Kaaba, the house of Allah 🙂

        and why do you mix politics with religious dialogue..If you want to discuss SIMI, Dar-ur-Ulloom deoband, Dar-ul-harb versus dar-ul-islam, radicalization of west coast etc. ..suggest me a political forum .i will answer you there.

        Indian civilaztion is the only civilization where the dark agesbegin with the invasion of barbarian Ghazis and evangelists. Ironically , the very same barbarianism is called civilization in the rest of the world

      • Only great Hindu ‘Civilization’ is Civilization rest all is Barbarianism 😉 …….. right Mr? …….. I wonder then why so many civilized(Indian) students taking the pleasure of educating themselves in Barbarian World (USA,West) :O

      • Namaste Shahid

        The days of medieval barbarianism are over for the west.Now the west also talks about human rights,democracy, respecting the sovereignty of nations etc.

        They still falter on these principles as many Islamists lament. Not so with Indians, they respected other nations right to exist as sovereigns since time immemorial.

        The Islamic world is still to learn the futility of barbarianism.The recent people revolts are a good sign by the way, only if they dont fall prey to fundamentalists

    • Shahid, what a joke? You think that the Caliphs were not power hungry? What were Ali and Muwaiyah fighting about? Were they fighting about bottles of chilled water in the deserts?

      And learn some hard facts about Muwaiyah (661-680 AD). Muwaiyah,sent as many as six expeditions by land to India. All of them were repulsed with great slaughter of the invading Arab armies.For the next 28 years, the Arabs did not dare send another army against Sindh. The next expedition was despatched to take on Debal in AD 708. Its two successive commanders, Ubaidullah and Budail, were killed and the Arab army was routed. When Hajjaj, the governor of Iraq, asked the Caliph for permission to send another expedition, the Caliph wrote back: “This affair will be a source of great anxiety and so we must put it off, for every time an army goes, vast numbers of Mussalmans are killed. So think no more of such a design.”

      Before that Umar (AD 634-644), sent naval expeditions to Gujarat. The Arab commander Mughairah was killed and the Arabs retreated after being kicked in their rear. Umar decided to send another army by land against Makran which was at that time a part of the kingdom of Sindh. But he was advised by the governor of Iraq that “he should think no more of Hind”

      Source: Why don’t you check Arab history from mueusm in Sana?

      So,back to my question? Were Caliphs pious and/or were they not power/land/booty hungry?

      • So last the land of Polytheism was conquered and got the Light of Islam…….anyways why don’t you answer why you people harassed,killed,Rape,suppress DALITS FOR >4000 years in accordance with Manusmriti and Vedas?

      • A worshipper of 12 wives/concubines coming and saying land of polytheism conquered. Isn’t it humorous? Yes we can call darkness of Islam entered. 4000 years…I thought history started only after Muhammad. You knew nothing about lingayat , bakthi, ramanuja movements right ?

      • ‘lingayat , bakthi, ramanuja movements right’——–Why do I care? I only know that Vedas and Manusmriti sponsor Casteism………….’A worshipper of 12 wives/concubines’———Its better than being a worshipper of 16000 wives 😉

      • @Shahid
        Not all people of india worship krishna, nor are the 16k your are talking are wives of krishna, they are captives of kamsa/jarasandha who are given status of wives after their release. Atleast krishna is not godly as muhammad to rape a captive women and have some sex slaves.

        Thanks for your light of islam, who will ask for a candle when the sun is fully shining as vedic knowledge in india.

      • @SDC,
        I don’t think it is wrong in Arabia at that time to rape,be a paedophile.

        However prophet Muhammad is jealous and lustful person. He made out all his wives/concubines as mothers of Muslim religion.

        In this context I quoted Muslims as worshippers of prophets wives/concubines and they associate Muhammad as usual with god.

        I do not understand why polytheism, Idol worship is wrong. However even for argument sake if I accept it is wrong Muslims have no right to say that as they themselves commit shirk and idolatry.

      • Adolf, while it may be the case in medieval arabia to have multiple wives/concubines, practicing pedophilia, or may be even committing rapes and murder, but the point is should in the modern-day world when our views on life in general have undergone a sea change, some of us still continue to defend such depraved practices and feel no pangs of conscience. Must we not speak up and try and change their mental orientation, or else they will pose a grave risk to humanity itself, though, personally, I feel the attempt is futile given the levels of intransigence we get to see.

        Will give you my take on polytheism and idol worship later on. Muslims will go to any lengths to say that theirs is right while others are wrong even if they be indulging in something similar.

    • @ Shahid

      Dude go and cleanse ur brains somewhere. History of Islam speaks of nothing but sinful acts. All the so-claimed good acts are only towards people of Islam. Islam has always waged a war against other religions. Cant you see, you blind fellow – Islam is at war with everyone. So the problem is indeed with Islam. Hindus-Sikhs coexist well. Hindus-Parsis coexist well. Hindus have a big time problem with Christians and Muslims. With Christians it is because of conversions and with Muslims its because of conversions and terrorism.

      Why is the muslim population so illiterate everywhere? Why do we have very few Muslim scientists?
      Why are there so less Muslim writers, painters, artists? Why is the gangwar invlolving more than 90% Mulsims? Why is Pak/Afghan so backward region? How come there are no well known universities in Muslim dominated countries? Dude , with so many questions – you and your religion are definitely under the scanner.

      • Why have Hindus kicked out Buddhism from its land of Birth? your fanatical hindu Kings did the worse with Buddhist stupas.84000 stupas were destroyed in Kerela and Tamil nadu,1600 stupas were destroyed by Mihirakula in Kashmir..A fanatical hindu king desecrated and cut down the Bodhi tree(at gaya),possibly the king was Shashanka……also in a single day Brahmin priests ordered the murder of 8000 buddhist monks in Madurai……Countless Jain and Buddhist temples were converted to Hindu temples…….best example being the so called richest temple at Tirumala (Tirupathy)…..So sir,it seems your own house is made up of glass dont throw stones at others.

      • Why don’t you hippies return with full respect the Mahabodhi Temple in Gaya,Tirumala,Puri Jagannath to the custody of Buddhists?

      • Namaste Shahid

        Buddhists were slaughtered in the reign of Arabs and Turks and not in Hindu rule.

        Blowing of Bamiyan Buddhas by Jihadis settles the debate who wiped Buddhism out of Indian sub continent.

        Even if I were to believe your cooked story of slaughtering of Buddhism by Hindus, still Muslim invaders are twice as guilty as Hindus. If you dont find Buddhism in India, you find it neither in Pakistan and Afganistan. Moreover you find no (<1%) Hindus left in these two countries. So Islam is responsible for wiping out two religions from these countries, Hinduism and Buddhism whereas Hindus are guilty of wiping out (a false claim though) only one religion, Buddhism. Now?

        BTW what is your take on apostasy and its penalty? What if one leaves Islam and propagates his new religion in Islamic country (where Sharia is applied)? Do I have right to preach my religion in Islamic countries just like yours? What do you think?

      • ‘Buddhists were slaughtered in the reign of Arabs and Turks and not in Hindu rule.’——-Blaming others for your own crimes huh …….naughty girl 😉

        ‘Blowing of Bamiyan Buddhas by Jihadis’——-they don’t represent Islam.

      • ‘Even if I were to believe your cooked story’——Everything non-hindus say is cooked and everything Chaddhis say is Gospel truth 😀

      • Why don’t you hippies return with full respect the Mahabodhi Temple in Gaya,Tirumala,Puri Jagannath to the custody of Buddhists?

      • @Shahid

        Taliban does not represent Islam ? the Prophet himself was an idol destroyer.He attacked the Kaaba that belonged to the meccans . If anybody represents Islam best its the taliban

        Go to Ajanata and ellora caves – you have jain,hindu and buddhists temples co-existing.then visit Nalanda and find out how a great university was burnt to ahses my an Islamic Ghazi

        chaddies have got it right.mombatti walas have got it wrong 😉

      • ohhhh………then go to Gorakhpur(the current center of Hindutva Terrorism) and see who donated the land and money for building of the main temple(which has now become the center of anti-Muslim hatred)……let me tell you ,its,Asaf-ud-Daula…..doesn’t sound like a hindu name 😉 also investigate who started Bharat milap mela there(originally started at a mosque for people of all faiths to meet)let me tell you again AURANGZEB’s Daughter Jahanaara 😀 ……What about giving Mahabodhi Temple in Gaya,Tirumala,Puri Jagannath to the custody of Buddhists?

      • @Shahid

        who destroyed the temples in the first place? Aurangzeb ! sowhat if her daughter organized a dharm milap mela in a temple converted to a mosque.

        he razed a thousand temples in Benaras in one go.

        If you believe that dharm milap melas can wash off their barbarianism then how abouyt destroying a thousand mosques and organizing a dharma milap mela in one of the temples converted from a mosque? mombatti waalas would be delighted ..right? 😉

        You knwo that many hindus have helped create mosques in kerala and tamil nadu.some even maintain mazaars to seek blessings from dead stones.So you will find exceptions everywhere

        First Buddhist places to reclaim are those that are still operating as mosques , how about giving them up first? and how about 10000 hindu properties acting as madarsas and mosques? ..absolute silence on them?

      • Who destroyed thousands of stupas in the first place?Hindu kings! sowhat if some ,made sculptures in a cave that belonged to none…….BTW how do you know it was a Temple 🙂

        they razed a thousand Stupas in one go.

        If you believe that making sulptures can wash off their barbarianism then how abouyt destroying a thousand temples and making sculptures in one of the stupas converted to a temple? Chaddhiwaals would be delighted ..right? 😉

        You knwo that many Muslims have helped create(&fund) Temples in India(for example Tipu Sultan-193).Aurangzeb even maintained a Hindu temple in his castle for the wives of his Hindu ministers to seek blessings from dead stones.So you will find exceptions everywhere

        Buddhist places to reclaim are those that are still operating as Temples(Tirumala,Puri,countless Jain temples in TN)…………how about giving them up first?..absolute silence on them?

      • @Shahid

        No hindu king destroyed 1000s of stupas and Tipu sultan was another barbarian who force converted many hindus and destroyed temples.

        You mombattiwalaa pseudo historains are getting defaeated at the altar of justice: case in point is the ignominious defeat of these historians (aryan inavsion, hindu buddhist psedu conflict champs) in the babri masjid case where facts punctured their credibility without repair 🙂

        Nobody’s falling for NCERT books now , mambatti walaas fans need to create a new castle .the old one has fallen 😉

      • Assalam alaikum Brother Shahid

        Great work Brother..

        You shuts up the mouth of this arogant Agniveer and his useless chamchas Indian Agnostic and idiot Vajra… May Allah please with you Inshallah

        Just I wants to make one point that we Muslims does not give any help to non muslims for their ideal worship. Islam have come for destroy of Satanic ideal worship which is SHIRK. So it is not possible that we muslims helps the ideal worshippers to built their ideals and temples. Mashallah Allah have create us as Butshikan- who brakes ideals, not Butparast- who worship the ideals. Our brave Muslim rulers who rule India for more than 1000 years were convert the place of Shirk (temples) as place of Vehedat (Masjids of One Allah).

        Hindus and Buddhs are in deap ignorence as they does not come to the true path- Islam. Many hindus here are complaning that their ideals and temples destroying by Islamic kings. But they should think that their gods and ideals are so week that they can not safe themselves then how they will save there followers…lol. Bhagwan or gods can not protect there temples from Muslim kings, it means that Ghazis were more powerful then hindu


      • @Shahid

        This is what happens when you lie about the true tenets of Islam. A wahhabi from from IRF.NET ( @Anwar bro) jumps in to remind you that all your goody-goody “muslim built temple” thingies are HARAAM in Islam LOLz

        he knows very well that Islam is better known for temple destruction and not construction 🙂 The few exceptions are branded as haraam .that’s true islam for you from another muslim

        Let me give you a nice factual account of where all the Buddhists were, who destroyed them from an AS 1030 account of a muslim chronicler


        QUOTE Another circumstance which increased the already existing antagonism between Hindus and foreigners is that the so-called Shamaniyya (Buddhists), though they cordially hate the Brahmans, still are nearer akin to them than to others

        In former times, Khurasan, Persis, ‘Irak, Mosul, the country up to the frontier of Syria, was Buddhistic , but then Zarathustra went forth from Adharbaijan and preached Magism in Balkh (Baktra).

        His doctrine came into favour with King Gushtasp, and his son Isfendiyad spread the new faith both in east and west, both by force and by treaties. He founded fire-temples through his whole empire, from the frontiers of China to those of the Greek empire.

        The succeeding kings made their religion (i.e. Zoroas- trianism) the obligatory state-religion for Persis and ‘Irak. In cousequence, the Buddhists were banished from those countries, and had to emigrate to the countries east of Balkh. There are some Magiaus up to the present time in India, where they are called Maga.

        From that time dates their aversion towards the countries of Khurasan. But then came Islam ; the Persian empire perished, and the repugnance of the Hindus against foreigners increased more and more when the Muslims began to make their inroads into their country ; for Muhammad Ibn Elkasim Ibn Elmunabbih entered Sindh from the side of Si3istan(Sakastene) and conquered the cities of Bahmanwa and Miilasthana, the former of which he called Al-manmra, the latter Al-viccmwrt. UNQUOTE

        @Anwar, thank you for that timely post 🙂

      • Om Namah Shivaya

        A simple explanation in form of “DAY~NIGHT”..
        Lets say:
        -DAY represents Truth, Good, Peace.. n everything positive like Hinduism.
        -NIGHT represents False, Bad, Chaos.. n everything negative like Islam.

        Now as in nature Day-Night cycles(Day -> Night -> Day -> Night -> Day….. forever)
        Similarly this struggle will continue for ever n ever..

        So, whats the solution??
        Now think of this, will you like it to be all Day for ever ?? or will you like it to be all Night for ever ??

        So the best solution is “Enjoy the Ride!! Do your Dharma!!”

        Shri Krishna ne kaha Arjun se, “na pyar dikha dusman se, Yudh Kar” 🙂

        Om Namah Shivaya

      • @Anwar

        ol. Bhagwan or gods can not protect there temples from Muslim kings, it means that Ghazis were more powerful then hindu

        Did somebody at IRF tell you about what happened to the Kaaba stone when an ant-ghazi stole it from the muslims.Did they tell you what he did with that stone?

        ask them , you’ll know that the House of Allah is as unsafe as the house of the fellow idolaters of other religions 🙂

      • @anwar

        Yu from the IRF OPENLY state that for past 1000 years your muslim invaders have been destroying temples, so, then why shouldnt we hindus hate you and want to wipe you out?

        allah created you as butshikhan, well…………. allah also created me and gave me brain, 140 IQ , and made me “masjid shikhan” . Why were you muslims soooooo upset with destrucion of babri masjid? When you were powerful, you destroyed temples, now we are united and powerful, we return favour. Does it not prove that yur allah is impotent false god who cannot save his mosque? Actually we hindus desecrated 270 (two hundred seventy) kabar in gujarat, that means allah is false god.
        If I had money like mukesh ambani, I would give mercenary contract, (supari) of a few million dollars to destroy kaaba, just to prove that even your holiest mosque is also just a piece of stone and allah is impotent false god,. If I was george w. bush , by now I would have nuked it. It proves that hindu ghazis are more powerful that yur false god allah.


      • @ IRF Stooges: Stooges from IRF only know unidimensional history. They either gloss over or have never heard of what happened inside the grand mosque at mecca during the haj of 1979. IRF will never talk about Juhayman ibn Muhammad ibn Sayf al-Otaibi. Blood was shed inside the msque and many pilgrims, saudi forces and terrorists were killed inside the mosque.The final bodycount inside the mosque was 255. Saudis had to get French forces to deal with the situation. The spl forces used in the op resorted to spraying the mosque with non-lethal gases in order to subdue the occupiers, and dropped grenades into the chambers through holes drilled in the mosque courtyard. The siege lasted for 2 full weeks.

        For ths Muslims, it is first battle against kafirs, then it is Sunnis vs shias, then it is between cousins, then it is between brothers & finally between Fathers & sons. This is the true blood laced history of Islam right from Muhammad till today.

    • @shahid,

      why are you spreading LIES? Tirumala tirupati devasthanam is what I personally visited. It was not a buddhist temple forcibly converted to hinduism. like yu said. How can I take your lies that buddhist temples were converted?
      Buddhism was spread during emperor ashokas reign. Afterwards Adi shankaracharya did a revival Punaruthan of hinduism. It was by preaching not by force. All countries in south east asia wer hindu before they became buddhist, hinduism is also practised along with buddhism, I visited these places, hence cannot accept yur lies. There is NO conflict beetween hinduism, buddhism, jainism, and sikhism. PERIOD.
      The conflict is with islam and christainity. I personally dont hate christains either, even if they convert they do it by brain washing, not by force.
      MUSLIMS fanatics are the only people I hate and fight because of your arrogance, superiority complex, and yur myth of a martial race.
      You talk of hindu tolerance? Why should I be tlerant to muslims who want to kill me because of my faith?
      Your quote,”So last the land of Polytheism was conquered and got the Light of Islam…….” Now does your sentence show islamic tolerance, when yu talk the “darkness of polytheism” and light of islam? Bloody hypocrite. Why shouldnt I fight you and kill you? Answer me.

    • @shahid,
      To know about christianity I do not and must not knock the doors of darwin,shakespear, newton. I have to understand what jesus did and know bible and the interpretations of bible from the preachers. So is the case for islam.
      The seeds of violence are sown by the founder, muhammad himself. We can predict the tolerance of islam form the act of muhammed. He destroyed the idols of pagans and gave a choice of [death,conversion] to the people he conquered, a peacful choice indeed. When the founder himself is so violent why to ask pagans to understand islam from poets,scientists perspective.
      Nor will we find any peace when we read hadiths

      So in all the cases i.e
      1) interpret islam from the acts of founder
      2) interpret islam from the books
      3) interpret islam form the followers(quantitatively)

      we can conclude that islam started with violence and did not bring any peace till now.

      One more thing the violence of previous hindu kings does not absolve islamic kings from the destruction it has brought on indians.

      • You are getting your information about Islam from wrong sources and with wrong interpretations ……. anyways why do i care …….. carry on …… any layman stumbling upon this site will easily conclude what kind of people seem more intolerant towards others 😉

  • Pathar pajan pooj ke majeed lin banay ||1|| Ta upar mulla bag de kya bahira hua kuday ||2|| and din me rakhat hai roja aur rat me hanan hai gay (cow). – *kabir* a simple logic allah get a more higher knowledge and higher power a simple man can think to prayer and his desires but allah don’t understand why? Any muslim can get only one prayer and allah can complete his desire? Nothing it is not possible because allah was a not suprrem power, it is muhammad suprrem mind power. Muhammad imagine to allah but he does not understand because muhammad are totally absent in inner then comes allah. That is the truth of allah.Muhammads deeper teaching heera clave it was totally inner. Kuran originally present in inner,outer kuran only man made. It was a meaningless and does not understand without muhammad.Muhammad died then kuran also be dead.kuran and muhammad are same.but any muslim does not understand about this truth.

    • Mr Abu, what about buraq? And how did that weird animal fly? And how can stones and pebbles run away with one of your prophet’s robes and leave him disrobed? You answer this and I will tell you about OUR Hanuman and Ganesh.

      • One thing i failed to understand is that why elephant head was replaced with a human head when the head was chopped off Ganesha. 2nd why do the worshipers place bananas, fruits in front of Idols when they know the idols cannot lift banana with its hand, even if it can lift, it cannot eat, even if it eats, it cannot digest a soft fruit banana. Why can’t the same food be distributed to the poor while there are hundreds of them are lined up outside the temple. Why after certain time, after all the poojas, the god ganesha is immersed in water. Is this the use and throw god?. I just want to know the logic and reasoning pls if someone can make these things understand. thanks

      • The prasada placed in front of a deity is later eaten by the devotees themselves and not thrown away. So, the question of futility does not arise. Yes, a pertinent question has been raised. Definitely, daridra devata concept has to spread and accepted by the masses. I too am in favor of working for humanity. BTW, I would like to know from you as to why muslim countries and muslims have to spread billions of petrodollars in dawaah and spread of terror. Whenever a calamity strikes a muslim nation, instead of being helped by a fellow muslim nation, they have to look up to the west for relief and aid materials (the recent pakistani flood is an example), why? You have money to spend on dawaah and in building terror machinery, but you have no money for the traumatized masses of natural/man-made calamaties.

      • @ well said

        same like yu muslims believe in “lailat al isra wa al miraj” how did your prophet ascend to heaven on the night journey, on some mythical horse from yerushalem, a jewish icty?
        How did your false prophet not know that the food he was given was poisoned, and suffer from poisoning for two whole years. He died a very slow and painful death, he used to shit blood. Isnt that the reason you hate jews?
        Can you tell me the stories of “alf laila au laila” 1001 arabian nights or give explanation for hatim tai?

        Answer the mythology of islam, then I will consider it below my dignity to answer your questions on hinduism.

    • @Abu Ibrahim


      This is a Vedic site. We only believe in one formless Ishwar who is the creater, maintainer, and destroyer of the universe. Rama and Krishna were just great noble human beings, but many hindus are mislead to worship them as god incarnates. Rama and Krishna are our role models, and they were true Vedic followers. There is no such thing as god incarnates in Vedas because as per Vedas, Ishwar is unborn and omnipresent.

      • if as per Vedas, Ishwar is unborn and omnipresent. why hindus building big big temples & statues , why they offer puja & aarati…. why they worship the ganga river………just writing that as per Vedas, Ishwar is unborn and omnipresent. ur should following vedas. what you want to say about “ramayana” this is just mythological stories or did you belive that they are god man

        Rama and Krishna are our role models, and they were true Vedic followers

        how come these are your role model krisna who run away with a girl who have millions of wifes

        you gays always saying Radhe- krisna; did radha is krisna~s wife??????

      • @Abu Ibrahim

        fellow, you are on the wrong site. This is the site for Vedic Dharma, not modern day hinduism. We do not build statues of Ishwar, because Ishwar is everywhere and in everything.

        Ramayana was a true story, not mythological, but there were some interpolations in Ramayan as well.

        Krishna was a great noble human being, and HE ONLY HAD ONE WIFE. These stupid stories of Krishna having multiple wives or Krishna running away with a girl are all fake and are from Bhagavat Puran, and we all consider Purans to be UNAUTHENTIC and not divine because they have been corrupted significantly. To learn about the true character of Krishna, read MahaBharat, in which it says, he only had ONE WIFE named Rukhmini.

        Even Ram was great human being but sadly there are some misconceptions about him as well. For example, Ram NEVER took agni parkisha of Sita mata, because those Ramayan stories are fake as well.

        These stupid stories defame our role models, but we have exposed the falsehood of these stories.

        Looks like you have no logical sense, how can a person have thousands of wives??? The moment someone says that you should be able to detect that he is talking crap.

        Only hindus who follow Puranas do idol worship and believe in these stupid stories. The hindus on this site only follow Vedas, and we do not do idol worship, and we respect all great noble people like Ram and Krishna for being our role models.

      • KRISHNA had ONE WIFE named Rukhmini. Then who is “Radha” his keep or what

        Ramayana was a true story, not mythological, then who write ramayana one thief “valmiki” is it true or false

      • Agniveer does not believe in mythology. it would be good if post your questions on a mythology site.

        By the way if you indeed know that having multiple wives/concubines and robbing others is evil..why the heck do you beleieve in Islam ?

      • Well, Krishna and Radha were lovers, but for some reason, their love could not consummate. Radha got married to someone else, and Krishna married Rukmini. Even thieves have a future. Unlike in islam, thieves in hinduism will get a chance to reform themselves and become saints through penances and atonement and not subject to hellfire for eternity even if they repent.

      • If as per Quran, Islam symbolizes Peace. why talibanis and alqaeda killing many many muslims & non-Muslims , why they plant bomb…. why they killed Daniel Pearl………just writing that as per Quran, Allah is unborn and omnipresent. ur should following Islam. what you want to say about hadiths and verses on Allah’s throne or this is just mythological stories?

        “Muhammad is our role model, and he was perfect person”

        how come your role model muhammad who have sex with a baby who have so many wifes and slave-girls had sex every night as per Sahih Bukhari but could not have one child. (Only child was from his first wife Khadija when he did not marry anyone else. The other from slave girl Maria died premature. No child from so many wifes!)

        you gays always saying Bismillah Rahimanurrahimi which means “Dayanand ki Jai” ; is Dayanand Saraswati your role model????????

      • @ shivaji

        “Vedas do not explicitly talk about idol worship,” you guys are always intent on breaking idols and temples (what you claim!!!!!!!)

        — dear if you are true follower of vedas & Yajurved, Chapter 32, Verse 3 says
        “na tasya pratima asti” “There is no image of Him”

        Then u should thanks to us that we are doing the job which suppose done by you the true veda follower…

      • @abu ibrahim

        Pleasssseeee you bloody muslim, please dont teach me my religion, and vedas, and enlighten me. I have a closed heart, I practise idol worship, what is your muslims problem? If you critise my religion and dieties, I reserve the right to abuse yur allah and false prophet mohammed.
        Respect my religion, if you want me to respect your false religion. You find faults, in my religion, I know millions of faults, in your religion, more than your “do rakat me mullah”
        It is a two way process moron.

    • by this logic vedas are the final word. Mohammed did not tell anything different . Now did he believe in vedas or you muslim ummah got it all wrong? surely he ment to suggest that allah wante you lot to follow Vedas. What a pity billion and more brainless morons.

  • can any agniveer explain what the meaning of this

    Yajurveda, Chapter 40, Verse 9
    It is mentioned in Yajurved, Chapter 40, Verse 9
    “Andhatma pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste”

  • Well, good effort in spreading hatred against muslims. How many of the average hindu readers have any idea of what history was, is and will be. The gullibles are going to believe this article which is based not on history but RSS history of India. You can always twist the facts and present it the way you want to suceed in your ulterior motives. Once you start wearing saffron glasses, you will see only saffron colour.

    • Namaste Mohammed

      Indian Muslims are different from the invaders of Arab and Turk. The invaders killed and raped millions in India and converted them to Islam. Whole of Afganistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indian Muslims were converted that way. So stop praising the rapists of your mothers and sisters. You were conquered and not conqueror remember that.

      When we bash invaders, our motive is to show our Indian Muslim friends that how barbaric foreigners invaded our land, enslaved our forefathers and converted them. We have no intention to insult our Indian Muslims who were already insulted and still they are bound to praise the rapist ghazis of their ancestors. So dissociate yourself from Arabs and Turks. You have Indian Hindu blood in your veins.
      And remember the Arabs dont consider you as their Brothers. I reproduce here what Brother Raja gave somewhere

      a. Non-Arab man cannot marry Arab women but Arab men can marry Indian Muslim women
      b. Non-Arab cannot ever become head of Muslim Ummah. You need to be Arab for this.
      c. Non-Arab cannot be head or incharge of Kaba. You need to be Arab for this.
      d. Non-Arabs will be called Mawali (loafer) by arabs

      What are you waiting for? Rediscover your identity, come back home.

      • @Vajra,

        I will surely answer your queries.

        (i) Your claim that Indian Muslims are different than Arabs and Turks is valid. But the priciples of Islam are not different in any part of the world, be it India, Saudi Arabia or USA. Newton’s law of gravity does not change from one country to another, all things falls only back to earth, similarly followers of Islam, i.e. Muslims do not change from one country to other country. Their belief in single god that is Allah is same. It’s not like in Ayodhya you pray Ram, then move to Mathura and start praying Krishna, reach Calcutta and it’s Kali’s turn, move to mumbai and now Gadpati Bappa?

        To analyse it further, all muslims are muslims, they are not divided like Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra who are very different and socially very unequal.

        (ii) Your claim that the Invaders killed and raped millions in India and converted to Islam is partially true. The invader of any religion will kill and rape only. Ashoka the Great (?) killed millions in Kalinga. Alexander killed similarly. Invaders were not saints who came to propagate their religion. If you keep your name Mohammed that does not mean that you will start following Islam and become a true Muslim. Similarly these invaders were muslims only for the name sake; they have no value in the physical or spiritual life of any muslim. And your claim that they converted millions to Islam is a false propaganda. Had this been the case, India could not be having any hindu left after 1000 years of muslim rules. Yes, there were some forced conversions but the majority of the muslims got converted on their own free will influenced by Sufi saints. They were fed up with the infinite illogical rituals of hinduism, casteism and degradations by so called upper classes and took a wise decision.

        (iii) You say that you want to enlighten us about how “barbaric foreigners invaded our land, enslaved our forefathers.” But how easily you forgot that in the middle ages that was the only norm. Any ambitous ruler would have done the same to expand his empire. There was no democracy. what about hundreds of hindu rajas who kept on attcking each other to expand their territory. Read any school history text book, if you do not know.

        (iv) You say “Arabs do not consider you as their Brothers’. Ok, and how much equality you give to your SC-ST brethren. Even as on date, there are temples where dalits are now allowed to enter. Read today’s times of India, 50% of poors in India are SC-ST. Well I presume you treated them so brotherly that they gave all their wealths to you so they can have the satisfaction of seeing their upper cast brethrens living a lavish life. So much so that, even as on date, rapes, murders and naked parades of dalit women by the upper castes are common news in India.

        I have worked in various middle east countries including Saudi Arabia and I think I have much better understanding of how Arabs treat non -Arabs. Your answers to a, b, c, and d are beow:

        a. “Non-Arab man cannot marry Arab women but Arab men can marry Indian Muslim women.” Totally false. I know people in my friend circles who are Asians living in Saudi Arabia and having Saudi wives.

        b. “Non-Arab cannot ever become head of Muslim Ummah. You need to be Arab for this”. Most likely true. Contrast this with the fact that Sonia Gandhi, an Indian could not become the prime minister in India as she was not born Indian. Whatever you do in the name of nation and motherland is noble and if others does something similar, you denounce them? also please note that Quarn or Hadiths do not prescribe this requirement.

        c. “Non-Arab cannot be head or incharge of Kaba. You need to be Arab for this”. There is no such sanction by Islam but Kaba being in Saudi Arabia, it looks natural that the local people will like to see someone among them as Imam of Kaba.

        d. Non-Arabs will be called Mawali (loafer) by arabs. Utter nonsence. I have had so many Arabs reporting to me and to many of my friends including hindu friends. I repeat- your statement is non- sence.

        Hope you are a bit clearer now.

      • @Mohammed

        ————I will surely answer your queries.————-

        But I had none

        ————-Your claim that Indian Muslims are different than Arabs and Turks is valid.———–

        The difference I mentioned was based on invader-invaded and transgressors-transgressed distinction which you failed to take notice of 🙁

        ————–But the priciples of Islam are not different in any part of the world, be it India, Saudi Arabia or USA.————-

        Different sects of Muslims have different ways of worshipping and beliefs. Sufis and Barelvis worship graves, Wahabis blow the graves. Where is the unity? Hindus at least dont kill others for not following his beliefs. BTW if you are going to answer this as- “discuss only Quran and Hadith, and not people”, I too suggest you to talk about Vedas and not what Hindus do. Vedas dont have concept of any idol worship or human worship.

        ————-To analyse it further, all muslims are muslims, they are not divided like Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra who are very different and socially very unequal.————–

        Brahmin, Kshatriya etc are the professions, nothing like castes as foolishly thought and practiced by many. You call a teacher teacher and a soldier soldier. Thats it. Brahmin means teacher and Kshatriya means soldier.

        All Muslims are not ONLY MUSLIMS. There are Shia, Sunni, Barelvi, Deobandi, Wahabi, Sufi, Qadiyani, Khoja, Bohra, …. And none of these pray into other’s mosque because they believe every other sect will go to hell as per Hadith of Muhammad 🙁

        ————-The invader of any religion will kill and rape only. Ashoka the Great (?) killed millions in Kalinga.———–

        I dont consider him great. He was among worst of butchers of his times.

        ————–Invaders were not saints who came to propagate their religion.————

        Why then all of them are hailed as Ghazi? Why Babur, Muhammad Ghauri and Akbar etc are called Ghazis?

        ————-Similarly these invaders were muslims only for the name sake; they have no value in the physical or spiritual life of any muslim.————-

        Is it? Why then Indian Muslims shed tears on Babri Masjid which was built in the name of one of the butchers Babur? Why Pakistani Muslims have named their nukes after Ghazni and Ghauri?

        ———— And your claim that they converted millions to Islam is a false propaganda. Had this been the case, India could not be having any hindu left after 1000 years of muslim rules.————–

        So you mean that if Hindus would not have left now in India, it would have been the proof of my claim. Thanks for acknowledging that the places of today’s Afganistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and Bangladesh, which were all Hindus and Buddhist 1300 years ago and today almost 0% Hindus witnessed the onslaught of invaders. Because now hardly any Hindu exists in Af-Pak and Bangladesh. In India, Rajputs, Marathas, Jat, Gujjars and many other brave warriors never let Jihadi invaders allowed to wipe their religion out. This is the reason why Hindus still exist.

        —————Yes, there were some forced conversions but the majority of the muslims got converted on their own free will influenced by Sufi saints.————-

        1. This will be an eye opener for you
        2. So you believe Sufism, i.e. grave worship is allowed in Islam?

        ———–They were fed up with the infinite illogical rituals of hinduism, casteism and degradations by so called upper classes and took a wise decision.———-

        So why not take wise decision now again? Embrace Vedas, no ritual of bowing, kissing, circumambulating any stone/idol, no need to visit graves and worship those, no need to believe any agents b/w God and you.

        ———— But how easily you forgot that in the middle ages that was the only norm.———–

        Should not you condemn it then? How many Muslims of India condemn the Muslim rule? On contrary they shout foolishly that they ruled India for 1000 years 🙁

        ———— Any ambitous ruler would have done the same to expand his empire.———–

        But when it was done in the name of Islam, the scholars and intellectuals should have stated clearly that this is Haram and invaders are Non Muslims! At least now they can do that. Shouldn’t they?

        ————-what about hundreds of hindu rajas who kept on attcking each other to expand their territory.————

        who praises them? Did they change the religions of others forcefully?

        ———–You say “Arabs do not consider you as their Brothers’. Ok, and how much equality you give to your SC-ST brethren.———–

        Vedas have no place for any discrimination. Understand this fact, many Hindus act against Vedas. But discrimination which I discussed is the part of the divine books and commandments of Islam. This is the difference.

        ————So much so that, even as on date, rapes, murders and naked parades of dalit women by the upper castes are common news in India.————

        I demand severe punishment for all those who do that. So do you too think that Arab-Non Arab discrimination should be condemned in the same lines?

        a. I am talking about what Islamic rules have to say, I dont bother what people say or do

        Kafaa’at in Lineage

        the Fuqahaa (Jurists) have stated that among Arabs, a non-Quraishi male is not a match (Kuf) for a Quraishi woman, nor can any person of non-Arab descent be a match for a woman of Arab descent.

        b. ————-Contrast this with the fact that Sonia Gandhi, an Indian could not become the prime minister in India as she was not born Indian. Whatever you do in the name of nation and motherland is noble and if others does something similar, you denounce them? also please note that Quarn or Hadiths do not prescribe this requirement.————-

        Where are you sir? Ummat e Muslima is not confined to the deserts of Arab only. Is Caliph appointed for Arab only or for whole Muslims?

        d. Just google the word Mawali and see what comes

        ————Hope you are a bit clearer now.————

        what about you now?

  • Good compilation of History…
    Also best part is sum up where did not asked to eliminate non Hindus.
    Good that every one should live together with change in mindset.
    Its Historian who hide true face of these Muslim Rulers

  • prophet saw people burning in hell,most were women. But after judgement day only hell or heaven is decided for us!
    Love that contradiction

  • Arya Agniveerji,

    I am a a Jain. But I look to all Indian origin religions as my own. This is my culture, Indian culture. I bow to none except to my mother, my Guru, my matrubhumi – Bhaarat Mata, the Indian Army and the martyrs of Mother India. I respect the Cow as Mother Cow. We are drinking the milk of the cow, which rightfully should be going to its calf. For this sacrifice, I have immense respect for the cow.

    This land belongs equally to the Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Parsis, etc. – all the true religions of God which do not seek to convert others by lies and deceit. This is a Pavitra Bhumi. Never seeking to dominate, but blessed by the truth, which liberates.

    Very nice article indeed. You have covered a wide range starting from the founding of Islam to its spread to India and thereafter.

    Inadvertently, you have left out that Mohammed Ghori had been killed by the brave Prithviraj Chauhan, who had been imprisoned and blinded by Mohammed Ghori. Prithviraj Chauhan was an expert archer and could with blindfold shoot an arrow in the direction of the sound. When Mohamed Ghori sounded the bell to test the skill of Prithviraj Chauhan, Prithviraj shot an arrow in the direction of the the sound and the arrow found its mark — Mohamed Ghori. The wound caused by the arrow was fatal. Then Prithviraj Chauhan and his friend Chand Bardoi, the Bard, stabbed and killed each other, knowing fully well, that they had not escape, since being in the enemy country. THE BRAVE PRITHVIRAJ.

    But Prithviraj Chauhan, had previously shown many foolishness. He had shown the Indian tradition of forgiving even the enemy to Mohamed Ghori more than 3 or 4 times previously. Mohamed Ghori had been defeated and it was too much humiliating. On the top of it, Prithviraj had pardoned him and allowed him to go back to his Muslim Kingdom. If only, Prithviraj had killed him then and there at the first instance, history would have been something else.

    Prithviraj believed in the laws of war.. He fought accordingly. Ghori did not believe in in any rules. He was a treacherous backstabber and revenge seeker.

    Please include some of the details in your article.
    Also, kindly enlighten the people about the role of Prithviraj Chauhan, Maharana Pratap, Shivaji Maharaj, Rani Padmini., the brave nephews of Rani Padmini’s husband, Gora and Badal, Hari Singh Nalwa, Banda Singh Bahadur Bairagi, Lachit Barpu Khan and other brave sons and daughters of Mother India who fought and replied the invaders valiantly. It is a request. This way, our culture and its history will be passed down to the next generation. In another section, kindly take up the war of Indian independence and enlighten about the role of Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bhagat Singhji, Rajguru, Sukhdev, etc.

    Or alternatively, just write/post a main aritcle creating an awareness about these people and post links where a detailed story about them could be read by the users.

    Thanking you.
    God Bless.

  • religion 2 is more peaceful and logical.Look, you dont like islam,and you leave it. THERES NO PUNISHMENT.YOU ARE HUMAN.YOU DECIDE.How do u decide? you study shariah,hadith etc.then u make a judgement.even if it makes no sense too you,you leave it. Its Okay that you Leave it. Opt for a new religion,study that you think its more sensible have it! But there’d be people out there,likes us,finding the truth,they are already seeking the truth*,so if u go upto them and say WRONG stuff,propogating and corrupting rules of God ,making confusion for others too and plainly lying about truth (i.e islam) then its totally corrupt God’s word,how could that be sanely right?

    tell me do you feel satisfaction going around saying nuisance about a religion that you didnt like?even if you know that sayings of you arent true?

    • @Yumb

      So…given a choice between:

      Religion 1: Punishment for apostasy is: unconditionally NOTHING.


      Religion 2: Punishment for apostasy is: Well…if you do this, do that, and then do this, there is no punishment…But god forbid, if you do that, do this and then dont do that while simultaneously doing this, PUNISHMENT IS DEATH PENALTY, followed by eternal Allah’s hellfire anyway in the afterlife.

      you say Religion 2 is more peaceful? How could this be? It is rape of logic unless you and I hold two completely diametrically opposite meanings of the word “peace”. So, now, please define the word “peace”.

      Note…Religion 1 and Religion 2 are completely abstract. They need not refer to Sanatana Dharma and Islam, respectively. 😉

      Do you now want a 2nd chance at answering the question this time APPLYING the rules of logic and after defining the word “peace”?

      • WE are not supposed to embrace islam.we are INVITED. See when Prophet Muhammad used to spread islam..he used to write letters to the kings.the messenger used to go and stand in the palace to read out.If you like it,then embrace it with heart.if you dont then okay no problem be at peace.Apostasy is when as u said ” qadayani’s” ( telling about false prophet coming ) and shias ( corrupting the kalima) is putting a wrong impact and impression of islam in mankind’s mind.its like destroying others peace of mind making them more confused and making more hindrances to their path of truth. Reaching faith for them is deliberately made tough. For you is your set of are with islam jazakhAllah,if you arent then dont say false stuff regarding ruins creates riot.its like siding with evil to push away people into more misconceptions..misleading them..misleading is the work of satan,just like he whispering evil rutour heads..we become source of misinformation and lies to the society out there seeking for u sttruth..Jihad is usually mixed with war..but thres jihad bin nafs too..where u struggle in path of truth.there are quraninc references and ahadith supporting the word ” struggle for truth” and how much reward for only SEEKING THE TRUTH AND MAKING AN EFFORT IS GIVEN..if u ask then i will be glad to provide that too

      • Dear Yumb

        since you are struggling so much for truth, let me lend you a hand


        Sahih Bukhari
        Narrated Abu Huraira:
        Allah ‘s APOSTLE said, ” I AHVE BEEN ORDERED TO FIGHT with the people TILL they say, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,’ and whoever says, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,’HIS LIFE AND PROPERTY WILL BE SAVED by me except for Islamic law, and his accounts will be with Allah, (either to punish him or to forgive him.)”


        i hope you now know the truth about why Islam was/is so violent from the very begining

        2) Jihad has only one meaning in Islam and it is about FIGHTING in the violent forceful islamic war

        Sahih Bukhari
        Volume 4, Book 52, Number 42:
        Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:
        Allah’s Apostle said, “There is no Hijra (i.e. migration) (from Mecca to Medina) after the Conquest (of Mecca), but Jihad and good intention remain; and if you are called (by the Muslim ruler) for fighting, go forth immediately.


        so you see, even after peace is established, jihad does not end ..Islam is less about spirituality and more about barbaric primitive territorial fights

        hope these bytes from your very own Islamic sources lead you closer to the violent and intolerant truth of isalm


      • These are false sources. I cannot compel you to believe. If you honestly think that Islam breeds terrorism, and the people behind suicide bombings honestly believe it to be a way to jannah, then i pity you. According to you, Islam is not peaceful, end of discussion. You cant understand the truth of Islam fine. Just try to behave more peacefully (as per your religious ordains) towards Muslims who do not do you any wrong.
        May Allah be with us all.

      • Namaste Sister Zainab

        1. It’s not me but your Prophet who’s preaching violence in your authentic scriptures.I am just quoting him VERBATIM. I shared these facts for the establishment of truth.

        2.why do you think that i am not behaving peacefully? Just because i am exposing a falsity does not make me violent!

        suppose you and i were discussing hitler . if i tell you that hitler was mad violent mindless freak ..does that mean that i am behaving like hitler???!!! what kind of logic is that?


      • Well brother’s

        When the cartoon controversy took place throughtout the world there were demonstrations by muslims. but what about the killings of innocent muslims by muslims in iraq , sudan there was silence. What about people being beheaded in iraq silence …. no demonstations in the entire muslim world against this .

        Are muslims sane not to see closed to their eyes to such injuctice happening … and get their act together only if one non muslim causes issues.

        America invaded iraq but now iraq is the hotbed of muslim extremists, shias, kurd, christians are being killed on a daily basis by fellow muslims . only for the excuse we dont agree with yur religious views ……. why cant sane muslims show their protest worldwide … why these protests should only be from a few … i ask why ?

        The same story is repeated in pakistan too ……

        Check out the hotbeds of terrorism … throughout the world yu wll find a muslim connection….

        and the surprising thing is muslims dont protest … they only do it if some cartoonist in far off demark creates a cartoon…

        is it a religion of peace …

        i seriously doubt

      • @zainab,
        your quote,”Just try to behave more peacefully (as per your religious ordains) towards Muslims who do not do you any wrong.” unquote.

        Maybe I will be peaceful with muslims who do not do me any wrong. Now PRAY tell me what should I do with kashmiri muslims? They wiped out hindus from kashmir, desecrated my temples, raped my women. They are following true islam (according to them,) or false (according to you?) What should I do to them?

      • @Zainab

        Today’s terrorism and fanaticism has it’s genesis in the holocaust of the past. This SINFUL wish of dominating all is the ROOT CAUSE of the trouble. You have to just peep into History to see how much bloodshed has taken place. Millions were put to sword, it is recorded history and that too by fellow Muslims!! It cannot be denied. Though it might be possible that those killers might have perceived the message of Koran in a wrong sense.

        Christianity and Islam have thrived by culling innocents. See what Christianity did to Native Red-Indians in the America after the arrival of Europe in 1490s. I have read Heart-rendering tales of Native men, women and children, who fought for the honor of their tribes. It is drenched in blood. And look at the IRONY –the same Americans call themselves the Messiah of Peace!!! Same phenomenon happened in Australia; See what happened to aborigines.

        We are not blaming the present generation for the sins of their ancestors, BUT at least DO NOT deny the holocaust!! This is how the Christianity and Islam spread– (mostly) through TORTURE and Coercion. Having said so, I bow before the GOOD SOULS in these religions who rose above the self and DID good for the society.

  • @Yumb:

    point is that you cant go around corrupting a religion…snip…which is punishable

    (1) I am curious. Do you think Qadiyanis/Shias have corrupted your religion?

    (2) Arent biology textbooks corrupting your religion also? They, after all, claim that Hazrat Adam (PBUH) and Hazrat Hawa (PBUH) never existed 🙁 So, shouldnt all biology professors/students from Muslim lands be punished by death?

    • I agree with you on this point that you are very right..ahemdis are wrong! claming a Prophet after Hazrat muhammad pbuh is a sin! corrupts the belief! are the kattar shias!..they have corrupted the kalima by addition of Hazrat Ali’s name!this is shirk! and Hadith says will that ” Allah may forget sings but will never forgive the sin of Shirk”..also going to shrines and praying through sufis is wrong! it is shirk! its a sin!
      You are right! the text books are wrong..they are lies!

      Do u believe Quran is a word of God ? if u do then Subhan Allah. If you dont then May Allah be merciful with everyone. Authors of the books are supposed to be punished! Many fatwas follow it.

      • Please let me know the authors if you have come across books..If the have read Quran’s second surah,surah al Baqarah” then they could never claim that adam and eve werent created.Then how did mankind begin someonw ask those insane people!

      • @Yumb

        Are you from Pakistan? Then, first, you need to get out of the madrassa where you and your family have been “studying” for years.

        Any undergraduate textbook in biology will have a chapter at least on evolution. Here is what you should do next. Please collect a set of fellow would-be-ghazi-shaheeds. Strap a set of bombs onto yourselves. Then, each of you should visit a separate undergraduate institute in your country. Go to the biology department. Then shouting “Allahu Akbar” blow yourself up along with those dirty apostates (biology professors/students). The next thing you know, you will be in heaven, bro, in the company of an unspecified number of virgins. 🙂

        Some of you, should also walk over to universities that have physics departments. They, after all, hold that Allah never created the world in 6 days 🙁 Repeat the same exercise as before. This time, for variety, you may shout “La Ilaha Illallah Muhammad Rasool Allah” before blowing yourself up.

        All the best.

      • @yumb,
        I dont believe in “khatam i nabuwat” finality of prophethood. I am worse than ahmediyas or shias.
        I believe that I am the LATEST prophet 21st century version. I committ shirk. I also state the REVERSE of islam. Islam states that islam is truth all other religions are false. I state opposite. All religions are true and islam is the only false religion.
        Now TRY punishing me.
        Oh and mankind did descend from apes, not from adam and eve.

  • You need to get your facts right. The murders you are talking about will show your ignorance to anyone who makes even a tiny effort to look into the account of these historical events through authentic sources =). No wonder Islam is victimized by people who use it to justify their horrendous means of attaining personal benefits or whatever, but you are just propagandizing the history of Islam to non-Muslims here who have no way of knowing any better. I would suggest that you you research a bit more thoroughly before you preach anything to the public. May Allah guide you tot he right path and help you in whatever of your endeavours are right with the right intentions. =)

    • Namaste Sister Zainab
      I have decided not to give you reply keeping in mind your half intelligence (Its Muhammad who thinks you less intelligent than men, not me). However if you think yourself equally intelligent as compared to men, please let me know and I will share my views on yours.

      May Allah give everyone equal intellect irrespective of gender.

      You may like to visit if you think intelligence is not slave to any gender


      • How about you give me the reference for that? =)
        In any case, i unlike you, do not have to judge people on their level of intelligence before sharing my views with them. Since you seem to be interested in women’s status in Islam, here are a few links for you where the information is given by the Muslims who actually know about Islam, and not some ignorant who has no knowledge of the claims he is making.

        It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The most perfect of the believers in faith is the one who is best in attitude, and the best of you is the one who is best in attitude towards his womenfolk.”

        O ye who believe! Ye are forbidden to inherit women against their will. Nor should ye treat them with harshness, that ye may take away part of the dower ye have given them,-except where they have been guilty of open lewdness; on the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing, and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good. (An-Nisa 4:19)

        Allah has got ready forgiveness and tremendous rewards for the Muslim men and women; the believing men and women; the devout men and women; the truthful men and women; the patiently suffering men and women; the humble men and women; the almsgiving men and women; the fasting men and women, the men and women who guard their chastity; and the men and women who are exceedingly mindful of Allah. (Al-Ahzab 33:35)

        Prophet (pbuh) said: “Acquisition of knowledge is biding on all Muslims (both men and women without any discrimination)”. (Sunan Ibn Maja)

        It is Allah who blesses His creation with intelligence, and Allah does not discriminate between His own creations for His blessings on the basis of gender. =)

    • Zainab khatoon ( I refuse to call you sister) I gave my exposition above. Islam believes in a transnational super state (the caliphate) which should be the only superpower in the world. Like british empire, or NATO alliance or warsaw pact countries. And they should go conquering more and more territory and bring it under the fold of islam . Atleast one (preferably two) expeditions every year. Same like communists wanted to bring whole world under communism.

      Since the world has changed in 21st century terrorism is an unequal warfare, where they try to terrrorze people to basically bring them under islam. Binnie (binladen) said the same thing. Do so many terrorist attacks that people will be afraid to go out of their houses, and will get fed up and say, okay, we acept islam. The thousands of temples destroyed by muslim invaders were also for same reason. Your (hindus) live shrine (jagrut devasthan) is powerless, islam is powerful so accept the powerful faith. This does have islamic sanction. Please dont lie and tell me to read islamic history. I am an alim. I know islam better than yu, or any mullah.

      • You know Islam better than me, yet cannot quite cite the references where you take your claims from.
        Allah said,

        ﴿لاَ إِكْرَاهَ فِى الدِّينِ﴾

        (There is no compulsion in religion), meaning, “Do not force anyone to become Muslim, for Islam is plain and clear, and its proofs and evidence are plain and clear. Therefore, there is no need to force anyone to embrace Islam. Rather, whoever Allah directs to Islam, opens his heart for it and enlightens his mind, will embrace Islam with certainty. Whoever Allah blinds his heart and seals his hearing and sight, then he will not benefit from being forced to embrace Islam.”

        You can believe Binladen’s version of what Islam is about, but not of hundreds others who keep telling and quoting Quran that Islam does not allow forcing the religion on others and most certainly does not allow killing.

    • @zainab
      I was in middle east for a very long time. I speak fluent arabic. Now talk.
      La iqra fi al deen (no compulsion in religion) TRUTH stands out clear from falsehood.
      This isfrom second surah, a meccan verse when islam was NOT srtong hence these conciliatory ayats. Even in this supposedly conciliatory verse, the second line says, “truth stands out clear from falshood” Meaning all other religions are false? That means you are fanatic even in this conciliatory ayat.

      Second is the concept of abrogation. The later verses abrogate the earlier verses. The madinah verses abroagate the meccan verses. Surah al taubah is one of the last (probably the last ) surah that was (supposedly) revealed. It CLEARLY states, in verse 5. “katlua al mushrikoon” I am hindu hence mushrik (polytheist) katal means kill. In hindi it states ,” mushrikoon ko be-tamool katal karo” Obviously it abrogates the earlier verse, which you stated. I quoted from YOUR scriptures. (devil quoting the scriptures) Now talk. HA HA
      If you want to know real islamic history read this
      Incidentally this site is maintained by arabs who are apostates. Not by any hindu.

  • Read history of islam to understand foundations of islamic terrorism. In history islam was united into a single nation-state or empire based on faith. As any idiot who knows the meaning of symbiosis. 2+2=5. So, they were strong and powerful and captured vast tracts of land and imposed islam on subdued popuoations. Remember the riots in india, ostensibly against british during the khilafat movement, when british destroyed the caliphate of turkey?
    But now world has changed and muslims are divided into 56 countries, hence they lost the power of symbiosis. If anything a super -military power called NATO exists.
    Since these muslims dont have the power of a transnational super state to impose their will on others they try the cowardly looser idiology of terrorism. Basically an unequal war. We may consider them as cowards, but they think they are very brave. They KNOW they cannot change the world, but they like to dream about it, hence terrorism.

    • Speaking of the subcontinent history, how come you have nothing to mention about the barbarianism against the common Muslims living there at the time? And the terrorists you are speaking of are NOT Muslims. I won’t be naivete enough to put them under any group, but it is obvious that they are just using the Islamic junctions wrongly to create propaganda against the religion, because anyone with even the minutest of knowledge of Islam cannot in any way justify the terrorism (an understatement btw) being carried out by these people. I cannot in any possible way believe that these people actually believe that they are doing this in the way of Allah, because Qur’an very clearly calls the killing of one man the killing of an entire mankind, and prohibits it in the strictest of terms, no matter how justified the person feels about it. Similarly Islam does not allow an ordinary citizen to take law into his own hands, if he feels his govt. is not governing properly according to the Islamic junctions. Infact, such a person is advised to migrate to the place he feels is governed according to the Islamic law. SO these people whoever they are, are just trying to disgrace the religion and spread hatred. Which comes down to the same thing that it does not have any religion, they are people simply gone astray. May Allah guide both them and us to the right path.

      • @Zainab

        Namaste Sister,

        how can you be proud of a religion like islam which allows your husband to beat you, allows women like you to be kept as sex slaves, allows women like you to share husbands, and the list goes on. I can only sympathize women like you that you are proud of such cult which destroys the nature of a woman.

        Speaking of terrorism sister, let me tell you something logically why muslim terrorists kill people. First of all, as per Islam, everybody are born as muslims regardless which family/culture they are brought up in. Now, as these kids grow and become adults, they become kafirs. Which means they abandoned your religion as per islam. And then they defend and propagate their religion and hence speak against islam like what many non muslims are doing right now. Now, as per Zakir Naik (The Terrorist Supporter), anyone who leaves islam, propagates his new religion, and speaks against islam should be executed by life under the law of Sharia. Now, this is why terrorists kill any kafir they see.

        Now, muslims use the excuse of killing people by saying terrorism is done to them in countries like Irag, Afghan, etc, so that is why they are replying back, hence justifying the killing of innocent americans/jews/. Now, if your muslim brothers were logical, why not go directly and kill those people who imposed terrorism on them rather than killing innocents of their country. For example, if four americans come and terrorise a bunch of people in your country, why go and kill twice the innocent people of their country? Why not kill those four american people directly? No offence to any American I was just using an example, but I hope you get my point.

      • Do me a favour sir, the next time you come up and tell a Muslim about the teachings of his religion, give references to your claim. Allows the husband to beat and use sex slaves, you wouldn’t say that if you had even the slightest knowledge about the religion. About sharing the husband, that too is conditional upon the husband being able to fulfill his wives’ rights, being able to support all of them and divide his time equally, not to forget the permission he is required to have from his first wife. Would you rather that men go about committing fornication without considering it wrong at all? It is your religion (Christians and everyone) who do not mind pre-marital sex, but polygamy you mind?

        Secondly, once again you’re just showing ignorance about the religion, and showing that you’re saying just what you hear about the Muslims from your society. When we say everyone is born Muslim, we mean that since Allah has created him and he is too innocent to associate anyone with Allah when he is born, he is a Muslim. But obviously his religion is what he accepts and proclaims as an individual. The shariah law that you are referring to, is applicable only for those who accept Islam, and then go back on it. Do not misquote Zakir Naik or anyone else for that matter on issues that you yourself have misconceptions about =).
        You say that this is why terrorists kill any kafir they see, then how do you explain the terrorism we face here in Pakistan? You people underwent the Mumbai attacks, i cannot even begin to count the number of incidents of the same and more magnitude that have taken place here in Pakistan in the last some years. According to the people you’re calling Muslims, EVERYone is kafir, incl us the ordinary citizens. They do not consider it wrong to take away the lives of those who apparently are not following the injunctions of Islam. But a Muslim knows that taking away somebody’s life is a sin.
        “And slay not the life which Allah hath forbidden save with right. Whoso is slain wrongfully, We have given power unto his heir, but let him not commit excess in slaying. Lo! he will be helped.: (17:33)
        These people you are talking about are not, and cannot be Muslims. They are just using the name of Islam to disgrace it, targetting people especially like you who instead of going and looking into the matter of the religion yourself, believe in the hearsay and start slandering.
        Once again, i repeat that we are the ones suffering the most from this so-called terrorism (for i believe that terrorism is an understatement), more than any of you are. And even you would agree that people of the same religion do not go around on a killing spree, targeting their brothers in faith indiscriminately.
        Just go and read a little bit of Quran with translation and tafseer of an authentic source, read the hadis and then give me the references to the claims you are making.

      • @ kal bahirav..if a person is a muslim and then becomes a non muslim,in islam there are many cases it doesnt mean “death penalty”,there were cases in which sahabas ,when prophet told that this person was a muslim and became a non muslim Kill him, one oh sahabas said ” he’s married let him go” and Prophet agreed its compulsory that death penalty is not there..but a person who reverts and propogates his new faith and says wrong about islam and if its says that what so and so wrong is said is islamic rule then the punishment is death penalty…

      • @Yumb

        Oh…so…now there isnt a simple answer to a simple (and sane) question as to what the punishment for apostasy is? Why isnt the answer “nothing”?

        You have jumped through so many hoops in your (non)answer to my simple (and sane) question.

        Eventually you said, the punishment is death penalty…

        Now, my NEXT question is, for WHOM is Islam a religion of peace? It surely cannot be a religion of peace for (using your own words)

        a person who reverts and propogates his new faith and says wrong about islam and if its says that what so and so wrong is said is islamic rule,


      • @yumb,
        I am an apostate (murtaad) from islam and now I am propogating my new faith hinduism and say wrong things about islam, and (horror of horrors) about mohammed bin abdullah the self-appointed prophet of islam. now pleaseeee give me my death penalty, TRY me……………

      • Salam,
        Conditions and rules are applied. Islam is a religion of Logic.No claims shall be made if references and sahih hadith arent quoted.Whenever we talk about comparative religion too with all the respect to scriptures ( however people of the book deny the aunthencity of much gospels and new testament ) we quote references and support the fact with explanation of the WHOLE CONTEXT.Kindly dont pick up random lines and claim.Every sane question related to islam has an answer.

      • @Yumb:

        Every sane question related to islam has an answer.

        Sure…But I question whether the answer is sane. 🙂

        For instance, please answer my question to Zainab above. Let us see whether your answer is sane and meaningful especially when Islam is proclaimed as a religion of peace.

      • satisfactory answer? many people think WHATSOEVER IT IS,Just KILL KILL KILL THE APOSTATE…this is not true! If you do revert then theres NO PUNISHMENT. Even of your will you accept a new religion or even stay athiest.Death penalty is ordered when after reversion,you go around saying WRONG things about islam and disgracing it without any evidence or point.Propagtion and lying about islam here and there is what is wrong.If you want to revert,sure revert,enjoy with new religion or even stay religionless,theres NO PUNISHMENT!
        .but dont propgate wrong of Islam.

      • @Yumb:

        Focus like a laser beam and answer this without blabbering.

        Religion 1: Punishment for apostasy is: unconditionally NOTHING.

        Religion 2: Punishment for apostasy is: Well…if you do this, do that, and then do this, there is no punishment…But god forbid, if you do that, do this and then dont do that while simultaneously doing this, PUNISHMENT IS DEATH PENALTY, followed by eternal Allah’s hellfire anyway in the afterlife.

        WHICH OF THE 2 RELIGIONS IS MORE PEACEFUL? If your answer is more than one sentence, you get an F grade and you need to repeat the course…So…think and answer…Most sane HUMANS will simply closing their eyes say RELIGION 1. What say you?

      • You go on and on but want a reply in one sentence. And you call yourself peaceful? How do you expect the answer to appeal to your logic if you do not want to be explained in detail?
        But here goes the sentence:

        The rules are there, in details, so that we live our life according to a set pattern, otherwise the life would be a chaos.

        Detail in case you would like to read:
        Would you not want to punish someone who wronged lets say, a widow in your society? Or an orphan? Thus the punishment for apostaphy is there only IF the person first pretended to accept Islam for a benfit probably, went back on his word and started slandering it.

        Then what is the matter with you that you are divided into two groups regarding the hypocrites? God has cast them backward (arkasa) because of what they have earned. Do you want to guide him whom God has made to go astray? And he whom God has made to go astray, you will not find for him any way. They wish that you reject faith as they have done, so that you all become the same. So take not protectors/friends from them till they emigrate in the way of God. But if they turn away, seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take neither protectors/friends from them nor helpers. (4:88-89)

        This passage begins by talking about hypocrites, that is, people who had declared themselves Muslims but in their hearts had decided not to believe in the teachings of Islam. The demand that they should do hijrah fi sabil allah (emigrate for the sake of God) shows that they are not the hypocrites of Madinah but are living among non-Muslims in Makkah and possibly elsewhere. Verse 98 of the same surah shows that these people were not doing hijrah despite the fact that they were able to. The reason for their not doing hijrah was their hypocrisy. Makkan non-believers who had persecuted Muslims for years, would not have tolerated in their midst any true Muslims. They would have accepted among them only those “Muslims” who had stopped taking their “islam” seriously and felt more comfortable among non-believers, hostile to Islam, than among Muslims. These hypocrites pretended to be Muslims because they wanted to be secure from both sides (see 4:91). And Makkan non-believers did not force them to publicly renounce their “islam” because they found them useful for gathering information about Muslims or for some other subversive actions against the ummah.

        In order to defeat these hypocrites in their game and force them to clearly choose between Islam and kufr, God commanded them to do hijrah. Their obedience to this command meant that they had chosen Islam and their disobedience meant that they had chosen kufr. Those who chose kufr in this way became apostates, since previously they called themselves Muslims. Thus the verses are a source of guidance for us regarding the way the apostates are to be treated.

        At first sight the words “seize them and kill them wherever you find them” would suggest that they are to be killed. But this is quickly seen to be wrong if we read the next two verses:

        Except those who join a group between you and whom there is a (peace-) treaty or those who approach you with their hearts restraining them from fighting you or fighting their own people. Had God willed he would have given them power over you and they would have fought you. So if they withdraw from you and do not fight you but give you (guarantees of) peace, then God has opened no way for you against them.

        You will find others that wish to gain your confidence as well as that of their people. Every time they are sent back to temptation they give in to it. If they do not withdraw from you nor give you (guarantees) of peace, nor restrain their hands, seize them and kill them, wherever you find them. In their case We have provided you with a clear warrant against them. (4:90-91).
        These verses clarify the command “seize them and kill them”. The apostates who rejected Islam by failing to emigrate as commanded by God are divided into three categories:

        1) Those who ally themselves with a group with whom Muslims have a peace treaty;

        2) Those who want to keep neutrality, committing themselves to peace with both the Muslims and their own people who had not accepted Islam;

        3) Those who provide no real guarantee of peace to Muslims and by all indications ally themselves with non-believers engaged in hostilities towards Islam.

        The first two types of apostates are to be left in peace while the third one is to be treated like any non-believers in a state of war: they are to be seized and killed wherever they are found. Notice that the Qur`an uses the words “God has opened no way for you against them” in connection with the apostates of the first two types. This means that the Qur`an actually prohibits killing those apostates who want to live in peaceful terms with the Muslims.

        Thus according to the Qur`an the apostates are to be treated like other kuffar: If they want to live in peace with the Muslims, they are to be left in peace and if they assume a hostile attitude, then they are to be treated accordingly.

      • I apostated and am spreading wrong things about islam, I know more inner secrets of islam than any muslim. Now just you TRY killinng me…. HEHEHEHE

      • A religion tells you to be good, avoid acts that hurt you and others, to be kind an truthful, to be respectful to your parents, not to kill, be kind to the animals, not to slander, not to force your religion on others, to be honest and fair, how does it NOT appeal to your logic? I keep telling you that Islam does not condone murders, Allah says clearly in Quran that someone who killed a person is as if he killed the entire mankind (5:32).

        About the apostasy, i suggest that you go thoroughly through this link: (And please do read it)

      • @Zainab:

        You are a hatemonger. Anyone who does NOT answer “NOTHING” for the following question is a hatemonger and ought to be put in a mental asylum.

        Punishment for apostasy under Shariah is ________ ?

        Your reponse to this question is to provide a link to some Islamic Perspective website? WHAT STUPID PERSPECTIVE IS NEEDED TO ANSWER “NOTHING”? Most humans dont need to read a freaking website to answer this simple question. Most folks believe in what they understand. But you Jihadi terrorists try to understand and rationalize what you believe in. Shame on you and your fellow terrorists. I need to take a bath now for having engaged in a discussion with dirty minds like you.

      • Look at the peace lovers here =)
        I try to understand what i believe in, but what are you doing here? Are you trying to understand? You just want me to say that punishment for apostasy under Islam is killing, so that you can go around happily calling out that what a barbarian religion this is. You have your mind closed, you do not want to understand under what circumstances the punishment is killing. I paste from above:
        The first two types of apostates are to be left in peace while the third one is to be treated like any non-believers in a state of war: they are to be seized and killed wherever they are found. Notice that the Qur`an uses the words “God has opened no way for you against them” in connection with the apostates of the first two types. This means that the Qur`an actually prohibits killing those apostates who want to live in peaceful terms with the Muslims.
        But if you just want to grab the word “killing’ from the entire discussion and use it to prove what you have your mind set about, i or anyone else cannot help you. You do not ask these questions to understand, but only to ridicule. It is a waste of time to have the discussion with you.
        By all means go take a bath, maybe it will open up your clogged mind a bit.

      • @Zainab

        I will postpone my bath a while and see if anything reasonable can come out of this.

        Assume one is actually an apostate and has lost belief in Allah. Assume there is also a state of war (whatever that means…Muslims always seem to be in a perennial “state of war” with someone or the other). Now this guy/gal has to be slaughtered, per Islam. With me so far?

        Now, what if this guy/gal lies and SAYS he/she believes in La Illa Il-allah Mohammed rasool allah? Then what? How will your Shariah work? My guess is that it is impotent. No?

      • No option but Death for apostasy in Islam for all those who believe in hadits
        Ali mentions: ….the Prophet said, ‘If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.’ ”
        Allah’s Apostle said, “The blood of a Muslim who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I am His Apostle, cannot be shed except in three cases: In Qisas for murder, a married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse and the one who reverts from Islam (apostate) and leaves the Muslims.”

        any progressive muslim who hates the death penalty for apostasy as any other sane human being must DISCARD HADITS


      • @ kal bhriav,
        I think you are not siding with logic.see “Let there be no compulsion in religion”..if you want to accept it its your own good want to renounce it..then go ahead renounce.Its when waswasa ( evil whipser ) over powers you..or perhaps faith wasnt strong.still there are reason WHY it wasnt strong..When islam wants the heart of the believer give it but when you dont you deny.theres no punishment..see what is the difference between human and an angel? we humans have free will.we are meant to disntinguish between right and wrong .its our work to do in the its said that if u renounce islam then its okay,Forced belief is not faith..but when you leave islam due to any reason e.g misunderstanding or confusion or even no reason!..ts in side know that in islam pork and alcholhol is haram.coz ur faith is ur faith..ur responisble.becoz ur free.ur ashraf ul makhlooqak ( superior of humans )..otherwise if God needed worship from humans only then he wudnt have created angels..He the exhaulted doesnt need our worship..if u are not easy in islam then u also arent supposed to create misconceptions to other humans on the basis of can go out and say that ” islam is so strict has many rules “.sure do say that,we muslims are aware its a code of life and it has rules ..but lying about things that are true in ur sight but still lying about it in public polluting other minds is wrong..To your faith is others theres.coz if u propogate wrong about islam means your corruption a religion of God.shudnt it be a bad thing? we humans cant compete WITH HIM can we ?

      • point is that you cant go around corrupting a religion e.g u go around and say ” hey dude islam permitts alchohol and pork”,when deep down u know it doesnt.” this action after leaving faith is wrong becoz you are making changes in somehting Divine..which is punishable.

      • Lol at a Muslim trying to use LOGIC to spread his faith. Sword is what has worked in the past. A 6-9 year old prepubescent girl (or a 6-9 year old boy for that matter) can see through the snake oil you are trying to sell.

        In any case, still waiting for your answer to my earlier question about whether Religion 1 or Religion 2 is more peaceful. Answer that first.

      • At kalbhairav and Vik

        If you find some other religion more appropriate for you and convert to it, i as a Muslim do not have the right to slaughter you. And if someone says he is a Muslim but does not believe in his heart, then he is a hypocrite. However since i as a human cannot claim to know someone’s intentions, i cannot point a finger at him. Allah alone is aware of what is present in a human’s heart, and Allah will deal with him.
        “And whoever does good equal to the weight of an atom (or a small ant) will see it (on the Day of Resurrection to be rewarded) and whoever does mischief equal to the weight of an atom shall see it.” [Surah Zalzalah 99:7-8]

        About religion 1 and 2, i will obviously say religion 2. If on the basis of the punishment prescribed you say that the religion is not peaceful, i ask you, in your law is no one ever sentenced to death? No crime is bad enough for your courts to sentence a person to death?

        I am no scholar, do not claim to have read widely, am just a student passing out of secondary school. I try to understand what many Muslims today take for granted. This debate was not about whose religion is right. It’s about trying to understand each other, and coexisting peacefully.
        You talk about the terrorists, and take the apostasy law in support of their claim to doing it in the name of Islam. But a normal Muslim’s stance that Islam does not allow killing makes no difference to you. You choose to believe the version you want to believe.
        You think it’s funny, these people going and blowing themselves up along with a hundred innocent lives, claiming to do it for the sake of heaven? When these people blow up, the bombs do not discriminate between the Muslims and non-Muslims, women and men, elder and the children. There are lives lost, and each life is sacred according to Islam. Like i posted earlier, Qur’an calls the murder of one person the murder of the entire mankind. We are the ones suffering the most from this nuisance.
        I do not call myself a sunni, a shia, an ahmadi, or any other sect for that matter. I am a Muslim, and believe and try to practice what Allah says in Qur’an: I do not associate anyone with Him and try to be good. But there obviously there are many Muslims who go around doing bad stuff, but so do the non-Muslims. If a Hindu robbed my house, and claimed to me that his religion made it obligatory on him to rob a Muslim, how sensible would i be if i believed him rather than the hundreds of other normal Hindus who would say that it is most definitely not the case?
        My religion does not make sense to you, as does your prostrating before an entity made of stone does not make sense to me. What should we do, kill each other? Or ridicule and make fun of each other? The point is, these terrorists are doing what every religion condemns. So instead of playing into their hands and starting a whole slandering campaign against a religion we should try to eliminate this evil root. If we cannot accept each other’s point of view, we can atleast try to respect each other, and judge others only on the basis of their goodness, and not the religion, and live peacefully, since both of us claim our respective religions to be peaceful.
        I call Him Allah, and you Ishwar, lets just pray to Him that He guides us to the right path.

      • @Zainab:

        Let’s see if the following logic can get through your madrassa-trained brain:

        P1: Qur’an calls the murder of one person the murder of the entire mankind.

        P2: Apostates are persons.

        P3: Qur’an calls for the murder of apostates “under certain circumstances”.

        C1: So, “under certain circumstances”, Qur’an calls for the murder of the entire mankind.

        Do you agree with this? If not, why not?

        After you answer this, we can analyze “under certain circumstances” and whether it follows that Islam is a religion of “peace”.

        ( i refuse to call you sister, to me you are “ghanimat ka maal). You said,
        quote” Those who provide no real guarantee of peace to Muslims and by all indications ally themselves with non-believers engaged in hostilities towards Islam.

        The first two types of apostates are to be left in peace while the third one is to be treated like any non-believers in a state of war: they are to be seized and killed wherever they are found” Unquote

        Also, quote” In order to defeat these hypocrites in their game and force them to clearly choose between Islam and kufr, God commanded them to do hijrah. : Unwuote.

        Now I was an atheist who became muslim, studied islam; now apostated and I do belong to third category, who is engaged in hostilities against islam. I spread lies about islam, that islam wants to wipe out all non-muslims in the WORLD, not just India. ( am I really wrong in my assessment).
        Also I refuse to do hijrah. (migrate) India is my hindu country.
        Now what you gonna do? Come and kill me? ……… You think I am scared of muslims? TRY me bitch.

      • Yumb
        Please help me know what is Sharia BTW, in the light of Quran and Hadith. Also as KalBhairav has asked, what is the punishment for apostasy?

        Also if I find Islam illogical, will I be sent to Jannat since I followed my logic?


      • punishment of apostasty has been told.Shariah is a vast topic and i’d cover it inshAllah.As you said about logic ,please notify the points where you feel islam is illogical and explain your confusion so that it’d be solved in the light of quran and hadith and also normal human brain logic.

      • Yumb
        1. My logic says that I should hate those who were/are pedophiles, rapists, mass murderers, who kept sex slaves. So I hate Muhammad (as explained in Hadith) and consider him worst man of his time.

        2. My logic says that I should burn the book which considers me (unbeliever) worst of creatures just because I could not appreciate it. So I hate Quran.

        3. My logic says that I should spit on such God, who considers me His enemy and loves those only who believe in above two (Muhammad and Quran), who made me Kafir instead of Momin just because He has to fill the hell, who made women of others (His enemies) lawful for his loved ones, who is going to burn me in everlasting hell just because I could not believe in 1,2, and 3 (Muhammad, Quran and Allah).

        I believe Quran and Hadith to be utter darkness, one who enters in it never comes out. I believe that the one believing in killing of apostates is not a human in first place and thus cant possess normal human brain logic.

        In short, I hate Muhammad, Quran, Allah and all those who think of unbelievers as worst of creatures and are in favor of killing apostates. Now teach me your logic.

      • @yumb,
        I give you normal human brain logic, not your islamic warped logic.

        The muslim majority provinces of british India, became the islamic republic of pakistan, the hindu minority wiped out,hindu women raped, my temples desecrated, my holy sindhu (indus) river lost to me. This was 1947.

        Today the hindu minority wiped out from muslim majority kashmir , women raped, and temples desecrated. And they consider it unfinished business of partition.

        Now LOGICALLY tell me, why shouldnt I return favour and do to muslim minority in rest of India, EXACTLY what happened to my community in muslim majority provinces? When muslims are majority, they wants islamic country, when in minority they want seculkar country. What kind of double standards is this/

        Lots of muslims suddenly become very secular, and say that India doesnt have just muslims as minorities but almost all religions are there in India. How can you make it hindu rashtra? it should be secular. When double standards?
        Now my logic is very simple. I dont want India to become a hindu rashtra, I want all religions in my country, I just want India to become an “anti-islamic republic of India” Counterpoint to islamic republic of pakistan. Is it logic? Or no?

      • @Zainab

        Namaste dear sister,

        For sex slavery please check out verses 23.06 and 33.50 of the Quran. For beating of a wife, please see the video below and you will automatically find the verses from Quran as well.

        As far as terrorism goes, Zainab, if people like you who are innocent face terrorism, I honestly sympathize with you and your people and would hope all this evil come to an end. Let me remind you that this site is not against muslims, it is against all those people who are enemies of humanity. We are even against hindu pandits who justify birth based caste system and demean women. We are against fanatic muslims who curse all non believers in hell for not considering Quran to be the word of God. Otherwise, there are muslims in this world whom we admire. One good example can be seen on this site, his name is Arya Ashfagullah Khan, and consider him a Vedic role model for all the generations to come. But when you have people like Naik who openly support terrorism and curses kafirs to hell, we cannot be nice to such a person, and we will do everything we possibly can to destroy the propaganda by Naik and IRF. Trust me sister, this mission has already begun!! The end of Naik’s propaganda is near. The proof for this ever since the movement took place, IRF has shown a decline in dawahs that they used to do because common hindus have gained so much knowledge from this site that they easily refute any stooge of Naik or IRF.

        As far as terrorism in Islam goes, believe it or not, Quran is worded in such a way that any hot headed freak will use Quran to justify killing kafirs. If you read all those verses where Quran orders to kill kafirs, muslims cry and tell us that we are taking it out of context. Even if we agree, my question is why did Allah(as you claim it to be Allah’s book) use the word “kill kafirs” instead of “kill opponents”? This means Allah has shown hatred towards kafirs and as per Allah every war will be between a kafir and a momin, but today, there are wars between musllims (shias, sunni, ahmedia, etc)? Shias claim they are muslim, and Sunnis claim they are muslim, who will you believe, and what has Allah got to say about that?

        Amazing Zainab begum, you justify polygamy by saying that it will prevent a man from commiting fornification???? So by your logic, every man is loose charactered right? By the way, why man, by your logic even a woman can be loose charactered so should Allah not have included a polyandry law as well??? Dear sister, a man who is blessed and enlightened will never look at another woman except his own wife, so what is the need for such law? By your logic Quran is only good for womanizers and perverts. Did you know a man who follows Vedas considers every woman except wife to be an akin to his mother?? So how can such a man commit fornification? The sooner you return to Vedic Dharam the better it is for you to live a blissfull life. As per Vedas, Ishwar has given you the status of a Vedic woman which is suppose to be the mother of the entire society and should be given the highest respect, how can you follow a religion which justifies sick acts like polygamy sex slavery?

        Zainab, many muslims especially Pakistanis consider Zakir Naik to be the extreme scholar of islam, so if he justifies killing apostates, it is obvious that people in your country will also support it. There are two reasons why Islam does not deserve respect and does not have any right to brag for becoming the fastest growing religion.

        1)Islamic countries like Saudi do not permit the preaching of other religions. Forget Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddists, Saudi does not even allow Chrisitians to make their churches there even thought muslims consider christians to be people of the book. Same is the case with Pakistan, you can bet that if a muslim openly accepts hinduism, the next day, he/she will be executed.

        2)As I said earlier, Islam is a one way traffic religion, in which some one can enter alive, but cannot escape alive under laws like Sharia, so it is obvious that muslims will be increasing compared to other religions since they are highly hypocritical. It is the kindness of hindus/indians that even in a core hindu country like India, we allow muslims to build their mosques.

        Zainab, I read the Quran and believe me if it were logical even 1%, I would have thought of converting to islam, but that is not the case.

        Zainab, all I can do is wish the best for you, may Ishwar keep you away from pain and suffering, and guide you to light and bliss.


      • Darling Zanaib

        I like the spirit however misplaced it might be. Piece of advice, show the same spirit to fight the bigoted in your patch then perhaps you may be spared the anguish. Those who dig holes for other fall in those themselves first. In otherwords your countryman are digging their own graves.

  • @Agniveer I did not quite get “Islam and Islamic History are two different things”….. Islam is the cause and Islamic History is its effect… As simple as that.. Islam was not hijacked by anyone for their selfish gains.. It is a violent and intolerant doctrine in itself… No verse of the Quran has been tampered with.. Muhammad was no messenger of peace… And reform is not possible in Islam as it is clearly stated that Muhammad is the last prophet and Quran is the final word of God…. So Islam needs to be abolished completely as hoping for a reform in it would be stupid… The essence of Quran is not peace but intolerance and violence against disbelievers… It has clearly explained the ways how Allah will torture disbelievers in hell….(Molten Lead, Iron Hooks etc)…

  • Friday, 31 December 2010 | Muharram 25, 1432 | Last updated at 04:42 Log inRegister Home Saudi Arabia Middle-East World Economy Sports Life & Style Opinion 35th Anniversary Supplement RSS Editorial Columns Letters Cartoons Home / Opinion / Columns / Religious intolerance in Saudi Arabia – enough is enough By DR. KHALID ALNOWAISER | ARAB NEWS
    Religious intolerance in Saudi Arabia – enough is enough
    I realize I am taking up a very sensitive subject.

    I also understand that I would be stereotyped as liberal or secular, but I don’t care as long as this article provokes readers to consider thoughtfully the future of our country.

    My thinking was stimulated by the participation of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, director of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Makkah Region, at a forum held recently at Khadija Bint Khowailid Business Women Center in Jeddah. The strident reactions to his speech deserve an answer. I commend Sheikh Al-Ghamdi for his modern and civilized views in spite of the numerous difficulties he has faced. I also applaud those women who organized and attended the Jeddah forum and who daily combat the tough and inflexible culture of relegating women to second-class status because of intolerant religious edicts.

    Despite all the difficulties that currently exist, the bigger issue is how to address the misguided conservative interpretation of Islam that seeks to justify greater repression of Saudi women. This fundamental issue is so problematic and complex that it has dominated and controlled ways of our thinking and the intellectual discourse in the Kingdom.

    The present situation requires that we ponder the following points:


    Certainly, Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam, where Islamic Law is followed. However, certain puritan religious leaders have ignored Islam’s tolerant and flexible nature and have imposed a kind of strict interpretation that betrays our religion and the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) teachings. Islam is a faith that does not require persons to establish a direct link or relationship with the Creator. Yet, regrettably, many of our clerics are still talking in the name of God and his Messenger and advancing the mistaken view that “He who opposes me also must oppose God and his Messenger.” This is quite similar to the Catholic Church’s stance in the Middle Ages where many people were persecuted in the name of God. One must ask, “How can Saudi society progress if it allows such a defeatist culture teaming with fear, skepticism and unequal relations between men and women?”

    Second: The prevailing attitude for the past three decades is to relegate Saudi women to an inferior status. I doubt that anybody can equal this school of thought in its dogmatism and strictness with the exception of a few Muslim countries that still live in the Dark Ages. Those of us who grew up in the 1960s still remember when we could go to movies and attend festivals and other forms of entertainment in Jeddah without being harassed. Engaging in these activities was not prohibited until the rise of religious dogmatism in the recent past. Never before has our society experienced such an arbitrarily enforced separation between men and women as that which currently exists. Does this mean that Islam has changed or simply that our religious leaders have failed to keep up with modern societal trends?

    The failure of this ideology of religious fanaticism is apparent, yet it continues to dominate and control Saudi society in the guise of the pious and in the name of Islam despite preaching intolerance.

    Third: Saudi religious schools must enter the modern age or be an impediment to Saudi Arabia’s economic and political development. Many reforms depend on an informed and tolerant citizenry. Justifying intolerance and ignorance breeds terrorism that strikes at the very security of the Kingdom. We need to consider these leaders of thought, who are called our religious scholars, of whom we should revere? Who among them has contributed anything to the advancement of the human race with scientific breakthroughs like those of Newton, Einstein, Edison, Socrates, Aristotle, or Archimedes? Instead, could they simply be memorizers who celebrate and continue to live in the past and ignore the rapid changes taking place in the world?

    Fourth: Most irritating is the way that these religious dogmatists wrongfully meddle with our lives and personal freedoms contrary to the very teachings of Islam. Who gave them the power to decide how our lives should be lived? Why should a social issue like women driving cars be so contentious?

    Shouldn’t a woman decide this? Moreover, why is a woman not entitled to travel without the consent of a man? Why are her employment opportunities so constricted?

    Fifth: When Saudis meet together, their talks center on: “This particular Sheikh has sanctioned doing this, while another Sheikh has prohibited it, describing it as an illicit taboo based on a fatwa.” So, they become obsessed with what individual Sheikhs say rather than the true message of our faith. To combat this nonsense, we need to pay attention to current issues, such as the environment and climate change, the technological revolution, genetic engineering, medicine, industry, research, philosophy, and art. If we fail to do this, we would find ourselves living on the margins of history.

    Sixth: In short, there is a prevailing conviction and belief that the existing situation is what the majority of Saudi society wants and, therefore, the country should listen only to the majority. I believe this is wrong. If we look at history, we will see that those who challenged current ways of thinking and advanced reforms were often in the minority. Indeed, constructive change sometimes comes about through the act of a single person, such as Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, the great founder of the Kingdom, King Abdul Aziz, and all the prophets and messengers, including Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of God. In order to move forward as a modern civilized society, we must make a clear and decisive choice: Either accept the current reactive and intolerant school of thought which seeks to control our lives and restrict our country’s progress, or promote tolerance and intellectual pursuits to create a better and more productive future for all Saudi citizens.

    — Dr. Khalid Alnowaiser is a Saudi lawyer and columnist. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Dec 29, 2010 21:29

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    Comments26 CommentsPost your commentRead allGEORGE

    Dec 30, 2010 00:59

    Report abuse As long as there are people, like Khalid Alnowaiser, there is hope! With the greatest respect, thank you for the fresh air. ABBEY KUMAR

    Dec 30, 2010 21:57

    Report abuse Dear Khalid

    You are talking to the wrong people. The people to whom this message addressed do not read Arabnews. They read Arabic , and local Arabic newspapers will never publish such article. BIN THABIT

    Dec 30, 2010 22:10

    Report abuse In principle I agree with Dr.Nuwaiser that the interference of intolerant clerics in each and every social activity in our community (especially that related to ladies) has destroyed during the last three decades our natural social life.
    Intolerant clerics couldn’t rather impose their fatwa on people if they weren’t waving from time to time with their thick stick which is the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.
    Therefore it’s the right time now to re evaluate the duties of mentioned commission.
    I believe that we can even live much peter without that commission such as our neighbors in gulf countries. DON

    Dec 31, 2010 00:46

    Report abuse As a believer in the Most High God of Abraham, through faith in Isa al-Massih, I applaud Dr Khalid’s courageous article. A very firm step in the right direction. DON

    Dec 31, 2010 00:48

    Report abuse As a believer in the Most High God of Abraham, through faith in Isa al-Massih, I applaud Dr Khalid’s courageous article. A very firm step in the right direction. APARNA

    Dec 31, 2010 00:48

    Report abuse Saudi Arabia needs more people like Dr. Khalid. Change will always be driven by such progressive individuals from within the system, not from outside. ICW

    Dec 31, 2010 00:49

    Report abuse Your article will make you a lot of enemies.

    But thank you for saying in such a succinct manner what many many people are thinking and afraid to say, i am in complete agreement with you.

    If more Saudis like you come forward and work hand in hand with King Abdullah, there might be hope yet to drag KSA out of the quagmire of intolerance and fear of anything different that it is sinking into. TARIQ AL-MAEENA

    Dec 31, 2010 00:56

    Report abuse Right on the money Dr. Khalid. I couldn’t have said it any better. Perhaps you could have added that over the past three decades, these muftis were often encouraged by elements within the various ministries either by theri silence or inaction. ISMAEEL MARIKAR

    Dec 31, 2010 00:59

    Report abuse At the conquest of Makkah, the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, clearly stated that there will be no room for any other religion. What does Dr. Khalid really mean by religious intolerance ? Does he want , Saudi to accept idolatory and polytheism ? I know for certain ,I will be labelled a “Wahaabi”. SHAMS AL-ARIFIN, JAZAN UNIVERSITY

    Dec 31, 2010 01:09

    Report abuse I have been going through Arab News for last almost twenty years. If my memory does not betray me, I can assertively say this is one of the best articles if not the best one, I have ever read not only in the Arab news but in all the English dailies published in the Arabian Peninsula which I roughly regularly read, including Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Gulf Times, Arab Times, Kuwait Times and Saudi Gazette. The writer of the article is really a visionary man. This kind of person must be in policies making body of the country. I heartily congratulate and wish the author, Dr. Khalid Alnowaiser, to be in the right place. In the Muslim societies there are very few creative thinkers and modifiers I have seen in my life. And of course that quality of creativity and modification I see reflecting from the personality of Dr. Khalid. It must be recognized and responded for the betterment and encouragement of the Muslims. Thanks. MEREDITH

    Dec 31, 2010 01:14

    Report abuse What a deeply courageous and timely essay. As an ex-pat living in Saudi Arabia who admires what King Abdullah, may he prosper, is doing to bring good to the Kingdom, and as a woman grateful for the friendship of Saudi men and women artists, writers, physicians, scientists, parents, I thank you and Arab News for this opinion. DAVE

    Dec 31, 2010 01:14

    Report abuse With people like him Saudi may yet be pulled out of the middle ages. Doctor please continue your good work and may these idiotic intolerant sheikhs not pass fatwas on you. CLOUD NINE

    Dec 31, 2010 01:15

    Report abuse Wow! Finally we found someone who can speak his mind out! Kudos to Dr Khalid. May Allah Bless him in abundance… LS IN THE US

    Dec 31, 2010 01:39

    Report abuse Excellent! Dr. Alnowaiser expresses the hopes of many Saudi citizens, as well as those in other countries that would like to see the repression stop. Legislators, that are answerable to the people, should be generating the rules for a society, not some self-appointed old man who, by virtue of the fact that he has memorized the Quran, believes that he is the one to dictate to others. Muslims very often complain about Islamophobia, particularly in the West, however Muslims exhibit and practice extreme religous intolerance in other faiths. Until Islam moves into the 21st Century, the religion, and Muslims in general, will not receive the recognition that want or deserve. KHA

    Dec 31, 2010 01:51

    Report abuse A wonderful post. Thank you for your voice. I hope that the right people end up reading this. MOHAMAD ALAM, CANADA

    Dec 31, 2010 01:53

    Report abuse
    Religion is not a science. It basically deals with morality. Quran is not only for Muslim rather every human being can learn from it. We believe that there will be no edition or deletion in Quran and therefore, no research can be done in this book. I do not understand that what these so called religious scholars can tell me something new about Quran. Every subject is for a group of people, for example medicine to become a Doctor, engineering to become an engineer and accounting to become an accountant and so on but the only subject which is for everyone is Religion. Anyone can learn himself/herself from Quran. This book is not only for Mufti, Alim or Sheikh. Why someone would ask help from these scholars for their problems. They are not the guardian of Heaven and Hell. They don’t even know about themselves if they qualify for the paradise. The only way to follow someone’s foot-step is their actions and not verbal claims. Memorization and recitation is not knowledge. If the Quran would have been so difficult then God must have assigned it to scholars only. If this book could be understood hundred of years ago by Baddoo in Arabian Desert then why we are so confused at this time. It’s because these scholars have hijacked Islam and have been manipulating it for their own benefit by using conflicting Hadith and giving us their own versions of Islam. Religion is a common sense. In religion we can not convince anyone by references or quotations only. We have to prove ourselves by our actions. Religion can not be dictated. Simply saying anyone wrong cannot make me correct and that’s what these Muslim religious scholars do. They have no respect for any other faith but expect respect from others. One thing is common among all of them that they have given themselves stupid titles which will have no value on the judgment day. Give me only one example in last 1000 years if these scholars have done any thing good for which the whole mankind could be proud of them; of course no. They basically say about the unity of Muslims but in reality they keep their influence based on divide and rule policy. We as a Muslim are in a declining phase as far as the quality is concerned. We are a product of Islam and we know that any product can dominate the market only by quality and not by quantity. I think if we could do the following few things then it may change the perception of Muslim around the world.
    1: Get rid of those Muslim religious scholars who have no actions but verbal claims.
    2: Stop blaming others for our downfall.
    3: Use common sense and try live in reality, not in assumptions only.
    4: Stop any negative thinking about the followers of the other faith.
    5: Focus on research and education, and provide justice and security to their citizens and residents.

    Dec 31, 2010 01:54

    Report abuse GEORGE- This is not fresh air, this stinks just as much as you do. Dr Khalid Alnowaiser and those of his ilk pose a definite threat to the Deen of Islam. Islam is a Deen and not a religion, fools perceive not, comprehend not. Fitna is relentlessly pummelling the KSA both within and from outside. All assistance and victory comes from Allah. AMIN SHARIEFF

    Dec 31, 2010 01:54

    Report abuse Let me echo those thoughts. I am very glad to see a letter such as yours Mr Al-nowaiser. PETER

    Dec 31, 2010 01:56

    Report abuse The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. In America, we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. I hope through this type of enlightened discourse, Saudi Arabia may become more than it is today, for benefit of all of world’s people, and especially those brothers and sisters who look towards Saudi Arabia for leadership and direction. SAMI AKRAM

    Dec 31, 2010 02:01

    Report abuse You mentioned if the religious scholars in your country made any scientific breakthroughs like Newton, Archimedes etc. I am surprised you mentioned Early Greek scholars, and then jumped to renaissance scholars like Newton. How about mentioning the scientist Ibn Sina who wrote the first medical textbook, Ibn Haytham, who were the greatest scholars and scientists and yes they were also religious imams too. They also corrected Greek scientists such as Galen and if it wasnt for these muslim imam scientists, then Newton or the renaissance could never had accomplished. Muslim scientists not only preserved Greek knowledge but developed to an extent that could never had been achieved by Europe, as the Muslims were the first to apply globalization, bringing knowledge from everywhere and spreading it through their empire from Spain to India to Samarkand. That globalization led by Muslims is unlike todays which is bent on exploitation of the third world countries. Mr,Khaled, you seem to be suffering from confusion and inferiority complex. I invite you to read more. ROBYN GRAVES

    Dec 31, 2010 02:08

    Report abuse Thanks for this article, Dr. Khalid!
    A very bold, articulate, and enlightening account of the current state of things and how they got there. I understand that things were very different in many different places in Saudi before the ’80s. There’s no question about it. The public social life of Saudi Arabia was completely wrecked. It will take strong leadership and clear decisions to regain the former social atmosphere enjoyed. Failing that…and I believe that this is already happening in many areas and ways….the new generations more tolerant will in small and larger ways resist the efforts of others to instill fear and make their lives miserable. Currently, the strategy seems to be to….build more walls….and restrict these kind of people from going to these places. It’s like every major city should become an Aramco style compound which keeps out those who would try and restrict the social life. Saudi Arabia is a sociologist’s dream study. The social experiments of the past 30 years have revealed many things. Thanks for reminding us….that things were very different then they are now. The last number of years have seen a number of encouraging reforms and trends generally look positive. Again I say….let the leaders stand up and more boldly take the country into the future…I’m quite sure that the vast majority of Saudi society will respect and follow such leadership. MOHAMED ABOUKHADRA

    Dec 31, 2010 02:12

    Report abuse I applaud Dr. Khaled Alnowaiser for his eloquent and frank article that does indeed touch on an often taboo and controversial subject. While I do not profess to be an Islamic scholar or someone who has deep knowledge of religous affairs I do know that ours, is above all, a religion of tolerance. Had it not been for this tolerance many an ancient teaching would have perished and not survived to the benefit of humankind. During the early Islamic conquests it was often the case that we would conserve and preserve knowledge where we found it irregardless of its religion etc. This was the basis of the Golden Age of Al Andalus and the numerous contributions that our religion offered to mankind’s progress. Perhaps we should learn more from our past so that our present and our future can be as bright. ZIAD AL-NOWAISER

    Dec 31, 2010 02:13

    Report abuse Dear Khalid,
    I think this article is great!
    Keep up the good work! ADEL

    Dec 31, 2010 05:01

    Report abuse Excellent article. However, Dr. Khalid also raises the question: ” Who gave them the power to decide how our lives should be lived?” In order to be in true sincerity, Dr. Khalid needs to acknowledge that those who are giving power to these unelected clerics, do so to confuse the issues and advance their own agendas. NAGHAM

    Dec 31, 2010 05:01

    Report abuse SHAME DR. KHALID ALNOWAISER, really shame on you how could you forget that one day you have to face Allah. I am a proud Saudi Muslim Girl 26 CommentsRead allPost your comment


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    Single GCC currency
    In the end, paper currencies cannot hold up to Gold. Printing more Dollars has just exported in

    Wayne at Dec 31, 2010 05:02


    Rains expose same old problems in Jeddah
    For a moment I was enthusiastic and thought you mean’t an acknowledgement of systematic neglige

    AvidReader at Dec 31, 2010 05:01


    Palestinians to approach UN for state recognition
    This is just distracting nonsense. Declaring something a nation doesn’t give it a credible gov

    Cautious at Dec 31, 2010 05:01


    Pakistan to defend ISI in US court
    May be true face of ISI be exposed this time in front of whole world. Any defence ca

    nikhil jain at Dec 31, 2010 05:01


    Religious intolerance in Saudi Arabia – enough is enough
    SHAME DR. KHALID ALNOWAISER, really shame on you how could you forget that one day you have to

    NAGHAM at Dec 31, 2010 05:01


    Religious intolerance in Saudi Arabia – enough is enough
    Excellent article. However, Dr. Khalid also raises the question: ” Who gave them the power to d

    Adel at Dec 31, 2010 05:01

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  • An Appeal to all the visitors to this site,

    If after going thro’ the posts and comments at this site, you feel that it’s a worthwhile effort to follow and spread the ideology of Agniveer, don’t hesitate to embrace it and contribute your own share. Never think how minuscule your contribution is. Just start doing something that aligns you to Agniveer and gives you happiness and inspires others. It will be a good idea to share what you have done after learning from the Agniveer site. Just for a suggestion, everyone has the capability to contribute something, may it be bodily, intellectually or financially. But, you are the best judge to decide what way you can add value to this movement.

    Satyen the swayamsevak

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    A fundamentalist muslim has no nationality. They don’t abide by the law and rules of a nation. The best example is their reluctance to say “Vande Matram”. First and foremost, let me clarify that I am talking about fundamentalist and fanatic Muslims. I admit that there are many innocent Muslims also who are not a part of this religious terrorism. But, unfortunately the population of these kind of Muslims is very less. The key factors which drive such fundamentalist attitude in this religions can be listed below:

    1. Scarcity of proper level of education ( Proper sceintific education is very much required to make people start thinking above religion)
    2. Existence of educated terrorists like “Zakir Naik” and many more like him
    3. Belief in Quran and Hadiths ( which teaches Violence and sexual practices)
    4. Suppression of women rights – Again driven by Quran and Hadith which allow beating of women
    5. Polygamy
    6. Killing of innocent animals for the sake of taste in food – This attitude sows the seed of violence

    There are many more. All these factors make muslim community not to be guided by law and regulations of a country. You can see the example everywhere they are. They refuse to say “vande matram” and start fighting for the cause of Palestanians. I am dead sure there are very few Muslims who are educated on the issue of Israel and Palestine. But they are ready to fight for Palestanians. There are many existing problems in India and it would have been wise for them to fight for the problems of their own country. People like “Zakir Naik” defend Osama Bin Laden in a public forum very diplomatically. I have never seen him fighting for the cause of Naxalism in India.

    Another example is ShahBano case. Muslim Clergy and fanatics left no stone unturned to suppress the poor women after her rape. She had to seek justice from Supreme Court. Muslim Personal Law board raised huge hue and cry over interference of Supreme Court in the matters of Muslim law ( driven by unscientific and biased Quran and hadiths).

    Be it America, Australia , Europe or India, Majority of Muslim people have nothing to do with the problems of their country of residence. In stead, they remain interested in Palestine, Kashmir and Afghanistan and shout for them. Thats the reason why a Muslim fundamentalist from Kashmir, POK or Pakistan becomes a terrorist for Israel, although Israel is thousand of miles away and the terrorist doesn’t know anything about the hsitory of Israel and Palestine. Kasab comes from Pakistan and kills a no. of people in India.

    Time has come for these people to be properly educated so that they can start thinking that nation is above religion. Following Vedic dharma is one ot the way for them to be righteous and trustworthy.

    Tamso ma Jyotirgamaya

      • @Rajeev,

        Quote” Belief in Quran and Hadiths ( which teaches Violence and sexual practices)” Unquote

        Well, I do not know what drives you to write such falsehood. Is it simply your ‘Hate Agenda’? Anyway, I will not like to defend it. Quran is available in all languages and anybody with some intelligence can read and understand for himself/ herself and know what is taught by Quran.

        However I am a bit curious to read the below line in some other site:

        Quote “What type of knowledge the Rigveda contains is proved by the following reference. In the Rigveda there is a reference to Yama and Yami, the brother and sister.

        “…According to this episode Yami, the sister, invites her brother, Yama, to cohabit with her and becomes angry when he refuses to do so.” (W & S Vol. III, p. 165).
        ” Unquote

        I haven’t read Rigved and can not be 100% sure about it’s authenticity. It’s upto you to read your Rigved and check if this is really true? The reference is clearly given. If this is true, then, what I can say about you.

      • Mohammed you truely are gem (being sarcatstic). Naik as qualified doctor cannot stop himself lying and denying the facts about evolution. To add to stupidity , he copies and pastes bits from Ahamadiya Maulana vidyarthi in and sordid attemp to prove that old scriptures had prophecised about THE MECCA KILLER aka your name sake. Ask naiks views about ahemadiyas, and you are fora shocker my friend. can reed post on Agniveer webrite as well.

      • there is no such story in rigaveda
        besides quran has several such referrals which indicate to fulfill sexual interests..
        and that women is just an object for them
        for more you may read Satyarth Prakash written by Swami Dyanand Saraswati

    • Dear Rajeev,

      You are really great. I admire you. You are the one who is called sweet poison, man. You say that there are fundamentalist muslims and yoou oppose them and at the same time you say Dr. Zakir naik is a terrorist. Shame on you. Dr. Zakir Naik is the one who is trying best possible in contemporary history to propogate the ultimate truth and that is Islam. He is the one who is teaching you to respect the human values adn you term him as terrorist to fool your readers and misguide them into beliving your ideology of divide and rule the country.

      You have absolutely no knowledge of Quran and Hadiths and propogate that they are teaching violence and sexual practices. You are in fact worse than sadhwi Prgya singh and her team. They atleast are open enemy and you are the one who is stabbing behind the back.

      You and people like you will try all falsehood, but ultimately the Truth will prevail.

  • good job,really very good job,
    i m impressed,u ppl working so hard for our religion.
    i ashamed that i m not even thinking about that all.
    heads off for u guys,keep it up.

    • @Shubham

      Dear brother, namaste. Don’t say it again that you are ashamed of not doing anything for Sanatan dharma. Instead, get ready for the assignment. One way could be to contact Agniveer thro’ email and decide your role after discussing with them. You can even invent your own ways in their guidance as they have already done the ground work and you don’t need to put your efforts in reinventing the same.

      Think it helps. Once you have started, post your comments over here to inspire others and start a chain reaction for the reestablishing the Vedic dharma in its pristine glory.



  • no one is safe in a male dominated society, india was not a male dominated country before islamic invasion,even queen used to sit with king in darbaar


    1. It’s a fact that behind every problem of this world there are dishonest, corrupt and bad people.
    2. Now question is why people become bad, dishonest and corrupt??? Answer is people become bad, dishonest and corrupt when they are not a complete person. Men and Women are not a complete person without each other; they are the best half of each other. But still today you find less women than men everywhere, be it buses, offices, parks, metros, rails, markets, streets, restaurants, politics, police, army etc. etc.
    3. Solution of this problem can be this–
    a. Special recruitment drives for women only in various departments so that gender gap can be filled.
    b. Financial help for girl child for her education and marriage.
    c. Check on some particular Bollywood films that are degrading the image of Indian women with the help of pak and dubai’s mafia.
    d. Seal the border of Bangladesh.
    e. Apply uniform civil code so that no one can easily divorce or have more than one wife in the name of Muslim Personal Laws.
    f. Stop Arab Sheikhs to buy girls and check on Red light areas.


    Before Islamic invasion in India women were equally free and active like men, even queen used to sit with king in darbaar and taking equal participation in society. Women like Gargi and Matriya are the best examples of it. Cave paintings of Ajanta Ellora also indicate the equality of women in society. Worshipping of women as goddesses and Devi’s or Mother is the specialty of Indian culture. Maa Durga, Laxmi, Maa Saraswati and many other Devis are the example of it.

    But after the Islamic invasion when Islamic invaders raped, killed and forced millions of Indian women to accept Islam then everything changed and Sati pratha, female infanticide, tradition of Ghunghat or Parda were the only choices left for the Indians to save Indian women from cruel and lusty Islamic invaders.

    The dirty abuses of mother and sisters were also started by Islamic invaders because they were not happy to see that women are worshipped as goddesses or Devis in Indian culture.

    Urdu sher o’ sharai is the height of cheapness and vulgarity. There is no word for divorce in hindi but urdu has-Talaq.

    Still today some particular films of Indian cinema is degrading the image of Indian women with the help of pak n dubai’s mafia.



  • India suffered tremendously in past becoz of self made facts of our ancestors and falsely believing in “AThiti Devo Bhava” which literally means a guest who knows at least one vedas should be honoured.I would like to quote swami ramswarup ji in this context “No doubt, religion is strong but when eternal, strong and everlasting religion which emanates direct from God in the shape of four Vedas, has been forgotten due to false preach of the so-called gurus, pandits etc. Then just one path/point of destruction is left behind. You see, when sun sets then darkness spreads automatically and covers the area. Similarly, when preach of Vedas and pious act of doing daily yajyen, havan, name jaap of God, practice of ashtang yoga under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas and yoga is ignored, then the illusion automatically spreads and covers the people. Hence, man-made worship starts and God-made worship according to Vedas is ignored. So, nowadays, it is not a question of killing, raping, looting, destroying and religion etc., but problem is this that after Mahabharat war, we have left listening to Vedas and adopting them in life.

    You see, if Prithivi Raj Chauhan had been a learned of Vedas’ philosophy like King Sri Ram, Dashrath, Sri Krishna Maharaj etc., then according to the law of the Vedas that the enemy, traitor and grave sinner should not be forgiven, should not be kept alive for more than one day i.e., should be killed on the spot or at least after one day. But, it is India’s bad luck that Prithivi Raj Chauhan, his contemporary kings and even administrators and politician of present times are not learned of Vedas. I mean to say, Prithivi Raj Chauhan committed the mistake of forgiving Mohammed Gauri and India became a slave. So, please try to listen/study Vedas and try to spread them all over India to make the nation strong. ”

    I sincerely believe we should listen to vedic wisdom , each one of us should try to eliminate personal/social weakness and spread truth of Indian culture. However the illusion of last 1400 years is very strong and misinformation on indian culture is rampant.

    I support Historic atrocities done on Indians should be accepted by all i.e Hindus,muslims/christians etc to have a peaceful and glorous future and strong/prosperous India.

    • In religious point a view if it was told that Muslims had in their religion removed mother worship, or they support cow killing. For only these reason would have been sufficient to fight and attack them as it would have seen as utmost barbarianism, savage such a religion in Vedic times. Hindu still don’t attack coward even Mahabharata there were many stories on this, but such people would have been see as an abomination, who lost respect to mother, and ate cows….

  • RSS deadlier than Al-Qaeda, Indian state legislator says

    NAGPUR, India: The Samajwadi Party legislator Abu Asim Azmi created a furor in a session of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly on Friday when he alleged that according to the WikiLeaks disclosure the Hindu militant organization Rashtriya Sevak Sangh (RSS) was a thousand times more dangerous than the Al-Qaeda.

    This remark by Azmi drew strong protests from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Shiv Sena (SS) and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) legislators. An agitated Azmi had to leave the house in huff stating he was being interrupted and not being allowed to put forth his point of views on the issue in the Assembly.

    “It has been exposed in the WikiLeaks as to how a thousand times more dangerous is the RSS than the Al Qaeda. Therefore I demand that strong and stern action must be taken against the RSS,” Azmi told the Assembly.

    Responding to Azmi, NJP firebrand legislator Devendra Phadnavis said: “Azmi by tabling an irrelevant issue was misguiding the Assembly.”

    Other BJP legislators supported Phadnavis allegation against Azmi.

    Azmi, frustrated by the continued interruption of his speech by the opposition, complained to the Assembly deputy speaker Vasant Purke who told Azmi that though the issue raised by him was irrelevant, but still he was accepting the issue raised by Azmi as part of general interest. But the Sena and BJP legislators continued raising slogans against Azmi, forcing him to walk out of the Assembly in protest against the saffron alliance legislators.

    Congress legislator from Mumbai Baba Siddiqui also created a stir in the house when he alleged that Shiv Sena working President Uddhav Thackeray was receiving money from two Mumbai-based industrial houses, based on the intercepted phone recordings between Tata Group spokeswoman Shalani and Public Relations Corporate chief Nira Radia.

    Siddiqui made the allegations against Uddhav of accepting money from the two industrial houses – Reliance and Tata Group of Companies. Since Siddiqui made this allegation in English, the Sena legislators failed to grasp the allegations as there was no protest from them. However, BJP legislator Phadnavis responded to Siddiqui and stated that there was no connection of Uddhav with the tapes.

    “It is not proper to connect the discussions on the power problems with the tapes. Therefore Siddiqui should not make false and fabricated allegations against Uddhav,” Phadnavis stated.

    The Sena legislator woke up only after Phadnavis responded and protested against the allegations leveled by Siddiqui against their leader. Later Siddiqui handed over the tapes to the Assembly speaker.

    • @Well said

      Now this is a latest gem from an Islamic brain ! I sympathise with you brother.and the likes of Abu Azmi and Azam Khan are in the same league.

      BTW, this discussion is too heavy for you ! Go and fantasize your prophet reciting quran in the lap of his menstruating wife Aisha!

    • Everybody in Mumbai knows that who is Abu asmi’s real father is it is Dawood he was caught in 1993 bomb blast for links with Dawood. Indian Muslim leaders are nicely helping Pakistan by putting all blame on India by gossiping fake wikileaks stories. Even wikileaks has exposed that Congress played religious politics on 26/11 and never nabbed the sleeper cells of Indian Muslims who have helped the terrorists of 26/11 this is the patriotism of Indian Muslim Leaders who will give their mother and daughters to pakistanis like the Sania Mirza and aisha episode.

    • Rss may be deadlier in strength than AL queda…….but RSS dont do jihad….like AL QUEDA…even AL QUEDA must have been more in strength if they didn’t do SUscide Bombing…

      hahah bloody…

      • That was terrifying! How can they teach that to their children?! Even if it was a grown man doing the deed, it could be understood. But this is a child. What religion is this? How can they shout ‘Allahuakbar’ at that instant?! Are they even human?

      • IF RSS is deadlier than al qaeda, as mentioned by muslim leader then now atleast muslims will show some humility, that whatever the muslims do, we can do better. WHY are the muslims always showing pride in their so called martial abilities and consider us hindus a weaker race? We hindus cannot fight, then why are we deadlier than al qaeda. If we are deadlier than alqaeda, that means we hindus are better warriors. LOGIC?

  • Annihilation of Caste system in Hindu society is definitely a herculean task which cannot be accomplished easily.But a Muslim wishing to revert to Vedic dharma need not be bothered about this provided he embraces the Dharma in groups. Take for example, the Bohras. If a good number of them embrace the dharma enmasse they would not face hardship as when done in the case of an individual. Hence what we need to be encouraged is reversion in groups to Vedic Dharma, in which case they would not face discrimination in social matters, as they constitute a group and could carry on their secular duties/ Social obligations as before. Striking Marriage alliances, after embracing Vedic dharma [ which is an important aspect of life] would be taken care of when the reversion is done in significant numbers. As far as the religious life is concerned, the local unit of Aryasamaj would be ready always to lend helping hand.

  • Whenever a person is affected by the distress due to negative energies then his control over his physical body, mind and intellect is reduced and control of negative energy increases. Such a person when comes in contact with an environment not conducive for negative energy for instance in a saatvik environment then there is a battle between the negative energy and the satva predominant environment. This battle can manifest into destructive thoughts also. Sometimes the negative energy present in the person manifests in gross form like sudden burst of anger, shouting, throwing stones, killing, abducting, raping, looting and in fact any type of destructive act. The terrorist’s attacks / lootings on religious and spiritual places are also the result of such state of mind.

  • Dear Terrorist,
    We at least do not suffer as brutally as you who have been hacked off by Mohamed, never we suffer as brutal as you. They say such people are 25 times likely to be rapist, 8 -14 times more likely to murder, 90% likely to get divorced “Circumcision the Hidden Trauma”, by Dr. Goldman.

    Studies have shown why Terrorist are so frustrated that over a thousand nerve ending are lost. The severe pain and trauma from this also in some cases damages the brain and causes symptom of post traumatic syndrome.

    Even if they win independence they will not be happy, because the more fundamental reasons for their plight as we see Pakistan having even worse conditions.

    Further reading this write up historical this goes with fact that these religions are based on might makes right, or divine right. There is no morality to this. As they were the first religion to abandon Mother Worship (a very serious issue)

    If people who are Unit, castrated act different, so do people who are mutilated display their differences and is well known to be sexually different also studies have shown the sexual difference and compensatory behavior in such individuals..

    The desire for revenge is not necessarily terrorism. But may seem to be, by denial of actual terrorism we delude ourselves. One acts out of different motive, while one acts for some sinister reason like going to heaven and enjoy there the other act out of emotion, grief, etc. One motive maybe religion the other is vengeance.

    Further like partition and the first trains from Pakistan being sent with people of train slaughtered, like one eyewitness relative who saw back then told they the Pakistani use to hold the women by the chest and take child baby throw him up and let him fall on the end of the sword. Then the Hindu vengeance that stopped such carnage.

    Addressing the issue when crime goes unpunished and criminals are treated as heroes.
    Yes, we all see some wanted fugitive was killed in a shoot out the Home Minister of a state of Gujarat is put to jail because of the death of an wanted criminal gangster. We must respect the same CBI who gave clean shit to Pandher who whose house the slaughter of 27 little children took under investigation of allegation of sex scams, organ scams in Noida. Such is the state of this ulti(opposite/upside down) raj that a gangster and that to wanted gangster is the reason a home minister is put to jail. Cannot hang Afal Guru, nor can do anything against minority. Kashmir killing terrorist are called fake encounters. Appeasing is the dirty politics of this country. Bhopal reached the news it was because a British needed something to beat America after all their British petroleum is paying out 20 billion and still counting fines found the Union Carbide disaster which was even worse. Not that they care anything for the people who died in Bhopal, but these terrorist gangsters are so innocent and lovable that their death everyone investigate as the greatest tragedy occurred in modern India. Food grains are rotting; price rise is increasing, but the gangsters and terrorist must be treated better than average person like Kaseb and his chicken birayni(A insult to Hindus) besides corers for his safety. Most of India can suffer but only these gangsters and terrorist must live better than the rest. How could a government kill such people? Yes, like in Kashmir they are just fake encounters.

    Ordering a probe a CBI probe on the killing of right to information activist, or ordering a CBI probe on the Haren Pandya case may seem legitimate, but not on a wanted fugitive gangster who on the run from the law. CBI probe in such case would not only seem political but some more sinister reason behind it as the gangster would have right to life of crime whereas public must accept that. It could happen that this fellow was a goon of congress party and that is why the CBI robe, but it is dirty politics and mala fide to investigate such cases and implicate an home Minister who certainly was not there. It does not warrant CBI investigation that seems more political then reasonable. People will say a known gangster is more important than a minister and they must prove his guilt not a witch hunt.

    • @sanjay,
      quote,”“Circumcision the Hidden Trauma”, by Dr. Goldman.

      Studies have shown why Terrorist are so frustrated that over a thousand nerve ending are lost. The severe pain and trauma from this also in some cases damages the brain and causes symptom of post traumatic syndrome.” Unquote
      Maybe you are right. I am hindu but am circumcised.(in childhood for medical reasons. Even today, it takes me a very long time to pee)
      Believe me, my thinking is same as muslims. Many fellow hindus also hate me for my fanaticism. I just cant stand the sight of a mosque, or a muslim with beard, or burkha. I just feel I should go on a rampage. Maybe my mind is damaged. I am such a lunatic, that I will happily bomb a major temple and blame it on muslims, just so that the hindu community will take it out on muslims.
      If I was in place of Nathuram godse, I would have shot mahatma gandhi masquerading as a muslim, today there would be NO muslim left in India. Godse was not as much a “kameena” as me.

      • To Muslim Brothern: Circumcision is UN-NATURAL and injurious. Apply common logic: Was God a fool to provide the “organ” with it’s covering??? If anything WORTH has to be done then it is –“The Brahmacharya” (celibacy) and NOT this irrational practice of Circumcision. It is NOT that all Muslims do it, there are some sects that do not indulge in this heinous Custom, example: Some tribes in North-west Pakistan and Afghanistan.

        To Hindu-militant: Dear, brother, We DO NOT hate you; it is just that we find your comments on the “HEAVIER” side. I think that “debate” is an intellectual duel instead of a verbal duel. I can understand that you have some pent up anger. BUT, As a friend I did like to advise you that you should be a bit “careful” about the language you employ, it may get you into some legal tangles. Hope you understand.

  • Bohra Muslims should make up a mind and revert to Vedic Dharma. That way only they could be true Muslims. But it is not that easy but people like Hamid Hussain should work on this in association with men like Agniveer.

    • Namaste Vasudevaji

      Today we see lot of people from various faiths wanting to embrace the Vedic way. It should now be our duty to make things more welcoming for them. We need to work for a new society where someone coming to Vedic Dharma feels secure and lives with highest level of self-respect. In short, caste-system has to be totally annihilated.

      We shall soon start a new initiative that invites people to Vedic Dharma and builds a community of people who refuse to believe in caste system, prophethood or hatred for non-believers.

      • Which meaning has the importance? Propagating to restore any image looks political nut spiritual. If it is surrendering to one God, as Atman says, how is it against the image?

      • Mr Agniveer
        Clean your mind first and then think of cleaning this society.. U want to know what is Islam and Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) then listen from the Non Muslims as itself and from the father of our nation also.

        Thomas Carlyle in ‘Heroes and Hero Worship and the Heroic in History,’ 1840

        “The lies (Western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped round this man (Muhammad) are disgraceful to ourselves only.”
        “A silent great soul, one of that who cannot but be earnest. He was to kindle the world, the world’s Maker had ordered so.”

        A. S. Tritton in ‘Islam,’ 1951

        The picture of the Muslim soldier advancing with a sword in one hand and the Qur’an in the other is quite false.

        De Lacy O’Leary in ‘Islam at the Crossroads,’ London, 1923.

        History makes it clear, however, that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of sword upon conquered races is one of the most fantastically absurd myths that historians have ever repeated.

        Gibbon in ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ 1823

        The good sense of Muhammad despised the pomp of royalty. The Apostle of God submitted to the menial offices of the family; he kindled the fire; swept the floor; milked the ewes; and mended with his own hands his shoes and garments. Disdaining the penance and merit of a hermit, he observed without effort of vanity the abstemious diet of an Arab.

        Edward Gibbon and Simon Oakley in ‘History of the Saracen Empire,’ London, 1870

        “The greatest success of Mohammad’s life was effected by sheer moral force.”
        “It is not the propagation but the permanency of his religion that deserves our wonder, the same pure and perfect impression which he engraved at Mecca and Medina is preserved after the revolutions of twelve centuries by the Indian, the African and the Turkish proselytes of the Koran….The Mahometans have uniformly withstood the temptation of reducing the object of their faith and devotion to a level with the senses and…

      • Reverend Bosworth Smith in ‘Muhammad and Muhammadanism,’ London, 1874.

        “Head of the State as well as the Church, he was Caesar and Pope in one; but he was Pope without the Pope’s pretensions, and Caesar without the legions of Caesar, without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a police force, without a fixed revenue. If ever a man ruled by a right divine, it was Muhammad, for he had all the powers without their supports. He cared not for the dressings of power. The simplicity of his private life was in keeping with his public life.”
        “In Mohammadanism every thing is different here. Instead of the shadowy and the mysterious, we have history….We know of the external history of Muhammad….while for his internal history after his mission had been proclaimed, we have a book absolutely unique in its origin, in its preservation….on the Substantial authority of which no one has ever been able to cast a serious doubt.”

        Edward Montet, ‘La Propagande Chretienne et ses Adversaries Musulmans,’ Paris 1890. (Also in T.W. Arnold in ‘The Preaching of Islam,’ London 1913.)

        “Islam is a religion that is essentially rationalistic in the widest sense of this term considered etymologically and historically….the teachings of the Prophet, the Qur’an has invariably kept its place as the fundamental starting point, and the dogma of unity of God has always been proclaimed therein with a grandeur a majesty, an invariable purity and with a note of sure conviction, which it is hard to find surpassed outside the pale of Islam….A creed so precise, so stripped of all theological complexities and consequently so accessible to the ordinary understanding might be expected to possess and does indeed possess a marvelous power of winning its way into the consciences of men.”

        Alphonse de LaMartaine in ‘Historie de la Turquie,’ Paris, 1854.

        “Never has a man set for himself, voluntarily or involuntarily, a more sublime aim, since this aim was superhuman; to subvert superstitions which had…

      • @ Hamid Ali

        Your Reverend Bosworth Smith has not read UNDERSTANDING MUHAMMAD AND ISLAM – A PSYCHOBIOGRAPHY by Dr. Ali Sina.

        Earlier historians or great personalities desisted from attacking below the belt.

        But as facts are analysed in the light of science, strange things come out.

        Read the above book for a change and then tell me what Muhammad stood for.

    • some says islam means peace…..and some says surrender…..few years back people said islam is deen even today people says islam is deen…and even few people says islam is way of life…

  • “GANGAJAL TREATMENT FOR INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN WHO CARRIED OUT VARANSI BLAST ” If we can give GANGAJAL treatment for petty thieves why do we not give this treatment for INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN OR THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS and clean india from terrorists. The stupid goverment will not do anything against these terrorists because of vote bank politics and even ASSEMBLY ELECTION ARE COMING IN UP so they will not be touched. Public should take matters into their own hands give GANGAJAL TREATMENT FOR THESE TERRORIST.

    • Brother, Gangajal is not the solution. Islamic rulers have been giving gangajal to their relatives for ages. The conspiracy is much more complex. One has to breakdown the brainwashing factories that instill hate in young children and groom them as terrorists. They are presented with a false history of how non-Muslims tortured them and how only dying in Allah’s cause is the only way to Paradise.

      And our own education system silently supports all this glorifying the butchers and sidelining the true heroes. The media is sold out in hands of these butchers or their controllers. It has become a war of minds that reaches millions at same time. And hence the war HAS to be fought at intellectual level where we instill antidote of rationality, compassion, patriotism and tolerance among the fanatics.

      Destroying a Kasab is not sufficient. He is merely a guinea pig brainwashed by the entire system that creates such terrorists in bulk. The factory needs to be destroyed and Gangajal is to ineffective a weapon for this. We need the weapon which is more powerful than the most powerful atom bomb – this is the weapon of knowledge and convincing about truth.

      And don’t think that public can do justice. When they can tolerate the most corrupt and raunchy role models, what makes you think that they are intelligent enough to tackle terrorism? If people have indeed guts and love for nation, let them come to streets and force government to change the education system, change the appeasement policy, change the media policy, refuse to accept vulgar actors and actresses as role models and themselves rise above the nuisnace that they want to fight against.

      Public has got the government that they truly deserve. It is from among public that monsters like Netas and Abhinetas are created. Corruption exists at all levels. And in a society that only thinks about its next lunch or dinner, goons are bound to rule them.

      The only way out is transformation from within. And changing the very character of the society.

      • AGNIVEERJI you are right just hope our Muslim brothers realize this and keep their house clean only progressive and broadminded persons can grow in society like Bohre Muslims among Muslim community.

      • I am a Bohra Muslim. We are hated by other Muslims and Hindus don’t accept us. We have done so much for community and country. But still we are hated by all.

      • Hamid Brothers I do not know about Muslims but Hindus do not hate Bohra Muslims, in Maharashtra buying Bahi Khatas during Deepwali from Bohra Muslims is considered auspicious, Bohra Muslims are known for their cleanliness in Muslim community. Bohra muslims are considered good muslims.

      • @ Brother Hamid,
        Namaste brother, there is nothing wrong in being a Bohra Muslim.. no one hates you.. you are not an object to be hated to disliked.. u are a free soul.. with god himself residing within you.. how can u be hated??… those who hate you or your community do not know the ultimate truth of atma and parmatma.. & the eternal n the most beautiful relation betn the two.. and brother “bitter truth” is right.. even in gujarat.. people buy Books for “Chopda Poojan”(book worshipping) during diwali from Muslims.. so kick out such feelings..step up.. and keep doing the good work for your family and country.. god bless u

      • Bohra Muslims are Hindus whose forefathers were forcefully converted to Islam. I think the Bohra Muslims have a Brahmanical or Lohana background.

      • ur rite about one thing….i have heard from my sunni friends they say these muslims with shiny caps…are kafirs..unka alag islam chalta hai….only sunnis are real one…

        fyi i always say bori muslims are business community and is respectful come to maharashtra….

      • Brother hamid,
        Take it from me, the srikrishna commission report states, Bal Thackeray ordering his troops in battle in 1993, saying spare that xyz manzil in mazgaon , in mumbai, because it is occupied by bohras. Because Common hindu doesnt differentiate between bohras and other muslims. This is the most fanatic hindu saying this. Speaks volumes about dawoodi bohra community.
        As a knowledgeable hindu, I dont hate bohras, but I have unmitigated hatred for sunni muslims. Shias are lesser evil, but bohris are the best among shias. First they speak gujarati and proud of it, unlike sunni muslims, just forget their mother tongue and start speaking urdu just to keep their separate identity. Like mentioned elsewhere, vahi poojan is done by hindus during diwali and bought new account books (vahi) from bohra muslims. The average hindu doesnt really hate bhoris. Kaaash, if all muslims were like bohris we wouldnt be having this hindu muslim problem.
        This was told to me by a sunni muslim, that bhoris, are the most coward community. (Average muslims consider themselves to be brave mujahideen) so, they have contempt for bohri muslims. In a riot situation, the bohris get clobbered from both sides. Hindus bash them up, for being muslim, sunni muslims bash them up for being kaffir. This was told to me with a big smile on his face.
        I hope all muslims are like bohris, but alas most muslims are like this friend of mine.

      • Bohra Muslims are Hindus whose forefathers were forcefully converted to Islam. I think the Bohra Muslims have a Brahmanical or Lohana background.

      • Dear Agniveer
        If The Bohara Muslims Want To Come Back To Their Home(i mean Hinduism) then can u help them in coming back.
        Even The Shankachrya had given decision If any Muslim want to come back to Hinduism then he has right to do so and Hindus should welcome him. I think you should take intuitive regarding this and we are with u.

  • where is ??? do they have anything to defend “logically”.. n “fact-fully”.. i know these two words are not in their dictionary .. and those who have then that is “taqiah”..politics..

    great agniveer ji great..article..